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9200 THE DAILY P1IESS, WHITE FLAWS. H. Y. FHIDAT. JURE A tm 9200 News 5 n Social <Circl es of White I 5 laim and Vicinity |Mi/rfarism Scored: Mrs. Deane Declares It Perpetuation of Worn Out Tradition at Defense Meet White Plains Woman Emphasizes Necessity for a Different and More Intelligent Form of National Defense Than World Has Known Previously. Hon. S. L Gulick Comments on Awaken ­ ing Consciousness of Women to Problems of International Relations. t wo arc against It. S tn the Great V I cooperate, and those of ua who are ■ trying to keep up with changing ■ condition*. **«k to act up on r, to. take the .place of vt le also said. \W* need all that U a the old *y*lem: sturdy, .dis ­ ced bodies, the desire (or ser- ; the desire to give all tor the ineement of our country\* good. I sad w» need In addition, clear, 1 alive, Independent thinking. \We see quite clearly that those ding to military force, cannot _e real defender* of our coun- On (he eontMy, they would ra by an the powers to the pact, settle their difficulties by pea method*. When change* are neci aary It can be accomplished by or ­ derly process, under the Ke\ Pact. \The people in the United Stales are an educated people, resourceful and with pitnty of Initiative, * — * with power and wealth, comes a!- responsibility. If we ars strong for the observance of the pact our- selvsa. we must show an example, and appeal to the good sense of the billion of people In the United “ Why 1 t place Japan. China . nnlhllaiiq*. What they I are really defending la an outgrown I tradition. Just as Don Quixote ■sought to perpetuate the outgrown I age of chivalry, so these modern ■ Quixotes see* to perpetuate the ■ grpwn sgo of military glory. In this lag»-tf poison gas and disease germs I the wwny Uttle battle ships, for I which they are asking, are almost ■ as absurd as the windmills which I Don Quixote fought. Tbs new de- I lenses must be more Intelligent I than that. Ths Pact of Paris sounds I ths high note with which we begin ths nsw oge. “ — ------ —— ^ ------- . ------ I Continuing Mrs. Deane said. \The ■ high contracting power* solemnly ■ declared. In the name of their re- I apsctlv* peoples, that they condemn ■ recourse to war. for. the solution of I International controversies, and re- I nounce It as an Instrument of inter- ■ national policy. In their relation* ■ — “ h on* another. i high contracting powers that the settlement or solu- r solution of all disputes or ts, of whatever nature, or of ■ whatever origin they may be. which I may arise among them, shall never I be sought except by pacific means. I “ Secretary Kellogg said of this ■Past, Tt Is an adventure In- faith.' lit la alsf an adventure In courage; Ian adventure In Intelligence.- an - J ■ venture In Christianity, and In I teachings of every other great re- lllglon. “ In this Pact. In our International dealings, we have squarely turned our backs on the chaotic and nega- I live forces of ths psst. Ws have 1 turned to the eonatructlve forces of I Ufa — this time on a magnificent I scale, ft has been tried on a small I scale, we will remember. One of I the outstanding examples was WU- 1 llam Penn's dealings with the In- I dlana. He used the constructive I forces of Ufe with consummate I skill. He approached these people 1 with gestures of friendships; he I smoked the pipe of peace. He was I just apd square In all of his deal- I Inga with them. He bound himself I by a pa.t of peace, all of us I “ result\ __ s further stated. “ The other I settlers who relied upon force and I carried tbeLr arms to ths very altar I of their places of worship, were not ■ secure. All of 'their planning; all I of their vlgflhncc could not make I them secure against surprise at- ■ tacks and brutal butcheries. Penn 1 and his 'people alone ware secu I Isn ’ t this convincing proof of the I psriorlty Of this method T If that 1 Uttle group of Christians could | trust themselves In ths wilderness, age*, surely the time has os to try It In a world. | whichtepathaUcally eager for \This method must be used Intel- I ligently. It must- be Implant general way. we hope he will tel! ua scan thing of his particular work In Ma field. ” Mrs. Deans than Introduced the that they are Reverend Mr. Sidney £. Oulick, 8eo- I rotary of Federal Council of the 'Churebta of Christ in America. Ths Honorable Sidney L. Gulick bad spent 33 yuan la Japan as 11ilssirsm j but when be oame _ the Unttad Statsa in IBIS on his I third furlough, the relations be- gratlon laws as the other i tries T Their yrorly quota would be 180 for Japan, 100 for China and 100 for India, which would of course Include the people of the white races born In those coun ­ tries, and coming to the United States. It Is an Insignificant num ­ ber. and would remove the' etlgma from the Orientals, and create a more friendly feeling.