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THE DAILY PRE0S, WHITT: PLAINS, N. Y., THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1929 Features From Font Uehte - And Filmland Lon Chaney Has Bizarre Role In “ Where East Is East ” at Slate LOEWS STATE T oday , F riday , S aturday Chaney, In tft* rnU of \Tiger\ Haynes, fungi* animal trapper, rid** at the head of herd! of ele­ phant*. batllei with a ferocious tiger ant] actually trap* on* of the great beaata. HI* death jtniggle with a gorilla 1* a *eniu.t!ona] high ­ light. Underlying the thrill* U a gorgeous love romance. Tod Browning. re*pon*lble for many Chaney hli*. directed. Cha- ney'a portrayal 1* trippingly con ­ vincing. and hi* make-up a new! and remarkable Instance of hi* un- j canny iklll at dUgul**. Lupe Vel ­ ez. a* hi* half native daughter, la a Oery little creature In a vivid role, and Estelle Taylor . a* the exotic Oriental vampire I* compelllngly beautiful. Louis 8tern a* the j priest and Mr*. Wong Wing a* the Chinese grandmother are cleverly! cast. Lloyd Hughe* score* a trl-j umph a* the romantic lead. The great river scene, and the | Jungle epiaode*. Including the trap ­ ping of-the tiger, are spectacular ] background* for the swift moving j AND FIVE BIC VAUDEVILLE ACTS rr. ATURINO WAIMAN ’ S CLOWNETTES A TEN GIRL VERSATILE JAZZ BAND Hurried Backswing Ruinous to Good Golf By BOBBY JONES Rational Amateur and Open Champion Lon Chanry and Lupe Vele* In Where East I* East\ at Loew ’ s persistent fault I have , Belle Bennet's Hands Win Belasco ’ s Praises Divorce Made Easy ’ In Mirthful Tangle of Matrimonial Faro Part of'thc equipment of every actress should be graceful, eloquent hand*, but this 1* seldom the case. Sarah Bernhardt's marvelous hands were always lavishly praised and extolled and one of the compliments Belle Bennett most treasures Is tho one In which David Belaaco com ­ pared hers with those of the Divine Sarah. Miss Bennett ‘ s\latest role Is that of an actrces in '^tolly and Me,\ In which she la Molly and Jo* E. Brown Is \Me\ — partners In mar ­ riage and In a cheap theatrical troupe. Others In the cast ore Al ­ berta Vaughn and Charles Byer. Albert Ray . directed \Molly and Me,\. It I* the attraction at the ■HARDSOILED Z0«\ A fun-filled film frolic. \Divorce Made Easy.\ a 100 per cent talk!. ’ , -.pleased the customers at th«f*K*llh- Albee Theater yesterday, bringing laugh after laugh In quick succes- elon a* Douglas MacLean. the star, got nmted up In one mirthful tan ­ gle after another as the obliging young man who tries to help a re ­ cently married acquaintance to get Johnny Arthur, as the friend, and Marie Pr,evoet. as the bride, plot a compromise scene In which Doug Is to pose as the co-respon-' dint In order that the divorce may ' be effected and, so that Johnny's wealthy aunt. Dot Farley, will be pleased and glv- *■' — ’ — -------- The aunt ar “ - the \framed\ anxiety over results produce a hur ­ ried ewtng which Is nothing like the leisurely, almost Indolent, back- swing employed by most of the best players. The fast swing spoils the easy (lowing balance of the stroke and throws the plsyer entirely out of hls bitting position. It often happen* that one will be awlnglng tod fast for round after round without being once conscious of thd fact, and he may, as I did this spring, work dssperAely trying to make correction everywhere else without suspecting the real trouble. This la one of the very few faults which a man cannot readily dis ­ cover for himself. i A Slogan To Remember For this repaon \alow back\ la always a good slogan to bear In mind. It was the thing that I tried to keep before me as I played every ahot at Winged Foot yet even then more of my shots were spoiled by hurried swinging than from any other cause. I think my tendency In that direction was more pro ­ nounced this year than ever before. I thought numbers of times of my frland at East Lake who has the word “ slow\ stamped In large let ­ ters across tho top of hls Ray Wills putter. He give* himself no chance to forget It and he is an excsllent putter ns a result Findlay Douglas w.