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9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.. MONDAY. JULY. IS, 1W 9200 &ft Iteilii fHneiw ■ ONE MONTH BIX MONTHS ONE TEXO U CMS w o«u»\ T«o DaOal* u ■» — 4 CU Itaua nut« puma. n . I. MONDAY. JULY 15 FOR WHITE PLAINS Make While Plains the First City in Westchester County. Support the City Plan. A school survey to determine the facilities needed. Purchase of needed parks and playgrounds. FOR WESTCHESTER COUNTY Adoption of uniform traffic code. _ 'T in i ___ tne eeema ana now inucn more com* Completion of Parkway pr gram. fortable. Cpmpare the man of today Elimination of grade crossings. with the man of t^n and twenty years • healthier person. Also a more comfortable person. And a more at ­ tractive person. How much longer are men to re ­ main slaves to their habits of cloth ­ ing 7 How much longer are their necks to be squeezed by tight neck­ bands and collars — 'bad enough on any day, but unbearable . on hot days? How much longer are their feet to be weighed down by heavy shoes, their chests wrapped around by sweltering vests, their waists squeezed in by tight belts, their legs encompassed by clinging wool, their shoulders padded by thick cloth ? There ’ s nothing healthy in all this. Certainly there ’ s nothing attractive in it. All the men look about the same in their present attire. And there's little opportunity for the av ­ erage man to vary his appearance from day to day. The necktie is about the only touch of individuality a man has at his command. As for comfort— is it possible to find a more uncomfortable combination of things than a man wears today? Through the centuries it has been woman who has been restrained by custom, traditions, prejudices and habits. Man has prided himself on the fact that he could do pretty much as he pleased. Yet wolnen have left men far behind in recent years in matters of dress. Today woman dresses as she likes — sensibly, attractively, comfortably. Compare the woman of today with the woman of ten and fifty years ago and see how different she looks — how much^nore attractive to the eye she seems and how much more com- Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of assessment. DOES DUTY CALL? Betty is just a little girl. When infantile paralysis claimed her as a ▼ictim several years ago she refused to die and she insisted on keeping cheerful after her recovery, although she will always, we fear, be crippled. Only recently she has been able to walk without crutches. You should havs seen her smile that day. And then Betty ’ s father died. And her mother, worried over the loss of Die family wage-earner, troubled with the care of little crippled Betty and the other children, became seri ­ ously ill. There was nothing for the family but charity. The county de ­ partment of child welfare is taking care of them. But county funds must be spent for certain specific purposes. That is the law. So Betty, crippled, can't go to sum ­ mer camp the way things are now. Crippled children muBt have special care. They cannot be sent to the regular camps with other boys and girls who are normal. The reason is obvious. And then there is John. John is physically all right. But he is what u known as a “ behavior case.\ That is, John has not learned yet to get along with other children. He would not fit in at the regular camps. Don't get' the idea John is bad. He simply is a misfit whom the child welfare workers are moulding into normality. But there is no,p]ace >n the regu ­ lar camps for John, either. So he, too, must stay in the city during the hot months vfhile other children are swimming and learning woodcraft and playing baseball by cool waters. Betty and John are only two of a large group of children in whom the Westchester County Children's Asso ­ ciation have taken an interest. All are either physically handicapped or \behavior problems.\ There are no county funds avail ­ able for their summer recreation. But the children ’ s association, for a small sum per child, can find special camps equipped and manned for the care of these misfits. It will cost only $800 to send these children to these fecial camps. Checks can be made payable to the Westchester County Children ’ s Asso ­ ciation, 8 Church street. White Plains, with the definite knoiffedge that every dollar will go to th$ wel ­ fare of the children. The overhead of the association is cared for others wise. \ The only question that remains is: Where will the $800 come from? Of course it might come from readers of this newspaper who can spare a few dollarB over their own vacation expenses. Westchester is aaid to be the wealthiest county in tiie world and perhaps there are suf- pdent persons in the county who love little children and hate to see them suffer in hot weather who may want to help. Of course, too, the children can atay at home, watching wistfully the busloads of healthy, normal children