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a» -» T r ‘ J ™ n ^* 9200 THE DAILY PRES?. WHITE FLAW S, N. Y.> IAY, JUkElS.ISCT 9200 News m Social Circles of White Planes and Vicinity YOUNG POETS TRYSKILLAT FREE VERSE Poit Road Sixth Gradr Pu ­ pil* Hold Intereating Dj-- cushion: Alio Compose Several Rhymes An interesting discussion of mod- ana poetry took place thu last weak , during an English raolUtlon. In a *-A trade of Poet Road School. The j puplle learned that It * no longer naoeaeary to have enact rhythm, perfect malar or rhyme; that Ideas caa be worked out In trea veree without retard to the lrnath of line, number of IJnea. etc. Varloua Illus ­ trations wire read to the clues, natl then the puplle were Riven an up portunlty to ‘ •poetlae The fullow- Int are a few of the Interesting re- Sitting In our claeeroom Ae caim ae can be Trying to write a poem Plans for Fall Luncheon At Meeting When suddenly the bell rings. Four times! Then out goee our clae* For fire-drill No poem' — Arthur Peterson. We Uke the merry month of Jut Not became the rosea bloom, ■ But becauae It le-lhe month * I school closes ' — Elaine Dlttrteh Pilter. patter goes the rain Aa It hit* the window-pane Thunder booming In the air, Lightning flashing cross the sky. — Who's afraid- --Rita Dwyer ! Eight Delegates Named To Endeavor Meet The New York Slate Christian Endeavor Society will hold Its an ­ nual convention a! the Fifth Ave ­ nue Preubytsritn Church from June 27 to tO. Tho Christian Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian Church on North Broadway has voted t' send eight delegates, the names of whom are given below Miss Ruth Schpslt. Miss Betty Hubbard. Mies Cynthia Harblson, Miss Alleen Wat ­ kins. Mias Elsie Tlsh. Mr Robert Roger, ilr. Frank Wagoner and -Mr. John Connot. ilnal meeting of the erasnn Mon day afternoon in the church aortal rooms Mrs. William P. Jphnston the president, was in charge and there ware about -eiaty members present. Plans for the International Darur. whirii is to take i.lace on November 14th and 15th. were die cussed. The furnishing of the new parsonage In Gedney Karin, which was recently purchased, waa eon aldered. The opening merllng oral fall will be held on September 3Jd and will .take the .form of a Itinrh- jn wlilrti will be followed by the legulkr liu»im\?a mertlng MRS. F.S. COLES IS HOSTESS TO S.O.S. ATCLUB Proebytoriiin Groups Knirr liiiued at tlir !\<»rtli Ensile Country Club: Rrielpe? Prizes Awarded Mrs Floy S. Coles of 2D Baiker avenue entertained the 8. O. 8. of the Presbyterian Church at bridge Monday evening at the North Gaelic Country Club This was no! a rec- 1 ular mertlng and therefore prise? i were awarded the winners Those who won prize# were Mrs ) Henry O Snlffen. Mrs, John Hong I Jr. Mrs. Edward Horton, Mr. Thomas E. Conklin. Mr Henry O. Hnltfen and Mr. Juhn Hoag. Jr Member? present Included Mr and Mrs Henry Lounsbrry. Mr and Mr* William Horton. Mr and Mrs. Edward Clinch. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs Nelson <D Thompson, Ml Thumbs ~ George SPEECH CLASS IS CLOSED AT FOUNDATION \\ ork Wruiiipliehrd by De- fwtivi Cliiltlrcp 'R Di’ innnMr.iletl at Hrrk- elirr Theater The Department of Speech and Drama of the Heckscher Founda ­ tion. 1 East 101th Street, will close Its spring term nexi Saturday, June 22 at 2 SO with a recital In the Heckscher Theatre The Deportment of Speech add Drama wan Inaugurated at the be ­ ginning Of the year, for the pur ­ pose of giving \first-aid in Eng- ■ thlldren wi jj The Way of June With Roses r of It indlnj 'uplts in thi* department are from 4 to IB years Closses'are held an- held all day Saturday from 10 to IS years old Classes are held nl( day Saturday fiom 10 In the morning unlll 8 al night, an*., all pupils receive individual attention of treatment, whether they suffer from actual defects of speech such ns a lisp or a stammer, or mtrely the difficulties of overcoming a foreign accent A minimum fee II chat get! Pu ­ pils this first term numbered 250. but It i? hoped that there will be an enrollment of at l-ast a thou- Satunlay after Interested will charge- There en to the recital nx.n All who are ae admitted free of will he recitations the children, and of work by th? . Mr Mr. and Mrs Amherst and Cornell Men Go Abroad Luncheon Held Yesterday At * Mrs, Wilde ’ s 100 PER CENT INCREASE BY ANNUAL DRIVE Valhalla District Nursing As ­ sociation Jumps Member ­ ship to 175, Following . Intensive Canvass Completion of the annual drive of th* District Nursing Association of Valhalls. held under th#' dirsctlon of Mrs R. C. HUUard. ha* recorded that mors residents of th* township are now -enrolled with the organ!**- Uon than ever before. There are 176 member* belonging to the asso ­ ciation an increase of seventy-el* over last year Practically every home In Valhal ­ la Is now a member of the District Nursing Association tn three in ­ stances, Shelley avenue. Valhalla place and Cedar street. 100 j membership was recorded. Members follow- . Mrs William Ackstly. Mr* John ArchtbrJd. Mrs Harry' Baupi. Mr* Ed Beauche*. Mr* Charles' Beean- non. Mr Charles Bevannon. Mis* Margaret Beru. Mr Andrew Bll- hofef. Mrs Charles Bishop. Mr Charles Blenls. Mr* Georg# Blum. Mm Janies Beland. Mrs A. Brad- Ball. Mrs Thomns Bradsell, Mr*. Charles Brenner Mrs. Stephen Brogan Mr* W Brooks. Mrs A J. Brown. Mr* Arthur Budd. Mr*. Thomas Burger,*. Mrs Oeorge Bar ­ rage. Mrs R E Bvar. Mr* Andrew Campbell Mr* Frank Campbell. Mr* George W Campbell, Mr*. O. T Carpenter. Mr* Lint* Catereon. ’ Mr# Edith Cesari. Mr* Francis Colloqur, Mr* James Cleary Mr* Henry - Cobcrg. Mis* !. B Cole?. Mr* W G Cole*. Mr? P. Collin* Mr* P. Collin*. Mr# 8 T Co wen. Mr Edith A. Cullorf. Mr* A (lagged walk leads through the gardens of Mrs. Lloyd Gertrude curti*. Mr* Tony curto. Heath, on Dover avenue, to the rose-decked arbor that | Mr* J w Dart Mrs. DeVereuee. gives entrance to the gracious flowering acre boyond. The Mr* Ja.m-» Dulaney. Mr* J p»- pink blossoms that drip over this arbor all grew from two £r* sS, £ttchm?n. Mr. Howard' potted plants that Mrs. Heath's mother once gave a friend Dickson. Mr? Dirkson. Rev vin- and that the friend gave back to Mrs. Heath when she cent di Michele. Mr* p Donovan, was closing her house and moving to an apartment..Now M,,i * AnnUjJonohm White Plains Women Attend All Day Meeting and Sports Carnival Held Yesletday at Century Club Wcstcheiter Group of the Women ’ s Division of Federation of tltt Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York Play Golf, Tennis, Mah Jong and Bridge In Interests of Chanty. Ing them were MJ« Felix M. War- burg of Hartedale. Mrs. Edgar A. Hakn*n of Purchase. Mrs. Harold Lehman and Mr*. Louis Roaenstela of Tsrrytown, Mrs Lee 8 Hartman of New Rochelle. Mr*. W'ltHam Bn* meb of Port Cheater, Mr*. Henry 81 eg be rt. of White Plain*. Mr*. Her? bert Carlebaeh. of Rre. and Mrs. Lewis M. Hloomlngdale. Mr*. Dude ley D. Do*rnberg. Mr*. Joeeph H, Klaubety Warren H Tidd. Mr* A W Tldd. of 22 Oakwood avenue, wa* graduated Monday .. from Cornell University after ha-.