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'pCtXTMUWE 9200 9200 THE DAILY PR£~, *HITE PLAyJS.N. Y., TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1929 Legion Men To Stage Ball ™ E UNAFRA1D Game Of Huge Proportions Manager Howe Gives Line-Up for Lightweight Team That Plays Flyweights on Saturday. N EXT Saturday, July £ 1st, theHocal post of the National American Legion will hold an outing at Schmidt ’ s Farms, near Scarsdalc. Frank Hughes, who is chairman of the committee, promises all who attend a real good time. Assisting him on the committee are Cyrus L. Howe, an^ Hervey de Lorm. The main feature of the event will\ “ be a ball game between the lightweights and the fly­ weights. Cyrus L. Howe is the manager of the light ­ weights and Hervey de Lorm is manager of the flyweights. ■Manager Howe today stated that he already has his team of lightweights picked out aad expects to send them to Miami, Florida, to work out for four days starting Mon ­ day next. - an Interview with a Dally t- _ ____ reporter Manager Howe made the following statement! about hie j By GUS EDSON LOU6 (AN toMMY Keep op ms winmimg IS? Ufc STAFIEO IN AUD WAS RjlKiHT'EM WOMIUMMEV T o WALKER,iICKitfc MOST Of- “ We expect to pul a In the field next Hi > ban hot aee how we can bo beat, i For Instance X expect to have Byd-| ney Bare twirl and he la a light, j fast, amort-thinking ball player. He 1 only welgha 229 pounds now and by I next Saturday I expect him to ‘ weigh about 244 pounds. I will do the catching myself as long at| I. last. I am rather light now. only weighing 244 pbunds. but by next Saturday I expect to Up 277 pounds. | thing happens , to 8yd Bare have Frank Hughes In re- . serve* He U the heaviest of my lightweights, weighing only 299; pounds, but by next Saturday I ex- , pect him to' go well over 300 pounds. “ In the Infield I have the class/ Dick Saelfleld. who weights 287. will play first base as long as he cam see the ball. Welse, the fast boy weigh-1 leg 286 pounds, will play Hicks and Orcutt To Play Tun\esas at Elmsford Club The Elmsford Country Club will be the scene of a mixed foursome thl* coming Sunday which will have two of the 'best women golfers In the cohntry competing against two of the Elmsford Club pro ­ fessionals. Joe Turaesa win ­ ner of the Yorkshire tourna ­ ment wlU play with his broth ­ er Phil, against Maureen Or ­ cutt. and Helen Hicks. The match will start at 2 o'clock In the afternoon and will go eighteen holea The Turnesas will eoncere four strokes to their opponents In the medal play, to be taken any time they wish. HANSEHMEETS GONZALES AT -V bughaan J om cm * T ake it * '-HE\ WAS ffoOREp TWICE- in ms 10NC CAREER,(BV T o N n W: AND U3MSKI). BUT-BRAWIOCK.' IS THE. HARDEST PERCHED OPAU to fulfill an Important engage- the Armory Thursday. Hr voiced his regret and hoped that he >uld visit this fair city In the near future. Which left the match ­ makers for the National Guard up tree and out on one limb. However they akurrlrd around nd unearthed two lightweights will take the place of the middleweight final which was , lo lako plnce. These lads arv well known here, having foughi before. By this time they ought to be on lo each other ’ e style. Since spring they have fought three times to ­ gether. Twice In tho local ring (he bouts were called draws after hard milling all the way through. Gon- salis la more clever than Hansen but the latter Is more rugged and can take a lot of punishment with- Last together base, and this kid has hsd plenty lyy of experience with the Cb — ------ - - ‘ Commerce. Bald-headed Fasstlggl will play shortstop. He Is