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The United States will meet I France In the challenge round at j Roland Garros Stadium. Auteull. j Friday. Saturday and Sunday, for I the second straight year. France retained the cup last year by win- \ nine, (our matches to one. The makeup of the United States team has not been definitely deter- I mined, although Tlidcn la certain | to play In the singles and Wllmer | AlllaonrTnd John Van Ryn are i equally certain to compose the dou -1 hies te*pi. George Lott may re- j . ,, place Hunter as the other singles f of the local player efealed their , The United States clinched the 1 •t convincing j Interxone final Saturday when Alll- . of S3 to 19 I ,on and v,n Ryn heat Prenn and •eed that hod U °' d *nhauer the doubles. „ “ “ | In the two opening singles] lo Mack been I matches Tllden beat Moldenhaue: , ------ •* — and Hunter beat Prenn. Befori' leaving. Tllden and the I other American players congratu- Iztri t~: officials of the Red and White Tennis Club bn their splen ­ did treatment and handling of the -------- . matches. U« skinny | Prenn had been expected to put '■* \\ up a much better fight against — — ' 1, but the tall American play- I around him J The German's ----- ----------------- t i uui games In the Second set were of the thin men laid doern a bunt nl | duc , 0 Tllden s wildness. Prenn ____ and Cy Howe picked up the ball i won [h(t opening service and Til -1 aid consequently had several \three- . “ i? ? beautiful throw Into 1 ,j en began by driving his nppan- iZ'zzrzz'zLn, b-, ^ h ^ u 1 • n, ' > ,,m y° •* rv,c - “ r* * nd twenty-ffvs'foot putt for a birdie 1 .1 W ° “ *°° . but won 11 «nd took the next On tbs first nine she was very er- j However this mode the fat man I '\-HI'SHT*to ” \ th. Amerirani I ratio and found almost every trap [ p ecV ed and what they didn't do to i ^ d 1 th American • j on the course, but on the home [ Commander Bleridorf who was journey she played much better golf pitching for tho skinny men only I , . .. , to shoot a M. I hs himself knows. They laced out 11 ,ook on, y 57 mloutcs for all 24 | Joe Turneee played an up and | singles, doubles, triples and home cam ® “ Tllden'*^ most dangerous 1 down game. Although he shot a runs until they got tired and then | weapon consisted of short, under- TO. his card boasted a S and three J got out on purpose. When they had ; c “ t cbo P® which dropped Just over 5's. Phil Turnesa had but two 3's finished six runs had come over the I J 11 ® dBt wb f n F * r< ' nn WM ftt G*® on bis brilliant 68 card. plate. In this Inning Sid Bare. Putty I baseline. This Is a weapon which The match was very close and j Young and the Councilman himself lh ® German players seldom use. Interesting from start to finish and I d * d a°me heavy hitting. The side j Th ® l»nky American appeared at was witnessed by a large and cn- j was retired when Cy Howe took 1 the *°P of hl * fo ™- although he thuslaotlo gallery The cards- three bl S whiff* and fanned himself . hod b *-'' n lrri'» bl * »\ d «urt Jost be- out. Tbs skinny men then got a I fore the match began. Prenn ap- — . . . , . . „ . . little bit mod and scored three In P* Br * d \> «n»eh better form than ^ I thBlr half nr the second by «h. won- | °° ^Iday, but was utterly outclass ; miss oroutt — J | derful hitting of Hervey De Loun. i 0(1 hy the veteran American who | a s x x a a a a IZIni ^ TrmrU th ® AghUng photo- | gained no less than seven service Miss Hicks — 54836655 4 — 40 1 „ d Pop Lynch. Bob • aces In three seta while Prenn took Iiv — , Travis hit a long home run In this i non*- PfcU Turnesa. 