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9200 7 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, ff. Y., MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1929 9200 ws In Social.Circles of White Plains and Vicinity • Christian Flag Presented To St. Paul ’ s Methodist Church By Patriotic Organization Junior Order United American Mechanics In Special Cere ­ monies Stresses Need of Patriotic Idealism. McClure Makes Address. WEDS IN HOME - BUILT IN 1770 BY ANCESTOR Robert Bundle aruK ’ Mary Morse Marry in Clfappaqua Residence Long Owned by Bridegroom's Family The fourth generation of hie fam ­ ily to be married In the living room Of the home built In 1770 hr Reuben Haight, an ancestor, Robert Mur ­ ray Bundle took aa hie bride.' an Saturday, Min Mary Foeter Morae. daughter of Mra. H. Foeter Morae,. of 230 East ,48th street, and Her ­ bert W. Morae, of 35 Weft- 9th Street •The eerygiony waa jwrform- ed In the living room of the Bua- adle residence of ChappaqSa, by the Rev. Dr. Donald B. Aldrich, rec ­ tor of the Church of the Aacenalon, Hear York City. The houae 1* own ­ ed at present by the bridegroom'! parenta, Mr. rtSd Mra. Alfred Bua- ■elle. The bride's gown waa of Ivory faille allk. She wore a veil of tulle over her face, held In place by a hand of seed pearls and clusters of orange blossoms. She carried gar ­ denias and valley lillies. The brlde'e attendants were her Bister. Mrs. George Wilbur Rrownly. of Tuckaboe. and Miss Anne Bus- aalle. sister of the bridegroom. The matron of honor wore a Hock of strawberry rose starched chiffon and thp maid of honor wore com flower blue starched chiffon. Their large picture hats were of natural colored straw and they car ­ ried delphinium, blue lase flowers, Ophelia rosea and gerbera. Mr. Alfred Buaselle Jr, eras his brother's best mao. Ushers were Messrs. Clinton O. Butler. West Orange. N. J.; Robert H. Chamber- lain. Hartsdsle, N. Y.; Kenneth L. Jones. Wayne. Pa, and Malcolm S. Martin, of New York. BEST MAN AT WEDDING INNEWYORK Frank McFabcn of Scaradalc Attend* Naval Officer . Who Weds Miss Wriglit Frank McFabcn. of Scarsdale, will be beat roan today for Lieuten ­ ant Edwin Aator Taylor, U. 8. A,* -when the latter married Mlaa Vir ­ ginia Wright, of 11 East 80th street. New York. The ceremony will take place this aflerwBlC -to St. Bartholomew's Church, New York City, and will be followed by a a am ail reception at Sherry's. Mlaa Katherine Marks, of Greenwich will be tbe brie's only sttsnant. Mlaa Wright la the aughter of Mrs. William B. F. Wright of Norfolk. Va, and the late Mr. Wright Lieutenant Taylor la the son of Mr. on Mra. Richard A. Taylor of Richmond. Va, He waa graduated from the United States Naval Acad ­ emy at Annapolis, In 1927 and Is at- . bached to the V. S. S. Rochester, which la now In Panama HONOR DEPARTED MEMBERS Maplewood Camp, No. 9861. Woodmen of America commemor ­ ated their dead yesterday at as- nqal Memorial Day services held at the cemeteries of White Plains --and vicinity. The party gathered at the C. hall at 9 o'clock yesterday morning and then pro- St Paul's Methodist Protestant Church, of which the Rev. Chester A. Teatea la pastor, waa presented last evening with a large allk Chrta- flag, the gift of the John Van Aradalc Copncll. Na 90 of New York. Junior Order of the United American Mechanics, members of which combined with other groups ‘ hi* organization from Wretches- County and from New Jersey In attending the event About fifty the service, which waa of special nature In honor of the pre ­ sentation. / William S. McClure, post state councillor at the order, preceded the presentation by reading the of members of the council id died during the first five months of the present year. While the congregation stood, the names of Reginald Van Znndt. Louis M. Kraemer and Frank K. Dazer were called as the roll of those who on from the rolls of the John Van Arsdate council. Mr. McClure also made the. pre ­ sentation speech in connection sjjlh the gift of the flag. He called the attention of the congregation to the fact that the Junior Order of United American Mechanics have their basic principles, belief In their country and their God and the pi^etiee of virtue, liberty and patriotism. Theae. Mr. McClure aaaerted are the basic principles for tbe aueceas ‘ every organization or any coun ­ try. He ascribed the present posi ­ tion of the United States to the fact that It/a a God-loving country that practices Its beliefs In a practical “ This country, with all -Its frail ­ ties, faults and shortcomings. Is ■ertbelcss the greatest and best tbe whole world. ” he declared, le cardinal virtues of liberty of government and liberty of religion go hand In hand. In the presenta ­ tion of this Christian flag (o the church, let It always be remem ­ bered that It goes hand in hand with another Christian flag, pkl Glory.