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9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAfNS. N. Y.. SATURDAY, JHIfE 1, 1929 ! 92W A NYBODY can butt **-into trouble but “ Plenty Insurance ” is the only way to butt out! AUTO LIABILITY Phone u* fo^ratc! Telepho e^20 Police Barn Full Of Beer; No Place For Meandering Horae Tarry town — There Is a ■table In the rear of poller headquarter* here, a remnant of another day. whey# itray But It la a chancing world and when Policeman John Gallagher early today found a horae (trolling unattended in the lower part of the vil ­ lage and led it to the (table he found the bnrn packed with eltad kege of beer. There waa no room for the atray horae and anyway Of ­ ficer Gallagher aald he waa afraid the horee might think thought* Illegal among all the beer. »o he led the horae acroea the atreet where a barn waa found for the horae pending the arrival of Its K nox , — L ent & S tevens Insurance 'Nothing else . iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..i.ni! n City Court Monday. WIDOW WINS PREFERENCE $100,000 SUIT COYNE ’ S STAFF TO CLEAR MANY CASES IN JUNE 3 MACHINES 'ARE DAMAGED IN COLLISION Alfred Schilling, of Mamaro- neck Avenue, Arrested on Complaint Jack River* — Other Traffic Case* Taro mot one t a ware a treated here hut (light on chargee of reckleaa driving. Both are to appear before j Acting Judge Frederick H. Bargee. Jr.. In City Court Monday morning. Alfred Schilling. Ill Mamaronrck avenue, waa arraated on complaint ! of Jock Rivera, colored. 38 Win- | cheater atreet. following a collision . on Weetcheater avenue near Bloom- Ingdale Road. Rivera chargee Schilling, who i we* going weat on WeetcKoeter avenue, croesed from the center of the road to enter a driveway at 38 Westchester avenue, causing Riv ­ ers' machine to swerve to the curb and run Into an auto owned by the Westchester Concrete Company. Haw Rochelle, driven by Joseph Gurtold, New Tork City. All three machines were dam ­ aged. Schilling was arrested irolman Wlelandt and his aulo for hi* appearance In court. Joseph Armstrong. 530 West 80th _ ..... „• ' •trert. New York City, wss arrested prove Saw Mill Kiver I ’ ro- on charges of reeklro. driving after j PCl Mondavi to Drain he hud struck a warning signal on ‘ . . Westchester avenue at l.'nderhtll j 0 Larg# Area Road, carrying It ninety feet and 1 „ , - ---- . crashing Into an auto owned by The Board o. Supervisor* will o William A. Berwick, parked In front that hi. client denied any kno.l- of hi. residence at 60 Weetcheater . ?\* ih^ lrllThlI.hment m- «>«* ° ! ,ucti relations although he avenue. f!\ — . . Jlsnttarv ***^ he had taken Miss Marstn to Armstrong wss arrested by Pa- ,h # V estcheeter County -Sanitary |n Monlreal when the lUr trolman Gleason and Stevens and I Sewer Commission o. the largest D lavlng there left $35 ball for Me appearance tr. 1 »'«*r trunk line project yet pro- *\ Paying tnere court. Doth autoe were damaged. 1 Jidsed in this county. Quinn Is eaJd U> have called the George E. Lee. 81 Trenton avenue. It is the Haw Mill River valley m “ lh,r . . of ,. lh* T pho“e was arreated on charges of driving project, extending from Chappaqua * r ' d “ ld ub 1 T*J “ 1 “ **\* “ * 46 miles per hour on North Broad- 1 In New CasUs through Mount ml,t ~ * ,th A W way. He Is to appear In City Court ! Pleasant and Greenburgh Into called upon to testify. \He would on complaint of Patrolman Don- Yonkers broadcast her name In every news-, nelly. At the northern end the Irregu- l*P* r ,n New York .County and Ernest Reed, colored. Manhattan lar*haped sewer district extends ' 01,0 h,r ,tm ** career. 1 ' \*■ “ * ..... . night on slightly beyond the border* of the Counsel appearing from Quinn's Patrolman 1 Village of Chappaqua. It Intrudes , office denied the allegations. ~ Justice Arthur 8. Tompkins re ­ served decision NO SERIOUS OPPOSITION TO NEW SEWER held Juipcrv s Expected to Ap- SAYSLAWYER THREATENED HIS WITNESS Mt. Vernon Musician Seek* Absolute Divorce ; Charges Attempt to Coerce Him; Wife Make* Denial Alleged threats mad* fay Senator Elmer F. Quinn, of New York, at ­ torney for Mrs. Ethel G. Abbott to witnesses In the cult for abeolut* divorce brought by Lawrence G. Abbott musician, of Mount Vernon Sag strut hi* wife, former Baltimore bell*, and daughter of a prominent physician of that city, were