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■B0B } Mack sod In largely leapt cert*. With Geppert Mur recreation at are Mm. Thomas J. Blaln. Mm. Haul Revere Reynolds, Mis* Ruth T^ulor and Mrs J. Noel Macy. Prominent figures In Washing- | ton's nodal and diplomatic net will be week-end guest* of Mr. end Mm. Meyer at their Mount Klneo home. The party will attend the concert on Saturday evening. Among thoae who will come from Washington are: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kellogg. Mrs. Elmer Schleaimrar. Mina Al- leen Tone. Edward Lowry, Charles Field. MI m Theresa Hepburn, of New York, and Mr. nnd Mrs Al ­ bert Stossel also will be gussn The program sales committee which also served os pages and ush ­ ers last evening Is made up of the following: Mian Miriam Barrett, chairman. Mrs. W. H Walters. Mrs. D. T. Griffin. Wre. Allen B. Sekes, Misses Ruth Allin. Sere Sanford. Katherine Barrett, Virginia Poyson. Frances Elliott. Eleanor Allln, Ger ­ trude Fournct. Wlrth McGee and Margaret Pay-son. The Lions Club also assisted ns ushers. Tonight a program for the Festi ­ val presents the well-known Mnr- meln slaters In a series of drama dances set lo symphonic music. 1 Dvorak's \New World Symphony\ I will be played by the orchestra with Mr Stossel candueling. The Westchester Spiritual Chorus under E Reginald Swain's direction, will sing a gruup^of negro spirituals Saturday evening, the gala and concluding night of this year's fes- tlval. marks the appAranrc of a group of eminent concert stars. This program Includes the Corona ­ tion Scene from ‘ ‘ 'Boris Godounof:\ the first act of \Lohengrin'' and Bach's beautiful \Prelude.\ For thlr program Queena -Mario, Juilson House nnd Edgar Fawlston will be the soloists, with the Westchester FesUval -Cliorus. formerly Bringing Back The Days of Yore G IVE'Mother fa radio for Mothers v - > I)4if> Let her set the dial and hear the rich strains of th*>old composers, the tunes that were popular in lier day. And, too, she's still youthful enough to turn the dial and listen to the gay lilts of .modefn writers as well. Pt radio will keep her young. 4 y,' N • Radios From p *100 '° *1500 flj ■*&?- Terms can be ' arranged BEEBE ’ S RADIO SHOPPE, INC. ; Kiwanis Dons Gala Attire at Garage Dance Bowls and vase* filled with spring flowers, grown by the members, decorated the tables, fireplaces and stands at the Donnybrook Lodge yasterday, whsre tbs Whit# Plains Garden Club held Its annual lunch ­ eon. About fifty were present, among them Mrs. F. W. Kirch, chairman of the Ninth Judicial Dis ­ trict of the New York FederaUon of Garden Clubs. Mr*. Kirch, who Is a resident of Whits Plains, living at 162 Old Mamaroneck road. Is president of the Mount Vernon Garden Club, an office she has hskl for several years. She has moved only recently to White Plains. Following the luncheon yesterday Mrs. J. Albert Campbell, preatdent of the Garden Club, introduced j Henry Wild of Greenwich. Conn., j the speaker of the day. Mr. Wild s subject was “ flower ­ ing plants In the rock garden.\ Hs emphasised particularly three types of rock gardens that are most popular — the seml-wlld rockery, the open rock garden and the terraced A seml-wlld rockery, he said, should have a boundary of native iree* or shrubs. Where these are found, there Is goneraly a rock for ­ mation. Mountain Inurel. arnica nnd high bush blueberry were rte- of the day a great number of plants wtlf thrive there In abundance. The second choice was the open rock garden. Mr. Wild warned hi* listeners that care should be glvtn in (he preparation of the soil. In order to produce strong plants. At least a foot or two of good soil In depth was necessary between the cocks to permit the roots to spfwod. 