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— — CHARLES D. MILLARD inouncen hn will try for Surro- Bench in 1930, BENJAMIN I. TAYLOR Democratic Supervisor will [■posed “ by \strong Republic The cirl* of the Colic Rochelle are entitled to Our Westchester County mayor* apparently are not dlapoaed Just yat to adopt a flv-hl£h policy. At leant they did not reapond very eagerly to that invitation to take an alr- filght from the Armonk flying field. Time will come no doubt when It will be dangerous to extend auch Invitation* unleaa you really want Isaac Berenblum fa Found Guilty of-Operating Gam- blind Device by Judge Gray in City Court only of explaining the nt prodding valuable safety of foll/re flighti Dr Hugo Eckener. t Police of Indlcatmna that hfe veralty In the world, llahed by a foundatlor Iaaac Berenblum, proprietor of a cigar and candy atore at 28 Mama roneck avenue, was found guilty of operating a gambling device, com monly known aa a \riot machine and fined $10 by Judge William Gray in City Court this morning. The machine wax confiscated and ordered turned over io District At ­ torney Coyne. Judge Gray based hia decision on the fael'lhat while the machine waa not primarily a gambling dr- -vlce It has been mude one In Uila particular cose. Patrolman Brooks, ihe chief wit ­ ness for the people testified that while there had been no specific bet or wager, he had gone Intu ihe store to play (he machine under the Impression that he was gambling and that he had no recourse if he did not receive full value for his i money. Brooks »-«- lucky, however and received 50 cents worth of'. 1 merchandise with five slugs which operate the-machine. Assistant Corporallon Counsel Samuel Kail* appeared for the pe<v pie and Frank E. Clarke waa attor ney for Berenblum. Stock Market but declined the greatest Clubhouse 3 30 yeste the police bery. Wh returned 1 ehlse for a loop route giving ser ­ vice to the shopping and theater district along Mam street and Mn- maroneck avenue. A formal appli ­ cation will then be made before th# Common Council. ► It Is pointed out by Mr. MUlsr that the company now Is giving d*- ’ New York. May 18 (UP) — Stocks moved irregularly in a narrow range at the opening on the Stock Exchange today. Trading was fairly active on small lot trans ­ actions.' Estimates Dint Montgomery Ward sales for 1929 would run nearly J9O.0OO.OOO above 1928 brought heavy buying Into that is ­ sue which sent the price up. Packard *u again strong In Ihe motor division, advancing *« lo 148. National Cash Reenter. St. Joseph ~Xead. North American and NnrUi - ern Pacific advanced from frac ­ tion* lo nearly two points. General Motors met profit-tak ­ ing which reduced the price to 80 - oil 'i from the previous close. Columbia Graphophone. Erie. Unit ­ ed Corporation. U. S. 8teel and (Continued on Psgs Two) had planned 11 lo sec the -rfflr CONCERT AT SCHOOL Tlie seventh annual concert of the White Plains High 'School band will be held ihls evening.J tawing lo an error, the place for) ihe concert has been announced elsewhere as being at the Armory. ' The concert, however, will be in the High School auditorium. The largest bond Ihe school ha* even produced expect* lo give the best much about No Sabotage Frledrichahofen, Germany, .May 18 I UP i Humors that sabotage may have been responsible for the failure of the Graf Zeppelin's mot ­ or* to function properly were dis ­ counted by several technical ex» pelts at the Zeppelin works 'here (Continued on Page Five.) on Puge Five) c\JP> — Chin- >er Wuchow. :es. today In- London. May 18 UUE3 — A Shang ­ hai dispatched to the Dally Mall today said Gen. Chlang Kai-Shek, head of the nationalist government of China, had Issued an ultimatum lemandlng Marshal Feng Yu- Ifiiagn cease oil military prepara- Hong Kong. May ese alrplanA fl#w held by Cantonese f tending