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I r- yEUKPHONE 9200 THE DAHLY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17,1929 UNPAID BILL PAVED WAY TO DIVORCE PLEA t • _ ______ Mr*. Margaret C. Hubbard Start* Action Against Hus ­ band; Justice Taylor Like ­ ly to Grant Decree ________ _ _ of a wtll known New Tork family, fbrgot pay hla bills. Now.he will probably bar* to forget that ho bad a wife, for yesterday Supreme Court Jus- tlco George H. Taylor, Jr., intimat ­ ed that be would grant Mm. Mar ­ garet C. Hubbard * plea for a de ­ cree of abeolute divorce on the ground* of her huaband'e alleged The dlaoovery of hie alitged mar ­ ital lapeea came about through the 4 ig of bllli unpaid In Pitta- . hi* wife. hearing the teetlmony of bbard, *a!d to be a realdent Port Cheater, a private In- and conilderlng motion* tend Morgan. Mra Hub ­ bard'* lawyer. Juetlce Taylor ro- and her ifrster, Mra. Marion C. Pryor, of Green ­ wich, Conn, were left alone In New Tork during Auguet. 1936, they said, while “ hubby.” a* he laid, wa* away transacting tome “ Important ” bual- Shot Saves Yputh Attacked Bull; ... Was In Line of Fire ■ Morrietown, Pa, July 17 (UP) — David McClure,fIS. la alive bccauee of the espert- markroanahlp of hie father. Francis McClure, farmer Uv- Ing near here. Yesterday-a bull attacked the youth and when the lad fell exhausted, the animal waa about to gore him. The elder McClure, a big game hunter, enUrely Ignoring the Iqct that hi* eon waa In the line of Ore. took aim and ebot the bun through the heart. The animal dropped dead only a few feet from the pros- trate youth. carry out thla business and Mr*. Hubbard'* suspicion*, were aroused. ■h* told the court- Costing about for a'prlvate detective she four<l John J. McIntyre, who make# tfi specialty of such cases. He testi ­ fied, that ho had been put on the track of some unpaid bills left be ­ hind by Hubbard In Pittsburgh. McIntyre did not specify what the bills were for but smiled as he testi ­ fied and later presented the broken head of a cane. It* connection with the case remains a mystery. ___ ____ n _ ______ ____ _ _ The Hubbard* have two children, i , CBn BU dlence at Playland. Charles Joseph, 6. and Margaret. 2. J wlw . j ” “ ! k z*,..r AUTOS FROM MANY STATES AT PLAYLAND Great Wilnd .Draws Admir ­ ers From AH Section* of Country, a Check-up on Plates Shows Westchester County, because of Its park system, baa become the mecca of motorists from all over tho eastern slates. Automobiles bearing license plates. Increasing In- number, from Pennsylvania, Mass ­ achusetts, Connecticut and other nearby states haveTieen tabulated at the auto park by employes of Playland. Tho cause for thla annual Inflow. It Is believed, la the much heralded appearance of the great Wllno, the human projectile, who waa brought to thla country from Germany and Is making his first bow 4 -----4 ------- that she wished tl — ac ™** the Atlantic. — rep , , short space of a week, thousands of who merely | thM0 i, ving here. - - . In court by an attorney, 0f „ ' hU*\tremendo'uiiy\ slTc'lUng\Idve^ ? , .*J T li enC K f' ' r ture. many of whom have been al- polntad by the court to examine to W( McClure, an Important wlt- r.rss, was admitted by the court. Mrs. Pryor. Mrs. Hubbard, McIn ­ tyre. and the attorneys bad a lengthy wait In the Court House. They appeared when the action waa called on the calenda: In the morn ­ ing but wsr* hot reached when Jus ­ tice Taylor adjourned court to at ­ tend the funeral of former Justice Isaac N. Mills at Mount Vernon. Hs agreed to return at 4:45 o'clock, but waa delayed by an accident and reached the court room at 6 o ’ clock. GIVES $150,000 TO ST. AGNES Mrs. Elizabeth Ottilie Meyer 1 Bequeaths Large Sum to Local Hospital St Agnea Hospital for Crippled Children will receive more than *150.000 In the term's of the will of Mrs. Elisabeth Ottllle Meyer, widow of the late Peter F. Meyer, nationally known real estate auc ­ tioneer and one time partner of Richar d C roker, Tammany Hall bequest wna made __ i when Surrogate i New York signed an or ­ der directing Mrs. Meyer's safe de ­ posit vault to be opened. With the death of Mrs. Meyer on July 2, more than *1.000.000 of her huaband'a estate was released for charitable purposes. The widow received a life Interest In the resi ­ duary estate of more than *3,086.000. Mr. Meysr specified bequests to seventeen charities and educational Institutions, affective with the dea t h of hla wife. .Under Mr. Meyer's will one-third of tha residuary estate, which ac ­ cording to a transfer tax appraisal made In May amount* to *468.312, will go lo St Agnes Hospital, the Home for tbs Aged and the Little Slaters of the Poor. Bt Joseph ’ s Seminary and Fordbam University are also named as beneficiaries. Other specific bequests made in the will are to: Sc ton Hall for Con- , the Roman Catholic Op- f the eastern seaboard. PROBATION North Tarrytown- Man Breaks Pro ­ visions; Remanded to Jail by Judge Goie; Refuses to Work James North I . _ latlon of his probation, was brought again before County Court Judge Close yesterday and after a abort Inquiry by the court waa remanded for further investigation. Alvado, when before Jui at the Unu of his convt abandonment of hla wife. Rose Al ­ vado. at a time when she was about to become a mother, promised the court he would find work. His record, howover. proved oth ­ erwise. and he was brought back for violation of probation. Alvado la a hotel worker, he said WIFE, HOSPITAL CASE, ASKS FOR Suing Husband For Separa ­ tion; He Is About to Enter. Hospital For .Disabled Veterans, Charles F. Dalton, attorney for Edith G. Price, former realdent of Pelham Manor, yesterday made a motion for alimony and counsel fees for his client Before Supreme Court Justice George H. Taylor, Jr. It waa learned that the counsel fee. had been set at *50, half to be paid at the time of the trial and the other half within a week's time. Mrs. Price Is Institutlong a sepa ­ ration action against her husband on the ground of deaertlon, while he asks that hi* marrlsge t pi annulled on the ground fraud. He alleges that he dl( know tha* she had been In Inmate of an Institution for th the mentally deranged prior to the lime he had married her. Mrs. Price Is now confined lirthe same Institution. She allges he did not know of her condition. In making the motion for alimony Dalton said that the defendant was making but *21 weakly he derstood and that this would si tly be cut down as he understood thal Price would have to enter a hospital for d.lsabled war veterans. Friend* Bid Squire Bon Voyage at Pier r Tork. July 17 (Special) — than a dozen friend* of Dr. Amos O. Squire, Westchester Coun ­ ty Medical Examiner, gathered a the Swedish-American liner Grip- sholm 'sailed at noon today to wish the medical examiner bon voyage a his ve weeks' tour lo Europe. Th* medical examiner will attend 3 International convention a . nnhogen. Denmark, at which the question of \violent deaths\ will b studied by Internationally famous tors, scientists, atid medical a thorltles. In his absence. Dr. Edwin Huntington, of Ossining, will act as Westchester County Medical Ex ­ aminer. i PREPARES JO SURRENDER Mexico City, July 17 (UP) — An- Irews Salazar, . rebel leader of Co- Iml, was negotiating with the gov ­ ernment for the surrender of the remainder of hi* band of 3£p after 75 of hla followers had capitulated *. dispatch from Collml stated tt>- MCST RETURN New York. July 17 (UP) — Six Filipinos and William Allen, o' Lynn. Mass, will get a trip to Sat Francisco, but they don't want It In California they will be tried foi selling liquor to United 8tatea sol dlera aboard the transport St Ml- hlel. They originally were arrest ­ ed In San Francisco, but were brought here. U. 8. Judge Mosco- wltx In Brooklyn, ruled on the q lion of jurisdiction. A New Tork Hospita ls. T OURING TWs* F. Callahan, Delegate to Efcs C ost intion. Travelling State of California; Home Soon Thomas T. C a lla han , past exalted ruUr of White Plain* Lodge of Elks and O ff i c ia l delegate from this city to th* national convention held .In Lo* Asgutea early this month la now engaged In travelling -through that state In a eerie* of trip*.