\ In speaking of the loan mai the United States .to the foreign powers during the wqr. Mr. Gulick recommended that It Be treated as we did the Boxer Indemnity, after 1901 one-half of the Indem ­ nity was returned to them by the United Slates The monies given balk to them as used to build schools and established scholar ­ ships. After luncheon, everyone visited (h* cottages, and returned In time to hear the playing by the Chil ­ dren's Village band. Those present joined in singing \America the Beautiful,\ under the leadership of Mrs.'Caroline Besson Fry. Mrs. Winter Russell presided at the afternoon session, and an ­ nounced that the speakers would talk on \Crossing the Bridge of Peace.\ Mrs. Leon H. Frsdkln spoke on the \Bridge of Science.\ embodying chemical warfare. Shi said that while she did not wish to frighten anyone, scientists all claim that the next war. If there should be one. would mean the annihila ­ tion of nations, as no corner of the jvorld will be free from aerial chemical warfare. Mrs. Harrison Thomas, secretary of tho education department of th* League of . Nations' Association, stated that we should train the younger generation to regard •pe rati on as normal way to i duet world affairs, but not alone In a sentimental, good-natured ner. Mr*. Lewis W. Jones, a young Englishwoman. contended that economic forces are generally be ­ yond our control She spoke high ­ ly of Henry Ford's attempt to In ­ vestigate the wage situation abroad. Only through eoonomlo develop ­ ment. she said, lies the hope o' \ world. Mrs, Edward C. Carter of B villa bad only words of praise for the preaa. particularly for the for ­ eign correspondents, who have a grave responsibility In formulating public opinion. \We are guided tremendounly by the type of news ­ paper we read.\ said Mrs. Carter, \the public demand Is that the press educate us. by telling ua the truth and advising us. Mrs. A. L. Deane quoted excerpts from the pamphlet on tbs Univer ­ sal Religious Peace Conference \ Geneva. \War Is too serious a m Ur to be left to the soldiers.\ \The problem, therefore, of building up a civilized public opinion on war end peace is a world problenj. and only the united effort of all the religi ­ ons of mankind can hop* suecess- fally to grappel with that prob ­ lem.\ Mrs. Winter Russell emphasized the need for better paid State De ­ partment employees, as they are the principal factors In promoting better friendly relatione with for ­ egin countries. Mies Maxine Dye. speaking for ha two companions. Helen Dariah and Genevieve Whitehead, all from mbers of the nmittee of Phli- Iphia. sponsored by the Ameri- Soclety of Friends, and are Lvanlng all over the United OFFER $800,000 FOR COUNTY REALTY HERE (Continued from Pag* One) >d 100 feet deep. The price Is *43 per square foot. . The land Is among tbs most val ­ uable In the city. The county would retain the old Court street school building Court street frontage, it w City officials commenting today R the acquisition by the county of options on seven parcel* of land on Court street for the purpose of erecting a now county office build ­ ing. expressed themselves as In favor of ths tentative plan of the Board of Supervisors for centraliz ­ ing county, city-and federal office*. Whil* moat of the officials Inter-. viewed refused to be quoted, ths general sentiment erouBfi the mu ­ nicipal building Is that it wtiLfe* a good thing for ths city because'It will Increase realty values and de ­ velop other property In that section which llee adjaoent to Mamaroneck avenue, regarded as the coming business center of White Plalna As announced In the final edition of ' yesterday's Dally Press, the county has taken option* on ssvan of the nine parcels bounded by Court and Grand streets and Mar ­ tins avenue and Quarropas. street.' running back to the Public Library which the city owns. The new office building which la planned will bouse ths Westchester County Sewer,Commission, ths Re ­ creation Commission, Ui* Bureau of Elections and ths Automobile Bureau. It will cost between $900,- 000 and $980,000. The supervisors also plan to sell the county-owned plot lying on Mamaroneck avenue where the old Court street school now stands, and apply the proceed! to the cost of the * — j — m building. Commissioner of Public Safety Alono P. Cooper, while refusing be quoted, indicated that la J opinion, the traffic problem created by the Increased us* of the streets and the parking of a greater num ­ ber of care along those streets bounding the building can easily >* handled by the city. Commissioner of Public Works Eugene Holpln. Jr., said