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SUBURBAN HEIGHTS Walter Hagen Speaks to Gathering of Almost 200; Rare Honor Conferred on Tumesa. George T. Dunlap, 'Prince ­ ton, Wins the Qualifying Bound of Intercollegiate Golf Tourney Maurice McCarthy, of George ­ town and Green Meadows, was forced to play second fiddle In the qualifying round of the Intercolle ­ giate golf tournament at Deal. NrW Jersey, yesterday, when Georgs T. Dunlap. Jr., a fragile litUe cltuen who la moulded on the lines of our better Jockeys, brought glory to old Nassau and a small medal made of filled gold to hlmeelt when he won the qualifying hon- with a few words and so c the speeches. From then gathering was given over l tertainers. T o u n g Dunlap. repreeenUng Princeton, shot a 73 yesterday which, added to the 72 to which he treated himself the day before gave him the presentable total of ISO. Next to him seas McCarthy Jr., cur ­ rent Intercollegiate king and like ­ wise wearer of the metropolitan amateur coronet. McCarthy had a 152. faking a 78 for his final 18 and applying l{ to a 71 earned on Monday. The feat of these young men In scoring as low as they did. while It may seem Inconsiderable from a safe distance. Is not wholly unwor ­ thy of applause. Not only is the Hollywood course a mast grieve us test of golf for even the most skil ­ ful but the elements put In an ex- acUng nickel's worth yesterday, soaking the golfers to a point of saturation surpassed only by the thirty-six canoeists who were bap ­ tized In the Hudson on Monday, that Syracuae. Cornell. M. I. T. and California might be laved as well as glorified. Tie In Team Play In the team pla^ Princeton and Tale finished the thlrty-elx holes tied at Ml strokes, necessitating a nine-hole play-off. This extraordin ­ ary procedure resulted In a victory for Princeton with 1M strokes to 171 for Ygle. Blfl Artman of De ­ troit Unlvermlty. won the driving contest with an average of 248 yards for three shots. At the end of the second day of qualifying It was discovered that 188 was thr\hlghest score that would admit of match play. There were four 168 'e whereas but two ----- -- ----- Dowling; Peter Clark. Westchester Hills pro; Tpny Man- era. Elmsford pro; William Flead- on: John R. Ingtls, president of the Metropolitan Pro Oolfers Associa ­ tion; Louis Costello, famous pro; Arthur Kane. Elmsford Club mem- to make the Elks never regret their gift. Kenney W as Toastmaster Present exaltcr ruler, Louis Kenney, eras the toastmaster of the occasion and introduced the speak ­ ers. He spoke of the other two times that the lodge had bestowed life membership on one of Its members. Joe Dugan, the ex-Yankee baseball player, and Frank Brtante, the for ­ mer N. T. U. football star who Uvea In White Plains. Mayor McLaughlin spoke of out ­ door sports and the wholesome In ­ fluence they ^d on community Ufe in general. He said It was more than appreciation, real pride, that caused so many to gather to do Turn ess honor. He congratulated Joe for hts achievement and wished him luck In the coming National Open tournament. Walter Hagen, four times British Open champion spoke next. He -said that he and the rest of the ^tyder Cup team watched Joe win mif tournament with real pride