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™WHONK <>200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ SATURDAY. MAY 25, 1929 9200 \ The Building Trade Review i A. RflECEL & SONS (NOOVrOktTED 2 Hamilton Avenue EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS MASON MATERIALS HEAVY HAULING White Plains 9000 FILL COPING SAND TOP SOIL STONE FUG STONE GRAVEL 4 lue stone CINDERS CRUSHED STONE Mamaroneck Italians to Build New Church ' ‘ Dependability ’ & MAHLSTEDT ’ S r*. ’ AKANTZED BUILDING HA TERIALS. FUEL & FAINT Bank Street (Depot Plaza) White Plains 576 ::S.\ D e P aci DePace & Justor. New York architects, have prepared the plans for the new Church of St. Vito, in Mamaroneck, of which the Rev. B. Del Negro is the pastor. The Home Owner and Architect AMORIELLO 8i SON, Inc. General Contractors and Builders VALHALLA, N. Y. Phones — White Plains 3312-9474 BO AOS FILL SEWERS BUILDING STONE WATER MAINS TELFORD STONE EXCAVATIONS CINDERS TOP SOU B^WILUAM C ^l!A|.n»-RT J, * Ths prospective home owner Is frequently uncertain of the best methods by which to go about ob tainlng the home of his dreams. By tl^e time he Is ready to consider owning a home he has spent msny hours studying various types of required by his family. He has col ­ lected a miscellaneous asnnrtment of pictures, catalogue and informa ­ tion which he hopes to utilize in his own mimterplcer When he has reached this stage he becomes Im ­ patient to realize his Ideas but Is uncertain of the best way to set tbe wheels In motion. Ths question of finance is sn Im ­ portant one. Very few home build ­ ers know what proportion of (he total coat of the operation must be borne by them directly and what proportion can be financed by a mortgage. This varies somewhat, depending partly on the condition of the money market, tbe estimat ­ ed market jralur of the property and the moral risk. Under normal conditions reputable mortgage companies will loan M per ceqt or 60 per cent of the estimated value of the property on a first mort ­ gage which runs, usually, for three or five years, without amortization. which can usually renewed without difficulty Additional fin ­ ancing necessary may be done by a second mortgage up to 10 per cent or 20 per cent, but this amount Is usually amortized, that Is. paid back In Installments Another method of financing Is by the budding and loan companies These companies will frequently advance a large proportion of the total cost, but the loan must over a period of about 12 yer that at the end of the period been entirely paid off. The Hext question Is that led A ' problem ihould rd before a lot Is purchaa- horough discussion of the will enable him to aacrr- type of house required to meet the client ’ s needs and wheth ­ er any particular property under consideration Is well adapted for this style of house. His experience may enable him to see possibilities In a difficult site or notice defects in what appenrs to be a perfect sit ­ uation; and his knowledge of real estate values may be of financial benent to his client. After the sits has been tentative ­ ly or definitely selected, the next step Is that of preparing sketches. These are usually at small scale and are designed to Ideas of the client, to show the size and arrangement of rooms and the character or style of the exterior. Sometimes many Sketches are nec ­ essary before all difficulties are When the general ’ scheme has been authorized the architect musf then prepare working drawings, de ­ tails and specifications. These as are necessary to show all spec ­ ial features of the building. These drawings, together with the specl- ficnUops. constitute a complete de ­ scription of the hulldlng for the puhpose of obtaining estimates and erecting It. The next problem Is that of lestrable select i i this 1 mp ' ,r ' talned and the After the contract has been left and work started, the architect must spend hours at the R>b see ­ ing that the work Is being carried out in accordance with the plans and specifications This superin ­ tendence Is absolutely necessary to achieve the result Intended, for many verbsd explanations are MODEL HOUSE WINS PRAISE OF ARCHITECT Benedict W. .Hill Visits the Mahlstedt Residence on Earlwooje Drive, White Plain* Attendance records at ths Whits Plains model house, sponsored by ths New Tork Federation of Wo ­ man ’ s Clubs In cooperation with ths J,.A Mahlstedt Lumber A Coal Company. Indicate that thousands “ ’ estchester County people have >f Westcheste dewed the ho Among the Benedict W. I the recerent visitors was Hill, who was especi ­ ally'-interested In the architectural side bt the exhibit The plan of the model house. It will be recalled, won first prize In a nation-wide central for j. small house designs. Mr. Hill, who aaw the house for tbe first time, was agreeably surprised by the architec ­ tural