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•pELEPHON 92()0 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY. MAY 10. 1929 J-CUCHnONB r)?00 Dm* Two Day Internati onal Boxi ng Tourney Ends A t Q arden National Amateur Title JUNIOR BALL Qoes To Brooklyn Heavy Tgflj WORTHY OF FOLLOWING Westchester Title ami Trust Co. Ball Team Writes In ­ teresting ^Letter of Activi ­ ties on Diamond The Westchester Title and Trust (Ralph Ficcucello Wins Heavyweight Crown at ; Madison Square Garden in Elimination Bout R ALPH FICCUCELLO. a burly Brooklyn automobile i mechanic, won the national amateur boxing champion-1 ship twice at Madison Square Garden last night— once by default and once by decisively beating Charles Hanson, ; tall blonde Astoria carpenter, in a three-round battle in the I ring. It was the first national amateur championship de-j cided in New York in twenty-five years and featured the Co Junlor bascbaJ i , enm win play two-day international tournament which ended before a j iho ’ Hiuview team oi Yonkers thi* crowd of about 4,000 spectators. Ficcucello and llnnson satuuuy afternoon at the battled for the title left, vacant by Elmer (Buddy) How-1 ac & ard, who beat them both in the annual national meet at'. ___ Boston last month, but was -subsequently disqualified-by! .the A. A. U. for improper registration. Ficcucello was first awarded the FENCERS SEEK SABRE TITLE Fi>. N. Y. A. C. M.n Win Prelim- inary Round Of National Sabre Contest At Winged Foot Club delegation of six York Athletic Club sabre wieldara swept through the pre- | limlnnry round of the metropolitan aection of the national sabre cham ­ pionships last night a following for tbefr head- . The foUowIng letter was received from their manager and is printed In the belief that it will Interest baseball enthusiasts who hove not before seen this team In action. To Baseball Fans \Jf you are interested In baseball. ‘ hnsebatUlint is played by a bunch of felKwiTwdm are playing for love <* the sport, and the thrll Flccu-1 the game, then the Westchesti championship by default when Han ­ son declined to enter the ring on the ground that he was suffering from n sore cheat. He was examin ­ ed by four physicians, who pro ­ nounced him fit to fight, and when he persisted In the decision not to go through with the bout he wi suspended by the /. . cello was decleared the winner. j Title A Trust Company Junlot Hanson later changed his mind vlfe you to come out and walch and agreed to fight his old Italian ' their gar vaL This team is composed of young Ficcucello had little difficulty In | men employed with thwdocal com- bcntlpg Hanson by a wide margin | pany. They have been playing to- and guve him continuous hard pun-j gether for two seasons. ; and they 'Fed lahmcnt to the head and body. The: have a team of real fine' ball play-1 -lubhouse strips, a the semi-final round to be held on Wednesday evening. May 22. to- gether with three Fencers' Club bout, representatives. i round The Inn* undefeated fenerr of the °n the body evening s activities was Leo Nunes, he staggered Hanson with of the New York A- C-. who has ' of * “ tf Huhta «° ‘ he head held every title In the catalogue of * cw spearing straight lefts the Amateur Fencers League. He * ace - iptured six bouts In a row with I , ' rf * J \ ,m only thirteen touches score.) J «hj *«°nd _Han»oa •topped j against him. Norninn C. Cohn. .................... Fencers' Club, was the first strip final with live victories In six bouts. A brace of double victors was also chalked up. when Harold Von Busklrk. Fencers' Club star and Olympic performer last year, and Louis H. F. Mouquln. Winged Fool fencer, both of whom had qualified In tjic foils preliminaries on Tues ­ day. emerged victorious In four bouts to attain their second semi- ! rU!lbe< i final bracket Remaining qualifiers Included tchanic tore into j ers. all of whom worker i at the opening bell and : ually but rollrctiveljyrfnd in unison. > batter him Into the Junk- They are planning to play Sntur- a the first minute of the an ,i Sunday afternoons, wme For Iht^flrst half of the where In White Plains. At present he concentrated hia stuck th< , y hav , b „, n u «Ing the Msra.ro- neck avenue school