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‘ Ddug” Plays at Fenimore Country Club Will Begin to Function Karl)' in Fall— Stockholders and Directors AH Residents of Town Mrs- Eugenia Reede Price dlctLai, her home in Tarrytown the other day. She wa» a young -woman but had fitted her life with more worth ­ while effort than do moat women of her age. Her community recog ­ nised her as a. most public spirited eluun. She had allied herself with various humanitarian undertakings and was especially interested in. playground work. It was sho who Marled the first playground In Tar ­ rytown and. at the time of her death, she was Interested In a plan RADICAL INNOVATION The district attorney through with Francis Ki Pearux was Iskkn ly Jail here at 2 30 p to Bronxvllte pollre where he Identified after they quarreled wh •illation I#lle(t._ The gun In the door pocket of (Continued on Page Three) LITTLE GIBL BREAKS ARM •Mildred Canity, si* years old c New Tork City, a student at th swing on- the\ playground yesterday and broke her arm. She was tafien to the White Plains Hospital for ness. Dr. Kelman formerly pastor of the Fifth Avenue Pr teelan Church In h»ew York. (Continued on Pag# Five) |day at the hoard of trade ’ s Inquiry Into the sinking of the Vestrjs. Leslie Watson, second officer of the ship. In telling of the events Just before the Vestrls went down, said he overhear Capt. Carey ex ­ claim io great ’ distress a “ My* God. my God. I am not to blame for this.\ Carey refused to.don a life belt •and deliberately went down with the ship. en by thg deJwr of )ajt night abord the steamer Ease- 1 qalbo. tony will take place _____ ' Cremona. Italy. May 1 (UP).-For- I4ay I (U P> — The ty O ’ eara ago Gluaeppe. Clgotanl. iroent claimed full .cabinet-maket* believing hie death tie State of Sonora would come soon, made himself a ; hs after It first was handsomely carved ooffln. Today J ectlonlats when the h e was burled In It. havlpg died at broke out. ,be age of 105. ent admitted, hqw- Paris; May 3 (UP). — King Alberi | t know tho where- of Belgium was In Paris today for J. Oonxalo Eaeo- * brief visit. He arrived Incognito. | tander-ln-chlef. and . r ...... t Crux and Oen. Cherbourg. France. May 3 (UP) \ , r — The French avlatore Jean Aseo- . ; lant and Armand Lotti sailed on i tU P) — Queen Ma-1 the liner President Roosevelt for ’ a Xltana of Rbumm- ’ j ’ New York early today to start | tirough Perpignan. ‘ their eastbound ’ trans-Atlantic | ()0l0 Sfltltg long Island City. Jj Styles. Ktsn lead. I hard labor perjury In defense In UJ hen you have one of ifiefinejt wtabTufiment/ in your tame town ? BRIDGE LESSONS BOOKSHOP I “ Smiling ‘ Sill\ Blair The SR«g^£»e £SUa i HSIBDHE4UO Westchester First A BEAUTY WINNER RISKY PLAYTHINGS EDUCATED TOUGHS THINNING RANKS B r LOUIS E. THATEB — Miss Edith .Bamford has be chosen to represent Port Chester the New York State Beauty Pa ­ geant to be held In Schenectady the latter part of this month. Her pic ­ ture# show her to Indeed be a young woman of great beauty but. what Is more, they ehow her to be poseeeacd df a emtio which reveals a genial disposition and a cheerful nature. There dr* many enrta of emilos and a good Judge of human nature can tell a great deal about a pereon Just by studying the character of hie smile. Young mea are easily misled by mere beauty. It would be a wise thing If more of them would stress beauty teas when It comes to pick ­ ing out the girls they Intend to marry. The man who picks out a girl who can amile- the right sort of a smile le apt to be happier with her as his wife than he would be with the average girl who has beauty alone to lend her distinction. \THE MAKE - BELIEVE WIFE, ” BY KATHLEEN NORRIS BEGINS MONDAY, MAY 6 ©re lltrilBPress Complete IFire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide News Service. PLAINS GROWS rrucnc 1910 * * * '***• WCrldUd 1020 - - - 21,021 POPULATION I929~35 j OOO VOL. 1 —NO. 29. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1929 PRICE THREE CENTS New York. Me*- 3 (UP).- Street today expressed Its relief over an Increase of only HO. 000.000 In brokerage loans by enthusiastic buying. Prices on the itock ex ­ change rose from one io nlm points and blocks aggregating on< to two million dollars In value al one punch of the Ucker brought ou' -------------- by th* deh The market got away to a flying start as a result of huge orders flooding In from all parti country. Radio buret out on the opening with a block of 10,000 a new high and up three points net. the sale Involving expendllui of *1.130.000 Postum was the at satlon with a block of 35.000 that at SO, also a new high Acada gain of lit points Murray Corporation opened 10, 000 Shares at 94*,. P 3 H. the deal involving nearly *1.000,000. Wlllys- Ovarland opened at 22. General Elec trio at 258H. up 4H. Flelsch- mann 6,000 shares at 73. up 1H. and Krnnecott at 96. up lit. Among the large openings cn the curb were 9.000 Electric Investors, v 36.000 Arkansas Gas and 14.000 Avl- e tape was cogged Clewing Home Statement New York. May 3 (UP) — Bank clearings *1JM9.000.000; Clearing housa balance *151,000,000; Federal Reserve Bank credit balance *149,- 000 , 000 . Some Real Bargains J & T MOTORS C0RP. I Wert Peel Read Wane Pie la* Tin Depositor? May Have Rills Paid Without Writing Check# $400,000 INVESTMENT 4,000 Shared at $100 Par Value — No Large Blocks Ifeht' - Scarsdale U to hi According to prrjri posed Institution wl for business about IS. An application pany charter has been approved, and the necessary formalities of ad ­ vertising for four weeks must be followed before — the charter Is granted. Arthur F. ‘ Driscoll, of the iaw Arm of O ’ Brien. 1 Malevtnaky A Driscoll, a trustee at the Village of Scarsdale and a director of the now bank, atated laaj^vrning that Inas ­ much as the-- application for the charter has been approved, the granting or the charter Itself Is largely a formality. He explained, however, that It Is an Important formality, as it la Impossible for the group to function In any way until the charter hns been granted. A radical Innovation will be Instituted by the new organization, in that It will pay bills for Ife de ­ positors'. All that It will be neces ­ sary for the depositor to do will be to approve the bill, forward It to the bank and the detail of paying will be cared for. This le expected to appeal particularly to the women depositors as It will save the need of writing checks and keeping an account balance. Seven possible altes. all east'of the railroad tracks, are under con- slderatlon. and Just as noon as the charter has been granted a lease i will be executed. Then will cornel the task of renyvatlng the premises. ' Installing thet necessary fixtures, I and doing thr^ various other thing; (Continued on Page Five) COMMISSION MOURNS DEATH OF MRS. READ County Park Board at Meet ­ ing Adopts Resolution on Passing of Member^-Was On the Original Board A resolution expressing regret at the death of Mrs William A. Read of Purchase, wns Introduced by Cor nrltua A. Pngsley-and passed bv the Westchester Coupty Park. Commls- elon. It follows; \The members of the Westches ­ ter County Park Commission have learned with profound sorrow of the passing Into, the Great Beyond or Mrs. WlHlam'A. Read on May 1. 