- the blossoms from these two plants form one of the most lag completrd the course In * * ‘ * -•? • Irlcal engineering. Mr Tldd. was horn In White Plain*, routusted with honors from Plain? High School and . Mri spectacular spots in a beautiful garden. at at nell l. YALE REUNION Mr. Charles Everett Moore of South Broadway ha* spent several days at Yale University New Haven, where he attended the twenty-fifth reunion of hi* eradu- Whltf P ’ MTl* on Wednesday. David Mackni a Junior yen ; Tnti Bela Pi and Els Kappa t honorary engineering societies- Fol ­ lowing graduation Mi Tidd. tn company with Joh H Schnepel. ■r of South Broadway will sail from Montreal an the S 9 Mont- i aim for * two month*' tour of Europe Mr Schnepel bn? Just GARDEN GOSSIP By FLORENCE C. SPELLER John D Draper, M>? W. W Dudyshyn. Mr*, rs Fipncls E Etcher. Itchln. Mis* Joule M' F England Mr*. •peUer.'f Church, o * beds a anely » petal# of the fragrant climber. \Doctor Van Flestadorable In Its great oluster# of bloom on the arbor overhand, flutter down th* pathway Jun* rsasrvss a double Joy for me. os In addition to being the birth month of roses It Is the birthday of my younger son. a birthday cake of pink ib« , (angular, square and circle shapes, *oee j onch planting composed of twelve I rose bushes of on# variety Th* . \Hadlancs\ both pink and rsd col ­ aw ors. are her favorite*. “ I Ilk* them I better than any of the other rose*.'' said Mr*. Hsath. \becauss they are I beautiful, hardy, and very prolific.\ , In another bed reside* ihe \Mn- °' dam* Butterfly,\ a glorified yellow rose, close by Is the family of “ Lady Aahtown.\ all clothed In datnty pinh. frilly bonnst*. I noticed a large, robust \Silver Moon\ endeavoring to reach th* sunlight, a* It was half hidden by shrubbery Although It was barren of Irave* halfway up the climber, there was a profusion of the siVriry whits blossom* near the top. Mis* Flora K Feitn. Mrs A Firk. Mrs H Field-- Mrs Flaherty. Mrs 0, Foley. Mr O. Foley Mf*. |J C Freehoff. Mr J. C FreohofT. Mr L 8 Fulton. Mr* L. 9 Fulton. ; Mr*. John Oermann. Mrs E Out- I heel. Mrs It Oruemnger, Mr Paul Oruenlnger. Mr*. J Grimm. Mr* V Grill?. Mr? H Goodrich. Mrs Glynn. Mr? M. Ollllgan. Mr* W. C Hsmman. Mrs J. Hanley, Mrs Lucy Hardon. Mr E L Hatfield, without It >uld t nuy, for . In Nature ’ s Own Food Just as Nature Made it W illow BROOK MILK i, produced on hundreds of beautiful farms around here undSr the best and clear ­ est of conditions. The care that is taken in its produc ­ tion is costly, of course, but it means absolute assurance that your Jriddics are getting the highest milk quality^, when you buy WILLOW BROOK MILK Serving Westchester' County Homes For 50 Years Ta?«phona Oakwor i 8681 or N«w Kc:heil« 25 oc White Plains 7743 There are so many lovely rose gardens in White Plains' The attractive rose arbor, com ­ pletely covered with lovely pink blossom* of tho \Tausspdschoen.\ In the delightful garden of Mrs W. Lloyd Heath. 