1 The terraced rockery was t^en 1 spoken of. and Mr. Wild stressed the point that a rockery built on ih, embankment facing the driveway ’ would be more attractive than a re ­ taining wall, and not as difficult to Mrs. Walter S. Comly. of Comley. avenue. Port Cheater, former preal- drnt of the New York Federation auditorium of Grace Church Com ­ munity House, T Church i.lregq- YVliBo Plains, on thrt aflemooif of . May 21 ut 2 o'clock. The talk will precede the regular demonstration of Westchester Lighting Company's Home Service Division. and African daisies were highly recommended because they bloom ­ ed practically the entire summer. A popular vote wras taken as to the merits of the flowers dlsplayed,- .vnd rose bushes In leaf were glvsn lo the winners. Mrs. H. Earl Dick ­ enson received first prize for her display of bleeding hart blossoms. 4200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1929 9200 cial Girdles of White Plains and Vicinity News Legion ConventionWheelbarrou) Ride ‘ In the Bag ’ Asserts County Commander, Preparing to Ride Westchester Post Drive Well Ahead of Gains Made by Nassau. County Seventh In State In Membership. Westchester County 1929 mem ­ bership In the American Legion Is already past the U28 mark and the county now stands seventh In the slxty-two counties In the state on membership figures, seven points above Nassau County, arch-rival of Wcctchpsqfr In a \wheelbarrow ride wager\ contest. County Commander James F.]Arbuckle. Yonkers, an ­ nounced hire today. The 1*28 membership of the legion /n Westchester was 3.442, whereas the membership as of May Auxiliary * Plans ge and Dance At Hartsdale Bridge 8 of this year Is 1JS12. The quota ■ by the state authorities In ths sts membership drive for this ysar 2.782, leaving a total of “ 270 to gi said the county commander. In the cuniest with Nassau, ths rival commanders have wagered that the commander of the county losing In membership will rids the other down the Main street of Utica at ths annual stata convention this fall In a wheelbarrow. Mr. Arbuckle said today he Is so confident of i ' nlng ha has already provided f< cushion for himself In the wh barrow. With Westchester In I enth place and Naaaau In four ­ teenth place In the county standing, a difference In membership of 1T0 favoring Westchester, his post Don In the wheelbarrow and not at the handlebars Is seemingly assured Standings of Poets In the standing ot the thlrty- ; posts of the legion In Westcheettr, A bridge and dance under the ' au.p.cw SK pub. ” SJSSZ M Heart Churrh Han*, j s , nM lajt r<po rt K*- of the Sacred Heart Church. Harts- May 13. 1929 The object of the j , Cook Poet of Yonkers ‘ party Is to pdd to the building fund fourth CTL Tl the building fund tainl fourth place and the York- • church, of (owo Po., cling* to fifth place. « , wrrnc '. F R j' an - Port Chester moved up from ST. John s Church. Is twenty-second place to nineteenth — - *- — . place since the last membership re- Very elaborate prise* have been ' j„ rt Bnd p,| h am from twenty, secured for the lucky winners at fou ^ h to twenty-first place. ! New Rochelle Is In ninth A novrlyt dance, featuring Miae Tarrytown | n eleventh place; aad Lillian Mahlg. will be one of the I Mamaroneck In seventeenth place, many features of the evening.! The membership of the various Dancing will begin at 10 o'clock. p<siu aa of tha presant report with The committee rport* a number percentage of quotas jet for this of (able* reserved. I ysar. follow*: Mrs. James Farley Is In charge. , May 1 Pet of Her various committees are: Rises;; Post 1921 Quota Bessie Ryan. Mary Grune. Mary l Larchmonl ---------- 206 1.1113 McGoey. Mrs. E. Cromleu. and Mrs. i 2 Kat Harriet Franklin: refreshments. 