and that he deserves credit for winning the cup. The cup was on the table at the time. He said that'the otlly wrong thing Turnesa would da would be to leave hit friends In White Plains. After him came Supervisor Charles Millard of Greenburgh who claimed Turnesa for Greenburgh. He salt Joe had moved to Green ­ burgh 'when he was seven and It was there that he learned hie golf. H* had caddied for Millard years ago. Ha gavs Joe credit for real 'light In winning the tourney against the Elmsford Club; Mayor F. C. McLaughlin of White Plains; Louis Kenney and T. H. Callahan, present and past exalted rulers of the Elks lodge; Tommy Armohr. former op ­ en champion; Walter Hagen. Brit ­ ish open champion: Johnny Far ­ rell. present open champion: Chick Meehan. N. T. U. football coach; Superintendant Mbraaco 'of Mount Pleasant; Supervlior Charles Mil ­ lard of Greenburgh: George A. Danner; Phil and Mike Turnesa; Joe Mlzrtottl and Hugh O'Donnell The committee on arrangements for the banquet were; Capt. William McQuillan of greenburgh police, president: Ed/O'Brien, secretary: Frank Briaiite. treasurer: Joe Goodwin: .Walter Nelson. Leslie Scott; John Rooney and Harold Paul. The dinner was one of the most successful ever given in White Sows 12 40 — John Betnadl. Newton Cen ­ ter. Mass ; ’ George Von Elm. Tam O ’ Shanter C, C. .Mich. 12 45 — Dick Grout. Okmulgee. Okla.: C. MacAndrew. Laconia. burg. Pa.: Waldo Crowder. Lawrence. Kan 1:50 — J. E Rogers. Denver. ’ Indicates amateur. Friday, June IS A M. t,. 8 30 — Gene Sarazan. Flushing: ’ Jack Cummings, Westwood C. C. Cleveland. ' , . 8:35- Walter Hagen. N. Y. City; . Louis Chlappetta. Hartford, Ct. 8:40 — David H. Ogtlvte. Cleveland Heights. Ohio; C. W. Gamber, Pontiac. Mich. . 8:45 — Al . Espinosa! Glencoe. Ill : John Wyland. Cuba. 8:50 — George B Smith. Moores- . town. N. J.; Jim Barnes, unat ­ tached. 8:55 — Peter O'Hara. Verona. Pa.; I Johnny ftolden. Paterson, N. J..| 9:00 — Renny Sbute. Worthington. Ohio: Joe Kirkwood, unit- . tached. 9:05 — Jack Sabo!. White Plains; Jack White, Scotland. 9:10 — W. C. Gordon. Rockford. III.: Archie Loeffler. San Antonio. ' Texas 9:15 — W. L Fotheringham. unat ­ tached. Alfred F. Hackbarth. Park Ridge. R1 9:20 — Ted Longworth. Fort Worth. T^xaa; Neal McIntyre. Indian ­ apolis. Ind. 9 25 — Marshall Crichton. Durham. . N. C-: Rill Leach. Overbrook. •Penn. 9:30 — ’ Dick Lane. GlenwooJ G. C, Richmond. Va.; Jock Hendry. St. Paul. Minn. 9:35— Charlie Isaacs. Frederlcks- •■rg. Va.: ’Charles C. Clare, Race Brook C. C.. Connecticut. I 9:40 — Charles W. Hall. Birming ­ ham. Ala.; Craig Wood. Blocfm- fleld. N. J. | 9.45 — Peter Manning. Bristol. Ct.: Rocky Rich. Flushing. | 0:50 — Frank Walsh. Appleton. I Wls.: Dsn Williams. Westfield. 12.50 — Horton Smith. Joplin. Mo- Jess Stuttle. Kansas City, Mo. 12:55- Charles Hllgcndorf. Grouse . Point Shores. Mich.: CharHe Guest, unattached. 1 00— Nell Christian. Portland. Ore : Chet Bser. Bakersfield, Cal. 1 05 — Ernest G. Jacob. Pittsburgh; •Oeorge J. Volght. North Hills 8:40 — Willie Macfarlane. Tucka- hoe; Lew Goldbeck, Bala. Pa. 8:45 — \Roland Mackenzie. Colum ­ bia. C-C.. Md.; Wally Chamber- 8:50 — Irvin Ottmafc. Louisville; Harry Cooper, Buffalo. 