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TELEPHONE 92 ft(Y THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.. FRIDAY. MAY 10. 1029 'J~EI>IEHtONE 9200 Tlirr* PEAGOXSLEW VICTIM HERE; NEWVERSION J Nightwafrliman Changes the Crime Time and Scene of Death — Saw Early Morn­ ing Fight Here Dorothy Peacoz met her death on a White PlaJne street and not in I ha Mount Vernon \dump\ where ■ha couldn't stand It to live, and she died >early Saturday. - April 27. the day her body w« found be ­ neath a blossoming ak'ple tree on the Ardsley road. a4d not on Sun ­ day. April 21. as her radio repair ­ man husband, Earl F. Peacox. has confessed, according to fnew Ver ­ sion of Wesbrhester ’ s “ torch mur ­ der\ base^cp what a night watch The night Watchman, whose narhi Is being temporarily withheld, saw a woman «mp screaming from an automoblly in the shadow of the Court House and a stone's throw from l ife tail early that Saturday momin. He uaw a man leap out after her, strike her over the head, drag her limp form back Into ll automobile and race away. Findings ,of Dr. Amos O. Squli . the county medical examiner and other evidence support the new sion. When ho viewed the body ot wooded Greenhurgh hillside at 8:30 Saturday night. April 27. Dr. Squire xald he believed the then unidenti ­ fied girl had been dead about eight ­ een hours and “ not more than tw« ty-four house\ Peacox'f confession given to Dis ­ trict Attorney Frank H. Coyne does not \gibe with what Dr. Squire found, but the medical examiners opinion substantiates what the night watchman saw. Peacox has confessed that he killed his wife •hortly after midnight Su night, April 21. but there are oral points where his statement conflicts with the facts as estab ­ lished by tho magical examiner and police and the district attorney tins not been entirely satisfied wilh It : 90 DAYS FOR PUNCHING JAW Alleged lo have punched Henry Phillips, colored, of Lokevlew ave ­ nue. Silver Lake Park. Harrison, in the face and frisked hia trouser pockets of a few dollars. Carl Fe- d alius, 23, colored, of I-nkevIrw avenue, was Wednesday sentenced to ninety days in the County Penl- Fedcllua appeared In Harrison police court before Judge Cornelius J. Sullivan on a charge of assault in the third degree brought against him by Phillips. According to the complaint be punched Phillips In the face caus ­ ing Injury to his lips and Jaw, dur ­ ing an alleged argument near their homes last Sunday night. WILL PRESENT^# MAMAprf PROBERESUET (Continued From Page One) a report which Is expected to prove sensational. From accounts available today, 4s'confidently expected that one r more indictments will be handed awn. The identities of the persons against whom these Indictments are directed is unknown. Whether or not a general present ­ ment will also be handed la not known, but from reports of an un ­ official nature 11 Is not'believed the grand Jury will go beyond the In ­ dictments. Justice Young Is expected to re ­ ceive the indictments and to dls-1 charge the grand Jury, which has j extended Its labors over and past the period of the April grand Jury and into the May grand Jury as . well. The widespread investigation Into ' alleged vice conditions In Mamaro- neck began ten weeks ago when [ Henry Glronda, former town con- i stable of Mamaroneck. made frank confession Italian Y outh Help Enforce Edict On Longer Skirts Genoa. May 10 (UP) — A group of youths,' taking ad' vantage of the campaign * which is being waged by the church against short skirts, followed - girls shout ' the streets of the city today, marking their light stockings with pieces of coal below their knees, thus indicating 'the point the skirts should' Several lively Incidents marked the proceedings un ­ til the police interfered counseling the girls lo length en their dresses as prescribed by the church authorities. WIFE AWARDED $150 ALIMONY ing the trial. \ father to visit Mr. Budd. it his a i for a TRAFFIC CASES MOVE QUICKLY IN CITY COURT Michael Crtsman. Mou District Attor- arrested on April 26 for -- ------- - ney Frank H. Osyne, Involving aev- - pleaded guilty in City Court thii eral members of the police depart- j morning and was fined *10 *~ ment of the 'Village. Assaulted Reporter The confession followed Gironda'a conviction for assault upon Peter Canipbell. Mamaroneck newspaper ­ man. in retaliation for a newspaper article Campbell had written plac ­ ing Glronda in an unfavorable light. With Clrondn was also convicted his accomplice. Angelo Caprixo. alias Costello, alleged to have aided Girtmda in the attack upon Camp ­ bell. which was actually perpetrat ­ ed by a third man. associate ot Giroinda. Henry Martin Engstrom. NeW Rochelle. Engstrom turned state's evidence in the trial of Gifonda and Caprixo. who were convicted of Judge Wiliam Gray. Emory Markus. Woodhaven. L. I. also arrested for speeding on April 26. pleaded guilty and received a fine of *10. Charges of reckless driving brought against Ray Dodson. gant with the money. Mount Vernon and Whamon Pcd- A* a proor ---- ron. Scarsdaie. were dismayed by ....................... Judge Gray on failure of complain ­ ants to appear to press the charges. Robert Banhan. 