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T “ ’HON * 9200 THE DAH.Y PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1929 JKfews m Social Circles of White Pities and Vicinity The Mikado of Japan Bows to an Enthusiastic Scarsdale Audience As Players Present Operetta Famous Gilbert and Sullivan Work Elecits Usual Reaction from Westchesterites. Role of \Ko-Ko\ Assumed by Professional Summoned Wherf Thomas Scofield Is Taken III Suddenly. Th# ninth season of the Wayside Ray era, Soarsdale'e amateur drn- znaUc organization, entered IU fin ­ al days last night when the first of three performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's “ The Mikado\ was .■r esent ed at t^e Children's House. Greenacres avenue* The two re ­ maining pcrformMlFew'wUI bo given tonight and tomorrow nlght- ^ple of the virtuosity Of the Players no better production ooold be Imagined. The action ful- I filled all the requirements of sub- J grace that the piece \ H.V. LEONARD IS REHEARSING WITH PLAYERS White Plains Man Will Take Part in June Performan ­ ces at Scarborough<by Beechwood Players The Beechwood Players Glnnel. Jr, Hubert M. Grclst. Dr. S. W. Hamilton. Daniel Rollins, Gordon Sanford, Francis Youngi. Japanese Dancers — Olive Abbott, Janette Cartoozlan. Jean Farriea, Dorothy Glenn. Mary Iveatlng. Mar ­ tha Ann Keen. Nancy Ryan. Mary : started rehearsals for the last play Claire Sale. j qf thejr tenth season, “ Places,\ by Wayside Orchestra j Finlay A MeDermid. a play of Conductor — Mr. Anson McLoud. small-town stage life, will be given Violins — Mmee. Williams B. Jack- *t the Beechwood Theater. Scar- son. J. M. Lawrence, Charles Sale. T. D. Shonts; Misses Adeline Rus- rmcv ,n.i ,„e piece ar »«»• L«>1» See. Bessie ShUlmBn; 20,h and 31,1 . . .... singing' wns excellent. Messrs Richard Major. ^>Jr, Wii- j For these three day* the Bcech- ths costumes and settings elicited J llatn J - McJCnlght. ^ _ j wood Players will become a small- ; borough. New York, on June 19th, Engaged To Wed much applause and the orchest did ita work nobly. The ploy itself, familiar to every ­ one beckuse of its popular “ The Flowers That Bloom In the Spring\ and other favorites Is a happy com ­ bination of Sullivan's music at Its best and Gilbert's wit tipped with fancy rather than satire. There 1s here none of that caricaturing which renders \Paltlence and \Pln- afore _ rtuch Inclslt-e comments on the foibles'of th# day. There is rather that tunefbi. and spontane ­ ous gaiety that characterises \The Gondoliers\ and some of \The Yeo ­ man of the Guard.\ The role of Ko-Ko was to have been played by Thomas Scofield but he was taken suddenly al ­ though not seriously IU yesterday and was ordered by his physician not to appear. George Williams, a veteran Gilbert and Sullivan pfo- feaalonal from New York, was has ­ tily secured and without rehearsals ' gev« a fine performance. The rest of the cast was composed of Scars- dallnns who did themselves proud.. All were in good voice and elicited many encores from a small but en- thuslasUo audience. Threatening waather served to keep at home l town stock company, struggling to I put on a play chosen by the too ! artistic wife of the manager. To Viola — Miss Louise B. Fry, silo — Mr. E. C. Rossmasalr: | Oboe — Mr. Ferris Briggs. ' Clarinet — Mr. J. D. Diehl i , Trombone-Mr. H. A. Plassmann. ! htr - Aah “ of by Alsted Plano — Miss Mildred L. Miles. j Stargate, Ifa drama of significance. Director — Laura Adair. [To the distracted director who £255J^J£ST5K: h-* '• «• •* — Ham Fraser. j * drama of slgnlllcanee. signifying Japanese Specialty Dance — Orig-1 ruin. Grimly he puts innted by und executed under the | *„) t hia sublimely meanlngleas direction of Mme. Patti, of Scars- ; drams to be given before an audl- d A ’ ( ’ - - v i ence that would heartily enjoy The offlceN of the Wayside Play- : \Way Down East\ or \Kentucky ers: President. Rev. George Hugh j Sue.