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THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE IM-AipS. N. Y„ SATURDAY, JUt^E tt. H» As a Woman Thinks DAILY FASHION ♦ Sound 4 Auction Bridge HOUSEHOLD THIS FROCK By 1VJLJ3ER- C. WHITEHEAD Ths World'* Greatest Authority Color. which was so long absent In th* decorative treounent of bath ­ rooms, has returned In rainbow va ­ riety. No' longer la- It essential to adhere to the more cnnscrvwUve scheme of white and one or two touches of a elude color Introduced. A* many as three or four, well blrnded and selected- shades, may contribute to a harmonious effect^ Oruftytome. recently built, with color introdjiced Into the bathrooms has a grasst bathroom with orchid HIS BROTHER ally the one that gives the least trouble. She I* right In picking fh» best one nt that but we will all have to remember that If the child had had -any choice In the matter he would bav£ been as good and better than tbs bijst. When nature farm ­ ed his core she give him no choice. Sffe reached Into her storehouse and took/up a handful of llfe-duat and that was th* new child. Just «n experiment, maybe better than the one before, maybe not as good. But there he Is. That need not frighten ua. There Is\ enough good, enough power. ureet^rgandy rurtalns. yellow and black shower, curtain and white and nlckle plumhir — ■ ____ lifts one of the that they harmonise. In the Most Modern A very new feature of bathroom appointments Is the fabric cover for the |ld of the-toilet. This Is gen ­ erally of .the colored goods of the kind Turkish towels ,are made of. .Sometimes there is a pattern cen ­ tered on It. The edges are bound where they band under the fid. and the cover la hcM In position by meana-nf tapes-which* can hr tied and untied with cose. An clastl- run into the binding la. preferred by aome j lotting the Scheme To be Correct, this lid cover should match the color of the bath mat. and of the towels, although the initial or 'siottogram doen not ap ­ pear A pattern In hooked work is in kepir.g, if there Is a rug upo.i Lho floor In that style. ... u. rr p „ t if k:: 2nd Rd. 3 W Pa«, 4 m p... H Club spit can be established 3rd Rd. Pass »*«• m Dummy and after its establish- r * ” r * ” - ment tht Diamond finesse holds, Salient Points o( Biddin|. a losing Spade can surely be dis- ‘ Auction: North's initial pass and _ on . Dummy's :ight of subsequent bid of two Diamonds Pohs. South. therefore, leads the constituted what it termed an la-\ 8 Clubs as the initial step to- direct ssslit. South must read North w * rd * 'o e establishment of that with precisely normal support-for ,ait - A Spade ruff cannot be tak- Hearts, three small cards. Brtause en ** ,hl * ** there would he with lest than three Hearts. North ?° T* y ,0 Ret back to South's would have taken out with two .V 1 . ,0 ! !art , ,h * Clubs, without D-amom!« .<n the first round; and, !? ’ tm R the last trump from with mors than three Hearts, he n ™*' rrv - would have bid two Heart* on the' . South's lead of the 8 of Clubs second round instead of two Dia- '* ducked by both U ’ est and monds. Thu*, wrhen afforded the Dummy. South continues with opportunity, an indirect assist Clubs, winning the second round should be given to show the pre- with Dummy's Ace and returning eise number of cards held of part-. 4 Club which establishes a long net's suit, as well as to show the Club ki Dummy's hand./ of the assistins hand, inform*. Wen le*Ha tha On...'ir.. ... cirAHj/ltDlOM j The Household lants to give charnclcr to thls.frock. Four ruffles set on diagonally make the skirt. The bloutr Is vefy grace ­ ful with Ita upward curving line. The same motif appears once more on the sleeves, thr whole effect be ­ ing very soft and feminine. THE “ TWEED RING\ \The city boasts a Tweed Ring which relegates Its original name ­ sake to the ranks of pikers.