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Dealings in Newark Stocks ! 1 BUSINESS THE BUCKET SHOP By AXJJ8T0N I'RAGG, RECORDS may b« Increased by the dlabonast i trick* of the fictitious broker. The real market may be manipulated to clo**-out the bettor. Especially In the past false quotation* have been uaed for thl* purpose. In the event of a situation In which a number of patron* might actually be winning, \the \bank\ may \break\..or In other I word*, further operation* may be suddenly *u*pended. In the old day*, and It I* prob ­ ably still true where the bucket I shop manage* to exist, the so-called -*10 slock trade was a favorite I Ten alollar* w»* paid In • at the \o[drr\ window ns \margin\ for the I purpose of \buyiag\ ten share* of a •elected stock: fnat I*, betting that ' the price of a certaTnNdock would rise or fall as previously decided. | charge In ordinary gambling parl- ' anee — was on the basis of 4 point | (2Scl per share, or *2 SO for the ten I shares. »o that the customer started | out with a 23 per cent handicap, his *10 representing only *7 30 In I margin. If his bet was on a slock quoted at (100. and It declined to 99'.,. his *7.30 margin wn* wiped This article la one of a aerlca by Ur. Cragg. He Explains In detail the strange and mysterious Intrica ­ cies of that sent of destiny the New York Stock Exchange. The com ­ plicated procedure by which for ­ tunes are made and lost Is here laid bare and made understandable for the layman. Ur. Cragg with his ex ­ pert knowledge of exchange prac ­ tices and long experience write* In a fascinating and enlightening way | about this greatest of all American 1 WESTCHESTER COUNTY Curtis A* a ryaull of a plan of reorgan ­ ization of the Curtis* Aeroplane and Motor Corporation, the present company wa* Incorporated In-W23 The company own* stock In six av ­ iation companleirull of which bear fhr Curtiss name In conjunction with the other distinguishing ti ­ tle*. The company has two fac ­ tories. one at Buffalo with a ca ­ pacity of 65 aeroplane engines a day and 200 planes a month and one at Garden City. L. I, with a capacity of 100 planrs a month. Curtl*« field formerly owned has been sold hut part of thl* field may ­ be used under the terms of sale a* a flying field by the Curtla* company A new plant at Buffalo will be In conimlMlon shortly. The company al»o ha* purchased land for field* and flying school* at Val ­ ley Stream, I. I, and Raleigh. N linn rown rapidly from *413.317 48 In 1927 and ilt latter Item [It on export he total would Earning* funded d» issue of 7 per i was called for 1928. at *14130 ided unpaid dl- workli Book Standing Room Only filed t Lena 34 Townsend street. Port Cheater, i failed properly to repair and ade ­ quately light the stair. leading os a result, one of her tenants. Mr* Bessie Grodnlsky. fell and re ­ ceived Injuries which may beebme permanent. . Mr*. Grodnldsky. through her sttorney. Thomas J. O'Neill of While Plain*. I* suing for *28.000 for her Injuries PHWIU.PPWI 11 11 -• — \ - „ -------- THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAIN S, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JULY 3. 1929 | FINANCIAL NEWS — STOCK MARKET REVIEW tbs leading nils and Atlantic Re- fining In tbs ells. Heavy trading took place In Baltimore it Ohio which opened on a block of 10,000 shares. New York Central roee to a new peak at 221 up' 14 points. Pennsylvania dkl the same, touching 904 up 14 and Ulssouri-Kansas-Texas got out or any early slump to rise to a fur- - — ----- JSyriS.\' *• * **• cltTw. taking came into, the market. Steel waa forced down more than a point from Its early record high while General Electric broke 3 points net Copper ehaxee broke one to two points, the most I ors being sustained by American Smelting. On the reaction the market met substantial support end special Is ­ sues continued to gain. 1:10 P. k. prices were strong. Advance Rumely * 38 3 Air Rcduct ------ “ DEMOCRATS iTRIO INJURED MAKE PLANS IN CRASH ON FOR CAMPAIGN PELHAM ROAD Organize General Committee at Yonkers Scssiop to Di ­ rect Fall Activities; Plan Headquarters Here Micliacl Florio, Yonkers, Re- j Bean Roebuck ported in Serious Condi ­ tion Following Collision Before Noon Today Uon this fall was organised at a noon today a* a result of sn aeel- meetlng In Yonkers last night of dent In Pelham Road. Democratic city and town chair Michael Florio, 289 Teaalnlne ave- men and active leaden of the „ue. Yonkers, waa the most serious- party. County Chairman Harry |y Injured. He has s possible frac- ^Foley^ announced today. Harry • lure of the leg and many cuts and ' \ i also reported weak Prye of Yonken was elected bruises, chairman, and Bernard Reardon, from loss of blood, also of Yonken. secretary. , Ro,,^ CJir ln which PtlnJ ^ Plana to establish campaign head- ridero of tho Bronx was also rld- quarters In White Plains some Ume log. collided with a machine driven during the summer were also dU- by Max Kahn of the Bronx. Kahn cusaed. It