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Hartsdale Water Board Will Meet Tonight on Exten ­ sion of System- Action on the extension of the water system of Hortedsle Into pro ­ perty alone New Sprain road, for ­ merly known aa the Kaufman pro ­ perty. was-deferred by the Harte- garbog* on private •9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ TUESDA HE BLACK CIRCLE by MANSFIELD SCOTT |At her side, the youngest of the In silence hh distributed the. *10 your own handwriting!\ . with features handsome but pasteboards. 8till without speaking protested. ■ \ ------ ---------- ----------- — --rlhe wrote upon his-own. Willard -j meBnt lt t D be.\ was-the re- I Carson followed. The young_man I ( ponse. “ They have undoubtedly 1 many samples of my handwriting hesitated, gszed for a second mute appeal at each of the two who had not yet written, then stole a swift glance at the chief director, and bent hastily over his card. The glrlsat for a .lime as though grave doubt or In agitation: I ifpulslvely seised her pencil ajd wrote. George Morrill, observing hjr action, drew forward his own slip, and completed the ballot. The cards were laid face down ­ ward upon an ashtray. Fred Mer- rlvale slowly turned over each, after another. ' *■* there at their headquarters, wher ­ ever the place- may be. Now, you see. they'll be certain that they're not being fpoled.\ | \Oh: I understand.\ Stone nod- l hef wncll 'end , de<S ‘ houghtfully. and turned to- I her oencll and , U|h , w ^ , h# let . In the superscription It bore the name of ‘ ‘ John Crane,\ but the letter Itself was begun with the word. \Gentlemen.\ rod* as \be reached | The message was as follows: reply, I'm going to ask if you would go around and claim the letter.\ \Of course.\ \Making sure, as 'always, that you can't be followed when you bring He glanced up from the paper | decidedly- weak, twas uncertainly ’ With fain mockery In his pale-blue . ,hlfUng his blanoe between Morrill eqraa- \X fancy, my good ffriend and t be man at tbe head of the MonflL that you nave had ample tabIc g* gy ’ ggj \Then more deflnltely. Morrill.\ IMa ideas during the past -ssvsn | uked (ht Ulur juiij. -jusi whst “ L ! do you suggest? Do you advocate 1 that we now strike out this phrase features, returnee hUgSe. I from the constitution.-: -I have had no reaeon to cast! The other drew, s long breath. ^Aa t idea.\ • which seemxV, vaguely to resemble ■Well — at least youVe. never \ \ ‘ Rbl shudder \If we could aerupled about accepting the pro- • strike out a few other records st taction which our union has afford- the « “ >« U “ « — '* h « muttered. \But \T. | they ore IndeUbly written. I advo- : T ° “ ■». i.««. m ... ........ — •«..»««,■ ~ ' I that we call enough enough. In I become more pale and .tern. , no longer In Charlestown Wats ,! God's name, let us stop this thing \Far from having eliminated the , * rlson. I will state at ins oegin- -Sij«T 1 WSEJiSSSb ” \ \ J ‘\ “ h “ ISZTL'aXi.'tS: JSSSiSSi, » SfarrHJCVTKitss only kTOw**how ^w* II* I “ kllse It 1 1 The chief director returned an ex- 1 a “ d ” trw to tJoTn favoj I ofWibllng “ me | Stooe j 1 * 11 \*'\ bef0re ' ol “ erved ln w-sw tjt - vc “ SX. - — — made to that phrase. I did so, not fully. It Is Indeed the Oral time vr.r.ofit.tr™ , scrlption as one of luagenu. would, that be had been addressed. \Ob. from a aeropleJaa you suggest but that one of us has been — shall I x t-wlth your subUe Inlluence. enable yes. Walt\ he answered quickly. \J from K certain instinctive fear. say. audacious? — enough, to make TTterefoi*. ^friends. I seal for the f . . •*. — ----- . j • — — .... ■gMd Merrivmle considered. \Well such a suggestion openly st a meet- eighth lime the-offlci*] constitution _pf what may we ask? This' Ing. I have been told, however, that of this organlzal!ob^-«»id seal to b. bas always been the keynote . Morrill has previously, of late, ex- broken by any one of us within th. of our activities.\ | pressed such Ideas privately. I — er coming three hundred and slxty-flvi - -Tw.\ agreed Morrill solemnly. | — I really beg you to realise, my day. st his peril.\ \It has. I see it now. Not only the dear Morrill, how narowly you are u WM Thursday morning. In i phrase Itself, but all that we have | avofting trespassing upon a certain room the .eject boarding hou». done, have been In direct defiance . one of the very definite and Impor- maintained by Mrs. Emily Ander-1 'Z~''Y.2ZTtZ7h^ .77.