-rr.cd me two years ago tbdt ns I grew older I would dlscbver a tendency to quick ­ en my swing and that I should have to watch. Judging by the trouble I have had during the past two years I must be aging quits rapidly. It la possible to swing quits slow ­ ly In such a way that rasults will b* as bad as If th# club were liter ­ ally torn away from the bait We __ ______ impromlse Is being rehearsed and so do Jack Duffy, the Intrusive uncle of Doug, and Frances Lee, who Is Doug's film sweetheart. The succeeding misun ­ derstandings and. events ar* readi ­ ly Imagined. It Is all out-and-out farce — the kind of-a plot that MacLean Is most at home In- He doesn't miss a chance to put over hls Inimitable pantomime. Marie Prevosl and Johnny Arthur are the mainstays of the support, and Miss Lee. Duf ­ fy and Mins Farley, all veterans of the art of farce comedy, also pro ­ vide acting of great merit. A pleasing feature of the plot la that divorce Is merely a means for comedy and Is never taken serious- A Uaallc CM, —1.IM gr Douglas Me Made Easy\ • motion, which permits every por ­ tion of th* body, perfectly relaxed, to participate In the movement. To that end, the grip must be not too tight, the stance must be easy and comfortable, the position of the body must be mobile. In this connection it should be pointed out that tha beginning moat apt to produce these desired condi ­ tions la s full leisurely waggle. By watching the preliminary waggle* of any player I can almost always anticipate the speed of hls swing. Apparently that part of hls swing, and it Is a part. Indicate* the state of hls mind and muscles by culti ­ vating the habit of wafting over the ball With a broad, slow motion th* player goes a long way toward* achieving tha rslaxad leisurely backswing which he desires. ly. Of course the plotters fall to get their divorce and tha whole tangle Is Ironed out frith thrs* cou ­ ples hsppily embraced at tha fin- the - buc T wa W rwvtoa ricron MeLAOUDr „ . . S 1 — *** ■» • K>H - X roan gaiety __ LUNA \AT CHATEAU TnirXK PARK Survivor ’ s Tale Seaman Drifted Seven Hours in Pacific; Only One Saved From Chilean Transport Abato; Lashed Oars Together “ PLEASURE CRAZED ” las, EnsnuB — VICTOBV SALL COLLEGE HUMOR Santiago, Chile, July J8 (UP) — The harrowing tale of a teaman who drifted for aeven hour* In th* Pacific Ocean surrounded by the floating corpes of hls comrades was told today by the lone survivor of the Chilean naval transport Abtao which sank Tors.tay with a loss of few moment* later, turing her so far over that the funnel become submerged and the keel came out of the water. * “ I was hurled Into the sea. When I came to the surface the ' Abtao had disappeared from sight. Finding some floating oar* I tied them together with a cord to form a triangle. All this was very dif ­ ficult. I placed myself ,ln the cen ­ ter of the triangle.\ Walter: How many sifts, tlemen? “ One coffee.' ’ Waiter: One coflee, how c millcj? \Two coffeev\ / Waiter: Two toffee*, bow n “ One tea. ” Waiter: One ten, two col how many milks? (Silence for a loo, while) Waiter: No milk? \Hey. there, one milk. ” W ’ aitef : One milk, two ifm , coffee. “ No. no, waiter. Two coffe FROM THE 3IGSVILLE BUGLE A party of light-seers in a big touring car drove through town last Sunday before they realized H. The aurvlvor, Enrique Aranda, told hla strange tale partly to the officials at Valparaiso and partly to seamen of the Steamer Imperial, which rwahed to the rescue of the sinking ship on receipt of 8. O. 8. signals to arrive after the Abtao A contract has been let lo Dom ­ inick Luciano of Tuckahoe for building a road through parts of the Cowdtn and Taylor satales on ths property of Lawrence Farms at Mount Kiaco. This road will be known as Annandale drive, and will lead from Bedford road opposite . the ' poet office at the corner of | Roaring Brook road to the Ta$k lor road which Is the main drive-' way up to the Taylor residence. It will also hook around to meet the Kittle road which leads to the for- : mer Mosrs Taylor week-end house. Annandale drive and Kittle road will be completed by September 1. dale farm and tha old Kittle •state' which now form part of Lawrence “ The trouble on the Abtao began when the coal on board began to shift with the story. Water began to come In When the ship listed over so far thst there wss no pro ­ tection from the waves, ” Aranda said. \When th* captain, after a ter ­ rific struggle, saw that righting the ship was an Impossible task ho ordered the crew to down life ­ belts and take their stations. The captain went to hls bridge wllb- suff cr ­ one tea. And you three gentlemen over t^ere in the comer, do you want anything to drink? \Coffee — milk — tea — ■\ Waiter: Weil, gentlemen, left tee. Thft makes ft three coffees, ’ two milks, two teas. “Say, waiter, I va dunged my mind. Make mine a milk, and bring along some butter. ” \Does your wife do her own roning? ” “ I should aay not! I won ’ t al ­ low a flatiron in the house! ” By Isadora Duncan By J. MILLAR WATT ~ lafliiifisitUi! hdio-Ktitb Orphean Attraction* TODAY and FRIDAY ON THE SCREEN 1M FEE CENT TALKING ON THE STAGE KEN KENMOBE AND STAGE BAND With JOE HOFFMAN and hls RAGAMUFFINS PAUL REMOB and hla wondsr MIDGETS Dorothy LULL * ESTES LUCILLE SISTERS BL WILLS HI KfSH

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