\ With the co-operation of the Smyth; vice-presidents, Mrs. Wab entire company he successfully . >• »*— <• , . e | u< j ea t i, e poet-author and a gush ­ ingly Intellectual lady\ who wants to help In the great work of stag ­ ing \Ashes of Destiny.\ while he stuffs that drama with sure-fire gags and laughs. \ An all-star cast has been selected for thle play of the season. Philip Ober of Sparta will be the frenzied 3lrector: Barbara Beach Bennett of Dobbs Ferry will be his wife: Tommy Thompson of Scarborough will be the hen-pecked manager who lets his wife pick the plays; Marian Howard of Hastings will ... M. Schwarz. Mrs. John M. Law ­ rence. Mrs.'Llnus Keating, Mrs. Owrn C. Torrey; - secretary. Mlsa Madeline F. Hollerith; treasurer, Mrs. J. Lamed Green; bualnesj manager, Horton Heath: directoi of plays. Mrs. Hugh Adair. Committee chairmen. — Costume committee. Mrs. Philip Hall: m bcrshlp committee. Mrs. John Lawrence: music committee. E. C. Rossmassler; play reading. Mrs. Walter M. Schwarz; program com ­ mittee. Walter M. Schwarz: prop ­ erties committee, . Mrs. Owen C. many Who would otherwise have , Torrey; publicity committee. Miss “ ** “ \•*-* \ • Mitchell; scenery commit- attended. The Mikado of Jepan-Hugh Rennie Jfankl-Poo. his son (disguised as a wandering minstrel and In love With Yum-Yum) JUlph Bralnard Ko-Ko. Lord High Executioner of Tltipu ________ .George Williams Pooh-Bah. Lord High Everything Else _ _ _____ Sidney J. Ballinger Flah-Tush. a Noble Lord — T. H. S, Andrews Tum-Yum. Plttl-Sing. Peep Bo - (three sisters, wards of K6-Ko) Priscilla Parker Hall Hazel F. Schwarz. Deborah W. Rooaroaas- l elderly lady tee. John M. Lawrence; mem be re ­ st-large of board of governors. A O. Grelst. Mrs. Frank H. Bethell. president of Scarsdale Woman's Club, ex officio. Mrs. Weber Has Luncheon And MISS KATHLEEN GENEVIEVE HERTEN ' Miss Herten, the daughter of Mrs. J. Francis McCarthy, of 8 Oakwood avenue, and the late Frederick William Herten. of Montevideo, Uruguay, will wed John M. Whelan, of Montclair, N. J. The engagement has recently been announced ; the wedding will take place next winter. love t Nee-Ban. The Mikado's Shadow — j friends at a luncheon and thesl — Fred W. Muller party In New York j City. After Chorus (one. itmchlng at \The Garden Spot.\ th« group attended the matinee of \The Little Accident\ The guests In-, eluded Mrs. Mercer G. Garrar, Mrs. Thomas T. Read. Mrs. Albert Par ­ sons. Mrs. John T. Cole and Mrs. Clyde Smith of Scarsdale. Mrs. Clarence Abbott, of White Plains. ______ _ ___________ Mrs. Owen Seaman of Brooklyn Gentlemen of Japan — Alex U j and Mrs. Carl H. Miller of New Earle Gatchell Henry | York. Japanese Girls — Velda C. Austin. Helen M. Bachanan, Viola A. Buch ­ anan. Rose Foulda. Virginia Gibbs. Lots# Link. Antolnctta McLoud. Elizabeth Nash. 'Ogden Rossmsss- lar.Pattl Ryan, Christine Small Evelyn Waite. Elizabeth Wells. Elizabeth -Whitlock. be the dominating wife. Jim Wallace of Dobbs. Ferry will have the role of Slim, who Is the property man. electrician, scene shifter, carpenter and emergency actor for the company. Charlotte Fisher of Brlarcllff will be Zether. the buzom character actress who finds herself cast as the muse of Music In this poetic drama. Jack I Cowan of Scarborough will have j I role of Ben Clumb. who. cast as [ Theatre Guests ! ° rta < :n - flnd » hl * p* 11 ,h « mo,t **y- ! Ing of all Judson Loire of Pleaaantvllle will j be seen a* Alsted Stargate. the j soulful author of \Ashes of Des- | tiny.