™ pointing to the American flag unfurled to one side of the pul- plt. \May they march steadily toward continued success and glory. May they help to make the civilized world better. May they make every country realize that hand in . the American flag and the Christian flag fly to the breezes and stand for the work that is blessed. 'May the congregation of St. Paul's and tbe world know that the Junior Order of United American Mechanics Is a strenuous ally In the promotion of those things that lead > love of country and God. ” George Dunning, president of the St Paul board of trustees, accept ­ ing the flag for the church, said: “The flog we have been pre ­ sented with tonight Iga fitting me ­ morial to the American flag and you. gentlemen of the order, rest assured that it represents will ever stand for a worthy cat Following the presentation, a cessions! was held by the choir around tbe church led by the ___ flags, the church banner holding ths position of honor at the head Of \ MRS. CLARKE RETURNSFROM CONVENTION Attended Biennial Council of Women** Clubs Federation — Mr*. Robert Smith Ac ­ companies Her on. Trip Mrs. Howard Clarke, president of the Contemporary Club, and Mrs. Robert P. Smith, recording secre ­ tary, returned Saturday night from Swompscott. Mass, where they at ­ tended the Biennial Council of the National Federation of . Women's Clubs, as first and second delegates from the Contemporary Club. There were over 1,000 represen ­ tatives at this council. 700 of whom were voting delegates, being pres ­ idents or organizations. The council lasted from Monday until Saturday night and theae were very busy days indeed, for the visiting delegates. Os well as the entertainment committees. On Monday afternoon the dele ­ gates st this council were escorted officially by the Massachusetts En ­ tertainment Committee to Salem and visited many historical-places. An elaborate banquet was held In. pie main dining room of the new Ocean House, on Monday eve ­ ning, In honor of Mrs. John P. Sip- pel, of Maryland, antlonal president of the Federation of Women's Clubs. On Tuesday morning the conven- on opened at Convention Hall, ad ­ jacent to Ocean House, with busi ­ ness sessions and reports on .na ­ tional officers. The Tuesday after ­ noon session was given over to prominent speakers, and a fine musical program. or and Mrs. Allen of Mass ­ achusetts were the guests of honor the banquet on Tueeday evening. After the dinner Governor Allen splendid address, follosrlng which a reception was given to '.he distinguished guest. During the business sessions on Wednesday, many resolutions were offered. The federation went oa word In favor of prohibition- and iw enforcement. They favored a Sabbatical year >r all public school teachers. Also ■e elimination of bill boards and advertising signs from highways. A resolution was .offered for na ­ tural conservation of forests In the west. The afternoon was devoted to lit ­ erature and art discussions. On Wednesday evening a number #f outstanding operatic artists en- trtslned the assemblage. Oa Thursday tbe development of American homes was discussed, as educational problems In ref ­ erence to schools, and moving pic The principal speakers on Thura- sy evening was ths United States Ambassador from Cuba, whose sub ­ ject was the \Promotion of friendly relations between women of Latin America and the women of the United States, and the ultimate aim • bring about srorlil peace.