to bomb tt Warner •. but refrained becauaeof less of residenres. report* her* said. The American from Canton at full r evacuation of foreigners believed necessary as yet. Washington. May 18 (UP) — East ­ ern trunkline railroads asked the Interstate Commerce Commission today for^speclol permission lo put into effect on one day's notice emergency rate reductions on wheat, flour shipped from Lake Erie ports to the Atlantic seaboard. New York. May 18 8LIP). — Ed ­ ward W. \Daddy\ Browning has a whopping big Idea. He is going to auction off some $ 8 , 000,000 worth of his skyscrapers and apartment houses and establish the Browning Foundation for his ‘ Young friend*.'' Browning got the idea las; Christ ­ mas, when scores of children si- lending hi* annual toy party crash ­ ed through plate glass wlndpwp In ihelr eagerness for candy harps and tollrl seta and were sent lo hospi ­ tals. With Daddy, lo think was lo act — and in terms of millions- So on June il. when Prof Milton D. Cran ­ dall's dance marathon auppoaedly i will have ended and moved out. Browning will stage a great show of hit own In Madison Square Gar ­ den. where Jhre* auctioneers will ■II lo (hs highest bidders sixty par- ris of property which Daddy has pen accumulating for thirty years. Daddy expects io get about $8.- 10.000 for th* lot. With a part of lr proceeds Brooming wifi estab- »h his foundation and put„hls big lea Into effect. Tlie foundation 411 operate and maintain play- rounds for children . In various ijU^nf ihe city, \preferably near New York. May 18 (UP)-After announcement by the management of the Hotel Steven* in Chicago that no more cracked Ice and gln- t grr ale would be served io guest* in their rooms. It wo* learned there that prohibition administra ­ tor Maurice Campbell had asked New York hotel men lo act sim ­ ilarly. Health board reports for April. P*i Garden Section visits estates. lOqTi Columbus, Ohio, May 18 fUP) — ,-riv Unabla to free himself from hi* > parachute which became entangled fur- ln lhe uoder-carrlags of his dlsab- led plane. Lieutenant Lee Meadows, of Los Angnes was Jailed and Lieu ­ tenant A. V. Bolter Jumped to safe ­ ty when their airplanes collided In [ mld-alr north of here today. Both planea burst Into flames. Aa lank Meadow* leaped from the cockpit ring of his ahlp h* apparently Jerked leral the cord of his parachute which 187.- was shipped against th* under car ­ riage of the falling ship. He was dead, hi* body badly charred, when nearby residents reached the wreckage Lieutenant Softer - * ship disabled by the Impact, angled off In a nor ­ therly direction, with Sober trying lo free himself from the cockpit. The motor exploded ns he Jumped, and the craft hurtled to the earth, a mas* 4 f tangled wires and fabric. Solter's parachute landed In a tree and he was uninjured. Meadows' plane fell brlwMei the house and th* garage at the Verniss Downley Home. - ' lAndon. May * (UPl — The Prince of Wales, proving his wis ­ dom. paired with Walter Hagen In ­ stead of playing against the Brit ­ ish open champion, and the two heat Sir Phillip Hasson and Aurbev Boomer, two up. today, according .to reports here According to the reports the match was played at the Swlnley Club. New York, May 18 (UP). — An hour ’ s flying lest will mark the final touch preparatory to the flight from New York to Pari* on Monday of the French Bernard Monnplone which wUl carry the three French airmen. Annena Lat- U. Jr.. Rene Lefevere and Jean Aa- solant. ‘ Hie flyers plan to start Monday from Roosevelt .Field at sunrise If the wratrhr bureau re- Pikevillr. Ky„ May 19 (UP). — The toll In the war lo end liquor traffic In Happy Hollow, famous aa a bootlegging center In Eastern Ken ­ tucky. 'stood at eleven today, with the death of Bruce ^Jttle. New York. May 18 (UP) — With a record of swindling activities since 1890, George E. Stillings. 