\ of a certain aelf-working law of 1 tant provisions of our constitution. ; TToMdjenrt of the city, Walter justice which eomehnw seems to \Well-I dare say It la a thought s£ n e mweVkilng grav. consults- louched-whll. you must give look Sifter the affairs of the rest of [ which has been gradually growing j U on with hlaNtttUnd. Thornton. It j the world.\ among some of us — the vague quea- the 0 rst t | rae thal he had visit- \Morrill.\ said the heavy dark j tlon as to whejher our contract Is , cd _pr approached the house since a. \do you remember wha' I said ] to remain binding for the rest of j Thornton had taken refugt “ rted preach-[the period agreed upon. We may un der ja-yr as well settle It once and for all. ’ Morrill seemed to cringe for an i remember, of oourse. that on o instant. \I'm not preaching.\ he I meeting last year, we had the Bi answered. \I cin scarcely qualify [ dlssentiiV. vote that we ever re- , , h . tr . for that- But I am uttering what 11 ceived uj*7h continuing to opesnte am convinced is a solemn warning. I remember also that on s second \I'll sea to that never fear.\ said Stone. \But as you say. It ’ s un ­ likely that they'd give you away to the police. TU watch for the letter in that box,,Dick. Until It comes. I won ’ t return bars again. . That would ba the beat. plan, wouldn't UT\ Mis friend was silent as though Ti a had not heard. Stone glanced up In surprise. As be did so, he was suddenly caught by the pe ­ culiar expression upon Thornton's \ istifres. Theae were hard, unnat- safety. i think that would be the safest Are you willing to db this, and ! w, J r ■\ to guarantee me your most careful | It was Friday morning. In tbe protection. In exchange for definite quiet study on the second floor of Intonation about tbe large ship- the stone house, somewhere In the ment which I misdirected several j suburbs, a group of four were again years ago? I will offer satisfactory j around the table. Only the young proof that the shipment Is still ex- 1 woman was absent- Upon this occa- 'irv however, there was no hint of touched — while you must give ss- cerflnony or of levity. The atmos- surance that your identification ' phere was of tense ami vital -con- pass will send me In ssfety as your pentratlon. traveling agent. The chief director took a folded immedl- paper from the comer of the long Winfield Clyde. Thornton had drawn down the shades of (he windows almost to the bottom, ahd they had taken table. \Have you — decided to wrtte to past You ate answer la lmpermtli constant danger of recapture. Ad- ! \Our purpose this morning.\ be dress Thomas Bush. Post Office No - exclaimed, \is to consider the pro- 7. Lock Box 381- posal made to us by mall by Rlch- I think you will agree that we Br< j Thornton itand- about even as regards the; to prison: am convinces is a solemn un.*. .............. . — ~ ---- - — • - -- ------- u/.. which I think you should heed now ballot where Initials were requested \ainers people for your own good — all of you. Be- with the votes that dlisentlng voice His friend Inclined his head Bov* me. Will. If* the last time strangely and quickly disappeared \ have written the letter already. I've , YourS as ever. m ever venture to 'suggest : Here, for a second, the young kept It to ask your- advice upon It.\ 1 Richard Thornton. Ihli. But It's been growing upon man seated across the table became Slone became eager. \How do you -\But. see here!\ cried Stone me lately until at times I think It ! a shade paler. \However jve are address a letter to reach Walker ?\ \You've signed your name to this!\ may drive me mad. | again concerned with thuT (Uggea- , 'To John Crane. Poet Office Box \Why not? The letter win go \Friends we've run up an awful [ tlon. Let me hear what Ideas you Number 178D.\ j only to them.\ bill In these seven years - a fearful, others have upon the subject.\ \That's the centre! post office?\ \But they might doublecross you bill. And tiptop It all. we have been He drew forth a handful of plain \Yes.\ [ and send the police'\ 1 Insolent enough to litter contompt white cards, while tor an Instant his , “ It's a wonder they couldn't be 1 'They'll not If they want to re [ ' The powerful, dark-smooth-sbav- of Court \ besides I — and I — well rather narrow-set eyes seemed to traced or trapped that way'\ cried cover those valuable drugs.\ : en man In the chair nearest the op- Tm beginning to be a little afraid, hold a new expression, not unlike [ Stone. I \Oh. no: I see; of course, they'll poslte end of the tamle. squared that some day we might the glint of polished blue steel. | \That has been tried.