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Fox Meadow'* beautiful new •chool iu the ectne of much activ ­ ity all yeaterday afternoon. In the first place, at two o ’ clock the chil ­ dren of the icbool entertained a large audience of parents and friend* with an exciting: program. There were varl-colored poster* all over the school and varl-colored flower* In the auditorium. Clay Dutch tulip* were .already In order for the Dutch play. It was a very finished performance. Indeed. A Dutch dance by Orade 4A led off, with a lot of zest, and the bright hues of tha Dutch costume*. The background of this was effec ­ tive Holland scenes. Next. Grade* 2B and 2A In brand new costumes. (Uttering — no makeshifts here — the braves and the squaws dressed ex ­ actly alike, gave an Indian dance, centered around a totem pole of marvelous construction, and accom ­ panied by thumping skin drums. On* particularly appealing savage explained the motifs. Then there was Tumbling, by all grades, end- all grades of tumbling. Spectators rapidly got dlrxy ** the tumblers tumbled forward and back and tblther and yon. Costumes were Educational Angle of Child ’ * • Life To Be Considered '^iext Year — Resume of Years Work Program enjoyed both by the boys them-; selves and their audience. •' Swarthy Egyptians with a back ­ ground of palms and camela were very fine In a “ play of which they gave two scenes — all from Grade SB. The first teemed to be on a farm with a well sweep — and the ' last a bartering or markoUng acene. Historical polnta were explained by jamest Egyptians between the A lovely minuet-closed the pro gram, given by Grade 6A with all 1U usual dainty posturing and beau j llful costumes. This, as Mrs. Claire Where red and yellow tulips nod - in the gardens of Mrs. J. D. Tooker, Tompkins road, Scarsdale. This is one of the prize gardens of Westchester, the pleasant white colonial house affording an effective background for the deep, greens and glowing colors of the formal gardens and the. lovely lawns; GARDEN GOSSIP calved loud applauae^EThe member* of the quintette are John Itocd. Wllard Vlnlng. Norman Clarke. Er ­ nest Vlnlng, and Warren Dennis. Wyman Swenson and John Reed. \The Stylo and East Twins.\ gave \The Style and East-Twins, ” gave several humorous skits. - The Rev. Roland C. Ormsbee. pastor of St. Bartholomew's, said grace. Bramley Mooro was toast- Succeeds Mrs. J. H. Elder at _ Luncheon Meeting Ye*- j terday at Chatter- ton Hill feeding habit, naps, crossing bu-.y . Two hundred boys ear thoroughfare* without hvrmiaaioa. modeled her* at on*, tl truth telling and exaggeration, cations of two weeks table manner*, sp — cty. mann erisms period of 'ten weeks, . 1 diet lists and many other subject* bring the total for th* were discussed showing tha divers!- f- 00 ' 5 hcauon of the work done during hlx of tha buildings I -■ _ ___ . ___ for — KITOrsn from Sts t — Wallace R. Knapp and Robert M. Kerr. Jr., were on the committee for the dinner. Among those present were: Ar ­ chie E. Prout, Wallace R. Knapp. Bramley Moore. Robert M. Kerr. Jr., the Rev. Roland C. Ormeboe. Fritz Von Rein. Benjamin Blau- velt, Walter Grafton. Herbert I. Keller. Thomas Croxler. E. A. Knlle, John Klltsch, George Mackey. R. O. Batts. H. Is Sorensen, W. J White. John J. McGrath, Charles H. Maudaley, R. P. Hickson. P. F At Lee. T. I. Hadden. R. Paxton. | Charles H. Tibbetts. John Reed. | Wyman Swenson. Willard Vlnlng. j Norman Clarke, Erneat .Vlnlng, 1 Charles A. -Houston. E. J. Schum- | . way. Frederick Tench. Godwin De Gray. Warren Dennis, and L. C. Wllford. Wallace R. Kn ' The Woman ’ s Club, of the Chat- : terton Hill Congregational Church, held their annual luncheon yester ­ day afternoon In the church par- ion. Following the luncheon the reports of tbs officers and the com ­ mittee chairmen were read. A novel plan of speech making was carried out, the talks being given before a broadcasting apparatus. The outgoing president. Mrs. J. H. Eldar, was presented with a con- saga of sweet peas. She, In turn, gave her committee bouquets or pansies, and a four-leaf clover. The election of officers took place, and are as follows: • President. Mrs. O. W. McGraw; vice-president. Mrs. H. W. Smith; second vice-president. Mn. D. J Hoffman; treasurer, Mrs. H. de la Montague: secretary, Mrs. J. G. Oberie; group chairman. Mrs. J. H. Bidet; program. Mrs. H. H. Hart; communloif. Mrs. J. S. Northrop; devotions, Mrs. L. D. Hartson; hos­ pitality. Mrs. A. N. Crow; press. Mr*. R. H. Level: social. Mrs. B, 3. Shaw; rsliaf. Mrs J. B. Cross. The out-going officers are: Pres ­ ident. Mrs. J. H. Elder; vice-presi ­ dent. Mrs. H. W. Smith; second vice-president. Mrs. G. W. McGraw; secretary. Mrs. R. H. Lcvit: treas ­ urer. Mrs. H. de la Montague. The lun-heon was in charge of Group Two, Mrs. F. 1*. Guntner, chairman. Those attending were: Mr*. Martha Merritt. Mrs. J. H. Elder. Mr* Edward Helmstctter, Mr*. C. Humner Osgood. Mrs. George Mc­ Graw, Mr*. J. B. Cross, Mrs. Earl Coon. Mrs. H. A. Vogt, Jr.; Mr*. Frederick Busch. Mrs. A. f . Coon. Mrs. O. L Anderson, Mr*. J. J. Kllng. Mr*. Perley P. Fallon, Mrs. Burtln C. Shaw, Mr*. Ham- K. Briggs, Mra. Frank Mac Phlllamy/ Mr*. E. D. Whittemore, Mrs. Harry Krohne, Mrr D. F. Hoffman. Miss Jennie E. Fisher, Mr*. A. T. Vaux. Mr*. W. F. Rugg. Mr*. ft. H. Car ­ penter. Mr*. Justin Locber. Mr* Frederick Weaver. Mrs. Walter Loeee. Mrs. B. B Noble. Mrs. H. de is Montague. Mr*. E. B. Hilkert. Mr*. R. E. Dougherty. Mr*. JL W. jSmlth. Mrs. F. O. Gunther; Mrs. TUchard H. Level. Mrs. G. C. Bchoonouer. Mrs. Harold Carpen ­ ter. Mrs. C. C. Meieney. Mrs. George Well*. Mra D. C. Rosen-1 field. Mrs. D. D. Lively. Mr*. R. E. Patterson, Mrs. J. G. Oberie. Mrs. C. E. Maper. Mr*. 8. V. V. 2am- briskle. Mra C. ZamhrUkle, Mias E. M. Spendlsy, Mra J. S. North- rup. all of Whits Plains; Mr*. How ­ ard Park, of Little Hoik. Ark., and Tha tulip season Is arrits height and almost tvary garden boasts of a few varieties at least. Just out ­ side of my kitchen door there Is a large bed of Darwin tulips. They 1 tflne for a while to the physical a{ # elntr4 j buuajn- CMUal*. mef^r ro co C nc^trote > nextAvZ^ ’ ^n lnR * , r « cr « t ‘ on h* 1 - MtUlW prefer to contentrate nex, year on t oom* having large firenlacea. » — ■ \Education ” Ath .peclal emphasis s on progressive Ideas in education. „ h , re lh „ bfdrooral progressive schools, character bulM- XhMe rooms are furnlshsd for two ing and training-lor responsibly wfUM I |. ,. fh .ns .v,, r ------ „ ties. How mothers can work Intel- an d pleasant, wtth plenty of sun llgently with the parent-teacher or- and air coming In through the large and Eighth avetiue. New York City. Edward G. Robinson, a* the \Ki ­ bitzer\ has been providing consid ­ erable amusement with his slock market operations, and the play la regarded by reviewer* and general public as bring hilariously funny and of universal appeal because of the current Interest of male nnd fe ­ male. rich and poor In \the mar ­ ket.\ 1 . Children's Laborntiffj ’ es at New Ro ­ chelle should speak to the associa ­ tion. but Mrs. Dixon R. Fox read a letter from Mrs. Schwartzmnnn regretting her absence owing to IIL- ness In her family. The meeting then adjourned to which was beautifully decorated for the occasion. ’ when this bed was planted, several parrot tulips were Included with | the Darwins by mistake. Last year I cup off the flowrrs but It left a ' » beared affect. This year I took , them out boldly and transplanted | them while In bloom to another | spot In the garden. They received ! a glass or two of water>gnd did not j appear any the wroo* for the sud- | I wonder If any of you have ever i planted tho lovely pink para Butts \ with the blue phlox. It is a charm ­ ing combination, especially when you add a border of the white ara- bls. It has a tendency to make your garfden appear larger. I have S lanted scores of the golden yellow Irs. Moon and the bronzy Hammer Hales near th* evergreeiT'trees. It helps to brighten the dark green foliage. If your evergren trees are still smnll, I would not advise plan™ Ing the Darkin tulips In front of them, ns the Darwins are long- stemmed. Choose the smaller stem ­ med tulips, such as the Illy-flow ­ ered sort. I would highly rccom mend th* Slrsne, not only on ac ­ count of It* exquisite cerise-pink color but