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= — (She JBaitjf ^rcss. ’ Whit* Plains Daily Corporation JTCLEPHONE 9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, MAY 3. 192? 9200 FRIDAY. MAY 3 tut trnamrni iy, trtryihini With He mttnrni nothing tan ltd without nothing an metre a Contc^urntly hr > mo Ut tnbht irntimrnt got, irtgrr i hr mho emeu ittlatti c' fronoututi p OUR PLATFORM FOR WHITE PLAINS Make While Plains the First City in Westchester County. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the facilities needed. Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUSTY Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkway . program . Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk setver system. Uniform system of assessment. A LOCAL BLINDFOLD TEST Since tests of various commodities by blindfold have now become popu- lar, we have one to suggest. Either board a bus or have a friend take you in his car out Westchester Avenue between White Plains and Port Chester. Somewhere along the route you will note that the paving ends and a rough, dirt road begins. This is where the contractors have torn up the former paving to allow for the new forty-foot wide, concrete, high ­ way. The test is not to ascertain where the paving ends and the dirt road starts — but to ascertain if you can live through the remainder of the un ­ paved portion of the road without tossing your head through the roof of the car or your arms through the windows. If there be in Westchester any an ­ tiquated taxpayer who does not be- liev e in good rdfcds.he should take this test. No sharper contrast be ­ tween the old and the new .can be given in the whole area of the county. The work of paving the highway is progressing reasonably well, in view of the bad weaker during April, with only five days of sunshine by rural dwellers in days gone by. Few of us who have not seen what Iodised like a tangled mass of wheels and horseflesh at the old fair grounds in White Plaius. » Parking places,always have been provided for the public, and we be ­ lieve they always will be in one form or another. If the automobile were a luxury and not a business and social neces ­ sity, we could agree that the com ­ munity is under no compulsion to pro ­ vide parking space when we drive down town to business or to the the ­ ater for pleasure. But being what it is. and generally owned, we see no discrimination-in favor of automobile owners when parking places are pro ­ vided at public expense. Unless municipalities recognize conditions as they are we will soon find many of our established business centers disintegrating and cobwebs gathering over doorways once busy with traffic. The woman shopper must be given an opportunity to park at some cen ­ tral point, for a reasonable period and without additional drain on her household budget. The failurfc of large communities to provide park ­ ing places has been the direct cause of scattering business all over the place, and every new business center developed takes trade from the older establishments. Forehanded business institutions with large capital are providing pri ­ vate parking places for their custom ­ ers. But it is not within the means of the small shop keeper or profes ­ sional man to do this. The community is under an obli ­ gation to aid business to tfie extent that what public opinion demands should be provided. THIi SPIRIT OF THE PRESS The rc^paetlv* governmrnta Thr of the United State* and C«n- I'm Alone ail a have exchanged official C ost communication* regarding the alnklng of the Canadian achoon- er I'm Alone, on the 22d of March. Examina ­ tion* of thrae cunununlf almna-ahow* that the only point upon which the two governments agree l* that the schooner In question had been a rum runner for year*. Otherwise, the notes exhibit all the differences which char ­ acterize the stories of eye-witnesses at the The government of the United Slates con ­ tend* that when first sighted hy the coosl guarn vessel Whlfott. on March 20. the I'm Alone was ten miles off the AmerieJb coast Orders to heave to for examination were Ig ­ nored by the schooner, which immediately hraded seaward At that time the Wolcott would have fired upon the escaping vessel hut her gun jammed. After sending word to the const guard base at Pascagoula. Missis ­ sippi. the Wolcott continued the chase, and continuously followed the I'm Alone until the morning of March 22, when the const guiyd JUST FOLKS | By EDGAR A GUEST |j THE JIG-SAW PUZZLE \If vou