\ returned not. Still, if they shouldn't want sidewise^toward the ----- >--- if the group stir ­ red In his chair but did not speak. ” 1 think.\ continued the man at the head of the table, \that we all remember Thornton's esse and some of Its details. 1 assume that you have each read something slxyit his escape from prison at Charlestown last Week. If you have glanced over this letter from have to pay.\ We shall once again hold a bal- ' Thornton, shaking his head bltter- Tbere was silence .In the room. l»t on the subject.\ said he. \But 1 ly. ‘ They have bribed pome one who M«Tivale. the chief director, sat Insist that Initials be Included works In thsP post office. No one gating at Morrill steadfastly and Think well upon this question, can tell which employee is guilty.\ gtenty, w ith unwinking eyes Wll- friends, and let this vole be a true \Or count, I remember now. lard Garson'a coarse face still held expression of your attitude: but be Dick. Tbe secret service have tried a sneer. Across the table, the young exceedingly careful lest — well — lest ' every imaginable method. Oh — la woman sat regarding the man who your attitude might prove that of that the letter?\ had spoken with deep and medlta- an uncomfortable or even danger- He unfolded the sheet of paper, lire Inquiry In her soft, dark eyes ous minority \ and gave an exclamation of dismay \They should answer This letter will be In tomorrow forenoon, uni thod of reaching Walki ehao«ed It's unlikely t \I'll say right at the begjnntng, Fred, that I'm against It.\ I The two others leaned perceptibly j forward. It was an unusual sltua-1 1 tloty and a hint ofXt had reached promptly them earlier. It was seldom Indeed | elr hands I \Who Is this Thomas Bush, with a the me-1 the lock box In Post Office Num- has been ber Seven?\ it It has \ j \P engaged the box yesterday un- opposition Willard Carson, the objector, the active worker — the driving fore ­ man — of the organisation, while tbe more quiet man at the head of the table was its influential diplomat “ I understand your Idea,, Will, - returned the latter, \and I'm not go ­ ing to argue against you at pres- S We'll aim ply lay the question ire the others.\ The young man spoke. \Of course, I understand the value of tbe loat f, and bow much It would mean 1 now. But — wouldn't there be a certain amount of risk?\ •That's Will's idea. But I can't !e It. Where would be the risk? The men wss once ln our organisa ­ tion: I admit that. He knows you, Al, of course: and he also might know WUI, by sight only. That's all the knowledge he has about us. If It didn't do him any good «tt,hls trial, it can't now.\ ' ••Well.” accepted, the young man, \If you can have your dealings with him without bringing me into con- ict With him — \ He hesitated. \Oh yes.\ smiled the chief di ­ rector. \we'll arrange that. You'll be able to keep your own skin put A hot retort framed ltaeif upon Allen Walker ’ s lips; but fee was wisely silent, although bis face grew crimson at tbe realisation of his timidity. ------ -- It's ell very well,\ declared Gar- j j. “But tbe 'stakes aren't worth I the chance we'd run in getting them.\ \I fall to see It,\ stated league. \Bear In mind. Will, that there Is not a living soul — not one soul on this earth — who knows any one of our five or the place where we carry on business — nor Is there the slightest chance that any ever can know. My arrangement. If It Is properly carried qut, will accomplish this thing without one particle of trouble. I'll leave it to the others. If we are going to i tlnue tor three years longer, least — and we surely are — we n see to It that we are the gainers by so doing and not tbe losers. \We can't afford to do without that shipment. I think we all r« lie that. We aren't beginning supply the demand which we < formerly. Agents and dispensers gradually turning to other sheet of last year will Indicate the change In our profits; meanwhile, living costs have gone In the oppo ­ site direction.\ . \It's true, all right.\ agreed Walk- chlef director. \Why — taka for. In- slanca by 'blind' — laatl ____ ' That has gone right to the sky. Ac ­ cording to that. I should -------- ~' thler right now than svi What would people think if I begin cutting down on u _ turea? I must keep up appear ­ ances perpetually; the very day I slip up on them. I'm running the chance of suspicion. It must about the same with you others. Ifl »£, yOU ^ ™* , ** Ud on'l get that shipment fight while our supply bas fallen away, you'll soon have to make re ­ ductions in your expenditures.