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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, MAY 10,1929 uch younger! Besides. argued teen, thinking that Mr. Carter wu latrleo. \I'm married That perfectly wonderful.\ nkm a difference\ I \Where'd you ever *ee him?\ •Alice — hie mother — had n broth- Hugh aaked. lUrprised, faintly who waa Just like Bert.\ Hugh frowning. Id. \I keep aeelng Carter Mer- T uaed to go 10 Tllaa Roberta tt In him \ School; Mummy taught mualc Carter Merritt!\ Beat rtf\ echo- there for yeara. and Marcia used animatedly. \I remember him! to help with the upper grades be- he was a hrart breaker. I re- fore she graduated. Tho riding about four- academy waa right next door, and ' then afterward I'd aee him In that a nod. bright yellow car ----- \ \Waa he tr \He drank.\ Hugh contributed \Married i briefly, aa abe pa uaed. A perfectly \Yea. I know he did.\ Beatrice course.\ felt puzzled and chilled. For some \And who reason Hugh aeemed displeased ' 1 take ca \Waa he — had he been drinking .Loretta — the when he was killed 7\ she ventured. again. ” THE MAKE-BELIEVE WIFE By KATHLEEN NORRIS Author of Hildegarde — My Best Girl — The Foolish Virgin member. time of hitter disappointment to bear. and#for six weeks was kept very quiet, on one floor. Hugh appreciated,-even his moth ­ er and sisters appreciated, the fact that another woman might have made a great deal of this. But Beatrice bore It with her new dig ­ nity and made her Illness even more touching and lovely than her health and spirits had been. Every night when Hugh came home she was alone; he loved to send her violets and primroses, nnd there were always bowls of them about the big, white-paneled upstairs sittlng-rodhi where she waited for Mm. A wood lire would be Jituning In Ihe white-tiled Mrr- ptacr. behind the brass and irons, nnd Beatrice had half n dozen cos ­ tumes with which to please him — the blue and orchid quilted silk robe that stood out nil about her like the robe of an Infnnt Spanish princess on a Velasquez canvas; the white one lljst was nil ribbons nnd scented ruffles: the gray and green-one whose collar lay like nn Elizabethan ruff about her' long, rounded white throat. When the two were shut into this upstairs room, with the fire burn ­ ing lazily, and It was cold and dark nnd stormy outside. Hugh would sometimes feel as If hit heart wotlfd btfrst with sheer felicity. There was a mechanlral piano In the shadow, end sometimes Bea ­ trice would, go to It. and he would sit hack in his big leather chair, with his Wf-closed eyes fixed upon the slyhder figure In the gloom, un ­ der whose flngeri the melodies were so softly creeping Then, fragrant, rounded, delic ­ iously • serious nr.d young, she would come back lo her chair, per ­ haps stopping to kiss the top of his head as she passed It. and in the tempered lamplight her green-gray eyes would find hls und she would question him about hls day. Tomorrow is the FINAL SATURDAY in WEIL ’ S 15th A nniversary S ales ---- Annually recognized as Westchester's Greatest Home-Furnishing Event — „ , - End Tables affording unouestionablv the Supreme Values of the Season in All Lines-these Sales _ past as yeaterday. But now. walk ­ ing over the grounds of the new Wawataysec Club, talking pleasant ­ ly of unessential things with Mr Houston Challoner. she felt strangely constrained and remolr; ns J f he yefet — well, just Mr. Hous ­ ton CHaTloner\ again and -she Just Ihe humblest/ of bis office em ­ ployees. It all seemed funny, that nice old «otchman calling her \Mrs. Challoner.\ and the beauty nnd silence of the big. sweet coun ­ tryside. ranha loneliness of it when the sun sank., now that the 3-Piere Bed Davenport Suites 10-pc. Period Dining Suites 3-pc. Overstuffed Parlor Suites 4-pc. Period Bed Room Suites 3-Pc. Hand-Woven Reed Suites For a third time — It was really more, like a tenth, but she counted 11 ns three — she re ­ membered that big. laughing, deep- voiced boy. Her stepson! Ho had held Mr hands — so queerly. grow ­ ing sober and puzzled, all at once. He had looked at her. And he hatl •aid. in a gentle, abstracted sort of tone. \Well that's that. Isn't It?\ — i bat's the little clerk who has man ­ aged to capture Dad. hAmeant. \What brings him — your son- back?\ she asked, at supper \Bert?