\- Friday morning was spent In fin ­ ishing the business of the conven- In Younger Set. The Rev. Teates. In a brief s mon chose as his text, \Men a ths Kingdom. \The entire growth of civiliza ­ tion,\ be said, can be traced to fra ­ ternal organizations formed thous ­ ands of years ’ ago by men who real ­ ised that In union there is strength. You men who are with us tonight as guests know the value of organi ­ zation and the teachings you have secured from IL \In fraternal Ism and organization has rested the entire advance of the world. In four brotherhoods, — birth relationship, church relation ­ ship, fraternal affiliation and labor affiliation has been written the ad ­ vance of man. To retain that posi ­ tion. brotherhood must be pre ­ served. •■I only say one thing. A frater- nal organization cannot and does not take the place of the chutch. It preaches the cardinal virtues that the church represents, works ths graves where floral j hand In hand with the church but tributes were placed. I never tries to exceed Graduation Gifts MEMORY BOOKS ENGRAVED STATIONERY FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS DESK SETS FIVE YEAR DIARIES -GIFT AND CONGRATULATION CARDS Viclcerman Stationery Stores I 2 IS Main Street INCORPORATED % WWt. Plains, N. Y. 1403 S.O.S. ELECTS M. JOSSELYN AS PRESIDENT Ridgeview Group Lay* Plan* For Picnic at Final Meet ­ ing Last Night; Dorothy Eberaole Retiring Head The S. O. S. Club of tbs Ridge ­ view Congregational Church had their final meeting and election last evening In the church .parlors. The newly elected offlqer* President. Martha Josselyn; president. Carolyn Tletjan; s tary. Alice Watson: ftreast Louise Mayer; jpemb-rihlp chair ­ man, \ Dorothy Ebersnle; social chairman. Lillian Mayer. was decided that on June 22. a final outing will be held at the summer cottage of Miss Josselyn at PleaaantvlUe. A picnic luncheon be taken and later the mem- will enjoy swimming. A ten ­ nis tournament will take place during the next two weeks. The finals will lake place at the Scars ­ dale Tfnnia Club. Tbe set up for the singles is as follows: Louise Mayer — Carolyn Tletjan. Lillian Mayer — Dorothy Schroe- der. Martha Josselyn — Tlllie Miller. Plans wars made for a member ­ ship dinner to take place early In October, the object being to In ­ crease the membership double the ;nt number. The outgoing of- The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A J. Crowley of Dave {£5eT\iJ53(Si. I Tletjan; secretary and treasurer, j Alice Watson ; social chairman. MISS EDITH CROWLEY The Department of Junior Mem­ bership constituted largely the pro ­ gram for Friday afternoon, al ­ though part of ths time was de ­ voted to discussions on education. $1,000 In prises had been offered to students by ths federation on. “ Why I Should Vote.\ The first prize of $500 was won by Clifford Miller, a student at Teachers' Col­ lege. Hays, Kansas. The first high school student's prize betK\McMahon Jacksonville Fla. The federation set aside Friday evening for another educatloi program. The speaker was t State Commission of Education of Massachusetts, wh new educational alms of today. He said that the principal things taught In his time were the three \R'e.\ \Reedin'. R'ltlng and 'rith- metic,\ but \educatlors of today a realizing that the three \Cs\, character, conduct and citizenship should be stressed.\ added the mlsslonrr. On Saturday morning the etate the council, on a most Interesting trip to Gloucester and all around Cape Ann. At noon the aehueetts Entertainment Cot tee, headed by Mrs. E. Packard pro ­ vided a typical Massachusetts \Shore dinner.\ u. > Many of the visiting delegates left for their homes afti luncheon, but the remaining mem ­ bers enjoyed a thrilling bus trip to Lexington and Concord, which was followed by a reception and tea In honor of Mrs. 81ppel at C Hotel Statler In Boeton. The federation convention v meet next year at Denver, Colo. Sunday School Teachers ’ . Picnic The Sunday School teachers f St. Bartholomew's Church hat completed plans for the annual pic ­ nic to bw held on Saturday, June 8 at Greeley's woods, Chappaqua. Parents and friends have also been Invited. Buses will leave St. Barth ­ olomew's parish house B.F. PROCTOR WILL WED MISS VARIAN June Ceremony Will Unite Prominent County Families Miss Margaret Lin Vartan daugh ­ ter-of Mr. and Mra Wilbur Un ­ wood Vartan, of Park Lane West. | will be