\ Walker and Morrill nodded. \I admit that we need the stuff, and need It badly,\sput In Garson. “ It's simply a 'bunch' I have, that's [ all. But I've played those things all my life and won on them. Tm a little afraid of that Thornton.\ j ertaina drawn, a He observed the disdainful smile 1 place by agreement.\ on the other's lips, and explained \Detectives at the meeting point.\ t .to deal, with I m. lar of fact.\ chief director, \I think i do business with him rigli here.\ \Herd?\ \Certainly. In the.special suite upstairs, exactly as we did with hastily: • Oh, I'm not worrying about any ­ thing ha could do to mi It Isn't a personal fear/ There could be nothing personal between us, for I scarcely remember him. But I re ­ member his activities. It's — well, the Idea that he mlght^flcd a j to do something to us — to our safety. Thornton Is a clever, re- hckl who might go to meet Thorn ­ ton. providing that we managed the matter properly. He bolds a letter from one John Crane. \Is that fact likely to incriminate In any way a respectable gentleman who may approach him at a meet ­ ing point in a suitably veiled man ­ ner? My dear fellow, he wouldn't .try to play tricks at that stage of ■y™™ HtfU- touM \We ’ ve taken care of that pa Ucular before. Besides, considi tbs thing calmly. Will, and tell n ed his freedom. You r er bis position.\ “ 1 really don't see that there would be any great riak.\ supplied Morrill. The man at the head of tbs table opened a drawer and took out of it four white cards. “ You have bad lime to weigh the arguments. ” he staled. \Wall sub ­ mit the question to the customary ballot- I don't want to lead you Into any venture If you are unwill ­ ing to take the very negligible riak which goes with It.\ He distributed the cards. \Vote yes or no as usual. In case of a deadlock, we ll call up Frances and ha r vole shall me tile it. Con ­ sider our present needs end consid ­ er how much risk there is ln my plan.\ Nono hesitated. Each man took his ballot and wrote. The cards were laid face downward uporj an ash tray. Fred Merrtvale slowly turned over each, one after anoth ­ er. and as he reached Uie last he nodded with a trace of satisfaction. \It is resolved by three to one that we negotiate with Thornton.\ Tomorrow's ARTHUR MANOR ASSOCIATION TO CELEBRATE , Gala Program For Indepen ­ dence Day Arranged : Con ­ cert by S l Vincent ’ * Band — Firework* at Night Starting at 4 o'elock In the af- on. on July 4th. the Arthur ir Association of Scared ale has ___ Julad a gala program tor the ' observation of Independence Day Albert E Nash, chairman of the dosnmUtee has been working hasd- to complete all details and arrange for a celebration which will In ­ clude features for children and adults. At the present Ums. lt Is planned for the fesUTitles to begin at fobr o'clock, with races and ath ­ letic events for the children, with prises tor the winner of each event. Every child who desires to.enter the various events roust pres ent a Ucket to the officials. It It expected that these events will be concluded by 6 o'clock. A band concert by the St. Vin ­ cent's Boys' Band of Brooklyn, a musical organization of 40 pieces, wfl] open the evening program. After tbe concert, the band will load a parade through secUons of the Manor and back to the park where the rest of tbe program will bf hsM . _ ’ A gala,display of fireworks will be presented shortly after dusk end then refreshments will be served. If time permits, the committee j plans to have dancing until 11 ! f T milyfight j ENDS IN COURT — Assault Charges Filed Before Jjudge Seely Last Night— I Say BottlesTV'ere Thrown s of aasault In the third er filed Monday by Mrs. r Naughton of East Irvington, it NtehoUna Annechenc and I Annechenc also of East EXCHANGE Golf Tournament of Service Gab Scheduled for Jnly 10; Meet Tonight The goif tournament tentatively scheduled for tomorrow has her., postponed tor two weeks end will he held July 10. The committee of Samuel Robinson. Theodore Ran scjit and Welter Hogan Is In ■ charge. NATIONAL PLAN PLEASES MANY The National Equitable Realty Syndicate. Inc . operating under tbe National Equitable Plan Is being well received according to an an ­ nouncement made reeenUy by J. J. Levinson, founder and managing director of the organizaUoa. Mr. Levinson stated that In the past thirty days the NaUona] Equitable Plan has added over 100 new par ­ ticipating