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9200 THE DAILY PRES*, WHITE pfSWUl?, THPRSPAV. ITO.T II, 1WS 9200 F ORE! A whining golf ball doesn't feel com ­ fortable when it u dri ­ ven into one ’ * head ! ” And often law suits follow. But you can safeguard yourself by liability insurance. Do so today. v Telephone 3520 17 ^ K nox . X ent # S tevens , itmm-MtiJnfeSti LiiiJ >P0RT CHESTER DRUNK GETS 30 DAYS HERE Freqaent Visitor to Police Coart Sent to Jail For Ha ­ bitual Drunkenness — Fine For One Despite his eloquent pies for •another chance,\ Joseph Daly, of Port Chaster, this morning In City Court her* was sentenced to serve SO days In the Westchester County Penitentiary for habitual Intoxioa- tlon. Daly has been in tbs local court HIT AND RUN ” VICTIM ’ S STORY NOT COHERENT Clarence Halstead Found in Road Near tlip Tamarack Club Held ut Grasslands For Observation Attempts of stats police here to acsUon Clarence Halstead, Wood side place. Port Chester, in Whit* plains Hospital last night after be was picked up near the Tamarack Country Club. evIdenUy tho victim of a \hit and run\ driver, were unavailing. Halstead was brought to ths hos ­ pital here shortly after last night after the W1 police notified the state trooper was sent to the question Halstead but 1 i clock ENSIGN CORA MII.I.ER Member of Salvation Array Corp n Tarry town who will lead tsnt lervlce tonight. i«slWILL UNVEIL -WAR MEMORIAL I AT HIGH SCHOOL Grasslands authorin' morning that Halstead lously Injured but was mental condlUon. He I la said to have served Ume befor- for the same offense, The rnsn, who Dow lives In Port I ter formerly lived here and wall known around police hehd- quarters aa the moat frequent In ­ mate of the city Jail, police said In last night by bs greeted all the ____ juarters familiarly City Court chambers. Bloomlngdale Hospital here. ELKS TO START NEW BUILDING 'SOON, REPORT (Continued from Page One) 000, and this hid was rejected by the building committee until something nearer to the original price was had. From the report submitted last night, the bids are In the vi ­ cinity of about 1225,000. Should the plans be approved, when submitted to the ledge, either at a special meeting to be held with ­ in ten days, or at the regular Au ­ gust meeting, work will start' Im­ mediately on the structure. The chairman of the building commit ­ tee Is Frank J. McGuire. To Entertain Kiddles Following their custom of other years, ths Elks are going to be hosts to about *00 crippled kiddles from this part of th<^ county. The trip will be made the 'first Monday In August, probably to Playland, Rye. Refreshments will bo served and nal*emakers distributed among the GUILD PAYS A VISIT TO GIRU5CAMP Member* Spend Day at Rain ­ bow, Croton, Inspecting Camp to Which It Sends Children A number of the members of ths omen's guild of the Jewish Com ­ munity Center spent a delightful day at Camp Rainbow, at Croton, on Tuesday. They went through the house, which has rocently been renovated, watched the chlldri play, heard Jheli then Judge Only warned him to stay out of this city when he Is fo- Jsased from East View Jail. Thomas Boyle, address unknown, was fined $10 for publlo Intoxica ­ tion and sentence was suspended on WUltam Burns, a hospital enw ft — ----- the same oftelu. LEAVESSCENE OF ACCIDENT; IS ARRESTED Eugene Thomas, Colored, Is Arraigned in City Court and Pleads Not Guilty — To Be Tried Later Eugene Thomas, colored, of 10 Rath ben avenue, was arrested yee- terdey afternoon by Patrolman R. Sullo on chargae of leaving ■oene of an accident bn ___ against him by Mrs. Elizabeth Op* p enheim . 10 Sylvan avenue, Tuck- __ Thomas Is charged with crashing \Into Mrs. Oppenhelm's auto while tt was perkad on Marti ne avenue Harr)' B. Vincent Arranging Public Ceremony to Honor Memories of Loral Men Killed. During War The presentation of the gold por ­ traits of the 30 men who made the supreme sacrifice for tho United States In the World War, will be made Tuesday evening. July 16. at 8 o'clock In tho High School audi ­ torium. It was announced today by Harry R. Vincent, chairman or the committee In charge of the drive that raised funds for thlo under ­ taking The ceremony and eserclses will will be patriotic In character An invitation has been extended to residents of White Plains to Join In the exercises and at that tune an opportunity to witness the me ­ morial will be given to all present. Mayer will acc . City of White Plain* cod* the acceptance with a abort remarks appropriate to the presen ­ tation. Others assisting In the en ­ tire affair Include Sheriff Thomas Underhill. Legion Commander Al ­ fred H. Hlersr ’ orf. Mr. Vincent Is arranging the meeting. The funda for tho thlry portraits were raised by public oubscrlptlon some months ago. residents of White Plains contributing gener ­ ously to make the drive a success. The committee In charge of the children. It