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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, July 13, 1929, Image 5

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THE DAII.T PRESS, WHITE P1AIN.1 M. Y.. fUTI ’ HIIAV. JULY H. 19 V) FINANCIAL NEWS — STOCK MARKET REVIEW Dealings in New York Stocks | w JgS. ‘ [S tock - a -D^ y (Continued from Pag* One) Poetum Co loo ----------- 77% 77% Third Ave ------------- - — 14% . ^ , — n ------ „ „ . Pub 8vc N* i ----------- — 116% U4% Timken Roll Bearing 105 105 bolding their gain* well and a few 0 „ . J6% Tob Prod* ... ------- 14% .K'dMJntAh! 1 Bohn Aluminum and Bras* Corporation day as the final gong neared. Radio Oorp _ 11:10 P. M. prioa war* irregular :*R K O Advance Ruraely **\ Remington Rand -------- MS 44% , U B Steel ----------------- 201% Reynold* Tob B -------- 56% UtIUUaa Pw * U A _ U Schulte Retail Btoraa-... 25 24% ] VYabaab .. ----------------- 70% Sean Roebuck ___ 174% ,174% I Warner Bio* Plot* 61% Bhattuck F O Z --------- 178 181% Weet Md- ----- : ------------- 44% Sinclair Oil _____ K Weet Union ............... 222 Stan O A Elec _______ .134% 184% Weat'houae Air Brake - 49% Cerro De Peace __ ------------- Che* A O ___________ 265% 258 Chi Mil St P A Pee _ 15% 85% Chi ldll St P A Pae Pf_ 54H 55% Chi A NW - -------------- 92% 94% Chi RI A Pan ------------ 136% 137% Chryeler -------- 71*#v 71% Columbia Graph 68% >«7% dec Stor Bat .. Erie R B — « — FlelSchman — Fax Film A_ Gen Elec ----------- Oltt Safe Razor _ Oold Duet --------- Goodyear ------------ -- Graham Paige ----- Ureene-Cananea — . Gulf State* Steel _ .Hahn Dept Storea _ Hudeon Mot — — — Hupp Mot -- ---------- 111 Central ----------- Inland Steel --------- lot Cemer ‘ _ 70% _S49 — 115H 118% _ 70% .... 80% 80% — 123% — 29% 29% — 173% 170% — 67% — 38% 38% __ 87% 87% Kroger Grocy • Lambert ----- - ------ Dahl Valy --------- Liquid Carbon — Lonra Ino ------- Mack Truck* — May Dept Stores Mo Kane Tex — - 88 % __ 116 117 Un Pan - . iU 8 Ind A lU S Rub _ 8 tan Oil Cal 8 tan Oil N J ____ _ __ Stan Oil N Y ______ 8tewart-Warner __ _ Studebaker ________ Tax Gulf ---------------- .72% -87 72% Weat'houae Elec _ ■ Wlllya-Overland _ 38% j Wool worth ----- --- 72% | Wright Aero ------- 74% i Yellow Truck ------------ 89% 71% Youngetown Sh A Tube 70% Drowns' In . Quarry Abraham Blumberg, Brooklyn, Loses Ljfe in Peekskill Quarry Pool; Friends Make Futile Effort to Save Him; Recover Body Peekskill — Abraham Bloomberg, | mer camp near here. With a party 23, of Brooklyn, waa drowned last of friends, boy* and girls, he went night while swimmlqg In Mlllstooa iwlromtng last night Bloomberg ' stepped off a ledga of rock and quarry near here. swallowed a quantity of water. Be- The body waa recovered at 7:10 lort j,* could regain hie breath he 'clock with grappling Irone and ' went down. Ohe of the glrla >r. B. R. Locwy pronounced the clutched the ]eney of hie suit but man dead after attorapt* to revive 1 lost her hold. Another man dove him failed. y unsuccessfully In an attempt Bloomberg had been at a sum- rescue Bloomberg. Milwaukee Report of President Charles H. Cheney Marks Busy Weekly Session of Kiwanis Club RAYMOND CLAPPER (United Press Stan Comepowlsotl- Waahlngton — President Hoover Is using the same methods of at ­ tacking problems facing the nation as lie employed when he was Sec ­ retary of Commerce. The chief executive la a firm ad ­ vocate of Investigating and fact ­ finding commissions ana has ala way* followed the policy of having on the different commission* mem ­ ber* of the Induitry concerned In the Inquiry. Since hi* Inauguration Mr. Hoo- . cr has named a law enforcement commission, the Nicaraguan Canal commission. child welfare confer tnce and recommended to Congress a commission to Inquire Into the benefit* to be hod from transfer of the prohibition department from - ----- ------- Justice Department. He likewise 1* **dd to be eonsld- -»s nr Tin 7 s \ js-H The Bo n A1 mlnur J. Braj Corporation male** aluminum and brass castings. Including housings, crank cases, transmissions, pistons, babbitt lined bearings with both bronse and steal backs, brass bush ­ ings. bearing gsar*. plumbing sup ­ plies, automotive hardware and similar products. Its customers In- duds many automobile, vacuum cleaning and airplane manufactur ­ ing companies. It Is not strictly an automobile equipment producer but a large part of lie revenue erlng the advisability of a commla- f rom aueh maker* as Ford, Dodge, slon to deal w!