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Westchester .First PARALYZED MEN A MAN OF NERVE VACATION HINT NOISELESS FLYING , i/Mjti t riuvtii — WESTCHESTER COUNTY H IGH SCHOOL ’ S TRACK MEET PICTURES ON PACE $ ] \Paralyzed Man U Found Street\ Is the caption of a atory found In a Westchester County newspaper. Paralyzed men are no I unusual sight In the streeU of most | w,r 1 *•» nities and many of ' 1 « .o-T tty Sljc -Bails Press PLAINS grows ; CENSUS POPULATION I 929 - 35 J 00 J Complete Wire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide New* Service of our communities and many c » INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER community where the sight is so rare that It la regarded as news When we grt where Prohibition ac ­ tually prohibits, we may. read with amazement of_ the \Man Fount! Paralyzed,\ WHITE PLAINS, N. Yv. MONDAY, MAY 20, 1929 nisuiHU) gvutt ai.-ai PRICE THREE CENTS For genuine bravery we commend William Ryan, nurse attendee* of former Mayor Michael Walsh of Yonkers, who tackled .that'burglar m the Watah homo, overpowered him and held him captive until the police got there. Twice the burglar 1 attempted' tp shoot Ryan and the latter can thank his lucky stars for the fact that the hammer of the revolver fell on the only two empty chambers In the revolver. It takes grit to tackle a burglar In the dark and run the risk of be ­ ing shot down. Westchester hasn't had an example of greater courage In a long time and there shqtlld be some recognition of Ryan'gJ fear ­ lessness. Reading of that fearless ­ ness. It was no-surprl^t to us when we came to the portion of the story which dealt with Ryan's record INDICT PEACOX ON FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGE BULLETIN Ihe V t won ' Ove There\ l o kind of still r hue- An Ossining worm band arrested because she said I had given her a beating and thrown j her out of Ihe house. Steps were ; Immediately taken to examine the ! woman To ascertain If she was nor-4, mal mentally. In' view of the charges she in/ikv, against her husband. It would seem no more than right to examine the husband also to ascertain if he Is normal mentally A ntnetoen-yeiir old Hawthm hoy. riding his motorcycle to wo was killed when he collided with automobile at Plcasantville. Moloi cycles figure In our highway dents more and more. Those ride them should realize that takes even more care to handli motorcycle properly than to dr Washington, May 20 (UP). — Railroads won the billion dollar O'Fal ­ lon valuation case in the UAited States Supreme Court here today. The high court revers ­ ed the decision of a three-judge St. Louis federal court and refus ­ ed to consider the valid ­ ity of' the Interstate^ Commerce Commission's system of making valu ­ ations for rate making and profits recapture purposes. Railroads sought to overturn the Commis ­ sion's system because it was not based on the “ current reproduction\ theory valuation. I True Bill Returned by I Grand Jury Against Man .- 3 Who . Admits i Brutak_JSIaying of Wife — Early Trial The May Grand Jury at I 12:30 o'clock this afternoon returned a true bill of mur ­ der in the ' first degree j against Earl F. Pe§cox, for ] the brutal murder of his ! wife, Dorothy H. Peacox, in ' their Mount Vernon apart- j ment on April 22. | The twenty-one ..grand Jurors by Ihclr action Indicated that they be- President Hoover Sustains Black Eye On Camping Ramble Washington. May 20 (UP) — President Hoover Is suffer ­ ing from the most prosaic of human afflictions s black While rambling through tl Shenandoah National Park during the week end. he was struck by a branch of a bush that whipped bark as hr pass ­ ed. The injury Is not serious but the eye is thoroughly dls- Dr. Joel T. Koonc. the president's personal physician who accompanied Ihe party, treated the eye immediately EIGHT VIOLENT COUNTY OVER DEATHS IN WEEK-END REPUBLICAN