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Many Prizes Awarded Exhibitors YOUNG TENOR at Flower Show of Garden Club jjj PROGRAM AT FRY STUDIO cedes Beautiful Exhibition of Spring Blossoms. Hundreds Attend. .Mrs. H. E. Dickenson Wins Prize for Most Artistic Arrangement. Pink r i, blue delphinium* *nd mention ' the golden coreop*!* prize for their exhibitor, ax they graced vase*, baskets and contain ­ ers. at the Flower Show given by the White Plains Garden Club. In the spacious assembly room at the Qedney Farms Golb Club yesterday. From 2:30 in the afternoon until after 10 p. m. throng* of flower lov ­ er* walked up and down the allies, admiring the beauUful flower* dis ­ played Although there were a great number of exhibitors, the show had been so well planned that •there was no overcrowding vases of flower*. Flowering plants or shrubs cowered every available nook, creat ­ ing a veritable fairyland at the Ged ney Farm* Club. Even a portion of the verandah was turned into a rock garden, the dainty little flower ­ ing plants placed between the stone*, appearing to be growing Albert Frost. In class 11. Mr*. J. J. Mitchell calved first prize for per dainty yellow flower* in a yellow bowl and received the prize of a S3 check. Mrs. Harry Simpson received the second prize; . Mr*. Frederick Doer- mer the thirtUand honorable men ­ tion was given to Mr*. J D. Mon- » 12 . given to Mr*. H. Earle for her lace covered luncheon-table, decorated with white and purple columbines, harmonizing beautifully with the purple china and glass ­ ware. For her rewaid »he received til worth of delphiniums. Mrs. J A. Campbell received second prize for th- ellow combination, and Mrs. T.uly O. Buckner received third prize fgrthe pink china. < “ ■ and flowers arranged on there In th* soil. Artificial grass I table, made the pictu e complete t In class 13. Mrs. Albert Frost re- Th# blue and pink French hy- - rolve<1 nr *' P rt ** !or hpr tray* and drangeas in huge cedar tubs were I 1,180 W\ rewarded with 125 worth arranged artistically throughout the ,rt h *rdy chrysanthemum plants hail. Many varieties of rose* were Mr8 - E MacDonald received the displayed by the Rose Farm*. I ’ lPcond »»>> Mrs. T. O. Buckner the The exquisite luncheon table* set thlrd P rt * r - i tip-re r 7for there __ _ _____ by other exhibitor*. The winners of the classes from number one to six are as follows: Class one. first prize; Mrs. E. B Hughes for the three 'Frau Karl Druschl\ rose*. She will n book. “ Consider the Lilies. - The first prise In the second class was won by Master Albert Frost. He will receive $5. ----- The first prize In class three was won by Mrs. F. 8. Cole* She will receive on* dozen rock plants. In class four. Mr. L B. Levi re ­ ceived the first prize of six rock plants. Th* second prize was given to Mr*. Floy 8. Coles; the third to Master Albert Frost, and honorable mention was given to Mrs. E. B. Hughes. In class five, the first prize of $5 worth of bulbs was given to the Larchmont Garden Club; the sec ­ ond prize was won by The Dobbs Ferry Garden Club, and Mr*. Law ­ rence received the Mdrd. V I\ daas six. Mr. Irving Levi re ­ ceived the first prize, a potted plant In the other classes, from number eight to thirty-five, the entries were restricted to the members of the White Plain* Garden Club and some of the exhibitors had entries In al ­ most every class, showing their ex ­ cellence In gardening. In class 8. artistic arrangement of garden flowers, to to 8 varieties, Mr*. Albert Frost won first prt$n for her lovely delphiniums, sweet William and veronica In a hand ­ some blue vase, and received 35 worth of delphiniums. Mrs. M. K Walsh received the second prize and Mrs. John E. Speller, the third. In class 6. Mrs. John D. Monroe won first prize for her lovely roses and also special prize of a vase. Th* second prize eras won by Mr*. E. J. .Ferris and the third to Mr* J. A. Campbell. Honorable mention was given