- He will leave for tha — 4 ' days, according tc _____ whom be is In constant e SEEK BODY New York. July 17 (UP) — SedMi- ers today were on tho lookout for the body of Chief Mate Charles Knutson of James A. Stillman's yacht Wenonah H. destroyed by mystery blast In Glen Cove. Loss of tho (200.000 craft also Injured William Uhs, tha second engineer, saved from inforno by heroism of Captain Edward Wahwert. CONDEMNATION Railroad should not enter Into po. ■ — Ion of eondtmnad properly In U>* Vlllsgs of port Cheater wae Gulf. Motor F im I Now Aviation Grad* »f Jus* a. e*pln<4on — The aid time gaaoka. and eves the modern PLAN OPPOSED a*orgi H. Taylor, Jr. - It will be heard beforn him on Thursday at Poughkeepsie when ho alts there. It may be truthfully said that most motorist* appreciate quality In all things — quality fuel or qual ­ ity oil means quality performance of th • motor — When th* motor goes well — all is well — automotive engineers are seeking to perfect th* motor by reducing tbs size of the combustion chamber thereby Increasing compression. This In ­ creased compression calls for a slow burning fuel thal Ignllee with a powerful pueh downward Instead be efficient to the extant required — Hane* It baa becom* si emery lo Increase the effleienoy at Gulf No- Argue Thursday on Motion in Connection With Boston and Westchester Extension Argument on a motion for an or- d*r to show causa why the New York, New Haven and Hartford the exlenelon of the New York. WeetchMter A Boston Railroad, a yubdlslary of the New Haven, for a cost Of S1S.12S. This la.now be ­ ing appealed with th> plaintiff having until July 29 lo reply. The extentlon of the railroad from Rye lo Pori Chester bring on the con ­ demnation proceedings *0 per cent greater TWa increase take* No-No* Into • tha notation class of motor fusts udlmii who have bus using No-Noc 10 thed satisfaction will be amazed at Its performance sine th* change — speed - power — pick-up — in fact, everything thal may b ■ deeded will be found In thle ' mw fuel- sSsSsW * Depot 13 ‘ Tlaza cA Tlaces wheres Printing anti latgratmtg IS DONE _____ “ JUST A LITTLE BETTER\ BY i W. H. VlCKERM AN CPECIAUZINO IN SOCIAL J and business station ­ ery . SUCH AS CA RDS. EN ­ VELOPES. LETTERHEADS, ANNOUNCEMENTS AND IN ­ VITATIONS AND A GENER ­ AL. UNE OF --OMMERCIAL' : ’ :■ >■ O ut csinlyhcs Sngraving Is a new process of raised lettering that -ill not rob off tho piper. It Is the only process of Its kind In , Westchester County V Y Qreeting ards OrderCoaMfer 3 ft* / / Z 3 ? NO -\o\ MOTOR-FUEL Aviation Grade NO-NOX MOTOR FUEL today meets W United States Army add Navy specifications for Aviation Gasoline In all essential points. testing as follows: Gravity ...................................... .... 65706° Beaumc Initial Boiling Point .... lOO 0 Fahrenheit 50% Distilled Over at ... • 221° Fahrenheit Final Boiling B^int .................... *374° Fahrenheit GULF NO-NOX MOTOR FUEL Possesses tho Highest Anti-Knock Value of Any Gasoline on the Market GULF NO-NOX is a straight-run pure petroleum prodnet. Its efficiency is equal to a 50% Benzol and gasoline mix ­ ture. It contains no casing head — tetra ­ ethyl lead or dope of any kind. For identification purposes It is colored orange and is the ORIGINAL ORANGE Gas from the Orange Pump. It is priced 3c higher than ordinary gasoline and is worth iL If yon will demand and nse NO-NOX — pings and knocks will disappear. Your motor will give longer and better service. ( gulf ] Fill Vour Car or Plane from the Same Pump Call Service Station or Dealer — At the Siam of the & A Gulf Refining Company

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