LEADERS HERE TO PICK SLATE ! llevedL Wesfcbtster's moat hrulnl . ' crime J»-as wilful and premeditated Executive (.omilliller i on tM part of Peacox. r ____ ... .. ____ ■ Landlord of JPeekskill Boarding Mouse Kills Oscar Goipbach in Arg-ume/nt Over Lateness (if Sunday \ Meal — Aftej^ Shoot ­ ing Victim, . Surren ­ der to Police Gntinty Or; Hr alinn i inn In Make Its, niinncnilatiofiej Motorcycles can squeeze in where autos cannot and that provides a temptation which many riders can't •^resist. The turn In and out of the •stream of traffic, measuring their chances by a narrow margin and often they get pocketed nnri come o grief. Motorcyclists should main- e of speed S'NINE CRIMINAL TRIALS SET IN COUNTY COURTS a reasonable ri sot take the chance mbit of taking. n lire Two While Plains Men. Fi- ilriln Min, Assault, anel Frank Carbone. Poses- sion Revolver Slated District Attorney Frank H.'Cnyni who personal)^' presehted the case announced the finding of the trui bill In a statement at 12:35 p. hi The District Attorney used twrlvi witnesses to obtain Ihe Indictment on which Peacox will be tried next month. Mr. Coyne said that no arrange menu had yet been made for nr raignlng Peacox to plead lo the in dlctmrnt. The grand Jury. II wai learned, adjourned this afternoor hearing the witnesses In lh< x case for two hours and a will convene on Wednesday t< up the indictment Arraignment This Week „mmr acox will probably be arraign- m T,tee o'fVV.L *** 1 ** r \ rd . on Thursday or Republican Commute. (Continued on Page Two' nf I lie* Briarcliff. — Mrs. LorelLa llvan, 25, of 105 Ash street, Yonkers, died in the Grass ­ lands lius|>itnl early today as l(he result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident on the - Brinreliff-Millwood road, near here.shortly after 3 o ’ clock. Clyde Matthews, 119 Stan- ■ y, j ley avenue. Yonkers, driver r ~ l v v j*)f the machine, is in the 1 1 same institution with serious l LKAIIING CANDIDATES In)imd wh .„ J car. said by police to have been Millwnan. Miller. Ellmdt , «\ Un « *' * h >* h and Maudlin Regarded \a Likely Chokes *m- mints to Designation - plunged hr star.?: irnfcvr in the. c, and v ed. It a TO TRY MOTHER. SON TWO CHILDREN ESCAPE FIRE IN AMBULANCE s A We.tjfc^^nMn. asked the other day how he intended to spend Ills vacation, replied: \Sitting on the doorstep with a shotgun across my knee, to see If I can keep the | . . , , .. hoys from stealing things out of ‘ Alleged to Have Aided £8- n There U too much plundering of ra P e of Trusty From gardens by youngsters and .the of- • Sing Sing County Court of ninej On Way to Hospital Here been Indicted and who ■ ' ed not guilty to thw In dlctmcnts. Including one woman rharped with aiding a prisoner to escape from Ring Sing, were art for specific dales this morning by j - County Court Judge Frederick P. IVn small children Close when the calendar was call- to the Orthopaedic Hospital nen ed in criminal term of that court | an ambulance escaped without Jury when the ambulance caught , of Mount Pleasant Ihe executive coni •ndursement of Charles 'D b'asantvllle banker, as the. Republican nominee for. county register, The delegation. Headed by A. W. Southard waty received and heard Trooper* E. n son investjgfried Ihe accidrr Killed In Quarry Rrlarcllff Manor. -Joseph Medical Examiner Squire Busy As '^J&l ’ aftr In Various Forms Stales Through County Over Week-End With a busy .session about to begin for Dr. Amos O. Sqiyro, county medical examiner, in connection with the presenting of-the Peacox murder case to the Grand Jury today, he is ready to state that this last week-end is perhaps the most strenuous that he has put\ in since? the post of coupty coroner Was abolished and he filled^the present one. For over the week-end edght violent deaths occurred in the county. Automobile accidents led the list with three, one of the \hit anil run variety: a