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1 TELEPHONE Q200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y„ FRIDAY, MAY 5,1929 t they used to say that a person needed > know only two facts about the Stock Market — one. cha n ge closed at three o'clock I the other that Erie never paid a dividend. ,, 4a rbere used to be only two I things that anyone needed to ' know about books, too — one. that ij there were few books worth H reading, and the other that they i were too expensive, anyhow. ^ Now we have Circulating Libraries — so that's out! And If you think there aren't many books worth reading — well, we have a surprise for you. Come In and let us prove It. LITTLE DANCERS CLOSE SEASON WITH RECITAL Barrett Home Scene of Bright Dancing Party , Yesterday Miss Mariam Barrett, of Hamil ­ ton avenue, held yesterday after ­ noon. at her home, an Informal re ­ cital of two of her dancing classes, as the closing feature of the year. The old and spacious Barrett house was filled lo overflowing with gayly dressed children and their mothers. It was a pleasing and unusual sight to see tots three and four years old do graceful little dances. The old ­ er class of girls of five and six years achieved really difficult steps with ease and grace. The children of the youngest class, of three a nd four years arc- Mlsaes Joan Sokole. Mabel Healy. June Walters, Sally Socor. Helen Miller. Anna Joe Greer. Jean Bun- gen. \id 1th May Baldwin. The older class of five and six years are Jeanette Elmer. Virginia !#•* Bald ­ win, Jean Stafford and Joan Bur ­ ton. MUs Barrett's accompanist Is Mro. Anna E. Jones of White Plains, well known In musical cir ­ cles. The program was as follows : Beginners Technique! Step Curt ­ sy; Five Posltons; PlastIs Exercise; Pctite-Battcmcnts; Balnnee*. by lbs youngest class. Step Curtsy; Five Positions; Ad ­ vanced Plastlo Exercise; Balances — Advanced; Pt. PLPas do Bourree; Pt. Pt. Step and Close; Saute. By the second class Technique. Group Swedish Doll Dance, the Stale Recreation Leaders Discass Problems of Work At Annual Conference Here $6,200,000 FOR HIGHWAYS 1930 IS ESTIMATE Three.-Day Session Linder Way. J. Noel Macy, Ossining Pub ­ lisher. to Address Delegates Tomorrow. Mrs. Macy En ­ tertains. CAMPBELL ON STAND IN HIS OWN DEFENSE (Continued From Page One) (Continued From Page One) ters of recent years, said engineer, there are many days when grading can be done, with only a short period when theTIgor* of winter forbid. Under the now plan the grading will be done In sufficient time u> allow for the settling of the graded portions of the highway, thereby allowing pav ­ ing to be laid down In the early With the heavy excavating and grading equipment now on hand, said Mr. MacDonald, many con- . . equipped to do winter 111 welcome the oppor ­ tunity of avoiding the winter de ­ pression and unemployment of for ­ mer years, especially since they are required by economic circumstances to keep much of their Odd force under contract the year round. Practically aU of the grading for the 1930 program should be com ­ pleted by early spring, much of It by the first of the year, said the county engineer, bringing tho com ­ pletion of the projects several °nths earlier than would usually Aa Sn example of winter grading and Its effect upon quick paving, u \ MacDonald pointed ‘ ___ _ __ Virginia Lee Baldwin and Jean Stafford. Doll 1/lllaby Dance, the Begin- The Flower Girl. Joan Burton. At the close of the recital the children played games, and refresh ­ ments were served, making It. as one little girl said \A real party.\ MEMORIAL FUND IS GROWING Idded Contributors Arc An ­ nounced by Committee — 28 Local Boys Gatf; Live* Contributions made yeeterday he 13.000 war memorial fund ommemorato the 23 White Plains [ oIdlers who gavo their lives In the Vorkl War are very encouraging. this e list The problems and organisation of recreation partmrnt formed tho theme -Ways In Westchester County In 1930 ( morning for speaker., as well as ,0 TOs r 'toU n dMS 2 °^o ( ^nclude lown.