Is planned to make the I undertaking will take occasion next trip In about aeventy-flv* automo- Tuesday evening to expreae to tho public appreciation for Q^e man- Ths show committee reported I ner*-ln which support was -given. ih.t it had already started plans to Th0 committeo who made th< aug. a musical comedy portion ! memory pcibl. I. as follow.; In October, with a Broadway script ! Mayor Frederick C. McLaughlin, and a local cast Should tho affair , £°h “ , M = u ‘ ' Un - W * U \ H °K “ ' ± be euccceeful. a performance win Harry ; Bmte. also be given In Docember and tho ! f} ijnderhllL proceed, of this performance will I nowe^ChlrlM , , tnw*el • >,„ ni,. Phri«! Thonfa* Foley, Iv. Bowes, Charles be donated toward the Elks Christ- g z.- or bes, Charles H Cheney, mas haskst fund. Plans for thla' ^ w K< Lud- _ _____ xlcntative stage ■» ------ - - - - - ------ elaborated u A telegram was received from Past Exalted Rnler Thomas Calla ­ han. local delegate to .the naUonal convention In Los Angeles. In which stated that the 1950 con- of the Elks will bo held In Allantlo City. HARRY C. BIRCH SUCCUMBS IN ATLANTIC CITY ’ e gotten back i car and drove away. \ o report the aocident. \ City Court this s pleaded not gull- was noCfno driver Jilne which struck the t the z (Con i Page One) good health. His death was en ­ tirely unexpected. He Is survived by his wife, Car- letta E. < Wellington) Birch and two daughter*. Constance and Louise. He was a member of Grace Episcopal Church. Funeral services will be held Frl- ay evening at S o'clock from bis Tate home. The Rev. Frank H. Slrr.monds will officiate. Interment will be In Woqdlaern Cemetery, Bos- fore tomorrow morning. Morris Golden. William Gray and Samuel A. Dreyer. COMPLAINANT NOTINCOURT John Jenkins Rcarrested as He Leaves Penitentisu-y ; Randall Fails to Api -*ar John Jenkins, colored, 53 Brook ­ field street, stepped out of the Westchester County Penltentlsry this morning only to be re-arrested and brought back to White Plains to face another charge similar to the one for which he had Just served thirty days. Jenkins Is charged by Hayden Randall, di ­ minutive negro, 33 Mott street, with assault In the third degree. Arraigned In City Court this morning, It was reported that Ran ­ dall had removed from the city. Judge Gray ordered Jenkins held whllo the police attempt to locate Randall and said be would dismiss I Road the charge If the complainant according could not be found In the city be- \ * . songs _o up to rest brfore they ate their own lunches. They spent the afternoon going about the place which consists of 40 acres which have.been given to the Jewish Wel ­ fare Organisations for a camp for undernourishsd girls It opened on July 12 nourished children. In selecting Dili group of girls to spend the mer at Camp Rainbow, factors such as age and home conditions, as wtll os type of nutrition problem pre ­ sented. were given particular con ­ sideration. it was decided that the group should be composed of girls between the ages of seven and twelve. In the past It has been found that a wider range, including older and younger girls, with a con ­ sequent diversity of Interest, 1 creat ­ ed problem# that could be largely ovcrcomo by limiting the ogee In this way. Grsat care was also taken In the type of child selected from a etandpolnt of nutrition. Se ­ lections wers In every case depend ­ ent on the recommendations of tbs examining physician. An attempt was made to choose a group, with no other outstanding physical de ­ fects. who presented nutrition prob ­ lems serious enough In nature to I quire at least an entire summer careful supervision. For this ri children with severe cardiac conditions or those requiring spe ­ cial diet attention were excluded. Children with behavior problems, where these were known, were also \lied out.' All defects such as dsn- 1 esses, diseased or enlarged ton- la and adenoids, etc. found In the children choata were cleared up os far as possible before the group left for camp. Among the girls selected, three distinct tpes of nutrition pi \ were outstanding — children cdl underweight but anemic and with flabby muscle tone. All of these children wei from homes where It was __ _ ____ Interest and\ cooperation of tho mother could be gained to Carry on work started at camp. Many of these girls ware already under the dare of our special nutrition clinic some were former members of nutrition and health classes size of the family was also i side red and to a certain extent effort was made to talcs children from large families In the hope that the camper would carry back of her experiences to her brothers and sisters The limited number of childi and the length of Ume (July 12 to September 6) the girls remained camp made It possible to train them In good health habits, such es good personal hygiene. proper food habits, rest hours during the day and early beJL^e. Although the health objective wa the most Important one at camp, l was not the only one. Each child' personality. Interests, teortic ablllUea and talents werc\are! studied and used program making. The Guild contributes enough money to keep three children at the camp for all summer. Among the Guild members ____ picnic were the Uesdarr.es Edwin HlUer. 