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f IONS 9200. tr-ss, wh \ i -: THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ WEDNESDAY. ILNET p . IMP 9200 THE COMMUNITY AND OFFERS THIS AD SERVICE IS AS CONVENIENT AS YOUR PHONE — CALL WHITE PLAINS .9200 Complete Bridge Lamps, $ 1 .25; See Classification 58. -®j t JlaUu $rc59 107 M*m*roneck Avenue WHITE PLAINS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT S Count Six Anri|i Word* Per Line RATES For your convenience *d* ere accepted over (be 'phone, with tin understanding .that they will -pay when-bil) U presented or bcfori Ada ordered tor alx time* get the lowest rate and may be sloppc before aspiration. charge being made only for insertion* used • the rate earned. NotxonsecullvT Insertion* get one-time rale I ads In bold faoe type, double regular rate*. PHONE YOUR AD — CALL 9200 - Closing Tune: 11 A. M. — 9 A. M. Saturdays Answers to ■\Keyed\ ads delivered only on proper Identification One Insertion • • • 12c a Line Cash Three Consecutive insertions - 9c .a Lina Cash Six Consecutive Insertions 7c a Line Cash DISPLAY CLASSIFIED RATES i c* SI 00 an u>ch one time; 73c an Inch, t Inch. 1 month Display not larger than 12 point e ob Application t and Found 1 1 Garage-Services-Storage 10 DOST — Bank Book No. 59734. The Home Savings Bans White Plains, N. T. Payment stopped. Return to bank within bdaym Date. Jane IS. 1929. -86 LOST — Bank Book No 'S 1 Rftl Th7 Home Savings Bank. White Plains, N. T. Payment stopped. Return to bank within 5 day* Date June IS. 1929. i - 07 Business Services Help Wanted — Male 39 HAVE opening foi perlence nol necessary; salary and commission to start. Apply be- twaen 4 ana 4 P. M Singer Sewing Co., 21 Mamaroneck Ave„ White \ “ V ____ _ ___ r? GAS end steam shovel operators. AU season * work. Apply Peck- ham Roed Corp. 4T Mamaroneck Avenue. While PltlM —89 EMPIRE VOCATIONAL BUREAU 151 E Poet Rd. al Mamaroneck Av. American youths — bank and brok ­ erage-messengers — 860 Head bookkeeper gnd office mana ­ ger*— bank and Insurance — Open \ SALESMEN! . One pian said to me: \I am going to net 815.000 for myself this summer I believe he'll do It at Lake Peek- skill How much will you make? See Mr. Springer. McGoIrtck Real ­ ty Co. 215 No Division St. Peek- sklll, N. Y. -81 YOUNG MAN who has attinded high school. Apply Western Union Telegraph Co. 1 Grove Street EMPIRE VOCATIONAL BUREAU 15! B Port Rd . at Mamaroneck Av Expert Underwood Bookkeeper - Open. Salesman 'Peppy. Electrical -Open Sleno'- Typist - BUI Clerk — Open Many other office position* open AptrtmenU, UnfiraaEdd 80 APARTMEl . SMCCIA LIST - low meneglm. t. e following bulld- 11 lUastvlew Avunu. 39 Oak wood Avenue 10 Chester Avenue .98 Mertlnt Avenu. 18 Kenslco Avenue II Hall Annua 48 Cleveland Avenue Also Buildings In Port Chsstsr. ,*-1.11 I d LarchmonL James / Bro- i. 78 Mamar nsek Avsnus. Telephone 7738-2*13 -tf RENTAL BARGAINS 3 1,-room apt. slectrlc refrigeration. 888; 4H-room apt*. 180 to 890; 4- and 5- room elevator apt*. 896 to 8128. with refrigeration. Many others. Be* . TO THOSE WHO MUST LIVE CLOSE IN and who may Ilk* lo rent out a room or l»« thi# comfortable home right In town Will appeal. Seven rooms, bath, hoi water beat. Oilomatlc oil burner, large plot, very nice neighborhood, near high school, stores, -stations Owner has nought larger home wfc^ch is only reason for selling Price. $17,500 LEPHONE 6100 VALHALLA — 6 large room* and bath. Largs sun porch. 