[ roun ' 1 lBh,e dl * CUMjon> ' at ,hl city or village roads which may be : Fourth Annual Conference of th< expected to be several millions of 1 Becreatlon Executives of New York dollars more In cost, but merely l g, ate- held under the auspices of ££*£** bS,, » •' « ur ' f ' jthe Playground .ml Recreation As Another new feature of the pro- sociatlon of America and the West- gram announced by Mr. MacDon- j Chester County Recreation Commie aid Is that the budget and. appro- „on with the latter body as host. prlaUons committee tndav instruct- _. ed him to prepare the plan, for the The plans for the new roads at his early j tomorrow are being held In the convenience with nn eye to award County Recreation Commission's ! contracts for 1930. this fall. Assembly room. Marline and Ma explsJn P ed! P |s “ to “ allow comractara to ' \ ’nro \ eck * V ' nu '*' WhlUl PU,n * do muchyif the heavy grading dur- 1 Chester G. Marsh. County pi- ing the winter, when they are us- j rector. Is In charge oY arrange- ualfy Idle at consequent ^oss to | menta a , lWj With the rvouosr.VlwO,. , ' ml “ le b > ‘ p » ul J- Lynch of Troy and Wth the comparatlvelj open win- Mrs. Lucia Knowles, of Syracus, round-table discussion. White Swan evening before struck One of th*}' Campbell brothers. Campbell said that he had Intended to hsve John IdenUfy him and then turn Philllpe over to the White Plains police administration-] Campbell at that time was a mem- SILVER LAKE WATER FIGHT IS CONTINUED : followed Inn. with Arthur Williams of New York City presiding. This afternoon the speakers are ; .Esther Fltxgerald of UUca on \Program Building\ and there will be a round-table talk on \Budget and Finance.\ This evening Mrs J. Noel Macy „ Ossining will be hostess for the County Recreation Commission at a dinner and dance at Tibbetts Brooks Park .Yonkers, and repre ­ sentatives of the Westchester Coun ­ ty Park Commission will exhibit th< work of the Park Commission. Yesterday's session Included an address on \Service\ by Douglas Miller of Njwburgh; a talk on “ Re ­ lationship of j Recreation Commis ­ sion to School; Boards, Park Boards and other Municipal Departments,\ by Kathleon Brush of Mount Ver ­ non and James McCrudden of Yon kers. / Afternoon Session The afternoon session yesterday was featured by an address by Mrs. Marsh oh \Relationship of Krcrra tion Commission and Welfare De- ---- tment.\ and a talk by Earl S. Ing done on Westcbestrr »nd “ t«lk by Ear between Port Chester and 1 Pmch * rd of Niagara Falls on - ..... __ ... . Importance of re.e.rrH \ White Plains, where much was done during the winter, only about one month of enforced Idle- Job Is being n ----- re, the contractor on th far ahead of his schedule, said. Save Money and Tima Because tho winter grading will ive contractors time It >e expected so to save them money, thereby allowing them to bid more cheaply n the county Jobs and saving loney to the county as well. The eighteen projects which have been approved by tho Budget and Appropriations Committee, as well “ 1e Mate work, will be presented be supervisors on Monday. » explained by Edward P. Bar ­ rett. chairman of the committee. approval of the board Is expected to be given without oppo- Arrocgomenta hsve been deled whereby contributors may •ad their money to The Daily hwes In case they are unable to et in touch with the committee. *be list of Thursday's subscribers ____ 1 Foster. Frederick Ran- ___ , White Plains Lodge No. 473, r. * A. M, A. J. Purdy. U E Dlck- reon. Daniel Kincaid. John P. Chuasler, Dr. Karl H. Metz. B. D. takas; N a tale Bam beer. H«ward VllleU, Fowler and Sellars Co. 2tarlaa C. Fenno, Stuart Dean tatt. Rev. John D. McGowan, leorge Silverman. W. W. Young, fcomaa Callahan. James P. Dowd- lr, Dr. W. A. Lawrence. William r oa Rein Westchester Unkerwrlt- ” — ** Parker, Albert __ _____ a Gordon. Morton H. L George F. Adams, Larsen-Au- - * to Co. Herman Flgue. HELD FOR THEFT ■ Charge of Steal- fag Uncord ’ . Jewelry .ml Qothing a Georgetown. ______ it 1S6 Brookfield • this afternoon on a eharge of arrested by Detect- _ad Murray on cotn- I Seward Carter of 67 Mad Ms dty. According to formerly roomed at • and when he left. Carter t a fountain pen. a ring, ‘ i a pair of JUS ever drawn by the county and occasioned by the tremendous In- creasa^n traffic, both local and through traffic, demanding new highways and widened roads for those now existing. TROOPERS CUT IN A FIGHT ON MAIN STREET Ask Motorist For License. Then Trouble Starts — Hold William Leggins as Assailant William Leggins. colored. 