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CRAM! THROUGH WINDOW Fitchburg, Uui , July 18 (UP) — ,WUUam P. Mallahy. undertaker, re ­ ceived six unexpected visitors who nearly brought him some business the vlaltori were occupant! of an automobile! which ploughed through the plate-glass window of his undertaking establishment. None was seriously hurt. 11814 * le had ,ent * small boy to a store 1104 wlth ,hc monp y b “ t ■»!<> he did not 187^ know it wai not genuine. REMANDED FOR 8ENTENCE 264 Alfred Santiago, alias Albert Sal- 98 emo, a Cuban of Spanish ancestry. charged with the theft of the auto- 974 bHe of Dr. James W. Morrissey In 8954 from of 11 8L Andrew's Place. Yon ­ kers, on Jun^ 2, 1927, was remand- 994 ed for further examination this 1214 morning when he appeared before 86ii | County Court Judge Frederick P. 210 Close for pleading a second time. TREASURY BAIANCK WashlngtSfi. July 16 <UI Trensury net balance on July was $239,831. 706.10. Customs celpts to the same date tola $21,866,654.77. OPEN EVENINGS 9200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAIN*, N. Y„ TUESDAY, JULY 16, 19# FINANCIAL NEWS — STOCK MARKET REVIEW [Dealings in New Y ork Stocks from Page One) American B featured the oils with • rise of nearly a point after open' fair on a block of 12.800 shares. Skelly came out 23.800 shares at 4154 Up 154 and then rose more than 2 points. Consolidated Gas continued to •oar In new record territory J tllltlea where Public Service of ew J< active. Advance Rumcty ____ 88 Air Reduct ___ — - — . 164' Alleghany Corp — ------ Aim 294 1294 nfc Prods Coke ----------- 854 344 Dry O A --------------- 9454 95 Can Pac ------------------ 2464 2475J Case Thresh -------------- 365 373 Central Alloy Steel. ----- 47 4 474 Cerro De Pasco _ ______ 954 054 Cert-Teed Prods _____ 26 Ches A Ohio ------------ 5744 271' C M St P A-Pnc _____ 39 S 40 C M St P A Pke pf .... 604 61 Chi * N W _J ______ __ 964 9451 Ohl R1 A Pac ------ J. — 14174 142 Chrysler --------------- 694 704 Columbia Graph Commcr Solve . _ Congo Nairn ___ Cons O bj C onti Can Conti Mot COUNTERFEIT M0NEi( PASSED IT OFFICE HER! (Continued from Page One) BOARD OPENS BIDS FOR NEW AT OFFICE HERE\ EQUIPMENT WIDOW NAMED AS EXECUTRIX lr. Dombo Is taking the matter with the New Tork offico of company today to warn them of danger uf receiving spurious money. IS bill was the second worthless discovered In this city within a week. One was brought to head ­ quarters last week by a Secret Ser- vlco operative who aald he got It from another victim of the counter ­ feit gang believed by police to be working In New York and West ­ chester County. An announced exclusively In The Dally Preas. Federal agents are working In this city In an effort to trace the source of the bad money. A youth who called himself Herman Tolkov was arrested In New York last week and charged with passing two counterfeit bills. He admitted he had sent a small boy to a store with the monry but said ha did not know it was not genuine. WILLS MONEY TO ORPHANAGE Lnle Mt. Vernon RcniJenl Also Makes Gift to Ea«t- chester Protestant Church Eight nieces ar.d nephews In ad ­ dition to St. Pauls Protestant Church of Eastc'rstcr ami the Pro ­ testant Orphan Asylum of Cork. Ireland, arc bequeathed $500 each by the .erms of the wl' of Anna Limb Spor., 641 Sopth Eighth ave ­ nue, Mount Verno; today. Mia* Iamb leave $10,000'' In real property ___ \more than $1,000\ m personal lM * property .naming the Mount Ver- ond non Trust Company of Mount lnl \ Vernon as exccu.ora of the will She died on May 30. The relative^ wh< share by the terms of th^wlll err: Mrs. Louise May. and Heneagr Finch, of Plum- stead. England. Elizabeth Nathan. Alfred L Shine. Harold L Shlnr and -'alrntim Finch, all of l-on- don. England, and William Lamb Shine and Charlotte Barnes, both of Stamford. Conn. Each receives $500. Rose . Joh.ison. of (he Mount Vernon