300 ft. from railroad staUon and bus lines. All improvements Beautiful^ lawn, j AT 82.000 CASH You Can't Equal This House 6 rooms, sun porch, screen throughout, garage, nice grounds. Mortgagee 88,800. Owner will take- back mortagag* 81.700. BARNEY GERARD Gerard Building. 1 East Post Road Tel. 2548 — Sun. and Eve 8443-212o — tf FOR SALE REAl\. GOOD BUY - 812,800 _ 883 per month. TtL ] New mpt-room house, tiled kitchen. it 74 1282 W. P. * ______ KIIAPHAM COURT APARTMENTS High class elevator apt*. 2. 3 and 4 rooma All mn-'ero Improvements Frigid air* service. Diceted St Old Mamaroneck Road and Shapbam HI OS'. TeL Superintendent 3607-5183 tiled hath. log burning fire place. Urge (plot, one-car garage, near Harlem station. W H GRANVILLE •4 Main Street Phone 8747 -If WHITE boy, atrong and willing to work Chance to learn trade. Virginia Road oanh and Doer Co . | North White Plain* -69 VAN WART ARMS rpet Cleaning 24 Autot Fot Sale CARPETS AND RUGS USED TRUCKS WITH AN_0. K. THAT COUNTS Scouring ' Dust Cleaning | Repairing — Binding — Altering j Oriental Shampooing a Specialty Chevrolet, 1928. Light Dellvei> Panel. This car has been thorough ­ ly reconditioned. Has been driven less than 4.1)00 mile* Just a* good as new. 8190 down balanre in 12 equal payments. WITH AN O. K. THAT COUNTS CARPENTER STORAGE. Inc. 107-121 Brookfield St. Icleghone 473 White Plain* Millinery — Dressmaking 25 Chevrolet. 1928 Light Delivery Open Express with screen side* and i hank. Closed cab. Tires In cxc.l- I lent condition. Motor overhauled. 1 other 8160 down, balance 12 monthly payments. WITH AN O. K THAT COUNTS 1 Chevrolet. 1927. Light Delivery Panel This car would make, a won ­ derful car for a tailor or dellcn ket. Let u* demonstrate this truck ! for you today 8120 down and let your business pay the balanre G.M.A.C. plan WITH AN O. K. THAT COUNT* lasanlvilie 1483 — 24 Help Wanted — i-emale 38 1927 Chevrolet Ton. Open Expret.i with top and closed cab. This truck has thousands o' miles of unused transportation In it. An excellent car for a contractor This car can be purchased at a very low figure See It today. Terms If desired. WITH AN O. K. THAT COUNTS Ford. Light Delivery This car has e carrying capacity of 800 pounds. It la a bargain. See It today. A bargain at the price we ask 190 takas It away WITH AN O K. THAT COUNTS Court Chevrolet Co. 67 South Lexington Ave. While Plains. N. Y. Phone* 5330-5331 SEE LECLA1R MOTORS. INC Marmon and Roosevelt 19 MARTTNE AVE. FOR GOOD USED CARS EASY TERMS.... Phones W. P. 8910*91 1 Guarantees you SATISFACTION and gives you the GREATEST CAR VALUE for your money. There Is ALL MAKES ALL MODELS Llbeial Terms Open Evenings A Bandajx FELDMAN MOTOR SALES CO. Otdamoblle-Vlklng Dealers U Martin* Ave. Phone 8515 eh. 1928. Run eight 9.800 miles. First FI vs good Ur**. 8380 Whits Plains 1802. . of automobile 11- * V-311 will receive a year's 8 AutomobU* Club of Can at the office of THE DAILY PR ESS-before * p. M. GIRLS STEADY ALL YEAR EMPLOYMENT AS TELEPHONE OPERATORS IN „ \ tVHITE PLAINS SCARSDALE “ TUCKAHOE ALSO Sitaatioiu Wanted Female 42 Employment Agencies 45 EMPLOYMENT - Cook*, couple*. butlers, chambermaids chauf ­ feurs. farm hands, gardener*, house workers, nurses List of na ­ tions supplied. American. Belgium. Bulgarian. -British. Canadian. Cht- neae. Colored. Cuban. Danish. Dutch. English. French, Finnish. German. Hungarian. Irlsl. Italian. Japanese. Jewish. Polish. Norweg ­ ian. Swiss, West Indian Refer ­ ence:, Jones Agency R#t 1900 Independent Employment Associa ­ tion. IS S Lexington Phones 30. 