58. of 426 East Fifty-Eighth street. New York, was convicted yesterday lo serve a term of three years In the penllen-j tlary on a charge «X-defraudlng aj man of $2. Stillings was the head of a diamond selling company and is alleged to have obtained .almost j $ 200,006 through hia aystema of de- fraudlhg Investors. Near Martin* Avenue 20 FEET FRONT - $130 MO 40 FEET FRONT _ $300 MO TWO DAY'S BALE Sat. and 8un. May 18 A 19 Only: , Thoroughly reconditioned use-T cara at prises aur* to attract. See them at tlie ' ‘ ROSgDALE OARAGE Mamaroneck Ava. Whits Plain* Westchester Sunday News OUT TOMORROW At All Newstands WILLYS- KNIGHT Westcheitcr First • COUNTERFEIT FUll. TO CURB WALKING NfOURAGEOUS GIRLS MOVre'INSPlRATlON -r lout * a. ruAvm — The Yonkers police have warned; Dullness men and other realdenl* of that city to be on their guard against a counterfeit ten dollar bill that has been put Into circulation there. Inasmuch a* several of these counterfeits have already turned up In Yonkers. It behoove# the rest of (he covjnty to be off guard also. The counterfeit bears the portrait of Andrew JasKson and. as one of the. seals on the face l* upside down and aa there are various other defects anybody ought to be able to spot ,ne bad bill* instantly. NEWS OF THE HAPPENINGS AT WESTCHESTER BILTMORE COUNTRY CLUB ON PAGE Sire Uatla Press Complete Wire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wiile News Service PLAINS GROW CENSUS POPULATION 1929-35000 VOL. 1 — NO. 42 SUITE PLAINS, N. Y., SATURDAY. MAY 18, 1929 PRICE THREE CEIfTS Westchester's Y. M, C. A. roster promises to undergo expansion be ­ fore long. New Rochelle, which has been without a Y. M. C. A.. buildlrSt for some year* now. 1 * launching % campaign today to raise fund^for the building of a Y. M. C^A. on a plot of ground alreadypurchaaed for that purpose. Ossining Is also Interested ln the subject of a Y. M. C. A. A group of prominent citizens discussed the matter at a dinner the other night and the upshot of the gathering I was thi appointment of a commit ­ tee to work out a plan for promo- RESALE SHOWS 35% INCREASE IN 4 MONTHS TAX RECEIVER s| OF HARRISON | ISyNDER FIRE Col. Francis F. Spies of Mount Vernon addrearrd the Pori Chester Rotarlano on the subject. “Tomb ­ stones and Their Inscription*. - ’ The newspaper account which wc have:. ■ been rending neglected to state that Attorney General \a good tlipe *as had by all.\ | ------------ * . I . . . INVESTIGATION LIKELY it Mr*. Angela Fowler Charge* Irregularities in Unger's Office — Complains to In these!days, when peopli much rtdrng and so little'walking. It seems strange to hear of any movement to discourage walking. And yet ' the . Westchester County Grand Jurors has called upon Com* mlssloner of Public Welfare George Werner to curb the walking activi ­ ties of the inmates of the County Home at Eaatvlew The request was prompted by the fact that these ■ ornate* go for long walks along Saw Mill River Road and. because of their age and Infirmities. It Is feared thnt some of them might be ­ soms victims of the traffic. Perhaps this danger might be jvtgcome by providing thwrealdents l J the Home with automobiles. \k#o they wouldn't have to walk. '.hey djeplayed the othi when A-e broke out In the chapel lust as they were assembling for mass. There were no hysterics and no wild disorder and th« made quick work of the fl There la no telling what might have happened if the girls hail be ­ come excited and started a stam ­ pede. At such (imes It doesn't take much to produce a and the consequences are usually serious. If cool henda a ----- needed they are needed whi like that happen. Referred to Department of Taxation and Finance — .. Says She Paid Taxes Still Open STATE MAY ACT Clarence Robinson, Another Citizen. Sav« Rubber Stamp W« Used For Receipt* Harrison. — A