1929. and desire to-place upon the official record an expression of the Commission's great lots In the death of Mrs. Read. The president ofthe commission was requested to notify officially the Board of Cu- lervieori of the County of West- theater of Mrs. Read's demise and the following memorial was adopt ­ ed. ordered to be spread upon the minutes of this meeting, and furth- nore. that a copy be sent lo the tmbere of her family, and that II MAIN ST: LEASE NETS PEARSALL LARGE RETURN COYNE WEAVES EVIDENCE NET ABOUTPEACOX Loo»r Kiiiia of Case Being (Dunked U> Establish Pi;c- innlitnlinn in Torch Murder KILLER TOURS COUNTY Visits Br.. tify.Y wii ’ p» vilir. Mount Wr ­ it! Yonkers to Men- irious Arlirlp# rSpot • Coat Wa# Burned CASE RE ADY IIY M \Y I.T Police Check New Mount Vernon V ault Break ­ ing Report White Plains Proper ­ ties, Inc., Agrees to Pay Approximately Million and.Half for Use of Land. A Mato street leas# wbi.-o wiB n*t th» owners of th* land Ir. the neighborhood of a million - and a half dollars over a period of 63 years ha* been negotiated by Harry J. Graham. Jr. broker. The property Is an ~U\ shaped piece framing .40 fuel on Main el reel and 50 feet on William street, and la owned by Hurry Pearsall, who has conducted a delicatessen, bakery and restaurant there for the The building occupied by Pear ­ sall ’ s restaurant and allied enter- priaes la one of the old Main street landmark*. having been built by the late William Hanson, onr-T!ma Irusiee of the old Village of White Golfers at the Fenimore Country Club were thrilled yesterday when they found that the leading attraction oil the links was none other than Doujtlas Fairbanks, popular motion picture star, who was enjoying a round with the Schenck brothers and Arthur Stevens, Scores of several of the women golfers ran anywhere from 9(i lo 210 after \D ouk \ entered the course, it was said last night. The foursome mapped by The Daily Press photographer are, . .i ■_ right: Douglas Fairbanks, who has just completed ‘ ‘ The Iroa Mask ” ;. Joseph Schenck and Nicholas Schenck, well-known motion picture magnates; *ud Arthur Stevens, all of New York. HIT BY TRUCK: LOCAL WOMAN IS BADLY HURT $6,200,000 FOR HIGHWAYS 1930 ^ IS ESTIMATE: CITY TO SPEND $400,000 FOR IMPROVEMENTS Mrs. Harold Hyatt in Hospital. Has Brain Concussion. Struck at Depot Plaza. State Highway Near Ossining to Be Started In 1930 Believed Beginning $50,000,000 Road I Routes On Highway Map Sup- I port Expectation. Construc ­ tion Will Cover Long Period. I Hudson River Drive Long Supervisors Expected to Ap- P 1 Contract* Will Be Awarded May 9, Commissiiincr Hal- pin States — Will Rush Work — New Sewers Mra. Harold Hyatt. 19 Odell ave ­ nue. IS In (hr White Plains Hospi ­ tal today suffering from concus ­ sion of th. brain received when she $2.800.000 — Stale Share from * b « New York City line m was struck and knocked down by i ^ I Yonkers to Bear Mountain Bridge a mall truck driven by t-oula Bern- Is Put al $3,400,000 and Indicates that I ’ bars. 10 Hillside avenue, as she was finally agreed to shari crossing Depot Plats to enter (he The *2.500.000 of Westchester \ New York Central station about County roads for 1930. undi midnight last night. j slderatlon yesterday by th* budgi taken to the hdspltal by Polio. Rrvfi PosJ Road. The Department of Public Worki will let contracts May 9 for approx tmately *400.000 worth of new pav ­ ing and sewers. Commissions ~ gen* Halpln. Jr., announced thi# • morning The projects for which Bamhsrn. a United Stales postal th* contract plans have been pro- employee, was arrested on a tech- pared by the department are those nlca! charge of assault In the third which were authorlred by the Com- .degree and was paroled In th# cus- mon Council at the April meeting. ! today of 1-eRoy Smith, postmasteh April 1. tor appearance In City Court- Work will be started as soon as I The ease was adjourned this ind rushed to j morning until Friday. May 10. pend- i as rapidly as possible. : Ing the outcome of Mrs Hyatt ’ s mer Halpln said j juries. place from ipproprlalloas commute* the Board of Supervisors, will In actuality be raised to a total of *2.