\ Mrs. Louis Siurcke of Ossin ­ ing will be Iris Butterworth. the j sweetly Intellectual sponsor of the play and Its author. Mat Shults of Harmon will appear as Sabina Chirp of the Morning Chltter. who Is Just crazy to review this glori ­ ous play by the great poet. H. U. Leonard' of White Plains . will have the role of Jacob Stein. | the dreaded shylock of the town. Seats for \Places\ are In charge of Marion Dinwiddle of Ossining. Mrs. Franklin Chappell Hostess at Luncheon Bridge to D. A. R. at Benefit and Social Function ANNOUNCING THE GRAND OPENING on THURSDAY, JUNE 6th, 1929 FRANK KAHNERT, Proprietor WESTCHESTER AVENUE, WHITE PLAINS Two Miles Outside White Plains. One-Quarter Mile from Hutchinson Parkway In planning the Manor, the management has kept in mind the things which go to make pleasure — the Best of Food, Best of Service and PIea»- ant Surroundings. We have kept the patron's interest at heart by ar ­ ranging entertainment and good things to eat at very small cost. A truly rare combination in these days. A special feature is the music, which is furnished by a beautiful Orchestreon, playing the latest selections by the foremost orchestras. Huge loiid speakers amplify the tones so that it seems as though the orchestras were in the room. Eliminating the expense of an orchestra enables us to serve you with ­ out a coyer charge. We fetU&at our patrons will appreciate the doing »way with this nuisance. Just another feature that should make yoU feel at home. We. have the most modern and best equipped kitchen and chefs of long experience and reputation. In emphasizing the service in the little couplet given below, we simply want our many old friends who know us at our HAWTHORNE INN to feel at home in the new one. COME TO “ DUTCH FRANK ’ S ” (WESTCHESTER MANOR) Service the same; , We ’ ve got the name — Good foods eur fame— We know the game. Come to “ Dutch Frank ’ s,\ You ’ ll give many thanks. Beet food since you're born, The same aa Hawthorne. OUR OPENING WILL BE A REGULAR NEW YEAR ’ S EVE PARTY PARKING SPACE FOR 1,000 CARS Telephone White Plains 2859 SONGRECITAL SATURDAY BY MR.GERHARD Scarsdale Singer lo Appear at Fry Studio in One of a Series of Concerts by Voice Students • Norman Gerhard. wrU-known bqss singer of Carman road. Rea ra ­ cial e. and the village surveyor, prill hold a^recltal at the studio of Car ­ oline .Beeson Fry. at 2 Orchard Parkway. White Plains, on Satur ­ day evening. This will form one of a aeries of student recltAls con ­ ducted by Mrs. Fry in the belief that the more InUmate surround ­ ings of .her own studio and the singer's own friends tend to greater enjoyment of the nlualc. Mr. Gerhard has been heard on the radio and Is In great demand among local organizations for his j contribution of music, with which he la generous. He won second I place la his class In a recent com- ! petition among Westchester Coun- 1 ty singers, and had the port of the sentry In the Fireside Players' prm- . entation of Iolanlhe. and that of : Wilfred In the Yeoman of the Guards, presented by th' .Wayside Players - not long ago. Miss Bueno To' Attend House Party Following her graduation on June 10, from the Cpllege of New Rochelle. Mlsa Myra Bueno, daugh ­ ter of Mr. and , Mrs. J. R. dela Torre Bueno, will spend a week at Crescent Beach. Conn., where she will be one of a house party. The hostess will be Miss Mary Barrett, a class m*te of Miss Bueno ’ s. The ojher guests will pt ftleo from the college and Include the Misses Mar ­ garet Mahoney, Regtna McIntosh, Ruth Dunning and ' Lorraine Fre- nler. * Proceeds to Be Devoted to Pur ­ chase of Flag Which Will Be' Presented to the New White Plains High SchoAlr Mrs. Franklin Chappell Old Ma- maroneck Road, wa* hostess yester ­ day at a luncheon and bridge, to the members of the Daughters of American Revolution. This social and benefit affair was sponsored by the Ways snd Means Committee.' The proceeds of this party will be added to the fund which which to purchase a flag. It la planned to present the flag to the new high school * The Daughters of American Rev ­ olution furnished a flag for the new George Washington school last year, and the year prior to that, one was given to the Post Road school. Mr*. J. A. Vullleumler Is chair ­ man of the Ways and Means Com- mHfee. Others on the committee are Mesdames Franklin Chappell. George B. Corea. J. A. Keeler. Charles Norton. W. X. Weed. Leo Welse. Leslie B. Gillie, James Mc ­ Kay. E. M. West and Mrs. May Gib ­ son. Those present yesterday Included: Mmes. N. I. Steers. William Nelhl. George S. Sprague. S. W. Hamilton. F. B. Berry, T. O. Buckner, William Eric Miller, Gordon B. O'Rourke, Wilbur Coles. L. Earl Miller. Sterl ­ ing B. Jordan. Robert Ilammond, James Hammond, Jgkon Parker, P. F. HofTman. F. R. ■Lawrence. Fred ­ erick Tench. Morrison D. Wood. Frederick Osann. James S. Thomp ­ son. Ralph Taylor. Robert R. Jones,., Theodore D. ’ McrC-.