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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, June 01, 1929, Image 15

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94UU N. Y_ SATUKIIAY, JliNK I. 1929 THE DAU.V PRESS, WHITE PLA 1 I By C. M. PAYNE S ’ MATTER POP — Apology Accepted THE\ MAKE-BELIEVE V c . a -H .1 K nqvj , 1 me - vet ? SMOT?E. VMllLE. I ’ m -A wake . E~ ? CD >2) You wa K e ) ME. To TE LL. r /,<X^Vjfi ) ME - ^- h - a tt J /CLHSkl CPJ5TA KCE--f] OUWT>) .U'P ALL Nld-^T J 9ULLIKJ6 IN' ) l — - — 7 dAPAM, 1 By KATULEEN NORRIS Author of Hildegardc — My Best Girl — The Foolish Virgin C USlTj \But — but you Just thought Bert quiet, w won.\ he protested bewildered, nr.uipod \end you didn't c»r«:\ ' pnL «n \Oh Bert!\ phe laughed, and , one by i wiped her eyre end choked again. 1 only or “ It'e o«er — the Kreutzmann con- j at alL teat ----- “ she eald. In an awed whit-1 - HoWl per. \And youVe won! Hugh, can , talr , , you believe lt? “ : KO od Ol \No. I really can t.- and that- H* f ^ , that we're happy again.' he admit- Heavy ted with hie artless. kind emllr. ^ 1 , , c \And now. what do we do. Hugh? a he (\ x , Can't we — go home, and eee your h *r nu mother, and have them all congrat- ( n*y ha ula'te you?\ Beatrice asked child- out _ nnl laly. blowing her noertand wiping ot her o her eyes again and lookinbat him And lh( expectantly. / ' Challon \Congratulate us US We ll go hlm fo , home now. ” Hugh fame over to a , lpper , her chair and knelt down and put hpr bru his arms about her. and ehe rested h ead. 1 her hand on hi* ehoulder, so tliat doll* ’ --, their eyes were elo*e together. Ml jBU \Never never to make you-unhap- __ py any more!\ he eald earnestly. -vvhe By GLENN CHAFFIN and HAL FORREST TAILSPIN TOMMY SPEED WILL TAKE THE MAIL 1 TOOQgROW NI6HT-Y0U a shoul S- oeet Hin on <- YOUP RETURN AT DEVll'5 { RIDGE ABOUT MIDNIGHT — / AU 6ET, OLD TlflEK? J p HeRC cones the 1 SHIP FROM SAM TOW --10145 — fllflHT ON A Tine--You should M GET AWAY IN FIFTEEN JgiT'S MINUTES, LOOK AT YttUBj EX- GREASE\ * HONkTY SWING , THAT SHIP AROUND, »V)L . I ’ LL BET HE C0UL0 FLY RK3HT NOW , /•S A BIG NIGHT AT THREE-POINT L AN0IU6 ■* — HERB AS DOE TQ HOP OFT IN A FEW M/NUTES WITH THE FIPST- SHIPMENT OF MAIL OVER THE NEW POUJC TO SAN ADO\ NEW MEXICO ------ trice'* new wisdom. *tlk cover he give her — would you i “ Oh. yef, you'll make me unhap- hand me that va»e. Mr. Bert? 1 py again.\ ehe aald. \and Jealous They're going to have dinner up and anxious and furious! We ll there.\ maid Nelly, \but will you be worry over children some day. here? For maybe ----- ” Hugh, and I'll have pneumonia. .. No; nl n0 , he here. You see. I've j and yoiTU'have typhoid fever. I'll t KO t a new Job, Nelly.' ' like people you don't like*hd you'll | -i heard you Maying something! like — Allern.'glshr submitted with 'about It.\ a sudden sparkle of mlighlef. -it's In Boston, you know.\ \Never!\ \For Heaven's eake' Wouldn't I \But that'*--she laid her frag- you thlpk they'd hold their heads ; rant cheek against' him; her voice up, and not loop over like string?\! waa rich with content — \that!* mar- Nelly muttered, of the flowers j rlagr. darling.\ she said, wearily. “ I'm dining with my grandmoth-j exquisitely, dreamily er tonight.\ Bert pursued, \and off | “ That's heaven' Hugh added . tomorrow morning \ slowly. I \Well. It isn't Europe, anyway.\' At about seven o'clock that night Nelly said politely. Ii was raining again In North Un- j \No. I couldn't go-to Europe. ( derhlll. and Bert, coming quietly Rl ' r ’ B | “ wer * d - ® hc d,d \ ol , h ' ar In at the side door of the old Chal-1 hlm t5 '>« CBllfd En ‘ . mB to h«'P hrr f loner house — the door that opened ' ,h * T “ ” .c t> * t |4 r *^ is “ rs?.