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I >11 .Cl HONE 9/00 THE DAILY PRESS. 1FHITE PL AINS. N. Y., FRTOATLMAYMW9 f-ELcrHONE 9200 (COYNE WEAVES EVIDENCE NET ABOUT PEACOX (Continued From P m 1 One) ______ ____ the medical examiner. end ■ ppUee chauffeur frorry.Mount Vernon In the department auto ­ mobile. At the Enrage t ’ cacox identified ..Is touring car aa the one In which he had carried ^le wife, to the hill- aide on the Ardeley road where he laid her beaten body beneath a bud ­ ding apple tree. And In which he went back five daye later to pour keroaene over the body and fire It In an attempt to hide Identity and prevent eee.rch for him. The automobile waa alao the one In which he wea arreeted on April 21 a few hour* before be murdered hla wife in their apartment at 32 Edison avenue. Mount Vernon, and In which at the time, aa told Ifc the etory broken by the Mount Vernon Dally Argua, Francet Newman, the \alibi\ girl, waa riding. In It Peacox alao drove to Mount Vernon City Court on Monday, April 22. with Mlaa Newman ac ­ companying him, six, houre afte bad hidden Dorothy'a body, theae point* about the automobile Peacox admitted yeeterday a* Roth took abort hand notea on the tour. The automobile beam grim evl- left rear door where a beaten head reated aa the body wa» whlske ' a place far from the public ey Peacox waa then taken to kern and out Warburton avi along the Hudson.- Hie memory waa. vague. He waa trying to re ­ member and locate the spot where he had burned hla wife'* pony A* C o' ft* This is the time of the year when folks think about new things for the home. Perhaps you contemplate installing an automatic re ­ frigerator, a self-action gas water heater or a gas-fired heating plant in your dwelling. We will gladly give you complete information about these appliances without cost or obligation. 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It wa* learne^ that state haa officially placed upon Its road maps of the future the Hudson River boulevard aa design ­ ed by the Westchester County Park Commission after an engineering survey from the Yonkers-New York City line as far as North Tarrytown. Estimated Coat The Park Commisaion set the es ­ timated cost from the southern ter ­ minus to North Tarrytown at 334.- 000.000 and It has been roughly es ­ timated that the boulevard could be continued northward to Bear Moun ­ tain Bridge entrance at a cost to bring the total to around *60.000.000. The *1.000.000 appropriation from is stale for the Ossining river _rlve was obtained, through the ef ­ forts of Assemblyman Milan Good- :h of that village. It Is In ad ­ don to the *250.000 recently ap ­ propriated by the elate for an east ­ ern by-pass for the Albany Poet road around the village of OsStnlng, i relieve the congestion now exist- ig on that highway In Ossining. The *250.000 by-pass Is to run east Of Ossining's business and realden- centers and la to be started this ntually Suddenly as the big polir, moved along north on War! avenue Peacox gestured for t der to stop. The car waa swung around to the river aide of the street. There were several piles of big yellow tile such as Is used chimney flues. The party got out and Peac led them behind the piles of (lie the edge of th* embankment ovi looking the New York Central , ---- tracks and the Hudson River j nect at both terminals There he pointed to a handful of bany Post road, serving »* by-paa- ashes and fur on the ground be- 1 sea and parallel rout's, thereby of the stacks of tile. jUeving traffic on that heavily I road in^OMimn* may become i the Hudson given greater weight by the argument that state would not at this time . proprlate an additional million of dollars In Ossining, after the *250. 000 ha* ju*t been made available, for another by pass The theory advanced today that the state will continue build, or aid In sharing the cost least, of additional Imka to the Hud ­ aon River boulevard, wherever t grstlon develops on the Albany I road along the Hudson valley. Those relatively ehort links. Detectives scooped up what left of Dorothy's coat, put Peacox In the police car and went to Mount Vernon police headquarters where the murderer Identified a metal book end with which he said his wife struck him aa they quarreled j about \the old dump ” In Edison avenue. He also admitted owning a 32 calibre revolver found In the apartment Than back lo Yonkera again the party rods. Paacox was taken to Yonkera police headquartera where he was shown a bundle of women's clothing