that he was highly In favor of a centralized public office center which will be created when the new county build ­ ing and the new federal building are erected In that section. Commis ­ sioner Hal pin added that as far he could determine, a county office building would not have a detri ­ mental effect on the carrying out of the city plan and the subsequent development of that area. (Reprinted From Yesterday's Final Edition Dally Press) Plans for the purchase of I thirds of ths block bounded Martin* avenue. Court street. Quor- rapas street and Grand street by the County of Westchester are being perfected and option* have been obtained on seven of the nine parcels required. The Dally Pri learns on the best authority today. L. Ward Prince of Prince A Rip ­ ley. negotiated the deal The property Is to be used for a new county building which will bouse the Westchester County Sew ­ er Commission, the Recreation Commission, the Bureau of Elec- llon and the Automobile Bureau. It will cost between 900,000 and $900,000. Part of the purchase price will be obtained. It Is hoped. In the sale of the Mamaroneck avenue frontage of the Court street school house site. The county authorities have al ­ ready gone on record for the alter ­ ation of the old school house for the purpose of making suitable quarters for the four bureaus ready mentioned which are occt tng Independent quarter at an nual rental of $20,000. Investigation has revealed that the cost of rrmnffalHng the old school win exceed the original esti ­ mates and the Budget Committee of the Board of Supervisor* has de ­ cided to look for a sit* where a permanent Improvement can made. The alts decided upon Is south sld* of Martins avenue, nlng back oa Court and Qrand streets to the line of the property owned by the City of White Plain* and upon tbs White Plalna Public Library la located. This Improve, ment will. In sect, central!** coun ­ ty, city and Federal buildings, as the new poet office will be located opposite the library. Elmira, ’ 2f) LAUNCH DRIVE FOR HOSPITAL; LYNN IS HEAD Local CoWnittee Is Seeking Funds For ^tisli Memorial Hospital To Be Built in New York Children ’ s Scratched Knees and Bumped Heads to be Healed by Skillful Care at Crotof^ Camp BOARD FAILS TO APPROVE DEVELOPMENT Deeds For Streets Larking — Action Deferred Until N«ct Board Session MISS LOUISE MARSH Miss Marsh, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Marsh, of the Boulevard, Scarsdale, goes to Hermit Thrush Camp, Elgin, New Brunswick, the first week in July to assume her duties as head councillor. She wjs graduated this year from Elmira College. 'A* part of a nation-wide dri' J raise a fund for tbe erection of an Iri»h Memorial Hospital the Row land Development Girp. local committee in charge beaded ! treasurer, Patrick M. Lynn | Of-Rankling street. Ihi# city, ha* , made arrangement* to open a headquarter* at 49 Main rtaeet In j order to handle the local campaign 1 The new hospital will be erected In j ___ ___ _____________ _ Manhattan and will be easily ac- Rowland Development Corporation, ceeatble to the citizens of Went- j on property formerly known Chester County. Although lo be „ y,, oId f» rrr was deferred ks 1 ; - - — - »• country It will be etrictly non-eee- Town Board of Greenburgh yester- tarian In character. day afternoon, when the deed* dedl- Committee* for the various pha»- citing the streets lo the town were ee of the campaign are now In tbe forthcoming, process of formation with Mayor Frederick C. McLaughlin a* honor- Town Engineer B m WIW u ary chairman of the W.etcheet.r ■*» County commute*. Heading the m ? °**™! “ n national commute* I* the Hon.j “ U ! ” WO Royal 8. Copeland a* honorary pro- Zrih ^r^ride ij , v, -_ nrAfninaei I Til !* fvmou n t will pro V 1□ c for an ■idem with many other prominent , foot p*v* m *nt. ts ' z srar -»« - rhe local campaign will be for Ther ' * rc » ccordlQ f t0 . “ r '„ I l°- lu\ a° summer* festlvajrixnd U\* 1 K m \* frontage, about 6.218 atlng with . summer fe*tlval_and | Qf „ h|ch m OWMd py u,. Rowland Company. Tho plan I* to ease** the coat back on owners of property abutting on the Improved area. At cem pcnrci oaoy corneal. > umuj , . . , h . would pmade apd a pageant of decorated I frontTST float, and fancy costume*, a favor- j “ * * 8 ‘ 0U < pt ‘ , .. It* daughter election and an Indus- ' Tbe final decision of the triou* boy contest. Prlxei (position the Week of July 27 August S. Advance exploitation ' ' ires will consist of a 100 per perfect baby contest a baby CITY CHILDREN ENJOY CROP OF ORANGES D. U. FLYNN WINS PRIZES IN PELHAM for t loathe I hoard will be made known liext amount of $300 In cash and sliver I Wednesday. Instead - of Thursday loving cup. will be .warded win- 1 <? “ « «° ,h * holiday, when tbe deed, ners In the many division* of ths baby contest* A hope chest and ______________ $500 worth of wearing apparel will he given the winner of the favorite Bl l TEN daughter election with diamond '' '' rings, watches and articles ot jew- other candidates. In the Industrious boy contest a bicycle will be given as first prize with sporting goods. Scout outfits, camp ­ ing outfits, etc., as other awards. Actual work has been started In ie new headquarters and entries i the baby contests have been re- «ived. Blanks for sntry In all con- mis are avsdlable and may be had for tba asking. Whole Southern Grove Pur- Forme* Local Resident Car- chffsed to Give Under- nourished Youngsters' Fruit They Need Ths Heckscher FoundaUon, 1 East 104ih Street, announces that between April 18th aftd June 20th. a total of 818.818 oranges wer# dis ­ tributed to 40,000 undernourished chlldraa of the city. It will be re ­ membered that Mr. August Heck- esAer recently purchased an orange grove near Lake Wales. Fiona, the purpose ot donating Its crop 'to undeprivUegcd children In New Tork whose families could not af ­ ford to buy the fruit themselves. It.is expectsd that at least 3.000.000 oranges will be given away next season. Recipients of the gifts ■ youngsters from a few months „ 12 ysars old. They are ggjectad from day nuraerlM. orphans' homes, playground*, open air classes the public school*, and other ( ter* wh*r* especial attenUon paid to tbe delicate Uttle nocs. Miss Porter To Summer at Lake Titus Miss May Porter of the .White Plain* High School faculty left yes ­ terday for Genera. N. T. where she will spend a week vdth Mias Lodl- aki Williams. Miss Porter win be with her brother. Dr. R. N. Porter, at hi* comp on Lake Titus. Ma ­ lone. N. T„ for the remsOnder of MOTOR TO NEW ENGLAND rie* Off Three Honor* at School Commencement; Dr. Graffiin Speaker Whit* Plains had a particular reason to be Interested In the com ­ mencement exercises this the Memorial High School. Pelham. Dr. Samuel W. Graffiin. of White Plains, gave the commencement a dress, and a former White Plain* boy carried away three high honors. David V. Flynn, eon of Mr. and Mrs. David F. Flynn, formcriii «f Crane avenue. While Plams, and a sister of Miss Dorothy )%nn who la a graduate of the White Plalna High School won the Scout Prise o* $10. the Plano Prize of $10 and i $800 prize which la a scholarship presented by the Men's Chib. The Flynn's now Uva at 417 Wynnewood Road. Pelham. David not merely ■tarred as the winner of prise* t mode the address of welcome sines he 1* tbe close president W. W. Falrdough, principal of the School, la a reeident of Bryant avsnue. White Plains, and a for ­ mer teacher In the Whlto Plains High School. Among the White Plains people at the graduation were Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Donelson. Miss Lucille Donelson. Mr. and Mrs. Granville Knight and Emery Towson. Alan Mercers In Massachusetts daughter. Jane. ( are motoring to < today, where they win stay for the week end. returning the early part of naxt i ' MOUNTAIN VACATION lr. and Mrs. Edward C. Austin, 0 Grandview avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred. D .• Sayres are spending two weeks vacation In the Berk- Irea and Adirondack*. Jack Ksrean, Greenbargh, Bil on Leg By Dog; Order Deg Held Jack Kerean. 10, of 18 Withlng- lon road. Greenburgh. was bitten on the leg last.- night by a dog owned by Frederick Bonshea of 1$ Lynnwood roa 07 He was treatsd by Dr. Kahle ot Ardsley, who n tilled the Greenburgh police. Bonshea was ordered by police tl* the dog up for taro weeks, ths period presribed to ascertain Mr*. Elizabeth Seminoff , To Be In Charge of Johnny '$ and Mary'* Health During Two Summer'Month* At Camp. The health of children who are fortunate enough lo attend the ' Westchester County Recreation Commission's camp at Croton dur ­ ing the next two months, will be one of the principal concerns of the commission. For nearly every mother or parent who allows John- ' Hy or Mary lo go to a summer camp wonders whether they will g*i the proper hsaltlf care that they would have ir they remained at bom*. To those parents.' the commission., in appointing as camp nurse. Mrs. Elizabeth Semlnoff. a graduate nurse of nine years' experience, stated in effect. \Do not worry\ . Mrs. Semlnoff. who ie a gradu ­ ate of Mount Holyoke College and of the Presbyterian hospital In and of the Presbylrelan hospital In Philadelphia, one of tbe moat mod ­ ern of medicinal and surgical Insti ­ tutions of Its kind In the country. Is all prepared to ear* for the health of 180 Johnnies and Marys during the months of July and Au ­ gust, and few could be found who were better suited to the poet. For In her nli>* years ot experi ­ ence. Mr*. Semlnoff number* two at a public health nursing Institute carried on by the American Rod Cross In Constantinople, admittedly one of the most unsanitary of so- called “ civilized\ cities In' Turkey. Her* for that two-year period she WM called on night and day to work on some of the moot pitiful and needy cases that were brought to the attention of the lnstltnta The health of the children who . are In the camp will be under her direct supervision. Adequate pro ­ vision for possible ailing or injured children has been mad* by the com ­ mission. but for the greater part, the commission Is firm In Its belief In the doctrine of an \ounce of pre ­ vention.