3 Ossining ___ — — 244 1.0640 117 L0666 Garden Club Holds Luncheon In Floral Setting at Donnybrook; I Prizes For Artistic Exhibitions Mr*. J. Albert Campbell, President, Presides: Henry Wild Speaks On Rock Gardens: Co-operative Flower Show of Forty Chibs Announced By Mrs. Kirch; Other Plans Announced. Kinu p fiukkrir- bees — no more bams. But the frirls can look as pretty in a paraRc. Here'. 1 _ _____ r ______ _ _____ _ Kiwanis Club Garage Dance this week. In the above group: Frank E. Potts. R-ibert Ellis, Miss Olive The nr*, columbine*, day uuea rs. Frank Bache, Miss Jessie Arrington, costume prize winner; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyons, .Mr. funkia are excellent plant* tor No more looked at the Daley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bache, Miss Jessie Arrington, costume prize ........ .. ... - .......... _ ....... ... ......... . .... ---- . - _ and Mrs. M. S. Bunker. Mr. and Mrs. Allard Valentine. Mr. Charles II. Cheney, president Kiwanis; John ilergen- th£L han and Sheriff Thomas Underhill, judge of the costumes. Mrs. E F Grune. Mr*. Henry Ml- hlg. Mr* A Kaufmann, Mre. WIT- 11am O'Connor and Mr*. Peter Me- Goey; door and floor. E. F. Grune. Jamra Farley. James Flynn, and F. E Barrel L Mrs. Allen Hostess To Church Group At Elmsford Home — ■ --- j IS Scared ale Mr*. David Allen, of Woodald* j 18 Port Cheater __ . avenue. Elmsford. entertained Mr*. ! 20 Harrison ______ McGraw s group of the Rldgevlew 21 Pvlham ----------- Congregational Church, at her 22 Cresessil ______ home this week. Six of the mem-1 23 White Ptetna __ here were present and sewed for 26 Ry# __________ the bazaar Those pfesent were [ 27 Mount Vernon _ Mr*. Oliver Wiseman. Mrs. Cecelia, 2S Elmsford ___ Carlsted. Mr*. Stanley Colter. Mr*. 1 28 Croton ---------- George McGraw and Mr*. JameelSO Irvington ____ H. Elder. I 31 Heatings ------- Mr* Bohles M usic Lovers Pack. Local Armory L .T' Knoke On Opening of County Festival; me Afternoon , S Z son ^ DeiUah\ DeUghts Tbs marriage of Mies Rene* 1 Bohles. daughter of Urn Charles 1 Bohles. of Osborne street, to Mr. | 0 L. Weraer Knoke. of New York. 8 will take place this afternoon. Mis# of the women 7 Bohles will be married at 4 o'clock t stood out agnlns 9 at the Rldgevlew Congregational j ground of the in 3 Church with the Rav. William Dana It w “ “ n exp« D Street officiating. A reception will ! awaited tha mol 5 follow the saremony and will be i Stoeasel, conductor, lifted hie baton Arts and Industries Exposition Explained At Grace Churcfy Dr. E. T. HoUghtOn \nagina: * - O uptuous Speaks at Luncheon ofY.M.C. A. Aux.isr\ build. ~ Plants In newly made rook gardens should be placed far enough apart to permit of growth, y * and annuals could be used to All .. , the space the first year. Callftjrnla that li ! Mr*. Comly will outline tho rules u . n i„ ...Kim, nhiov drummondl medium for a ! for entrrlng the sewing and cook- ening s sort. j ing competitions whlcl Icock, contralto. , at