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SUBSCRIPTION DURING VACATION PERIOD (If you wish your paper changed during the above times, pleaae and addressee on the foDowing lines:) FROM . ...................... TO ...................... ADDRESS ....................... 9200 -• THE DAILY DRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N, Y„ FRIDAY. JULY 12, 192 9200 BLACK CIRCLE A THr Ming Detective Story By Mansfield Scott llolnly an to ll« ly. he roallssd. which might In turn 1 lend to vague double of lie exlat- ............. - forward with! then drew I jj , could not think- of the > doubt- The roogon proorhlng teat without experiencing n uncertainty wae oo I , deep ,hriU of expecUtlon. •* < upon hb features I WO uld decide far more than hie i oat ludicrous. Cold- ' sequent escape from this strong- 1 quietly. hold. It would decide more. even. He s h ea it . my goid man.\ he In- than the question of lils owi> safety vtted. \It really won't hurt you. ’ or destruction. If that Is what you think.\ . | After a time he glanced He slid the open case, together , watch, and noted that It was after . midnight. He listened vainly I sounds from Garrlsh. The silence . caused him to wonder whether the • giant could have dozed In the arm- If thl. should prove to be the ________________ _____ _______ _ ease, he would not disturb him. He thkt thaae cigarettes could not be would do nothing which could call harmful when the guest himself attention to the guardians propen- was smoking them. He arose and *\y for quiet naps However, there d the- tabl With his matches upon the tabh Urn servant seriously weighed the question. He wanted a smoke. And he had no clgaretti felt vaguely apprehensive about ac ­ cepting ons Soon, however. “ brain began turning Thanks\ he muttered. Select ­ ing a cigarette, he struck one of Caldwell's matches He dropped Again Into his chair, and Inhaled with saUcfactlon. Tftnfs better.\ declared Cald- waU In a friendly manner. \It Isn't the moat pleasant experience for either of us this wait before morn ­ ing. We may as well make the beet 9/ if • At length, after several more ef ­ forts on the part of Caldwell. Gor- rtsh returned a sociable grin. \■Good smokes these.\ he offer ­ ed by way of reaporse. ‘ \Tea They are ivcellent. Heve another. Garrtah. a any time you wfsh. rn leave them there fpr the present.\ There f ollowed silence, while the two cigarettes were consumed. Caldwell seemed deep In medlto ­ ut length ; L of his ci| way In which he could the other s alertness. Without awak ­ ening him If he should be asleep. Reaching silently for his coat, he secured his fountain pen. and un ­ screwed the cup. upon which was fastened a mrtsl clip. Softly his left hand stole down ­ ward along the edg< til he touched the mctsl bar which sWyported the springs Now. tnx the cap of the pen to tl below, so that the two metals were together, he began very gently it was a thin, grating sound, vs ly like the filing of steel. He tended it to be Just loud enough to reach the ears of an alert listener For perhaps fifteen seconds It continued. Then a chair back creakfd sharply In Ihe other room The gating sound slopped Instant ­ ly. Heavy* quick footsteps cIqmped ' Garrlsh thrust ' iung close al But once again, the guest's manner of patience and of disinterest brought reassurance; for the vant presently ceased to eye him with suspicion. length Caldwell stepped to the table In the living pom and obtain ­ ed a cigarette. He etlll left the case open upon the table. He noted sil ­ lily that Garrlsh hod helped him ­ self to two more during the night. Ue was conscious Of a decided sat Isfactlon at this discovery. 1 would be well, he reasoned, lo keep >ls big man in os friendly a mood ■ possible. Shortly after seven he saw Gor- ah step to s bell near the bolted door. The man was aware of his flung ; head through • cigarette Into the ; In a moment he si fireplace, and suppressed a yawn. , was watching him. \X am rather tired.\ he remark- \What was the Ad. T think IH go in and sleep.\ mnnded abruptly. dohe no harm yet. . But out out the monkey business, will youT I don't want U> hurt you. friend. - At Isngth he put out the light, end left Caldwell In eemldarkneaa. But ha had clearly been aroused and angered. For a long while he paced the floor of the living room, as If trying to decide how hs had ki.I. .1 .r r I ...I ths morning when dawn finally ar ­ rived. Caldwell saw the first gray glimmer of daylight as It appeared the windows. He had not slept. When the room had become lighter, deeper glow presaged the rising of the sun. he stood upright, and stretched hie muscles. Garrlsh now clear - it side he only two wooden structures, Ihree or four stories In height. He unable to be certain whether they were apartment houses or pri ­ vate dwellings. From the windows the bedroom the view was more tensive. He saw a row cf well modeled residences, which fronted upon another street: Ihe back of the houses