50 Doyar avenue, has quit* an Interesting history. Th# two small rom plants, in s pot. were gifts to a friend on her birthday from Mrs eHath's mother Ae the former was moving to an apart- .inent, she presented them to Mrsr Hsath, who planted them In her garden and In th* past few yeari they have grown rapidly.' Polantha rose bushes nerve as a hedge in dividing her garden'from the neighbors' ground* The \Erne Tesehsndorff and the bright pink blossoms of the \Baby Tnusen- sohosn\ display their delicate flow ­ ers ths whole summer long. The rose gorden I* separated from the perennial garden by a narrow flag walk, each side of which Is edg ­ ed with dainty forgetmsnou. white sweet alytsum. “ Rosy Morn\ petun ­ ias. and the dwarf agaratum. inter ­ spersed with the bright crimson \Gruss an Tspllis\ rost. adding seat to tbs border Pink, white and red Oriental pop­ ples brighten corners. Uistr grace ­ ful foliage permitting rull view of ihe campanula* and coreopsis, the blues and yellows adding to the fas ­ cinating picture. But It Is among her mses that The \Frau Karl Druschkl\ eue- eeds better lb my opinion than any ither white rose While It doe* nut asm to have quite os many bios K M Heregrnhan. Mrs Ag- s. Mr. T J Carl Hill- C Hilliard. Mr R C. R Hogg. Mrs Wtl- ne» 8 Hlggti lard Mr? R Hilliard. Mrs Ham Holt Mrs Helen Howard. Mr*. C B Hunter. Mrs E Jelle, Miss Amy B Jelle. Mrs Owen Judge. Mrs. E. Keegan. Mr? Davtl Kipp. Mrs. Philip Knobllch. Mr* C Laubner. Al iJiwrence. Mr* Myra Le- C. Lewi Ida Lorens stand rough usage. The pink \Columbia.\ long stem ­ med. and fine pointed bude-is grace ­ ful on the bueh. and most charm ­ ing os a cut flower The \General MoeArthur\ bright crimson, la my favorite, as It does not attract rose . chafers as readily os light colored , ,, ra roses do ! Q u,nn Th* yellow rose* are such fra'] creature*, that unless special care is given. March winds kill them. However, I am trying the \Souve ­ nir de Claudius Ppmet\ again this year, end If I succeed In saving half of ths number planted. I ehail feat gratified Of courts, the yellow \Oardenla\ climber Is extremely hardy — well — If ramblers and climbers gain a foothold, they mean to stay' I have quit? a number of the “ Dorotjiy- Perkins,\ the sweet- scented pink clustered rose ramb ­ ler*. and wanted to give two plant? neighbor After John, the had broken two spade? In attempt to uproot her It was de ­ cided that \Miss Dorothy.\ should I remain as a lifelong resident In spite of her prettlnes*. generosity and loyalty. I would not recommend too many plantings of these, as the leaves arc rather rusty appearing, after the flowers have departed Th# \American Pillar\ has bright little flowers, quite distinct, but rery fleeting. Why not try growing your favor- f roay cutting* ! Choost which f ' ' IJnghyen, Mrs- W. W. Llndeman. Mr? Mr* Eugene Lynch, Lytle. Mrs. Nora K- Lux. Mrs Maxtcrson. Mrs. George G. Chain. Mr George G McChaln. Mrs. Lucy McChaln. Mr* John McCar ­ thy. Mr? Felix 'McGinn*. Mrs. Mary McLean. Ml?* E. C. McClure, Mrs George Moger Sr. Mr? Carl Mehnr. Mr. Meyer Dr W C Moodl? Mr# W C. Moodle. Mrs John K Mots. Mrs Helen L Mulligan. Mrs. Norrl*. Mrs M NorstAd. Mrs E G Or- nerlt Mr*. F W Paterson. Mrs William Patf!. Mr* Clarence Peat- tio. Mrs- C Pflsler. Mrs. J. A Pfts- >?r Ir Mr. J, A. Pflstcr. Sr. Mrs. jaette-Dart. Mrs. D.W. ____ _____ William Raven. Mr*. ; J Redwood, ilr? E<lwar(l Regan. Mrs- Emily K. Reynolds. Mrs. Fred Ratter, Mrs X. Reiter. Mr. Sam RAcco. Mrs J- Rooney. Mrs. G E. O'Rourke. Mr* E A Saaks, J*r» C L. Sanford, Mrs. Clark Shelley. Mrs Clark Shelley. Mrs. Marvin In spite of turc In the si Century Club scene of many Interesting evtnts fro® 10 a m. to f p. m. yesterday, when the Westchester Group of the Women's Division of Federation Held a Sports Carnival, over a hundred women attended. \Federation ” Is for tbs support of ths Jewish Phllanthroplo Societies of flew York City.