sent to Chief Edward J. Quirk with a flipping from an la- sue of the Yonkera Statesman tell ­ ing of the tour on which Peacox at that moment waa being taken. Pea- cox said he never sew the clothing and police decided the mailing of the bundle appr. iaeh ei Chrolc Vault-Breaking Report | Authorities were cheeking s re ­ port to Mount Vemot) police that a vault In St Paul'a Church yard, on ­ ly a little distance from 82 Edison avenue, had been broken Into and a wooden box holding a coffin pried open The theory waa advanced that Peacox had tried to find a place In the vault where he could dispose of his wife's body and never have her imurder become known. Then his dream of a \perfect erime\ might have been readied. It was also suggested on the touf yesterday that P*4eox might easily lhave teased his wife's body to the railroad tracks from the spot where he burned her coat and thus estab ­ lish that she ..ad died by accident. If he was bold enough to bum the coat almost In full view of the traf- iflc of Warburton avanue he might easily have recalled the scene with the body of his wife. It was pointed District Attorney Cbyne today ex ­ pressed himself as grateful to Eu ­ gene Bussey. former Yonkers schoolmate • of Peacox. for hla de ­ sire to aid the Investigation but said th*t after talking with Buaaey he did not believe he could help the cage or would be .used as a proeeeution witness at the trial two weeks hence. These many loose ends today w«re being woven together ns the district attorney worked to build up a 'case of premeditated murder against Peafcox for presentation to Ihe Grand Jury. District Attorney Coyne said he hoped to have his case In shape to present lo the In ­ dicting body next week but added that certain aspects of his Investi ­ gation might delay completion of the case so that It may not be pre ­ sented until May 15. The dittriefattomey will a*k for a first degree murder Indictment and the trial will .follow quickly 8upreme Court Justice George H Taylor. Jr.. Mount Vernon, will pre ­ side In part one of Supreme Court here where the ease will be moved for trial In case of an indictment. TARRYTOWN RAID Dry Agents Seize Alleged Liquor in Font Speakeasies. Local Po ­ ke Unaware of Raid Tarrytown — A nfw. vigorous at ­ tempt to dry up Tarrytown waa teen when Federal agents and po ­ lice last night swooped down on Tour alleged speakeasies here.Seiz ­ ed quantities of alleged beer, whls- 'ky and wine, and made arrests In - The prisoners were to be arraign ­ ed before a United States commis ­ sioner later today. , ■ Local police said today they had loo Information about a campaign Wo dry up the town but pointed out jthat local police are not usually ad- (viaed of government dry drives. -RUBBER\ CHECK Owoaao, Mich.. May *' (UP) — Paul Merely: of Flint, sent a cheek to Circuit Judge J. H. Collins to pay hla divorced wife - * hospital bill' bul the check waa worthies* and he however, they will be Joined to make a continuous river,route, to become eventually the Hudson Riv ­ er Boulevard which chambers of commerce from Yonkers lo Peeks- klll have urged upon the state, the county, and th* park commission for the lest two years. Among the most active In seeking th» con- atructlui of the boulevard ho* been former Mayor William A. Walsh. Yonkers, who has formed an anso- j elation to back th* project and ex- preasure on publlo officials ' - tht matter. WEIN ’ S Port Cheuer ’ t LeotUnf Furniture Store 17-23 North Main Street Port Cheiter Announce ~ New Lower Prices ■ON MODEL 71 Formerly *137.50 NOW 8110 MODEL 72 Formerly $167.'50 NOW 8125 Donald and Chairman Edward P. Barrett of the budget and appro ­ priations committee of the Board of Supervisors both admitted today that the *1.000.000 appropriation for the Ossining River Drive Is on the 1*30 stste program and that the county expects to see this work' started next year. Netthar. however, would confirm sidered a starting point for the rtv- boulevard to extend from the ithem to the northern end of th* also confirmed today that has definitely pieced the Hudson River Boulevard on Its which are made up to cover a period of from three to five years In advance. While the mere plac ­ ing of th* boulevard on the atale maps doe* not obligate the state legislature to make appropriations for the construction, It was pointed out that this Is rarely done unless state highway commission and engineers have definite plans _ toward that end. Unofficial advice* today were ■at the next link of the plece-by- plee* building of the boulevard, rhlch may be spread over a period I aa much a* ten year*, to lessen lie cost per year, will be between Hastings and Dobbs Ferry. Th* third section under contem ­ plation. It wa* said, Is north of Cro ­ ton Point but south of Croton Vil ­ lage. Considerable mystery has en ­ shrouded the eo-operatlon of the with the county on th* *1.