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Westchester First GOT THE AUTO SOCIALIST VOTE WHISKEY AND JAILS MOVING DYNAMITE ^ B f LOpj E. TlUTtB . A Pelham newspaper tells the' story ot shout ss high-handed a piece of business as wo have heard of In some time. Residents of Pel ­ ham were awakened at 3 o'clock the other morning by the sound of hammering. They looked out and saw two men tampering with the lock on a garage door. They called the police but. before the police got there, the men had broken the lock oft the garage, sc lied the automo ­ bile Inside and driven off with It. The police notified police depart ­ ments nearby and an hour later re ­ ceived a message from a motor fin ­ ance company In New Tork City Informing them that they bad hod two of their men break into the garage and get the car because there was a payment overdue on It. Sych tactics as these should not be overlooked. The finance com ­ pany had a legal means of regain ­ ing possession of the car, but In any case, forcibly breaking and en ­ tering at 3 o'clock in the morning Is not justified. Sending notifica ­ tion of what they had done to the police wae nothing more or leea than a masterpiece of audacity. Westchester Republicans and Democrats will not be startled by the fact that the Socialists-are put ­ ting a ticket Tin the field this fall. They always do but the competition given by the Socialists Is the least of the worries- of the two major parties. The Socialists of Westchester had an enrollment of 309 In the fall of 1937 and of 470 In the fall of 1978. a presidential year. In the state campaign of 1976. the party cast 1,903 votes In Westchester. Its presidential vote in 1970 was 8.097. In 1974 It dropped to 2,943 and In 1978 It went up to 4.408. Westches ­ ter Is hopelessly Republican and . Democratic and the Socialists find it a difficult task to edge in. Somebody has started the story that In the cornerstone of the old county jail, which may soon be torn down, there reposes a quart of-ex ­ cellent rye whiskey. Whether there Is truth in the story or not. we do not know, but one thing Is certain, | nothing more appropriate could be put In a Jail cornerstone than 'a bottle of whiskey. Whiskey Is the best friend our | Jails ynd prisons ever had. It it Whiskey that keeps our Jails and prisons populated, not alone by ’ hose who are sent there for drun ­ kenness but by many others who i -lid never go there did they not il crimes undef the Influence ’ key that they would other- •■cr think of committing, ould be an excellent Idea to i bottle of whiskey In the cor- :-i stone of every new Jail we build. I we could get all the booxe and put It away in these cornerstones it would only be a short time 'lb*population of would clrog seven! SYME MOVES F01 TO REVIEW GRAND JURY MINUTES IN PEACOX Sl)c JlailB Press i , Complete Wire Reports of TflE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide News Service PLAINS GROWS BUILDING Ira PERM ITS VOL 1 — NO. 73 Sit INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., TUESDAY. jflNE 25. 1020 PUEJJW4ED EVERY EUBMEaa DA* - ICE THREE CENTS WILLS $15,000,000 IN SPECIFIC BEQUESTS A. S. COCHRAN ’ S ESTATE VALUE Forty-one boys and girls were graduated Sunday from St. John ’ s Parochial School in White Plains. The graduates included -: Elizabeth Cecelia Boughton, Lillian Maria Brey, William Joseph Delaney, Helen Elizabeth DePietro. Margaret Marie Doyle, Wilhelminn Adelaide Dritmm, Walter George Duffy, James Francis Farrell. Elea ­ nor Marie Foley, Claire Beatrice Fowler, Veronica Helen Frost. Lucille Marion Hanson. Dorothy Mae Harmon', Ruth Aloysia Havens, John Aloysius Hinklein, Evelyn Ruth Ja ­ cobson, Iola Mary Jannace, Kathleen Rose Keefe, Helen Rita Kelly, George Thomas Kelly, Mary Anne Kenny, William Joseph Kenny, William