(h the reorganisation Chevrolet. Buick, Studebaker. Chry- of ail government department* and gj,,-. p» c kard and others. Th# “ bureaus and has given additional duties to the International Joint Commission which handles bound ­ ary. water right* and other quas- and washing machine manufac ­ turer* also art Largs customers. The company and Its subsidiaries operates seven plants of which six are at Detroit and ons at Hamtra- mck, Mich. These have a monthly capacity of 2.800,000 bearlrigs and 10.800,000 pounds of brass, alumin ­ um and non ferrous alloy castings and products. In 1928 the company acquired the Michigan Smelting and Refining Company. Through subsidiary the company does a i — VleteclU a Boo — gut. ___________ *r — Pneswt Su» Co i RuXlco! Alfocin*— Jen or — W111. Sovainao. I- ----- * .*:■ :■ NEGRO FINED ON 2 CHARGES Eugene Thomas Pays $20 on Reckless Driving and License Charges ugsne Thomas, colored, \10 Rathbun avenue. thlj city, was foutyf guilty In City Court this morning of charges of reckless driving and of driving an auto without registration. He waa fined 310 on each, charge by Judge Wil ­ liam Gray. Charges of failure to report an accident were dismissed. Thomas wa* arrested on com ­ plaint of Mrs. EUnibeth Oppcn- helm. Tuekahoe. following an ac ­ cident last Tuesday between the two auto* on Martin*, avenue at Mamaroncck avenue. Mr*. Op pc q- hclm sold that Thomas crashed Into hre as she was driving out i from a parking place there and I then refused to show hsr hie op- 64 * crater's license or to report the accident to the police. W 1 MUST SETTLE Nicola Mecca riello Ordered By Court to Pay $600 as Resalt of Automobile Accident^ Nicola Meccarlello. of 15 Huber place, Yonkers, as guardian John Mtccarlello, la ordered settle an action brought against May B, Mongon and John F. Mon- gon. of this county, for the sui MOO. The order Is signed by Justice William F. Bleakiey. The lad ----- injured when struck by c* hts Intersection of Central Park avenue and McKlnlsy avenue, Yon- kers, on April 29. National Convention Happenings Recounted to Local Croup. Plans for Fall Sessions Are ^ ^ woi Begun. To Mov$ to New | newly Hotel. ------- While Secretary of Commerce. Mr. Hoover named the Lumber Orade Commission, the National Screw Thread Commission, the commission to study waslo in In ­ dustry and sponsored the commis ­ sion that Investigated working con ­ ditions In the steel Industry and recommended the abolishment of business In plumbing supplli . the 12-hour day. ere. slab lead and die castings. His choice of members for the | As a result of the adopUon of Its Federal farm board arc being aluminum motor pletonw* bv auto watched with Interest. First eel- j manufacturers, net lrr 1928 rtachrd actions reveol Mr. Hoover carefully ' $3,185,092, an Increase of about 169 has eliminated frbm the hundreds p (r cent as compared with 1927 and seeking appointment to the board. | « u equal to $9.10 per common all politicians and Instead has chos-1 share. en only men who by virtu* of their | drtt 1. $2,155,700 In 6 pel present position* in the s*r jcultur- c , nt deb . nture bond* convertible at -' world are capable^giving the | U y t)me up jgjg (nlo commoB \Only bear* *lccp part of the year.\ Is the unanimous opinion of the White Plains Klwanls Club, and their regular weekly meeting held yesterday noon at Elks' Club was marked by an unusually heavy volume of business. despite a mer ­ cury that hovered In the eighties. — rejno*t w*s the report of tdefet Charles H. Cheney, club delegate to the national convention hold the latter part of June In Mil­ waukee. President JCheney recounted In de ­ tail his entire trip, beginning from the tlm* he left White Plain* until th* tone he supped on the train that carried him back home, about a week later. On motion. It w«a voted to Incorporate hi* account of. the trip into the .minutes' of the club. A letter was read by Secretary Howard Olsen In which Mr. Cheney was lauded by past president O. Samuel Cummings for the splendid work he had done as head of the vo ­ cational guidance committee of th* Kiwanis International and appre ­ ciation-of his efforts in this direc ­ tion was given In the communica ­ tion. Mr. Cheney was chairman of the commute* and Introduced the dlscuaslon at the national conven ­ tion. Another communication was read In which'the Kiwanis Club waa vltsd to attend Westchester i_uy the local unit of th* National Guard to be held at