4931. 4539 -69 PRICE SHOULD SELL mis HOUSE beautiful new English home, n slate roof. 9 rooms. 3 baths extra lavatory. Decorated Choice*! 3-room apartments In throughout- Tiled kitchen, hot town, every modern convenience, water heat cedar closets, attached Ire# fngldalre. also radio outlet*, two-car garage. Wooded plot garages Call 4290- W -88 1 100x150 Price now 832.000 Only — - email amount of cash necessary. VAN WaRT-ARMS : Choicest 3-room apartment* in ARTHUR T. WIBOM AND town; every modern convenience; I A^SfiriATF^ free frlgldalre: also radio ouUets, AS DIM. I A I ti garages. Call 42S0-W or 785-W.^- I Depot Piet* ~* 4 ! Tel. W. TWO adjoining room* and bath . ' ___ furnished for housekeeping, de ­ sirable loeatlon. reasonable 20-R Lcfkl Notice NOTICE TO BIDUKUS Proposals will be received Alteration* to I he School Building at Court Street and Marline Ave ­ nue In While Plains. N. Y, for the County of Westeheeler, a*.follows: Separate scaled bids or proposal* will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisor* at the Court House. White Plain*. New York, until 10 a. m. 'Daylight Saving Time) on-June 28th. 1929. Specifications, drawings and all Information relative to the same may be procured either from Ben ­ jamin W. Morris. Architect. 101 Park £yenu0r New York City. New Yorkr*br from Fred L Merritt Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Court House, White Plains, Ni York. _. 3857 Evening* 1343 Apartments, Famished 81 Tu SI/BLBT — Very desirable unfur ­ nished *-room apartment, croas- vjtlllauon. cool, Frldlgelr* Rea ­ sonable Call 8551-W befori -SCARSDALE $15,000 drawings and specification* lo Insure their safe retur/within ten days of awarding the contract, otherwise deposit for ­ feited. Each separate bid or proposal must be accompanied by a certified check In the sum of three per cent* •f the amdunl bid. made payable to the Treasurer of the County of Westchester, same to be forfeited to County of Westchester as liqui ­ dated damages In the case of fail ­ ure on the part of the successful bidder to enter into a contract for tb* execution of the work awarded > and to furffilh a satisfactory within five days after notice of such award. Each successful bidder will be required to execute the contract and furnish a surety company ‘ ind In the sum equal to 80 per nl of the amount of .the contract awarded him. guaranteeing the faithful performance of the work, contract and bond to be In form required by the County Attorney, a copy of which form may be seen at the office of the Glerk of the Board of Supervisors. All bidders must aubmlt their proposal on the form of bid ac ­ companying the drawings and specifications and In the manner Indicated therein. The Board of Superylsors re ­ serve* the right to reject any and all (ild* or to accept any proposal which it may deem for the beet In ­ terest of the County of West- COMME ’ M-AL Employment Ex ­ change First-cl.i*' ateuugra pliers, bookkeepers, typhus, general j worker.; also chauffeur*, cooks, houseworkers. day workers etc. 185 Main 8t Tel 6084 — tf On high ground near elation. Owner I* leaving town and frankly muit sell stucco home. 8 room*. ! tiled batu. open porch, garage, on ample lot. Price Includes greens, weather stripping, shades; In fact, if Sup!,. ! everything except the furniture, 43 Mitchell Pla< r — 8 The house is practically new in TWO ’ or three room apartment. ] splendid erudition, surrounded by heal and hot water, ah Improve- ! other nlr* houses and vary reason- j rr.enl* Apply at 4U9 Main St, W. P j «ble at the price asked. 