Mr*. Albert Frost. In class 10, Mr*. E. J. Ferris re ­ ceived the first prize for her pink roses, delphinium* and veronicas artistically arranged In a blue bowl, and was rewarded with $10. The second prise was given to Mrs. Ad- len C Stevens; the third to Mr*. Edgar F. MacDonald In class If. Mrs. J. A. Campbell received the first prize for the un ­ usual arrangement of the cornflow ­ er* and yellow and purple pansies in a blue basket and received $10 worth of plants. The second prize was given to Mrs. E. F. MacDonald and the third to Mrs. E. E. Mott. In class 15. Mr*. M. K. Walsh won the first prize for her sweet Wil ­ liam In a dream colored bowl and was given nix peonies from S. G. Harris. The second prize was giv ­ en to Mr*. John E. Speller: the third to Mr* T.-O. Buckner and honorable mention to Mrs. A. Frost In class sixteen. Mrs. J. A. Camp ­ bell won first prize for the most ar ­ tistic arrangements of flowers in a floor vase, and received $5 worth of plan*. Mrs. A Frost received the second, and Mrs. T. O Buckner, the third. [n class 17. Mr*. Earle Dickenson her night award 100 spring bulb*. Mrs. J. A. Campbell received th* second prize and - Mrs. A. Frost the third. .In class 18. Mr*. Thomas Roberts received 'the first prize for a vase of peonies — truly some of the moat beautiful peonies exhibited this ~ received as special for *lx; the afternoon tea trays with their vase of gay blooms, and the cheering night tables, ornamented with candlesticks and bowl* of flow ­ ers, were charming additions to the usual display. * The judge* at the show were en ­ tertained at luncheon at the Club at noon — Mr*. Regina E. Niehaus. Mrs. Edward N. Kent. Mrs. John F. Bigelow. Messrs. Edward E Ride ­ out. Edwin E. Beckett and William G. Elllp The presidents and representa ­ tive* of other garden clubs present at the luncheoniat one o'clock at the Gedney Farms Club were Mrs. Charles Culver. Bronxviile Garden Club: Mrs. William Talt. Crestwood Garden Club: Mr*. Harry W. Fair ­ fax. Pelham Garden Club; Mrs. R. B. T. Todd. Little Gardens Club. Tarrytown: Mm C. a McBridr. Garden Club of Tuckahoe; Mr*. H. S Person. Dobbs Ferry Garden : received the first prize ’ Club: Mr*. W. M. Messersmlth ofj table, and received as 1-archmont Garden Club; Mrs. A. R. Gray of the Garden Club of Har ­ rison; Mr*. Albert Frost, chairman Garden Section, Contemporary Club and Mrs. J. A. Campbell, president White Plains Garden Club, and Mr*. Earle Dickenson, past president and first vice president, and Mr*. John E Speller, founder and first presi ­ dent of the White Plain* Garden Club. The prize* were awarded between one and three o ’ clock and ribbon* were given In all cases, with the ad ­ dition of a special prize to the win ­ ners of th* first In every clan. Mria fL Earle Dickenson received the bronze medal for the moat ar- tlstlo arrangement, which was an 6ak night table covers with a white lace doily, on which was placed u brnaa candle*He* balder with cream colored oataQaat a hymnal; a Ught- colared fancy vase, filled with pur ­ ple penalea and yellow columbine A light green match holder was fil ­ led wtth matches. The bronze medrf waa given to Mra M. A, Dtlemen for the beet specimen of HJyt The only rises fa which were no entries was humber residents of Westchester County and called for flva peonies. Ax prac- tically all the peonies have disap ­ peared, it was Impassible to exhibit • in that clazs now, or In class num ­ ber 20 calling for Hybrid Tea roars, with which tha hot weather had played havoc. The member* of tbs Garden Club were not eligible to compete classes number one to seven, but a splendid ahowlng made Erne* - . Pieiuitelln Present* One of a Series of Spring Concert* and Appears in j Interesting Program A young artist jylth a fine dra ­ matic tenor vales and' superb ease of manner was presented last night at her studio by Caroline Beeson Fry. of White Plains. Ernest Pix- xutfllo. although very youthful. Is an artist of assured standing In the musical world. To a winning per ­ sonality he unites a voice of rare timber, and an evident Joy In Its use. He has had part In \The Three Musketeers\ In New York, and more recently in \Floretta.