1:55 — George M. Christ. Rochester; Jamas Faltua, Dyers Ind. 10 55 — Walter Murray. Gary. Ind ; 'Thomas Hughes, unartaehad 11:00 — W. Gog gin. San Francisco: Jack Leach. Raddonfleid. N. J. 11:05 — Tom Boyd. 8tkpletonT~'Al- bert E. MacDonald. Mlllbrook. 11:10 — Albert AIcroE. Youngstown. Ohio. Henry Cluct. Stratford. 11:15 — Alex Campbell. Dayton. • Ohio; Harold Jordan. Piqua. 1:10 — Macdonald Smith. Great Neck; Freddie McLeod, Chevy Chase. Md. 1:15 — BUI Mehlhorn. White Plains; Roland Hancock. Lynchburg. Virginia. 1:20— Leo Diegel. Mexico: ’ Emmet fjplcer. Belle Meade G. A C. C-. Ohio: Frank Rodin Seattle. Wash. 11 35 — Georga-Underwood. Wllklns- burg. Pa.: Waldo Crowder. boasted when he won. The dinner left the large gather ­ ing In a Jovial mood and all the speakers were received well. Jehn- ny Farrell, preaent open champion, said a few words. He aaid that Tjirnesa was afraid he whs atump- 11:40 — J. E. Rogers. Denver. 11:45 — ’ Ira L Couch. Onwentsia Club. Ill,; Kean Donnelly. Phll- a flooded trap and drown for her. tha Nassau quartet would not have found It necessary to engage In the projected play-off with Yale. How ­ ever. It Is ssild that Mr. Pond has not 'been regarded as one of Princeton's better golfers In the P. M. 12:00- * Roland\ Mackenir. C. C t Maryland: Chamberlain. Chicago. 13:05 — Irvin Ottman. Louisville; Harry Cooper. Buffalo. 12:10 — George M. Christ, Rochester; James Faltua. Dyer. Ind. 1 12:15— ’ George Dawson. Glen Oak l C. C. 111.; Eugene F. Larkin. Chevy Chaae. Md. 12:30 — Jack Burke. Houaton. Tex.; Vincent Eldred. Weet Vltw„l'an 12:25 — Fred Baronl. Conneaut Imp! Pa.; Jack Forrester. Oradfcll, N. J. 12:30 — Billy Burke. Westport: ’ E. R. Held. Lakeville O. A C. C. j 12 :35— Willie Ogg, Worcester. Mtfu : I .Al Watross.' NorthviHe. Mich. Cotum- Wally 9.55 — Km erick Kocsta. Pontiac. Mich.; ’ John Goodman. Lake- wood C C.. Nebraska. 10i/0 — Tony Mnnero. Elmsford:; Alex-Olson. Sioux Cny. Iowa. 10:05- Bill Trovlnger. Walled Lake. MWh.: Elmer Volght. Scared ale. 10:10 — Harry Hampton. Chicago; 28 Friday 10:15 — Felix Serafln. Clark's.Sum ­ mit. Pa.: Bill Clancy. Morris ­ town, N. J.. 10:20 — Harold Long..Denver; James Johnston. Toronto. 10:45 — WUUe Hunter. Montebello. I By DICK DORGAN DIVOT DIGGERS — A Consistent Player UA.HAY ^ Look'-AY HIM TEAR UHLLYA- UHO U ME A uvuay 9HKTS the > FOURTH “ TRAP «ve seek! him LAuoiw siuce Life~i.fe.FT THE FIRST TEE.'. STICK\- \ OIYHIT\ KlO.'ftXJU GEY OUT yiOMfe DAV MUSI Of AU UP AY THE. OLD MILL 2 White Plains Post, 135, American Lef ion ADMISSION $1.00 - $1.50 - $2.00 IK t FOB RESERVATIONS LADIBS INVITED First Day ’ s Play Starts at 8:30 Tomorrow When Couch and Donnelly Drive Off. The field of 153 professional and amateur gotten who are compet ­ ing for the American Open Title at the WJnged Foot club the last throe days of this week Includes eleven county pros and three who wen formerly connected - with county clubs. Willie McFarlane was U m first man to tee off of this group. He Is paired with Lew Goldbeck of-Pennsylvania. They left at 8:40 this morning. « After him comes BUI Mehlhorn at 10 o'clock, paired with Roland Hancock. Five minutes later Leo Diegel drove off. Emmett Spicer of Tennessee was his opponent. Johnny Farrell, of Quaker Ridge, the defending ehamplon had Willie Kidd