the lightest of my lightweights, only weighing 207 pounds. On third base “ have the beadiest of all the kids. . should ssy the red headiest. He Is fH.t fast thinking Fsltcher Brush. ” Classy Outfield “ My outfield will consist of a _ :owd of speed merchants. Steve Hogan will play center. Thia boy ean go and get them. He only weighs around 219. but he la fast- Peters, the 244 pound man .will play right, and watch this man pil ­ fer the base#. Oh. I forgot all about Putty Toung. Well, he Is playing right field and he la the only man on my team I want to take of! weight- He weighs 354 pounds and that's St pounds too much, but he Is fast and that Is why 1 am using him. He la pretty old, hot can atlll go get them. wa have Ike Jarvis, X-JOCKEY WILL TALK ON RACING William Walker to Tell Ex ­ change CIub'Members of His Turf Days \Horse Racing.\ the sport c. kings, will be the topic which the Exchange Club will hear tomorrow evening at Ita regular meeting at the Court Restaurant. William Walker, a member of the club and formerly a Jockey will be the speaker and he will tell some of the experiences and adventures he had during the time he wore racing silks. Matthew Lynaugh. first vice-pres ­ ident of the club, will preside. Mr. reserve we Lynaugh will also lead the delega- 222 * pounds'and \with\ a litUe more | Hon of the Exchange Club to the experience he will be good. Then 11 memoriM presentation service have Btevo Smith and a few other , tonight. _______ 200 pounders. They will be therel , This statement looks a Utile ex- HAMBONFS MEDITATIONS Pictorial Golf Instruction By XL'a Martin Socketing the Iron shot Is a fault thta comes to nearly all of us In our golf days. Some get the habit and have'never found a curs, or have passed looking for relief. Socket- lng. or shanking. Is caused by push- aggerated on the face of It hut Howe was so serious about the game that maybe It la O ’ . K. He went on to say that the flyweight team line-up la uncertain at present but would be announced shortly. The outlhi at Schmidt ’ s la looked .jrward to by an the Legion men and Frank Hughes promised a real ' on tap after the baseball German* Invited To Compete Here New York. July 18 (UP) — The United States Lawn Tennis Asso ­ ciation is planning to Invite mem ­ bers of the German Davis Cup ByJ.P.Altay SUMP h -NOTHER RATTL-ED A po' ihJ PAT OLE HAV itep H ou ^ e pis .MAWWIN' EN I KiVEREP A MILE jn A MI 6 HTY SHA v / t pittance // nls world, to oompete In the men's national championships at Forest No deflnlts action waa de- : ____ upon but It was considered I w ’ probable today that the Germans would be Invited to taka part In (* the annual fall net classic. GUNBOAT SUNK DEMOLAY NINE DROPS CONTEST Title Co. Juifiore Score Nine Rune to Beat; DeMolay by Wide Margin.'. Yesterday's hero: William Wol- aon Clark who held Cincinnati to four-hits and won hla third consec ­ utive victory for the Robins at Brooklyn. 4 lo 2. It waa the finest pitching performance of the day. Jack Sabo] Shoot* A 66 ib Tie Record Made by McFarlane Jack Babul finds Westches ­ ter Hills, hla home course, more to hla liking than tho Winged Foot layout. Judging by the scorea he hna turned In thia aeaaon. Early in the aprlng he went around Ihe eighteen holea In the remark ­ ably low score of 63. He waa nol given official credit for Ihli feat becauao one of the greena uaed was only a tem ­ porary one at the time. Sunday. Sabol wenl out.In 33 and In In the some score ti tie .the course record of 66 which Willie McFarlane made •ome years ago. Sabol seems to Improve with time. H* has many years ahead of him and It would not