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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, May 10, 1929, Image 15

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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ FRIDAY, MAY 10,1929 By C. M. PAYNE S'MATTER POP — Help Yourself Today ’ s Cross Word Puzzle By GLENN CHAFFIN and HAL FORREST TAILSPIN TOMMY — Wanted, A Crack Pilot THIN65 ARE sont OlFFERENT HOW TO SOLVE TIIE CROSS HOWS THE OLD NERVES THESE CWIS, HERB? f 6ETTIN6 IN SHAPE // TO DO SOOC RY1N6 ) \ PRETTY MINCE PIE and corm.Jj&gr BETTY // not chance it for > ANOTHER nONTH — BUT f I GUESS A SHORT / HOP OCCASIONALLY f ■ S WOOL0NT HURT ne--/ __ (--SHORT OF /fl V PILOTS ? y. R HANDLE A STICK LIKC YOU CAN, OLD HORSE — BUT SOOfy OF THrSE STUOENTS Jvr- ARE MI6HTY PROMISING OUT WfrWT | NEED < {IL RIGHT NOW ARE CRACK / f, I PILOTS FOR LONG J I;! 1 !\ FLIGHTS* — V:f- NOW FROM THE OLD V>HR OATS, ALL RI6HT- FLYIN6 WAS A FI6HT L GAME THEN-NOW IT ’ 5 BECOrlE A NECESSITY T ito a fast moving =J-S WORLD — ANO THE V KIDS ARE TAKIN6 to it like YOUNG 6 EA jd 4. G ulls — WORD PUZZLE Every Dumber In the form ’ rep-1 menu the beginning of a word, , reading either horizontally or ver- • tlc)illy. If there la a black square to the loft of the number, the word la horizontal; If above It, the word la vertical. The aame number may of courae begin both a horizontal and a vertical. The definitlona for the correct worda to fill the form are found below, with numbers cor ­ responding to thoee on the form. Run through the definitlona till you And one that you recognize, and put : It In Ita proper place on the form, one letter for each white aquare- Thla will furnlah several cross-clues to the worda linking with It at right angles. Continue In this manner till the form la completely filled. If you have solved the puzzle correctly It ahould read both horizontally nnd vertically with worda corresponding to the definitlona. Horizontal 1. Cuahlona 5. Vehicle 8. Tq discard 12. Outbreak 13. A number 11. Part of to be 1». Mott unusual 17. To graUfy .1*. Foot lever 30. Church official 21. To give out 23. Tranaaetlon 24. Feminine pronoun 28. Cut 28. Obstruction 31. Conjunction 32. Flaxen 33. To accompliah 34. Self 38. Better balanced mentally 38. Drunkard 38. Nolle made by bell 41. A aeparatlon 43. To talk 45. Healed 48. Breathed rapidly' • M. To deduce 51. On the sheltered aide 52. Cuitom 84. Baking place 35. Saa Fowl. 1. Support 2. Military asslatanl 3. To tremble 4. ^ Water vapor HOW'S THE YOUNGSTER, TOMMY M TOMKINS (F GETTING/X AlQN6?/' 1 k Article Corded cloth Colloquial; fine L«a Gaelic Thin Heavy metal The aum Drain Garden tool Unit of work Gained Fuss Pithy saying Something that opens Consideration A food grain To contend Consumed Kage Quarrel Colorless Level A depression Moisture Thus f i touess rvx \ ' TO GET a VUKb AMD a dress to talk : I MOJOY TO \-CO-MA y C c ) 1 CAS^J £>€_T A H jm OPLD/ .-TUOUSAWO OCLLACS V -TV-LAY WAV i y / Gv -WDLiRSELP AMD see. IF ' L GET JEALOUS OF VOU- IF VO A MADE ALL TU6. tYCaoeV FELLERS TOLD ME 1 COOLO YMAl^E. CH FKJTTIM' , 'v my MONEY imto SURE j \ tuinass , vo ee dpol - e / OUR NEW EMBASSY IN BERLIN By FRANK BECK HEM HA'S JUST GOT TO CXJ SOMETHING . MAYBE HE'LL , BELIEVE ME WHEN HE SEES \ ' THIS IN THE PAPER . HE DOESN'T REALLY KNOW A , ' THING ABOUT THE BOOKKEEPER HE'S GOT \ 1 NOW . THAT MAN MIGHT • — . BE STEALING HIM J ( HERE'S A PIECE ABOUT A A J MAN WHO WAS HEAD OF A k COMPANY AND HIS BOOKKEEPER STOLE SOME MONEY ANO FIXED --y THE BOOKS SO THE LOSS / WOULDN'T SHOW. NOW, \ ( THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY ) S ----- , ..HAS TO PAY BACK _ _____ ' k_ THE MONEY. ___ J y SUPPOSE SOMETHING > — SHOULD BE WRONG WITH k. THE BOOKS OF THE POUSH COMPANY AND HEM WOULD HAVE TO MAKE GOOD THE MONEY ? f WE MIGHT EVEN -71 LOSE OUR CAR AND __ ?% k -. . OUR HOME. ------- -S BOUND FEET MUST BE UNBOUND fl ITCHY ! THE WO M WONT Be ON THE g ISLAND ANO MG ANO I l VOU AND PUG WON'T I 1 KNOW NOTHIN' ‘ / ABOUT WHERE HET> 'hfr, ------- 1 GONE! oW-rf I COOT THAT IT AIN'T SAFE FOR HIM OR FOR US TO HAVE THE WO ON THE ISLAND AND IM GVVlN' HIM JUST ABOUT A DAY LONGER TO GET HINf OFF Tfj{ THE ISLAND, SE E ? y y-yy VOU CAN GET DUFF TO PULI- ANY ROUGH STUFF ON THE KlO? s lS THAT YOUR IDEA, SMALLPOY. ? [OLD COOT EARN' 1 OUT O' OUR j HANDS SINCE WE'VE BEEN HERE, | | AIN'T WE ? f kroikp. HIM TO GC Mvro: WHOLE ^DISTANCE? YOU | K now WHAT fM WELL, | WHAT [THEN? lifslfef 1 mj d wb-y 1 'S-gr - ^ - BOUND TO WIN — The Campfire V --- Seen* By EDWIN ALGER ; — “ ----- --=^1 S' V — pa 81 T *

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