8lgmund Bteln. Irving Fkr- lan. Adolph HI rich, Gerald Jacob ­ son. Arthur Kohn, 8. Pereira Men- des. Alfons Wile, Henri Dtllshelm. Dudle D. Doernberg and Maurice jZuckcrt. all of White Plains Scandals. artfully WILL RECOVER Dd Frame Attilio, Tarrytown, In ­ jured When Cycle Struck An to U Improving Del Flume Att nue. North Tarrytown, wl verely Injured Tuesday night when his motorcycle craahed8head( an automobile on the Ta r ry to wn Olenvllle. win recover _ o Information received hospital oNIclals at Tarry- Prosecutor Frau] sin Dorothea Preuden- thai, for several years an out ­ standing figure at the bar of Berlin, has Just boon appointed -r iminil proseentor for a 8*\' r Vstrict. ASSAULTED 4 LITTLE GIRLS; GETS6M0NTHS Robert Lewis, 53, Sentenced To Penitentiary For a Short Term by Judge Gray Robert Lewis. M, of U North Lexington avenut. was found guilty In City Court this morning of charges of assaulUng four small girls and was sentsncsd to serve six month* in Westchsstor County Penitentiary by Judge William Oray.' Lewis was convicted on chargee brought against him by the mother of an eight-year-old girl who had Identified him as the man who at ­ tacked her ai the was playing In back of an empty building on West Post road. Lewis was subsequently Identified by three other girls rang ­ ing in age from six to eight year*. Lewis was arrested by Detective Hughes. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and wa* convicted on the testimony of the mother of the child who made f ------------- against him. CHAMBER MEN ENJOY OUTING AT PLAYLAND Bull Game Eads in a Draw When Some One Suggests Swim in Pool;-Visit their destination, being saeorted of ths city by a platoon of mo cycle ofBestm. - Upon arrival at Playland members split Into two base! teams, on# captainad by Ml. Gordon and tbs other by Emanuel Epstein. Four Innings were played before it eras mutually agreed that it wa* far better to watch other play baseball on a hot day, and ■taco tbs contest was declared a draw at the end of the fourth. BEAT WIFE Lips B. fUaeu Um lapsU Sentence W M Day* te C*, C+m t I _ lJ2X la the third degree upon Us wife. Agnes Hobson, after trial to aty (tart hare this morning. Judge Oray tospassf a saataoe* of tUrty ‘ About fifty member, of the busi- bureau df the Chamber of isro*. -in fifteen automobiles, yeeterday afternoon attended the =z:ru£\*£ THREE I at Playland. Rye. The cavalcade A A1AVUXJ 1. “ “ ’ IN ACCIDENTS Caddy Hit by Golf Ball ; Man 'burned by Lime, Another Has Hand bruised Three accident cases were admit ­ ted to the White Plains Hospital late this morning. Anthony Rom a nallo. of 3 Drew street Port Chester, a caddy at the Century Country Chib, was Injured _ _ ___ ____ __ on the left cheek under the eye Adjournment to the fresh water when be wss struck by a golf ball m iW nt ths this mo ml nr. He was treated ai pool followed and her* most of the members found themselves In their proper element One race was con ­ ducted with about ten entries, but It wa* a race only in that there were several In It. W. C. Upton tak ­ ing the prise without any difficulty. Next In order supper was served at the pavilion. -Door prizes, con ­ tributed by member* of the bureau t drawn for and the following r fortunate: B. C. Legal. Harry Vincent Harry Barber. 8. vartxenberg. Charles Brandi Joseph 8trauss, A. L. Moss end J. Howard Pyle. visit to the amusements ter ­ minated the evening's festivities and the outing. W.G. BARRETT WILL DIRECT FUND DRIVE (Continued from Page One) chairman of the drive committee. It was decided to select him again to supervise this year's campaign for funds. A As yet no definite amounV t raised to cover the budget for this year has been totalled. Mr. Mar ­ tin stated that It wlU be well over $100400, a considerable Increase over the amount of last year. PliO»l for the drive will get under way as sodn as the last details In connec ­ tion with organization for the fall are complete. Mr. Barrett who has long beep leader In civic movementa of White Plains, has In past year* been an active worker In the Community Cheat drives and this 1* the third time ha has been general chairman of the drive. He was the first chairman when the Community Chest was Incorporated about six years ago. Mr. Barrett will be assisted by Clarence Holxkemp, his assistant of last year. Lost year, the commun ­ ity chest, with an objective of $90,900. raised $99,700. this morning. Hs was treated at the hospital and ssnt horns. John Perrgno. New York aty. n or km an. was badly burned about both feet ahd on the left arm by Ume