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Westchester First YONKERS CAN CROW LOST — A MOSQUITO HIDDEN LEARNING FOR CANCER-CONTROL tlx year ending June XB, IBM, had the fifth lowest per capita death rats from automobile accident* In a list of 78 principal clUea. During that year Tonkera had eighteen such death* which gave It a rate of 14J per cent per 100,000 population. Th* dtlea which beat Tonkera out were Duluth. Minn, Lynn, Maaa, New Bedford, Maaa. and Kanaa* City, Kanaaa, It la lntareatlng to not* that all these dtlea, with th* exception of Kanaaa City, Kanaaa. ii,ii an estimated population on July 1 2828, which placed them nu ­ merically on an almoat Identic*] plane. Duluth's estimated popula ­ tion then was 118.800; Lynn*. 106.- 600; New Bedford'*, 119,630; Ton- New Bedford's rate la withheld for; more careful revision. Kanaaa City which had the low rate of 8.5 had ten deaths during the year. Its population la only 18,300. Duluth just edged oat Yonkers, having 17 deaths and a rate of 14.6. Lynn had 13 deaths and a rata of 11.4. New - - - la credited with U PRICE FOR COUNTY OF FICE -V x BUILDING SITE IS DECLARED TO BE ABOVE MARKET The unfairness of thus computing automobile death rate* on the basis of population, however, has always struck the writer. There may be no better way of doing It but what has population to do with the nu~ ber of people killed by automoblli A city of 100,000 population located in Westchester might have five times the amount'of traffic flowing though It as we would And i through a city of the same the Middle West. For that comparisons of this sort are not to be- taken loo seriously. They may place credit where credit la not de ­ served or discredit where It Is not merited. W«r ought to be able to And some better basis for comput ­ ing auto death rate figures. We note that Croton Is mourning - the loss of Its last mosquito. The I loss Is not beyond remedy, however. I We know of a few places In West ­ chester where the mosquito has not yet become extinct and we sugg« ' that these communities come to b assistance of grief-stricken Croton. Why anybody should mourn the loss of their mosquito companions we do not know but the world Is made up of people of all sorts of tastes. Some like cals for their pets, some prefer dogs and ones It a whlis you encounter people wb< dote on snakes. Until we heard thi lament that Is going up from Cro ­ ton, however, we were under the Impression that th- mosquito didn't have a friend In the world. We start In today capturing a quantity of these pests which In du< course we Intend to crate up ant! ship to our friends In Croton with our best wishes. Those who on the m**quito certainly should -not be deprived of such pit the mosquito can afford. We ran across a quotation from Lord Chesterfield the other day which we recommend to all young men and young women graduated last month from ___ Westchester County Institutions of learning. Bald Chesterfield- \Wear your learning like your watch. In a private pocket, and do !>-• — ” “ . out merely to show you h PLAINS GROWS i BUILDING JS” PERMITS KMM $5^3241$ m Complete Wire Reports o/ THE V NIT ED PRESS Greatest If 'or U-lfide N?u!t Service VOL. 1 — No. 80 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JULY 3,1929 puaugHEO svs* PRICE THREE CENTS (Continued o Pag* Four) Stock Market FIGURE COUNTY AGREES TO PAY ABOYE MARKET Eleven Parcels For Which $948,000 Is Appropriated Appear on 1930 Asses*- - inent Roll at $498,500 • 200 PER CENT INCREASE Owners of Some Plots to Get Three Times Amount City Assessor Regarded as “ Fair Valuation ” PRINCE IS APPRAISER Yonkers Supervisor Starts a Row When He Challenges . Brokers** Figures Figures obtained from the budget committee of the Board of Super ­ visors reveal that the county has agreed to pay to property owners In th* block between Grand, Court and Maudine from one