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WOM^Nie/\ P s 4©E) WOMAN ’ S NEWS WOMAN ’ S *TFWS THE HOUSEHOLD DAILY FASHION As a Woman Thinks By ELISABETH CUKHUAM ♦ Sound 4 Auction Bridge I muo Wedding Invitation* Soon II than Is on* pises when fas- lldlousnesa and convention rule. It Is In the manner of Issuing Invi ­ tations to a wedding and the an ­ nouncements which follow It. Tel. without being at all blsarre. on* who lakes prld* In such things wishes to b* right up to the min ­ ute In the matur of style In pa ­ per, engraving, etc. There may be many prospective summer brides who are debating Just what style to us*, and If they Inquire Into tho matter they will llnd that there are several depar ­ tures from the once rigid form of white paper and black lettering throughout Not that they are pither radical o. consnlmn.il changes. Even today, tbs only Day. The preachers. like the florists, are always glad of a new lead — and nd one can blame them for that But I wondered, as I read extract* and reports of the sermons, from city and county allkt. how cloa* the oUrgymei are to the people lo whom they were preaching — and how much they know about them. It asemed to me that thgra are fairly wide gulfs between the remarks of the preachers,and the realism of tha con ­ gregation*. Of couree, the glorification of the American m o ther seams to eu one of tha moat Illogical gesture* la sMili we can Indulge. It's like making resolution* congratulating the sun for shining or ex ­ pressing out thank* to the uses for producing green leaves. Wa take those for natural phenomena — but what. I aak you, la ny>rr natural for a woman than to become a mother and what la more gratifying lo her own ego than to be the beat on* that ah* can be? It Is not merely gratifying: It Is also Instinctive; a bad moth ­ er Is a mother mentally diseased. They don't naturally com* that way. Of course, mother! do come unintelligent — but they're being worked on niw from so many angles that they may become extinct Women, 1 beg leave to submit are not always above being a bit smug. Certainly It's hard to resist being so when everything' pushes them Into the altitude. If the whole world riees up and calls them blessed, merely for having obeyed their most basic urges, the.wo m enCertainly aren't going to cry Uje world down. When sotryone nold* a halo over your head. It's , quits a tempta ­ tion to turn It this way and that to aee from which angle It la most becoming. The trouble la that we're apt to think that the terms motherhood and martyrdom are snyonymoua. They're not. There are hardships entailed In the bearing and-raising of chil ­ dren — or, more accurately, inconveniences entailed. But so there are in every phase of Ilf*. And\! caht think of a tqpre Joyless one than that IB which there arc no children. Let me say In closing this JjJtl* last sermon on Mother's Day. that I think It* existence I* apt to be mad for the children them- selves. It over-emphaslrea parenthood, which children should be brought up to consider the natural and- Inevitable state of ma ­ turity. It tends to make saints of human beings And I think it Is the purpose of most modern mothers to want to appear as human beings to their children — not as Saints may under ­ stand the problems and difficulties of life — but who would want to make a confidante of a saint? Too much-casting up of She eyes result* sometimes In an Inability to see what Uea on tha path ahead... What mothers need In. order to have a comprehensive grasp on their chlldren'a tlvee Is a lot of plain straight living. For no one. Implied Oscar Wilde, caa know much until she has .the I of Clubs, and then finesse* the Heart Qrlecn. Upon the lead of South'* Ac* of Hearts. West ahowe out ahd as East has retained all of hie Hearts, a Heart trick must be lost lor It* equivalent). After mak ­ ing hie King of Diamonds and Ace of Clubs, Declarer, with game al ­ ready won, puts East -la with a Heart. Upon thj* trick West dis ­ cards his Queen of Diamond*, which practically marks hie two remaining card* as bring the King aad on* other Spade. Nevertheleaa. upon East's Med of the 10 of Spade*. South flneAws, aa he cannot loe* by the play-and If by any chance the fly neeae should succeed a Small Slant however, and Declarer makes but\ a pirate and with tha ptrate'i A n Interesting treatmrntbas i. • • been given the I scarf collar in 1 ij this sports coat in 7 U bright red wool / 1 I from the Philippe / I and Oaston eol- / ' L , lection. ^ -* ■ — \ The scarf collar Is seldom as In ­ terestingly treated as In this sport* coat in a bright rad wool. In which the yoke le'cut in on* with the long ends which cross over when tha coat Is closed and fall Jauntily In the back. You should also not* the cuff on which I have used a row of battens and clever stitching. Now Studies Flying CHRONIC APPENDICITIS A newt Item a couple of year*, ego told of e couple of mining en ­ gineer* who were going many miles Into the Interior, far from any doctor or hospital. In order to take no chances with appendicitis they went into the hospital In their; home city and both of them had the-appendix re ­ moved) As both men were in ex ­ cellent condition they made a rap ­ id recovery and went on their pros ­ pecting trip. This seems almcs. like being too cautious but an acute appendix, a couple of hundred miles from any ­ where. would Ukcly result fatally. And yet you perhaps meet folk* who tell you that they have chron ­ ic appendicitis, and can't make up their mind to undergo an opera- Aa you know, by the ueo of the fluorscope the appendix may be seen and the physician Is able to apply pressure directly over the appendix. If this gives pain the appendix la at fault. The point theq \s that because you have occasional pain* In the region of the appendix. It dpei not mean that an operation Is neces ­ sary. If. however, you've had a definite acute attack, and then have a pain In the appendix region from time to time,'and your doc ­ tor recommends an operation, you would be well to take hi* advice. In connection with Mother ’ s Day, w* find the problem of the great American home — or the great Americaa, problem of the home. I* the old-fashioned type passing? And doe* that Imply THK WORD \ASPIRATION\ Here Is a word which contain* tn Its root almost nothing of Its pres ­ ent-day sense — and yet whoae basic meaning could not be closer In that which It has today. So Enoch for an