17. Ardsley. pleaded guilty to charges of reck ­ less driving and passing .......... and was fined *10 on cruelty and with cutting off credit at scores. Burns, said tne attorney, left his wife on March 11 after a violent quarrel, returning on April 3 when he become til and pleaded with his wife to care for Says Wife \Noarottc\ On the following Sunday, how ­ ever. he left agnln charging his wife with having given him medicine which made him ill. according to the attorney At that time, said the wife's counsel, he tried ’ lo take ihe rugs from the home but she caller! Mount Vernon police who stopped him from such ggmuval. The husband. In reply, charged through her attorney. David 0. 1 . k Kuh. that his wife was \neurotic\ : and that he had left the home on advice of physicians, who said- a separation would be beneficial to j *\w-iwn the final day s play began. Mrs. Burns. with a field of 64 left for the de- As a result of the husbaad » elding 36 hole. lest. Tho British tharges. Justice Blcaklcy had Mrs. j plnnf „ |hrtr hope, on Abe Mltehell the veteran Internationalist, who was only two strokes behind Hagen and four back of Dlegel. the leader. Mitchell shot a couple of 7&». which left him out. Percy Alltss. from Berlin, who led the field the opening day wftli HAGEN WINS BRITISH OPEN FOURTH TIME (Continued^From Page One) - . . remained for Dlegel. mercurial P. G. A. champion, lo blow up and leave the champion to Hagen. Dlegel did so early in the day, J taking an 62 for hi# third round and foiling far behind. The gale which swept the course, made low scoring difficult, but none : of the champion's rivals seemed to ! have a real good round In their systems today Hagen won the championship with rounds of '73-07-73-73. about twelve strokes under the estimated | par for Mulrfield. This championship Is the fourth British open for Walter. He won Sandwich In 1922. at Hoy- 1924. and again at Sand ­ wich last year He hod the same aggregate — 292 — in last year's a *9. then irmained the lone Br Ish hope. He started three stroll behind Hagen, dropped a stroke the champion In the third round and then quietly went to piece* He took a 79 for his last 1* holes and finished In a tie with Mitchell at 300.' With Dlegel, Mitchell and Allies disposed of. there remained only Johnny Farrell. American Open champion, with a chance to c take the champlon. Farrrll had been playing golf practically unnoticed. He shot -72 and 73 the days before, a 76 through the wind in the m ing left him seven stroke* back of Hagen. But when. Walter kept up with another 75. Johnny had wot a 69 in the afternoon to That was too much for him. Another American pro who had a chance early in the day was Bobby ! Cnilcluhank. hot ihe like alt the ’ others, .was iffxtcd l>y Ihe blus ­ tery weather, and the best he rould do was a 7A and a 76. which left him with a total of 301. I Back of Crulckehsnk came Gene j K-inixen und Al Wstrous. tied at j 3A| and Tommy Armour with 305. ! Aretha Compaton. the big British j pro, had, 397. one stroke better than j Jimmy' Thompson. Knoxville, who i was one or the consistently steady I |p4ar« r « . today . ' ' ■ ... A ----- — . — MacDonald Smith, still trying for his first National championship. 1 EC t 309. with Ed Dudley. CaM> rnia youngster, s stroke behind era. George Duncan, who cap- r d the British Ryder Cup Taajn. (11 and T P. Perkins. British Ktsco. i Burns examined by two noted psy ­ chiatrists. Dra. Foser Kennedy ami Edwin G. Zabnnklr. who reported to the court that Mrs. Burns was competent to handle her tinancinl affairs in the event ultmuny shouMt be granted. Mr. Burns had stated he had no objections to puying suffi ­ cient alimony for the'support of ' wife and their children '* ' assured she would ing his wife's condition, declared that at one time when she was in the Neurological Institute In New'Yorlg City, one Polly Parsons, an interior decorator of Wolf ’ s red light ; Bane. Pelham, took her to a de- he first i partment store in New York City - — HAYS AGAIN NAMESEHRBAR ^M r t with « tlon by the County Court Jury which tried them for