mriried to Mr. Beresford ; Frank Proctor, of Palmer avenue. Mamaroneck. son of tbe late Mr. i and Mrs. Frank Beresford Proctor, j of Mamaroneck. on June 15, at the Crawford Memorial Methodist Epis ­ copal Church. New York. The Rev. Dr. Urban Layton, pastor, will per- j form the ceremony, foc-srfflch 700 | Invitations have been issued. A re- | ceplion for 600 guests will be held at the Westchester Woman ’ s Club. | Mount Vernon. — Miss Varlan has chosen for her matron of honor her sister-in-law, Mrs. Wilbur C. Varlan. of Coates- vtlle. Pa , She will have her cousin Miss Elizabeth C. Lowltz, of Lareb- mont. for her mold of honor The bridesmaids Include the Misses Marguerite C.-rUan. New York; Margaret Hopplns. BrorurvlUc: Lil ­ lian Atkinson. Trenton: Doris Varian, Hostlngs-on-Hudson; Mrs. Anson C.LowItz. Larchmont. and Mrs. J. Coalter Crawford Jr., Elms- r. Gordon Proctor will be best i for his brother and the usb- wlll Include Messrs. Wilbur C. Varlan. Coatsvllle, Pa., brother of the bridegroom: Burton C. Meighan and George Bates. Mamaroneck; Edward Culgenkiiui and Garabed Gumchlan. Pelham Manor. Mr. Proctor and his bride will ave on a motor trip and upon their return will mjlte their home In the Alden House Apartments. Larchmont. Mlaa Varlan was grad ­ uated from Centenary Collegtate Institute, class of '21, after which attended ConnAticut College. Is a member of the Juniors of Westchester Woman ’ s Club of the Phi PI Pal Sorority. Mr Proctor attended Cornell University md Is a member of Theta XI. Miss Vartan's engagement was innounced at a dinner dance given >y her parents at the Hotel Grarna- an In Bronxvllle. V Dl'BVEAS RETURN Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett H. Duryea. who ware married on May 18. have returned from their honeymoon, spent In Bermuda. Mrs. Dur- was formerly Mias Charlotte ,^7 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sweeny of Halted alt For hale — Positively Dogs Taken IUATHKHULOOM ■ Lata at rtmm H. T. Ufl Marjorie Schneider. .'HE NSy. MICHAEL LARKIN Father Larkin preached the Bac ­ calaureate Address yesterday to the Class of 1929 at the College of Good O-unseJ. North Broadway. He -U pastor of St. Gabriel's Church, New Rochelle. County Girl To Wed At Irvington Mias Edith Hewitt J affray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Somerville Jaffray of Ardsley-on- Hudaon. will be married to Wil ­ liam Warner Hoppln. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Warner Hoppln of New York and Long Island. Ths weddinaffWlU take place in SL Bar ­ nabas Cnurch, IrvIngton-on-Hudson with the Rev. Sherrard Billings of Croton School officiating. He will be assleted by the Rev. William reception the country home of Miss J affray ’ s uncle and aunt. Mr. and- Mra Charles Coe Townsend. In Ardsley- on-Hudaon. Mr. Hoppln and his bride after their wedding trip, will live In New Haven 'until he com ­ pletes his taw course at Yals Uni- R, F. MARSHALL OFPRESSSTAFF WED SATURDAY 7?i*. Giiii-n Become* . . ...u in Mount Vernon Church A pretty wedding took place on Saturday afternoon In Mount Ver ­ non. when Raymond F. Marshall, staff photographer for The Dally Press, took as his bride Miss Anna Hazel Gillen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gillen, of 619 South Eighth avenue. Mount Vernon. The ceremony was performed at 5 o' ­ clock In the Lutheran Church the Good Shepherd by the Rev. 1 Ham C. J. Weldt- There was apo ­ dal music, with Miss Jean Tully singing \Oh. Promise Me.\ and \I Love You Truly.\ The bride, who was gowned In white taffeta and •ho wore a tulle veil, carried a bouquet of white rosea. She wss attended by Mrs. Catherine Gulfin Mrlne. who wore a dress of green taffeta with hat to match and who carried pink roses. Elmer Miller, city editor of the New Rochelle Standard-Star, waa best roan. Follosrlng ths ceremony, there was a reception for about fifty rela ­ tives and close friends of the couple st Cragg's Prospect avenue. M Vernon. The ' young couple left on a motor trip through north ­ ern New York state and on their return' In two weeks will live at the Claremont Arms tn'Mount Vernon. VANDALS DAMAGE CAB Vandals hroto Into ths barn i property of Mrs. Susan Collins of Jackson avenue. Hastings. Satur ­ day night, and after tearing out all ths wiring-In her ' ' “ ' t out all her horses. Tb* Green- e Investigating. COUPLE WED FIFTY YEARS CELEBRATE Mr. «nd Mr*. Burnett Re ­ ceive Felecitations From Many Friends on « Anniversary 1 Ur. and Mrs. Andrew Burnett, of 13 Hurbert avenue, celebrated their Qftletl^ wedding anniversary Sun ­ day. From two o'clock In tbe after ­ noon unUl eight o'clock In the even ­ ing they received the congratula ­ tions of their friends and relatlvca Mra. Burnett, who Is a charming little white-haired woman, wore tan silk dress with a necklace of amethysts. It seemed Impossible that fifty years had rolled by thla couple, so young and happy did they appear. It was on June 1st. 1*79. they were married. They received many gifts and floral tributes from their guests. Those attending ware: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Plggotl. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Mr. and Mra James Mastusen. Mr. and Mra. James Carr. Mr. and Mrs. George Marcotte, Mr. and Mrs. William Muller. Mr. and Mr*. James Murphy. Jr, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hope. Mr. and Mfi. Steph ­ en Herbst. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gurtn, Mra. E. E. Barrett. Mra. George Cook. Mra. Katherine Reilly. Mra. Charles Brady. Mra. Richard Powys. Mrs. William Burke. Mrs. Catherine Burke, Mra. Catherine Leary, Mra. Richard Stockton. Mrs. James Murphy. Sr, Misses Mary Barrett. Katherine Muller, Cecelia Mahoney. Messrs, Harry Brady. Wilbur Brady. Ed ­ ward Leary, Rivard Stockton. Jr, William MuUer, Theodore Muller. Frederick Hickey, William Hickey. George McKeown. all of White Plains. The out of town guests were Mra Richard Remsen and son of Mount Vernon: Miss C. C. Smith. Ksw Gardens. L. I.; Mrs. H. H. Lyons. Smlthtown. L. L; Mr. and Mra William Burnett. Miss Madeline Burnett. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen and family. Harry Morgan, of Washington, D. C-: Mr. and Mra Carl Ostllng, Ozone Park/L. L; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wall and son. Mlaa Elizabeth Ecke. Yonkers; Mr. and Mrs Hudson Lose* and .family. Misses Eileen and Elaine Lossy. of Tarrytown: Mr. and Mra. M. M. Schllnke and family, of Newark. N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brv ender. of Mountclalr, N. J.; Mr. and Mra. Richard Limbeck, Woodridge. N. J.: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bur ­ nett. Garden City. L. I.: Mr. and Mrs. John MaeNamara. Miss Mar ­ garet MscNsmars. Mr. Harry Mor ­ gan. Bridgeport. Conn, and Mr. and Mrs. Olsn.Moran, of Rye and Rob ­ ert Fulton of Ksw Gdrdec The gardens of Spottlswoods were radiant under spring sunshine on Saturday at the wedding of Mary Garland, daughter of Mr. and Mra. George Garland Allen, to Wil ­ liam Reeve* Gregg, eon of tbe late inder W. Gregg and Mrs. Gregg. The ceremony took place In the box lanes and walks of the garden, a raised portion of which had a screen of peonies and bridal wreath, behind which the orchestra played. In front of this screen was the prie dleu of the altar. The box ­ wood alleys were marked pff with white ribbons and standards of whits pocnladt and lanes of green carpet laid on grass and walks marked ths course of the bridal procession. The guests, who came from Washington. Texas. North Carolina. Virginia, and all pari* of the country made a colorful throng filling the divisions of the gardens. The ceremony wax a particularly beautiful one. After Mra. Allen and j Mra. Gregg had taken their places on either side «f the altar front, the bride eutered^non tbe arm of her father. She arts gowned Ilf Ivory satin mads In medieval style, with severe simplicity and with a long train and a tulle and point lots veil caught with orange blos ­ soms. Her bouquet was or calls lilies. She was preceded by her maid of honor, her sister. Miss Lucy Burwell Alien, and her bridesmaids. Miss Anns T. Burwell. of Warren- ton. N. C, Mra A. W. Gregg, of Washington. D. C, Miss Lucy Coy Burwell of Uppervtlle, Va. Mias Alice Cole, of Richmond. Va, and MTs, Walter O. Dunntngton and Mra. James A. Thomas, of New York City. Miss Allen srore gold chiffon and tulle, made almost with a train, and carrying deep yellow snapdragons relieved by deep