1!C. ‘ Plain*. N- Y. June 12. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY. By FRED L. MERRITT. Clerk. June 14-15-17-15-10 ti THE OWN?R of automobile li ­ cense V-311 will receive a year'* mcmbecahlp Ur Automobile Club of Weatchagter Call at th- office of THE DAILY PRESS before 8PM Monday. — 88 Seckrrdr Hill Inc. Business Places For Rent 82 100*2 business business section, formerly occupied by United Cigar Store Phone A tmerblum. Port Chester 400 — 89 k'E dc. TEMPORARY POSITIONS AVAILABLE FOR ^ EXPERIENCED EX-OPERATORS APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO LOCAL CHIEF OPERATOR OR TO EMPLOYMENT SUPERVISOR' quote Impossible price* and . then disappoint you when you call. 4 The*e items ar* here All new arm worthwhile. Glider Ham ­ mocks, 816.78 Willow Rockers. 84.25; Rustic . mi Chair*. 8225; 4 Pc. Large Site Bedroom Suites, j 199; Dainty Poster Beds. 814-75; . Wlnthrop Desk*. 849 78, Simmon ' Bed*, all »!**». 86.75. Cuslomblll 1 Solas. 849.75; Pier Bookcase*. 85.75. 1 3 Pc. Krohler Davenport Suites. 8119; Solid Mahogany Hl-Boya. 896; ! 3 Pc Suck Reed Suites. 839.75; I Complete Bridge Lamp*. ILM j . Free Delivery « NfePTUNE STORAGE 389 Huguenot St New Rochelle Houses for Rent 83 TOR -'RE5fF'A*fTOT95i'DiH On Cherry St Modern 7-room house, all Improvements, garage, spacious ground*. 5 minutes' walk lo Katnnah on Bedford Hills 10-11 Depot Plaza Phone White Plaint 7206 Lots For Sale Txm NOT EXPENSIVE Three acres ovrrlooke ing Rye Lake, beauti ­ ful view; very beat netghbortjood. PHONE MT KISCt i Summer Homes for Rent, a86 KHr'RTSjt^KuFfoom 'camp “ on beautiful small lake near South Salem Phon* Mamaroneck 1899 6 SPRING ST. -WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. TELEPHONE CO. THE OWNER if automobile li ­ cense V-311 will receive a year's membership in Automubile Club of Westchester Call r- th- office of THE DAILY PRESS before 8 P. M Furnished Rooms 73 !E. bright, cheerful room*, r bath. In residential section irth Broadway -Tel. 2944 YOUNG LADY who hea attended - high school Apply Western Union Telegraph Co. I Grove Street — 89 TWO furnished rooms for light housekeeping; private bath; ex ­ cellent neighborhood. Business couple preferred. Phone 22*4- W. Help Wanted — Female 38 nary. Write slating age. experience and salary expected. Box A-77. Dally Pres* — «5 Help Wanted — Rale 39 SALESMEN-\V. hav- just opened a'branch office Ir Westchester County. Can use one or two men of high type with rars *fTfo can fur ­ nish best J. references. Splendid MODERN HEATED BUILDING; single o double, popular price*;' niald service; hot water at all times: baths and showers phone*. One Block to BLation-iYoll Single or Double ST. CHARLES HOTEL 33 So- Lexington f ve TH. 4751-849 -tf Equipment Co. Room 212 Slote BldA. 9 West Prospect Ave.. Mt. Vernoiv — 88 STENOGRAPHER, mats, Christian Some experience preferred. Ad ­ vise education, experience? age. availability telephone and least •alary Box A -78. T. -«y Press. Apartments, Unfurnished 8 to and radio acces ­ sory store. One with knowledge of business p-eferred. but not* es ­ sential. Must have gno< appear ­ ance Good future for right Cyclcae Btore. 