-gor. Richard C? 1 Mon-Ill. ~lch-:il H i;jryea. I. Irv- ' P.-- I ' t'ancher. Glr- - Stanley P. Hunne- G. Wheeler, Crescens Hubbard, Frank L. Park. Henry H. F. Lounabery. Asa W. Young; EL P. Horton. Jules A. Vullleumler. Philip B. Parker. Robert Swartwout. W. O. Palmer. Charles M. Norton. F. W. DeFoe. Edward M. West, and Miss Elale Johnston: Mrs. W. Everett Williams, Ossining, Mrs'. John H. Morgan. Ossining. Mrs. Lindsay M. Donaldson. Scarsdale, Mrs. M. B. Norris. Dobbs Ferry. Scientist Discovers New Youth-Bring­ ing Cream\*- -A furious scientist -has Just ■•^covered that. Naroll .In cream form and properly applied bringg back your youthful com ­ plexion: By strengthening the basic tissues and stimulating your blood to'new Ilfs this cream win give you a fouthful complexion. You can taU Naroll by Its dis ­ tinctive odor, and It la found ex ­ clusively In (be creams of Bea Van * Co, now on sale at Duncan N. Rose P ' fiT a r m a c y Mrs. Haywood Has Three Tables Of Bridge Mrs. William Haywood of Haael- tlne Drive, entertained the Myaso- tls bridge club yesterday afternoon at her home. Prises were won by Mrs. Bliss Clark and Mrs. William Webster. The consolation prise went to Mrs. Albert Webster. The guests included tbs prise winners and Mrs. Arthur. McGowan. Mrs. Alfred Boldlmann. Mrs. Azehlbald Curry. Mrs. Frgnk Crawford, Mrs. Wilbur Lunham, Mrs. Charles Storey. Mrs. Murray Lent and Mrs. May Braender-of Montclair. N.-J. Mrs. Whipple Bridge Hostess At Rye Home Mrs. William Whipple enter ­ tained at her home, Manuralng Lodge. Rye. yesterday afternoon for her White-Plains bridge club. The prises were won by' Mrs- Fred ­ erick Jenkins of Rye and Mrs. * — 11am Sweeny. Those present eluded the Prise winners and Mrs. ELKS PLAN A BIG PARADE FORFLAGDAY Have Invited 50 Military, Ci ­ vic snd Fraternal Organi ­ zations to Join in Cele ­ bration on June 14tli The Flag Day committee of the White Plains Lodge of Elks have completed plans fpr the Flag Day parade on the evening of June 14. It Is expected that this will be the largest parade eger held in the city of White Plains InvlURicns have been extended -~ fifty military an J- civic organiza ­ tions of Whits Plains and the vi­ cinity. several units coming from New York City. The acceptances, although slow ' ' — * parade of over 1,000 participants. The committee has already secured the participation of five military bands and three drum corps. The parade will be headed by the 102nd Medical Regiment, command ­ ed by Col. Lucius A. Salisbury'- This will Include the 108th Collecting Company, headed- by Capt. L. R. Pearce. The fifty-piece band of the 102nd Medical Regiment will march with their own outfit. ..These units have been secured through the courtesy of Col. Salisbury, who Is teh honorary marshal of the parade. In addition, there will be a detach ­ ment of naval militia men. of the 82nd Fleet Division. Thee halrman of the committee la Thomas P. McLaughlin, Jr, who. In addltloa^to his duties as chair ­ man. will make tht principal speech of the evening at the exercleee held in the lodge rooms after the parade. The other^hembera of the commlt- re Joseph C. Holden. George ur. Capt. Karl H. Metz, James H. Evans, Richard Bertsch. Frank C. Bosch and Judge William Gray. Invitations have been extended > the following organizations: 102nd Medical Regiment. 108 th Collecting Company, under com ­ mand of Capt. L. R. Pearce. Fred ­ erick Dtedrich, George Jolley and Lt. J. K. McDonald: 32nd Fleet Dl- vielon. U. & N. Militia. 