\ \Yes. Has he finished his course — whatever it was — at the Beaux Suites 5- pc. Decorated Breakfast Axminster \Finished nothing. He finishes nothing, that lad. He's a clever fellow, too — I want you to Uke him. Beatrice. No, he's not finished. He just got tired and came home. He hadn't time for nlany details, hut he said his Intentions were honor ­ able,\ said hls father, smiling. \Probably hell take a Utils vaca ­ tion up at my mother ’ s place and then go Into the business\ \Will he be any use to you. j Hugh?\ \Not a particle.\ the roan said ’ cheerfully \But why not send him back to ' Paris?\ She wanted him lo go • back to Paris He — he belonged Ini Paris. \Oh. he's had enough of Paris\' hls father said carelessly Suddenly she knew what she had , felt, what she had resented, in ' young Bert Challoner'* masterful. ; strange look this morning. He had thought that she was marrying hls | father Just for money, that without | money no man Hugh's age could 1 win so young a wife. He had Ireal- ed hls father badly himself, trying | to get money from Hugh, wasting i hls own Hmr and disappointing those who loved him And he had I thought — young Bert had (bought. : \Here's another of us. working Ihe old man!\ Beatrice told herself that she had read that In Bert's first appraising . look. Well, he had been entirely | wrong. Not that what he thought ; or didn't think signified In the , least, as far as she was concerm-d ; She sighed, her slim young body resting against Hugh's shoulder And Hugh bent his hrsd down. In the soft., dusky summer darknrna. ' and asked her If she was tired . . . The days, under ihe cir ­ cumstances. raced past Beatrice Challoner like leaves In an autumn wind. Everything was different from what her Imagination had made it, and among all the changes and surprises apd bewilderments of the new life she sometimes fell ns If she had quite lost herself. There was somebody In her place, truly, a fine, happy, busy. well, dressed woman named Beatrice Challoner. but she seemed to have i little In common with Beatrice St j John. This woman had no past, no rel-1 attvee. no home- There were occasional letters from a mother ' and slater In southern California, td* be sure, bul even these seemed unreal and entirely cut away from the old days and ways. As for the little apartment In a gritty, gray. Suite, $19.75 Colonial 4-Post Bed S«»led si pictured; of toll,) Birch, mihe any finiih. with mahogany veneer panel 100% Layer Felt Linen Damask Mattress Famous Dr. Ries Inner - Spring Mattress 4-pc. Bedding Outfit Silk Flpss Mattress, Box Spring, and 2 Silk Floss ?~rr.so Pillows.. «)< — CHAPTER » during these Double Day-Bed Ai pictured, decorated panel endl; mne<overed. tufted, vajahred Matrrei March nights. Mahogany Veneer Secretary. Green point Steel Cane-Panel Bed Axminster Throw Rugs happy solltudr ! of Joining them al about 9 o ’ clock. 1 for an hour of talk before bedtime | \Dad. going after that Kreulz- 1 mann thing?\ the son asked. Bea ­ trice looked hopefully at her hus ­ band. from the luxurious couch where she was deep In pillows Any subject or Interest that those two i could find In common she found | herself seizing with fervor and hope In these days Brrl's attitude was distressing hls father deeply, every day. every hour of his cheer ­ ful Idling and wasting was exas- | til the boy established himself presence was always a possible source of friction and consequently a cause of anxiety to Beatrice. \The boys In the office will make a try for It,\ Hugh answered, low- ; erlng hls book, glancing over at his son. from hls deep red leather chair by the fire, anil arrest Ins hls book . on the wny back, for a smile at Beatrice \And you. loo. Hugh'' she said quickly and Jealously. He laughed al her lone \What would 1 want of fifty thou- nnd dollars?