murder was committed -aiid the alleged slayer confessed ; an electro ­ cution Occurred, making the second within three, days along the railroad lines of the county; one death by heart disease was recorded ; there . as one'suicide and a man Winfield Acker, 60, \Killed by Hit-and- . Bun Driver Near Home in Millwood — j Irvington Man Elec ­ trocuted — Yonkers Worpan Killed — Baby Dias ~ Millwood. — Walking home and when within two hun ­ dred yards of it here Sunday night, Winfield Acker, fin, of Htis village, was struck by \ a speeding car ou^he ^aw. Mill .Bmf road near the | -Stone TavVrn. He died a few hours later rri the Northern Westchester Hospital where i he was taken by passing mo- I twists. . The driver of th^ machine that , hit Acker did not stop 1 ' -1 Police record, here show that t by pawing j pedestrian tnur* nf Klfemrulwl In r Irvington 0>k-r three in his vicinity. DR AMOS O. SQUIRE wjw killed today when struck by a motor-shovel in a quarry. Markley. ’ • ttiu village. arly Sunday roprnloA' r in contact with-'* virc-in « railroad sub cpy Hollow Manor engaged In painting urged . C. Todd, ownr nf ‘ all boy* by an*-| in,. It is no ynusual thing to girl* sneak Into a garden, pluck I TriaU I — ’ h of (lower* antf run. More * h0 h*v ® af the county! hBV * n, ' “ ' • resldi ban asked himself ■ of having a garden' The Village Board nf Tcuntee* i (Continued on Page Four) New York. May 20 (UP)-Price* on the Sto^k Exchange were unset ­ tled today, working lower through the morning in the majority v of heaviest being in Advance Rum (Continued on Pago.Flvo) When Overheated Motor Fires Auto — Carried to Safety i their » ljtwrence Hazxard of Yonkers David Krakauer. now serving a term in Sing Sing for burglary, will be tried tomorrow. It I* ex ­ pected. on an arson Indictment. Krakauer wa* Indicted for the al ­ leged burning of a drew good* shop at 26 Mechanic street. New Rochelle on May 2* of last year. With him was .Indicted also Maur ­ ice Seide. who* will have a separate trial later. The second cose Is that of Frank Carbone of While Plains, for fel ­ onious possession of a revolver, ex ­ pected to follow the trial of Krak- r which wilt coroi (Continued on Page Two) To Prudent Investors We offer, subject to prior si^le. First Mortgage Sinking Fund Loan Ccrtifi- \cates.'The Peoples Building, White -.Plains, N. Y., in denominations of $1,000 ’ and $500. Price 100 and in­ terest to yield 6 % fire motor abotit a mile a iS of how the plea wogld t>g .considered - ----- -- Afternoon. Ierstood that H. H E >f thr John*-M»i>vl||e Company, wealthy resident of th« Town of Mount ihcdsant. Is one of . ihe backers of the boom for Hoyt. Members of the committee asnem- 2:05 p. ni There were IT of Ihe ID member, present They Included . William t. Ward, chairman: Mr* •JJerlha S. Moore, of BrrmxVille. vice president: Henry .R. Barrett, White Plaids, secretary T. Channlng Moore. Bronxvllle: I^>uis N. Ell rod'. Mount Vernon, nhd Mrs Anna Hnlton. Mount Ver- ■mber* from the First A*- .quarr)'- ** ‘ d the In llfling mechanism slipped, ottowing the shovel lo -fall, Todd rushed linrrtera to police hesdquartera here, where It was found ttiat he had died almost Instantly of a fractuied nkull. hived d shortly after noon; today. The driver. R. Downey, slopped along Ihe roadside and carried the the under parti of the runninx boards burst into flames The chil ­ dren were Lawrence Ginbolvo. nine, nnd Elizabeth Sullivan. 11. hmh of City. The White Plains Fire Patrol an ­ swered the alarm and extinguished Ihe blaze with only slight dnmage lo Ihe ambulance which belongs lo the Scully-Wnllon Ambulance Ser- vice. 25* West 69th street. New York City. Patrolman Fandell of the Parkway Police was on the scene akd handled Ihe traffic. Jam which resulted. 