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41*nt Japan hlch ltn«rln«t^p calls forth when the nine of 'tfegt country la mentioned, was to the stag* of the Battle Avetutf Sahoo! Uat evening In an operetta Trine*** Chrysanthemum.\ play*# . and sung >y the children and dir reeled by Mlaa Hel«p T. Huehlac* The operetta waa remlneacaoi tp •The Mikado\ of Gilbert and Ru*- livan and the children played it ( with all the apontanelty and t|ia£ la often sough: by older p)». 1 era and aeldom found. The childra| .> seemed- to grasp the mood of dzejL „ lery and pl-aaantery of the OR*?' . j etta and the enaemble waa alsrgm . J one of color and vigor. A totjj lack of eeif-conaciouaajiaa and *& - - amazing amount ’ oi polae on |E j- .-. [part of every child whtf took pM made the performance a delightful . ~ I one. There waa an excellent Mefi£ ... tng of tho young volcea In choruses end the enunciation w*» faultleaa. The aoloa were extrentga ly well aong. The eoatumea wer* colorful and had an air of authe%r uclty that lent a gay and Uvytp atmosphere to the performanca. The Princess Chrysanthemum, •' charmingly played by Hulda Belt- man, waa In a quandary whether to m.u.y for love or for monay. Ifer futher.tho pompous Empesqp - What For Whl, waa .determined to many her to Prince So-SII. a wealthy scion of a neighboring royal family. Russel! ConkRp played (he Emperor with eomrt#- tlon and I*rtnce So-SII waa played with gusto, by Eliot Briggs. The Princess'* favor fell upon Prince 4 So Tru. whose high courage gnd nobility ware portrayed falthfqh ---- v by Coleman Conklin. To win Mg ault. Prince So-SII summoned tlw assistance of Saucer Eyes, tho Wizard Cat, who held his diabolical orgies In the Cave of Inky Night, James .Crrig played the wlck^ cat with exceptional vigor and realism. The Srrvllle Court Chant- tisrlain, Top-Not. whl played by Hollis Brier. The young protagqnp 1st was aided and abetted In |Ua ault by Fairy Moonbeam, daintily portrayed by Harriet Core.* The Maidens in attendance upon the Princess were delightful ly played hy Irene Rica Jean Smith. Vlv|a» Packard and Ruth Roche. Thp ■theory that good always conqutre ! evil was made a fact when Prtaoo j So-Tru with his fairy conlsngant Chamwn oi April Group Inc which waa featured by the of ­ ficial auction. the club heard a speech by A. U. Dawson of^the Thomas and Cooke Tours, who look as his subject, \Travailing Mr. Dawson mads the main theme id an extended and Interest ­ ing address, the point that Ameri ­ cans travel oceans to reach won ­ ders that do not equal many near ­ er at hand, and on that- account overlooked. He urged more Amer ­ icana to larval their own country first to ace lu natural wonders be Stretching the -family purses' strings (or Die more arduous voy ­ age* which, he said, iqnrc properly come Inter. ’ j'hc Natiohal Parks, especially the Yellowstone. Mr. Dawson stres ­ sed. are tilled with a wide variety of Instructive and breath-taking sights nut nearly as well patron- Ired by Americans air they would If more fully described to the Amrp lean tourist before he plans hi* *n Camp the afternoon, ifflcinl camp at frnnk dl*f uwJnn of iollcic* will be held and denis considered, tending Include: James in', president of the Y. C. B. Winslow, Ivan drmnn of the boys'. ■ Y. M. C. A.rChaunrey W..E. Alblg. Frod P. fifltdWi Rogers, S. 