charged In Supreme Court her* today by at ­ torneys for Abbott motion made by Mrs. Abbott's at ­ torney for counsel It was allaged that Quinn had threatened'to have Abbott Indicted for perjury and. for taking women Into Canada unless he dropped his suit against his wife In which he names six men. among them Daniel Klnkatd, on* time resident of this city. Quinn Is also said to have threat ­ ened Miss Polly Mara, a stag* star, named by Mr*. Abbott In her coun ­ ter suit for divorce, as on* of eev. era! women with whom Abbott was aald to have had Park. Central _ _____ __ KHey and charged with operating a a large portion of Mount Pleasant motor vehicle without a license. ! but doe* not touch the town of Os- Polic# held his auto for his appear- j sinlng. The central portion of the Husband Killed in Motor Collision, Mr*. Degenstein Sue* Continental Baking Co.; Trial in October Tha plaa of Mrs Degenstein. 45 CUII aveno*. Yonkers, for a prefer ­ ences 4.x tZM trial of her JinO.OOO suit against the Continental Bank- log Company. New York, is granted In a decision handed down by Su ­ preme Court Justice William ~ Bleaklcy. today. In hie decision tb* JusUce e . meats that the case, \although as preferable to others\ Is deserv ­ ing of some consideration. Th case will be set down for the Octi • brough following t occurred on Dec ­ ker 12. 18 28. In th* Bronx. Degen- oteln. an employee of lb* Massello Brother* Company, a Yonkers pro ­ duce Arm. was returning from New York on one of th* company's trucks, driven by James Cor when a vehicle of the Continental Bakery Company Is aald to have collided with it- Tb* crash threw tha Massello truck against a light ­ ing pole and the Injuries received by Degenstein were so severe, thpt he died a few hours afterward In the Columbus Hospital Z3 < Continued From Page One) him to etep lntcy it. He waa -later recaptured. No definite trial dates are set af ­ ter that but the district attorney's office still has several* cases for presentation. On* Is that of Elmer Spencer. White Plains, Indicted for grand larceny in th* eecond degree in connection with the theft of automobllo in this city. Jomc* Coetello and Frank Lands. Pelham. Indicted for rcJSbcry In the first degree should be reached some time before summer recene. William Johnson. Peeksklll. In ­ dicted for assault In th* eecond de ­ gree is also awaiting trial. John Manning, 43. Peeksklll Are- man. has been charged with arson. In connection with a Are In a lum ­ ber yard there. The Indictment and trial of this cos* depends on the procedure employed by the de ­ partment. William Maccabee. proprietor, and John Kennedy, bartender, of th* Sunnybrook Lodge. Hawthorne, the former a resident of that vil ­ lage and the latter of Whit* Plains, have already pleaded not guilty to chargee In th* first degree arising from what waa characterised “ bar room brawl,\ on .March 8. Cues and Att* were tb* principal wea ­ pon*. Their ease should be reach ­ ed tbl* month. Raymond Morrison. 30. of 38 Orchard place. Yonkers, and James A. Rowe, 2%-trf-lflfl Orchard street, also of that city, are awatlng trial on charges of robbery In the Arst degree In connection with an at ­ tack made upon Patrick Maher, 77 Moquette Row.- Yonkers. Both have pleaded not guilty to the Th# following birth* v oorded this morning at the office of th* Board of Health: RADIO AN May 38. girl to Mr. and Mrs. John (Hitt) Radlgan. 38 Rocklrdge avenue. DoCARLO — May 38. boy to Mr. and Mrs. Tony (DeMalol D«Car ­ lo. 4 Rocklrdge avenue. CASE — May 26, girt to Mr. and Henry Caudle. Ossining negro. Mr*. Frank L. (WatkinsI Case, charged with eecond degree 86 Vv North Kensico avenue. I >* also awaiting trial. 3HDBXK — May 26, boy to Mr. and . A serious charge Is preferred Mrs. Arthur (Rulers) Burk*. Val- • against 8tanl*y Bush. Baylls Court, Tarrytown. by a young girl of community, and be Is now waiting trial, having been Indicted for his offence. Because he Ared a revolver at a deckhand on a Hudson River Boat, in an argument over a cup of cof ­ fee. Michael McCarthy, 67. If tried and found guilty may face a i tenee of life Imprisonment. He already served three terms In Sing Sing Prison. The case of Emllo Calrlo. Yon ­ kers. charged with hecond degree assault, may also be reached, may that of Warren Stapleton, the same city, charged with a s< counsel fees until after trial of th* action, which Is now set down for Monday In' Part 1 before JusUce Tompkins, and will be the Arst action of Its nature In which any sensational development* are promised In some time. NEW ELECTION LAW IN EFFGT of Greenburgh !