4 4 5 S 8 4 S 4 4 — *4 — 68 Inning. T^contest between Hunter and Mss Orcutt — 8284 454 44 — 96 — 78 After the terrible first Inning Bob : Moldenhaucr was much more even i Joe Tamesa — 4 4 582 84 84 — 85 — 70 | Howe, Jr. decided to pitch. He did \nd Interesting and the American Mlsa Hi cks 4 8 6 5 4 6 4 4 4 — 10 —80 well for one Inning but from there had his hands full In disposing of ■ on went wild. The heavy hlttera of , his German opponent. Those who . PlMIMin Win* Two Mile the fat men's team liked his style, j “ W Hunter play at the Rotwelaa Doe. In Trrt Men! Tbcy 1701 ,wo njM ln ,h ® third. “ d Rround\ two years ago were asion-1 McGrath Stars For the Fat Men a* Game Progresses ;| Dinner Held Later. aame team lost another, polm on the abort fourth hole where Miss Or- cutt played her drive Into the (rap on £hs aide of the gxrfn and did not recover sufficiently close to gather ber par. The fifth hole was halved when the men took pare and the women bogles. Although Joe Turaeaa won the long sixth hole with a 4 the points were divided as the player stotallcd ten for each Dieppe- Heip5j Mrs. Reymond was now down and although they halved the four ­ teenth In 4a, the Southern player with an excellent chance to cap. lure the fifteenth, used three put* Mrs. Marttjk, struggling to swing back to th< steadier game she had displayed on the first nine, gained a half with a 6 there, having been bunkered on her third shot. ett won th. seventh, divided the •~ r * eighth and then the ninth as Phil I 3001 ° ‘ lb ® leam * ^ Turneaa hold a thirty-foot putt to | John McGraw or C< nn equal hie brother ’ s brilliant birdie. | present they would have undoubted- At the turn the winning teem was |y signed Councilman McGrath for one down and froth then on the shortstop. The local member mi the ...... match see-eawed back and forth. I Common CoundL was scooping ] lated Th# feature of the second nine ! them up fronTall Angles and I — ........ waa on eagle 2. carded by Joe Tur- ] many a fancy stop \Jiat would neaa on the 801-yard down hill four- made Travis Jackson envious. teenth hole. On this hole both Joel The game started _ .1 ----- , . . ..... and Phil drove the gsocn, with Joe's mm at bat first and Sid Bars In up a n ban stopping five feet from tho pin. ‘ h ® ^ tor th « ta ‘ mon wlu » \ Tllden. Helen Hicks played steady golf to I , i low ® ° n the receiving end. With ; ed all - card a 40 far both nines, but neither ; , 7 “ oul * nd ,wo m ® n P n b **'' on ® I four ga ■fa. m,, Ulm Orott ... .b» U.I\' \'* - ----------- -- d ™ ■ ■ “ * — — SH arkey AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Philadelphia. Other cluba not scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. Othor clubs not scheduled. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Newark at Rochester. Jersey City at Toronto. Baltimore at Montreal ^Reading at Buffalo. NORTH CASTLE W ins contest The North Castle baseball team defeated the Westchester Collegl- ates yesterday at_J.hr Camp School Oval, 14-6. After the first few Inn ­ ings the game waa never In doubt, and Kraus, who pitched for the winners, hod an easy time of It. The hitting of his team mates kept ' him out of danger, although b* struck out 11 men of his a n ac ­ cord and held the visitors to few hits. Ryder, the oppoaing pitcher worked well for five Innings and then went to pieces. In the sixth ‘ frame the North Castle boys col-1 Pittsburgh lected eight runs. Those eight, to- I Chicago _ gether with the six garnered other- New York wise was too much of a handicap St. Louis . to overcome. The slew of hits ' Brooklyn . came right after the Collegiate* j Phlladelphl. threatened to taki/ tho game away j Boston ----- from them by Scoring four runs In Cincinnati “ t.Uf'o.r n. U Ob' ISTn0 In the eighth, proved to be the r> — v, — only onea made by that team and they went down to defeat by a wide M ontrM l margin. Fred Hlppert of North Newark Castle had a gala day at bat. He Baltimore collectql five hits out of six. Reading J Sunday North Castle plays Haw- Buffalo — thorne. Jersey City Too Much Money . ml\ ». granted both thoroughbreds ----------- atu-.ncd the splendid condition of A ..purse of 8200,000— twice any their recefk meeting, sum ever offered In the history of At Asco9 the turf Is all uphill the American turf — will he available 1 and down, the race Is run Uock-wUe for a raco at Arlington Park next j Instead of counter clock-wise, as In year, If Invershln, twice winner of ' this country, and Relgh Count, the Ascot Gold Cup. Is shipped to * beaten only two lengths, probably this country for another test of j waa the better horse that day If