leniency. Judge Close Imposed a sentence upon Glronda of hard labor in Sing Sing of from one year and three months to two years and six months, while Caprixo grit nine months in tho Westchester County Penitentiary. It was after the conviction, while Glronda was still In tho County Jail that he made a full confesolon of events prior to the assault, lo Mr. Coyne. Aa a result. Chief of Police Jerome - Howe and two detectives. Murray Hawkins and Charles F. Patterson, offered their resigna ­ tions. The vlllsge trustees rofueed to accept them and asked for a full Investigation. Mr. Coyno com* piled, placing the matter in V — hands of Mr. Dempsey, who hi prosecuted Glronda and Caprixo. From unofficial report* which were current today In the court house it was said the lndtctmi of the grand Jury might prove i national in character and in the Identity of persons charged with of- Gray revoked _ ior operator's llcepsc May 6 for . ___ operating a motor vehicle within erommenda- I tho city limits and for driving a Special Price Sale rife spent *230 o nlshlng for the Pelham home checks of *100 each which h motorcycle. Elmer E Stryk* . nue, was fined (2 for passing a red signal. Charles Jackson. Manhattan Park, pleaded guilty to passing n booth on the left side and received a suspended sentence. Arnold Rosenxwaig. 400 Mpm street, pleaded guilty lo parking within ten feet of s fire hydrant. Ha received a suspended sentence. mnly Commissioner of Jurors •• Hays. Whltr Plain*, today men with County Clerk Charles J F Decker hi* order re-appolntlng for a term of four years Deputy Commissioner of Jurors T. Vincent _ _____ L __ ______ r , ___ _____ _____ Ehrbnr. Mount Vernon. separation, said tho husband, had I Mr Hoys was himself recently re* been turned over to the same Polly appointed for a term of four years Parsons instead of being used for by the Jury board, consisting of the food and clothing I sheriff, county court Judge, county Trial of tho separation action, treasurer and'district attorney, and mdtng what Mr ritulu . ,i u B .i he now reappoints his deputy for keen n \stormy existence\ for the I the same term. The reappointment as: two years, is expected shortly ] n( Mr. Ehrbnr dates from May 13 of — ---- ----- ---- - - this year, that of Commissioner GRASS FIRE I Hayes from n. few days earlier. The Fire Patrol late yesterday The Board of Supervisors at the tfternoon extinguished n small , last meeting raised the salaries of trass fire near the city tesrrvoir. both men. that of Commissioner off Orchard street There was no j Hay* from *4.000 to *3.000 and that damage. 'of Mr. Ehrbar from *3,000 to *4.000. -Special s ior Tom orrow Florida Oranges, 3 doz. backet .......... $1.10 Mushrooms, pound .... ............ 49 Rhubarb, bunch . ............................... * .05 Bananas, dozen ...........................................28 Eggs, strictly fresh, dozen ............ . .......... 49 Fresh Tomatoes, pound ............................ 25 Fresh Peas, 2 pounds ................................ 29 Fresh Beans, 2 pounds .............................. 25 Asparagus, bunc^i _ ___ 39 Cucumbers, 3 for .............................. .25 Radishes, 3 bunches . .................................. 10 Pineapples, 2 for .\ _______ .25 Our Goods Are Carefully Handled Properly Selected JACOBS MARKET 10 E. Post Road _ White Plains Phones 5691 — 6663 free delivery Unusual Meat Values You can be absolutely certain that every food you purchase at A & P Food Markets — will be thoroughly satisfying. • * 1 East Poit Road, White Plains Martine Ave., cor. Lexington Ave., White Plain* Prime Ribs of Beef Lb. 39c (FIRST 6 RIBS) Wilson ’ s Hams HALF « wHfeLE Lb.27 ‘ Shoulder Veal Lb. 27 6 Sunfiyfield Sliced BACON 1/2 Lb. Pkg. 21c VEGETABLE SPECIALS String Beans 2 Lbs. 29c Shoulder PORK CHOPS Lb. 29c ROUND STEAK-Top cut Lb. 49c SMOKED SHOULDERS Lb. 21c Fine a es- 2 for 25c BEEF LIVER — Sliced Lb. 25c FRANKFURTERS . Lb. 32c - Newv Cabbage 3 Lbs. 1 3c '\(iii( Horton who bad started as one of th« fav ­ orites. had a total of 313, which tied him with Cyrtf Tolley. British amateur. Al Espinosa was next with 314. tied with Henry Cotton, tba yoongl 'tied with'Henry Cotton, the yooo*- nfl of the British Ryder cup profes- Joe Turns** was tack with Jose Juxado at 313. while rt/XM BUT Mr hi horn failed U> make good his boasts and finished with 316. \ Weil ’ s 15th Anniversary 'JbimerliL $137 “ NOW 410 Majestic Dynamic 1929 Model 72 ket- Reduced tn time for WSU.1 Golden .labile*. Formerly $167.50 NOW $125 xx»V> £6 Main St.- White Plains “ Weatcheiter'i Largest Organization Soiling Radio ”

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