™ w \ He raw^Nrllv there flilnc violets ,1, ' n- nnd ,ool<cd U P Bt ,he line of j sod orimrose^ ln^lver t^wl. »K*H«I wlnd ° w\ \verheard among: and primroses In a lter bowl. thlnn ing branches.' His fath- 4S “ en “ kMl cr's room, and then the square dim! __ \ “ T* ,n ' hP Ir'it Of Hugh's dressing-room, and! world, said Nelly placidly. \They ; lv; j glowing comerjwindowo In I got home at six. live Minutes after a)1 ln Beatrice's upstairs you was here before, nn.l anything sirfng room. Imilde were firelight! Ilka the Isunlilrt rid runnln;: nl „, 1-mpli^llt L Hugh deep In his around there wa* in It you never 1 her chair, weary and happy and see. They'd .looped at your grand- vtlt.ng for dinner, and Beatrice — mother's, and tlieyd laid time to radiant, wrapped In woolly white,, buy these — ' Nelly indicated the her hare feet showing\ under the flowers • that were making ths-light silk cover — Beatrice, brushing , whole room smell sweet i her moss of silky ropper curls Into j \Home eh'\ Bert .aid blankly! 1 an auraole. like that of an 'Italian i “ I asked Mrs. Challoner wa* she doll-* tired.\ Nelly went on Inexorably. -Jert m^eod in \And ,%ht Just went off In s gale' >n£*. long time. 'What would tire me?' she said. '1 light ar.d s[ 'Well.' I says, 'dancing all night Ini to rl:.- - It at the Lamliertn' boll for a srna- on net' lor.' I says, and strcellng off Into IV °h) r, .1 the rain at four o'clock In the 1 nloom-d li 1 rm morning maybe tint would tire thr d r , ' you.' f says, 'and maybe not!' 'Oh. T ’ n 13 no.' she says, as quiet as you are this minute. Mr. Cert. I went down !! r,rr to the city.' she says. 'And Mr. n ., r '\ r t 1 ’ Challoner and Noon non down , L „ l \ ’ u,r ; and brought me home!\ f , nh ^tween'V / Rl^HtT OUT OF THE BLACK ----- HOT TAIISPINS! [.THIS IS WHAT \ I CALL LIFE! fronerr ’ S 00 ing 'ni6KTY WELL. ALL RIGHT — AND YOU ’ RE ' MOJTLY OESPONSlBLE I FOB Mli P BOG BESS > --THAT MOTOR 1 SOUNDS GREAT, / ( DOESN ’ T rr ? y CONTINUED THE NEBBS— Revenge Is Sweet ' HCR 006 16 6tC< U CAKi YOU iMAftuJE THAT MOLOiUG UP THE SUMOLC 3WOUU OU ACCZxjajT OB A BUM POOCH THAT'S 60 SPOILEO UE WOULOWT WAG WIS TAIL FOf? PELAR YOU'D TWIWK HE ___ A WAS SATISFIED U'?ti - ___________ S /THIS IS FROM v. OELOCES LON1DOJ _ \ ‘ /-N OOO TOO*'ZJCK. CA>Sr' LEAVE UUT/L UE 43 WEIL EAJOU6U TO TSWl/ef. - J SC ' DELOffES : y /SoMETWIUfe 'HAVE UAPPEWED- MAYOE &HE MISSED THE TRAffkJ •. WOMEN1 V DO THAT ONJCE / V INJ AW HILE I READ IT BEFORE ’ [SOU PAS _ THAT ’ S ' THE RULES, GOSH OlKJG IT 1 . SIY.TV I FOUR CEUTS _ l CASH OMMEDtATELV. V OCMW ! y\ I AMD 1 WAWTED TO STOCT SHOOTIMG. THIS FbCqURE 1 AMD THIS LOMDONJ 6AL L h ASNJT -SHOWN UP 111/ The rain was cold sparse — already turn- 1 vrna pattering aud- ; t':et v.-ct leaven under i uiiilenly all the lights -.dinner, up and down I streets, unfriendly. . tnnlijht, twinkling-!! Vie for Honors at Rodeo By FRANK BECK AS BUGGIES — A Man in Search of a Job I THERE CAN'T BE AMY '-v MILLS IN THS TOWN AN© I THOUGHT WITH A NAME LIKE THAT IT WOULD HAVE LOTS OF THEM. WELL, -- [ I'M HERE AND l GOT L V___ TO STAY. - --------- * AFTER BUYING MY TICKET I®-- HAVE 8 150 LEFT. THAT'S GOT TO LAST UNTIL I CAN CONNECT WITH A JOB. I SUPPOSE 1 WAS A FOOL I NOT TO TAKE THAT 8 300 HEM r OFFERED ME FOR MY INTEREST K IN THE POLISH COMPANY. BUT- — /;. fcrv SOMETIMES ITS NICE TO , ----- , BE FOOLISH, '/■ I MILLS ) CENTER ! NEXT STOP . MILLS . q 1 CEJYTER! WHILE THE NEWS OF ALECS DOWNFALL IS CAUSING SO MUCH COMMENT UP IN HARTSDALE, ALEC HMSELF HAS DEPARTED, WITH ALL HIS WORLDLY GOOOS PACKED IN ONE SMALL BAG. Addressing School Children By EDWIN ALGER BOUND TO WIN — The Meeting t WISH l MORNIN' bub UNCLES LOST R% C aretaker , bu © , 'CAUSE KH Y=> BLOOD — STA^sUiflP^lAT AMO AN EMK\ t RoYsiBOAT 00*42 LEAVE MUCH TO THE IMAGIN ATION! V f i found rv£r'\ ---------- THEM ( tt r t. J both ! v7r fDUFF ! TOM DUFF! THAT'S hi s N AME ! SAILOR MAN . IWARN'T he ? j PATCHIM'S MY NAME R KNEW — THAT'S AND I AtNT A MAIN fiouR BOAT YOU TO MINCE WORDS — | CAME OVER IN WHERE'S THE OLD ) — 1 THOUGHT FELLOW WHOS HERE [ TDM DUFF WENT I REGLAR ONI THIS } AWAY IN TT [ ISLAND --------- ! LAST NIGHT ! CALL OFF YOUR DOG, BUB! GOLLY! 1 THAT'S \ TERRIBLE WOOF! WOOF! |B 1 j 0 ft m

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