address, adopted daughter and niece of the deceased woman receives the residue of ths estate by the terms of the will. [S tock - a -D ay m MLI Publishing Company nt returned from an tho island of RhoAri n Mediterranean am Italian Island poMcssU f the Parli peace con The King became a great for Rhodes-as expressed hlrii rated In fthodi thus remained unspoiled Evening Post, the la throughout the centuries, while the j otirn ,| * nd Country Gentleman. Islands like Cyprus. Malta, and Cor- T h aggregate clrcula- fu have suffered modernization ow- ** Ing to their stragetle Importance j tion of 7.000,000. The company has and their anchorage _for fleets. Cy- been an outstanding developer of pros and Malta the most efficient clrculattL_ _. ganlzatlons in the magazine field. I The company's wholly owned plant | ...... . , n oiu In Philadelphia covers two city churches and monasteries in fchlch blocks and about 5.000. wc->- ............ ’ one seemed suddenly transplanted employed Into medieval times, when the Cru- Gross ssders were going to and fro In the |„ 192s Eastern Mediterranean. nhodea | 12 percent, was occupied Knights of Ms the mcdii BUSINESS RECORDS OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY Kitchen Furnishings and Seats For High School Considered at Rcpi- lar Meeting Late Frederick H. Poor 'K $5,000 to ^ ife - Wat Harvard Graduate nea^the legend. around the world.\ ! Dr Van Kirk ci rse this year 1 e board acfng stlonn of Supr ols John W .\L In Scpti the summer eoursi approved by the the recommendatio of Superin ­ tendent of Schools John WALum- bard. Mias Edna C. Hurley was given a primary school appointment. She la a graduate of the Buffalo Normal School and has had seven years' teaching experience. • Miss Mary E. Burks was also given an appointment as primary teacher. She has been teaching with success In Rochester. Mias Cora Lamb will teach for the remainder of the term in summer THF.7 Unitarian Church of Yonkers Trustee of tfie Halstead .school j „ 1|t there. He was a member of the | \ Harvard Club and the Engineer'* 1 . Club of New York City and Amackassln Club of .Yonkers. THE S kipper hap THE (JoKSTABULE ARRMT TME- S lum LooKiNd^ 3TRAN(iET* THAT HANPEP HIM ONE op THE NEW POLLAR BILLS. Homes and Plots Sold By Homeland Company The Homeland Company lias sold this week In Ravendali Gonzales Corporation n onlal house of seven _____ George A- Donahue of Yonker. who also purchased an additional plot of ground adjoining the residence. They also sold for tha same build ­ ers another six-room house In colonial architectural style to Char ­ les Byron Bradley of- Yonkers. In Cedar Ridge. Irvington, they sold for H. Braudrr room English stucco bouse to Fred J. Huber 'of New YqjJt, They also report the sale of sites In Beacon Hill to John Fortune of Dobbs Ferry, and additional land to Harold W- Bolling; In Ravri dale a homesite on Ashley rbnd. Howard S Evergreen, of New Yo... and a plot to the Gonzales Corpora ­ tion. SELL BUSINESS PLOT The Homeland Company has sold for the Ardslcy Improvement Com- unny to a client of their odlce iccc of land.In Ardslcy, zoned f vsinssa. consisting of five lots 1 To Saw Mill River road, north -e circle at the Junction nf th ad and Ashford avenue. 1 li.a t * of the last unimproved pieces ; business property In Ardslcy. and ta between the New York Central stlon and the Homeland ny's new subdivision. Beacon TUI. which will eventually provlda otries for a new population of -vl hundred, which has caused ime interest In the busmi >n of the town, in anticipation of he need for stores, shops, etc., to .alee care of the lot many new families. TO STUDY INSURANCE LAW Albany. July 16 (Special). — Con ­ sideration of the New York State auto financial responsibility act which goes Into effect on Septem ­ ber 1, will be main objective be ­ hind a meeting called for Friday by Charts* 'A. Harnett, stato motor vehicle commUsionlr. The