surprise hla admir ­ ers If he crashed through In aome of the big tourneys soon His score at Winged Foot In the Open was better than mnny of I*)e best golfers Pittsburgh scored Us seventh , consecutive ylctory of the Pirates' The Westchester Title and Trust , eastern tour by beating the Braves Co. Junior, baseball team turned (at Boston, b to 4. The Pirates wrre back the DeMolay outfit at the | »ble to get only seven hits off Recreation Park. Saturday, tn a j Brandt but made them effective, well-piayed game. Horner pitched 1 ■ Ihe Junior^ bankers and John j The chlc , KQ Cuhs gained half a hr Pirates by winning at Philadelphia. 9 to 6 1. In both games the • the DeMolay. The Title ie were able to mane their , two\ game lunt for they scored rlno ond - to > 13 hlla while thrlr nppon- j Cut)I wer , ____ _ _ » — — f| r gl an d xi to 8 In the second. Jack Scott held the Cardinals to seven hits while the Oianls pound ­ ed Willie Shordcl for 13 safe blow, and a 7 to 2 victory at New York. ents made only, two from twi The only two-base hit of game was made by Ball but two of his teammates wrnt one further and rang up three baggers. Cor ­ nell and Enoch .turned the trick.. None of the DeMolay boys were! able to get further than first on I a hit. 1 | ,Bab« Ruth hit a home run with The score was tied at the end of | the_score tied in the ninth Inning the furth Inning two all. Then Title Co. started on a rampage tallied five In tha next frame. ’ clinched the game for them these two e 22nd Engineers Armory in York. Here Chleo wns the tr by a decision Thursday they meet again at the Armory In the feature boul. Hansen Is nol pleased with the decision of Iasi week and still thinks he can beat the youngster. Both Hansen and Gonxalcs fought ere with other opponents. Hanae/i 1st to Bobby Anderson, the fast 389th Regiment fighter who kept nwny from the Swede and worked | on him. Chico also Tost , gave a great exhibition of 1 ness. That happened whi | given a lacing by Slavln. 1 hilling former champ who Just got j a decision over Anselm lost week. [ Slavln gave Chico an awful beating but Consoles plowed In time after I time, trying hard all through the ! ten rounds. PUBLIC LINKS PAMPHLET OUT Secdfd No. 4 JNayer Beats T. C.W P.,k Uu„ De- 1 Billcl,ik in Cl °*' S «* icriptivV Pamphlet About Its To Advance in the Quaker Three &lf Cour.es . I Rjd Re Bowl Play. S: FOWLER WINS NEW ROCHELLE TEtfNIS MATCH lng the dub outward. Tha body Is! Mancuso permitted to come Into the awing J Ball, lb too soon. The tendency la- to fall Enoch. the toes. We get the habit of hitting from the Inside out and overdo It at times extending the club too far. To cure this temporarily, at least, one should make sure that the club comes on to the ball from a line straight -behind. This prevents shoving Into ball. Detroit and Ihe New York Yi kees beat the Tigers, 7 to 6. victory enabled the Yanks lo i half a game on Ihe leading they counted two more in the nex! | who •P Iit » double header ml Cleve- Innlng. The.game went the full ' land - nl^Flnnlnga. I 1 The box score: I Cleveland pounded Ehmke, Rom- ' mel and Yerkcs for 13 hlla to win the first game from Philadelphia, 6 to 5. In the aecond game, how ­ ever. Earnahaw scattered seven hits among the Indiana with auch success that not a Cleveland run ­ ner crossed the plate and Philadel ­ phian won, 4 lo 0. The Westchester Copnty Park , Commission has Issued a.pamphlet I Only nine singles and threo doub- glvlng Information about the three ! matches were played golf couraca which It operates In Rochelle yesterday In Ihe third day the county. These three are Mo- of competition on the courts of the hanslc, Maplemoor and Sprain New Rochelle Tennis Club for tho Tllte Company Cherrleo, 2b ... 