3 ‘ hxt children were brought on lo the hospital by a passing motorist Caroline S. Oons. White Plains: Edward P. Bnrrgtt. Katonnh. from Ihe Second Assembly District Mr* — . Marlon P. Mack. Haw Ihmn-; Franklin Montross. Peeks kill: Sirs. Ruth Goldsborough. Cro ­ ton; Frederick W. Stelle and Sirs Florencr L. Reynolds. Ossining, from the Third Assembly District. Jane Todd and Charles II. Ijtndbird Kills 1. A quarrel ’ over a de ­ er led lo the fatal jhool* , ...„ — - . ->omer here ycaterdayr Oscar Oomharh and Oeorrfe Cushman entered ihe dining room 'mid began abusing Joseph Kramer, their landlord, beouuse of Ihe Inlr- nra* of the meal An jirgument en ­ sued and when Oombach went in the woo<l*hrd for a hatchet Kram ­ er armed himself with a pistol. Upon Gombach's return Kramer fired twli?e at him and struck Cush- m n i ra s wi nging blow with Ihe butt- nf his weapon Gombach dletl In the hospital after Kiamer had sur ­ rendered to fxillce and admitted 200 Wcstchester Nurses Honor Florence Nightingale s Memory r O . f /-* ^ ^1 | Mr and Mt. In Service at Grace Church JhVr.,:!; ___________ _______ _ ______ __ ____ « ' ■ o'clock Saiurdi MAY SUGGEST Baby Die, In Crash PeJWp' Manor -,Gk>na Simon- gellaT three months npj daughter of Frank Riotongslla. of SUCCESSOR TO Fatlicr Sunniontl, Urges Nurses \ To Follow High Ideals <jf Profession In Serving llie Un- fortunale. Hospitals Repre ­ sented. MCCULL(HJGH,§~.-L^:i ahhrtly after 21 Itirday nigh! tolmwtng ‘ lie crash here in which aha It others were injured, aejidsnt nrr.urrHt -.hen\ ' rung.-us. and Joseph Beahck. the Bronx, driver of. « cob-going In the opposite direction to that In which Simongella wan proceeding,, ’ at ­ tempted to rut out of the Ian* *4 Boston .Post Road,. «y>-- ’ os&ihility of School Rom Considering New Head For. High Hchool at Meeting Tonight mful c Jtse of , . Mr and 5 RKVKVL NO NAMF.S “ FIX)I* HOUSE\ .Eft FINED Millard. ‘ Fourth Assembly Dlstrir! Arthur Maiujlin nnd Mrs Cf W. Winslow,•of Yonkers, fior Fifth Assembly District. flop hour ■d »!0 by ials Have Seve, cords Ready F. Consideration .1 Re- ooklyn. i 1 inipreestve by Ihe ^ ^ niii •f the Episcopal churrh. ZTisengcr* Yr rr Frank H. Slmmonda. Tcth New ace Church, pral.ed Ihe Hershkowil-, iresslnn as on <' Bf ,hr whom were Injured. ‘ n by- worn- the New Rochell “ Joseph I Jirr-.sro. rs Bealick. and Bronx, all of !«ksn to ’ hem are suffering to- This Westcii and- wi Frederick H Bof-ea.- t i~* pleaded ting Judge n Her year That In conjunction with ... .... Cathedral of St. John the Divine In F. McCul .j ***\•' York £lty and Si. Ann's Church in Brooklyn. A telegram of greetings from (Continued a Late News Dispatches on the grounds lough principal of the White Plains ciliren of th> jltgJTSchooj who ha* snhmittrd his ________ _____ -equlred by Ihe , rra | Kn aUop. effective in June, may ! Bishop Manning. _ _____________ I k - considered at tonight s meeting I sermon l-^Jve 2 _____________ _ i of the Bnarll of Educallon. accord- J ' ^ ■1 _ iohoo^drtlb-1 high ideMsYnd N'lehiYnesw! frnrn •brnajons onu isshm U th^hOd fr * ctur '\ \ r ,r ~ ’ ' nh »rma. r C.uih-y War Veteran Suicide own lender New Michael Moran, i , r 37 ■ cift\/) pjaqg. this city, died a, . ' h ' h, *P , '» l here earl; rmlay af- ai. Ann s ter he had commirtee suicide la hia START RETRIAL OF $35^000 SUIT By Direct United Press Wire trust company DtpH-Plata a? JUartinc WHITE PLAINS Re-lrial of a *35.000 stilt for t ,„, c- damagea arising from an accident . 1 __ _ ! (hat occured In Yonkera on Deccm-1 I^,ndon. May ber », 1910. opened today In Pari | )UrK- SouUi Afrlci 1 of Supreme Court here before „ R „ M .l! today Supreme Court Juattce George II i kilt Taylor. Jr The suit is brought bv Ellzal» Uss. and her husband, Michael tl It Summit afreet. Yohkera. William Lowa. Jr., New Yoi ......... _ Ufa Is suing for *25.000 damages six n suffered when she was struck by n j to<U} , flooded *60.000 . May 20 I UP) -Johnnie i of Ihe Boston Braves. Spended tat thrPe day* mttlng. it was announe- Albany, 20 tUP).