- 3 Ossining parkway and also her possible links of the bou ­ levard. It Is expected, however, that a definite statement may be Issued before th* close of the year and Hart next year on the mllllon- r Ossining River Drive, the il step In a construction pro- .. i which may cost 250.000.000 be ­ fore 1640. Westchester County ’ s Finest Business and Apartment Sight Located in Excluaive Section of Pelham Manor There are three large street frontages. This is a t«al speculation at $125,000. With Good Terms. , v WARREN W. MASLEN 171 MAIN STREET WHITE PLAINS Telephone* 6110-2764 STUDIES CASE Judge Close Defers Sentence Carmelo Ms in no Convicted Arndt In order 13 allow Judge Clone a ditional time In which to study the ■artoua motions made by the coun ­ sel for defense. James Barrett. White Plains, the sentence of Car- Malsano. Troy, N. Y.. who January ehol Dominick Como Port Chester. »-*■ agala deferred this morning whrn It was called In County Court. Malsano was convicted by a Jury vo weeks ago of assault In the icond <l'nr**y\with a recomi datlon of OHfey. He- had been lndict*d*for JCan-H' In the Unit gree ,— * Como, seemingly recovering from the-bullet wounds of Malnar.o. wa* aeixed by a sudden attack of pn;u- raonl* In Grasslands Hospital end died * BATHING SUIT ORDINANCE Chicago. May 3 tUP) — Tjro com ­ mittees of the -City Council were dePmed necessary ‘ by that body to hold public hearings and Inspect examples of modem bathing suits worn by girls preparatory lo draft ­ ing new regulation*. Th* laet bath ­ ing suit ordinance wa* enacted In 1817 and Is ^antiquated and Impos ­ sible to enforce\ the eonncll was LEGION AND AUXILIARY TO ATTEND MEET Cattle Point Mecca For Pil ­ grimage Tomorrow For County Contingent* The American Legion Veterans' mountain camp at Tupper Lake will open June 1 for all legionnaire* und their families Joe Burn*, su ­ perintendent. Vetera**' Mountain Camp. Tupper Lake. I» In charge of reservations for the camp and pf all Information pertaining to IL This wa* the announcement madt last night at th* regular buslneai meeting of the American Legion Auklllary to White Plain. Poat No. 135. It waa announced alao that the proceeds from the spring dance, which were *25. have been for ­ warded to the camp to help 'fur ­ nish a rhapeL On Saturday. May 4th. the Ameri ­ can Legion Auxiliary member* will Join the Legionnaires In the pil ­ grimage to Castle Point- The con- Ungents from all of Westchester County will meet In Peeksklll where they will form a caravan to Beacon. The affair will be attended by State Commander Douglas 1 kleKay a* well as olhsr* of nation-wide prom ­ inence. The following members of the Auxiliary will attend: Mrs W. See- elon*. Mrs. A. F. Btavarsky. Mrs. Walker. Mrs.'J. Smith. Mrs. J. Wild ­ ing. Mrs. M. Africa. Mr*. R- Wal ­ ler. Mr* E. . Wilson. MI»S Mary Metx. Mis* L. Met*. Mrs. M. Mela. Miss B. Fancb. Mrs. F. Fanch. Mrs. Cecelia M. Bow*, president: Mrs. J. A. Hsnse ____ TWO CARS STOLEN Police here recevled word of two stolen automobile# last night. One was from Btonxvllle. a Bulek coupa painted tan. New York licence »V- «M(. Th* other waa a 1627 Chrys ­ ler from Greenwich, painted yel ­ low with red whsel* with New,York >« 2V-61-0* Specials for Tomorrpw Florida Oranges, 3 doz. basket *1.10 . .25 Mushrooms, pound .49 Rhubarb, bunch .05 Apples, 10 for ................................. .25 Ban etnas, dozen .............. . ............. — . .29 Strawberries, box ................... . ....... .20 Eggs, strictly fresh, dozen .............. .49 Fresh Tomatoes, pound ................. , .25 Fresh Peas, 2 pounds ..................... .29 Fresh Beans, 2 pounds .................. .25 Asparagus, bunch ........................... .39 Cucumbers, 3 for ........................... .25 Radishes, 3 bunches ....................... .. .10 Pineapples, 2 for ........... ............... .25 ALL KINDS OF OTHER SEASONABLE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT REASONABLE RATES -Our Goods Are Carefully Handled, - Properly Selected JACOBS MARKET 10 E^Post Road White Plain* Phone. 5691 — 6663 FREE DELIVERY

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