diamond, and the Recreation Park This team has scheduled the Hlllvlew Red Socks, a strong team from Yonkers, for this Saturday afternoon at the M»- maroneck avenue field. The game - ...... ........... . Ficcucello bull-like; *\ *° ^ 3: « P- The bat - •harges with long straight lefla to «*ry-fnr the Juniors will probably, he fare. Ficcucello kept pounding J fca-Horner anil Bates. \Lefty ” Hnr- iway aggressively with both hands ner was formerly a first string plt- lo the body and head and near of the round Hanson landed hard right to the Jaw. Ficcucello gave his foe some savage punish ­ ment In the third round. Hanson was bleeding from the nose and mouth and hi* knees wero wabbly from Ficcucello's right-hand bom ­ bardment to the Jaw. The Italian across the ring and the canvas against the ' “ and right to the cher of the local high school team. The following Saturday and Sun ­ day afternoons W will be playing o' field. VINCENT RICHARDS Who has just opened two newTcnniB courts to i MRS. MANN OF CENTURYCLUB GAINS FOURTH First Women ’ s 1-Day Tour snament of Season Held at Glen Rhine, N. J. — Mi- Orcutt Won Match. Mies Maureen Orcutt of tl While Beeches Golf and Country Club at Haworth. N. J., holder of the women's Eastern and metro ­ politan championships, was the win ­ ner of the season's first one-day tournament on the schedule of th. Women's Metropolitan -Golf Anno elation, over the Glen lUdgr Conn try Club course Wednesday. -Hci I gross score was 87' and even sltl her plus handicap her net of K8 lev the field by two stroke*. Mrs. Edward C. Koemple of Girt Ridge and Mrs. A. C. Chirk of Winged Foot Golf Club. Man neck tied for second at fK> fourth prlie went to Mrs. R Namm of the Century Country Club, Purchase. N. Y. She scored 01 . Only twelve of the forty starters returned cards. A brisk wlntT : which had to be faced on some of the hardest hole*, discouraged the competitors, many of whom were ! playing their first tournament golf of the year. Only live scores under 100 were made. I he weeond best gross being holder of the women's champion ­ ship Glen Ridge l*( Mrs. Smith s home rourse and she normally plays It In the low ROs, Miss Orcutt.-who set a record of 74 over the Glen Ridge Course two years ago during the championship | of the Women's New Jersey Golf! Association. foundjS^ie wind-swept hole* a much sterner test today. She went nut In 42 and took 1.1 to return On her final nine she had 5* on two short holes and a 7 oh the Iftng fifteenth. On the eleventh. 135 yards, she pul one hall In the water, and on the lfin-yard thir ­ teenth. ihsvu trapped, and then ' three putts Yonkers Legion Post No. 7 Win Bowling Tournament County .League of Legion Posts Comes To Close After Fine Season. Two Teams Tie For Second T HE county bowling league of the Westchester Ameri ­ can Legion Ports, which hat been running a - tourna ­ ment all winter, came to a clone yesterday, with Cook Tost,- Yonkers, on top. This league is composed of most of the Legion posts in the county and have been playing matches almost every week for several months. The Yon ­ kers post, which won. has been on top or near the top con ­ sistently throughout the season. Second place was deadlocked between the Yonkers Post No. 7, ana the Moses Taylor Post of Mount Kisco, when the last checkup was taken. In view of the more consist­ ent record throughout the year of the Mount Kisco Post,\ the Yonkers leanvconceded second place award to them. Vecnon Meyer of the Whit* — — — - Plains Post won flrV prize for th-t^, am) ., h , highest'indlVtd- most number of spares made This ' ■ local post. 1 . Awarded The highest went to Malone ■ highest score r< went to Kockrr Both of these n skill. one gain* rt Chester The finish of the race wn close-ami It was not until ll bowled that Hi mate winners were made I Cup* were awarded to these In order to keep thefcow a dull* led i presented to each team Irrespee if their standing. These were •n to the highest Individual a ns were In the league, were Cook Post. Yonkers. 1*0*' No, 7. Mount Kisco. Port Chester. Tsrrytown. Pleasantvtlle. Hawthorne. Chappa- qua. Srarsdale and White Plalns. Jease CoJIyer. of Osatnlng. chair- 1 man of the- tournament say* that : the league will be continued next year- T j — -------------- - ----------- BIG MARGIN a ' Herbert Hammer defeated J H * Dalton at 152 bslklme billiard*. 