\ and expect* Mr*. Bern l on g to have little to do. For the camp will be operated In such a way that Injuries and sickness of any variety will be one of tbe minor dotallaj Details of the camp and its pur ­ poses. as well of ths mother's camp — the latter to be established there . for the second season — may be had by writing Mrs Chester G. Marsh, at 192 Martin* avenue. White <y the . MOTOR TO OHIO Mr. and Mr*. Jaoob Froehlicb. of Green ridge avenus. are motoring to Cleveland and Akron. Ohio, on fiat- be gone about ten day*. rosy strained, aa Govs •OB had. signed the exclusion ■ ofUm e previous. The mis ­ eries ML that this problem was vastly Important, and that the ' type of citizenship should ■' ' question. Therefore, a; com was established, and he waa Mad. in the number going to I the Pacific Coast for six.months Mr. Oulick In his address I papers, wa would be at sea. ■ I son glad that the women of dry are beginning lo study Mes. and through thriruh. nd Chiba, are slatting a f< I Argentina and Brazil wer* the I only two countries cited as not hav- ■ lag rigned the pact or shown their wORMMaa le do so u yet This, Mr. Oulick said was because they were suspicious of the United sswaair-SK moroclwjy^saned as to what the tt meant 30 ysars ago. ln-th* I nation of Cuba. He aaid further. \The real signi- I Scant part of the poet U U>* aeo- I -sd port to which a pledge U glv- natlonal relations, and - attempting to rearil' the out-of-th**way dis ­ tricts. They try to internet the young ¥*o(ife. especially. Those present Included Mi dames Winfam S-Beena, H. G. No- dins. Pieros, G. Thorndike Chase.' Ralpo Ladue. J. Hamilton Happoldt. Lee White, line. L. L. Cowell Charles Wolf. Morton B. Knafel Emily Oppenheim. Avel B. Silverman, Alfred Mark weed. They 1 of operatic* the county proceeding quietly to obtain options on the property and at 3 ■ • this afternoon had reached cord with seven ot the nine prop ­ erty owners Involved. The other two have not entered Into a price agreement os eyet ----- re has been C real estate brokers and to tbe county ’ s a'large public build- on the Court street school site, ly hive argued that such a ding would depress the value of Maznaronrck a ve nu e proper t y by. This avenue, they point ____ ■ a retail center, and a public building would serve only to divide old school loney spent In such a ----- mid be money wasted. Tbe ts drawing rental from some j property, but ths City of Whit* Plains is anxious to get tt * on the tax books. TTnnETr-isarer-tt r. Joba *. Speller. I -------- ---- Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth P. Nich ­ ols, and daughter, 171 Longview 1 avenue, left this morning on a mo ­ tor trip to Boston and Nantucket to be gone for a abort Urn*. JOSS BOOTH WALKS Hartsdale. — Commander Evange ­ line Booth walked unaided today for the first time sine* she was In ­ jured In an automobile accident on May 34. AGNES DIAMOND SHOPPE INC. 103 MAMARONECK AVENUE COATS » GOWNS SPORTS WEAR Material of sheer fineneaa ranging from $ 15 ?? LOOKING AHEAD Thirty-two Million Dollar* j * is the amount we have expended in the Lut five years itn \ improvements, extensions and expansion of our plant and J distribution-systems and in tangible immovable properties.^/ During the year 1928 alone cur investments reached eight mill inn dollars, bringing our total permanent investments to more than seventy million dollars. It ha* been neceanry to make these investments, not only to keep pace with the constantly increasing demands for our service but to meet anticipated demands and conditions of fifteen years to come. The capital investment* required to carry on this work of progress will yield very meagre return to the O*opanics for many years to come. Meanwhile, our customers and the communities in which they reside profit in a large measure through great enhancement of realty values and improved living conditions. President Westchester fighting Company Northern Westchester Lighting Company * Peekskill lighting and Railroad Caanpan}

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