\ and the Sports Carnival Is an annual event. Ad ­ mission to this year's carnival was obtalnod by procuring one new jun- Mor membersfilp or so merta membership. There were golf and tennis {laments in which many f of the C asts participated. Mrs. Bert U of New York City golf match with a nst score of 7*. and Mrs. Benjamin jJaeob also of New York City was runner up with a ocor# of 78. Homs On* golf was played with many low score# Th# prizes were boxes of golf balls. Rob ­ ert Ellas of Bcarsdaie was the win ­ ner of the Junior tennis tournament receiving a prise of tennis balls A delightful luncheon was served at the convenience of the guests, the players strolling In at their leisure. It was all very informal and scsrnsd more Uke a small party of intimate friends than a large gathering of women from all parts of Westchester and numbers from New Yqrk, many of whom hod. never met one another before. Th* new mombers were charmed wKh the pleasant atmosphi qualntanceshtps were many new friends were gained for Federation and Interest \ received fresh Impetus. It was vesy pleasant after lunch- playing bridge or mah Jong, and looking out upon rolling u '\~ ■mooth green turf, cloud)#** ami struggling, pigmy golfers. Federation nos many units which work fer It a Business Men ’ s Coun ­ cil. a Women's Division, a Junior Division for young people to 20. and ihe Aunt Hilda Divlaion for children from Infancy up to 18 year? Each of these divisions has a quota which It pledges svety year. The Women's Division, of which •s Sidney C Bofg of Tarrytown chairman pledges Itself to con ­ tribute 1760.000 a year. It contri ­ butes to th* support of Bl Institu ­ tions and has a number of Interests tn Westchester; the Blytbedalc Home at Valhalla for Crippled Chib dren; •' the Hawthorne Protectory for boy*.and Cedar Knolls for girls. both homes for delinquent cases of long duration; the Hcbrsw Shelter? Ing Ounrdlan Society, which ts a large orphan home at Plsasantville; and Bedford Sanatorium, a con ­ sumptive home connected with Mctnieflore Hoepltal. Mr*. Edwin A Oruntal of Scars- dale Is chairman of th* Westches ­ ter Oroup of the Women's Division, and Mrs Goodman Richard Darts' also of Rearsdale Is associate chair ­ man On the committee are Mes- dsmet Abe N Adelson, Julius Ochs Adler. Lee Bach, Wljliam Baruch. Arnold Bvlals. Z d? F. Bernstsln. Lewis M. Bloomtngdale. W. Robert Blum. Sidney C. Borg, Herbert L. Carlebaeh, Maurice. P Daydson. Dudley D Doernberg. H. Seymour Klsman. Mark Eisner, Henry Ella*. Edwin H Foreman. Waller Clip#. Milton Goldfbgle. M. L. Ooldstone. Nat nan Qoldman. Lawrence Grcen- baum, Lee a. Hartman. Edgar ' Heilman, Edwin J. Hiller, nohert Isaac, Harold Jacobi. Edward Joe- ephy. Edward Klauber. Isaac Kuble, Percy Lansburgh. William Lay- Weinberg, Mrs. 1 Mrs. Arnold Betals. Mrs Percy w ( Lansburgh. Mrs Robert Blum, Mrs/ Herman fichwabaehrr; Mrs. Henry H Ella*, and Mrs Mark Elsatr. of Bcarsdaie. Among othert present war# Mrs. Lea Bach. Mrs Aaron Horwtti and Mrs. Jfecph Lowe of Mount Vsr- nnn: Mrs George 8. Lein«r, Mrs. V. Oreenbaum and Mr*. A. L Men- nlfi. of NSW Rochelle; Mrs. Julian Bach and Mrs Jacob Mulwttx, of Port Chester; Mrs. Sylvan Well of Katonah; Mrs Z. D. Bernstein of Larchmont; Mrs Sidney Woof of Cheat wood, Mri Mark V and# wart . of Pelham; Mrs