Aloysius Kirkham, Dorothy Mildred Linnin, John Charles Marbach. Michael Francis Murray, Eileen Mary McAvoy, Eugene Francis McMurray, Joseph John Nannariello, Cecelia Marie Noble, Helen Marie O'Connor,'John Joseph O ’ Donnell. Emilio Joseph Pallato. Isabel Veronica Quinby, Bertha Mary Reeves, Grace Dorothy Schmidt, James Edward Smith, Dorothy Lu ­ cille Sullivan, Anita Mary Way, John Joseph .Weldon and Harold Martin Cleary. IT Jelto-and pru- enly per cent SYME MOVES TO SEE MINUTES OF PEACOX JURY ---- 3 — .. -.truck loaded ____ _ pound* of dynamite, passed through a bu*y section of Yonkers. The driver, loving control of his car. In attempUng to avoid a collision with another truck, crashed through the plate glass window of a clothing •tore. That thsre was no explosion can be attributed to divine providence. VContinned ok Page Four) Stock Market (ConUnued on Page “ Flve) w York. June 25— (UP) — Des ­ pite firm call money at ten per the stock market today over- sharp Irregularity Induced by early selling and rallied under the leadership of railroad shares and such high-grade industrials os American Can and General Elec- Atchlson and Pennsylvania led. the carrier division, both reaching new highs. Mlssouri-Ksinsss-Texas was very active, and rising tenden ­ cies were noted In Seaboard Airline, the latter adding mar* than a point to lla substantint'gain of yesterday. Erie. Norfolk A Western, New Haven, New York Centra! and Western Maryland also were strong. XJ. 8. Steel, after dropping In the inlUal dealing* quickly and advanced, while brought Into A MRS. HUGKNALL low score : in SECOND MATCH Ridgewood Golfer Has Ex ­ cellent Chance of Winning the Weoteheater-Fairfield Tourney at Local Club mr £. brecw is winner Defeats Miss Jenneyon 19th in Extra Hole Play-off of Their Match Mr*. B F. Briggs, who surprised the Held by leading the first day ’ s play at the Westchester Hills Coun ­ try Club In the Westchester and KalrQeld County Association golf tournament yesterday was defeated today by Mr*. Thoms* Hucknall of Ridgewood Club live and three as the letter staged a rally tn the clos ­ ing nine holes and turned In a 38 card to gain three strokes on her opponent. — ■This wo* the lowest score of the day and gives Mr*. Hucknall an ex ­ cellent chance to win the tourna-' The closest match of the day's play came a Uttle later when Mrs. C. -W'.'Beek of Slwanoy beat Miss Jenney of Hudson River Cliib on the nineteenth hole after they had fought out the regulation disiur.ee all even. Miss Jenny was oh the 'axed- green with her third shot and Mrs CLAIMS FRAUD [CITY EXHIBIT IN DISPOSAL! WILL BE HELD OF PROPERTY COUNTY CENTER Gearing Hotue Statement New York, June 75 (UP) — Bonk clearings. $1.'39,000.000: Clearing „ House balance. *185,000.000; Fed ­ eral Reserve Bank credit balance, qjl88.000.000. NOTICE ' Ttj Our Depositors The County Trust Company and The Citizens Bank Will ^Npt Dpen Saturday Nlghta during Yuly and August. COUNTY TRUST COMPANY CITIZENS BANK Breck was in difficulty but she played a line approach and holed out while her opponent proceeded to miss her putt. Miss Jenney lost. SPOOR IN CHICAGO Commissioner of Finance Loren S. Spoor Is In Chicago today at ­ tending the three-day session of the In ’ -rnatlonal Association of Comp- tv \ers and AceounUng Officers there June 25. 