11. friends of tho Greenrldge Congre ­ gational Church board of ushers crowded the church lost night lo Witness the second annual minstrel .show and entertainment staged by this, group. Afl*r weeks of arduous rehear^ sal. the performers went through their lines and songs with preci ­ sion. Two skits and a minstrel act comprised the performance, and Individually, they stood out as well- aotad. well-presented pieces of work. The show far exceeded thot of last year. If the comments of the audience could be taken as a criterion. To Sol Levoy. manager of the ■ Keith-Albee Theater, goes much of I the credit for the splendid work of I the 23 odd men who were In the entertainment. IJttle deft touches that the average amateur perform- aaoes generally lack, were provid ­ ed as evidence of the spllndld coaching that had been given. To pick out any particular num her or act that caught popular ap ­ peal would bo accomplishing the Impossible. On* thing tho men dis ­ played; that in a pinch they can pinch hit for the-stadle* and get nwnwy with It, provided the audi ­ oscc is not too critical. The men showed their hlstrlonio- obUJty In thf skits. The Unit ono, \Boeing New York.\ with Arlbur GUUss ns the . woman: Howard Pqgh as the man and Walter Arch ­ ibald as the huaband. was an old deviation of the triangle theme, which provided considerable merrl- 1» the second skit, a two-act drama entitled. \Buppieaaed De ­ sires,\ a play was made on peycho- na*Jy-i- Stewart White as Hen ­ rietta Emory Messernu as Stephen Bteeter and Joseph Bucher as Ma ­ bel Hoop gave a performance that waa really splendid. White stood out especially with his drllneatloa of the role of Henrietta, the wife who believed In phycho-analysls until It threatened to break up her household. The minstrel* presented a snap ­ py show that did not lag a single moment, \he six blackface end- meix namely Emory - Mesereau. Clif ­ ford Embury. Floyd Heath. Dick drear. Donald Dickerson and Stew- \Black Wing\ is ope of Uxreo plays written, by tho qtud.cnU of tho play-shop course of the coUcgewmX; presented* In thk newly constructed \llltle theatre.\ The other two plays ’ on the bill ahe \Die Keppel. ” tjy Mlsa Catherine Patrick, of Troy. | N. Y., and \Soup.\ by Miss Con ­ stance Meadnls. a graduate of tho | class of 1928. and at present an a*- I slstant In the department of Eng- I Ilsh literature. The plays are en ­ tirely under the direction cf Pro ­ fessor Jeanette Marks, head of the department of English literature. Assistant ] * ’ j the fair Princess ’ h - j In the lusty chorus of Japan*** e | men were Frank Warner. Joseph R | Nunztato. James Wesvtr. John ‘ Daly. Enrico Calabrese. Robeft >* Tumber. Edward Kalle. Ado D*l '• Noldato, William Heroy. Melvta Rehlll and Milton Purdy: '* The Japanese maidens with thatr ‘ gay parasols and mincing step* ,B were Ruth Monk. Marlon Frtefc “ Leonore ’ Hartson, Ruth Anders** y Margaret Peter. Miriam Bristol. • Mary Cross. Dorothy Bronnemag, Barbara Newhall. Mary De'-Sepl*, “ Camilla Prnnelll. Elsie Bohlmann »• Estelle Brault, Beatrice Orgel and y Helen Cook “ Dainty Falnes w»re played by „ “ “ ode Do Palo, Antoinette Ptfr y clnelh. Jane MacOowsn. Beatrice Coon, Harriet Goldberger, Map. I garet Metcalf. Murial Braun. Anna ** i- ______ , . tor. Thrre was no stopping of the action and extreVne pleasure was