D. E. Ushkow of Brooklyn. N. T : Mr*. Bernard Tim. Century Country Club. Purchase; Mrs Edwin J. Hll/er, Mrs. John Loeb. Mrs. Fred Hejmerdmger and Mr*. M. L Well of\Whlt« Plains; Mrs A. Davldsburg ett Los Angel**. Cal.: the Mesdamet' Jacob Hlldsr, Milton B. Loch, Udo Relnach. Isaac I. Rice. Jr . Sigmund Stein . and David Hcyman of Scaredale; and Mesdamcs H. C. Prauenthal. ____ ander H. Weinberg. M. L Borg. Jr.. J. I Bachs, M. P. Davidson. B. Parker. Louis Kraft. Benjamin Ja ­ cob. Sidney Kadfer. Edward tfack. Samuel fltrootk. Blanche C. Miller, Estelle F. Loeb. Martin Zlnn. Sig ­ mund Weybe, William Stone,-Bert Sat*. Louis Haas, Henry M. Bloch, Julius Kaufman and Carl A. Loeb, of New York City. AI(io th# Mesdamcs Ernost Wein ­ er. William Layton. Daniel Llm* burg. Alexander Blum. Robert Bookman. Jerome Rossman. Wal ­ ler Lonchhelm, H. Asch. David Zo- dcls. Benjamin Namn. laonard Lee. Jr. and Mrs. Ralph 8amuel. THE MINNOWBROOK Al^D COTTAGES r Adlrondacks Rooms with and without bath COLV — TR.X.VIK— DAKCtkC • \ bATmixo. C m * VeJs — V f iets M l* Oal? Write l?i boositt se4 seneasl MraE. Shultz. Mr* A W. Soutb- d, Mr A W. Southard, Mrs Thro- .rc Southard. Mrs. A. L. Smith, rs. William Spencer. Mrs. R. B Strang. Mrs Charles Slot*. Mrs R- Surdos. Mr* Marion Taylor. Mrs Thomns Telford. Mrs. Alfred Thl- itc. Mrs Clifford Thompson. Mrs. Ilham Ullman. Mrs Van Loan, r*. G. Vockr. Mrs Anna Vor- jrk. Mr. John Walls. MUs Mar _ irrt Walsh. Mr? Henry Werner. Mrs. William Wfiimcr. Mrs M. Frank WyckofT, Miss J. William? TOUNO PEOPIT TO DANCE The Young people s Society of Grace Eplscopt* Church will spon- I nvlration done* tills evsn- the porteh house. ThU will closing event of the season. on which the buds u in. anu remove all but ths top r Mio. Insert th# cutting deep- ths soil. Water the soil and with a glass fruit Jar, which J he left undisturbed until g. It can than be transplant- fastidious, they are not .unduly critical, and with oar# will prosper In everyone's garden. The roots can be kept cool during the summer months by eov- aring the soil with about t Inches peat moss. In tbs fall this can Incorpora tad with ths soil, making It mors retentive of moisture. If tho leaves become mlldt us* sulphur-arsenal* dust while tbs . There Is l 3 permanent cur* for ___ Jo/tph Leblang. George- 8. lalner. Joseph Lerner. Joseph J. Less. Edgar Levy. r.. Samuel A. lawteohn. John L Loeb. Paul Lo- wlnger. David Mosessohn. Jncob Mulwttx. Bernard Rcincman. Louis Roscnsteln. George M. Sachs. Ralph E. Samuel. Henry Blegbert. Arthur Stebbln*. Roger W. Sttyiuss. J. Sulzberger. Samuel Wassci Maximilian Well. Joseph Weir Sidney Woog and Felix M. black spot\ but If the ground tz sprayed in early spring with Bor ­ deaux mixture, and It I* used con ­ tinuously as a spray on the leaves as they appear, until the flower buds opep. the trouble may ha elltn mated. All rosoe are not bothered with this disease, however. in spite of those I1UJ there Is ne Ilowcr that con excel tpc elusive rose: Its fragrance and daintlm luring us to Invest money for new plants each year. . Question: Can peonies be gt from seed? T. L. B. Answer: Yes. When the seeds ripen, plant them In soil and cover about four time* their depth. You can also plant them In a box'of soli and .permit them to remain out ­ door* all winter. In the »pring the growth will oommancs. Tbs color of bloom is problematical, but ths , experience is interesting. MR. F. E. REED TAKES BRIDE