2S and 27. Scarsdale Woman Says New York Attorney Minrepre* rented Affairs in Selling J Theater Ay Shuben# Show Cause Order Served on District Attorney — Return ­ able Saturday — Pre- SEEKS RECOVER 177,000 liminary to Motion for Dismissal of In ­ dictment Attorney Sav* Charge* Are Result of Costly Profes ­ sional Service* An order signed by Su ­ preme Court Justice Joseph Morschauser was served to ­ day on District Attorney Coyne calling upon him to show-cause at Poughkeepsie on Saturday Vhy Sydney A. Syme, chief defense counsel for. Earl .F. Peacox, should not be permitted to review the minutes of the Grand Jury which indicted Peacox for the first degree murdei of his wife. The move, Syme said, is prelimi ­ nary to a motion for dismissal ol the Indictment on the grounds that the District Attorney did hol'have a case of first degree murder when he asked the Grand Jury - so to In ­ dict the raldo repairman. The order signed by Justice Morschauser on Byrne's application late yesterday afternoon Is mode returnable before the Justice at Poughkeepsie. If the -District-At ­ torney is agreeable to argument. Syme ’ s application for. the order (ConUnued on Page Three) AVIATION COUNTRY CLUB New York. June 25 (UP). — The first aviation country dlub In United States prill be . ‘ opened Hlcksville. L. I.. on FrtBny. It will be known ss the Long Island Avia ­ tion Country Club, and will have a *300.000 club house. The United States Army has promised to send flyers to perform at the dedication Bast ’ St- Lou Is.,111., June 34 (UP) — Captain Frank Hawks took off from Parks Airport hare at 9:17 a. m. today for New York where will make final preparations fo: one-stop round trip flight between New York and Los Angeles. I* said hs expected to begin ills I tempt .within the next few days weather permits. Washington, June 25 IUP) — A round trlp-transc mllnental airplane flight from New York to San Fran ­ cisco for the purpose- of testing the ---------------- performance of the new motor In Volney Driscoll Succumb, While Swimming ?i “ ” , “ bacilli'.' Ross G. Hoyt. Army Air Corp« pilot, the War Department an ­ nounced today. Buffalo. June 25 (UP) — Renewed imors of a merger of two of the largest aircraft corjxirsUon* In this country reached financial circles today after an unconfirmed report Drowns In Pool Magner ’ s Pool at Oakland Beach; Overex- eration Pipbable Cause; To Hold Inquest An Inquest waa to be held today Into the death of Volney P. Dris ­ coll. 22, of 408 East 135th street, ths Bronx, who was drowned late yesterday la Magner ’ s pool at Oak ­ land Beach, Rye. Driscoll, who officials of the pool ■old. bod been procuring swimming under water all day. dove off a springboard and failed to com* up. . Chief Markumos, .life guard, re-, covered.the body after a few min ­ utes. Markumos old Df,\ Archibald of the-Unlled Hospital worked over Driscoll but wero unable to revive him. Death - exertion. Charges of fraud and misrepres- rnlaltnn against her altorney bandlrd for her the sale of Central Theater In West 47th street. New York\ City, to the Shub- ert interests for * 800 . 000 , a* well in the handling of two eatales. I made In papers on file today w the County Clerk by -Mrs. Ella Gray Dl Scala. 95 Brit* avenue. Scarsdale. whose first husband was Philip L. Hrald. 1030 Park avenue. New York Clly.\4ridely known real ­ ty dealer of the metropolitan r ‘ The defendant is Isidore Gaina- berg. a lawyer, living at 590 W End avenue. New York City, charges that the three cauaes action by the Scarsdale woman i for ''alleged overcharges by the de ­ fendant for professional services, but Mrs. Di Scala says the three actions arn' for the recovery .of *77.000 from the lawyer, because of \fraud baaed u$on misrepresenta ­ tions.