derived by the audience from tljq dered. both In ensemble and solo. A pleasant special number was Introduced by Sol LcVoy, who nr- t*r singing one number was oblig ­ ed to reader an encoro. He chose other part of the performance that v«M exceptional was thg qunrtet. mule up. of Arthur Gillies, Leslie B. Gillie, William Coddlngton and F Irving Starbuck. The board of usher* Includes- William 8. Coddington. chairman; T. H. Hubbard, vlcc-chnlrrmn; ory Pi Mersereau. secretary: Joe- . eph A. Bucher, treasurer: Walter I D. Archibald. Harold W. Beckwith. A. K. Bowes. Donald M Dickerson. Clifton M Embury. E. A. Furman. Horace Kurm&n. Arthur L- GlUles. I-ealle B. Gillie. John A. Greer. Richard A. Greer. Clay J. Oulh- rldge, Donald J. Guthridge. W. I.loyd Heath. Tho max C. Hughes. F. Lee Makby. Robert T. Marvin, Howard R. Pugh. F. Irving Star- buck and A- Stewart White are on .the board. All but Messrs. E. A. and Horace Furmaa end Mr. Star- buck were in thee boru*. The second and test performance will be given tonight. Louise Paul. Winifred DufTleld, Frances Mar ­ tin, Betty Jennings, Rosalie S*ib- man. Evelyn Bristol. Vivien Bas» lie. Ruth Beck. Doroth: Mlche*. Irene Passerelll. Ruth DufTleld and D-.-i. um.. .. . .......... ..... Fraternal Notes I H •- ........... - - .............. of St- Bartholomew's Church of - rnoto or Mors. ! White Plains, gathere there as _ __ I guests of the officers of the club. REV. CULVER ALFORD ln ter.or of the Iwgc reading Assistant to Father Slmmonds at room had been profusely decorated Groce Cbureh. Father Alford has with lilacs, aijd the small tables a! been la White Plains since last . which the. luncheon was served had auiumn. Iboch so carefully arranged that all -------- ------------ -------------------- | present could enjoy the scenery Mrs Harold Page Is chairman of the April Group of the Woman's Auxiliary' and Guild, which spon ­ sored this affair, and the rest of the members of the group were: Mesdames W. L Hoskins. Thomas Howe. With am l-eghorn. John Bogle. William Uttlc. tklmund Bloat. Ward BamfofU. W L Ives. KEP|IF>F.NT LODGE Ruth Miller a* .'prii — capered with charming naughtiness. . The opcrjlta-uaa s di -att«n<MR and enthusiastically received. Botb Miss Hutchison, the director, and VII.. U ... I CV..H. ... __ II SIMMOND3 Charles H. Vanderbilt, secretary > the White Plains Masonic todge III represent the club at Harrison. Iny 29. wpen the third degree will e given t** a large class of candl- irtca Judge Arthur H. Tumpklps Miss Marlon A Shulls, the acco**» | panlst. received flowers from the : children In appreciation of thsdr help In producing the operetta. parish. aifUicr $ibiu mlnt*irrinir to the * congregation since 1HK1S BOARDED Plucking-Conditioning — Wire* and Seoulce at Stud — All BreeR* For Sale — Positively No 8k* Dogs Tak*n HEA1UF.IU1LOOM KENNEL* A group *f thi set of Sc and air holding a serin anger married ap^- aat on the hroad ve(- j Southmnyd, Charles Burke. Geo J. io have been andos chatting wt^h friends, OrJ, Evllth Lowerre, R. ft flvl- 1 subscription As a climax to the enjoyable Jsy. t-rook. E. M Crawford. II. G Sen- I Id the lam one «>exal pictures were taken of man, Julian H. Harvey, T. H Fries, those present by George R. Daniel*. W, I- Richard. F. H, Brown, W. J ‘ the American a 0 f t he Lake Knlonnh Young, Robert Barrett. Walter F 1 Among