state Investigation! Into the -office of Fred B. Ungei Receiver x>f taxes for the Town o Harrison. Is expected here as a re ­ sult of a complaint made to At- w , ch j torney General Hamilton Ward by 'ornlng | Mr , Aly . c i, c Fowler of Harr — - charging Irregularities In Mr. It was learned here yesterday (hat the letter had.been sent to the State Department'of TaxaUon and Finance where It will be acted up ­ on Immediately. Mr*. Fowler's ahargea grew out or a dispute last week with Mr. Unger at th* Town Board meeting. Mrs. Fowler and another cltlxrn. Clarencs .Robinson, criticized the conduct \of Nnger'a office and charged that she haq paid ta for which she had not deceit Returns Kesolntlon The board passed a resolution re ­ questing Mr. Unger to cancel the 1928 school tax on those lots on the original assessment ron. Mr. Un ­ ger returned the resolution to the board Wednesday wttjy a request that It-he cancelled. Mr. Robinson complained to the (Continued on Page Fourteen.) JOINS FIRM Mjrron S. Bunker Takes Poiition With Bruce & Carrell, Inc. Bruce A Corail. lye., announce that Myron S. Bunker has been ap ­ pointed amanoger of their Invest ­ ment department and will take up hi* duties with the new firm Imme ­ diately. Since the World War Mr. Bunker has been nciivly engaged In the real eitate business In Westchester County. For two years he was with the R. EL Farley Organization and later with Thompson A Thompson. Mr. Bunker has operated under his own name for the past five years. In connection wilh hi* Joining the new firm of Bruce A Corel). Inc- Mr. 'Bunker states he realizes the Importance of concentrated effort that the new firm Is putting Info sff set Dresner Interests Buy Graae Plot on Ma ­ maroneck Avenue'; Near Post Road, From Westchester First National , - li-L The South View Construc ­ tion Company oT White •Plains has purchased the! last unimproved-inside plot on the westerly side of Ma ­ maroneck avenue, between post rojid and Quarropas: street, ft was learned today.! Contracts were signed last night in the office of Clark, Close A Davis, wilh Robert Y. Clark, attor ­ ney. appearing for Edwin I. J. Dresner, president uf the construc- on company. The plot, 30 by 100, waa sold on January 25th by John F. Graae io the Westchester First Notional Corporation through I-er P. Davis, Jr. The property brought $100,000. or $2,000 a foot at that time, In'the transaction, negotiated by Louis Palest rant. between the Westchester First Nnlinnnl Corpor ­ ation and the Sound View Construe- Uon Company the consideration Is | not revealed, but It Is learned on | reliable authority that It Is close ' to $135,000. showing an appreciation ' - - Political Opposition For All Will Run Challenger To Face r ight TURNESA WINS OVER JOLLY IN 37 HOLE PLAa Surrogate Slater Picks Up NO SABOTAGE Millard ’ s Gage of BattlgWill SA Y S DESIGNER Oppose Bert. 1 aylor m narrison STEAL JEWELS Judge Tompkins and Wife Celebrating 40th Anniversary Supreme Court Justice Ar ­ thur H Tompkins and Mrs Tompkins. Nyaek. are today crlebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Other Justices of the ninth judicial district, of which Westchester is a part, as well as the many friends of the Justice and hi* wife have sent congratula ­ tions lo the Nyaek home The fortieth wedding anni ­ versary Is officially listed as a “ruby anniversary\ but Hu preme Cohrt Justice George H. Taylor. Jr., as hl» gift has rsumeil Ihe work of auball- illng for Justire^'oiiipkln* of 35 percent four months. All parties to the transaction re ­ fused lo discuss the matter today FROM CAR AT GOLF COURSE Til iovps Break Open I.orkrd Auto ami Take Bap Con- ; tain mg ? 1,500 Worth of Jewelry PARKED AT MAPLEMQOR Dr. anti Mr*. C. H. .Martin, City falantl, Left Car While Playing the Countv Course \Most Certainly 1-Will Be A Cui -1 ^ AJR GIANT ditlate for Re-election Next £ I D tirrr Ridicule* a - — .