d rive away to their own camps. Betty and John and the others in this group of misfits are other folks' chil ­ dren. Have we any duty to them ? sensible CLOTHES FOR MEN Abort the only time that a man wishes he were a woman is on a hot «■ day. Then it is that he is ae- I of the uncomfortableness of stance. aaa wbars a. fraction of ‘ the * wears. And she ’ s SIS' ago— and with slight variations, he is the same sweltering, tightly-bound man. When a woman wants to be es ­ pecially attractive for evening af ­ fairs she uses less clothes, freer clothes. When a man wants to be especially attractive for evening af ­ fairs he puts on more clothes and stiffer clothes. PUBLIC GOLF COURSES Public golf courses are like the public highways. No sooner is a new one opened than it becomes crowded and overcrowded and you wonder how people got along before golf courses were constructed. The enjoyment of golf at Maple- moor or Mohansic en a Saturday, Sunday oy holiday— and these are the only days on which most people can play — is seriously curtailed by the crowded conditions. First you have a long wait before you can start to play. Frequently the wait is for more than an hour. And after you get started you have to wait for each green to be cleared before you can approach it- And at I many of the tees you have to wait and wait and wait for your turn to drive. Making a reservation in advance is hardly a solution. It enables you to get started without much waiting but it doesn't eliminate the waiting after you get started. All of which shows how golf has gripped the country. All of which shows what a fine job Westchester County has done in providing golfing facilities for the hordes of fans that crowd the present courses. It shows, too, that there is a need for addition­ al courses. Thanks to the many large tracts of land still available in Westchester County it should not be difficult to supplement the present golf links. And since golf is such a nice habit to have— once you have it you can't drop it —we hope that be ­ fore long there will be several more public golf courses in Westchester. A MULTITUDE OF SHINS Charity may cover a multitude of sins but this stockingless fad, if it continues, is going to uncover a mul ­ titude of shins. And one of the funniest things about it all is the amazement and horro**~of the stacking manufacturers who, after years of tutoring Miss America to seek hues in hose as nearly as possible to flesh color, are now demoralized when the Miss de ­ cides the real thing to be preferable to deceit After the first shock, is there really anything so bad about it ? it has been an accepted bit of knowledge since skirtl went to the knees that woman is a biped. And in these datf of all-revealing bathing suits, pr*o*^*ly all of us knov what feminine leg* are like. We may not like all^the contours or wax compli ­ mentary abort all the shapes, but we know them just the same. Then there are these new low backed dresses. We are not refer ­ ring to the bathing suits with open- to-the-eun waist lines. Their preva ­ lence has taken off the edge of sur­ prise. And there has never been anything startling about an exposed bick at a bathing beach. But on the streets these new sleeve­ less, collarless, backless garments do somehow contrive to make an im ­ pression on the masculine eye. Oldtimers can recall the McKinley period of bicycle bloomers for fem ­ inity and the .daring peek-a-boo waista. But whati would that era THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS Th* lummir always Lan To Nwtav brings wtth It * large Then B« Careful number of I h UIIU m duo mainly to tho foot that a grant numbtr of parsons who aaak to aacaya tha baat by going bathing do not know bow to awlm. fful alnca hot waathar la hara and alnca people In avar Increasing numbara will go awlmmlng In tha Hudaon and naarby lakaa tba tUna aaama propitious to warn thoaa not abta to awlm to laarn to do ao at tba aarlleat poaalbla moment. Everyone ehould ba able to awlm and there la no lime like tha preaant to do ao. If you do not have a friend who can teach you then there are guarde at every beach who can give you tha preliminary In- atructlon. Aftar you hava maatared tha fun- damantala the raat la up to you. The American Rad Cross, realizing tha Da ­ cca*! ly of every boy and girl knowing how to awlm. la giving couraee In awlmmlng dup ­ ing July and Auguet at tha poo!*, pond* and ■ lakaa: Tueaday at Glen Inland. New Rochelle; Wednesday at Harbor Island. Mamaroneck: Friday at Pleaaanteplle Pool; Monday at Lounsbury Pool. Peekeklll; Tueaday at Briar- cliff Pool; Wednesday at Croton Point; Thursday at Westchester Co. Recreation Camp at Croton; Friday at Klngsland Point. Terrytown. The couraee are given free and Inquiries will be welcome at Weateheeter Red Croce. 70 East 44th street. New Tork City, (phone Vanderbilt 477* t or at Weateheeter County Recreation Commission. 