20*1 ;e j to 35. la a match at Dwyer's Brook- r ! lyn Academy lost night. Hammer, e who had a high run of 123 to hi* .-! opponent's IS. ran out In sixteen win S. Accl. John G. Ely, Murs y and latvsn B d* Bi , of the New York A. C. tent rif “ * STaggi'[ rxDKTccucEltn wirrr~* . umphed In four out of five starts, j lhc j nw j ual b , fo „ { b * bell Pelter MlJcr. Washington Square there wa*no need to order an ex ­ performer. who represented Hoi- lra to uiid. land In the last- Olympics, and I Edward Ouelette. Montreal feath- Miguel A. de Caprtlles, New York j erweighl who was knocked, out University leader who triumphed In j Tuesday night by Andrew Burgos. Wednesday s epee preliminaries, unattached, came back last e both eliminated with ei night. Results AMERICAN LEAGUE New York. 7; 8t. Louis, 3. Philadelphia. 9; Chicago. Z\ Cleveland. 4: Boston. 3. Washington. S; Detroit. 3 NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh. 4; New York. 3. Chicago. 11; Brooklyn. 2. Cincinnati. 7; Philadelphia. 3. St. Louis, 3: Boston. I. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Newark. 6; Buffalo, 6 * Montreal. 6: JerseyCHy. 3. Rochester. B: Baltlmrfre. 3 Toronto. 4; Reading, t AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Detroit Philadelphia at Cleveland. Washington at Chicago. Boiton at St Louis. NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at New York (3:15). St. Louis at Brooklyn <3:20>. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Boston. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Newark at Buffalo. Jersey City at Montreal. Baltimore at Rochester. Reading at Toronto. AMERICAN -LEAGUE * 1 W. -L. Pet ■ ‘ ATIONAL LEAGUE score u technical knockout vic ­ tory over the same boxer In 2:25 of the second round of their bout The Canadian pleaded for another chance so earnestly that he was granted permission to appear against Burpoa again. Levine Out Gene Savastio. of Philadelphia, flattened Joe Levine, unattached featherweight, for the count In the first round. A few minute* later an epidemic of first-round knock ­ out* broke out John Market), of the Ascension Parish House, stain ­ ed the series of four consecut/Ve bom# which ended within three Highland Ping-Pong Club plays minute* when be scored a techni- j New York Club at White Plains cai knockout over John Petischan. ! smurdsv Holy Name Club lightweight. | Std Epstein, of the Ascension Par- H ‘ *£ Seho ° l baseball wit*- — Ish House, who also got through ™* “ - ***'■ his bout Tuesday night with dlffi 1 F,t * men baseball garni culty. won the final of the 160- Tuckahoe. away pound class by knocking out Lee Opening of the ^Jmsford Oolf Coward, negro boxer, of the 135th £ lub Street Y. M. C. A- In the closing Tltft Company Junior ball ,UKI mr OUI1- - itchester Juniors I Itis Tennis School, I..2., at Madison Square Garden. They <DOR ,„ rrc pu of town teams I are made of cork and canvas, providinK virtually the same The winner .... | bounce ns a turf surface. Three practice boards are also L. 0l ? ,_ .h~ ! 4»clu*l-d. Richard,, national p.ro champion, ia available ' i. • a G ’ i a 5-S everyone who attends that they will ! for* private COachlllJT. SIX outdoor COUl ’ tS OH the roof Of I In- b« watching * real \honest to good- j tile Garden will SOOI1 lie Completed. I Men ’ s psr 3 3 4 3 3 S 4 8 4 — 33-70 ness \ baseball game \ | _________________________________________________________________ _ Mis* Orcull 5 5 ST»-fr7 4 3 B -45-S7 _ PLAINFIELD LOSES The Roselle Park High School nine conquered Plainfield High, 13 to 3 * \The wore b y in n ings- R. H. E. Roselle Park -• 0 2 2 0 3 0 0 8.1-13 10 3 'Plainfield- ** , 0 1 1 3 0 0 1 0 0- 3 R R Batteries — Hess' and Gowka. d horses I Kroll, Movey and Maloney; Payne “ — -nd Israelskl. Today High School track Gorton High at Yonkera Scarsrtale tennis match s Rochelle. Scarsdnle seconds play Roger ; Ascham ball team at White Plains Scarsdnle High first team . play* Ridgefield High School, away. East View Junior High ball game, at Mantaroneck Avenue 8chooI. Post Road Junior High boll game at Battle Hill