while working on a new build ­ ing In Bcarodala. this morning. He 1 * being bald at ths hospital for treatment. Edward Hutchings. Chappaqu*. received bruises and huts of the right band t hi s morning when a block of stone fell on him at the Lake street quarry here. He treated and released. Legal Notice B0H9SZB court ; -------- Westchester County. SOLDIERS TO GO TO CAMP ONSUNDAY Local Outfit Will Do Two Weeks Tour of Duty at Canip Smith; West- dialer Day Bo that local residents may given an opportunity to witness 1 work and play echednlt followed by the'White Plains companies of the 103d Medical Regiment when they attend their annual two weeks encampment at Peek*kill, a \West ­ chester Day\ wUl be observed at Camp Smith on Wednesday, July 17. * A special military program has been arranged for the occasion by Captain Herbert J. Lucas. M. A. C„ and will include evening parede_at 8. p. m, dinner at 8C$ft p. ™, a band concert at 7 p. m. Residents from White Plains are Invited to attend. 'An Invitation will be extended to local service clube to help make the day a suc ­ cess and assure the boy* at camp that there Is local Interest In their military activities. The local company will assemble at the armory In full field uniform and equipment on Sunday and pro ­ ceed to Camp Smith for a period of two weeks, as prescribed by the regulations of the War Depart ­ ment. Everything wiU be ready for Friday evening and by Sunday, the packs will have been shipped ahead while the local delegation about 80 strong, will take trolley care to Tarrytown and from there proceed by train to their camp In PeekskilL 3 ARE INJURED IN CAR CRASH ON PARKWAY John SdnaiJl Suffers Brok en Ann and pMe&le Frac ­ ture of Kibe; Women Slightly Hurt here this We*k when two m^hlne River Park- drive, this city shortly after « o ’ clock lost night Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt. 33 D* Kalb avenue, this city, war* the occupants of one m ach ine and Mrs. Caroline Hardenburgb. *7 Bedford of ths other ear. _ hmldt received a fracture of the right elbow, possible fracture of seveal rib* and lacerations of ths alp. Mrs Sch midt, suffered 111 **# and contusHJB* of the right , coped with only e slight cut oi chin. All were treated at the White Plato* Hospital by Dr. Witty and Patrolman MacPhenon of . the foil s 9 before entering the park- collided with Mrs. Hardenburgb 1 * car, going south on the parkway. Both drivers war* arrested on counter charges of reckless driv ­ ing. They are to appear in the aty Court of White Plains on July For results use The Dally Pr ess In the Matter i of the application of BBONIB- : LAW TRUSEWICZ for dlsao- lutlon of his marriage under : Chapter 279 of the Law of : Expert Car Service to meet every requirement repair — we have the men and the faculties for doing the Job pe U should be done. And now In our newly enlarged quarters wr a and UNITED STATES TIRES The tiree that a Depot Plaza Garage 32 Onwaupum Street 5 Martine Avenne Agents for U. 8. Royal Cords B. A M. Oarage, 183 Central A venae L. NapoUtnno. Martino Avon d Grove Street n this Blindfolded Bridge MYSTERYGASE PROBE HALTED (Continued from Page One) rverml hours might have > swder marks. A religious pamphlet was the only aper In the man ’ s pockets. It In- Icated that be bad thought much of lata on this subject and investi ­ gators thought hi* mind may fc been unbalanced and may have him to hi* act. IT the death i (pap*- The only other.articles in the piaftT pockets were an olt PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that pursuant to an order of George H. Taylor, Jr, Justlco of our Supreme Court, dated the 3rd day of Juna, 1929, and filed with the petition of Bronislaw Trusewlcx, In the Office of tha.a*rk of Weetchester County by which It appear* that ths said last poet without being known to Bronislaw Trusewlcx believes you to he dead, a bearing on the sold petition shall be held at Special Term, Part I of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, held In at tha Court House, to the aty of White Plato*. County of Westcbea- tsr end. Stale of New York, on the 8th day-of September. 192* at 10 o ’ clock to the forenoon of t or as soon thereafter be ______ can be heard, at which tUh* proof of tha alterations contained that the petition shall be had and taken n application mad* for ar dlaaotvtog the marriage h petitioner, Bronislav order i HAY1LAN * OOLDOWITZ. Lexington Market “ Where Quality Rules ” LEXINGTON 8C MARTINE AVENUES Phones White Plains 3935 - 36 - 37 - 38 Babo Brill o 10c 15c Babbitt* Cleanser . 6 for 35c Canada Dry doz.$M0 White Rock Water doz. $1.90. Martini ft Rossi Italian Vermouth, at. $1.15 Armour's Cherries large can 3$c Armour ’ s Peaches large can 22 c Oar fruits and vegetables are received ____________ fresh dally_______ ■. • Ph one early for aa early delivery FREE DELIVERY JL

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