192 Martlnc avenue, White Plains (phone White Plains 1S00). In addition to tha life or death angle con ­ nected with swimming, a great deal of fun aa well aa exercise, caa ba obtained from awlmmlng. Those who are not \at home ” In the crater are missing a great deal In the way of summer enjoyment. And after you have learned to awlm. If you can receive a Uttle Instruction In the funda ­ mentals of life saving, you may be an aid In saving acme poor eoul from a watary grave. To »wlm In time may save some Uvea. Includ ­ ing your own. Who knows? And than after you hava mastered the sim ­ ple art of awlmmlng. care and caution are still required to prevent accident. Injury, per ­ haps death,by drowning. Statistics prove that almost as many of thoee who drown can scrim aa those who cannot swim. The man who can not swim knows enough to take no chances. The swimmer Is prone to run risk* that he should not ran. Sometimes they end disastrously. * Remember this, when you go swimming Cramps can strike anyone, even the moat ac ­ complished swimmer. A strong undertow can carry the best swimmer In the world out to hta death. Treacherous addles In unfamiliar Some of the leasneas are particularly depressing. There have been many drowning* of young person*, almost within reaching distance of onlooker* wha^belleved that the drowning peraon* were only foollngl A swimmer overcome la the water U not likely to make much of an outcry. Nor can the body dt a drownlhg person be counted on to come to the surface for the third time before It goes to the bottom. A close study of several stories shows that the victims slip ­ ped; beneath the surface almost unnoticed. The educational campaign against taking unnecessary risks on the water, and the drive to teach all children how to swtm. should be pressed with greater vigor. Swimming Is a graat sport. But It Is not a eport In which you can forget the simple rules of caution and common sense. — The Highland Democrat. Our attention has been More Trees called to the cutting down of Come Down several large trees In prepa ­ ration to idearing the block on Grant Street as one of the 'preliminary step* In clearing the ground for paving. Oor engineer found It necessary to cut down ad ­ ditional trees In clearing the right of way for the Rebecca Avenue extension. Some residents are Inclined to deplore this devas ­ tation of the large shade trees In the village. Unfortunately It Is ipraeasary that they be sacrificed to progress. It was not found prac ­ tical to spare them. While It might not have been Imposalble, at least changing the align ­ ment would have been too coolly for tha vil ­ lage officials to consider. Some may be Inclined to criticise this work. In that event It Is wall to bring to mind the result of saving the trees on Bedford Road. At the time the repaving of this road eras under consideration many protests were made concerning the destruction of the thade trees along the route. They bad been planted In the horse and buggy age. Bordering aa they did a relatively narrow road, it meant that saving them necessitated ao narrowing the pavement that In places congestion has oc ­ curred. it la on this account principally that It was found necessary to provide for tha ex ­ tension of Rebecca and Edgewood Avenues. , With this experience fresh In their minds, the officials are not giving too serious con ­ sideration to the necessary elimination of a few trees. While It Is to he regretted that they must go, atlll preparation must be made to care for Increased traffic, and they can ­ not be allowed to stand In the way. Village Engineer Charles Sella la attempt ­ ing to save a*.many trees ae possible. At.the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees on Thursday evening, that body authorised an appropriation of MOO for moving the smaller trees along the route and thus save as many -Pleaaantvtlle Journal.* • of Rye and e doll to co-operate In grim of relief for th» swamp ana In the vicinity of Beater Swamp Brook. Tba coat of bringing relief to this drainage area will be considerable and there may be some who would minimise the neces ­ sity of tha proposed effort but that tt la real ­ ly Important win be self-evident to moat peo­ ple- * In the first place the clearing up of this swamp area la important from a sanitary standpoint. Such areas are traps for disease and are an enemy to the good health of a community. In the eepond place such areas are Hot pleasing to the eye and tend to pre ­ judice people against tba community which tolerates them. Benefits from tha clearing up of tha sec­ tion would be paramount to all nearby prop ­ erty but the benefit would be much greater than that. It would be a benefit fait through^ out the Town* of Rye and Harrison and on# whose value no man caa com puts. . It la tha opinion of the CRlsen-Obeerrer that cost would not be permitted to stand la tba war of this Improvement. Thera la too much to be gained