• Included I th* dletrlcL The Village of North Tarrytown In Mount Pleasant Is not touched but the district Includes all of Pleasant vtlle. In Greenburgh a portion of th* Village of Tarrytown U affected and almost all of the Village of Elmsford. A email 'sec ­ tion of the eastern part of th* Vil­ lage of Irvington Is affected and almost all of Ardslry. Dobbs Ferry and Hastings are not Included In the district, these villages to he Included In the North Yonkers trunk line sewer to be of ­ fered later for a, public hearing. ' rung of tb The lower end of the Baw Mill 1 which absentee registrants may sewer district Is In Yonkers, where take advantage of th* new central there have been a few objections ! registration facilities of th* elec- raleed but later withdrawn. Uon bureau of Weetcheater County. The public hearing on Monday la It eras announced her* today by expected to be largely formal and Coupty Clerk Charles J. F. Decker, ttpae eitltens appearing to speak -The new law make* registration on .Jilt matter arc not expected to *» the central office permissible be- oppose the establishment of th* ; tween June 1 and September 10. at district except on a few minor j earlier period than heretofore. Th, point* which can be arranged, it regtstraUon board will meet w«* mv to today. - ------------ * — ** -------- Yonlojr* Recluse . Listed As Suicide, Kept 20 Cats Yonk er s Michael Joseph Callahan, who lived. lor five years with twenty cats and without human companion ­ ship. was listed today as a suicide. Hl> body was foundyoster- dsy beyond a locked door of his apartment at 110 River- dale avenue by ht* stepmoth ­ er. Mrs. Mary Callahan, on on* of her infrequent visits An artery In hi* upper left arm had been severed with a rnxor blade which lay near him on the floor Callahan was p character about town. Although only thirty-seven year* old he liv ­ ed alone for five years. He was a recluse, it was said, becauee of 111 health. Grad ually he began to collect cats until be had a score of them •warming about his small apartment Th* cat* had not been fed and. crying wterdly in the ■ gruesome netting, they crowd- ed about police yesterday who were eummoned to report the suicide. LOSES FIGHT TO PREVENT EXTRADITION Court of Appeals Upholds Jtitticev Tompkins in Case of Stanley Gills. Pelham- wood; Wanted in South District Attorney Frank H. Coyne announced today that word had been received from Albany that th* I Court of Appeals has, by unanimous opinion, written by Justice Pound. ! denied the appeal of Stanley Grills, 40 Hlghbrook avenue r*>ham Wood, for a writ of habeas corpus In his fight to avoid extradition South Carolina where he has be ONE SPEEDER tha Lehman Draws Suspended Sentence; Drove 44 Mies Per Hair Here BUILDING FOR FIVE MONTHS SHOWS GAIN (Continued From Page One) as against $3,272,956 for the enlin 12 month* of 1928. The largest single Item for whld permit wa« Issued during Mar wu the new $800,000 store and offlc< building to be erected on the *ifl >f th* old -Standard Houi itr.eeL Other Items follow: Thirty-one one-family dwellit it an estimated cost Pf $376,800; >ne public garage. $43,000; 23 priv- tt* garage*. $15,160; one lunch wagon. $2,600; three etore*. $81,000; two etroage building*. $60,800. one play house, $1,500; total of 32 fnr' ion-residential buildings >f $895,060. Nineteen residential alterations, j $37,810; It non-resldential altera ­ tions. $307,323; total of 30 altera ­ tion* at a cost of $338,185. Four hundred and thirteen build ­ ing opefatlons are now under way within the city and 43 were com ­ pleted during the month of May. year on a charge of taking money under false pretenses 1 Gellls. said to be wealthy, la al ­ leged to have exchanged stock* with Mrs C. Albert Hill, w wealthy Charleston. 