3 0 TheJlome Run Club Leaders: Klein, Phillies, T Giants, 25; Wilson. Cubs. .' rig, Yankees, 22; Bottom! dInals. 22; Hafey, Card l n; Stmmons, Athletics, 21; Ruth, kees. 20. and O'DouL Phillies. 18. Yesterday's homers: Klein, rail- lies. three; Frederick and Bressler, Dodgers; Wilson and Haatbcote, Cuba; Ruth, Yankees; Detailt. Car- d I nils, and Averill, Indians, one ; ArnAlcan. DrPaJo. lb _ Whlffen, 3b _ ' nne. If __ L \ lhnson. p _ orton, 2b _ ’ ayler, cl ___ Hammond, c I.ynton. rf __ Paynter, rf __ Two-base hits. Ball; three-base hits. Cornell. Enoch. Title Co — — 0 2 0 0 8 2 0 0 X— 8 —15 DeMolay 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 — 2 — 12 Young Ed Walsh pitched an 8- hlt game for the White Sox. at Chicago, and scored a 4 to 2 victory over Washington. The While Sox made only aeven hits off Marberry St. Louis romped to an easy 10-3 victory over the Boston Red -Sox. at St. Louis. Stewart pitched for the winners, allowing seven bits. RUSSELL RELEASED Indianapolis, July 1 (UP) — Reb Russell, former Chicago Whits Sox hurler and veteran major'and mi ­ nor league ball player, was without a Job today for the first time In , many years on the diamond. He was given his unconditional release by the Indianapolis Indians here . 1 _____ | Quaker Ridge Bowl. The featun Mohansic Is the-oldest one. lo- , mntrh was between A. 8. Fowler, cated at Yorktown Height*. In a \ceded No. 4. and T. BUlchlk. section where there are few cours- 1 wenl ,0 thp former In two long cs. This proved such a success j B,t *- n_ *• 7-5 Gowl Play that Maplemoor. at White Plains, j Prevalent at all limes, both players was opened. In less than two years bclns 1 uU * «v»nly matched. Hold- Ibis course became so much used ‘ lnK , * lead In the sec- that capacity crowds have been 1 0 \ d ,ct - Fowler loomed as an easy handled over the week-ends. : w,n \' r * r *\'' - ------------- Sprain Lake is the last to be opened. This event look place last week and was looked forward lo by many golfers who live In the neighborhood of Yonkers Margin Stage* Rally To Draw With Farr Braddock. Pa^ July 16 (UP) — Andy Martin, of Boston, and J i ’ ny Farr, of Cleveland, fought a round draw here last night. I nen are cduten<era for the feath ­ erweight title. Martin, outclassed early In the bout, staged a come ­ back to gain the even break, knocking hla opponent down twice In tha last three rounds. - TWO AFTER TITLE New York, July 16 (UP) — A shot ; the Junior lightweight title, held by Tod Morgan, will be the aim of Harry Blitman. of Philadelphia, and Pete Nebo. Florida Indian, when they meet In the feature 10- round bout at the Queens boro Sta ­ dium here tonight. winner. A fine rally by hla oppon ­ ent brought up the score lo 5-alL From that lime on Fowler played a. much finer brand of tennis, to take two games in a row. Fine tennis was also played In the fourth round match between F. Cady and Scott King, which the ' — ner won by 4 — 6. 6 — 2. 6-2. King txcellenl net play, won the first but the speed of Cady In the First round — Bacon and Morgan defeated Jenkins and Morrison by default; Ewing and Hodgman de ­ feated Cable and Moffett. 6 — 2. 8 — 2. Second round — Holly and Clayton efeated Aldredge and Eastman. 