also because of Hi shape. No garden Is complete without theold-faahloned English tulips, and they are ao easily grown. Unlike ■ so many of the other tulips which I seem to deteriorate dfter a few years, th* cottage tulips appear year after year and are our loyal friends for a ong period. Many of them are fragrant. One year a neighbor of mine sent direct to Holland for several hun ­ dred tulip bulbs and my order was Included In her list When the box arrived In October we got quite a thrill In opening It. as every bulg came in a separate paper bag and — ’**- ’ - -- — How to re ­ plant quick growing annuals around tha tulips. Cornflowers, phlox drummondl. California pop ­ ples, clarkla and annual larkspur m*ke an excellent screen for the yellowing leaves. In order to plant the tulip prop ­ erly. It Is necessary to understand Just how It grows. At th* base of the bulb little white rotta sprout and these serve as food oollectors. If the soli Is hard It la difficult for the tiny roots to push their way through. Except In rare cases, all bulbs require thorough drainage, and where the top soil Is naturally heavy and wet. It should be remov ­ ed. Then dig the subsoil wall, cov ­ er with broken stone, gravsl or cln- dor*. Now plac* th* top soil back, after mixing It with stand, ashes or : agricultural- lima to lighten It If the frfll Is sandy, add leafmold. peat or commercial humus, although my tulips seem to prefer sandy soil. The beat fertlllxer for bulbs is bone Elected Head Grace Church Society Last Evening — Supper Is Planned For Sunday Gass Leader Honored Guest At Surprise Party Miss Lillian Hilton was elected president of the Young People ’ s So ­ ciety of Orace Church at Its an ­ nual meeting held at the parish house yesterday. The other officers elected for th* year are: Carl Zelbe, vice-president; Elnle Hoff ­ man, secretary;' Theodors Havlland, treasurer. After tha business of die society lad been completed tbeyoung p»off» Indulged In dancing >nd playing bridge. Refreshmnnt* were also served by tb* Missus Lillian and Elsie Hoffman. It was announced that a nupper will be held lo the parish house next Sunday evening, after which the entire assembly will attend ser ­ vice* affthe church. Miss Kathryn -Pa r k er . Is .In charge of arrange- W. Espey AJblg. who has hem \awHy on a business trip for th* past s-onth. and who Is lsadar at the.VVomnn's Bible Class of th* Memorial M. E. Church, was guest of honor last week at a surpria* party. The party, was given at the home of Mrs. Moran J. ” 1nM~ 'In' Hortadalc. ' Mra Elstur being Flower Guild Spends Afternoon In Qiurch Service The Flower Guild of the Grecn- Sunday School hymn books, plans ; ^ ’ e were also made to mend the 1 Answorth. Mra. J. B church hymn books at an early- Eberhardt. Mra. date. On June 9th.th? Guild will Mr » c - E Eisner, h de> orate th* church especially for A- Meyer. Mr. and X the children. Announcement was Mr. and Mrs. M. blade that there would bre a picnic Ward Prince. Mra on June 15. t* which husband* of n*jC Mr*. M. Farley tb* members are invited. Sira. J Rlav, A Bucher, chairman of the social ■ ■ committee. Is In charge of arrange- Mrs. Eymm -------------- / Entarta AUXILIARY MEETS > ___ ---------- : Mrs. Harold Eymai A regular meeting of the LqtUes ’ nut Hill avenue, ent Auxiliary. 264. to th* National AteTO.~8. aub of th* I •oclatlon of Letter Carriers, will gregatlonal Church, be held this evening. Th* meeting for tea. Sunday was will begin promptly at »rl5 at the ,on \Women and tha home of Mra J. W. Smith. 38 South was followed by a dli Kenalco avenue. 