School. Masked Marvel In exhibition bll- 1 hard* at Recreation Billiard Acad- iseball tenm will try to win Its third County Lea gue game tomorrow when It plays Yonkers at Yonkers. In spite of the i by Stamford W< nesday the Tigers fr ’ they can beat Yonkers and other league teams. The stylo game they played In losing wa* far superior than that shown by a local team for a tong time. Coach Ackley's boy* are hitting their stride now and have no-Intentlon of/being stopped In their drive for the championship They beat Port Chester and Gorton by wide margins and are out to continue winning. . -- — first round. I James Thompson, of Montreal, kept up the one-round knockout pace by flooring P. J. Ricci. New Rochelle Boys' Club, for the count of len In fifty seconds of the first round of the 12S-pound final. Andy Deluca, of Pittsburgh, scored a quick knockout over Mike Ryan. Philadelphia welterweight, who crashed to the canvas face downward after thirty-eight sec ­ onds of the first round. plays Hlllvh Max .. C. of Yonkers at • “ 13 STARTERS INPREAKNESS Burke teal Titlo Co. Jumorsb b Monday Battle Hill Junior High sail game .it Mamaroneck Avenue School. Eastvtaw Junior High hall game School at Recreation Park, against Post Road. Scarsdnle High baseball game with Hackley School. Scarsdnle High basebal I game with Rye Neck High, at Mamaro- W. MU lb, ; M«rjl«n<l Heoc To Be Be Run Tliis* Afternoon For Big Stakes Although the field has been re ­ duced to thirteen probable starters, the thirty-eighth running of the Prcakncss at Ptmbllca today was considered a wide open race. Nine ­ ty-four three-year-olds were nomin- V Clear skies and a fast , Sleepy Holow CourhVy Club one- promised by Jhe weathi Yesterday's hero — Tony Lazzerl. day golf tournament for women [ another thrilling race hose home run with two men on Metropolitan Advertiser's Golf t , aB[ y ,. ura tlue , be ' tw< ue in the sixth Inning at SL Loum . Association tournament at West- nn,t,...-. counted what proved to be the win- ch3t*r Blllmore 1 ‘ • ’ ■ no WhlUl '> “ Victorian and ning runs and enabled the, Yankees | Wednesday I V ' MeUi * n '* Toro w “ «*P«Cted. Han r i?i > remain at the head of the Ameri ­ can League for at least another 24 hour*. High School baseball ti Mamaroneck. here. School ball team .plays Scandale seconds at Scarsdsle. THURSDAY Scarsdale Firemen baseball t Henry Johnson wa* In rare form a the New York mound and held L Loul* to. throe hit* until the I [tlr .. v nlI nlr^hjvhen they gained two more, j one'day women's goir tourney 3. both, Greenwich Country Club. he final ___ ’ _____ I __ TTie final teams scoring two runs In the final Inning. Washington climbed out of the cellar with a 6 to 3 victory over the Tiger* at Detroit. Four Petrolt error* helped Walter Johnson's men clinch th* verdict. *bt. Louie ' pushed the Boston Brave* down another notch Into '* ’ * \ * 3 to Home Run Club Leaders: Gehrig. Yankee*, y. Ott. Giant*. 6; Ruth. Yankee*; JacJcioiC Giant*; Wilson, Cuba; Foxx. Ath ­ letic*. and OTJouI. Phillies, five ich. - ---- - Yesterday's homers: Wll Cube;; Foxx Athletics; Lei ankee*; Terry, Giants; Goslln, enators, Douhlt and Sheely, Cai«- i*l*. and Flower*. Dodger*, one Totals: National League. M; Am- ■tr League, 70; both league*, j a A ctowd of more than 33.000 *as anticipated for the race, which is f'lUtli. on the program. The dis ­ tance Is a mile and throe-slxteenths. If all thirteen colts atari, the winner will receive J55830. The sec ­ ond horse wll receive 38,000. the third 33,000 and the fourUi 32.000. Considerable backing Jfo* been cieordcd W. J. Salmon ’ s Dr. Free- Und. Samuel Ross' grey . ___ Jerques Stable's Essare, and the i-Wotm Stable's-The Nut. and any one of those colts may be tip fav ­ orite. * E**are, which has won five out of six races, was popular with many amort horsemen. He la a bad actor at the poet; but be has detn- omtrv.ed plenty of speed this yeai. l>r. I .-it land, which will run with. R. T. WBaon, Jr, African as an limy, was another colt considered uhidg lltf w lnfij a l i,.' ’ ‘ c'A i. iv ' ^DLstE Farle 8ut.de. rl«ng EXTRA SPECIAL for the Tennis Player WILSON 1929 Model LEVIATHAN TENNIS RACKETS. 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