owrier* who will share ln the anticipated profits to be de ­ rived from the direct ownership of dlverafled and selected real estate and mortgages In Westchester County. The National Equitable Realty Syndicate, Inc, was organised by a group of outstanding men In tbe banking, real estate, legal and busi ­ ness world of Westchester County; to acquire and operate In varie ­ gated portions f res ’ estate and mortgages by prudent use of Its capital to share In the profits which naturally result from tbs un ­ precedented growth that Westches ­ ter County Is enjoying. Mr. Levinson stated that thla plan was the .only one of Its kind In existence and- gives an oppor ­ tunity to the person of limited means to enjoy tbe profits that are tb\be made In Westchester County re«l estate and mortgages. JAIL SENTENCE APPEAL FILED BYKRAKAUER New Rochelle Man Convicted of Burning Store; Accom ­ plice Seide, Also Ex ­ pected to Appeal Formal notice of appeal by David j Krakauer. now serving a aentence of from five to ten year?- In Sing Sing Prison for arson In connection with the burning of a dreas goods shop at 38 Mechanic street. New Rochelle, was filed today with Coun ­ ty Court Clerk Lester Conkling . ELECTED [ County Man Wins High Honor in Grand Commandery at Annual Conclave Walter de Lamater, Yonkers, wss last evening selected as sword bear ­ er of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar. New York State, at annual elections held at Albany. Tbe complefe slate of new officers follows: William D. Cushman, grand commander; Ben Devon. Auburn, deputy grand commander; ArVfci-7' J*. Lee. Jamaica. L. I, gen ­ eralissimo: Supreme Court Justice Jerome L. Cheney. Syracuse, cap ­ tain general; Clarence C. Proctor. HornelL aenlor warden: the Rev. G. 'Sherman Burrows. Buffalo. Jun ­ ior waroen; Charles L. Hadlock; Brooklyn, prelate; George A. New ­ ell, Medina, treasurer; John B. Mullen. Rochester, recorder: George F. Argetslnger, Rochester, stand ­ ard bearer; Noah Maddever. Niag ­ ara Falls, warden: Walter de La ­ mater, Yonkers, sword bearer, and Edward Wagner. Albany, captain of the guard. _ CADETS WILL ATTEND CAMP MEETINGS HERE It Is expected that a similar no ­ tice of appeal will be filed wtthln a few days by Frank 8aporito, attor ­ ney for Maurice Seide. convicted In a separate trial ofarson In the same case. Seide obtained a separate trial on the ground It would be pre ­ judicial to him to be tried wtthh Krakauer. who was at the time of his arsoMtrial also serving a Sing Sing aentence for burglary. Both Krakauer and Seide elected to stand trial rather than plead guilty to. tbe indictments returned against them. Krakauer was tried j first and convicted, hla sentence be ­ ing from five to ten years. Selde'g trial followed about three Features; Prominent Speak- weeks later and he was also eon-' , ,, n , vlcted. Both cases were conducted ' er * Address IrBtnenngS by Assistant Dutrict Attorney Lee- — Scandinavian Rally i Salvation Army- Plans Many \ No Matter How You Spend It ^Boating, fishing, motoring, flying, swimming, golfing, walking, tr just plain ' “ lazing ” your time on your vacation this summer, you will find time to read and enjoy the news from home brought daily to you in The Daily Press which you can have with, you 011 your vacation this smpmer, no Hfatter where you go. If you can be reached by mail, you can read your favorite story, your comics, your news of the day from home. Che- arrangements are so complete that we can start the paper when you go, change Us address as you change yours, and bring the paper to your home when you return — the rate is really low for such service. SUMMER RATES 1 week 2 weeks 18 cents 36 dents 3 weeks . 1 month . 54 cents , 75 cents 2 months . 3 months * , $1.50 . $ 2^5 Fill m Your Vacation Schedule Today! Col White Plains 9200, Subscription Department, NOW, or uee this coupon. CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Daily Prest, White Plans, If. Y. SUBSCRIBER ’ S NAME \ .i. n j , - ------------------- - --------- VACATION ADDRESS L1 m - t — ■ - .................... ............... CITY ______ __ mi* ----- R F. D PRESENT ADDRESS _ ____ ___ _ , , ,■ - - ----------- --- — CITY ........................... STATE. DATE VACATION BEGINS ^ DATE VACATION ENDS , PHONE , ENCLOSED FEW ..„ SUBSCRIPTION DURING VACATION PERIOD (If y«i vioh your paper changed during the above times, pieaae Kafr thd d and addresses on the following Knee:) FROM , f TO ^

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