apparent paradox which erases to be paradoxical upon closer Invca- Tb* old-fashioned type Isn't pasting. It went a long time ago, excepting for an isolated case her* and there. And the world whirls oh. I am very much puzxlcd whon I hear eomeont declaim, from pulpit or lecture platform, about the tragedy Inherent In the pass ­ ing of tb* old-fashioned home. Why shouldn't It go, with the bustles and pompadours, with the candle-stick* and spinning wheels of preceding generatlone? It's as paste a* they are. as little capahle of coping with those time*, as Inadequately repre- •enfntj ve of them. In the Drat place, what was tha old fnahlonrd-home ? It was a place, I take it, where the family was large and the rules rigid, where children obeyed because the authority of the parents came directly from on high and where than was a strict line of demarcation between parent and child. On* was parent, the other was child. They were not people together, even when the child bed grown up. And pie family spent the evenings eround the table, under the lamp, or knitting betide the nr# place. Nobody went out There wasn't any place to' go. In that last sentence 1* the raison d'etre of the old-fashioned home. There wasn't any place else to go. You WIU note that os soon as places were created, a* soon aa the movie theatre went 1 up and the nlgbt club was opened, everybody stood up from the -hreplace end stepped out. It-would seem as though a great many people were a shad* alck of the nr* place. If the lure of the old home had been a* strong as memory'paints It In the sermons and addresses, doubtless more people would have been conscious of it and would have responded to It. The flame In the fireplace, however, was no longer hot enough to warm the spirits of the rising generation. It would appear, from sur ­ face evidence, that negative A well as positive Influences were responsible for that circle under the reading lamp — they had, alas! no place ala* to pork. Hence the sweet old sentence about - sheltering the children. That was. I think, th*~3hlef weakness of the old-fashioned home. It did too much sheltering and not enough strengthening. It its children yielded to the temptotlOnsgof the world when they went out from beneath tha old-fashioned roof. It was because they were weak aa a hot-bouae plant Is weak. If they rented their own roofs and don't stay under them enough, as some o£the preach ­ er » say. It Is because they'v* been home long enough. Home re ­ mains constant. You won't And out very much looking at the same picture on the wall evening after evening — when tho world flits before your eye* In tno, movie house on the corner, or the contemporary pageant spread* a colorful ecen* before your eye# at the nightclub or the country club. . The function of the home U no different than It used to bo-*' but the application of the underlying principle la entirely differ ­ ent The mother knitting la the corner has no chance nowaday* Thare are several departures from the usual In style of wedding Invitations tn vogue today. BOOK EXHIBITION Shade* Off the White Absolutely white paper may he varied by having whut. is called \Ivory.\ either a light or deep cream. This, being somewhat new. la popular with some people. Just as bridal dresses In tones off of the white are popular. If, however, enough distinction can be gained within-the prescribed pur* white form it Indicates a conservative ­ ness of choice In excellent taste upon^euch occasions. “ Where Fashion Rules A most unusual wedding Invita ­ tion, yet one In ’ the beat of good taste la upon a panelled paper, the ueft hand panel being wider than the right. In this In- the upper left hand comer is the bride and groom's monogram. To the tight and, slightly below, la the engraved Invitation, centered In the panel, but not In the middle of the page, because the panelling Is one elded. , Style* of Engraved Lettering A severely simple monogram 1* In keeping with this style ul Invl- ; tatlonr -and the engraving appears to advantage In a rather plain let ­ tering. \Shaded Antique Roman ” Is among those suitable lo such an arrangement, although there are many others. A kind of letter callrd \Spanish\ presents one of the smartest looking announce ­ ments and ha* the virtue of being unusual a* well aa graceful In Now Is an Operation always neo- aaeary In clironlo appendicitis, that la where the patient has palne from time to time in the region of the appendix? Df. Frank H. Lahey, of Boston, telte ua that If a patient that nev ­ er before has had pain In the lower right aide of the abdomen — the ap ­ pendix region — then has a defi ­ nite attack ot acute appendicitis from which he recover*, and then baa pain from time to time In that region. It may be assumed that he possibly has chronic ap ­ pendicitis end operation may be advised with a clear conscience. Although the X-Ray evidence I* of value tn diagnosing chronic ap- Durlng the month of April, the 9A civics classes of ifBst View Ave- nui>Jun!or High have hern amateur historian* and authors. They have been working on the history of White- Plains from IU founding to the present time. The books all showed hard work and thought on the part of the authors. Some books were typewritten, but most -were written by hand. All the books.were Illustrated and varied In length up to nearly fifty pages. Many of the book* had beautiful cover*: *ome handpatnted while other* were cov ­ ered with gay oilcloth. Thee* books will be on exhibition the evening of the Spring Concert. May 21st. at the schooL tlon as — and here we hark back through the centuries to the root source of our word — -such exertion and' effort as makes one breathe hard. So, the word \aspiration\ should ’ be a reminder and Inspiration fo» the ambitious and a warning to thosv who think they can get some ­ thing worth while easily. • ^ Mist Shonk Concert Chairman Mis* Sally Shonk. the manager of the Junior League Glee Club, Beared ale, is chairman of the hon ­ orary committee sponsoring the concert to be given on May 24 by the Associated Glee Clubs of Am ­ erica at the Madison Square Oar- dsn. She is also organising a group of members to act aa hoe teas committee for the occasion. SHOPPERS QU1DE IMPORTERS - CLEANERS GlPLIGAGvP MASQUERADE COSTUMES Everything from a lawn.port; to a Broadway production scorn shop Ul E. POST ROAD T*L Bid White Plains WITTY KITTY

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