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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.. FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1929 THE MAKE-BELIEVE WIFE \Tou've said over and over that you didn't car* a rap about It! ” Beatrice reminded him. faintly •aid, “ Can you conceive of any ­ thing »o absurd. ao fantaatic ns that you should be jealous of me!\ \I am. though,\ she said decis ­ ively. ‘ In that one moment — what ­ ever It was. Hugh, I knew that I was — that I am — your wife.\ she said timidly, feeling her way with words, trying to make him under ­ stand. “ I realised then that I had been cheated, either becaula I was so much younger than you. Hugh, or because of some lack In me.\ she said, “ cheated out of all the pangs of true loving: the anxiety and jealousy and suspicion. And I knew then that never again could I take It all for granted — as I've been taking it for granted all this year — my bl» room, that Is your room too. and my name, and my place always beside you ----- \ \Why Bee! Why, my dearest! ” he stammered, as she was stopped by Kathleen Norris — Author oi Hildegarde — My Best Girl — The Foolish Virgin. paper today! .Tbe lemorlnl, Hugh,\ she \We've all been fooln, more or less,\ she conceded. \But. Hugh, I couldn't be humble — I couldn't be patient — last night, with Alleen smiling at me so triumphantly,'' she pleaded. \No. no. I see that I was wrong!\ \I wss an idol ever to think that stealing your plans would get us anywhere!\ she said. “ But. then. \And now do you see why I hid your plans, Hugh?\ she asked. \No.\ he answered, still bewilder ­ ed. looking at her patiently. ■ \Why. because I'm your wife, and ; because your happiness Is the one thing In the world I care about,\ e said. \And I believed that i t's plana would have no chance against your plana!\ \But my dear child — my dear child.\ Hugh stammered. . \You couldn't destroy all the plans that were to be sent In' Why. almost Ove hundred Arms, all over the world, are competing for this so cold, so cruel to me.\ Beatrice went on. \something just seemed to snap In my head — I went crazy. I hadn't failed you, I hadn't done anything wrong, and to have you suspect me — to have you think — \ She was getting excited again. \I'm so sorry. Bee! ” . he said For a minute she was silent, her Angers tight In his. her shoulder against his. and her eyes averted. \Hugh something happened to ine in that room last night.\ she began again .suddenly. \Something that took my soul right out of me, and twisted It. and p^t It back again — one groat enormous ache. .. \I came allvs —\ she said. In the 'There, In that study,\ her voice went on presently. \I knew what you meant to me. I was — suddenly. Hugh — Jealous. More fealous than you'd ever boon, I think! I hated Bert because he was your son. be ­ cause you'd adored him from the first moment of his life. »I loathed Alleen because she Is on* of your oldest friends — because she was \Bert!. Oh. Hugh, he ’ s got It! It says you. it says Beatrice and A. Houston Challoner of the firm of Challoner. Fairfax A Flint.\ Bea ­ trice went on. In a puzzled voice, \but it must mean Bert, for your plans didn't go InU \Let me see ----- ” Hugh was read ­ ing It with her. \Well by golly, that's right!\ he said. In what was strange emotion and excitement and Inelegance for Hugh. “ It .means that Bert -----“ ■ Bea ­ trice suggested. T suppose — * Hugh said, look ­ ing off the paper — \I suppose we shall come to the end of these rev ­ elations some day, but It seems un ­ likely. You see. Be*. It may mean me. My plans did go In . ” Beatrice, lft go her hold on the paper, and sat down. Her perfect ­ ly expressionless face was turned toward him. \I know it,\ she agreed calmly. \But none of them will be as good Hugh smiled, but It was a shaky smile, und he put his hand over his eyes suddenly, as though the pleasant big room, with Its twink ­ ling breakfast table and Its flowers and sunshiny windows hurt him. \You — you little Idiot!\ he said thickly. circumstances had prevented n from getting my plans In by tl stated date.\ \Hugh and you never told me \I didn't think they had chance, my dear — that the judgi wopld give them the slightest coi sideration. but evidently\ — h voice could hot suppress a note < pride and satisfaction as he looks again at the paper — \they did.\ t finished simply. | They looked at each other. \I think I understand-that you are tryintf to tell me — that you love me, Bee,\ he said, clearing his throat. I \In a new way. As a wife. Not as a very much spoiled baby.\ \Have It that way, then.\ he agreed, lifter a long look that hrought the color to her sensitive \And ----- \ She glanced atjgut the room. \We are or. our honey ­ moon,\ she stated. Hugh did not answer He lean ­ ed forward, and put his elbows on his knees and locked his Angers tightly across his eyea Beatrice stood up and touched her lips to his dark hair, \So that,\ she said. \I* that.