have patience, smilingly she \And do not weary 01 Out of these pieces <1 A very pretty picture i ■ nii^ thi ■I Dexl sight The Dexter, after THE DUMPING PROBLEM Dumping of refuse in Yonkers Has reached such a situation, it is now shown; that the W&ptchcster County Park Commission is forced to post armed policemen^on park property on Central Pftrk avenue to stop dumping there by municipal em ­ ployes until certain sanitary regula ­ tions of the commission are agreed to by city authorities. This is hardly a pleasing picture for Yonkers or Westchester. No mu ­ nicipality is to be congratulated on the appearance of eight-column headlines relating conflict on the dumping of its refuse. This problem is not new. For many years Yonkers has been seek ­ ing relief from the issue, finding temporary answers only in dumping here and there on vacant lands, hold ­ ing off neighbors who object Id the stench and smoke of bunting refuse, depreciating realty values, and con ­ stituting a general mess unworthy of a city the size of/Yonkers. . The suggestion has been made that Yonkers adopt the New York City method of taking the garbage and refuse to sea in scows and dump ­ ing far out. But this is expensive, and New Jersey has opposed the methods by which its beaches are lit ­ tered at high tide with New York ’ s scourings. Under the Walsh regime in Yon- ichnonnr Approximately 200 mile* off 1 r Canadian government rlntm* that t ■ I4..V alias off t const when first hailed hy the Wolcott. The latter. After falling to stop her. turned ftom the pursuit to go after a tanker, and two day* later, the Dexter appeared from a dif ­ ferent quarter, ordered thr I ’ m Alone to heave to. and then fired 60 or TO shells Into her. sinking the ship. In the rourse of boardlng email boats, one of the crew was drowned, and the remainder were put In Iron* and conveyed to.New Orleans. The more important diftt-rence* In these distance from shore when the I'm Alone was first hailed, and the qurntlon of whethn the Wolcott was in conUnuou* pm suit for the two days following Thr United States gov ernment maintain* that the Canadian craft won within Uic 12-mllc. or \hour's sail'' limit provided In the ship liquor treaty of 1924 with Canada; the Canadian minister at Wash- Ington asserts that she was not He differs also from the claim that the Wolcott was I d continuous pursuit, staling that It could not be ' immediate and continuous ' as dnfin- perlod of two dnva. and brruuse two vessels Joined in thr chase The Canadian no the task soemed hopeless os I sat And watched her searching such a tangle through. I asked; \or* not ths man who fashioned that Give you the plan h* followed oa a clue 7*' She smiled and answered: \No. these little bits I must arrange to make the per- l only know that each another flu And I must find Just what the pieces mean.\ Hour after hour 1 watched her Puzzled and worried but not once dismayed. Piece after piece she fitted to the square Until at Inst the perfect thing was 'Hopeless llrf seem* at times,\ I said, \and flat. Wc have no certain knowledge of iu plan. But if with latlence we fit thin to rely the end tnuel be the per- TWO BLACK CROWS MOHAN Si HACK CONGRESS TODAY Continues debate on Korn Relief bill, with possibility of vote on de ­ benture. Judiciary committee continues Mellon Investigation. Military Affairs committee meets on nominations. Agriculture committee considers bills on qalcndar. House In brief session. Way and Means committee Re ­ publicans continue dlscusa.on of Tariff bllL Westchester First How rotn. \ Th' dlrrclni > big talkli try In Holland I lost my Job Mack Moran Mack » I'nt (Continued From Page One) tentiary ana that Is better than subjecting him to physical punflh- The man who bcuto up his wife l* about the lowest type our couru have to deal with un« such men should not be permitted to get away with such treatment of the women they have sworn to cherish and pro ­ tect. Sixty days In Jail Is what we consider a fair punishment for a first offender. The habitual wlfe- •r should, of course, be given a ;r term of confinement. apparently drinking and who li created a disturbance on u were taken into custody of our Westchester communt- Monday. They proved t students at Yale We con Imagine the reaction of the parents of these young when they learned that their had made such public spectacleo of themselves It la a poor reward for parents who have, perhaps, made many personal sacrifices to their boy* a good education. Such conduct. Instead of Indicating