hundred to two hundred per cent above the value placed on the property by the **- sesaor for the city of White Plains. The board appropriated a lump sum of 1948.000 for the purchase of eleven parcels located' between Grand and * Court and extending from Martloe avenue south to the property owned by the city of White Plains which front on Qusrropaa street. These parcels are assessed for 3498.600 on the 1930 assessment rolls of the city. This Is an Increase of J42.300 for the year Many of the parcels in the block were boosted only five per cent above the 1929 values, the city ’ s books reveal. The plots In question are ell owned by Individuals with the ex ­ ception of three parcels, the cor- ----- - - - Martlne anil Grand and and Court and the latter corner. These three parcels ere Im ­ proved with two-etory building* which have been joined by a hall ­ way on the second floor. This property Is listed under the not of Grand-Court Realty Company. This combined plot front* 203 feci on Martlne avenue. 50 feet on Grand street and 102 feet on . Court street The city assessor averages the Martin* avenue frontage at 3725 a front foot In this block. Prominent real estate brokers place the value at anything from 31200 to 31800 a front foot. Grand street property In this block Is assessed on a front foot basis of 3326 to 3460. Court street .property In this block ts assessed on a front foot basis of 3325 to 3400. Th* prevailing opinion Is that property on both streets in the block between .Martlne and Quar- ropas Is worth around $750 a front TOMPKINS WILL HEAR MOTION ON INDICTMENT v. B. WINSLOW . A. H. ATWOOD Retiring president of Rotary, whose work in this com- Newly Elected president of the White Plains. Rotary munity has been a splendid exemplification of the principle Club, who presided yesterday as head of the new aminis- of Rotary \selflessjSflhrice. ” In any undertaking \for civic tration. Mr. Atwood has long been active in civic work and service, Mr. Winslow is always active. will do much to stimulate the activities of the Rotary Club. (Continued on page three) New York. July 3 (UP) — United States Steel Common carried the bulk of the list on the New York Stock Exchange to higher ground today as that stock continued lt*| march toward 200 points. j On good trading steel advanced i 198%. up two points from yeater- ! day's high close and s new all time . high mark. Buoyancy In steel was paralleled by • further rise In many railroad shares, several reaching new alti ­ tudes. Some project-taking was . noted In some of the leading In ­ dustrials but It was quickly ab- j compared with the cloelng rat* of 15 per cent yesterday. New highs were made by such representative issues as Eastman Kodak, Underwood Elliott Fisher,. LOST — JULY 2ND\ Stores and Offices Will Observe 4th; No Dail y Press The Dally Pros* will bhabed tomorrow r employes may ob* nlversary of the 1 throughout The city will be dosed. AH public buildings wtU he closed. BULLETIN Detroit, Mich. July 3 (U P). — The bodies of gfui Evangelist, 43, his wife, Santina, three young daughters and their three- year-old son Mario were found hacked to death in their beds at their home shortly before noon today by a neighbor who investi ­ gated the absence of activ ­ ity at the Evangelist household. The six were evidently murdered by a fiend, ac ­ cording to preliminary p®- lic COUNTY MEN LOSE RIGHT f T0 DRIVE Commissioner Revokes and Suspends Licenses of 232 Auto Drivers in Man ­ hattan District 27 IN WESTCHESTER 1 Local Man Operated Motor Car While in Intoxi ­ cated Condition Albany, N. Y, July 3. — Charles A. Harnett, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, revoked or suspended 445 certificates of automobile reglstrs-1 Uon and driving licenses during ! the three weeks’ended June 24. In; New York City and vicinity there were 89 revocation* and 143 su*-j pensions, and In