65 Grameian Ave. Mt, Vernon. PARK VIEW GARDENS Si North Broadway Now Available 3- Room Apartment 4- Room Apartment 5- Room Aapertnaaat Extra Maid's Rooms Electric Refrl-station Garages — Playground -tuperb View ALSO. FURNISHED “ jLRoom Apartment unusually / — For Informatioi MEUER A AUERBAQl Depot Plaxa Bldg. 91 HTTS OUT. YOU ’ RE IN Owner has moved away will sacri ­ fice hb horns on Improved street. Dutch Colonial. 4 bedrooms, large living room, fireplace, largo open porch, homelike atmosphere. Ten mlnutee walk to eta - Ion. 5 minute* to achooL Reducca to 815,006. Term*. Ask WHITE PLAINS — BEAUTIFUL WELL BUILT MODERN HOME. SIX LARGE ROOMS. TILE HATH. SUN PARLOR.OPEN PORCH, ! ATTIC? GARAGE: COM- LA RGE . ATTIC, 1 GARAGE; COM­ PLETE IN EVERY DETAIL. ART ISTICALLY DECORATED. HOT WATER HEAT GARDEN. SHRUBS. LAWN; HIGH RE ­ STRICTED LOCATION; 7 MIN ­ UTES TO STATION. SCHOOL, TOWN — 315.000. CALL OWNER. WHITE PLAINS 5602- W. 51 ALEX ­ ANDER AVE — T1 LET US SHOW -mis TO YOU WlbfclAM G BARRETT 178 Marline Avenu{ Ielcphonc 6100 — 85 THE FIRST GREAT advertise ­ ment was the rainbow — advertis ­ ing no more floods THE DAILY PRESS la th; colorful medium by which' the merchants of White Plains may give out their message th* lowest possible coat Lf«l Notice . COUNTY BO AD CONHTBUCTION White Plain*. New York, Ji 1L 1929 tb* following roads will be received at the office, or th* Clerk of th* Board of 8o- p*rvi*oi's. Court House. White Plains. New York, until 10 A. M (Daylight fiiving Tim*). Thursday. June 27. 1929: WaHmrton Avenue and Broadway, I lasting*, County Road , No. 7A PC I. . I-ength 183 miles. Bid* for on lUlnforced Concrete As ­ phalt Block. Bltulithic and phallic Concrete Pavement* principal llama are: Excavation — 28JM0 c. yds Concrete Pavement — 1(1.600 cu. yds. Bltumlnoug Pavement* — 43.500 *q- yds. Portland Cement — 19400 bbl*. Broadway Dobbs Ferry, County ' Bond No. 75. rt X Length 158 mile*. Bids aakik for on Reinforced Concrete. A* pbalt Block Blttillthlc and Asphal ­ tic Concrete Pavements. The prin ­ cipal Items are: Excavation — 28,750 cu- yds. Concrete Pavement — 10.320 cu. yds. Bituiplnous Pavements — 96.450 Portland Cement — 18.000 bbla . Midland Avenue. Turkahoe and BronxvUle, County Hoad No. « \ Length 124 miles, be reinforced concrete, 90 and : , feet wide. Principal Items are. Excavation —12,600 cm yds. Concrete Pavement — 8,900 cu. yds. Portland Cement — 1X000 bbla Specifications, plans. proposal shaets and^all Information relative to tame may be procured at the of ­ fice of the County Engineer upon making tbs required deposit.,which deposit will be refunded upon the return of th* plana In good con ­ dition within thirty 130) day* of the date of receiving bids. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, FRED L MERRITT. CHAS, MacDONALD. County Engineer. June 14-15-17-16-19-tA. Ltjbl Nctkd CORNELIUS B. rum. HOW- ART R 8TEWART. OOB, PORATION sod THE PEO ­ PLE OF THE STATE OF HEW YORK. Defendants- In pursudcca o and entered i tbs above entitled action, hearing data th* 23nd day of May. 1929. in tb* Office of the Clerk of Westchester. County. L tb* underWgned refer auction at the front step* of the'County Court Houaa, In tbs City of White Plain*. Stats of New York, on tbs 20th day of June, 1929, at 10 o ’ clock In the forenoon of that day, the premises directed by. aald Judgment to be sold' and therein described a* follows: ALL that oertaln lot. piece or par. oel of land, with the I York, and known and designated as and by the Lot number twen ­ ty-one (21) on a certain map en ­ titled \Map of Haatboote Terrace, aitubte in the Village of Bean- dale. Westchester County, N. Y,' mad* by Walter A. Milas. C I, T, dated May. 1934. and f th# Office of the Kagistsr or Westchester County, H. Y, on July 11. 