speed and stamina with Mrs. John I trained for the going. D. Hertz's Relgh Count | Invershln. Mr. Reid Walker ’ s colt. The American National Jockey | bad b*® 0 trained specially for As- Club proposes to add 8100,000 to the ! “ t and had run .nowhere else, stakes tor a two-and-one-holf mile I R®>8 h Count never had put foot on International race In the autumn of, ‘ b ® and grades of tho exclu- 1830. and Hertz, the big 15-and-5 j * lv « picturesque English course, man from the west, has agreed to | On Home Ground contribute, an extra 8100,000 If In -1 Q n a skinned track, level and vcrahln and Relgh Count start. | goft, , nd ridden by an American Mr. and Mrs. Hertz regret the do- Jock, Relgh Count abould step away feat of \The Count\ by Invershln i from Invershln at Arlington Just as at Ascot this summer, and want to Zov stepped away from Papyrus, bring the horses together again on the former English Derby winner a skinned track over the fiat, con- In their memorable match race at NATIONAL . LEAGUE New York. July 22 (UP) — In ­ ternational team golf matches be ­ tween women players of the United States, Canada. France and Eng ­ land are the object of a commit ­ tee beaded by Mrs. C. J. 8. Frase who reports considerable progress towerd such a series during the past two months of work on It. . NOTES The feature of th* game eras Frank Hughes' base running. He was put out at first, and again at third as he continued around. Then he tried to steal back to second as be waa retired. I THUOkf THAT \ DtfeP OOUW ’ HIS* HfeAlBV OLD, POP I ? A REAL / GOSH. N LOCK? AT THAT OLD STIFF - DIG VJILL YA J VEAH- ' THAT S' OLD P op MuLvey- HE'S' A TERROR Ok; THE F AIRWAVE r — T that Fat men: Bare, pitcher: Howe, | Catcher: Hughe*, flnt: Young, see- cmdj McGrath, short stop: Brush, third: Fastlggi. right; Matson, cen ­ ter: Core. left field. Thin men: Blersdorf, frttcher; Lynch, catcher; Howe, first; Dodds. Second; DeLorm. short stop: Bach- man. third; Travis, right; Ferry. %L 9ii>0 Miss Orcutt and Phil Turnesa Capture Mixed Defeat Helen Hicks and I GERMANS LOSE Joe T u mesa at Elms ford SINGLES SETS TO AMERICANS A REAL CAUU-FLOWER BED By GUS EDSON Tilcirn and Hunter Again Defeat Prtnn and Molden- hauer; Hunter Carried 5 Seta by Opponent Berlin. July 22 (UP) — Th* United I Win Match By Three Points in Best Ball Match; Phil Scores a 68, Two Under Par. r llL'TURNESA of the Ehnsford Country Club and Mau-. reen Orcutt, metropolitan women's champion, paired in an exhibition match at the Elm^ford Club yesterday' -afternoon to defeat by three points, the team of Helen Hicks, Long Island champion, and Joe Turnesa, club pro , and.recent winner of the Yorkshire Thousand Guineas: tournament The scoring ^system followed allowed one' ^ point for best ball and one point for aggregate scores. Phil SlAlot DavU forcet h(U]nl f , Turnesa had the best round, with a brilliant- 68 over the | ParU loday Bna the challenge 5,682-yard course, while Maureen Orcutt's 78 was the best I round »gu nat ^.nc. ttttr con- either of the women could produce. Joe Turnesa had a 70 qucr in g Germany m uie interzone final, five matches to none. William T. Tllden and Francis T. | Hunter completed the United States j triumph by winning the two final , singles matches Sunday, Tllden beating Daniel Prenn, 6 — L 6 — 4, / 6 — 1. and Hunter winning from 1 Hans Moldenhaucr « — A 1-A * — « I ! 4— 6. 6 — 1. and Helen Hicks an The first bole was halved as thi women played even while the men equaled perfect figures. On tne second both Turneaa and Miss Orcutt encoun ­ tered difficulty, but Helen Hicks and Phil Turnesa upheld the honor of each team by equalling par. Thr third bale was lost by Orcutt am! Phil Turneaa as both Helen liteki, and Joe Turnesa 'played their drives on the green and went down In the regulation two putts. The ' t that the Oreutt-Phii Turneaa Fill Men Defeat Skinny Men rE LEGION MEN .. DISPORTiT BURKE FIELD ‘ i Action! skinned track over the fiat. ____ dent that their 1928 Kentucky Der- le fourth. Sid Bare then i lshed at hi. Improvement. HU j b Y winner can reverse the decision. ;n give the thin men a vicious baseline and sideline drive. 