by clearing up the area and too much to bo loot by permitting It to stand as It la. A joint committee from tho two towns has been appointed to go into oil tho details of tha matter and to main a complete study of the situation. It la to bo hoped that out of ~ - — - • ~ will come the actual re- JUST FOLKS By EDGAR V OUEBT Tv* lost my moo* “ A failure now am i. But other days add other ways Mora money could supply. I ’ ve lost the race,\ another said. With solemn face and glum. Nor did ha guess how soon success And victory could come. y man Tve passed ___ _ ______Wing 1 Wbo ’ d thought they'd loudly whiled Home bygone yesterday. But now they proudly walk the world, Contented with their lot; The battle's won, their grumbling's done And all their Cfras forgot. ' I About People ’ N Things By C. B. Westchester First yahrs or mure than one pf eight of the violent deaths. In tha country at large the aulclde death rate per 100,000 population has run any where from 103 to 14.7 during\the peat seventeen years, the low rata being In 1M0 and tha high In 1FU. stay a through ___ — .... ....... . ..... . lent de-th here. There may be places where there ar» lees deaths of that sort than here but. at any rata, Waatcbeater cahoot be consid ­ ered a death-trap as far as deaths by violence Thera are still people who do not read tha newspapers. The new cur ­ rency which was let loose on Wed ­ nesday has been well advertised and yet Port Cheater reports tha case of a woman who refused to accept one of the new bills from a Port Cheater printer and charged him with printing the bill In his own print shop. By this time prob ­ ably the woman ha* become en- lightcned and I* wondering how ahe could have been ao thick as to loae a perfectly good sale and re ­ ject a perfectly good bill. Dear KCB. I wonder would sometime writ* of boy* and girl* with sightless eye* who were made blind by playmates accidentally discharging BB guns: sling ahot* or toy bow* and arrows Two little girls, blind for life by the tatter \toy*.\ ar# in this Cali ­ fornia Stata School .for the Deaf and Blind at Kerkeley. and many others are there because unthink ­ ing parents gave their little child ­ ren \toy weapons\ Our society Is young striving to bring about nn awaken-1 money, ig to this menace. Will you help We drove through Harrison roo- l? , ently and, from the dog* we saw, \With deepest gratitude for all j we are convinced that a good cap- uu are doing lo make a Under • able enumerator ought to be able to orld. i make a small fortune In no time CALIFORNIA STATE COMMI8- checking up the canines SION FOR PROTECTION ---- Anyone who la hard up for a Job might apply to the Town of Harri ­ son. They want a dog enumerator (here and stand ready to pay twenty cent* per dog. Here la a chance for a good. live, wide awake A Convenience for Investors A Custodian Accommt with ta will * relieve you of til detail* involved, in the care of your securities. Subject always to your control, we hold your securities in safe deposit — collect coupons when due — buy or sell on your order — furnish you with an accurate inventory and record of all transactions. Consult us regarding this THE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY White Plains, N. Y. A Community Bank Rendering A Metropolitan Service CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Herbert H. Hallett. Who permits a child. To go about. With a BB gun. Or bow and arrows Or other toy*. ' That have grown out Of man's desire. To kill and malm. !e a jWraon unfit To raise a child. And I say this. The while I know A lot of parents Who will laugh at me. And say to me. They want their boys. To be he-men. V^hen they grow up. And they wouldn't want. They'd be mollycoodles Who wouldn't know Vhe use of guns ABd if they're right. Tk* kindly man. Who fathered me. Must have been wrong. There were no guns Or other weapons. A Mount Vernon man was caught dumping rubbish In Scarsdale. was arrested and brought Into court. rBul I only dumped about a bushel of rubbish there.\ pleaded the of- •r. \Aik right.\ eald Judge Charlee M. Carter, \we will charge you only live dollars a bushel.\ Is Is a good Idea and a reve making one for our various • munliles. If all. the offenders could be caught and fined five dollars cl for rubbish they d-imp where have no right «o dump It, nue from this clo*> of offenders d greatly exceed that received today fro-n our automobile taw vli tator* We even believe that oti minifies would be able to ai compltxh such a reduction In tax* his way that the taxpayel d be agreeably shocked. Beyond t • day The u The very presence Of a loaded gun. Disturb* my peace And I am glad That It ta so. And I'll be glad If our boy grows Aa I think he will. With no deslsr. In hla youthf® days. To emulate. With a BB gun. Brave men who kill. Or to give to a child. When he shall i, __ The means of blinding. Another child. I thank you. up- Amlcua Circle, Worthington M: E. Church, social. Common Counlel meet*. Board of Education mesta. Planning Board meets. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chuch ixxar. Keith Albee Theater. Nell Hamlt- m In \The Studio Murder Mys- Loew's State Theater. Eddie Dow- ng In \The RaBibow Man.\ Loew'a Strand Theater, Emil Jannings In \Betrayal. ” c Today LOCAL POEMS We Solicit Applications For First Mortg ag ee on Improved Real Estate in Westchester Cdunty New York-Westchester Investors INCORPORATED (Sole Mortgage Correspondents in Westchester of The Prudential Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. TELEPHONE 9210 Tomorrow Unveil war memorial. Rotary Club meets. Our Lady of ML Carmel Chuch ■oar. J Loew'a Strand Theater, Emil analog* in \Betrayal. ” Loews State Theater. Eddie Dow ­ ling In \The Rainbow Man.\ Keith Albee Theater. Nell Ham- ton In \The Studio Murder Mya. Mountain Call From a cliff above Comes a stream allow. Thru - the quarries. An- unkgpt lawn Hold* a spot to dwei In the magic spell Of the aun that refuses to down. Where a restless brook Passes every nuok Of the old. wind-swept hill side There are leafs afloat; On It* mighty throat Salta a log towards evening tide. There's a atlrring sound the wave* that pound. There are echos of currents' knocks. Then — the foams, aglcam On the passing stream Explode on the sturdy rocks. Swaying in the breexe Stand the moss-grown trees; They have passed the test bafore. There's a poignant nodd Tom a brick that's stood There a hundred years; or more. Above slopes r.nd glens Where the summit end* There ta nothing to be heard t the muffled sound Of what'* earth-ward bound — The wings of a straying bird. Should you ever stray Where the summit* away — Glance down part the swarthy wall; And you ’ ll hear the note f a dreamer's flute; It ’ s the song of a restless aouL — WILLIAM STENSLAND. ROBERTS WILL ADDRESS CLUB Albert E. Roberts, recently re ­ turned from tk* Philippine Islands where he was engaged ta T. M. C. ork will be the speaker tomor- noon before the Rotary Club at their weekly meeting at tba White > Inn. i will recount hi* tmpreo will also apeak briefly of Ha ­ mit. describing living, conditions Our Inquiring Reporter Bonks and Individuals in Westchester — may reach through our centrally located White Plains well equipped Brokerage and Investment Organisation. JOSen i leading markets both her* and a L ONG experience la directing 1: a * -------------- “ — “ Our i with j L. F. ROTHSCHILD & CO Mtmbtrt tins York Surf Lutkanft I GRAND STREET * WHITE FLAIRS S NEW BERKLEY DEVELOPMENT PROGRESSES Streets Being Laid Out in New Scaredale Subdivision All Wire* Will Be. Underground Work on the Berkley-Grant de ­ velopment In Scarsdale on the site of the old Barry farm, south of Popham road and west of Port road, ta progressing rapidly. Al ­ ready. the dirt paths which In due time will become streets through the development are widening and forcing their way through what Tbtt subdivision, which la being developed by Alexander M. Crane, will be one of the finest section- ■- Scaredale upon completion. At ao expense or nearly ft 00,000. the development corporation will have all wire* for electricity and telephone connections placed under ground eo pole*. - building plot win ; Iona In befare the win hava all macadamised, elimin a t ing the necessity of re-opening them, once they have been laid. In this way. the pavements will tart much longer than if they were tarn up a builder desired to make t SwedtalC-Ameri- n for a five weeks GOING ABROAD Ossining- — Dr. Amo# O. Squire county medical exan Wednesday on tho ( caa Uner Orlpeholm ft tosr of Europe. He will bo accom ­ panied by bis wife. -During hta ab ­ sence hla duties will be takes over by Dr. Edwin Huntington, acting medical examiner. Dr. Squire will attend while ta parts at the world will eoo- aider various aspects of death by violence. Dr. Squire will also make Do you approve of the new tad of White Plains girl* of leaving their stockings off In an effort w Mrs. John Anderson. Rye: \No. I do not approve of girt* appearing lng public without hose. And they • ------------- by cutting the dresses. I don't think It ta ty-MInth District of Rotary Clubs Helen Brown. 44 Quarrapoe ---- be bald In New Tork City, May street: \Certainly I approve of the ............................. ....... . ......... - tat to look Uke the Eva' ft ta R44, 1940. It baa been decided by the club president# at the district assembled at Newburgh. Those planning to lndul.. on Tuesday. July XS, prior dinner at the Gedney Farm Golf ash when Ante Bdred of Troy, — •** — -■-* — — * -------- -j be tho WHY NOT? Wky not let jonr money «n 5 Vi%1 Our guaranteed first mortgages and certificates combine safety tod high income return. They are easy to get and bear inter ­ est from the day of purchase. ■W estchester T itle & TR ust C ompany

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