8th Div, under command of L. W. Baton; New York Naval ‘ Militia, 7th Di ­ vision, under command of Capt. cundlaeh: 18th Infantry U. S, from Fort Slocum, under command of Major B. C. Lockwood^ U. S. World War Amputations Associa ­ tion: New York -City Post 207. American Legion; White Plains Post. American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars, under command of Ernest Hoack; Cromwell Post, G. A R Spanish War Veterans. Sons of Army VrUrKin. 'Gold Star Moth- County University Is Urged by John J. Ackerman In Address To Members of Exchange Club EDGEltONT HAS MANY JHNEPLANS Puppet Show Friday and Spring Festival June 13 Interest Children of Scarsdale The Edgemont children School, Scarsdale, Fridley afternoon and evening two performances of a puppet show. ■ The children have made their own dramaUzaUon of Stevenson's Treas- Island as a project In the school and have constructed the puppets for the show also. One June 13 the school will hold Its annual spring festival and field : day, plaqs (or which are well under way and'vioet promising. Thjre will be. at 10 In the morning. - Greek play In the gymnasium. This play. In which all the children of the school have some part, either as actors, scenery builders, or di ­ recting some part, is the peculiar acUvlty of the Fifth Grade. It will represent the adventure of Ulysses I of Phaescla. The meeting with Nausicaa will be por- the contests staged by (he Greek King will afford oppor ­ tunity for the children to display late American prowess ' In these matters of relay races, torch races, Jumping, boxing and chariot racing. Outdoor competitions will follow to establish final standing of the Blues and Whites, which have hed preliminary contests all tbs- year. There will, be baseball throws, ■tandihg high Jumps, running high Jumping, broad Jumping and relay races. The Judges will be H. E. Von Keraberg. Mrs. Mag ruder Craighead. Clifford Elliot. Philip Hill and Mrs. Mabel Baldwin. There will then be a food sale and basket lunoheon. after which the annual baseball gam* will fea ­ ture the afternoon. Institutions of Higher Education Are Losing Sight of Demo ­ cratic Principles Upon Which They Were Founded, He Asserts. Councilman ' John J. \Boss\ Ack ­ erman, member of th* Exchange Club spoke before his colleagues last night on the Westchester Coun ­ ty University of ths future. It is a subject I* which he has become keenly Interested and his remarks, while extemporaneous for the most part were of interest to ths Ex- changeites for the reason they con ­ cerned a subject upon which th* club has done pioneer work, name ­ ly, In bringing tbg jieed of such a university to the attenUon of the county. His remarks were amplified by the reading of a resolution unani ­ mously endorsed by the ‘ Westchest ­ er County Commercial 'Teachers' Association at their spring meeting at the White Swann inn but weak. The reaoluUon was as follows: \Whereas the Westchester Coun ­ ty Commercial Teachers ’ Associa ­ tion held its regular spring meeting at the White 8wan Inn. White Plains. N. Y„ on Friday, May 81. at 8:30 o'clock, and , \Whereas the Honorable John J. Ackerman, chairman of the Educa ­ tional Committee of the Exchange Club of White Plains was present as honored guest and speaker and stated ,ln his address t h at the ob- JecUve of his club Is advocating a university for Westchester County. ■Therefore, be It resolved that the Westchester County Commercial Teachers' Association voice Its ap ­ preciation of .yie progressive educa ­ tional step the Ehtchange Club of White Plains has undertaken In ad ­ vocating a university for Westchest- r County, and •3* lt finally resolved that th* Westchester County Commercial Teachers' Association take this ------ notifying the Exchange Club of WhlfePlalns of Its wUllng- K>perate In bringing about full realization of this splendid edu- 'catronal objective for Winchester County that will-ssrv* well the fu ­ ture life and educational growth