of Minneapolis for his part- . nsr when he left the first tee at 10:25. McCarthy Last to Go The other county golfers have been starting the rounds at their respective times all morning and are continuing this afternoon. Mau ­ rice McCarthy, of Green Meadows, was tha last to begin today, hav ­ ing Tom Kerrigan, of Mount Ver ­ non with him. They started at 1:45. Tomorrow the playing limes will be almost reversed and Gene Sa ­ racen la the first one to step up end address his ball. ' He leaves with Jack Cummings at 8:30. Bob ­ by Crulckshank will be the last one to go In the preliminary rounds. He and Jimmie Thompson leave at 2:40 In the afternoon. ta Athletic Club; Emi French. Southern Pines, N. C. ,j0 — Tony Longo, .Mount Vernon: C. W. Hackney. Northfleld, N. J. 10:55 — J. E. Byrne. Kansas City; George Heron. West bury. 11:00 — Joe Turnesa. Eknsford; A. B. Nelson. Yardl^y. Pa- 15— Elmer Holland. San Francis ­ co; Larry Nabholtz. Houston. 11:10 — Budd Clark. Sioux City: Ben Richter, SL Louie. 11:15 — Tommy Armour. Detroit: ’ Edmund H. Drills*. Jr.. Cherry Valley Chib. . 11:20 — Walter J. Grrgo, Whitestone; BllfCreavy, Larchmonf 11:35- Bobby Crulckshank. Pur ­ chase.\ Jimmie Thomson. Knox ­ ville. lhJO — ’ Harrison R. Johnston, aj'lille Bear Yacht Chib, Minn.; William Noon. Gardew'Clty. 11:35 — Leonard B- Schmuter. Lima Ohio': Sonny Rouse, unattached. 11:40 — Gene Sarazen. Flushing: ’ Jack Cummins. Westwood C. C, Cleveland. 11:45 — Walter Hagen. New York: Louis Chiappetta. Hartford. 11:50 — David H. Ogllvie. Cleveland Haights: C. W. Gamber. Pon ­ tiac. Mich. 11:55 — A! Espinosa. Glenco. Ill : John Wyland. Cuba. P. M. 12:00 — George B. Smith. Moores- town, N. J.: Jim Barnes, unat ­ tached. 12:05 — Peter O'Hara. Verona. Pa.: Johnny Golden. Paterson. N. J. 12:10 — Denny Shuts. Worthington. Ohio; Joe Kirkwood, unat ­ tached. 15 — Jack Habol. White Plains; Jack White. Scotland. to — W. C. Gordon. Rockford. HI.; Archie LocfTlgr. San Antonio. 25 — W. L. Fotheringham. unat ­ tached: Alfred F. Hsckharth. Park Rhlge. U! . 12:30 — Ted Longworth. Fort Worth: Neal McIntyre. Indiana polls. 12:35 — Marahatt Crichton. Durham. N, C; Bill Leach. Overbrook. Pa :4o— ’ Dick Lane. Glen wood G. C.. Va.; Jock Hendry, St. Paul. :45 — Charlie Isaacs. Fredericks ­ burg.- Va: ’ Charles C. , Clare. Race Brook C. C.. Orange. Conn- 12: 50 — Charles W. Hall.. Birming ­ ham, Ala: Craig Wood, Bloom ­ field. N. J. 2:55 — Peter Manning. Bristol. Conn.; Rocky Rich. Flushing. X :00-F rank Walsh. Appleton. Wla: Dan Williams, Westfield. 1:05 — Emerick K ochi *. Pontiac, Mich.; ’ John Goodman. Omaha Lakewood C-_C. Neb. 1:10 — Tony Manero. Elmsford; Alex Olson. Sioux City. Iowa 1:15-73111 Trovlnger, Walled Lake. Mich.; Elmer Volght. Searsdale. 1:20 — Harry Hampton. Chicago; W. H. Cox. Brooklyn. 1:25 Felix Serafln. Clark's Sum ­ mit, Pa; Bill Glancy, Morris ­ town, N. J. 1:30 — Harold Long. Denver: James Johnston. Toronto. 1:35 — WllUe Hunter. Montebello. Calif.; Lloyd Gulltckaon. Wlrk- llffc. Ohio. l:40*-Tom Ttaklets. Girard. Ohio; J Jock Hutdhlnson. Golf. 111. I ^1:45 — ’ Maurice J. McCarthy. Jr . j Green Meadow C. C.; Tom Ker- 1 rigan. Mount Vernon. i 1:50 — Michael J. Heaney. Spring- ] field. Ohio; Arthur Ham. Brigh ­ ton. Mich. 1:55 — Clem Wlechman. Ports-] mouth, Ohio; George E Grif ­ fin. Rax bo rough. Pa ! 