higher education indicates lower Intelligence. It Is too bad Jng man who has sufficient ----------- ice to gain admission Into |a great American Institution of learning cannot so conduct himself, whtle he is there, that hi* record may reflect honor and not dishonor apple of their eye. tsTETU' of the secretary of * good friend* us th* I will cheerfully nhida board of arbitration i m* e of the proposal e Two such * and Canada •vision of the ernon Argus. Drive by the officers of th . . Begins wig Association of North VVestehi May 4 irr u the day on which to Ms their annual membership drli Baldwin nf this -village in regulof Yo wont do. This Job; call* fo a baritone sneezer Mack n N'ctlson. a New Rochelle wo* In a serious condition is of blood following an i on hl« tonsils. The hoa- We is goln' to get round I P'tsl «nn ‘ \\>ced that hlood irona- ,1 fusion would have to be resorted to ash barrels j nml thc department was asked for I men to supply the blood. Every ... ........ man in the uniformed ranks, from n positively state that the Chlff waiter Jone* down, roiun- Hollywood career of the Two Black I U ercd Wr the emergency. Thc New \ — ...* n F cn Rochelle fire department Is 100 per a of t She i C C Fuchs of Cold i of thc drive out of thirty. And when completed i kers, temporary plans were made for there will run between Port Chester ! dumping off Trevor Park, making there an extension to the bulkhead there will run between Port Chester and White Plains as fine a stretch of highway as is in the county. But at present, the test should prove interesting to those who want to know where some of the money spent by state and county for roads goes. line whereon could be placed a com ­ bination recreation park and munici ­ pal boating dock. Nothing ever came of this, largely because of the cost of a bridge over the New York Cen ­ tral docks. ' Sfich a park was constructeded near , oui.ii « |j«rtv was construct near Remember, however, that Ihe «J- ! >he Ludlow „«ion on the river. Sun- set Park was extended across the vice is to board a bus or take the car of s friend. You ’ ll know the reason for leaving your own car at home at the end of the trip. THE PARKING PROBLEM tracks of the railroad. - A bridge erected, and there is now a large space there for baseball and other sports under the supervision of the Recreation Comm^sion. Surely somewhere in Yonkers are places where dumping could be made an asset instead of an item of depre ­ ciation. There are hollows and vales where level spaces could be easily prepared, with parks and play- Th< Pleasantvillp branch cover* this village but odjnr well. Is the most recently foi organization The branch h received generous co-op* rat I Mrs Baldwin on t! asked that all than, to again enroll, anil that nil 1 not members at the present tin opportunity to become identll D. N. A. This organization deserve* support of the community It vice In preserving the health ol which has placed It In a highly sltlon. Whtle some ol Its Inco from fees received from patten way meet Ihe running expenses of thr ganlzalion The/membershlp drive is or the methods used in raising funds for work. The Plessantvllle Journal hopes every resident of this village will hood appeal and loin during the drive In k I ng you will help your community and yourself. — Plessantvllle Journal rsldcnls tan I PO- de rived Wc arc all •worried about the park ­ ing problem. Expert* have wrestled with it. 33St IK STBS ^ '- s - c - p .'* .bo w ri,,: over itC* • It appears to defy solution. * \ ' \ . 1 ------- Westchester County detectives — Plait A suggestion comes from Scars- dale which is^not entirely devoid of common sense. It is to the effect that a fleet of drivers be engaged who will, for a stated sum, drive home the cars of commuters when they arrive at the station in thc morn ­ ing and rctifrn thc cars to their own ­ ers at night. This might solve the problem of parking for commuters who wish to drive to and from thc station and whose car* will be otherwise idle all >,day. It will not solve the problem of parking in business districts. A legal authority, speaking at a Scaradale meeting, stated in so many words that the community was under no obligation to provide parking space for its commuters, and tech ­ nically the gentleman is right On the other hand, parking spaefe always has been'provided for those i . who use conveyances, whether they ! rode horse back, drove buggies or use* ' automobiles' as they do today. Few of ua are so old that wc can ­ not