of th* citizens of this section of the state for many succeeding grnefa- June Dance Planned For « r n f ! ed that th Y oung People Ackerman & * ’ but the re the early summer social trs. War Mothers, Delegations from ' functions In Scarsdale for the American. Legion Post of Westches ­ ter County under the command of James F. Arbuckle. County Com ­ mander;. delegations from th* Vet ­ erans of Foreign Wars to We.it- ' heater County under the command of Jay Van Orden. County Com ­ mander; Troop K. State Trooper*, under the command of Capt. H. J, Nagel. Loyal Order of Moose. Sons of Italy, Clan 8tewart. Foresters of America. Crusader Commandery No. 88 Knights Templar. Fellow- ermft Club. Freja Lodge, Forties So ­ ciety. Improved Order of Red Men — Orawaupuac' Owned, - Odd Fel ­ lows. Ferris Avenue Association, Order of DeMolay, Daughters of America. Martha Washington Coun- ’ cd. No. 8; Daughters of American Revolution, Order of Eastern Star. Orawaupum Chapter, Lincoln Court No. 8; Order of. Amaranth. Althea Chnpter; Orawaupum Lodgi No. 1003. F. and A. M.; Tabernacle Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; White Plains Lodge. No. 473. F. and A. M.; Junior Order United Me- elianlea. Sons of Norway. Ladles Stewart Lodge 148, Foresters Club. William A. Dunphy Council K. f C. under the-command of Judge Gray. wh<£js also a member of the Flag Day Committee. In addition the committee ha* already received ths acceptances of the Fourth De ­ gree Routine Color Guard. K. of C, under the command of Frank C. Rosch. a member also of the Elks Flag Day Committee. Several other local units of the Fourth Degree Color Guards, who are members of the Second Regiment have also ac ­ cepted the Invitation of the Flag Day Committee. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts of America, Fenlmore. Troop Council: Boy Scouts Band, K1 wi ­ ll Club. Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts of Am- rlca; Boy Scout* Band; K1 wants Club; Rotary Club; Exchange Club; Lion* Club; Chamber of Commerce; Salvation Army of White Plain*. There will be plenty or stirring marching music, ror the following bands have already agreed to parti- pat*: American Legloq. Woman's Aux ­ iliary; White Plain* Lodge of Elk*; Lady Elks Auxiliary; Elks band un ­ der tha direction at Dlerace. Hubert Connell is In -charge of the Junior members. Welfare League Holds Exercises This Evening The Brat graduation exercise and exhibit of the National Home Mak- Sk^ b«n ^emnM place at 8 o'clock at 88 Grove street. White Plains, and an Invi ­ tation has been extended to the Friends of the Institute to be pres ­ ent. James H. Evans; Salvation Army Band from Yonksr*. consisting of 40 pieces: Band of field muslo of the 102nd Medical Regiment; Chil ­ drens Vlllajte Band of Dobbe Ferry; The Son* of Italy and Ferris Ave ­ nue Association will also march with their own pands. Jn addition to the above, ths fol ­ lowing drum corps will participate. Field Muglc from the Thlrty-eec- orid Fleet Division of-New York; Naval Militia; Boy,Scouts rife and Drum Corps; Girl Scouts Bugle Corps; Fourth Degree K. of C. Bugle Corps; American Li Drum Corps. The Honorary Grand Marshal of ---------- ... commanding officer of the 102nd Medical Regiment assist ­ ed by Captain Karl Nets, U. 8. . Army Resume and Joseph,C. rtol- William ' - veteran of the The resolution was signed by Martha J. Baldwin, president of the association and Catherine C. Klr- wln. secretary. It might be explain ­ ed that through an oversight. Mr. ot address the club, in was nevertheless approved. / Attacks Older Colleges In several remarks ths! ampli ­ fied on th* educational subject* that Mr. Ackerman spoke about, he mentioned the very recent decision '* Connecticut In barring those young people will be a Scarsdale Woman's Club. It will be J for the Junior members, who her about twenty-five. June X been set a* the date a. the wdsr-1 ^uai ’ ei from the law school* of ” \**2 ,hl ‘ trom taking