6 O. 7 — 5. Hitch Hiker Gets a Lift J x . FABLES AND SLANG By GEORGE ADE ONCE TMCRE WAS AN INCURABLE GROUCH. WHO THOUGHT THERE I OUGHT TO BE A LAW iTHAT IF THE KIOS NEXT DOOR KEPT HIM FROM SLEEPING LATE IN THE MORNING HE GRQWLED MR. GROUCH THOUGHT THAT ANT FEMALE OVER 35 WHO HAD HER HAIR MR.6ROUCH IS 89 AND GOING STRONGIHEG FINDING NEW KINDS OF PEOPLE TO HATE ALL THE Loughran Having Trouble Losing Weight for Title Bout Champion May Lose Power Trying For 175 lb. Weight ARMORY A RAIN L°ughran'« Normal Weight Above Limit; Brad- iUUlUflU flUillll dock k m Fine Skspe For CominB Conte , t Tw \ I i ; ll ' ” ' i8l,U Ilo< For ' a of fl ' sh likely to rfctermm, the Third Time in Arm.oryi £% winner of Thursday night ’ s fifteen-round bout at the Feature Bout; Other Two Yankee Stadium between Tommy Loughran, light heavy- Wcre Close, Hard-Fought. I w-eight champion, and James J. Braddock. Completing ... __ to .w-i ,li8 trBinin K al Hooaick Falls, N. Y.. today, Loughran faced pelrance or sailor Criscoi* md j ,he prospect of drying out tomorrow in order to get inside Billy Morangothy wui not take! the division weight limit of 175 pound* by 2 p. m., the place for at least a month or, two. i day of the fight. ’’ It'* going to be hard, but rlt do it, ” to >J *h« United Preu. don ’ t think H wfll of the u. s. Navy, stating that the, hurt me much and 1 11 gam all my strength back before rear admiral refused to give him a • I enter the' ring. ” J destroyer to toot up north with In j ------- — -----------------------------------------* Around .fistic circles today Lough- ras s difficulty In getting Inside tha ' weight limit was taken as an Indi ­ cation that a crowned Thursday night. Loughran weighed US% whan ha foughi Ernie Schaaf in Boaton on May 24 and the champion admits that he was In part act condition that night. So Loughran will hava to take off more than ten pounds by 2 p. m„ Thursday to make the • weight. ---- - ---- - ----- — Over (he 15-round route Lougb- ran must have speed, stamina and strength to stave off a young, strong, hard-hitting opponent who believes he can' win by a knock-out. Remarkable recovarlcs have saved Loughran from being knock ­ ed out before, but when he got off the canvas t^ce In tha first round and saved Ii.s Utle against Lao Lomskl. Tommy hod no trouble making the welgbt. Braddock can hit harder than Lomskl and Is stronger. If James J. ever finds himself In the same situation Lomskl was In on tha night of January 6. 1928. a crown la jjlmost certain to change hands. Both fighters completed train ­ ing today w-.h light workouts, ™ Braddock weighed 171 ti after yes ­ terday's workout and plans to enter the ring weighing 173. In hts lost appearance In the rlrig before the fight Braddock scored two knockdowns In four rounds of sparring yesterday. The challen ­ ger floored Allentown Joe Cans and Joe Hanlon with left hooks to tha head. Hanlon was badly hurt. Betting odds have taken a sudden drop within the past few days, com ­ ing down from 2 Vi to 1 on Tommy t* virtually even money. Braddock may enter the ring tha favorite. last two returned him the easy vic ­ tor. Homer Cable, a young player, af- ir doing some mighty fine playing > tho first two rounds, was elim ­ inated by 1>. F. Drake. 6 — 0. 6 — L This same young man also waa the feature player In a doubles match which he and his partner, Moffett. ■ — . E W i„g and Hodgman. Tho Third round - Martin defeated Watkins. 6 — 1. 8 — 6; Alfred Haffi- raelt defeated D. A. Jacobs. 6-2. 6 — 2; B. F. Drake defeated Homer Cable. 6 — 0, 6 — 1; N. J. Henplques defeated W. Hoffman. 6-^f — 4; J. D. Ewing defeated Robe/t Warner. 6 — 2. 6 — 3; Richard LowMI defeated . Havlland. 6-2. 8-0; J. Minster Seated A_ \V. McCain. 6— 4. 8-8; . & Fowler defeated T. Blltehik, f -7. 7 — 0. Fourth Round — ’ F. Cady defeated Scott King. 4 — 6. 6 — 2. 6 — 2.

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