talis ­ man rosea, and the other attendants wars dressed alike In deep creOm silk net with arm bouquets of yel ­ low snapdragons and Iris, with pink snapdragons. Eleanor Thomas and Mary Allen Thompson were Flower girls. In the same color aa the bridesmaids, with \ baskets of golden flowers, and : Lucls Lee Gregg and Brooks Gregg of Fort Worth. Texas, nieces of the bride, were train bearers. In the gold color worn by the main of hon- Gomer Reese Heads Young People ’ s Group pomer Rsese waa sleeted t< presidency of the Young People's Society of ths Congregational Church of Scandal* at the annual meeting held last evening at the church. Rogsne Carry eras ele * vice-president: KInzer Grayson, ratary and George Smith. Jr, U urer. 'Plana fos tbs coming ; aad tb* seas Mrs. E. W. West And Mrs. Greene 'At BriarcHff Mrs. Edward W. West, of Whits Plains, and Mra Georgs E. Green*. Scared sis. war* among ths rues is last week at the luniheoo given for Mies Clara C. Fuller at Brtarclltf Lodge. Mlaa Fuller, prin ­ cipal of tbs Oeelnlng School for Girls, has completed hsF tt.enty- flvs years aa regent the Mohs- gan Chapter. Daughters of ths * — ran Revolution. She waa ited with a bragled bag. the BoxwoodGardens of Spottiswoode Afford A Beautiful Background For Brilliant Allen Wedding Scaridale Girl Becomes the Bride of William Reeves Gregg at Scene of Fairylike Loveliness on Saturday. -Society from Many Parts of the Country Attend Gorgeous Outdoor Function. Honeymoon Abroad. PELHAM GIVES PRESIDENTTO CATHOLIC CLUB Mr*. J. T. Fenlon Head* Ca ­ tholic Women** Club of Westchester County — Elect Other Officer* Mrs. John T. Fenlon. of Pelham, was elected president of tbe Cath ­ olic Woman's Club of Westchester County at the annual meeUng held i seek at Knights of Columbus ' hall. New Roohelle. Mra. William Dillon, retiring: president, pre ­ sided at the May meeting and at tbe annual meeting Monday after ­ noon. Reporta of the chairmen of various sections were read. After the business session, a song recital given by Mlsi Mary J. Mitcb- i member of the Junior section. Later tea was served by Mra Nich ­ olas Jarvis, chairman of hospitality. Work has been begun on renovat ­ ing of the' clubhouse at 363 Pel- road. which rrlll b~ open for the members In the a,i — :n. Other officers elected at the an ­ nual meeting Included Mrs. Joseph B. McDonagh, Pelham, first vice- prealdant; Mra. Harry W. Sunder- meyer, second vlce-praaldent: Mra. Francis J. Doyle, recording secre ­ tary; Mra. Thomas P. Kerwln. cor ­ responding secretary; Jin. Abra ­ ham Steers, treasurer, and Mra 8. Clay Adams. Larchmont. financial or. All were bewitchingly diminu ­ tive but fulfilled their duties and added their note to tba pageant. George Allen Burwell and Wray Thomas Cooper were small pages. Mr. Gregg was attended by his brother, Alexander W. Gregg, of Washington, as best man. and by the following groomsmen : Walter G. Dunnington. Har»r G. Holt. Hen ­ ry C. Merritt. Ralph B. Feagtn. Ed- win F; Chinlund. and Dr. John Win ­ ston Fowlkes, all of New York city. The ushers were Mr. W. W. Brax- ton.of Fredericksburg, Va, Mr. G. H. Ruffin. Mr. Harrison M. Robert ­ son. Mr. Georgs Cooper, and Mr. Harry W. Thom peon of Scarsdale. Mr. James A- Thoipas of White Plains. Mr. K. B. Halsted. Ur. J. 8. MeCarron and Ur. J. P. Watson of Bronxvllle. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Edward B. Burwell, of Op- pervllle. Va, cousin of the bride, and the Rev .Dr. Albert Beebe of White Plains and Dr. Plato Dur ­ ham. of Emory University. Atlanta. Georgia, assisted. Mfs. Allen, tbe bride's mother, wore peach chiffon and lace, with a hat to match, and carried orchids. Mrs. Gregg, mother of the bride ­ groom. wore Alice blue lace, with a chiffon wrap to match, anfl a blue hat ' She also carried orchids. The receiving line was formed under a tree on the slope of the lawns back of Spottiswoode, which Is tbe estate of Mr. Allen on Ms- maroneck road. The guests wound In long lines across ths lawns and up the slopes, through shod# and sun. to congratulate the hsppypalr. Among them am notable and prominent folk from everywhere, and thsir brilliant gowns and color ­ ful hats and slippers mads the pic ­ ture a striking on*. Moving plo- tures were