th* examLna- d universities will have returned ; tlon> for to th „ b , r . Schools .L i r ^ 0rn# !, ,lm *' M ™- boycotted Include the Brooklyn Col ­ der. Connell I. In nf ,K- ^ Qf ^ New Yofk Unlverrtly College of Law. National College of Law o f Washington, D. C , Temple College of Law of Philadelphia; Washington College of Law and the Ford ham College of Law of New York City. In brief. Connecticut believes that from these schools an Inferior grade of men are securing train ­ ing for bar requirements, be ex ­ plained. The schools whose courses ' rve been condemned are those 'hlch ‘ - * --------- take • judgement on. according ,,DV * Ackerman. He declared that he personally favored allowing every man who was able 4o study for bar examina ­ tions to take them. He decried the eastern universities for their at ­ titude In making such rigid rules and further stated that in a demo ­ cratic country such a* the-United States, the tendencies of the insti ­ tutions of higher learning are to ­ ward an autocracy In their own particular sphere. He cited the case of Surrogate th* Whit* Plains post of the Vet ­ erans of Foreign Wars'. The committee has Invited sever ­ al high ranking officers In the army and navy, who have been designat ­ ed as honored guests for the occa ­ sion. In view of the fact that this is th* only local civic celebration ------ — ----- — ------- — honor of Flag_»ay. the commit- G *°nC* A Slater, considered i Is anxious to secure the coopera- J u ^ l * trln the lion of th* people of this city, so as .............. .. to Insure a demoaolration that will be Indicative of the patriotism of the people of the City of Whit* TTain*. A line of march will be published within a few days, as well as all of the other details of th* celebration. branches of education have edu ­ cated themselves so that they could rise to th* heights of their profee- Capt. J. H. Luca*. Regt, Adjutant for Medical Regiment N. G. N. Y. will act as -aids to Col L. A. Salts- The Elks ’ \\ ” drill team dressed la colonial costumawlll march under the direction fed command of WU- liara Graff and Joseph C. Holden of this city. An Invitation _ to the old 89th RegiSTe^ifom New York City, now known a* the 18Sth Infantry. Th# coranltte* has been notified that If possible a detach- njent will b* sent up to White Plains on army motor trucks with part of-the 104th Medical Regiment from New York City, have already agreed to march In th* parade. - compacted ny a band. Thji officers of u>s Elks . Exalted nil^. Louis W. Kenny, Phone 3080-R; esteemed leading knight. D.-Leslie Mott, Elmaford. N. Y.. phone 17U; esteemed loyal knight, George A. Danner, phone 1218; esteemed lecturing knight. J. Whiter secretary. Edward A O'Brien/ phone 110; treasurer. Chart*# F. Oberg. require, Herman a Schneider; tiler. .Rajr fc. Platt; chaplain*. Rev. Prank H. 8Jm- .nonda and Rev. Martin F. Cavan ­ augh; inner, guard. Raymond Blrry; organist George P. For Wider Education He declared that this attitude Is ag of the reasons that such In ­ stitutions as county universities should be established, th* earlier the better. For. h* asserted, they are a factor In the democratizing ' education and will give a chance r all boys and girl* who desire higher education to get th* oppor ­ tunity to complete e course In. th# higher branches of learning at pub- \e expense. v \The day Is coming.\ hs conclud ­ ed, \when every- county will have IU own college. Th* venerated, higher InsKtutlons of the east have forgotten the very traditions by which they were brought Into be ­ ing. Endowed with enormous turn* they hare fallen away from the old democratic theory of education and if they . had their way would make their courses pnly for .those who oould afford them. The ortgt- VIMTINQ CAPS MAT Mies Margaret Weber and her brother. Richard Weber, children at Fred-rick C. Weber, of Wllmot Road. Scarsdale. bare left for Cap* May where tr —

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