58 Win ­ chester street, this city, was held In *1.000 ball In City Court this morn ­ ing on two charges of asxault In the third degree brought by two State Troopers whom Leggins slashed with a pocket knife In a right a! Main street and Central avenue shortly after ten o'clock last night. Sergeant Douglas Booh, Troop K. received a cut across the right cheek and on the nose. Leggln. slashed Trooper Kenneth Hoffman on the left cheek. The trouble started over th* question whether Leggins had a license to operate a motor vehicle but It was forgotten when Leggins produced a pearl handled pocket knife and started wielding It. Patrolman John De Lee on truf ­ fle duty on that corner noticed the commotion and went to the rescue SKS- ” . * “ EyrffStfts • ladder burglar arrested and brought to Police i » ----- : ----- Adam* Allhoute Reports Man At ­ tempting lo Enter His Room Wu Frightened Away Adams Allhouse, who roorrtx at 161 Main street, reported tn tho po ­ lice that a -ladder burglar\ at- templing to enter -his room last Arraigned In court this mor|lng, I xbhmT.\-. f ” t(htcnrd »*»>' Leggln* asked for an adjournment I . .. . Jj* up until Friday. May 10 He was freed A^ d n * to AJthouse. he was in ***> bail on each charge d 7 “ k *\* d \T 1 11 30 * «»• ««•»> *r. held a* a mate rill witness, was 'V wl ‘ ‘ do * \f« r paroled hl * bfd He Jumped up In time tn \\ * ' across the adjoln- inipurtance of research.' Tomorrow's program includm an I address at ten o'clock by J. Noel Macy of Ossining, hewspuper pub ­ lisher. on \Education of the Pub ­ lic,\ on which topic Helen Stevens in charge of the publicity work of the County Recreation Commission will also speak. The closing address will bo by William J. McAullff of New York City an \Education.\ The business sessions of the state executives | n recreation Wrirk are Interspersed with trips about-the county. Inspecting the various clvir recreation programs, parks, publii iveiiients and Including var- loclajl entertainment as well. Negro Quartet To Sing Mrs. Morion Goldsmith of Scora- dale serves tea each afternoon after the close Of the day a session. Last night transportation was furnished all delegates to the chorals In Mount Vernon anil tonight a special feature ofthe Tibbetts' Brook Park entertainment will ho tho singing of negro spirituals by a negro quar. tette which has attracted wide at ­ tention. Curtla Harrington. Diatrlct Rep ­ resentative of the Playground and Recreation Commission of America, in charge of the Eastern New Eng ­ land District, which Includes West ­ chester County, is presiding. Among those attending t£r are alone are the following: Orrin C. Cross, qf Mount Ver ­ non; Charles H. Pease, or Whit. Plains; Arthur Williams, of New York City; Frank-E. Bell, of Co ­ hoes; K Beatrice Stearns, of Brook- iyn; Frank E. Butch, of Cheater bounty. Penna.; S. F. Northrop, of New York City. Leslie L. Rocmer. Of UUca; Betty V. Phillip,, of Troy; Gwrnnie Lynch, of Troy. Kathleen Brosh. of Mount Vernon; Helen K Sullivan, of Mount Vernon; John J. Downing, of Brooklyn; Gertrude W. Walsh, of Brooklyn; Madeline L Stevens, of. New York City; Fran- S t h0 £? f New City; Ar- Unr & Halm, of Yonkers; Maur ­ ice E. Moore, of Yonkers; Mary E McKenna, of NewYork City. Bertha Rita Downes, of Syracuse; Mrs Lu- clu Knowles. 9 f Syracuse; Mrs. Mel- L- Porler - of Buffalo; Vivian O. >\ nils, of Port Chester; Roy Mar- Uneau. Doris E. Russell, of Port Chester; Marlon Havlland. of Tuck- alioe; Xna Scott, of White Plains- George Dickie, of New York City! CurUs Harrington, of New York City; Paul Lynch, of Troy. Earl Prltrhard-of Niagara Kails; John J McCormack, of New York City; Emma Howe, of Auburn. Kate A. WasserschBid. of White Plains, Hal- «y Thomas, of Purchase; Chester Geppert Marsh of White Plains- Mildred Oliver, of Tarryfown; Mary Halpin, of Ossining, and Esther Fltxgerald. of UUca. Judge Lynch and Judge O ’Brien Represent Squab-, bling Factions Before Town Board WILL AWAIT REPORT Auditor Now on Books — Will Give Better Picture of Conditions ber of the Parkway police. Knowledge “ Man;, Art\. Testifying at yesterday's leaslon lllllps revealed himself os a man with some notion of the gentel art of flstcufflng. much to the amuse ment of ths spectators who filled I War Is still being waged In Silver the courtroom comfortably during Lake Park, which 1, the section of the sepslqn. The