IN BROOKLYN Wed* Miss Elizabeth Hugnet at Parent* ’ Home — Her Father Officiate* — Go Abroad on Honeymoon Franklin Edward Reed, son of Mrs. Franklin dark Reed, of 21 Vermont avenue, was marrled_yes- terday In Brooklyn to Miss beth Helens Huget, daughter Rev. Dr. and Mr*. James Pcrclval Huget. of 789 Bt. Mark's avenue. Brooklyn. The wedding too* place at- ths _ ome of tb* bride's parents, th* ceremony being performed by her father. Mtse Cathleen Bridges My- krantx was maid of honor and Leo- ter B. Knight, Jr. best man. MUs Huget l« a garduate of Packer Collegiate Institute, Welles ­ ley College, and Marietta College. Ohio, anJra-member of Chi Omet ' and Phi Beta Kappa frotemlth Mr. Reed attended Horace Mann School and to a graduate of Am ­ herst Collect He is member-ol Chi Psl fraternity and the Amhant Club. A wedding trip will be In Europe and on their return the bridal couple will llv* In lb* Hud ­ son View Card-.ns. 18»d straet and i Hnebunt avenue, Msiih a H a n . MORE TENNIS COURTS FOR YOUNG FOLK Need Discussed by Republic ­ an Women at Luncheon Yogterday; Prominent Women Attend The need of more tennU eourte for the recreation of .he young peo ­ ple of th# country who are working was one of the problems discussed at a luncheon of-the Board of Gov ­ ernors of the Westchester County Women's Republican Club held st the Japanese Tea Room, Playland, yesterday. The member* of the hoard discussed the possibility of providing for tennis courts along the Bronx River Parkway and In city -Iota In the larger cities in th# county. It was pointed out that much had been done In the way Of providing recreation for th* young ­ er children but that very littl# had been done for the pleasure of the old*r boys and girls who art forced to work during the day Mrs J. B. Goldeborough of Croton pointed out the disgraceful condi ­ tion of some of the beck-woods roads which had been used she said, os a general dumping place, espec ­ ially for worn-ouf automobiles. She suggested that several dumping grounds be set aside in the county for this refuse. A general clean-up campaign to rc-b*autlfy these roads was suggested and met with favor ­ able comment. Upon a suggestion of .Mrs. George W. Goss of White Plains. It was de ­ cided that a telegram of bon voyage be sent to Mr. Jnmcs Moran, Coun ­ ty Supervisor of White Plains, who Is sailing for Europe today on the Acqultanla. Those present at the luncheon were Miss Jane Todd. of .Tarrytown, president of the Westchester Coun ­ ty Women* Republican Club, Mr*. Georg* W. Goss, Mr*. Thomas Un ­ derhill and Mrs. Thoms? Bancroft of White Plains: Mr*. 8. C. ^ias- Uck of Pleasantrill#; Mrs. W. F. Goodnough. Ur*. William Holton of Mount Vernon; Miss Emma L. Ber ­ wick of Tuckahoe; Mr*. Herbert Gcrlaeh and Mr*. Benjamin Vernon of Ossining. Mrs. J. B. Goldsbor- ough of Croton and Mrs. L. C. War ­ ner of New York. Mrs. Davis Former Resident, In California Mrs. Wlll4*a \Davies of Altadeaa, California, until recently a member of the White Plains Contemporary Club, and a former resident of Nat- o street, writ#* to friends here she is eqjoylng her stay at “Ripe Roost. ” the little cabin which Is built ovar a mountain stream and surrounded by syca ­ more tree*. About the St*t she will MOVE TO BCABSDALS rd today t 153 Brit* avenuf. -ficaradals. Mr. WhltTpialne. , v?Kh ,B M t om^m )r the Bar Building He formerly resdd- at W Waller avenue. WWW

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