1 ten of,th# members In planting the tulip, 'I dig a bole about five Inches In diameter and seven inches deep. At the bot ­ tom of this hole 1 drop a handful of sand, place the bulb on It. than cover with the soil pressing down firmly. Tulips require cultivation If a vlroroua growth Is desired. Tulip bulbs do not seem to b* troubled with Insects or disease. Local Section Of Council Elects Tomorrow But nln* new cases of measles war* reported yesterday lo tha Board of Health, as compared with twenty-nine the prevlou. week, thus Indicating that th* spread of this contagious disease ha* been definitely checked. In addition, many releases of older cases were authorized, bringing the total down to sixty-six old cases, the lowest number In some time. labelled with i member these _____ ____ ___ ____ problem, as there were hundreds of I them. I placed long stick* In the | ground near each bulb, on which wa* written Its name and felt my worriea were over. But the follow- I Ing spring th# itleka were gone- ! my son and his playmates had used j them tb' make kites! Try planting blue tinted tulips such as the Dream. Cardinal Man ­ ning and Mra. Beecher Stowe In clusters'near tho white flowering lilacs, doutzlaa fend spireas. It makes a charming picture. The rose shades of apple blossom and pink flamingo were used In the gar ­ den of one of my friends' as a bor ­ der for her spireas and It was greatly admired by everyone. Clus ­ ters of pink Clara Butts and the Notre, with a ground covering of bright Uttle yellow violas make an artistic arrangement, too. Tulips rarely appear to advantage when planted In a single row. but If you look at the above picture of Mrs. | Tooker** garden, you will see a most beautiful planting of tulipa In single file against the dark boxwood. Plant tulip* evsrywhere In th* garden. In the borders, beds, and Meaara. Alfred Platt. Howard Hoff- man. William Hoffman. Theodore Havlland. Harmon Getcbell. Joseph Palmer. Frank Evatt, Kenneth Wood. Ralph Jansen. George Con ­ di t and Carl Zelbe. •\ Those who attended the luncheon last year of the White Plains Sec ­ tion. National Council of Jewish Women, will remember what a de ­ lightful lime everyone had. Ar ­ rangements are now complete for this year ’ s event, th# seventh an- Meets at Qiurch; Mrs. Grafflin Speaks' Ideal location for miniature estate surrounded by most luxurious homes In most exclusive Murray Hill Section. row at 12:30 o ’ clock at th* Metrop ­ olis Country Club. Dobbs Ferry Road: Elmsford. There will be election and In ­ stallations of officers, a review of the' work of the past three years by the retiring president. Mr*. .Laurence E. Sllv'annan, and a fine musical program. Th* Metropolis Oub with IU fine big rooms and lovely grounds lends Itself most alluringly to a festive affair, and member* of th* Council and thalr Lawrence Howard of Scarsdale. a representative of th* New York Telephone Company, gave a talk, on “Long Distance Telephony.\ Charles W. Coon, high priest of the chapter, presided. Ths-regular meeting of the chap 1 tar followed tb* dinner. th* rock*. Th* cherry-red of the Cl us la na makes a most effective not* when growing In the midst of trailing myrtle, with Its bright blue flowers. I also, plant soma of th* MMMMMMflNI in Social Circles of White Plains and Vicinity Tulip Time In A Scarsdale Garden The Egyptians and The Indians, The Fairies and The Dutch, All Enthrall Fox Meadow Parents Entertainment Yesterday Afternoon Brightly Colored and Gayly Pre*ented by Little Pupil*. Mrs. ZyveJUustrate* Graphically Precedence School Take* Over the Norm Throughout the United States. Zyve. the principal of the school, afterwards explained, grew out of th* 'historical studies of the elxth grade and had been presented pre ­ viously at an assembly. In fact. «h* second thing tKht i happened was that Mrs. Zyve «x-1 j plained how all the Incidents of the program grew out of the children's 'school work, except the mimetic* and the tumbling, which showed very excellent physical training. Mrs. Zyve showed charts telling how the work reached out and em ­ braced many acUvItles, of which th# audience saw only the sum- i mary yesterday afternoon. She also had graphs Indicating the dlffer- i encea from the norm, or usual school throughout the United States, of her classes. In most aub- • Jects the classes exceeded the norm. An enterprising committee Is well sometimes by year*- although epell- pleased with tha enthusiasm with ing and \problems\ In arithmetic which tickets are being demanded >!ll! »*»m to be. the same old atum- for Temple Israel ’ * Bensflt Tester | ^.'