\ His program last evening covered a wide range of_ songs and was se ­ lected to show his many strong points. His particular genius was perhaps roost vividly displayed In the nong sof Rachmaninoff, which afforded him a wide scope for his dramatic art. The song from Zaza. Leoncavallo's \O. mlo piccolo tavo- la.' - was also peculiarly well suited to his voice. Mr. Ptzzutello wag generous with encore*, considering the length and strain of his program He Is a resi ­ dent of Mount Vernon and a large number of his admirers from that city were present, together with many others from Tarrytown. Scarsdale and other parts of the county, forming an appreciative •audience. Miss Leonlce HunnewelT* accompaniment waa also'much opt MISS WEBER ’ S- PUPILS CLOSE MUSIC SEASON ,* r'Haflhower « MERRILL wed TO SON OF * Betty\ Lew Rich ' Whit* Plains, gave luncheon and kitchen shower AMBASSADOR Hold Kcrital at Mamaronrrk Ave. Residence and Pre ­ sent Nicely Balantred Program - Among the recital* which have closed this season for music stud ­ ents waa that given on Saturday j si the home of Miss Nsnna Weber. 312 Mamsroneck svenue Many , were In attendant* and the com-1 plete program was as follow* Rain Is Coming - -------- ------ Blakr ' The Speckled Froggie - — - — Blakr The Country Band _ Blake j Rataplan Chittenden ! Irving Harris * b.ing-marri r,r. June 2* Donald HjUght Nugent Tw»t i <>,,,, „, nv '»*t U rdav at B m I- •e»n: included Mi*. Franc-. M»- aiuruay ford Brilliant Affair; At ­ tended by Society From . Many Points sent Included Mice France* Mat ­ hew* Mtse Beatrice Bloomimtdale Miss Wilhema Ely of Rrarwisl*. and Ml* - * Elizabeth Durand and Miss Jill letnuoa of Brooklyn MISS MATHEWS WILL WED ON JUNE 26TH Tha. Owl Th* JollyyWorkman Blake The Village Fair . Dlfler-Qualllc } Lucy Joerger IiHeard You Singing — Eric Coat* < Mr* Louis Leant Become* Bride of Donald 8wtft | . Niig.ni on That, Day in- Hitflicock Memorial Church The Mill .... : ___ . ____ The Robin - __ _ — __ Sleep Song — ...... Dance Lightly Lucille Harr . Gay nor Gafnor Gsynor MISS MARY WHITNEY The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Whitney, of 21 _ ____ North Broadway, who sails tonight at midnight on the : predated, and eh* wa* the recip'i- Acquitania for a two months' visit abroad. Miss Whitney 1 ent of a epray of dower* in which lJW iU visit England. Holland, Belgium. Germany, Switer- aii her auditor* would have shared | an( j ] ta |y ftI1( j jr rancCi returning to this country August , . 16. She is traveling with a group of girls chaperoned by j Mrs. Helen Stanford, of Swarthmore. Pa. Soldier's March Streabbog Spinning Song _ Martin Hunting Song ... Martin Helen Henkrr The SlumberTfoat-Jessl* L ifaynor Because _ Guy D'Hardelot Mrs. Louis Leoni * On* of the moat charming wed ­ dings of the summer season will he that of Miss France* Mathew* to Mr. Donald Haight Nugenl Mis* Mathew* l» the daughter of Mr* Estelle H- .Mathew* of Hawthorne Way. Hartadalr. while Mr Nugent I* the son of the late Mr. and Mr* John F. Nugent of Brooklyn. The ogeat tor. of the Ameri ­ ca*. , to . Jap Mr. reading will tak. MecVeagh and Mrs 1 veagn >o Mrs* Adel* Katte Mar- rill. took place In Bedford on Sat ­ urday. The bride M the daughter Of Mr and Mrs Edwin Godfrey Merrill of Bedford, and a ree*prior, at tr.e Merrill country home follow ­ ed the ceremony, Th* Be*. Dr. Arthur Kefehum waa th* officiat ­ ing minister The bride * father gave bar sway She wore Ivory satin trumned with old rose point lac*, and with a court train Her veil of roe* point, -a gift of th* bridegroom's family, had been worn hy Mrs. Wayne MecVeagh at the wedding of the present Kin* and Queen of Italy, when .the bridegroom * grandfather waa American