the Arts and Indus lie of Delilah all I tlon nt the Hotel Astor. In fullne.H* tliat the York City from September 30 to oites with her vnl- , October j Inclusive, ami in which ■r. ft was wllh | Westchester women will be asked WANAMAKER ’S WANAMAKER PLACE AT NINTH STREET e Y W tisfactlon that the vnrla- to participate received first pril ’ I ™. u \ c ‘ he - Mr » Com| y WU1 five a * e ri*a-5.f ; display of bleeding hart Delilah -, mood* ami ae- talk* on womens woik in the home of , rlB won iccon d pri zo for e persuasive melodies throughout the county under the ,, r , nickenson and Mrs. With w *»ob She beguiled Bamaon ousplca# of Westchester Lighting , Thomlu ,' Robert, received third loin Into deep utterances of company which will have a booth ing and mastery when she i ,|.r .-xposlUon ROSE BUSHES 35c each Hybrid Perpetual Roces, 35c Hardy Everblooming Roses, 35c » Butterfly. Pin* and C*a»l oit » Vlctorta, Willi# Creamy Ptnk Lady Hllllngdoo Tsfleu American Legion Crimeea Madam* Cara; , m Teetout Pin* crtmuon KllUrney Brll'Um pm* Climbing Roses, 35c Tallow Rambler Ugtrt TtDmc YilU Dorothy Perklna Wkiu “ Ur. W. Van Fleet Pla*- Dorothy Perlda* . , pin* Moss Roses, 35c Henry Margin alouy Crleuoa Safet Kory Pm* VrWt * _ fir. SHI. Mail and Telephone Orders Filled. 1 Call 6200 All Fine Selected 2 to 3 Years Old Hie sooner yon get them planted the sooner you ’ ll tee them bloom . . . sturdy, fall-rooted bushen 2 to 3 years old . . . grown out-of-doors, not in a hot-house . . . over 30 vari ­ eties ... in many colored blooms . • . chosen for their growing qual ­ ities in this climate. Choosa your favorites from th* list below ... and choose such other plants and garden needs as you wish from our Garden Show . . . now in progress on the Seventh Gallery, new building. Hardy Perennial Plants and Shrub* Hardy Chrysanthemums, (Brans#) ............................... 26c Japan Iris, Mixed Colors Kk Buddleye (Butterfly Buab) «0c Hydrangea Pen, Grand . 40« (Hardy Hydrangea) Philadelphia (Mock Orange) 40c Grad* for 30c Spires Billerdi (Light rink Flower) 40c Grad* for 10c ( Whit* Woman's Auxiliary of '.will be held Wednesday. Mn) . ph-tu-d with the High .- nr. 15th. at one o'clock, nt the Y M Samson's strength was sun: A. building, on Mamaroneck appropriately and excellently mue. An excellent program nos Judaon I* \ ------- in arranged, ami a large attend ; lifted s< * IS anticipated The speaker tuilnt-Sa. I be Dr ErnrM J Houghton, of beauty. In contrast, tho cle< . Vernon. Mr Ernest Tello. of 1 music and purpose of Earle Spicer. \Sloretta. ” will obllgo with eev- baritone, as the High Priest and J vocal selections. The commit- Edgar Fowlston. baseo. as Ahime- In charge are Mrs William lech, sounded oftentimes with fury Brennan. Mrs M L. Jenk*. Mr* and always with more staccato cm D. B Metcalf. Mrs William G Bar- 1 phasis »- | The program ’ s delineation of the | arts and scenes embroidered for | MUL U.F.U RSTVSN. ' ££ “ SS.,3' Mr*. E C Lowerre. of Longview the soloists and chorus could bo raturtled yrstorday from a j seen the dramatics of the scenes ns . where | the music colled It forth. The ef ­ fort was amazingly emotional. Il was the result that Mr. Stossel within the cold wall: VioHibry \desired more Than tttiy- thlng else. Mre Eugene Meyer, who Is rhalr- leautlful nian of the ,Wc*tchesUr County tghu “ _ Tv time Crimsoe Flower) 40t • piret Van Hsuttsi (Whit* Flower) 40o Onde for Lila* (White) Grape*. 