- t..J„- D-~.lv. yCeogj That Workers or Year. ” Asserts Judge. Repub ­ lican Leader ln Harrison Say* Strong Candidate Will Oppose Present Supervisor. Stowaways Damaged Graf* Motors AW AIT EXPERT ARRIVAL New'Engines Not Available — - No Serious Damage to Ship ’ s Structure or Envelope Tnulun. France. May 18 (UP) - ialr,* declared j Th. mystery of .what caueed the urlst. i eiixlnea of the dirigible Graf Zep- m Ihe two pop-1 pelin lo go bad soon after the atari ■ders, each with uf hfr tran .-Atlairtte flight remain- -raterdav In Ihe : unsolved today, but a thorough 'nriinn ’ of the **»i»tUiatton of the crippled motor* discover ihe criminals who yesterday afternoon homn away tlie handle ot a locked auto- , \ ,,:B mobile parked at Map^lrntoor Golf 1 lr,n ' .Course, effected an rhirance into I the car. and stole therefrom a omnil ‘ <ji handbag containing Jewelry ’ valued 1 Dali; by Ihe owner. Mrs C. H. Martin. 16 | empl Mlnerford Rond. City Island. Mew ' IO -. York Cllj, at *1.500. ! parked (heir car In SEEK TO BRING BIG COLLEGE TO WESTCHESTER rSS Prominent County Resident* Barking Effort to Have Abraham Lincoln Foun ­ dation Ealahlish School I HAVE TENTATIVE PLANS Mayor Invited to Have White ! Plain* People Participate In Dinner Meeting INTERNATIONAL SCOPE Would Draw Student* From [ Tiie World For Ad- vanced Work White Plains Golf ­ er Plays Brilliant* Steady (Tame in ■* Yorkshire Evening News Tournament-^ Briton Led Morning Round Moortown, England, May . 18 (UP). — ^The United States triumphed over Grog Britain in . the Yorkshire Evening News professional tournament here today when Joe Turneaa, slim American of White Plains, defeated Herbert Jolly, efficient Brit ­ ish shut-maker, 1 up in 37 holes on the final match. Turnrsa. who barely scraped int. the match play after a play-off in the qualifying round, played a brilliant and steady, game today, routing from behind to treat tbs Briton at the extra hole after a long uphill fight Jolly waa one up on Turnesa at renty-eeeenth hole. Turnesa. two up . - ............... - .......... morning round part this year. Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire BUS CONCERN WOULD CHANGE ITS FRANCHISE Soundview Line* to Ask the Common Council For Per- mission to Extend Service in the Busines* Section The Soundview Transportations- Company, which operates most of the buji lines In and around White Plains, will aerie a change of fran ­ chise permitting greater service to if South l-exlngton avenue, it waa -evealed In a letter from the preai- lent of the company. J. S. Miller, IbroptsU of Ihe country, point to Its I to ^syor McLaughlin, location in Weslrheeter County. I Mr. Miller, who l» also president The Dally Press learned today. ! of the New York. Westchester and Two proponent Westchester real- i Boston Railroad, asks that tije dents. Senator Seabury C. Maatiek. mayor call an Informal conference Pieoaantvllle. and Roderick Slepb- i to discus* plan* of the transportn- ens, Scarsdale. are Identified with Uon company to make certain the movement. I changes in the — -Soundview and . The tentative plans call for a! Longview route*, so'-os to Include - ------- meeting In New York wilhln * r «* 1 * r >\> , tOG' In the resident^ 4 Two Planes Collide Lieutenant Burned to Death) When Parachute Catches in Under-Carriage; Other Pilot Escapes in Columbus Crash ‘ ^Daddy ’ s ” New Idea Browning to Auction Manhattan Real Estate and Use Part of Funds fo\r Foundation for Children; $6,000,000 Value ' THK WEATKKK Washiqgton.- Saturdoy and I __ •m N#*f Talk: Showers to- night and 1 ia south at train*' north portion tonight; cooler Sunday In north and RICE BROS. MOTOR CO. SALES — 51 MAMARONECK AVE. While Plain* 8668-8669 BURVICB: <10 Mamaroneck Asa. 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