8. C- widow, on Jan ­ uary 12 of laet year, taking stock valued at $40,000 and Ip return la i alleged to have given her stock of dubious valut. „ \ ArVcstod In Pelham Manor In ; front of his home. Gellls waived preliminary esamlnation and w J lodged In the County Jail where j was subsequently released on U 000 ball, still In effect He fought extradition before f preme Court Justice Arthur Tompkins on a habeas corpus writ The Judge, reserving decision, said at thgt time: “ Trifc only question before l whether Gellls had been In South Carolina on the day the woman charged him with taking her In his decision later Justice Tompkins dismissed the habeas corpus writ Gellls appealed to th* Division, which upheld ilen Lehman. 31 West 86 street. New Tork City, pleaded guilty to charge* of speeding and Acting Judge Frederick H Bergea Jr, suspended sentence. Mias Lehman was arrested on May 27 by Patrol ­ man Sullivan while driving at a speed of forty-four miles per hour on Westchester svenue SUES BRONZE COMPANY FOR BACK WAGES Scantdale Man Claim# Hr I* Owed {7,80 in Salary and $25,000 in Commission* SON IS GIVEN ONE DOLLAR IN FATHER ’ S WILL He Had Been Provided For Otherwise, Said the Last Document of aFther, David Berman i the Court of Appeals, which now also upholds the Westchester opinion. It was said today that Gellls Is expected to appeal now to th* Unit ­ ed States Supreme Court, of whom he muil first seccrq permission for a certiorari action, to review th* ' iwer court*. B- Allison Moore, of the attorney- general's office Ip Charleston, cam* north last year'to take Gellls back but when appeals were filed return ­ ed to South Carolina Th* briefs before th* lower court* were pre ­ pared by Assistant District Attor ­ ney Lawrence Hasaard of Yonkers. waa hired aa a salesman fqr General Bronx* Corporation. Long Island. William Lawson, of Scaradaie. Is suing that company for the recovery of $3244019. ac ­ cording to papers filed here today. Lawson claim* that be was hired on February 11. 1828. as a salesman for th* bronse mmpany at a salary of $10,000 per yafev'wlQi the und sta n di n g that a commission of i per cent was to be awarded on sale* over $1400X00 for th* Arst On April 27. 1928. he say*, he was discharged, \without reason.\ and brings suit to recover tb* balance of wages he claims are due him. amounting to $7,840.18. He also claims $23,000 In commission. The be heard In Supreme shortly. whoe* points are now upheld by the Court of Appeals In Albany. V Haszard at th* tarlisr hear ­ ing told Justice Tompkins that Gel- lls Is also wanted on a charge in New Jersey but it was aald at that time this state would give prefer- \ itherp etata ty. on file here today, reveal* t left $10,000 in real property and $2,800 In personal property. Ha died in .Brooklyn on April 10. Abraham Kanaenetx. of 7 Fletcher avenue Mount Vernon, la named as eaaco- ir of the will. By Its terms Chari** and Harry erman. two eons bdlh of Brook ­ lyn. receive $4400 A daughter. Mrs. Dora B. Rooenblum. of Roa- bury. Mass, receives $8400. An ­ other son. John Berman, of Astoria. L' I, l* bequeathed $1,000. while a enter. Minnie Feldman, of Deesat. Lithuania, 1* bequeathed $400. A eon. Maurica of Baldwins ’ Place la grouted one dollar, \not be ­ cause of tack of affection, nor un ­ filled action.\ according to the will He baa been provided for other ­ wise. It states. Similarly, a daughter. Mrs. Sophie B Molk. of El Dorado. Kansas is given on* dollar. Her marriage preclude* her need of further aid. th* terms of the will divulged. . HON DEAD. HOLDS MOTHER Boston. June 1 (UP) — Believed the victim of corporal punishment, four-year-old John I Fix Patrick was dead her* today, while bis mother, who admitted having whipped th* boy. wa* held on a manslaughter ehgt-g*. Mr*. Anna M. Fit*patrlck. widow, told police she struck ■on with s email stick because RARE OPPORTUNITY M 1 ft AUERBAC INC Depot Plasa Telephone W. I*. I H ■ Mon- EARLPEACOX WILL GO BEFORE COURT MONDAY S bureau of elections her* days and Wednesdays from the morning to four In the aftei during June, from •■ss been pending for Pleas of guilty may dispose some cases and half clear the cal- In addition to this work the of ­ fice will also have to handle the re-eentenclng of a number of men returned from etat* Institutions < old \D- A Informations,\ under recent state ruling. Nine of these slated at present with th* pos ­ sibility that others may be return- NON-SCPPORT CHAMED - Harold Soulhworth. Katonah. aa arreated her* last night at 1 Travers avenue on a warrant issued by Children's Court Judge Moor* charging him with non-support. He wa* arrestsd by Detectives Hugh Hughs* and Murray and turned \ to Children's Court. MOTOR CAR STOLEN Tarrytown police reported to po ­ re here Utet a 1*29 Chevrolet coach bearing New York dealer ’ s li ­ cense DX-57-82 had ben stolen, from that village early this morn lag. four during tlon of September set aside forthls purpose. The board will also be In session on ever}' Saturday from t to noob'for receiving petitions central registration. Requirements for summer regis ­ tration are similar to those necea- ■ ■ - easy on regular registration days. Confessed Slayer of Wife to whlch com » *» October. New vot c , | ■ . era must give proof of literacy and Secure Adjournment to Ol voter* taking advantage of th* June 17: Hay* Notifi* new law. muet ehow Indubitable D - ' , _ proof that they will be unavoidably rrp»pective Juror* abeent from the county during U>* E-ri r “ »■ “ o«r from th* County Jail on Monday to ~ ____________ Part One of Supreme Court a there before JusUce Arthur Tompkins he will plesd \not guilty' to what the May grand Jury sak was the wilful and premediated murder of hie wife. Dorothy H. Pea- District Attorney Frank H- Coyne will Immediately move th* ease for trial. Sydney A. 9yme, defense counsel, will ask the court for the taro weeks' adjournmsnt to which Peacox la enUtleo and Justice Tompkins will grant the request. That eras the program for Pea- cox's arraignment. It was learned N , w YorU. Junf ! (U P) _o n . , 1 , charge of mleapproprtaUng $200,000 Indicted for first degree murder. ( from » Detroit bank, of which he Peacox must under the law enter e wax cashier and making fteUtloua P *^ d ,ntrl “ *° cov * r th « amount. Ira F. guUty to premeditated murder In j Aehr , on was held In $10,000 ball New York State and the district at- ■ „*r. yesterday. Th# Detroit bank'. _**| d - t0lUy ^ hl _ U _ d * ,,r ’ ! Indictment aleo name. Calvin H. “ “ ** Newman, former president. .J., i Aeheeon who live* In Larchmont SfcSK ’ S cKy ? HELD CHARGE EMBEZZELMENT Larchmont Man Arrested in $200,000 Detroit Bank Shortage mined not to accept a !***• When th* ease Is called again June 17. It Is likely fl ­ ask for a further td]t It should be grantee II trial ovsr unUI October. But Jus ­ tice Tompkins Is not expected to grent a further adjournment. It la predicted that he will suggest to Syme that th* counsel has had suf ­ ficient lime to prepare Peacox'a de- M. M. Hays this week prepared the Ust of prospective June trial Juror* from among whom, unless th* ei i. will b Bank branch at Broadway and 72nd Street, where he has been a cashier for th# lest twoNnonths. Newman le aald to be In Europe. will try Peacox for I sent out notice* to th* talesmen to report at the courthouse here at 10 'clock on Monday for Jury duty. CUPID BUSY Slight Gain in May License* Over April; 29 pcclarcd Intention to Wed Marriages during th* month of Mey showed a slight Increase April, according (o figures reli ___ by .City Clerk Georg* Zechlel this morning. There were twenty-nine marrfltgr licenses Issued In May. cbm pared with twenty-elx In April. Figure* for last year were not avail- A license was issued yesterday to Howard Jamae Carter, 28. of 40R> Brons boulevard. New York City, and Haler. R im , IW-h... r-r plan* Yellow Bird have again been postponed, wllh no chance of a hop-off before tomorrow morning at th* jimUest. Bueno* Aires. June t. (UP) — New' tremors have shaken the stricken Mendoxa Province, while th* 91 oat sever* earthquake In year* already bad taken\a toll of 47 dead and hundreds Injured, It waa stated to ­ day In advice* from th* city of S a n tiago. Chile, Jgne 1 (UP) — Strong and repeated earth tremors are reported today from Santa Crus, Chile. M A RMON A STRAIGHT - EIGHTS Immediate delivery dn a limited number of Marmon 68 ’ s, 78 s and Roosevelts on these remarkable new .terms. No cash outlay if your present car is of average value. * 45 * 65*85 per month per month now buys a now buyi a Naw . now buys a New Roosevelt (a straight-eight) Marmon 68 (a stxaight-cight) Marmon 78 (a »traight-eight) READY TO DRIVE Including spare tire and tube, bumpers, Lovejoy hydrau ­ lic shock absorbers and all equipmerit-^>fire and theft insurance and all finance charges paid , \ Leclair Motors, Inc. 19 Martine Avenue, White Plains Phone White Plains 8910 OPEN EV^RY EVENING OPEN SUNDAYS Parts and Service Station wmi

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