\ \And we don't care who wins the little timidly, not quite sure of his feeling. \But — but I did It sud ­ denly. Hugh, on an Impulse — Just looking at them, and thinking how wonderful they were!\ \I see!\ Hugh said. \It would — It would make you happier to have Bert get It. wouldn't It?\ Beatrice asked, en ­ couraged. \It would mean work for him, Hugh, and success, and that he was proud of himself —\ — - Her face was white. Bh>l lade a gesture of her should*)! 3 ward the paper. \That you'v.l ■on?\ she gasped: | at — It looks like It dear.\ | She was on her feet her armil bout him.\ I \Oh. Hugh. IJugh. I'm so proucl f you!\ she sobbed, bursting into! tars. Tm so proud of you!\ I LCoaUHMd m Tomorrow's Deny j - tsssi 1 tYes. Let me explain: about three weeks ago — some time after I had found ‘ the plans — Philo Ap- THE U^s HAVE ARRIVED Depot Plaza Garage RICHARD J. PETERS, , Proprietor ANMOIINCES The Opening of a Sales and Showroom He locked his Angers tightly across his eyes and Lee touched her lips to his dark hdl 1 C VIII. r man's admiring -me. and It wouldn't . \had got a aort of boyish crush on have made any difference if I had! ' me.' Beatrice contlnutu. \At first ’ •gUy!\ Beatrice pursued steadily. \You talk I was going to tell you bc.'Xfleo I night that 1 1 about my being a child! Well. I Uibught It might please you — ' She aeem ao bad 1 wal yount. I was Inexperienced. 1 hee'tated. eying him squarely. * shed on eag- i never ^ brrn deeply In love, or rlease me!\ Hugh said faintly, ►erfeetly aafe ’ lhor 1 o( myself as particularly for me, be- -»^ al « h»» 1 “ > -7 \ Poundered, ll short • I bs!f lauj.hlng am! half vexed. \I be asked ' Uw word 1 h* u ,he wori1 'passion — but you know what I ,, , mean?\ she finished. t all. I am Ilested stout- ” * do know what you mean! u even cross Hugh agreed. \It Is one of the It that it was things that make me-,\ He paused and shrugged eloquently. \It d vou brcln la on * of Mlc thl“ K» lh “ t y«> “ nerfrrtlv the wonderful person you are!\ he hu'ZlnSml - “ J humbly “ This summer,' Beatrice went on. I . narrowing her eye*, staring into I l It wasn't'\ ,; P ace - \suddenly I woke up. I real ­ ized that I was a woman, and that that there were a lot of things In _ The world that I had aort of — well. ; __ ,. r token for granted, that I had to tan. m or to hold. I just-' She mered * looked at him InnoAntly. \I Just — n did you be- ron,r * he «*P>*'ned youth- i for vou It fu, *y- ' \And did .Bert hay* something lo eve- did feel 110 wl, h that. Bee?\ Hugh, listen- ea exclaimed. In ~ •ttflnUvely. asked presently. In k . a silence. pred with a! \Oh. yes. M was because of Bert !\ I she answered unexpectedly, unhrsl- ly concerned . 5 UARTINE AVI L.SwCCyAL TICES \Well she conceded more mod 1 erntely. \I thought I did. And then the grent the great surprise came — '\ Beatrice finished, eyeing him with s sort of quiet childish trt- ! umph Infinitely charming. \What great surprise?\ Hugh asked, elevating his eyebrows. \This is what we were going to IFIT you at Mr. Lambert's If you 1 hadn't gone so-so crazy. Hugh.\ she upbraided him. \And perhaps If Alleen hadn't been there.\ she ” finished, with a faint thoughtful For Trucks For Passenger Cars “ A Complete Day and Night Service AUTO DEALER BUSINESS A SPECIALTY WHOLES \I don't know that you do,\ Bea-1 trice said, with a speculative look. ] [ \But. anyway. It was because Bertj liked me so much — \she wss con-! tlnulng, when suddenly a more anl- ! mated look came Into her eye*, and she interrupted herself. “ And why shouldn't he like me?\ she demand ­ ed with spirit. \I was right there under his feet all the time; I was his stepmother; you were most anxious — you know that. Hugh.\ Rhe broke off to say accusingly — “ you were most anxious to have him like me and lo have me like him; you would have been heart ­ broken If we hadn ’ t liked each other — \ Her argumentative, re ­ proachful tone was Irresistible. Hugh burst Into the sort of laugh ­ ter which, a few hours ago. he might have fancied himself done forever. Beatrice looked at him. atill In ­ jured. her reluctant, answering smile only faintly ayrapathetic. . Anc what Is It?\ *Why that Bert tried for the Kreutxmann Memorial Prize him ­ self!\ she announced momentously. \Bert — what!\ Hugh said feebly. - \Bert himself — all alone, drew plans for the Kreutzmann!\ Beat ­ rice said triumphantly. \How do you mean?\ Bert's father asked sharply.\! \Well — well.\ her wards began to tumble out eagerly. \He talked to me about It — oh. months ago. He's done plans. And he has some really wonderful Ideas In them. too. Hugh!\ Beatrice said enthusiastic-' ally, reading aright the skeptical look In the older man's eyes. \Bart!\ Hugh said agalipatupld- \Y*a!\ She was youbtfully elate. \Hugh didn't you ever guess?\ aha demanded. \Guess! 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