room was sot as well filled as it had been for the Sloane trial of the day previous, but the County Court has managed to provide number of interesting trials'durmg the post month. On the stand Phillips, whose gun the bullet which killed nr Innocent by-slander in a Wil ­ liam Street lunch --agon here dur ­ ing the course of a feud between tho Campbells and the negro was believed lo have been fired, was questioned by Attorney Mortimer C. O'Brien, defending the Camp ­ bells. as to his acUon In the wagon He told how he had seen Joseph Campbell enter the wagon by the William street entrance, accompan ­ ied by another brother and of him ­ self sliding toward the Main street door In an attempt to escape. Here, ho said he encountered Louis Campbell, on trial with hla brother for assault, -a* * J the t the si Phillips testified. ■ Joseph Campbell, then a Parkway patrol ­ man. fired at him, as he made a move to grab hi, own gun. Phillips laid. Louis grabbed his arm. Then the negro said, he attempted twist Louis around it he would Harrison bordering on ' ’ White IJalrts. aiiifThe \controversy at the moment centers around the investi ­ gation of the records and books of the water commissioners of that diatrlct. together with the conduct of the water department and pro ­ posed improvements to the water plant. The fireworks at a meeting held last night were supplied by two of the leading attorneys of Weateheiter County. Judge Humph ­ rey . J. Lynch and Mortimer C. O'Brien, who engaged in a legal tilt on behalf of their clients The scene was laid In the fire ­ house at Silver Lake where a com ­ bined meeting of the water board and town board was being held and the outcome of tho session was that the town board decided lo have an | expert auditor — A. M. Frledland — employed by the town, audit all records of the water district and members of the town board are to decide within a week whether the iter board should be authorized proceed with the engineering 1m- SENT TO EL MIRA Doouaic De Giacoma, Yonkers, Given Indeterminate Reformatory Sentence. Robbed Drunken Mu From “ rolling a drunk\ to the re ­ formatory waa th* latest step tak ­ en by Dominic D* Giacomo, alias £amb*rtl, 22. of 141 Willow atreet. Yonkers, sentenced this morning In County Court by Judge Close to an Indeterminate stay In Elmira Reformatory. The Yonkers roan had been In ­ dicted for robbery in the first de ­ gree but a plea of guilty to robbery In the third degree was accepted by the district attorney's office on April 24. Hr has since been In county Jail while hi* case waa In ­ vestigated. The water board squabble, as It termed. Is an outgrowth of the movement to have Silver Lake Park secede to White Plains and was _ _ _______ _____ started by two organizations whose a target to his brother and membor* are proponent* of the jus protect himself. | movement^ According to one “ There was pretty fast your honor.\ said Phillip# scribing the ------- jf **■ ------- hradquap. Sergeant Jloch and Trooper Hoff ­ man were treated at the White Plains Hospital by Dr. Kinjwman _v_ . f| V(J mHpjjj, | D wound heek and three In Hoff- They were released and i Trooper* Barracks in tho State Armojy i Boch's - PASSED TRAFFIC LIGHT Port Cheater — William Orlofsky. 1 Crane avenue. White Plaint, was • rrc » l * d •>>' Chief of I Police William E. Ball here as the Port Chester police departijjent started a drive against minor traf ­ fic violators. Orlofsky passed a Raffle signal. He 1* to appear be ­ fore Judge William Edwards In Po- Hoe Court tomorrow morning. Ing roof and-disappear. Allhousc dressed and went to the street where he reported to Patrol ­ man Trapaaso, who Investigated and found the ghuu In thn window broken near the catch and a pair of pliers on the roof. Acess had been gained by placing a ladder from the roof to the sill of Alt- house's window. Police are Investigating. „ _ _______ the court and Jury. The spectators gained e laugh from this statement. in his testimony. .Phillips said that when he had been taken the patrol wagon by the police, he had been hit over the face and oat \nine times\ accord- count. He said that he hit by one patrolman while another held his wrist they were trying to pry the revol ­ ver from hie grasp. Hr also denied that his gun had jammed on him during the fracas the lunch wagon He sold that had stopped after he had flre< re.ral shots. Waa Not Excited Then you weicn't excited?' ■tried Attorney O'Brien. 