\ So ran a recent reference to a certain political organization the administration of lea's largest cities. This use of the expression \Tweed Ring\ Is a mctaaphorlcnl allusion to the corrupt combination of In ­ dividuals who from 19fi3 to 1871 ex ­ ploited the treasury of the city and stale of New York to \their per ­ sonal enrichment. This group com ­ prised Peter B,. Sweeny. A. Onkry Hall. Richard B. Connolly. John T. Hoffman and Its directing genius \Boss\ William M. Tweed. The tactics used by the Tweed Ring to seize control of all the revenue sources of tho municipal ­ ity and state Included fraudulent naturalization, fals registration of voters, \repeating.\ and ballot- stuffing. As a result of Its machinations, the Ring collared every local government contract worth getting, overcharging Its benefnetor. It has been conserva ­ tively estimated In the neighbor ­ hood of one hundred millions of dollars all-told. Eventually, through theunceasing flagellations of the New York \Times backed by the better ele ­ ments of the municipal and State *■*■** “ tjo IRI c . the Ring was into extinction. Tweed Jail, where he died and a fleeing the country. ’ The Roman Palazzo Venezia at flight- A thousand warriors and politicians in the tapestried marble hall, men who had dis ­ carded the black shirt for-black evening dress. But one dark mass, the heavy velvet curtain nearest the rostrum. \Suddenly through this black velvet curtain a white hand ap ­ pears, disembodied, thrilling, like a spiritual seance. The white hand, flst flat, rises quickly, appeals over the heads of the thou ­ sand heroes, so that falling silent and looking up, they Immedi ­ ately recognize the Roman salute, the sigh of greeting of their order, and recovering from their silent surprise with a rumbling of a thousand men In movement, they acknowledge the Fascist WITTY KITTY emulating of Amer- Vinrf. if SA\lh'» suit it of sufficient l»ngih In rehifi. Affording!* North hid* ihrre niamondt. * fn-rinr like-oi\. »nd lhi« shot* out East's Snsde bid. With no inter* \Then. Into the now 1 fiom the black mass of llnl. successor lo the Caei Italy, self-styled Napolroi wtmpei less super-lighted curtain behind the white 1 mao. the dark figure qf -and actor extraordinary. \Htndcnburg arose. \He was dressed In field grey-blue. Tall, red-faced, broad- shouldered. Ths usual-officers decorations on the wide chest were absent. Around his neck, unbuttoned for comfort, was the small blue croas of the Pour Ic merlte. His head was covered with stiff toothbrush-llke white hairs, cropped to about a half- inch. and revealing, by their scarcity, a very pink scalp. Bu- what I thought was funny, was the famous Htndrnburg moustache. It -looked theatrical, it looked false and stuck on. and It certainly curved Itself along the cheeks as no non-Thraplan moustache has over done.\ It I* Impossible to pass up this portrait jit Hlndenburg, how ­ ever. without commenting on the fact that Seldes Interviewed the famous Tlerman soldier In Germany — the week the war ended. He violated the Armistice; crossed into Germany; passed through the Great German retreat and Interviewed this greatest general of a defeated country. You ’ d better read the book yourself. J ames WB arjon MJ> MAKING AN EXPU INCISION I dye into the veins In his experience I with about 15.000 coses. | When we remember that this I test has proven correct Ln from <17 ' to WS per cent of all dues, and j that theso thousands of Individuals 1 j have been spared an \exploratory ] I Incision or operation\ and that Dr. 1 1 Graham's experience Is that of his 1 : own or referred cases, we should i as a people be grateful to Dr. Gra ­ ham for his achievement. However. Dr. Graham is just one : Of thousands of research men who are engaged Jn a work for human- 1 Ity throughout the world. it there was nothing to be found the abdominal wall was repaired, and most of the patients were no worye'for the operation. However an operation Is alwnys an operation, and If It can be avoided It Is a great step forward. It was therefore a great help to physicians and patients whan the use of barium meal and the X-ray made It possible to follow the course of a meal through the stom ­ ach and the'small and large Intes ­ tine. Ulcer, cancer, and appendix BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING consult THE DAILY PRESS, where you will find the announce ­ ments of several of the high- grade stores ln White Plains. College Humor One of the expression* that is 0 common now la ''exploratory scourged going to the other Your/il^lor will tclT'Tou that in' former years where there was 1 daoht- about the cause of an all- ] 'ment In the abdomen It was con- : rldercd quite the proper thing to Incite, pc. make, an opening into the. abdomen, and explore therein. If the ailment was a\ growth It could be removed, if an infected appendix It was removed, the gall bladder could be drained, add oth ­ er conditions were helped, conditions were thus located, and helped- to confirm the diagnosis previously' made by .the physician. One of the difficult things was to try and show up aliments of the gall bladder and it was not until Dr. E. A. GT*Mm>nd his asso ­ ciates, by the use of' a dye. made this possible, and there was really ar* certainty aa to the presence of ---- \He spoke wltli a thick thro...ty wet voice. He was in very good humor, always smiling, his face never hard A1I his pic ­ tures arc hard but he was always twinkling with laughter. Eyce ■ bright, crowsfcct. a real, unserloua face. He had a clever mo ­ tion of the hand by which he could emphasize a point and yet steal a look at the lime on his rrrtst watch. Frequently he pointed with both Index fingers, upwards, shoulder high, like the conventional plcturrcff a Chinese dancer. When hr announced the occupation of Vladivostok and added imperlallstlcally. 'Wo •wBI never give up a single conquest we -have won.' he seemed surprised by the sudden burst of nationalistic applause which fob lowed. Frequently he dropped his voice, stuck both hands into hit coat pocket, threw back his head and said something Ironic. Sometimes he spoke from the left side of his mouth.\ This whs the \Saviour of Russia, the protector of tha poor.\ cate Green of the Curtains and Also < Pleasing Contrast to the Orchid Walls. Electrical GH5U<&GP C-D ELECTRIC CO This book, of course. Is a computation of the censored stories Seldes was never before allowed to print. But he ha* truth to tell about uo as well as about our Eurdpean neighbors. His chap ­ ters on Mexico are illuminating to American Minds not too well- informed on the Mexican situation and American attitudes. After having suffered with Seldes through Europe. It Is reyehtfory. to say the least, to find that this country Isn't much. If any better, than all the rest of them. The writer hesitates not j one moment to lay bare the disgraceful part we have played In Jffexlco affairs and to point out what we have allowed to go undone, particularly tn the affair of the asaaetnatlon of Preeldent Madero. G*or,;e Seldes' book, dedicated to hie father. George S. Seldes. libertarian — usually referred to aa a librarian — 1s a notable contribu ­ tion to the common people, telling them much they have no other way of finding out- All of it l» worth while; the plclure* he draws are graphic and vivid; the Information he imparts Is startling, and Interesting. But for more of It than this, you'll have to read It yoiStself. It's nearly 500 pages long — and after all. you know, I can't print that: Formerly there rrallons perform Paintiijg — Decorating Latest Water Sport s. DESowrrz. inc . <« ho«tb l>,l*rtoo A.roo. Engraving WHITE PLAINS PHOTO ENGRAVING CO. Photographs Pen and Ink Drawings Reproduced for Printing 0 MAIN ST. TEL- DMA Anxious'Wife: Henry, corns away from- the edge of the ship You're making it lean. — VtUira Cttb. .,\Too bad about Charlie, isn't it?\ “ What's that! The old crocodile In trouble? ' “ N*w, he was disappointed in love.\ \Well who isn't? ” L T. CR0NK Carpentry Jobbing Repairs Alteration New work fW CHATTKRTON PARKWAY While mains. N. Y, Telephone JB-W. Day Work or Contract Whits Flam*. l*otic* Department -------- - Emergency Water Station. Municipal Building ________ ? 4800 1 * . < WOMAN ’ S NEWS - wc )MMPef PM WOMAN ’ S VIEWS * ...... ................... , .

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