was agreed that until j was unhurt. Philip Rubin of the the Ueket wa* earned, there would j Bronx, who was riding with him be a working headquarters la Yon- was taken to the hospital with kers under tha direction of Chair- 1 Florio and Locldero. man Foley, I According to witnesses Florio Wabash Forme? County udge Walter G 1 was driving west ln Pelham Road -- ------- C. Otto, New Rochelle, wa* also and wa* about to turn Into a aids named a* one of tha. directors of ; street when the two machines col- thr new committee which Mr. Foley j tided. *ald was formed for the purpose of ! Locldero.and Rubin were later directing the campaign* of the released from the hospital but various county candidate* Florio/waa reported In a serious At a meeting or the Democrats ' condition. ' _ of the town of Groenburgh held in Hasting* on Monday night, organi ­ sation plans were discussed and possible candidates were submitted. More than 200 party members at ­ tended the meeting, Mr. Foley said. Former President Thomas W. Goodwin presided. *TWOFlRES Blue in Home of D. Barnett; Lumber Pile Bams; Lowe* Are Small Fire apparatus was called out early last night to two blazss, the first reported this week. NfiKher waa serious and dam eg was slight. An alarm from Blx 33. C ' ---- avenue and Prospect street four pieces of apparatus home of D Burnett,' * street at 0:40 p. m. An oil cloth hanging on tha wall behind a gaa stove had become . Ignited and scorched tb4 wall and door sill. A pile of lumber In the rear of , 17 Mott street caught fire from an ' unknown cause at 7:30 p. m. It waa extinguished before the blaxe had gained any headway. The lum ­ ber belonged to EM ward Scott. 6 HISTORY REPEATS gain We Build Bluer a Serve YOU Better. THE C1T1ZEN5 BANK 1 Institution* — 144 4 143»i | _ 90’ , 924 Though Ihe stock exchange* of i — 80 y, the country, and Federal and local [ authorities have wagod unceasing e \bucket ahops\ and are 1 Z 824 gjz; I gradually eliminating them, the j _ 63i- am j bucketing of orders la still carried — 44 I on under cover of various clever I 584 j evasions and disguise* Z 874 89^ The bucke * ,ho P- ■* distinguished _ 114 \ 1124 from fche >*?lt*male brokerage ol — 49 1 30 4 flee where only the actual buying — 924 914 and selling of securities are en- — S3'-, Hd I gaged In. Is s fictitious broker's of- “ 111. and flee where the customers merely 1 mslnlng bet on the rise or fall In prices of kpr stocks or romraodltli la never either bought or sold. Th<-1 to 1014 befni legitimate brokerage office irons win *10. He mlts Its orders to I _ changes of the country where they 1014 before are properly executed A bucket j that It would advant shop deal begins and end* In the I a quarter or 123 bef bucket shop, the stock never hav- ’ three-quarter* of a poln Ing been owned by the ruslomn j which further Increased whose order to buy or sell Is only j against him. The aurk> i a bet that the market will move In : good old army manner. t shop, whatever, its Perhapi outright gambling In-1 ever made In the conste s In any organized eliminate bucket shop*, gambling, the odds are all against tlon taken by the Qut the victim. He Is at a disadvantage mlttee of the Stock Ext from the moment that he lay* down i stock ticker wa* » necessary part hi* money, and In the coae of the of bucket *hop equipment since bucket *bop the starting handicap | thene plarea pretended to deal In j — ------- - ------- - -------- - ----- — - 'listed stock* and betting.was based e TREASURY BALANCE U ‘ -'' lr pr,0 “ Th ' 734 - ... „ ________________ _____ _ 584 Washington. July 3 (UP) -Trea* llcW , r ruled permit ticker In- 1114 | “ O' net balance on July 1 was ,tall*Tlnn only by legitimate and 874 *323,843.881.83. Custom* receipt* to approved Indlvl 274 ,h 8 »sme date for the month total- thus stopped Iti »„•••<« bucket shop* TAYLOR GIVES A DIVORCE TO ELMSFORDMAN , his doeui't need to go begging for at::. . j .: It h so crowded th*i they put * notice outside to turn people away. The church is at Oorkfosten. Middlesex. England. _ 414 404 Youngstown Sh A T — 1484 1444 SOCKET (HIMSELF) McCUIRE By FooLiw Fos PLACES yj HEBE ONE MAY HtPE FROM M*dUlRE ORpielARILY ® ARE OUITE OUT op THE QUESTION WHEN HE CoMES ACROSS Joseph A- Bail Wins Final Decree; ' Custody of Five Children to Grandmoth- j er; Parents May Visit 1 Supreme Court Justice George H. Taylor, Jr, today awarded a final decree of divorce to Joseph A. Ball “ NOT NICE ” 17-Year-OU QH Food StroDiag AJeng Street at 4:30; “ O k T oe Many” ■Tt Isn ’ t nice for a 17-year-old girl . to get drunk and stroll along the streets of this city at 4:10 In the l_ ~“ Judge Gray said . this THE R.R. TRACKS ONl THE 4TH ©F JULY. BOBBY JONES ( The World ’ s . (greatest Golfer s First in News, ■ ' ■ * Editorial Excellence and Typographical Dress Three-time winner of the United States National Open Title writes on Golf Exclusively in White Plains every Monday and Thursday for $aU}j ^ress. 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