46o Grad* for German trie. Assorted Color* Privet, 2* to a Bundle. !!.:» Grade for \ Pink Almond, Double Flowering *1 Weigelt*. Pink. While. Red and Variegated. 40c Grad* for 10c Peonla*. Double — Separate Color* 30e Phlex, Separate Color* 20c Berberix Thunberg II $1.10 for Bundle of Ten the II JO Grad* Pew Tree*, $1.10 for 11.57 Grad* Peach Tree*, 60c for 75c Grade Ixtra Selected, 4 lo 6 ft- high Apple Tree*, 65c for ll.oo Grade Plum Trees, $1.25 for 11.75 Grade WOMEN VOTERS ANNUAL MEET MONDAY MAY 20 Offirer* Elected; Reports Siihmintd and Addresses Given at 9th Conven ­ tion at Grasslands prise for a large bowl flUed with 1 rose colored tulips. The member* of th* White Plains 1 Gardeig Club have been Invited by I the Wayside Qub to exhibit bask ­ ets of Cower* >1 the Scarsdalt Flower Show on Sbxy 15, and many of them will do so. Mrs. Krich announced g) club# In this district wll hold a co ­ operative flower ehow on June 1 and 2 In the Trevor Park Museum. Yonkers. It was announced also that two of the officer! of the neWly form ­ ed National Gardes Qub, of U. & A. In Washington recently, are real- dents of New York State. Mr*. R A. Brown. 377 Park avenue. New York City. l» vlce-praaldent. and the chairman of the legislative committee Is Mr*. William Crocker of the Boyce Thompson InsUtuU. Yonkers. Member* of th* club will act as hoatsai on June 7, when the eetales of Messrs. Whit*law Reid. Ogden Held and Leo Wollerateln will be visited by flower lovers. The pub- lie will have on .Opportunity of J ■eelng these bsslutlful gardens 1 through the courtAsy of the West ­ chester County Children's Associa ­ tion and the proceeds from th* nominal charge will be turned over to the association. Regina Armstrong Nlehaus. of New Rochelle, will epeqk before the club on Msy 23. Her subject will be: \Flower Arrangement ” Yesterday's luncheon was In charge of Mrs. W. P. Romer. The floral display was In charge of Mrs. H. Earle Dickenson. Those present were: Mme* A. D. Frost A. P. Cooper. Frank H. Shel ­ ley, J. O. Lang*. T. V. Underhill, A. N. Dustnbury, J. C. Thlrlwall. Thomas Roberta, J. W. Cherry, W. V. Hudson. P. T. Phillip*. Frrd Doermer. Henry C. Hull. H. F. Hastings, Jr_ A. C. Stevens.' John E. Speller. Orle Kelly. Mortimer Raynor. D. Austin Bnlffln. C. A. ■Osnahy. John Denohy. Mtmbeau C. Town*. Harry Dickenson. Joeeph J Mitchell, Jams* Young. Sarah Brady. Eugene Oarnter. W. P Romer. Martin Eltleman. Elgin E Mott. Morn* R. Walsh. E J. Ferris. D. C. Hlobohm. W. Lloyd HeathJSd. gar M. MacDonald. Henry Slmpeon J. Duncan Monro*. E G. Horton. Samuel Hustls, Emil Llndgren. Han* Meyer. Edward Seward. Leonard TVed, Jacob . Froeh- lieh and Mlsaess. Evelyn Bchutt Elizabeth Moeher, Mary Marconi. , Mr*. Eliot B. Foot. Tarrytown. and I Mrs. Jam*., Mooney. Mount Kiaoo. BEECHWOOD PLAYERSGIVE STRENGTH ” Play by Marie Bamncr Deal* Successfully With Moral Issue To a large and appreciative audi ­ ence The Beechwood Player* pre ­ sented 'Strength.'' by Marie Bau- mer. lost evening* at the Scarbor ­ ough thaalar. — The piny, which was atagod by Knowles Entrikln. wo* not com ­ pletely comedy and not completely drama, but the drama predominat ­ ed with bits of comedy tossed In for tbs audience to laugh at whole ­ heartedly. Th* setting of the play was ds- slgnsd by Merritt W. Barn urn. Jr, and was exceptionally good. It formed the background for the duel between city artngth and rural bullying, for th* duel between a girl's emoUons of pride end loyalty.

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