meeting will be attended by representatives of prominent Insurance companh -nd Interested indllvduals. , It will e held In the chambers of the Na- lonal Bureau of Caxilhlty and Sur< ly Underwriter*. l.Park place, New York Olty. at 10 o ’ clock. IS NAMED DIRECTOR - Albany. .July 16 (Special — Lena A. Barclay, of 483 (Jramatan avenue, Mount Vernon, Is named as one of the directors of the Business and 1 Professional Women ’ s Club a t New 1 York City, which yesterday ; chartered heer bjr the secretary of j utsde. The q|ub, with a newly ‘ greeted headquarters In New York , City. Is one of tha largest of Us kind In the. country._ - SISTER SOLE LEGATEE Francis A. White, Mater of Helan J. White, of « De Witt 3ronxviUe. Is made sol* 1 legatee of the win or her sister 1 SI brotherhood of the race* and na- ‘ and united Into the white mind tYr world. ngstown divine carries Ho d-- said. ------- — ................ press for pacifist propaganda in Italy, but Just the same, he went over to St. Peter's square, he sold, and unfurled the \World Emblem of Peace ” and read “ his message.\ He claimed to have traveled all over tho United States In a flivver, preaching peace. The first IUUaV Ambassador to the Holy See. COuat Craare do Vecehl, has taken up his residence In the famous old Julian palace, built by Pope Julius m. This pal ­ ace has always been considered as government property since the fall of the temporal power In 1870 and the government assigned It to the ambassador because It deemed It worthy of the great function it la destined to perform. The Papal Nunzlo. Monslgnor Borgonglnl-Duca. has taken up his residence In Villa Anzanl and the diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Italy are functioning In a regular diplomatic way. By virtue.of the Lateran treaty. Mon ­ slgnor Borgonglnl-Duca I* dean of tho diplomatic corps accredited to the King of Italy. The corps was scheduled to call on his this month to pay their formal respect* and to recognize him as their now dean. The Nunzlo to It^ly Is consider ­ ed as the highest ranking p-.pal diplomat and%rtll certainly be crea ­ ted a cardinal when he serves the alloted number of years. The papal nunzlo* In Paris. Madrid and Ber ­ lin generally enjoy the same dis ­ tinction and already the talk Is that Monslgnor TeHeschlnl lr. Mad ­ rid and Monslgnor Pac ell!, in IJer- lln. will be made cardinals at the next conalstory, tentatively set for noext autumn. The highesk award offered this year by the. British Academy of Art* In Rome was won by Countess Ophelia Ellen, the Russian e-isto- cartlc wife of Patrick Keclan, cle-k of the American embassy. This U the first time In the hundred year's existence of the academy that the prize has been won by on American citizen. Many Americans have studied In- the Institution but have gone back to America to ro-tlize their successes. The academy is lo ­ cated In the heart of the artists\ quarter In Via Margulta. Great Impetus has been given In the building of faster and at longer roads In Italy. Ali^ady 40.9h0 men are employed In reconstructing and Improving oil main arteries of the country. Premier Mussolini hair given orders that all roads leading In nn4 out of Rome within n radi i* of 50 miles must be completely ren ­ ovated and perfected within tbe next year. All roads leading from abyiad and constituting the nack- bone of Italian road traffic must be Improved also. Mors than 6,000 kilo ­ meters of road have already been Improved or under construction. ptoclaiw nwm r Hffu ce ftuU * jbxxhe Tmmx* < 4MP,T P ALL THE INHAR/ tat m t ^ 'LIBERTY' i r Financial Independence brings ' relief from worries and a greater capacity for \life liberty, and ^ y the pursuit of happiness\* Start An Interest Account ■THE COUNTY TRUST COM] White Plains, N.'Y. ” u 1 uni * fioiiAi aimvi y ! Community Bank Rendering A Metropolitan Scrmc]

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