\ he asked mildly. \Oh. It Isn't the money. Hugh\' Beatrice exclaimed, with her char I actrrittle eager animation \But the fun of winning! And then we'd have to go to California, wouldn't Tapestry Cogswell Chair Exactly as ptctme.l — 1jtge. ioomy.comfort ­ able; mahogany ftniah pencil frames. Fibrb - Reed Fernery Gold Seal 'ongoleum Rugs Rome Automatic Day-Bed <£ 0/1 75 SIMMONS Coil Spring Doublenlrcked; hdical tied 4 wavr. fn Ith equalisers, Single, Double or Th Fibre-Reed Chaise Longue Natural Maple Porch Rocker Imported Grass Rugs Mahogany Writing Desk Styled aj illustrated — beautifully-grained mahogany veneer. In duoconc finish. Walnut Cedar Chest Walnut Veneer over genuine Ter Red Cedat; large sue. just as pictured. Callfc Waicrest DeLuxo Grass and Fibre Summer Rugs But this would be v much money did the old leave. Dad*\ Bert aaked. -three. I ’ ve forgotten But ze for the plans la tlfty thou- Old Philo Applewhite was _____ me today that French and Austrian architects will compete — - ----- — — --------- „ — . — they expect two or three hundred 1 saw the outside of the building plans Applewhite's on the board; once, by chance, when her car hap he's j^l wrought up over It.\ pened lo pass It. hut there were ' WasHreutzmann nn archil pci . strange cheap curtains al the Hugh*\ fourth-floor windows, .a new npnrt \Nr he was a muwr first and menl house had gone up on (lie lot then In railroads and tkings. I user) next d*»r. and nothing about It ; In see him walking down-town — seemed familiar , line old fellow. He owned this mi- For the rest, she lived In a beau- . mense Iran out In California. Ilful big. comfortable, somewhat ‘ somewhere In Ihe mountains north old-fashioned mansion on Tory Hill j of Los Angeles. I gather, and h« It waa not old enough to be plclur- J warned to leave a permanent me- esque and not new enough to be | morlal thorr: the Kreutzmann Me thrilling. ^Experienced old servants — ............... managed it perfectly and saved her tha trouble of bur* — \\ *• — gowns or answering .Mahogany Colonial Chest of Drawers Mahogany, Mohair and Frieze Chair Pull-up Kyle as shown; sag •eat; scoop bad; s qjiliry chtlr, finely made, beautifully Steel Return-En^ Bend Newest style — as shown; beautiful walnut finish: single, double or three-quarter site Large Colonial Dresser 4-drawer atyle. as shown; extra large ffiate isirrorj eatlr-AmericSn walnut finish. finely bulk; tkhly grained and “ Hugh, why don't you try for It idivtdualty*\ He smiled across at her. narrow- \1-onk at her. leading m* on'\ - \No.\ said Beatrice, subsiding, but II would be such fun lo have 6x9 Axminster Rug utifiil. new partcrni and colors; fine : deep nap. Every rug first-quality. and Marcia, and called upon Hugh's listers and aunts and cou ­ sins and mother, and drove Jiersrlf downtown every afternoon al 4 o'clock lo wall for him pretty young Mrs Challoner. whose ' was so Intensely romantic, died up In squirrel furs, with of gray squirrel pulled down her coppery hair, waiting fo Davenport-Dinette Table Mahogany finish Davenport LibrarrTsbk jnvertible to Dinette, as shoe, .u story “ I'll try for 11.\ Bert augg, bun- \and take you along If I win. I a cap \J wish you wjould-no. not i over ( me along.\ she said, laughing, jr her j really try for II.\ 5 Pc. Unfinished Breakfast Suite Drop Leaf, shaped-side Table with Windsor legs; 4 Windsor Break- fair Chairs to match; ready far decorating. father for sympathy But Hugh wns looking Into Ihe fire, with an odd expression on hls face, and did not meet her eyes There wns af ­ fection enough, hut there seemed lo be little sympathy between filth- gr and son When Bert had gotle lo bed. still connecting Hugh's serious look with the boy. she spoke of him somewhat uncertainly \He la lazy. Hugh, and he doesn't' seem to have settled down yet. But hls mother ’ a death, comtifii Just- lie was telling me yestebday — Just when he wss beginning lo discover how tnuch he loved hrr. and then those years In Europe — demoraliz ­ ing tor any boy!-all have helped ke«p him — well. Irresponsible.\ \He's sqtne years older than you are. remember.\ Hugh observed dryly, aa If be epokr against hls with hls secretary beside hln* would see her there, subsided, be ­ hind the wheel, perhaps reading the latest novel or Idly watching the street that was softly brilliant In autumn sunshine' or gray under a threatening . winter, sky. 8>ir would look up. hls beautiful, grntie. devoted young wife — and the wide Rome .Gliding Davenport Seed Frames; heSvy duck cavern overwa 100 Pc. Dinnerware Set Beautifully decorated American Pottery, •\'active' drugni and colon; every pl> Yonkers White Plains Main SL at Getty Square Main SL at Lexington Open Friday and Opan Moiday and Mount Vernon So. Fourth A ve.

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