1 Ti\ 9 18 » sporting proposition but chance^ were excellently judged, except for tb ® °ff® r of such a purse In thli ln- Tha thin men tied the score In the » brief period of wildness In the »Unce Is unwUe. eighth, but Putty Young came 1 second set. and he returned a num- I The crowd at Arlington are shoot- through with a home run with the ber of drives and placements that i * n g over their heads In offering to bases full, to ruin their chances appeared so impossible that the \ ftdd 8100,000 In the first place, when the fnt men came to bet. . gallery began applauding the sup- j st “ k< ‘ a of 8100,000 added have to be After the game the Legion men i posed point for Moldenhaucr only | lcd U P *° gradually, otherwise they dispersed and then gathered later to hush suddenly when the Ame- ' ar ® Impracticable, and the faint od- at the Westchester Manor for din- , rican nevertheless won the point. I or °* lb ® genus Hevea occasionally 1 ner. The game was replayed for *• d \® cdcd ° n P«y-off d »y- the benefit of those who could aofl Moldenhaucr Skillful | Relgh Count to Win ' ' I Although Moldenhaucr was do- i International races, have nc feated. he exhibited a technical successful from a competitlvi ___ skill fully comparable with Hun- point because of the handicaps Im- | ter 1 *. But his reactions are slower | posed upon the visiting thorough- i J than those of the American. | breds. The crowd filled the Rotwelsa : Despite his defeat at Ascot. Relgh grounds to capacity and again ap- I Count, to my mind, would bo a 1 to plauded the good plays of both 3 shot to beat Invershln over * Oat. i sides with utter Impartiality. : skinned track at twoand-one-half be preeen L ■ Mrs. Reymond Wins 'tide Defeating Mrs. Mjtnrtelle New Orleans Woman Captures Invitation Tournament at Westchester Country Club. M RS. RUTH REYMOND, of New Orleans, captured the women ’ s invitation golf tournament at the Westchea- ter Country Club Saturday by defeating Mrs. H. A. Mar- telle, of Hartford, Conn., one up. She came from behind to win the last Tout holes from her opponent. What actu ­ ally turned the tide in Mrs. Reymond's favor waa Mrs. Martelle's poor approaching. After she missed a four-foot putt for a birdie 2 at the short eleventh, Mrs. Martelle still had a lead of three up with seven holes to go, but a poor shot at the very next hole changed the entire aspect of the match. > It was a maohls niblick »ho4 started the trouble and whan Mrs. Results NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh. 5; New York. 8. Brooklyn. 3: Chicago, L Boston. 4; St. Louis. 2 ((1st). Boston. 4: 8L Louis. 3 (2nd). Cincinnati, 8; Philadelphia, 5. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Newark. 7; Rochester, 5 (1st). Rochester. 5; Newark. 4 (2nd). Reading, 5; Buffalo. 0 (1st). Reading. 6: Buffalo. 5 (2nd). Montreal. 5: Baltimore, 3 (1st) Baltimore. 4: Montreal. 1 (2nd). Other dubs not scheduled. Martelle looked up as she played th# shot to the twelfth green the ball when scarcely twenty fact Mrs. Marie lie then overplayed the green and took a 6. Although aha had a fine drive at the water hole thir ­ teenth. while Mrs. Raymond push ­ ed her# sHghUy into the rough and barely recovered to the fairway on her second, the Connecticut player, who disposed .of Miss Hellfa Hicks, the Long Island champion, la sen ­ sational fashion Friday, by playing the first nine In 84. topped her mashlc niblick approach and the ball ran right on across the green and over tho embankment Into the pond. Mrs. Reymond sank her 5 there for a win. although Mr*. Mar ­ telle. after taking tile penalty stroke, failed to drop a abort putt for a half. DIVOT DIGGERS — It Appeared That Way Game Warden Townsend umpired the game. He favored the fat men Ker however. _ ^ The Bklnny men rhallengcd the (at men to another game. August third Courellman McGrath ac ­ cepted. ALVJA.VJ* doya . DIGG/W FIGURE. Fletcher Brush played third base like Freddie IJndstraro. Every time he caught the ball be dosed his eyes but made the catch good some- The (in. up

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