taken of tb* procession, the ceremony and receiving lines. The large tables and punen oowls were under a large marque* erect ­ ed on the lawn, while small tables with red chairs were scattered all over the wide spacdlj. Supper for the guests wax served out of doors Just as.the. bright day softened for the glow of early aventng. \ The bridal table was laid In the large dining room, which waa ex ­ quisitely decorated with a yellow and white color scheme — the wed ­ ding bell being of white sweet peas and snapdragons, with yellow flow ­ ers predominating In the other dec- MASONS PLAN TWO-DAY TRIP Lodge Membejp in We*tcheg- ter-Putnum District to Vi*it U{icir Masters of the masonic the Wrsteheat of the state met Emil's Cross and than discussed . plans for a two^lay trip to Utica, tentatively scheduled for June 15- 16. Every member of all lodges of the district will*-be able to the trip Is not limited to off! ‘ i bowling t wt and 'F t _______ _ _____ _. TOt»_ Lodge No. 472, will arrange plans In the near future. With but two more meetings scheduled before lodge work la ' continued for ths summer. working or program that wHl be sponsored . the local lodge at tb* last meeting of tb* preeent month. At that time fitting conclusion to hit Tbe house was decorated with canterbury bells, yellow rosea, lilies,and emllax. The whole affair was that of a .brilliant Southern wedding transferred to 'a northern spot without losing any of Its pe ­ culiar charm. The bride attended the Masters School at Dobbs Ferry and Na ­ tional Park Seminary In Washing ­ ton. and has traveled widely. Mr. Gregg, who la a member of the low Arm of Dunnington. Walker A. Gregg of New York City, belongs to the Union Club In New York, the Deep Dale Golf Club of Long Island, the Hudson River Golf Club of Westchester County *Dd — ^ tbe Racquet Hub of Washington. He Is tbe son of the late Alex ­ ander W. Gregg. Congressman for eighteen years. Miss Alien la a descendant of the Spotswoods and Burwells, promi ­ nent colonial families of Virginia. Four sisters of the bride ’ s mother er* present, .among a number of other relatives. •Blew were Mra J. W. Horner. Mra. TKttrunaB'White. Mias Edith Burwell and Mias Lucy Burwell. Also her brother. Mr. M. P. Burwell. all of North Carolina About six hundred guests witnessed the wedding. Some of those who were preeent were Mr. and Mra. James B. Duka and Mias Doris Duke. Mrs. Ben ­ jamin N. Duke. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Willingham. Mr. and Mra T. B. YuiUe. Mr. and Mra. Junius Parksr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Perkins and Mias Perkins. Mr. and Mra S. Alston and Mlaa Alston of Bronxvllle, Mr. and Mra. Edgar 8 Bolling and Mr. and Mra. J. P. Watson of Bronxvllle. Mr. and Mra G. H Ruffin. Mrs. H D. Kingsbury, Mr. and Mra. E. Bay ­ ard Halsted. Mr. and Mra Frank L. Fuller.'Mr. and Mra. Peter Arring ­ ton. Mr. and Mra a C. DueU. Mra Alton B. Parker, Col. and Mra- W. O. Gallowhur and Mist Gallowhur. Some of those preeent from Scarsdale were Mr. and Mra Avent Childress, Miss Madeleine Chi Id rasa. Mr. and Mra. Leonard 8chultae. Mlaa Kathryn- Schultse. \ ~ ->h Hobby. Mr. a Cleveland. Mr. and Mrs Harrison M. Robertson. Mr. and Mra Oeorge Cooper, Mr. and Mrs John Muhlfeld. Mrs. Frank H. BetheU. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. ^ Wyckoff aad Mra. Wyekoff. Sr, Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Birge. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Coombs, Mias Maude Cocks. Mra. Jlksica Ingalls, Dr. James W. Ca ss e ll and Mr. and Mra Horry W. Thompson. Among those who attended tbe wedding from White Plains were Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Ramedell. Mr. »nd Mra J. A: Thomas. Mr. and Mr*. Frederick U- Hurdman. Mr. and. Mra. Joseph Sellar*. Mr. and Mra. Earl* P. Hite. Mr. and Mra A. D. Kingsley. Mr. and Mra Charles Everett Moon and Ralph ..... _ ___ Plans as.yet-are ti tatlve %1 though a supper, st and entertainment still be li 'in the i “ They have been lavishly feted for the last month, the entertainments taking place for the most part la New York City, but a reception wtm held last Thursday at BpotUs««s*e fcr their friend! In thla k

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