those , Chib. Frank Olelund. nnothef them- Massey. Fraser P. Price, Allan Stcv- i of whom were brr of tb* club took several parties | ena Charles B. Gronme*, Thomas ... _ In hla nutomobllc and drove around i Howe. W. L. Ives. Robert Swarth- had week-end , j T -------- -------------------------------- . woul. Jos. Howe. James Bailey. T D. Hhunts. David Graliam. Geo. Hawes. Benjamin Southwlck. H. L. McCullough. W. W. Peter. W. L Belts, D. W. Kincaid. Samuel I Bowne. James E. Hammond. S. I Smith. M- M. Burnham. D. L. Sl- I mans. R. B. Hammand, W. W. Mod. I Hyoid A. Wrlnmauo. Ward Bam- 1 ford.- Edgar Eteston. Edmund Slant, j William Little. W. G. Helnze. a C. i Thlell. A- R. Johnson. George N. Johnson. William Leghorn. Harold Page. Catherine Barker. Richard Mamlrn. Emily OsbqrQc, Emily Mar ­ vin. Job* Graham. Frank Scalcy. J9hn D. Monroe. John Speller. -Wil ­ liam Jutteh. H. N. Bishop. 'A de- Forest Keys. Arthur Von Winkle, William J - White. IJI hu Edith Ber : gen. Marguerite Foeter, Edna Brig ­ ham, Clnrn Freedlnnder, Mrs \E W. Newton. Mr. and Mr*. Herbert. I. Keller. Mr. and Mrs, Gramiry Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Frank B- CleF and. Mr*. William T«T* “ - While plains, and Mrs. W. G. Palmer. Mrs. Juice Veulllemere, of Scaradale and • epinoorvd by of the Church WHITE PLAINS. N- Y. A Pro\ rcr live Day School For Boys and Girls Jtegletratlon now open for new pupUa. Application should be grade at the school until dune 10th. Alter that date Information can be obtained from Mr*. Alice Jaokman, Secretary. 1*1 West Rost Road. Whl to Plains, N. Y. Telephone 6614-J. Rachel Erwin, A. M., Hasbrouck, A- B k i J ohn 11 Kali, of Rectory Lane. Is: prasidcnt of (ho Guild, and Mrs. Edgar Treacy chairman of the 1 party Mrs. Burke Harmon, of Rlr- chnll Drive. Is chntrman of the ticket committee for Tuesday. The comml'tee working with Mrs. Treacy and Mrs- Harmon Include*: Mrs J. J Quinn. Mrs. J. tV. Galla- 1 | char. Mrs. E. 8. Jordan. Mrs S. U. jDlllcrup, Mrs- E. J. Kelly. Mr*. G„ Thelmas Club of Y, W. C. A. Holds Dance Burke Har-JF Thursday evening the Thql • rank Nalrne. ^ Club of the Y. W. C. A. were h Compoton. the hostesses to many friends at I s c ho * pi. Mr- their *zmua> spring dance at the Y Garnett at . ty. C, A. Olutf Rooms. 121 Main Mrs. Aten street. There were fifty people pre- j The Executive Committee of the 'OB HAFU ' club acted as the dance committee They are. Mint Josephine Brrpar- Uvlnrston president. Miss Mary Barelll. 'I v|cc-pr««idont and Miss Rose Russo, ord that h*r treasurer- ‘ pther members of the Mien Mortt^ clUb are Louie* Matleo. Esther Oil Q*. Morlt* r*r, Alice Doric!, Mary Belantonl. ed with the VTorcncc Otencey. Mary Matteo. Ife was Mlsa Marion Lott. Anne Jenlu. Edith irii|Mrrvislng Enulehar-Jt, Josephine Berwick, frequent vF Lena Scovo. Club advisor, Mlsa 1 Alice' M Wallen. avenue on Tburedny afternoon. The Luther League of the church wfll meet this wesson Thursday even ­ ing Instead of Friday. • | Roses and Rhod dendronsDdighl GardenGroupVisitingWallerstein And Reid Estates Yesterday Last evening the (flamonr and glory-of Japan were reproduced with admirable artiltry on the stage of the _J$ Avenue Schopl, when, th.e pupils gava the Japenese operetta, \Princess Chrysanthemum.