Ambassador to Rom*. She carried calls Ithes The Mines Priscilla and EiaW Merrill, younger sisters of th* bride, were maid of tv g. maids w cousin of well. Coi Thacher. Virginia Loomi* and AF Ida Millikan, all of New York: Mary Elizabeth Houck, of Brtdge- dm| i w pvrt. and Alice Palacb*. of Cam- bridesmaid* will be Ml** Elizabeth | br ^*' - Durand and Mrs John S. Nugi evening wa* John duPays. treas ­ urer of the Gallo Opera Company, and a relative of Mr. Fortune Gallo. Mr. Plzgutello Is a friend of Bens- mine Galgll. .Marilnelll and Fred ­ erick Jagel He has been studying with Mr*. Fry since March. 1928 He will sail next Friday to visit hi* brother In Italy, who Is studying under the Italian master. Criml. In three months he will return and re ­ sume his studies. It was noteworthy.that In spite of a varied and exacting program _ _ ___ ____ “ \\\ 'l™' “ Pnlm on Moral,* - Toko LIPPMAN ’ S NEW CARNIVAL BOOK ADDED TO GOES BIG IN LIBRARY LIST HARTSDALE Scout Troop Ends Season evening aa at the heginnlng His program contained the follow ­ ing number*. lie Place on Shelves With Other Sipnifi- , canl Addition* Throng* Attend the Opening I Night : Affair Continues l mil Saturduv Eveninc 19. Mrs Eliot Foot first prize for her rosee anu received as a reward alx pot- . ted roses. Mr*. William P. Romer received the second prize and Mr*. A. Frost the third. Close 20 had no entries. In class 21. Mrs. W. Uoyd Heath received first prize for the beet climbing rose, and for her \Paul ’ s Scarlet -- received one year - ! eub- scription to Better Home* anti Gar- I O sleep, why doet thou leave In class 22, Mrs Albert Frost re eeived first prize for the flowerini shrubs and won a vase. In class 23, Mrs. Thomas Robert.' won the first prise for the dlaplay o, of the best annuals and receivedved a j In the Silence of Night.. ----- Rachmaninoff How sweet the place -------- Rachmaninoff IV. . , Rl mr* ver* avalent de* alles_Hahn Aubade — from L* Rol Dye Lnlo Cher* Nult ____________ Bachelrt Le Reve — from Manon Uasienrt r't a field Dawn — ...... • ____ Paarl Curran ATTENDS REUNION Mr. William Murdock Whit# of Livingston avenue *pent the week ­ end at Amharst College attending hi* class reunion. Mre. White was th* guest of her father and mother Mr. and Mr*. William Beck of Hawthorne. N. f. LEGION PARTY A card party will be given Thurs ­ day evenln. June 20. hy the women of Moose Heart Legion. The party will atari at 9 o ’ clock at Mooee Hall. Main atreet. . . . Jo plcolo tavoli annuals and recei a ' year's subscription lo Bette* Homes .- , and Garden Mrs. A. Fro*t recelv- HWas a Lover and HI* Las* ed second and Mr*. Earle Dlcken- Roger Quitter «m the third. I Th , Le, t Hour ....... Walter Kramer In close 24. Mrs. Albert Froet re- j Now Sleep# the Crimson Petal calved first prize for her geum, ver- » tca and delphiniums and also won I Darwin bulbs. Mr*. H. E. Dick ­ enson received the second and Mr*. U. G| Dickenson the third. In class 25. Mrs. H. E. Dickenson received the flret prizo for a vase of campanulas and received on ex ­ tra award of a vase from Mre. Tui- ly O. Buckner. In class 26. Mrs J. D. Monroe won first prize for the best fox gloves of orchid hue; and also a book on gar ­ dening donated by a member ofthe Garden Club* Mrs. T. O. Buckner received the second and Mrs. E. F. MacDonald the third. In class 27. Mr*. H. G. Dickenson received the first prize for tbs best delphiniums and received in addi ­ tion to th* blue ribbon. 6 ro*e* Mr* A. Frost received the second; Mr*. Tboma* Robert* the third and hon ­ orable mention waa given to Mra T. O. Buckner- In class 28. Mrs. William P. Rom ­ er received the first prize for her , \Calico\ sweet William and also won on* year'* subscription tc th* \Better HuBjc* and Gardens\ mag ­ azine. Mra. H, E. Dickenson won the second. Mr*. W. L. Heath th* third and honorable mention given to Mrs. M. K Walsh. In class 29. Mra W. L. Heath re ­ ceived the first prize for here ex ­ quisite ro*e colored columbine, and was rewarded With a year's subscription to th* \Flower Grow ­ er.