^ureF. report of th* Fox Party to b# held Monday evening. Meadow Parent Teacher* Assocla- May 27. Th# play la th* \Kibitzer\ tlcn war. read by Mr*. L. D. Haldl- at the Royal* Theater, 43th Street ^and. It was Intended.that Mr*. TEMPLE WILL HAVE BENEFIT ATTHEATER Attending “ Kibitzer\ at Roy ­ al# on May 27 — H. G. friedman Heads Committee Moreover, an audience of Whit* Plolnsltes ’ and their friends will get man) ’ good laughs at \Kibitzer” and have th* additional satisfaction of knowing that they are helping a good cause. The money raised by this theater party Is to help pay off a mortgage on the Temple. Paul .Plneua, the late preaident. provided In hla will that *3.000 be given fror tht* purpose If *3,000 more Is raised. Th* commltte* In -charge of or- j - rangemenu IsHannr G. Friedman. | Succeeds Mrs. John Gral 321 Main street, chairman; L M. Friedman, vice-chairman: Hyman | as Head Ol the Woman' Gordon. Abner Roeenfeld, Moses | < , ... Mazur. Mrs. A. 8. Goldbergar. Mrs. IxIlIRl and Auxiliary Hjuvr Hecht and Mr. Hyman Oor- g L Bartholomew* Rabbi Fineberg Preaches Final Sermons at Center Rabbi Solomon A. Fineberg will preach his last two sermons at the Jewish Community Canter this Friday night and next. The sub- ' Ject of hla address on May 17th Is \Who Are Problem Persons. ” The subject for May 24th la to be an- Misa Edna Brigham was elected president, of the Woman ’ s Guild and Auxiliary of St. Bartholomew ’ s Church, yesterday afternoon at the regular annual election of officers, held In the Parish House. The other officers elected arc: Mr*. Paul Cooley, vice-president; Mrs Harold Page, secretory: Mr*. J. D Monroe, treasurer. . Reports of all the chnirmen «of committees were read and accept ­ ed. Mra. William J. I-eghorn was chairman of the nominating -'-m milter, and serving with her were Mrs. A. S. VanWinkle and Mias Edith Bergen. The Choir Guild was invited to become a branch of the Woman'r Guild and Auxiliary As this was the last meeting -until autum, It was announced that Mrs Arthur VanWtnkle would be chairman of the October group. The. retiring president. Mrs. John Graham, thanked all member* pres | them, for the splendid co-operation SCARSDALE ONE ACRE AND A HALF FOB ONE-THIRD OF SALE PRICES IN IMMEDIATE VICINITY CORNER PARCEL WITH OVER SIX HUNDRED FEET OF FRONTAGE Finely wooded with active itream flowing through prop ­ erty. Proper planning would make grounds a show place with sufficient shrubbery for Ideal setting forborne WI HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED TO MAZE MOST attractive price and terms to effect AN IMMEDIATE SALE For Emthor Information JOHN R. DUNN 99 Munaroneck Avenue, Phone 6680 Evenings 1S2S-J or 4UB-W C.HJAUDSLEY IS PRESIDENT OF MEN ’ S CLUB St. Bartholomrw ’ s Group Elect* New Officer* at An ­ nual Dinner: Bachelors ’ Quintette Entertains Charles H. Maud*Uy wa* unani ­ mously elected preaident for the comnlg year of the Men's Club of 8u Bartholomew'* Episcopal Church at tha annual election of of ­ ficer* at a dinner lait night at the White Swan Inn. The other new officers, all elect ­ ed on a slagl* ballot cast by the re ­ tiring secretary, Robert M. .Kerr. Jr, are;' Waller R. Knapp, vice president: Fritx Rain, secretary; and Thomas Croxler. treasurer. The nominating committee com ­ posed of Benjamin Blauvelt and John J. McGrath submitted the list of candidate*. There were no other nomination* Archie E. Prout. the retiring preaident, yielded the chair lo Mr Mauuiley. who also held the office two year* ago. Other retiring of ­ ficers were: Henry II. See. vice president ; Robert M. Kerr. Jr., sec ­ retary; and Frit* Von Rein, treaa- Bachelor* Sing The Bachelors' Club Quintette of the Rldgfvtew Congregational Church sang several numbers. One particularly, \If You Want to be a Bachelor. J iih I Come With re- August Hecfyscher Vacation Camp for Women and Children To Open at PeekskiU May 17 MD 0 1 flU/PNETI C p “ l ^ N “ Dolt ' *\■ Iilno LUnDlirtLo j«. tw « m ,„,<» LEADS CHILD MASONIC DINNER Tabernacle Chapter, Royal Ar Masons, Hears Talk on Long v Distance Telcplony members of Tar No. 306, Royal . re gursts of th# chapter at a dinner last night at Masonic Temple. Marline ave- WHITE PLAINS DAILY PRESS — 3 w.Tu DICTIONARY » — - COUPON id ­ ler;

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