- 800.000. and perhgps a little mors. County Engineer Charles MacDon ­ ald announced today. In making public the fact that approval had been given all eighteen forms on the program by the committer. In addition, said Mr. MacDonald, the State of New York will spend in Westchester County for new roads next year an additional *3.- 400.000. bringing th* total to be spent for state and county high- ( Continued on Pag* Two) Vestris Story Told Second Officer of Ill-Fated Ship. Tell* of Last Moments With Capt. Carey * Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire : INDICT AGENT FOR LARCENY This was the Information learned here today from reliable sources, although no offlclnl confirmation could be obtained Neither did G«. or|te Muorin Works For those county officials questioned on r the matter deny the authenticity Of l-nral Insurance Company; the report Claims Rook.* Are Wrong With th# news of the appropria- ______ p Uon by th* state of the *1 000, 0H0 a#orjre Mnorin. agent for a life for th* Ossining link of tbs pro- , Mufanrr r< , m p*n>- of White New York May 3 — UP — The I chareit after a lengthy visit to United States Navy tug Ruhr Num- France and Spain, dispatches re- ber 37. with 60 men aboard, went I eelyed , h „ on the rocks near Fort LaFayette . ------ , — today police r, P° rt ** I Umi Peru, May 3 (U P) — Col. Ce- launch was standing by. Fort l-a- ; Fayette Is In the narrows near ! sarlo ’ Berlseo and Major Roget Ol- Fort Hamilton section of Brooklyn j ero, Uruguayan avlatora who crash- Paris. May 1 (U~P> - Marshal i ** ,n B » “ * dor “ \ J un* ,M dur ' “ *' “ Pctain accepted the nomination, to j attempted flight lo New York from *1* I Montevideo, sailed for Montevideo Plains, living at 61 Sullivan Road. Stamford. Conn, ha* been Indicted for grand larceny In the fli gree. It wa * revealed this morning In County Court irhen pleading was reached Moorin |f ’ as not jn ( attorney. David Me Plains, explained to Judge Close that he had been detained li ford and would appear late sired Mr Moses told the roui (hat the case was highly 11 that th# difficulty arose which h *d b< Styles Sentenced Brooklyn Klan Leader Who Was Convicted of Perjury Gets Four to \_J~Y Eight Years Harry | Berg. Jr. and Albert Levin. _____ ! Judge Frank F. Adel in Ques County Opurt jbere today. Judge Adel grahtrifa str- ;ullon- on motion of Jac* Styles ’ attorney. Styles s vlcted by a Jury • week aj CHAUFFEUR PHOTOS • ' Quick Service BOYCE, Photographer 1*5 Martins Avenue CAMPBELL ON STAND IN HIS OWN DEFHfSE as NUmW of Peek He A Way* C«*M ver — I in dories! to- Arrest Phillip* Motion made here today by At ­ torney Mortimer C. O'Brien for llsmlssal of the Indictments charg ­ ing Joseph Campbell and hlx brothers Louis and John. Silver lake, with assultlng William Phil ­ lips of this city, were denied by County Judge Frederick P. Close, snd the ease ordered eohtlnued O'Brien asked for th* dismissal of Uh charge* on the ground that there was not enough evidence to show that hlafcllents were guilty. The Campbells jnd Phillips, “ shot (t out\ In a Will lam street lunch- wagon here last spring, with fata! result to John \SbertfT' Henry, an Innocent bystander. Today a good portion of the official s of the local police department were called up (o testify In connection with the trial Lieutenants George Johnson and John E. Sullivan. Captain Wil ­ liam J. Byrne* of the Westchester Parkway Police. Sergeant Patrick J Hickey, and Patrolman VltMgiii Sullivan, and Thomas McHenry (ra ­ tified -as to their part and know ­ ledge of the incidents connected with the shooting affray, one of th* moat spectacular In the city's I ’ Joseph Campbell h on the stand just t Local News Digest ■HntSSnHlflHHH 1 AUTOMOBILE SAl MAN WANTED Sell Hu pm obi lee. must

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