\ Mrs. A. Frost won the second. Mra H. E. Dickenson th* third honorable mention wa* given Mrs. H. G. Dickenson in class 30, the first prize given to Mra. Thomas Roberts for the best old-fashioned pinks and for this she received an extra award of $5 from Mr. J. A. Campbell Mra. T. O. Buckner received the second; Mra Earle Dickenson the third and. honorable mention was given- lo Mr*. Mi K. WBffh. In class 31. Mra M. J. Eitelman received th* first prize for her Urn- bellsturo Illy and also was awarded a My pond. Mrs. J. D. Monro* re ­ ceived tjie second prize. In class 32, Mrs. Albert Frost re ­ ceived th# first prize for her pink shlrley popples, and also got a vase from Mra J. A. Campbell; Mra. T. O. Buckner received the second, and Mrs. John ’ S. Speller the third In class 33. Mr*. W. Lloyd Heath received the first prise for her pap ­ er like \Madame Perry\ orientaf popples and received three yeara - suhscrlptlon * to the \American Homer Mrs. Thomas Roberts re ­ ed th* second prize and Mra. M. Mr* ! k . Walsh the third. “ In class 34. Mrs. M. K. Walsh re ­ ceived the first prize for her vase of three canterbury bells and also $5 from Mr. J. A Campbell; th* sec ­ ond prize went to Mra. Allen Stev ­ ens: the third to Mrs. Thomas Rob ­ erta and honorable mention to Mra William Romer. In close 35 first prize was given lo Mrs. T. Herbert File* for purple petunias, receiving a vase. Second prize to Mrs. E. MafcDonald; third to M 1 \ Jacob Froehlich and hon ­ orable mention to Mrs. J. A. Camp ­ bell. In class 38 a first prize waa given to Mr*. John E. Speller and she re ­ ceived a vase as a reward; second prize was given to Mrs. M. K. Walsh The officers responsible for the show are Mra J. A Campbell, presi ­ dent: Mra -A. D. Froet. first rice president; Mrs. H. Earle Dickenson, second vie* president; Mr*. M. K. Walsh, recording secretary; Mrs. Edgar F. MacDonald, corresponding secretary and Mrs. Thomas Roberts, treasurer. The show committee were Mrs. Tuily O. Bcckner. chair ­ man; Mrs. M. J. Eitelman. entries; Mrs. J. A Campbell. Mr*. J ~ Monroe, Mr*. Earle Dlck« staging; vMrs. E. F. MacDonald. The latest list of addition* re- The fail leased by the White Plain* Public ! on Cenir Library I* particularly Interesting] opposite I because It contain* that particular-1 benefit of the Sacred Heart Church ly interesting book. Walter Lipp- of Hart«lale. show* every Ittdli man - * \Preface to Morals. -- It also I tlon of being a great success contains Josep Aualanderis \Winged Iraat 500 people attended the i Horse.* a valuable addition to any j tractions last night, and with b collection of poetry The complete nervier from White Plain* every 20 list of the new books is as follow*, numitr*. tonight should be even Preface to Morals, by Walter Lipp- more event.'ul. The committee re ­ man: Unravelling the Book of] porta that thr candy booth went _ — over big, the doll booth alone made $59. and other booths reported equal prosperity The shows were crowded, and the articles for which book* were made up were so num ­ erous that 25 of them were dlspos- 1 rd of on last night, the first night of the bazaar. Preparations are being made to take care of an even larger num ­ ber of people on the remaining three evenings of the carnival. A sedan car which will be beetowed on some fortunate perron Is a great drawing card. The attractions and the article* for sale maintain a vtfy high standard, which Is ap ­ preciated by those attending the prise; Mra. William P. Romer. talners; Mra T. Herbert Files, transportation: Mra Harry- Simp ­ son. luncheon; Mra. Jacob Froeh ­ lich. posters; Mrs. Thomas -Roberts, tickets: Mrs. T. T Underhill, door; Mra A. Frost. Mra Eugene F. Mc­ Kinley, Mra J. E. Speller and Mr*. Earl* Dickenson, reception. Mra. W. Lloyd Heath was In charge of the 140 ribbon*. Blue was glcen to winners of first prizes; rad