'No. X oouldn't afford to be ex ed. ' was the reply. \A mai mustn't be excited or angry If h ;oing to do his best In a pinch hr session of (he day was elesro h the introduction lo the Jury the minutes taken when Phil ­ lips was arrested at the local po ­ lice station. This showed that the brothers had gone to the lunch Ing the tax! man into the pollee coart for the Insult he had cast on. one of 'heir number the previous evenlnr They nad each entered hy a separate door In an attempt to \mob\ the negro, who. it wiu claimed, began to shoot when h< saw Joseph Campbell, who then It turn began to shoot Attorney O ’ Brien renewed hli motion to dismiss the charge hli cltnets on the the grounds that thi evidence had failed 'o show sufflcl ent guilt on their part. Fatal Rioting Break* Out Anew Berlin. May 3 (UP) — Fatal riot ­ ing broke out again In the Neu koelln district of southeast Berlin this afternoon, despite the procla ­ mation of a state' 1 of siege and the presence of a'powerful police fore*. Two women were shot and were believed to bave been killed. Three workers employed on subway con ­ struction Were wounded. Fellow workers went on strike In protest against the shooting of the three subway laborers. Police were using airplanes to fin dihe position of snipers who were firing on the officers from roof tops. The righting continued since early afternoon. The rioter* were making a desperate stand against the squads of raiding police, who went from house to house search ­ ing for arms and making arrests. The police rigorously enforced \Strassen frel; fenster xu \clear the streets, close the ilcony despite the leaders. John Macrl of Port Chester, the Investigation of the water com ­ missioners ’ records was started by the East White Plains Taxpayers' Association and the West Harrison Citizens' and Taxgayt tlon, following a complaint by of It* members that the water tax In 8!lver_Lake was excessive. Audi ­ tors and Counsellor M. C. O'Brien were employed and th* gallon started. But at a meeting held on Tuesday night by the Citl- xens ’ and Property Owners' Asso ­ ciation. whose members are oppeaed to the secession of Silver L«kc, It waa decided to the Board of Water Commissioners, and In r to clear the name Ha mem ­ bers of any unfavorable comment. employ Counsellor Judge Lynch, who would ask. If necessary, that ns stale comptroller be called Into ae Investigation. Th* meeting last night was opeaed by Judge Lynch announcing that be had been retained by mem ­ bers or the water commission. Joseph Henry, superintendent of water plant, and some taxpay ­ er the district. waa told that there was an In ­ vestigation of some sort underway,\ Judge Lynch said. \I don't know Is being Investigated or what.\ he continued, “ but I do know that project, vital and Important to th* people (meaning the engineering Improvements) is being held up. 1 understand that the commissioners ' Ron* out of thoir way to give assistance to the Investigators and this thing has been footballed since the middle of March.\ Help Investigation \Speaking for the watrr board I can *ay that Its members have no desire or Intention of throttling this Investigation,\ Judg^ Lynch resumed. \If any of these men have been derelict in their duller then let a charge be made against them so that It can be answered. 1 have been told that the people oi this district must have more walei aa the present supply Is Inadequate The board must be responsible for Ih* water supply and I think that for the time being this tnvestlga tlon should be called .off ao as to permit this project to proceed without Interference.\ \It Is very surprising to me. Mortimer C. O'Brien here Inter ropted. \that In the middle of an Investigation such eminent counsel aa Judge Lynch should be retained I don't see why an official should come here with counsel after the Investigation Is underway and ask this examination of the books be stopped If they are doing thei? duty.