\ The photograph >w%tjie cast in co^ttuae. ■ ^ A. J. KUSTE, LABOR BEAR, HERESURBAY Progressive Leader From BrooLwood College, Kn- tooali. Speaks at Com ­ munity Church The speaker at the Community Church on Sunday morning U0 ! o'clock! will be A. J. Music. Dean of Brook wood- Labor College at Ke- tonah. Mr. Mustc was formerly;. * Oon£ragationnl minister. During the war be sought fellowship with the Quakers, finding them more nearly In sympathy with hie anti ­ war views. He took an active. I>art In the textile strikes In Lawrence. Massachusetts, and sought to or ­ ganize the textile workers more cf- fecUvely In their own . Interests. ' ter he came to Brookwood whore Is the CbaJ£ man of the Faculty of tha Labor College. In recent month* he has become prominent in the new*, owing to the opposl tlon to, Brookwood by the conUDl; lln* figure a in the American Fed ­ eration of Labor, which has with ­ drawn all support from Brookwood. Mr. Must* has come to be recog ­ nised an one of the chief leaders of the progressive* in the labor move ­ ment- Mr. Musts will speak 'on \Wh*l Poes It Moan To Be Reli ­ gious T* Y.M.C.A. HEADS MEET TODAY BOYS ’ GAMP Score of Leaders on Way to Cynip Sloaiif (c OiseiiBB Method* (if Directing New President to Take Office July 1st — Meeting Hears Praise of America as Tourist Land The Scandals Rotary Club, meeting yesterday In the Beared*)* Tavern on Garth road, formally elected th* slate of officers an ­ nounced a wt«k ago by the nomlo- atlqg commute*. As a result. Dr. Waiter 11. Young wlU take tbs president'* chair at 4h« beginning of a new Rotary year next July I, .s uc ct ml l ng Gcorgu A. Marsh, busi ­ ness manager of thi Bcarsdal* Board of Education .' The .............................. MRS. HAROLD PAGE -Mrs. Pnge. whose home is at 202 Central avenue, is chairman of the April Group of the Woman's Auxiliary | and Guild of St. Bartholomew's Church* which, yesterday enjoyed a luncheon and bridge at the Lake Kalonah Club. The women were the gueSta of Uie officers of the club. i j April Groupof St. Bartholomew's Enjoys Spring Visit to Club , At La\e Katonah; 100 Present Club Officers Hosts lo Group at All-Day Meeting. Lurtchcon Pre- ' cedes Bridge. Guests Enjoy Inspection' of Grounds and Trips j Through Woods. Mrs. Page Chairman. The parking spaces around the I thq beautiful-club grounds; Lake Katonah Club were dotted ; roods cut through -socks, nr itcrday, when the large hills r^d-rlooklng thi- » of , Harry I ’ cacock'n will probably jjiakr the Rcclor , out-of-doorx Scarsdale Group I A J tu * un ch« ,n brld f, e I and a set of score cards and talllra Holds Final Dance £££ «T^i^ «r In At Yacht Qub SraSSf- 1. K usmm Arnold. Jr . , J'lnlns Robert Hammond. Herbert Keller. Edgar MacDonald. Miss* guerlte Foster and Edi Those present Included dames Norris Bogle. Ben Hlauvell, Thomas Rancroft. Myers. Rudolph Miller. H. i r,£ sw ^uesday Bridge Planned by Scarsdale Guiid will give. *t the ceremony, l ton cat accounj of the degree. WILL ADDRESS ROTARY I Dean J. Pflrtm* deB. Kaye, of the I American Episcopal Church of Flo- r«nc«. Italy, will be th* speaker at the Rotary Club meeting at the Swan Inn. Tuesday noon. He topic, \Mussolini Mrs. H. A McCornAck. Mrs K. R. Brown. Mm. T. J. Tracy and Mr*. Joseph DulTy. Mission Society At Mrl. Johnson ’ s . Mrs- C. W. Johnson i will he host ­ ess U> the Mission Society of Trin ­ ity Lutheran Church this coming reck Th* 