to win ­ ners of second prize*: yellow to the — -* ----- \ •- those receiving Books, by E R Trnttner: English Bible and Its Story, by James Bu- kie: Certainty of God. by J. G Oil- key; Great Galilean, by Robert Krable; Field Book of Common Ferns, by Terbert Durand. Air ­ plane and Its Engine, by C. H. Chatfleld Shuttle-Craft Book of American hand-weaving, by M M. Atwater; Essential* of Golf, by Abe Mitchell: Duffer's Hnndbook of Golf, by Grantland Rice; Further Poems, by E. M Dickinson: Wlng- efi Horae Anthology, by Joseph Auslander. Fiction Roon. by Herbert As ­ quith: Green Parrot, by Princes* M. L. L. Blbeseo Hoad, by Andre Chamron: Hidden Hand, by C. J Daly: Tomorrow Never Comes, by R L Duffus; No !x.ve, by David Garnett: From Dusk Till Dawn, hy W. A. Garrett. Mamba - * Daugh ­ ter*. by Du Boee Heyward: Bonk of Bette, hy Mrs E M Kelly; Nel ­ lie Bloom, by Margery Latimer, Green Toad, by W. a Maatermaft. Peril, by Lloyd Osbourne: Roman-, tic Prince, by Rafael Sabatlnl. Bowery Murder, by W. K Smith. Young Mrs Greeley, by Booth Tarklngton; Face In the Night, by Edgar Wallace; King Who Was a King, by H. G. Wells; Devil - * Cock- tall. by A. D. Wilson. WOMEN PLAN FOR CHILDREN ATRAINBOW Undempnrished Youngsters To H Hve Ten Weeks at Croton Camp: Tliree To Go From City ami Mlw Beatrice Bloomingdale of Scared ole. The beat man will he Mr. JVtm S. Nugent of Brooklyn, brother of the groom. Mr. Elzey Walters of Brooklyn, Me Edward Spencer Garrett ’ and •■■Mr Alvan Cunes of Jersey City, and Mr W W f L rv • c - thigan of New York, will be the W Itil PlCniC ; ueher* Mr Garrett, Mr. Cunes and . ______ _ | Mr Dugan were classmates of the Troop No 4. Girl Scout* of White . bridegroom at th* New York MIU- l*ln», held their last meeting for j i»ry Academy. le season yesterday In the form | Mis* Mathew* Is popular among 1 a picnic. They met at Maniaro- : the younger set and attended Adel- fck avenue school and Miss Dor- phi Academy of Brooklyn, later olhy Sehroeder, director for White j graduating from Roger Asrham Plain*, took them In her car to Rye ' School In White rtain* Beach. They visited Playlatul and i -a custards and had a moat | NEW FIRM MqcVsagb t . Arthur T. Wibom and Associates Take Over Call's Realty Business delightful log looking for the nicest place they,| it their supper. They chose a Urge daisy field and picked a huge bouquet of the flowers for Ml** Sehroeder* office, before they perched in a row on an old stone Under the name of Arthur T wall and emptied their food kits Wibom A Aaaoelale*. a new orgam ' Everyone agreed that It was the j gallon hn* entered the - field of real! best meeting of the season, and an : c*ia!r. with ogler-i at 20 Depot unanimous vote of thanks wa* ac- Plaza, having.taken over the buai- corded Alls* Syiroeder for. her kind- j ness of Mr. Call, located- there for netf In arranging the gala event, i many year* m The girl* present were Jean Heath. 1 ilf .Wibom has been a resident Ruih Denman. Jessie Farr, Phyllis I of White Plains for year*, and un- Ruth Epstein and Britta Regnvall : til the present has had his local • with Louis Th* maids of honor wore frock* Brooklyn. Mis. Wllhelm.na Ely i * ^ . Ml.. IlUomlnedale of of *\»» 8nd “ rrt * d j r * d white eweetpea# The brides m a ids wore red and whit* chiffon, the skirt* being edged with starchad red chiffon. They wore large rad straw hat* and carried lavender sweet peas. Mr. Francis t his- brother's he were Messrs Regers. Lincoln and Ewen C. MarVeagh. slro brothers; Dudley 'and Edwin KatJ* Merrill, brothers of th* bride; Ben! Ahle- feidl,. william A Coolldge. H P*P ham Curtis. Barkh* McKee. Henry Corlles Lamont. Henry Hasen Reed . Eugene 8. Reynal. Frederick A. O. •Schwartz and Cortland 8 Van Rensselaer After a wedding trip to Califor ­ nia. Mr. MecVeagh and his bride •will live In New York, where be U with' J. P Morgan A Co. The bride attended the Braarley School and Bfyn Mawr. She made member of the Junior