\ After some more legal squabbling Supervisor Benjamin L Taylor sug- gnsted thoLthe town auditor, Mr Frledland. audit the books and at ­ torneys for the two factions could then digest the rejiort. The sug-' gestion was accepted by Mr. O'Brien and Judge Lynch, both of whom expressed their desire to eve a true picture of the case Frank Krewelt, chairman of th water commission, asked the town board to act on the recommenda ­ tion of the commissioner, which re ­ quested an appropriation for the erection of a large standpipe, new pumps and other Improvements at Judge Lynch urged that the Town Board act at once and Mr. O'Breln Interpoeed that the Im ­ provements should be held In abey ­ ance until the auditor completed his examination of the books be ­ cause facta of great Importance might be brought to light and Mr. O ’ Brien's clients might want to suggest a different coun-c. The question then arose of where the responsibility would rest were action on the Improvements delay ­ ed. The commissioners claim that the water situation ad present Is dangerous to the lives and well br ­ ing of the people at Silver I i Supervisor Tsylor expressed self as being in favor o t the provemenls but the only thing that was holding the matte* up so far as be 1s concerned waa the fact that he did not know where the mosey was coming from. The pro ­ posed improvements would cost at the minimum *20.000. The district could not stand a direct tax. the law allows only the Issuance of cer ­ tificates of Indebtedness and the passing of the proposition would mean that the district would have to be bonded for the amount and money at this time Is carrying a terriflo rate or Interest \You can do that If you want to. Suparvisor.* someone shouted, “ you can always get money when you want to.\ \They think you are a miracle man. supervisor,' 'one of the trus ­ tees laughingly rejoined. Mr- Taylor said the addition to the water p4*nt would not only en ­ tail the Initial cost but also ad ­ ditional expense as It would be an auxiliary system that would be needed. It was decided by the town board that a lengthy report, handed in by the water commissioners, be placed on file. The board will go over the entire situation os to necessity and cost of tho project and render Its decision within a week. A new scale of water rate*, which will make water bill* appreciably lower, ms put Into effect as of May 1. Due to the disturbance over th* water board, the secession move ­ ment Is at present resting quietly. At a meeting held two weeks ago the town board was asked to give the people the right of a referen ­ dum on tho question and th* pres- status of the matter Is that the board Is Investigating Its legal au ­ thority to acL |SWEET ■ SWEETfl ^ I'LL SAY IT'S SWEET ! FOR BEAUTIFUL NOMESITES YOUCAfl MOT BEAT THOSE OFFERED BY G reenland A P isarra AGENTS GEDNEY FARM GARDENS' PROPERTY OFFICE MAMARONECK AVENUt / BUILDING PLOT 75 x 180 $ 4,500 ARE OFFERING REAL TERMS An Investment In A Home Two beautiful homes located on Matilda ng, affording a beautiful river view. One M ontaining seven rooms aad two brth.; dsc cw modern bungalow containing i aths. Both are conveniently located within seven nmutes walk from Ossining station end village, and vithin two minutes from yacfct club. Have hot water heat, electricity and gas, large lot and garden. They are ideal homes and unusual inv es tments. WiH sell separately or together. One is tenanted aad rnrninr £1300 yearly. Asking price £13,000 each. DMJMNMY BRANDR6TH. OWNER Osreatng, N. Y. TELEPHONE 304 BARP^ l%R£NNIALS Exquisite Perennial Border Plants PUnt Now For Flowers Thi* Summer A delightfal •ollection of perennial plants of fine variety, brilliant of coloring, easy to grow and adaptable to a succession of bloom from spring to late falL Invaluable either for cut flowers or for permanently decorative features. A ll stbokg field drown plants . FROM OUR OWN NURSEEY ACTJLUU. THE PKAKL ACO.MTUM FXSCHXUI AQUILKCU Leag Sparred (Columbine) a uorsxs ama ani LFHDilUM HYBRIDS (Hardy Larkapv) HOLLYHOCKS DOUBLI turnna polypeillcs (H ardy Lrptns) PHLQX HART PYRETHKUM (Printed Daisy) HUPAT0X1UM COXUBTDfB* (Hardy AgerstaaO OAtLLARDLA (Blanket Plewsr) . PR.VT8TTM0N TO UREY! Priced a Priced et .. ................... i wwj-u-e v o iwreA aSidK;''iu'iM'kia* And nun, odxr choic, varSetia listed in onr IS29 Book, \SPRING PLANTING ” MM# <78 Main SI New Boehelle PhoM New Rochelle 8790 ■»M»T «M Landscape Dep* FREE Boston Poet Road . DELIVERIES Lsrchmont DAILY Lsrehmont 15QJ Ha'.-*,*. * mi

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