\ The papers came to light In the denial by Supreme Court Justice George H. Taylor. Jr., of a motion by the attorney for change of (Continued e Page Three) Chamber of Commerce De ­ cide* on Tentative Plans ; II. K. Morrell Will Name Committee DATE NOT. CERTAIN TOMPKINS WILL HEAR CITY TRUST TRIALS; REPORT BiHines* Projei Bureau Ducuuea t at Luncheon- Meeting scheduled At a meeting of the business bu ­ reau of. the White Plains Chamber of Commerce, held yesterday noon at the Elks' Club, about To mem ­ bers of that group authorized a special committee to piocved with plans for the staging of an exposi ­ tion In the County Itecrrallun Cen ­ ter when that structure Is ready for occupancy. H. K. Morrell, chairman of the bureau, was given the power to ap ­ point this committee and he will announce his selection later In the wecji. he said thla morning. Because of Ihe extreme talnty ss to the time wh« County Recreation Center completed, plana as diecoased were- tentative and will not be advanced I until definite assurance aa to Ihe | time is had. It l« plnrmrd to In- ! vite the White Plains merchant* to 1 ------------ exhibiu when definite pisn. get UI, j R^eHe Contractor I* Commencement At High School to SUrt Promptly at Si 15 rhe White Plain* High School will be held tonight at the high school auditorium at 8:13 o'clock at which time. 17N graduates will receive thrtg diplomas. Tile speaker of the > evening will be the Rev. Jamrs Gordon Gilkey of Springfield. Mass. Because of the demand for cepted after eight o'cloclj. BECKWITH SUIT STARTS TODAY RESIGNS Washington. June 25 (UP). — The resignation of Henry P. Fletcher as American Ambassador to Italy, has been accepted, the United Press learned today. Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire that executive# of the Curtlaa Aero ­ plane and Motor Company were to ;et here Friday to discuss plans merge with ths Wright Aeronau ­ tical Corporation. Suing City to Set Aside Paving Contract Awjtrd Action! was begun today In Su ­ preme Court before Justice Taylor of the suit of the Charles N. Beck ­ with Company, Inc., of New Ro ­ chelle against ths City of New Ro ­ chelle to eet aside an awni road construction contract Rommcle Company. The Beckwith firm claims that although the rival bid was *2000 less than tha figure it submitted, the mateij[alt (proposed were not ac ­ cording to specifications. The complaint says that amealtr a kind of paving block, should be used In the Job. TheVilt started afternoon when Col. J. W. Howard testified EmU y Ply Burns, when on the ■perificatlone of ameslte. Max Kanen. engineer of the^ Beck ­ with Company also testified, i Governor Assigns Ju^ tiefi to Preside at Trials That May .Arise From Trust Company Probe, Says Reliable Source Supreme Court Justice Arthur S. Tompkins of this judicial district, twice pre ­ viously called away to Wt a committing magistrate in alleged fraud investigations, has been assigned by Gov ­ ernor Roosevelt as special\ presiding justice to sit New York County on any trials arising out of possible indictments in connection wth the collapse of the City Trust Company and the Moreland aSt .investigation which followed, it was learn ­ ed authoritatively today. Justice . Tompkins was not While Plains and could not reached for comment.but the n of hie assignment by came from a most reliable source. Yesterday while Justice Tomp- Ins waaeat lunch at the Uttle White House across the street from the Court House on Orsnd street, it was learned ha was reached by telephone from Albany. Excusing (Continued on Pngs Seven) BACK TO CHAIN GSHQ. Chicago, June 25 (UP). — Robert Elliott Burns, magazine publisher, be takea^back today Georgia chain gang he fled years ago. The former convict, turned over to authorities by his Drops Dead June 25 (UP). — Mrs. Cahrte* G. Dawes, ss wife of ehe United States Ambassador In Lon ­ don. wtlj act In an official ’ capacity for the first time tomorrow night wbtn the third royal..cOurt of the lessoft-wlll be held. Madrid. Spain. June 25 (UP). — Prime dt Rivera, dictator of Bpaln, In discussing with his council of ministers yesterday, the problem of searching for the lost Spanish fly ­ ers, told them that “ the United Press, which has the most com- L'Vo'woM-TnV^d^^r,^jPeekakill Man Succumb* to Heart Attack of authentic new* coupled with the | . , _ _. , . « . X \I n probability of a forced landing at After Minor AutO C-wIllSIOn; Wa* Lit sea was \rather producUve of pes­ simism.