other parts of the • State 128 revocations and 92 pensions. In Westchester County, which is a part 'of the. Manhattan District (ConUnued on Page Three) TAX CUT LIKELY Washington. July 3 (UP) — Presi ­ dent Hoover who la hopeful a tax reduction may be brought about 1* very likely to recommend a down ­ ward revision In taxes to Congress next December as a result of Sec ­ retary of Treasury Mellon's report of a 3185,000.000 treasury surplus. Tilden Eliminated Defeated By Cochet in Three Straight Set* at Wimbledon; American Show* Flash Old Form in One Set y July * (UP) — Th* point score of the third set. THden serving, was 2— I. 1 — 5, 4 — 0, 2 — 4. 2 — 4. X — 4, 6-3. 5-3, 4-2, 4 — 1. 2 — 4, t-S. Fifteen thousand persona were almost breathless during the Sev ­ enth game, when Tilden, down to 15^0, flashed bis old form. He won the. game and repeated the performance In the eighth game after be'was down 30 — 40. 'In the ninth gam* be was once at 30 — 30. superior atrsdlnes* Tilden, ‘ It America** Ingles of the Wlmhle- champlbqshlp*. ' straight* ...... . Cochet'* victory places ’ him ' In' the finals, where he will meet either _____ _ ____ wj “ Bunny ” Austin. Tilden today weht dmjrn before a French tennis hurri- <ba *! He seemed to have lost his sens* of touch and control his particularly Cochat woa l — 4. 6 — 1, 7-rA TU- ‘ --------- ' O* of hi* famous last' in the final set but it Jean Borotra. Cochet' man. defeated H. W. ” 3unny “ Aus ­ tin, lb* stellar young Englishman In a four-set . match. 6 — 1. 10*-8, 6 — 7, 8 — 1, to enter the 'all-French County to Pay Double Assessed Value For Land Needed for Office Budding Lot No. 7-8- 10 Size. 60x115 60x113 50x111 50x109 j50sl02| 9 '52x100 !50xl06| 50x107 50x109 50x111 50x113 Owner. Elmer Gargan ..$ Josephine Dobbs.. Minnie Leven..... Austin K. Griffen and H. Ross Clark Assessed Value. 24,000 25,000 23,000 Purchase Price, $ 60,000 63,000 60,000 68,000 160,000 alty Co^ Alice Griffen ....... PeaTTSt. John. Kathleen L. Irwin John T. Rehill 27.5,000 20.000 22;000 21,000 20,500 ■ 100,000 50,000 55,000 50,000 50,000 $498,500 $948,000 Martine avenue frontage is assessed at $700 and $760 a front foot. Grand street frontage runs from $325, near Qua-- ropas, to $450 a front foot next to Martine avenue. Court street frontage runs from $350, near Quarropas, to $400 near Martine. Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire G.H-.TIBBEflTS TELLS ROTARY CLUB OF LIFE Chicago. July 3 (UP). — The 'Un- Bowler, Chicago Tribune amphibian plane, took off at 8:46 a. m. (C. D. T.) today on the first leg of Its round trip flight from Chicago to Bertln.vta the northern route. Allahabad. British India. July 8 (UR)- — The airplane Southern Cross, en route from Calcutta to Karachi, was forced to land here noon today because of magneto trouble. Amsterdam. July 8 (UP). — Hol ­ land's \Cabinet D'Affaires'' handed It* resignation otdaw Irr the belief that the general elections would make It possible for a normal party cabinet to begin to function. and forest fire that swept .down from historic Mount Tamal- pals Ute yesterday, forming a pyre visible to residents of all the San Francisco Bsy\region crept onward today after leaving XX) homes In Mill VaUey In ruins. More than 4.000 men. Including 150 soldiers from the Persldle and San Francle- flremerft transported with equlp- mt across the bsy on f err lee. Battled last night aAd turned (he flames any from Mill VaUey after ‘ ^Inclc Charlie\ Relates An eculotes But Is Modest in Telling of Life of Selfless Service ATWOOD PRESIDES New. Officers Take Over the Direction of ihe Organization In the first of a series of summei autobiographies given by members f the Rotary Club, Charles H. .'Uncle Chorlle\) Tibbetts, honor ­ ary member of that orgaolsaUon yesterday regaled the members with \>e story of hi* life. Plainly spoken, with hie work accomplishment* reduced