remember the hitching post and the long lines of saddle horses tied to rails especially erected for the pur- _J*»f in centers of population visited SIX MONTHS AGO working with such slight clews as a shred of cretonne, a milk bottle con ­ taining a little kerosene, a mole nnd a particular type of dental work to guide them —quickly solved two problems, identified the victim of a murder and obtained a confession ol the crime. New Jersey detectives, with one clew — the manufacturer ’ s number in a pair of shoes — available to them, got^ at the trutih of an apparent mys ­ tery, identified the victim of a mur ­ der and obtain h confession of Ihe crime. New York detectives, starting work som| trine after November 4, had at dn€ time and another such items iu iheir notebooks as a hotel, a cham ­ bermaid. a revolver, a chauffeur,., a safe deposit box, office records, a strong-arm man, -telephone calls, hotel registers and so on. On Satur ­ day six months will have elapsed since the crime. Thc success of the Wesjfiiester County and New Jersey detectives suggests that there may have been too much evidence in thq Kothstcin case. — N. Y. Son, May 1» •' An enterprise nf Sole Is that Commuters of forming a local commuters Association association. For many years Mount Ktsco has been sending goodly portion of Its residents out every business In New York. White >ther places. The railroad ha* nrrled hundreds away morning and brought hem back. too. each night. Then commuters, n spite of thc fact that they havu been away tom the village all day have taken a big in- second place they commuter ha* l can forward move; putting their mai muolty projects will benefit by being ante to men together and enjoy a bocia J time and diacu** these problems which are pertinent to their every ­ day life — and - every commuter * life has prac ­ tically the same problems. There Is no question hut what a well oi- flt to tnis community llnd to those who nro numbered among tta members. North West cheater Times Modern life Is much clirfcr- Thc ent today from what it was a Newspaper decade ago Today, a great . nnd Sales deal of buying Is done'ovcr the telephone This, in turn, means that opportunities fo. purchases advantageous 'to the buyers are now almost completely centered In newspa ­ pers advertising The modern housewife knows what she wants, knows by brand name, nnd order* In that manner — because advertising •-** taught her how she should do It and why it Is pro ­ fitable fur her to do so. Imagine ordering from an a unknown grocer some breakout food. ' 'some bacon.' \some coffee, \some bread' anil so on. os In the olden day's before national advertising became the powerful forcb It Is today. — Tarrytown Dolly News Civic League of Torryto tq model horn* Rotary Clubs, contmu Hortsdale firemen, dance. Y. M C A. banquet. Y W. C. A, Torrytown. Ruth Draper benefit performance, Westchester \ American Legion. Hnrluditl* School, presents \Com-' rodes Courageous \ Contemporary Club hold* the; Plant Market. Mount Ktsco High School, county visiting day. Harrisoa Ixxlge Masons, picture Rldgeview Congregational Church \Auto Social \ Westchester County Childrens Association, meeting. Lions Auxiliary luncheon. Congreg at tonal Young People's roily. Women's Civic I-eagur of Tarry- town. annual meeting January group M. M E Church. Ing. Klwants Club, meeting Alpha Chapter Fraternity, dance Ketth-Albre Theater. James Mur ray and Barharn Kent In \The Shakedown.\ Loews State Theatar. Douglas Fairbanks In \The Iron Mask \ Knight* Templar Crusader Com- mandry No 38 meeting Loews Strand Theatre, Conway Teartr and Barbara Bedford In \Smoke Bellew if going to « It Is Interesting but depressing to note that there arc now but forty- four Civil War veterans lift In all Westchester County. \The Boys of \ 81 \ are dropping Out rapidly, now. and thc time is drawing near when the last of them will be gone For that reason we should make more than ever of thta coming Memorial Day and of all other Memorial Day* to come while they still remain with us. Wc should do that much to let them see that 1 Inquiring Reporter ~Our Lambd* Each Day ^ Asks Thro Tomorrow Lion » Auxiliary , luncheon Ardslev Golf Club, wmrnament l Unn begins Rotary Clubs, nnnual conference United Plumbers Supply Co.. Inc., I County American r mobilization. Children's laboratories. Quaker Ridge. May Day party. Hortsdale Firemen, spring dance. Westchester County Recreation Commission, continuation confer- Wcstchcater County Women's Re ­ publican Club, visit to model home. Bloomlngdale. Hospital. ' gradua- tlen. Loews Slate Theatre. Douglas Farlbanks In \The Iron Mask.