2:00 — Maaale B. Miller. Norwich. I Conn.: Reggie Myles. Cleveland ] Louis. J 2:05 — Walter Murray. Gary, Ind.; ' 10:15 — Frank Ball Atlanta; Vfllfridj Thomas Hnghes. unattached. Reid. Orion. Mich. | Obggln, San Francisco: .. 10:30-»*C. Ross Somerville. lin-lou. Jack Leach, Hoddonfleld. N. J. I Canada; Ed Dudley, W*Umlng-| 2:15- Tnn Boyd. Stapleton: Albert ton, Del. E Mm Donald. Mlllbrook. j 10:35 — Wllh* Kidd. Mhmqpr 2:20- Albert Alcrofl. Youngstown; j ohaay Fa>:*u. Mamaron*.-, Henry Clucl. 8tratford. I 10:30 — »DonaU J. Armstrong Ay I 2 25 — Alex Campbell. Dayton; Har- ora C . C, BL; WllUe Klein. Ea»t I old Jordan. \Piqua Ohio. V I 2:30 — ' Thomas X. Harmoiv Jr,Ncw ?. O. Hart. WheeUng'r^'*rP_ Jersey, August Nordone. Sche- North Timber laud, I nectady. Pa * | 3:35 — ’ Nell Ransick. Cincinnati ; 10:40 — Of! NichoUe. Great Neel;; i JV. Glen Spencer,' Baltimore. Hijd»a Newton.' Springfield,\ 2 40 — James Kenny. Ma 1 J»k>; Frank Rodla, Seattle. 10: 45-J*RobaBt T.'Jones. Jr. Allan-1 2 45-George Underwood. Wllklns- C. C. III.: Eugene F. Larkin, Chevy Chase. Mu. 9:05 — Jack Burke, Houston: Vin ­ cent Eldred.' West View, Pa 9:10 — Fred Baronl. Con-wari LaV Pa; Jack Forrester, O rad el. N. T. 9:15 — Billy Burke. Westport; *1 R. Held. Lakeville G. A C. C. ' 20 — Willie Ogg. Worcester; Al Watroua NorthvlUa Mich. ' ' 25 — John Bernadi. Newton Cen- tef. Masa; George Von Elm. Tam O ’ Shanter C. C. Mich. 33 — Dick Grout, Okmulgee. Okla; C. MacAndrew. Laconia 35 — Horton-Bcnlth. Joplin. Mo.; Jeas Stuttle. Kansas City. ■> 40^Charles Hllgendorf. Groase Points Shores. Mich.; Charlie Gusst, unattached. 9.45 — Nell ChrisUan. Portland. Ora: Chet Beer. Bakersfield, CaUf. 9:50 — Ernest G. Jacob. PRUburgh; •George J. Voigt. North Hills a c. 9:55 — Macdonald Smith. Great Neck; Freddie Leonard. Chevy Chaae. Md. 10:00 — BUI Mehlhorn. White Plains; Roland Hancock. Lynchburg. 10:06 — Lao Diegel. Mexico; ’ Emmet Sploer. Belle Meade C. A C. C, A. Beaupre. UUen Mich.; John J. Manlon, 8 GROUP or OWE-THOUSAND - P0UAR CAR OWNERS TRViNd 10 BE SYMPATHETIC , WHEN THE ONLY TWO-THOUSAND-DOLLAR CAR IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD 'DEVELOPS E346INE TROUBLE Cal.: Lloyd Gullfckson. Wick- lllfe, Ohio. 10.30 — Tom Raklells. Girard. Ohio: Jock Hutchlnaon. Golf, 111 JO 35— ’ Maurice J McCarthy. Jr, - 1 Greet Meadow C C ; Tom Ker ­ rigan. Mount Vernon. 10:40 — Michael J. HMUHQr. Spring- field. Ohio; Arthur Ham. Brighton. Mich. 10:45 — Clem Wlechman. Ports ­ mouth. Ohio; George E Griffin. Rax borough. Pa 10 50 — Massie B MUIes. Norwich. Conn.: Reggie Myles Cleveland. Poolino Desires To Gain Pound or Two Paolino Uzcudun rested today al ­ tar completing his training for to ­ morrow night's bout with Max Schmeling. He weighed 1S9V# yes ­ terday but expects to pick up a pound or tiro before he weighs In the afternoon of the- fight. - HIGH TIDE SCHEDULE ANOTHER GREAT V^ARD 8:30 P. M., rrxb. ARMORY - TOMORROW BOXING 102ND MEDICAL REGIMENT, N. Y. N. G. Turnesa National Open Preliminary Pldy Under Way Tomorrow Elks Lodge Present Joe With Life Membership Many Celebrities Attend Dinner To Qoif Chafapion

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