Prague. Mr. MarVeagh attended Gorton and was graduated from Harvard in 1934. He paaeed two years at Balliol College. Oxford, where he waa graduated with an honorary degree In modern history, while at Harvard Mr MacVeagh waa -pres ­ ident of ‘ The Harvard Advocate\ and “ The Harvard Crimson -- ; sen ­ ior class orator, a member of the id-Irwin 'Call, who Pudding and O. K E r. and Mrs. Dominick San Mar- the of his Hines*, which c Mrs Milton Dr. -non is enter ­ taining th* board of director of Camp Rainbow at her home In Mt. Kisco today. Camp Rainbow la at Croton and Is the camp endorsed by the Jewish Social Service Com ­ mittee It opens July 1st with 28 children and Is un!qk4 In that It take undernourished children for an unbroken period of 10 week*. D. .Mra G. Richard Davis of New York 1* chairman of tn* camp. The Women - * Guild of the Jew ­ ish Community Center of White Plains is holding a lawn party and bridge. Tuesday afternoon. June 25. at th* home of Mr*. Alton* Wile. New York avenue. Proepect Park. White Plains. Th* proceeds of which ’ go toward* a fund for sending three children to Camp Rainbow, for (he summer. This was done last year and the resulu were so satisfactory it was decided to continue the custom. In the case of Inclement weather the party will be held at tha Center. Post Road and String avenue. PEACE WILL BE TOPIC OF DEFENSE DAY Mfftiog al Diibiie Kerry Will Bring Westchester People Together in Interests of Permanent Peace Thr members of the Westchester League of Women Voters, and the members of the different organiza ­ tions comprising the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War other , organizations working World Peace, will be guests of the Committee on International Rela- co of 6 Harwood avenue. White P 8 * 1 ** 1 *Jim ti Plains, have announced the engage- WILSONS IIETVKN ment of their daughter Bessie to Mr. Dan Cocclardi. son of Mr. and! Mr. and Mrs Stanley Wits* Mr*. John Cocclardi, of 95 South 143 South'Broadway have reti of 95 Sou ^he woddi l. L 1 MOTOR TO-CHICAGO Mr and Mr* Clay Gntheridgt | and children. Robert and Betty, oi ] Longview avenue, are leaving to- | morrow on a motor trip to Chicago to vt*n relative* and friends there. It being their former home Th*y t friends at le to vl^t friend tlon*. In i Defen held on the green at the Chil ­ dren s Village. Dobbs Ferry. N. Y.. on Thursday. June 27th. The morn ­ ing session will begin at 10:30. Guests will bring box luncheons. The morning speaker will be Dr. Sidney L. Gullrk. on •TmpIcnjFntlng Peace \ The Forum speakers will be Mesdame* Edward C. Carter. Albert Lytle Deane. Leon Henry fradkln. Lewi* Webster Jones, Winter Russell and Miss Anne ** Intyre. John Beavers Return From Honeymoon Mf. and Mrs. John Beaver have returned from their honeymoon and will reside at 44 Barker avenue. Mrs. Beaver, before her marriage on June 1. was Miss Alleen Clinch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Edward 8. Clinch of 46 Barker avenue The young couple traveled to Montreal and Quebec and. on their return trip, visited Niagara Falla AT CONVENTION •no Mrs. A K. Bowes, of 131 Longview avenue, have motored to Toronto, to attend the New York Stat* .Bankers' Convention. KEEP HER IN GOOD HEALTH More closely than ever must the health of your children b% guarded during these hot summer months. By keeping flies away from your home . . . from your backyard (so often the children ’ s playground) you will be helping to protcet them. Do away once and for all with the unsightly and unsanitary garbage cans and banish flies from your home . . . those bothersorpe and dangerous germ.carriers. Put your garbage into a gas incinerator where 1t will be disposed of instantly— in the. clean wajr — by gas. You may purchase a GAS INCINERATOR from ua on Easy TernU '\Westchester Lighting Company 12 Depot Plaza Telephone . -0. G. BENNETT “ White Plains 4j)48' - *- Manager

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