- lon from Attorney Gene: that gasoline purchased, f publicly-owned veh 1-tno^e «jwis ^ Both Superintendent of Schools John.W l.tunbard and Assistant Ruperinlendent H. Clamje Hardy have lK-en engaged ’ \ of various sciionlmasli ' i submitted thi i- lion. . Prrllmlnarj- reports of then i invesligatlon may be made at Ihe , hoard session. n , The names of those men who' are , listed as candidates have not been (ConlJrjued' rra HEARS STEPS, GALLS POLICE DENIES GUILT relghed b ■. against jj rn Glassi . 6 3, 6 , aaid I : — -. at the corner of Axlnuitrr i -. street and Saw Mill River road. ‘ Vl . Her husband Is suing for *10.000 ] \ ' wrvlces e. May 20 (UP) — „ . _ I Francis T. Hunter.'L.**? 1 * ,|or ®- e » ,tf ' rt »«reet. t ml* doubles pair. wHarrtson. pleade.! not guilty to round match In the *' r ourt championships *®heduled for Ister today Doris Me..,., Jon- '» Of Court, f France, and 51 Fiore was arrested on Ihe links of the Maplemoor Golf Club while creating a disturbance, nccordjrtg In Ihe report made lo police .here s of hla wife's Gearing; Hotue Statement Norwalk..Conn. May 20 tUPl — | The theory of police that Joseph Pulrtno of Pori Chester was \taken New York mpi .n.,t for a rlde \ b > ‘ rum ™nnera was clearings *MI.000?n00; clearing I - ,he house balance *155.000.000; Federal “ Bank credit halanci CHAUFFEUR \ PHOTOS Quick Service BOYCE, Photographci 1*2 Marline Avenue BUfCK blood-stained hatchet beach 'near Ihe spot win ttlno's body was found 1 v ember 16th. ■t\No- London. May 20 (UP). — Former King Amanuliah, of Afghanistan, now attempting lo regain his throne, retreated from Mukur lo Kalal-r-Ghll-SSal. 100 miles north ­ east of Kandahar when the Khil/al attacked his troops, an Allahabad dlgpateh lo tha Dally Telegraph ' tod ay. - • for Old ilrport. -N. J.. May 20 Q Williams and his co-pilot Lewis A. Yancey- off here this aftetne Orchard. Me. according lo reports from the two filers, about midday Yancey announced that \The Green Flash\ would take off for Rome from Old Orchard at day ­ break tomorrow, weather pet ting. Mrs Anden night that shi High School band gives concert i Pag* 7 Miss Sweeney weds Hewlett Duryeg. | __ Page 7 Miss Allep engaged. Pare T Confirmation at Lutheran church, t. * Outage Place. ’ Mj „ , bHdram(dd . tej ' ss ; “ “ c \ “ \' ««« \ti •r;; ■ — «*. - T*,sr Nn * but » Page-* - «» £2rurs:arSj empty The ecreen to the window Jode , CTr ^ d.lmSTj vH> Ivinc on ths erntind ....... lega.ion of _ ____________ 1 00 ° Y * Ptt *i > - PagaiT | on the police blotter ) » ‘ 20C W. Sydney. Austqrita. May 20 <UP> - Grave anxiety was felt today for two Australian airmen .missing since Saturday when they left Ihe Dutch East Indlfs for Port Darwin, on the North- Coast of Australia. The filers. Lieut. Janies Molr and Flying rifflcers Harold Owen. ----- - enroute from England ta Australia, having left Lytnpne Airdrome. Eng: lend, on March; 16. Bivorcfc Final Mrs. Ruth Briggs Wins Final Decree* in Suit Against Famous Cartoonist; Had Been Married 26 Years Local Oka. plan flag day pa Board ijf Education « Rtlth Owen Briggs' (ntcr-1 The Briggs couple bad b Incutory dlvotca from Claire Briggs, cartoonist, became final today A woman syndicate -Venture' writer waa ' named/jSy. Mrs Briggs, as co ­ respondent. a colored jnalrl . testify ­ ing that the write*-and the car: toontat lived together, the woman being known as \Mrs Briggs.\ rled twenty-six years and had three 'children.' a married 'daughter, a iweftty year.old son and a thirteen year bid daughter who U In ' ___ of her mother. Mn>.\Rrigg*'lives at 171 Oxford Road. New Rochelle. The interlocutory decree was awarded trfire months a*[o. 1-EXINGTQN AVE, AT MARTINE EASY PAYMENTS TRADES ACCEPTED. AN ALL-ELECTRIC RADIO SET AND TABLE FREE TO EVERY USED CAR PURCHASER MAY l?TH MAY 2€TH. Inclusive LEXINGTON AVENUE -AT *AI CHEVROLET

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