\ • Kelth-AIbce Theatre. James Mur ­ ray and Barbara Kent in \The Shakedown\ Loew's Strand Theatre, Conway Tearle and Barbara Bedford The Question Do you favor revocation of all junior automobile licenses in West ­ chester County? Where Asked About town. Thr Answers Henry' Ray. 207 Main street: “ X hardly think so. Young people arc not the only ones to get Into acci ­ dent*.\ Owen Thomas. Elmaford: \Yes. 1 heavy truffle of today makes It harder for everybody^to secure aulo Joseph Batkin. 7 Grandview ave ­ nue \There Is no need for this regulation. In my opinion. ” Letters From Our Readers Thanks From Hospital Editor The Dally Press: On behalf of our word patients, and of all others who shared In your delightful gift of flowers, want 10 (hank' j-qu There were such qudoftOe* flowers, and they yrere so beautiful, thnt It was a'Joy to distribute t' and. In consequence, tho hospital today has a gala air. We wish to take this opportunity of offering to you and your ; elates, our congratulations. May you.-stay long nnd prosper In our town of White Plains. Such R. pro ­ gressive enterprise as \The Dally Press\ I* an addition igblch shpuld be a squrce of pride to any town, and we know that you will have, on ail sides, the heartiest co-operation. | It will be a pleasure to show you ' through our hospital whenever you may feel -inclined to visit us. Very truly yours. ELIZABETH RUSSELL. Superintendent. White Ptalns Hospital. I The Doily PnSS, ! White Plains, .N. Y IN GOD WETRVST This uss of -V- tar “ XT la the word Trust is simply • survival at a custom which began when V and U were merely different forms of the same letter. It is now re ­ garded as more artistic. _ \V ” also mean* 5. Put a dollar sign In from of it and put It In the bonk every week and by the time your baby boy or girl U ready for college there'ifbe 18,000 here for \XT to see him through. FURS! •Store your furs as you store your important papers. Our Cold Storage Vault la located-rlght here in our own building Storage safety for your rugs and silverware, too. I ' The County Trust Company White Plains, N. Y. ADVERTISING FOR PROFIT . Br CORDON I! S OME people look upon CHECKERS as an utterly simple game, while others have thoughtfully 'declared it to be a profound STUDY. It is much the same with ADVERTIS ­ ING. There is nothing simpler to DO. but, like checkers, it is absolutely a game of skill. Check ­ ers is a game in which there is NO element ol chance. It is YOUR ability and foresight against those of your OPPONENT. In advertising, there are, also NO LUCKY CARDS. It is your ability, your enthusiasm, your courage, against the IN­ DIFFERENCE of the public. In fact, you have better than an even break, for whereas in check ­ ers, there is another mind FIGHTING yours, in advertising there is no offensive against you. You can win the game if you play your hand properly Ability you must have, and that means mostly the will and the determination and thb persis ­ tence to work. Good advertising does not come from flashing genius, but from the hardest kind of thinking. Enthusiasm is necessary* — Ypu are seeking to attract attention to what^ou arej doing and what you have to sell. If your enthusiasm lives, the advertisement will leapio life. If your enthusiasm flags, and you begin/to feel tempera- mental. SNAP OUT OF IT. It is just laziness. The right and only thing to d/> is WHIP up your enthusiasm then and there. You can do it and you have got to do it. Timb. tide and newspaper presses wait for no man. And have courage • COURAGE to do something differently, to tell your story straight out. To resist the conventions and limitations of ordinary - advertising, and to STEP OUT of ranks. Put your living, courage ­ ous, enthusiastic advertisement into a newspaper ’ of sound circulation, and you will get the answer. iCopj-right. 1929. by Unite a Feature Syndicate. Incj We Solicit Applications Fin First Mortgages on Improved Reah Estate in Westchester County. New York-Westchester Investors (Sole Mortgage Correspondents in Westchester of The Prudential Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS. N. T. TELEPHONE 9210 AN IDEAL INVESTMENT Over the Counter Purchase * Guaranteed 1 «-lOl^rtgage Certificates will nCLyou 5 % % from the day of purchase. W estchester ) itle S TR ust C omri White Plain*. N. Y. CAPITAL and SURPLUS

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