were facing him. In the background he could discern *the street, similar In appearance to the fronted the house In which he was Just then being held. What circqpistanc* what possible intrlvance, could give an Inkling ■ to his location? It loomed as s task beyond earthly power. In the metropolis and Its suburbs there • 1 st be thousands of such streets, d of such groups of houses. Not >ne was It Impossible for him to od a message of his whereabouts any frletyl: he himaetf was wltb- t knowledge to send. Any chance of his being rescued from the sltu- :lenrly depend ' Ln that'' Information than that''which he himself could supply. There was no other hope. He fol ­ lowed with hie eye the course of econd street, which was visible from the bedroom. At some two hundred yards to his right, a cross street Intersected. He | could dta- vsguely s break In the line of houses: and the frequent blasts of •mobile horns from that vicinity strengthened bis belief that the place waa a crossing. Now. If be )Uld manage to discover a sign- jst on that distant corner, and arn the name of either street. It as Just possible- - He turned to glance at Garrlsh. he man was seated, although he os watching. Caldwell turned his back, draw a hollow object from his pocket. It waa his glass — c as e Ths servant had examined It on ths previous night, but bad evidently not been surprised at the fact that It hod contained gold-rlmmed spec ­ tacles while the visitor hod already a pair with bone rims upon his eyes. Even If such a realization had penetrated to Garrlah'a brain, he would probably have dismissed it on the theory that ths gu — t regu ­ larly used two pairs of (losses — ths ons for ordinary purposes, aod the other for close vision. In actuality, however, the gold- rlmmed pair wars a very peculiar set of glasses. The junction which represented the bridge of ths nose was entirely a sham affair, and the two lens — supposedly one for either eye. were detachable. Removing, guardedly hie bone-rimmed i pec lo ­ des, Caldwell now held the thro'sep ­ arata circles of glass before one eye. with the lens — held steadily several inch — apart. A one-eyed Held (less power wsa thus formed. The street corner took shape before him though he stood only at a short dls- Tst, although he tried re- he could discern no trace I any Identifying mark. The hope had vanished: and the location of the house roust a mystery. He considered the houses ere visible from They were of quiet and select ap ­ pearance. He fslt that their occu ­ pants knew nothing of the affairs which transpired within the abode of his pr — ent host. Suppose that he should shout at the lop t \ voice, from an open window, was a prisoner? After a mo ­ at of consideration, he dismissed the thought- Long before be could hope to make his position under ­ stood. the two hundred and twenty odd pounds of Garrish'a brawn would be flung upon and thereafter he would be watch ­ ed more closely than before. Yet there was s way! There ae way. The shadowy lln — of his featur — . half concealed beneatfhi „ ^ , ivitrlnr of his die. veuevea . I the external covering of his dis ­ guise, grew for an Instant more keen and more Indomitable as he considered the plan upon which had placed his hope of success. He easoned it all. It ail. In his calculating, im ­ personal manner, refusing to recog ­ nize Yhe hazards to himself — a factor In the problem. Whether he should survtvs — let that be os it might. The great question lay In whether his preparations for the ruJlT'of the opium syndicate would prove adequate In the moment of t — t. He counted the oddq once again, and believed that they now stood even, With Allen Walker hop- draw. Red cards f “ >. black cards for death A ready to b«cin play. At length, sinking into a chair. Ward will come up.\ I tangled situation.' He sml! 1 frankly at Caldwell. \True.\ agreed Caldwell. \But as T could safely trust Garrlsh | I remarked. I will take your word alone with you.\ he explained. ! for your part of It — I will give you \But with men of smaller phy- ' the Information, and let you t — t slque. we felt that there should be it. before I receive the Identiflca- I tlon papers — provided that you will grant me one safeguard.\ very little while longer. 1 1 The host leaned slightly forward, roust leave you.\ the tograph of Mrs. Walker, nee Helen Durant, and gaxod. r at her featur — In a reflective manner. There was character In that face, character and fineness. It was strange Indeed that* such a girl should have chosen Allen Walker. He paused for on instant to draw a mental comparison between this countenance and that of Ml — Dor ­ othy Staples. The former was the more gentle, and bore the greater suggestion of on artistic tempera- No Matter How You Spend It Boating, fishing, motoring, flying, swimming, golfing, walking, or jitst plain- blazing ” your time on your vacation this summer, you will find time to read and enjoy the news from home brought daily to you in The Daily Press which you can have with you on your vacation this summer, no matter where you go. If you can be reached by mail, you can read your favorite story, your comics, your news of the day from home. 