1 Society will meet Z4 ’ fE PLAINS DAILY PRESS- 6 World DICTIONARY Original Webct* — COUPON ” Clip 9 I, >, r mall, inrlqd* art Si Garden Section of Contemporary CluJ>. Motors to Nwhy Sho*t- Places and Enjoys Trip Through Soraa of the. Loveliest Gardens In the County. Sections Plays First Anpual Show on June 11 and 12. This Is Indeed \tho high tide\ of th* year for garden group*. In nil tho county, there Is no busier group thap the Garden SecUon of the ■ White Plain* Contemporary Club. WRh plans fon their first annual flower show maturing ,rnpldly. the SooUon finds time, jiSveetheless. for other allied acy^itles. Yesterday they visited thfWallcrsteln estate. oq, 'Kenilworth' Road, and Ophlr Farm, the estate'of Mrs. Whltelsw Reid at Purchase, as well as th* Ogden Reid place. The Garden Section show will b* hold on June 11 and 12 at th* North C**tle Golf anil Country. Club on th* Bedford Road. Armonk. Mra. Albert Dj Frost, chairman ot the Suction, Is cholrmai of th* show- More detailed announcement qf : the rules will be given on these gages within a day or two. Th« trip yes- tordav was rarely dellghtftil., Thlr- tean antomobllcs took thr Section rubers from WhIJe Plains to the il spruce trees, tall, luxuriant and^extri-rqely valu- nble silver blrche* and azaleas of lentous color were the high lights of- tho Wallers tel n estate. Tho members of the Garden !)ccUon wer* told that great sections of wild verdure on this ettato had beoq cleared away to make span* for a of contrast these rag* trqe* and flowed. The rose garden was completely *q- closed.by an embankment, qf shod* dondroq* and the sunken, gardeq. held eight tall cedant, which — ntebed. th* 0 \ \ ** to tlja- low. flowers. The party waa.drfcreiz through the two miles of; wood** eteale of-Oghli F*n “ - Thcy wen* agalp lmpr*a*ad_ by- the very; terg* galena and the great trees.\ Oj|hlrr Couagc oflk them the speotecte ot tuhpe In bloom- Forget-mo-note wen ueed- M a ground, ooite 1 ^ tbjaa ^ \ beds The roe* sardona. ( barmoqious landi . __ thar proved the rich wealth of- beauty to be found in Weatchester- Those who visited the rotate war* iir*. ‘Albert D FrooL prealdent oi tho Oorden Section, Mra. T * Kuqt, Mrs. L. Teed, Mra E. PWIIamy. Mra. C. B. Mqrchdfc P, Falloo^ MrB. _F. R. Cole*, ” , atra a. n, Mra S. Mao- Mqrchd|,J& Irr. Mra L. 3. Hultx, Mra Warner. Mra M. C. Town*. Mra W. Mills. Mra M. Vlckannan, Mr*. C. SHnne. Mra J. Swanson, Mra Brown. Mra C. W;. Jackaon, «r*. G. L. Allln. \■ Kpochc, Mra J. Chambers, * \ ' Mra W; WU- ¥f» H- llama SCARSDALE ROTARIANS ELECTYOUNG Children Present “ Prince** Chop* santhemum.\ A J*p a nfti Operetta in Which a WizanJ Cat Nearly Outwit* a Nobfe Prince. Young Singer* Gh(f Excellent Performance. Where the Little Maids from Japan Took Their Bows GREENRIDGE WHITE PLAINS CHURCH USHERS (flRL WRITES MAKE A BIG HIT : HOLYOKE PlAY Skiu and Minutrel Show Pro ­ vide Entertainment For • Over 200 — Member* Show Ability liss Bertha Gilleepie Author of “ Black Wing ’ Pro- dured This Week ajt South Hadley 9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS* X Y-, SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1929 rj ew§ m §odk! Circles of White Plains aed Vieamty Beautiful Princess and Bright Parasols Bring Color and Gaiety to Stage of Battle Avenue School

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