\ Rome, June 23 (UP). — The Italian Peekekllt.-Philip Aronowltx, 87. j the government. In recognition of the . , h , - vlll „„ lg <j t ad lod»y M the S° l heroic death of Dr. Finn Holmgren. ol , V . . W drib — while search for lost r “ uU of * .minor automobile acri-1 p^, officer fernest Conklin, no members of the crew of the dlrlg- dent. ! relation to (he truck driver, came Ibis Italia, today awarded a posthu- When hie car was struck by a j on the scene. A* Aronowlt* turned* mous silver medal and gave an an- 'truck driven by Nathaniel Conk- to describe the accident to the po- nual pension of 2,000 kroner to Bflr tin. a driver for the 8eymour Coal , llreman, he dropped .dead. Malmgren, mother of the Swedish I Company. ArowpntU, who Is a ' Death was ascribed of heart scientist, painting contractor and manager of j failure. Accident to Policeman Extiniatr* Place- It at, ‘ V- 000.000 to $130,000,000— Wills $1,000,000 to the Washington Cathedral $.300,000 TO HOSPITAL Yonkers Institutions Named — $1,000,000 Each to flS* Brother!. SisleTs : $300,000 to Nephews nntp Nieces EMPLOYES- BENEFIT • Each Person Emp^y^for Over Twenty Year* to Receive $1,000 Although h* has not yet filed for probate the will of the^late Alex ­ ander Smith Cochran, multl-mll- Jlonaire head of the Alexander Smith Carpet Company of Yonkers. Harry Zucbert today made public a list of legate*-* of the huge estate. The value of the estate will not be known until an appraisal baa been mode but estimates place It from *30.000.001 to J 130.000.000- Zuehert said today be estimated the estate would “ not exceed J3S-.000.000~ A total of more than J 15.000.000 in specific bequrst* are made. The bequests include 11.0002100 to (he chapter of the National Cathe ­ dral at Wi shmgton as an endow ­ ment for the College_of Preachers. 8L John's Riverside Hospital oi Yonkers will recllie *3002)00 and SL Pout's School of Concord, N. H Z *250200. Thomas Ewing. Jr, eldest nephew of the deceased and dent, now the head < will receive If, running az 1.000 to *125.000.000. dependlni e size of the estate as' dt terminad by the appraisal. Bequests of *1,000.000 each ar* made *!o five brothers and sisters of the deceased: William F. Cochran.,Gifford A Cochran. Anna C Ewing. Elinor C, Stewart aid Elizabeth Cochran Bowen. Each nephew and niece wilt re ­ ceive *500.000 Sums of, *100,000 each were left to Harry Zuehert. Cochran's attor ­ ney. and Thomas E#lng and Percy H. Stewart, brothera-lo-law. and Nina Gilt CV«chr»n. sister-in-law and William Nelson Heaton, a friend. Cochran bequeaths *50.000 tach (Continued c Wimbledon. Eng, June 23 — (UP) — One of America's beat hoped to win the all-English tennis .cham ­ pionships faded today when Francis T. Hunter, No. 2 ranking American *ur. lost a hitler four set battle to H. W. \Bunny^Austin Grant Brtt- rou'nd\* ’ *\*• la ' lh ® second MISS BOOTH IMPROVES Commander Evangeline Booth T 'ho resides in Hartsdal*. to slowly Improving In health following an automobile accident some two months ago but her rec o ver y to re ­ tarded by an extremely nervous condition, accordfng \to reports from her home today. Colonel Richard Griffith, her aid. also to ‘ ter an operation on hto throat. Local News Digest Klwanto • Club entertains at card I»«y. Pag* 2 East View Junior High graduates Exercise* at Battto Avenue asj cugh School. Pag* 7 Name manager for local hotel. Page * Bottle Avenue graduation. Paga 8 Carroll-cellar parties, Mtoa Ptottl wed*: Blind party her*. BEAUTY - STYLE - POWER in the new Willys-Knight Six RICE BROS. MOTOR Sole* — 51 Mamaroneck Avo, V. P. W6S-9 Service — 610 Memtrooack A vs.

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