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It seemed to him po — Ible. Yet he ahrank from regard 111 * It aa a •probablllgy. Ha munt keep his mind open — be ever on the alert — for another. There wee a knock Upon the heav lly-bolted door. Stepping out lo the living room. Caldwell found that Garrleh hod token in a tray with his breakfast The servant set s' place at the center table. Caldwell was hungry. Yet he felt vague misgivings. This food, he knew. Instead of providing nourish ­ ment, might bring llnness. Insensi ­ bility, or even d — th. The muter of the bouse and his associate* would not hesitate at such a course, if they had suspected his true In ­ tention. He peered closely at the breakfast, while he considered. It seemed that th — * men would scarcely make such an attempt be ­ fore they had at least been told something of the hidden shipment. He felt reasonably confident that so far they had taken him at bis word. Otherwise, they would scarce ­ ly have sent for him. He took his place at the table. The food was evcellent. Caldwell lasted very sparingly at Orel; then, having discovered nothing of a for ­ eign lute or odor, be continued without restraint. He had not quite flnlahed when there was a second knock upon the doro. Garrlsh operated the bolts and admitted his muter. 'Good morning, Mr. Caldwell.\ exclaimed the older man. \I am truly delighted — and shall I uy also '* ' that you are still 'Not quite u well u usual,\ ad ­ mitted the guest. “ That Is too bad. However. I can scarcely say that my own rest was entirely tranquil. Vjorrlsh. you are o be relieved now until early this venlng Ring fi And Ward, you might stay outside \ils door, in the ball.\ When they had obeyed, the host drew up three chairs and planed them by the table. “ Now, Mr. Caldwell.' •let us eons your UUls visit Th# gu — t accepted the armchair at the other's gesture. Merrlvale chose the Met at the end of the table,!with the assistant director upon bis left \Clearly and briefly stated.\ be ­ gan ths chief director, \our Inter ­ ests — our two objectives are the following: You ask that we supply \\cation papers, through which we can readily Invent, and guarantee to provide you with a means of safe passage from this country. We require that yon give us positive, cl — r Information In re ­ gard to the whereabouts of the shipment of drugs which you misdi ­ rected a few years ago,, and that you furnish assurance In some way that the shipment Is still where you ' ft It Isn't that ths story?\ \Precisely\ answered Caldwell. \Now. then, for the arrangement of details, which may prove a little more difficult I think you can un ­ derstand why. ” He regarded the visitor thoughtfully. \Naturally you're .unwilling to take our prom ­ ise. And certainly we couldn't take yours.\ \I don't know.\ dUsented Cald ­ well, \that I wouldn't be willing to take your word, provided that you would first supply me with the prop- taf c guard. \ ' what U that?\ cams quick- play fairly with you. What do you 'Of course,\ declared Merrlvale. \Then It Is simply this. How can know that you, when I've told ju about the shipment won't work a double-cross, and send ms back prison for — fekeeping? You such a thing ante.\ I see your point,\ was ths un ­ ruffled answer. \On the other hand; how do we know that you won't give us false Information, out of a d — ire for revenge, and then pro ­ ceed safely abroad with the papers 'll have given you? It's quite a Consider «wi f for ____ ___ _____ „ __ all. wan make out tha Identifies- Uon papers. We'll lei you — e the papers. Meanwhile you'll glv*. us the Information. You'll either give t proof of your statement, or sl ­ ue Urns to look op ths shlp- t aoffrd to play this gome at . risk. We couldn't put such a trump card In your band aa you have asked. We must hold at least a majority of tha strong cards, or we aren't willing to play at all. Mdgafield, N. J- July U OJT) j - : stated I \And — what safeguard? 1* Uzar Best HOUSE PAINT UZAR BEST is fin economic*!, beauti ­ ful and durabla paint, outwearing the best paint, mixed in v ‘ the ordinary way, by hand. It ia not affected by heat or cold, and is, therefore, suitable for all climates. It does not fade or chalk off, but retains its freshness for years. Colors will not fade in this paint as quickly as in ordinary hand ­ made paint, as the machinery by which.it is manu ­ factured bo thoroughly combines every particle of pigment and vehicle. MADE IN TWENTY-FOUR SHADES INCLUDING BLACK AND WHITE All shades are put up in Friction Top carii in the .................................... \ And ; following sizes: 1 gallon, quarter gallon, And half pints. Also in five-gallon cans: All sizes are full •U. S. 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