1924. as Map No 264L SUBJECT to covenants and re ­ strictions of record affecting said property and lo tb* Zoning Ordin ­ ances of tb* Town of Scandal* and amendments thereto. CHARLES E MOORE. Esq. SAMUEL A. KOBACK. Attorney for Plaintiff. Office A P. O. Address^. 21 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain*. N. Y. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME MAN WHO WANTS A GAS STATION Full modern equipment: located on a main highway; doing a good business now; five yenr lease low rent; sold with stock and fixture* ? Price $1200 FOB IMMEDIATE SALE WARREN W. MASLEN 171 Main Street, White Plain* PHONES fUB - 2784 AM A WALK —84 acres. 3500 an acre. MT. K1SCO — 36 acres, 12,000 »n acre; 12 acres, long rood front ­ age, 83.500 an acre. KATONAH — 30 seres .1.000 an Room 101 — 181 Main St. Whits Plains Tel. Evening 8390 Day 6967 ENJOY Urn You only live once. Get out In th* country 899 lota; 82 down. 81 monthly. Boating, bathing, flailing. J. M. Bmitb. 233 Broadway, New York City. -73 HOUSE eight rooms end bath, •team heat, electricity. On War ­ ren Ave. Manhattan Park. Five minute* walk to trolley and bus line*. Right price to quick buyer. For particulars, phon* 2884-R. Ont-of Town for Sale 94 BQTCffiSST £5Tnly house. Furnished. Born, fruit tree*, ehrubery 83.000. G Soal- frank. 206 East 3rd 8t. Mt. Verqgn. Wanted — Real Estate 95 CHAPPAQUA EXCEPTIONAL BARGAIN era house am bath. Well built, inlencea. Refined .•Neigh ­ borhood. 810.000 Terms/ ABOUT 40 ACRES — Mountainside. 11 miles from New ’ York. Mag ­ nificent view. 81.300. ABOUT 120 ACRES — With build ­ ings and river frontage. SB milts from New York. Communicate with H EL WIN REALTY COMPANY Bedford Road TeL Chap 123 Open Sundays PRINCIPAL Interested purchase of modern apartment building Desirable- small or large. Give lull particular*. Box A-7B. Dally Press Loan 97 Money t FOP. SALE — Two story btruse on main thoroughfare, all Improve ­ ments. Ten rooms, bath, plot 300x16a Price 817500. Summer bungalow, of three rooms, dosed porch. 83.180. Hons* seven rooms, bath, all Improvement* price 88.000. Have you a tot? Will seVyou fl- nancad. Address Wyeth. Box 45*. Hawthorns, N. Y. WE HAVE LOTS OF SECOND MORTGAGE MONEY FOR GOOD APPLICATIONS LET US SOLVE YOUR PROB ­ LEMS AND END YOUR WORRIES STANDARD MORTGAGE CO. 171 Mi IN STREET WHITE PLAINS 4835 Boxineu Opportunities STORE FOR SALE — Soda am cigar. No other opposition Phon W. P. 997-M. — « BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING consult T(iE DAILY PRESS, where you wUl find th* announce ­ ments of several, p( the high- grade store* in Whlfo Plains. A Fresh Catalog Daily NEW list of wants and offers of the city and surrounding towns is printed daily in the Classified Columns * all properly indexed for quick ref­ erence. Whether merchandise or sendee, real estate or autos, a new up-to-the- minute list is always to be found in the columns of 1 The DAILY PRESS ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVIC RecuLFor Profit — U*e For Results

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