to a Imum in his statements, there nevertheless enough romance n his career to satisfy exacting and his story proved a revelation to the members present/ Salient features of It Included the fact that the design used In bulld- Grace Episcopal church ori ­ ginated In his mind and wan mod ­ elled from cigar boxes that served os the first mlnlatura reproduction of the structure that now stands ___________ (Continued on Page 8even) Washington. July s (UP)-Pro- ' Columbia Rowers posala by the New York Central COluniDia I\OWer» , Railroad to purchase six ehort line* Victors fit Henley as directed by the L C. C. In the New York Central unification were held by the Comfnlsslon to ­ day to have complied witty Its pre ­ vious order. , Waterloo. N. Y, July 3 (UP)- Three persons Were killed, one woman, and the others were li. jured today when their automobile ■kidded , off th* Waterloo-Geneva highway and plunged Into a ditch. Los Angelea. Cal.. July 3 (UP) — Two roofns at ‘ the Los Angeles Grain Exchange on the fifth floor of the L W. Heilman Building were demolished by a mysterious explo ­ sion today. Discovery of unex ­ ploded dynamite, open gas jets, a burning candle and lengths of fuse Indicated a plan to wreck the en ­ tire Exchange. Keans burg. I&ii. July 3 (UP) — A '■\* * ------- - to death, a man Injured, and three frame buildings fire with a loss i ___ bhre today. Elsie* Luca*. 14-year- old daughter of Mrs. Nellie Lucas. 1880 Croton* Parkway, the Bronx, was visiting her cousins. Mr. Mrs. Harold Kaufman, for the ner, lost her Ufa In the fire. Henley, England. July 3 (UP)- The Columbia University rowing crew, which crossed the Atlantic to* moke a bid for-ythe Thames Challenger Cup in the Henley Re ­ gatta, made an auspicious start to ­ day when It won Its first hest In s thrilling race with the Westmin ­ ster Bonk Rowing Club. Revelation of Peacox Grand Jury minutes Up to Justice Who Heard Plea, Mor» schauser Tells Sym&~~ The motion of Sydney A. 3yme, attorney for Earl F. Peacox. to inspect the min- . utes of the grand jury which indicted Peacox for the first degree murder of his wife Dorothy, a motion which i* r preliminary step by Syme in an effort to have the in ­ dict dismissed on the ground first degree murder Wat not shown in the testimony, ‘ suf­ fered a setback today. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Morschauser of Poughkeepsie, to whom the motion hod been ad- - POLICE PROBE ASSAULT ON DANIEL ROGERS Victim of Brutal Attack Is Unable to Return to Duty; Was in Pluin Clothes ^ ANOTHER NEGRO HELD Policeman Identfie* Alleged Wielder of the Iron Pipe Police her* today sre questioning negroes living around Winchester , dressed at Poughkeepsie last Bat- street In sn effort to find the un- ' urday. repUed today to Syme' ■ of- known men who Monday night at-1 flee here and to District Attorney tacked and brutally beat Patrol- Frank H Coyne, opposing the mo- man Daniel Rogers when he w*. tlon. that he considered th* motion sent to the colored section to.ln-'one which should be heard by 8u- vrstlgate a complaint of boys ' pr eme Justice Arthur S Tompkins shooting ^firecracker*. ! rather than by himself. Justice Another negro was arrested yea- ’ Tompkins Is th* judge to whom th* terday afternoon by Rogers and , Indictment wo* handed down by lb* Detective Murray and Identified by grand Jury and before whom Pea- the Injured patrolman aa the man who; hod beaten him over the head with an Iron pipe. He 1* Philip Green, 54 S Winchester street. Ar ­ raigned in court this morning, he claimed he waa not In the vicinity at th* time the assault occurred and the case was adjourned until Friday, pending further Investiga ­ tion of his whereabouts by tbe police. He was paroled on his own A number of other negroes who** 1 names are not known are to brought In for questioning \John Doe\ summons as soon ss Rogers recovers sufficiently