Fort Smltfi. Pseksl-JIL. July 17. Chairman Lawrenc* Yea ­ ger urged all those possible ----- * TREASURY BALANCE Washington. July 13 (UP) — Treasury net balance on July 11, was $248,450,000.88. Custom* re- c el pis for tb* month to th* > date totalled $16,831,848.75. personal and f I rat- hand advice and suggestions. This Is indicative of Hoover the organizer and the practical engi- In tb* commissions he serv- _____ or named while Secretary of Commerce, the President obtained from members connected with the. Industry In question, all problems confronting It and their sugges ­ tions. This ht believes, facilitated early and satisfactory agreemenU. pile) Is Intensely Interested in President Hoover's recent an ­ nouncement that a sum of $600,000 has been placed available to for child welfare work. Considerable curiosity h*d been displayed as to the donor of the huge fund. Philanthropist* “ on tb* hit!\ professed Ignorance of the donor's Identity. _ far as could be learned, this Is th* first time a fund ha* been made available to the President from asource outside th# govern ­ ment for distribution. Mr. Hoover has called for a conference of wel ­ fare leaders In Washington which time all problem* affecting the health and character of the na ­ tion's youth are to be conslde%l. Secretary of Treasury Mellon has Issued an emphatic denial of cur ­ rent reports that the Treasury de ­ partment waa considering the plan of erecting • seven-fool fence the Canadian border Une to aid in Peckrl.illH the fight staged there to end liquor ----- ------- ^ smuggling. The suggestion provokr od considerable merriment In the capital. Assistant Secretary Treasury Lowman In charge prohibition enforcement said * \members of congress\ had made th* suggestion but denied the treasury department had consider ­ ed It seriously. common for each $100 In deben ­ ture*. Capital stock outstanding consists of 350.000 shares of no value. The former preferred !*- ■tired In 1926. On common, dividends have bean paid 1925. In 1928 payment totaled $187%. In 1929 two quarterly divl denda of 75 cents each bav* been declared with two extras of 25 cents As of Jan 1. 1929, total cui assets were $6,406,606, current bllltles totaled $1,802,199 and working capital was $4,604,407 Book value applicable to the capital stock excluding patents, licenses and good will amounted ‘ to $10.47 a share. MADE GUARDIAN Robert A. PoweH, Sr., Given Ao- - Ibority Over Son, So He Can X Bring Accident Action Robert A. Powell. Sr, of Saxon Wood* road. White Plains. Is today guardian of hit alxtsen-year-old aon Robert In order to bring an ac ­ tion against Robert E Carrlgan. addrea* unknown. Injuries received by ypung Powell when he struck by .Corrigan's car on June 1*. are said to be the basis for the suit. Justice William F, Bleakiey sign ­ ed the order making the *enlor Powell his son's guardian. ASKED TO SERVE Mayor Frederick C. McLaughlin has been asked and will accept the Invitation to membership In the New York State Committee to Save Old Ironolde*. he sold thl* morn ­ ing. Charles D. Hllles, Republican national committeeman for New York State, Is one of ths leaders of the movement to raise funds to preserve the famous old battle ­ ship of Revolutionary War day*. Un marred by thought of lost valuable* safely stored in our vaults THE CITIZENS BANK 1 32 Main Street Phone 9500 » *!Teo~llr-Gf«d# T _____ _____ _ .. 471— Albert Wet- Einhore! Lst US — SUBS 00. lauJidete. Henry t Unite - ------- - Merlin D*»M ELTuZi rllje\ prop Here,tele a ft lot E. ■Ik I •Msatarltur — Wood Endneer- ■wSSStaw jsIPyrEjSS-a mm ,KSSi u ra-. V “ T /Ss-wiTsr,,: 33«0_II,-<!r*a# Til# ' NOTICE! In connection with the published announcement that our Bank will be closed on Saturday evenings, dur ­ ing July and August, we wish to remind our Depositors and other Friends of ttu^hTcilities offered by our Night Deposit Vault / - At any time when the Bank is closed, the door to this Vault, conveniently located on the outside wall of the building, will serve as your “ Receiving Teller and the Vault as your Custodian untikyou next call during Banking hours to claim your Deposit in the presence of the^eller who will then • — *nlete the Deposit in the usual Come in now to get your Deposit Bag and Keys which are supplied free of cost. The County Trust Company WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE A Community Bank rendering a Metropolitan Service

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