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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, June 17, 1929, Image 15

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HOW TO SOLVE THE CROSS WORD PCZZLK Every number In the forir repre- tenta the beginning of a word, reading either horizontally or ver ­ tically. If there la a black square to tho left-of the number, the word la horizontal: If above it, the word la vertical. The came number may, of course, begin both a horizontal and a vertical. The definitions for the correct words to fill the form are found below, with numbers cor ­ responding to those on the form. Run through the deflations till you And one that you recognize, and put It In its proper place on the form, one letter for each white square. This will furnish several the words linking it at tight, angles. Continue In this manner till the form Is com ­ pletely Oiled. - If you have solved the puzzle correctly It should read both horizontally and vertically with words corresponding to the definitions. Horizontal — 1. Series of steps. 7. Trainers of animals. IS.- Kind of cloth. It. Keenness of Intellect. 15. Part of \to be.\ 16. Adorned with histol lures. IS. To depart- 19. Sheep. 21. Dirties. 22. Beast's foot. 23. English school. 23. Animal park. 26. Lacking color. 27. Tractable. 29. Brought up. 31. Implement for locking d 32. Atmosphere. S3 Seasons. 36. To reach destination. 39. Sound. 40. Cask. 41. To scorch. ' 43. Floor covering. 44. To slice. (6. Baron's title. 47. -Pronoun. 48. To encourage wrt 50. Negative. M. Explosive device. :A. Pantry'- THE NEBBS — Aik Dad, He Know. Neuter passesslve prone Short sleep. Clothes maker. Aviators “ TbcKiT TtuTX S \wn-t-, oust sopoosims there 'W 7ME1UEBC5 \ / WAS SOMETUlW THE MATTER ^ | KJOTV4IK1G. THE V AKJD 1 \TOLD NOU AGO <JT IT.5AIO ►MATTER _VOO-BE F WORDS A&OUT 'OJ2 UJSOAkJO THAT WOT OPeAKlU&TOpOW'T SOLAJD 50 6000 COP UIM-NOO EACH OTHER AMDlVdOULDWT GEL'EVE 'EM AMO GET MAO l KWOMJ FROM! 1AT ME-A kj O 1C SOU DlOM l r 6ET MAO EXPERIENCE ( 1 NAJOOLOtsiT UAVE MUCH PCSOeCT TOR WOTHER OWE-CCl YOU- 90 DONT ASK ME. WOTUlW' / SOU ARETWV- AftOUT UJHAT3 THE --/''TS m ATTER . V llJ& TO O 3 / 6CTTIM4 OKI RAO 1 JVfy\ \VOU« VOICE /Uj l TERMS WITH OWg(y,Y & JS§r > ----- -r-r^y-^rJ. 3 \ MJ THE FAMILY / 1 V j O kj OEP WHATS THE f MATTER WITH MW COOSlKI 'AMO UU50AM0 7 - THEY SEEM i TO EE UNDER SOMEWHAT J \ STPAiKJEO BELATICWS. / THEN ‘ 3 St KlOTWlKl' THE] MATTER — j MUCH . J Yesterday's Puzzle ri Blnrl ’ snu -If-ad miring. 45. Mans 48. Unchlv 49. Before For Chicago Boys ’ Club By FRANK BECK ( A ei_ICK- LOOKIN ’ CfTY ^ FELLER SOLD THIS TO ME / WHEN 1 STOPPED AT THE GARAGE FOR GAS . HE SAY* ‘ IT'LL LIVE UP TO ITS NAME AND GIVE MY OLD BUGGY A . LUSTER LIKE IT WAS NEW. \ MA HAS BEEN COMPLAININ' V -i LATELY ABOUT ITS LOOKS SO YOU FOLLOWED ME ^ CLEAR UP HERE . I INTRODUCED sYOU TO THE WORLD AND , ORGANIZED Tl-E COMPANY C' THAT MADE YOU AND NOV ^ YOU ’ VE COME HOKE TO TOUR DADOY. DOG-GONED IF I , — ■\l DONT FEEL A KIND OF U S PATERNAL INTEREST r — r-K “ > X ---- - ----- .IN -YOU. , -------- -irp V, ON 5EC0N0 THOUGHT 1 DONT KNOW THAT I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. WV€N I LOOK AT TOU I TV8NK OF WHAT USE! ) TO BE AND THAT MEANS i VIOLA . WHY DID YOU HAE Vpwi TO POP UP TO ____ r ~ F*rS REMIND ME ? I 1 THOUGHT I \kAS ALL ^ THROUGH WITH NU-LUSTER POLISH WVEN 1 SETTLED CP WITH HEM BUT MERE I ■) AM RUBBING UP AN ^ V ACQUAINTANCE WITH J v ------ 1 iT AGAIN. . -------- BOUND TO WIN — The Menage By EDWIN ALGER YOU KNOW WHEN THINGS GO C WRONG, DON'T ' i OU BRIARS'E . OLD BOV? WELL,THEY'VE SURE GONE WRONG NOW ! JONATHAN SAYS c ; THAT AM EARTHQUAKE AND A X\ FLOOD HAVE DESTROYED THE J - M1NE OF THE 1 ANGELS { I ~r~ | || ^ WHEW ’ . THIS SURE Vo ^ DAO NEWS! 1 WISH TO KNOWN VT BEFORE NOW — ; IF \ HAD I'D BEEN BACK > ONTHE FARM- AND NOT , IN ALL THIE>TROUBLE? , ANY MONEY ACT ALL EXCEPT WHAT THE FARMS MADE — BUT JONATHAN IS (?N H\S WAV UP HEBE NOW ANO MAYBE. HE'LL P£ ABLE TO HELP US ! g 3SH |%EN WEBSTER , AS WE WILL RECALL , HAO COME HOME FROM MEXICO WHERE HE HAO AIDED ZEKE AND JOHN RICE TO REGAIN A FABULOUSLY WEALTHY SILVER MINE . ZEKE RICE HAO PROMISED BEN A SHAPE IN THE PRCPrre* OF THE MINE ANO rT WAfcTHIS MONEY ON WHICH BEN COUNTED TO ' POST A BONO ANO THUS OBTAIN HIS LIBERTY UNTIL HE COULD DISPROVE THE CH ARGES ON WHICH ’ HE WAS HELD- BUT JONATHANS MESSAGE ----- ToW h TF lx h 1 3 1 p i a rl ,op PE ■¥ fl jBjU i| i]il hi u|Tiinn uir.is il 1 zlufplf 1 oT h ! *|» 1 c t I t E iaiilrjij ii AlSp tlu SIX u B b | o 1 j f\ H B| L 0 1 TTU iic|i ■ l E IhU: I 21 M C lit -H i e | ofal 1 dir d | i [¥1 ifili 0 3 II* X “ jp^a 6 \ >j q m LilfiTTBia

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