to go back to the neighborhood and point out the facet of the men he saw there on the Tilght when he was mobbed by a gang. According to the story told by one of the negroes questioned, Rogers was In plain clothes on the evening In question and did not make himself known gs a police of ­ ficer. At police headquarters It was sold that Rogers, ordinarily In uniform, has been on night plaln- clothes duty while there are vaca ­ tion vacancies. But the officers conducting the Investigation did not credit the story that he did say who he w»« Made Self Known According to the police. Rogers had made himself known both to the boys shooting the firecrackers and to Walker, who Is accused with inciting the near riot. Walk- (Continued o Pag* Thr* JOHN T, REHILL WED IN CITY LAST EVENING Gedney Farms Man Takes Alice Grace Murphy as His Bride in Church - of Incarnation The wedding of John T. Rehlll. of 18 Park Drive, Gedney Farms, to Miss Alice Grace Murphy, of New York, took place lost evenin the Church of the Incarnatlot _ Nicholas avenue and 175tb street. New York. The ceremony was per ­ formed by the Rev. Joseph A. Hean ­ ey. The bridge Is the daughter of Mrs. James d* Lacey Murphy, of 92 Wadsworth avenue, and. t* a gradu ­ ate of the White Plains High School tid of St John's Academy. Miss Alice Brennan, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid. The bride (Continued on Page Three) Abandons Baby Ten-Day-Old Boy Left on Porch of John Mandler Home on Cloverdale Avenue; Taken to Grasslands A cry that sounded suspiciously forgot his rood manners and start- near last night awakened John Mandler, 54 Ctoverdale avenue, about midnight. Investigating be discovered a 10-day-old baby boy abandoned on his front dqor step. The baby eras wrapped In a blank ­ et. well dressed and obviously (bowed that he had had good care, but getUqg hungry aftel lying there without any attention, be finally pleaded not guilty, th etrlol be- ( Continued on Page Three) F. D. HOPKINS DIES SUDDENLY* AT HOME HERE Was Active in Local Polities For Many Years; Succumbs to Heart Attack: Funeral Will Be Held on Friday Floy Davie Hopkins, well known White Ptalns citlxen. died yester ­ day shortly after 2 o'clock at his home. 14 Hillside Avenue, from an attack of hegrt failure. Death was unexpected a* he hod been in good health and hta sudden demise was a shock to a host of Intimate He was ‘ born In Greenburgh. August 30. 1879. the son of the late Edwin R. and Cornelia D. Hopkins and with the excepUon of the first nine year* of hi* life resided In White Plain* HI* father was for years clerk of the board of super ­ visors and young Hopkins early showed evidence of inheriting the political sagacity from bis paternal grandfather and great-grandfather, both of whom were exceedingly oe- Uve In North Castle affairs many years sgo. The boy was put In Eastman's school In New York City and from that institution bees (Continued on Pag* Three) AIR CIRCUS The Red Wing Flying Service. Inc„ under tbe dlrtcUon of Roy Ahearn. opened ausploiously yes ­ terday at Rio Rita flying field at Rye Lake. King street, and wilt cnntipde until teh ernffiPthe week. A parachute jump by Norman Wil ­ son from a height of 4.000 feet. Is one of the features of the air cir ­ cus, while stunt flying and pasasn- ger carrying is also Included In the daily program. Local News Syme cleared li C. H. Tibbetts, tells life. nge a g Benefit for Injured motorcycle po- \ man. Page 3 * probe assault on Kogan. Pegs 1 . Clubs plan holiday programs. I Peg* 7 b Cootie opens pool Pm 7 I Mr. Rehlll weds. We care as much for what we s.slly as you care for what you buy. You never take any OT7T7 THE AMAZING T TO LV I V/^ A \D C chances .in buying a Used Gar at Brown ’ s Buick Service, 61 South* Lexington Avenue.. OJC/JCf BARGAINS IN OL l /V^ ’ A ’ jl J lv O —

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