excellence of the whole de ­ sign. \It marks an encouraging devel ­ opment In American tastes and Ideals, ” he said after hts Inspect \The early Colonial American i chltecture drew Its Inspiration f Europe. After tha when architects In America scemo to be Invested with a dsslre for in ­ dependence and freedbm from es- tatmahed custom. It also became s time of rapid expansion In Amert- m city life, and much non-<| — •'-rioi ■tiding was the result. The house which the Mahlstedt Company tuu refreshingly different. It has distinct character and a last ­ ing architectural beauty. Such a house, experience has proved, de ­ teriorates much more slowly and a much sounder In ­ vestment for the owner. \The Mahlstedt Company and the .New York Federation of Women's Clubs. Id selecting such a house for a Model Home, are helping to Im ­ prove future property values In Westchester County. \The Interior, of course, has been completely furnished under iklllful direction of the ladles - in charge, and contains dozens of Ideas that can be used by every 'For my part. I found my visit as Instructive* as anything 1 have one In recent years.\ The model home is open each day from 9:00 a. m. to R ■astly reached by driving out Soundvlew avenue to Kai Irive. White Plains Visitors who arrive aarly tn Uu •venlng will rind they are avoiding he rush. The exhibit will dose May 26. qulred to make elear ths exact In tent of the plans, and on moat )obs unexpected conditions art met and difficulties encountered that can only be ^solved on the spoL The architect has many services » perform for a client and must ave knowledge of many things not primarily*; architectural. He takes 1 pride In his work and mess his success by the satisfaction given his client as well as the arch '.oral merit of hts design. A le designed by a good architect possesses distinction, belongs to Its and will grow old beautifully. - FRANK HORTON BROWN ARCHITECT S CHURCH STREET PHONE 2514 Every Good Building Material Conklixi'Pfister Building Service 14 Fisher Lane INCo .. . ‘ ORATED Tel. 6600 White Plains, N. Y. ANNOUN CEMENT JOHN J. TUCKER bn formerly conducted hl» Insurance business at No. 17 Mamaroneck Avenue, this city Is nos KNOX. LENT & STEVENS. INCORPORATED S MAIN STREET, INSURANCE — NOTHING ELSE Where be will continue to serve the best Interests of his clients. with the firm of WHITE PLAINS GEDNEY WAY LUMBER & COAL COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS MASON SUPPLIES COAL , v • GEDNEY WAY WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. Phone W. P. 6950 Putnam Valley Lumber and Supply Corporation Lumber, Builders ’ Supplies, Mason ’ s Material, Coal Phone Elmaford 1847 Elmaford, N. Y. T - Ughtlng Fixtures Appliances North Castle Electric Co. ‘ • Electrical Contractors EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL GOULD BATTERT SERVICE BATTERY- CHARGING AND RENTALS SERVICE AT ANY IMt ll 621 No. Broadway wiring i North White Plains BLUE PRINTS Engineers and Architects Equipment Art Metal Steel Office Equipment CORNELIUS HUNT 199-201 Main Street Bar Building Tel. W. P. 4138 White Plains, N. Y. BENI&ICASA 8C GLASER CONTRACTORS Decorators and Painters Ws Invito you to visit snd Import « Cou^ \B DEPOT PLAZA WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. Telephone 9248 Telephone. Office «M1; t-entdeem UN GEORGE E. MARCOTTE ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION IN ALL BRANCHES 47 West Post Road White Plains, N. Y. i C. G. SWACKHAMER 90 Westmoreland Ave. Building Material — Red snd Green Hlste — Coal^SwIft Red Star — Fertilizers — Surface Fireproof Hhlngtes — Agricultnr- Drivewaya. Phone White Plains 564 FREE RADIO SERVICE CALL If you wtU phone 6175 White Plain, within period of one month we will make one service call to check to bee, aerial, ground and all connection, of your radio with ­ out obUgaUon. H. G. WAGNER ELECTRIC CO. 105 MamaroDeck Avenue •' «• Engineers and Surveyors For the Record of YOUR Property In Westchester County carefully made and preserved by <1. Henry Carpenter, C. x since 1*71. CONSULT -J. HENRY* carpenter & CO 116Main Street Yorktown Height* Plains Westchester C«, N. Y. Tel. W. P. 695 TeL Yorktown 189 f . ------------ - ----- -------------------------------- OTTO KOWANG MANUFACTURER OF SHADES AWNINGS SAILS Factory and Show Rooms 66 West Post Road White Plains, N. Y. Special Yacht Sail* — Tents and Ship work Wagon and Truck Tarpaulins Rigger Rope and Wire Work '*■ — PHONE 606 ■ hr a Ten of I SUBURBAN WEATHER STRIP & SCREEN CORP. 30 Martine Ave., White Plains,- N. Y. * METAL WEATHER STRIPS METAL SCREENS WOOD SCREENS SHADES W. E TAYLOR. Pits. Phone White Plains 6928 ELLIS B. COOK. Vke-Pres. DIAMOND 8C SWEET, INCORPORATED glass Copper Store Fronts Construction 57.89 M.rtin. A — . Wh.fr Pl.m., N. Y.

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