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WOMAN ’ S VIEWS WOMAN ’ S NEWS HOUSEHOLD Ralph speak a piece.\ \My my. my. Can't you do that? Tour oou- stn Mickle can read a whole pen through without even stopping lor This Ume Harry was ready. When mother said. \Harry you can go down now for the milk. The man just left it at the gate,\ the child drew himself to manly heights and said. \What have I got to go down for that blankety blank blank milk He swaggered out leaving a pet ­ rified mother and a shocked grand mother stricken Into Absolute sil ­ ence. By and by breath returned and mother said, \He never said such a thing In ail his Ufa before.\ \Indeed? I suppose be kept that choice bit for his grandmother ’ s ears.\ said the Indignant old lady. We are now bordering on the head and of the convention season and the hotel owners in -Detroit and Atlantic City,-share practically all the conventions is held are pre ­ parsing for eamf*oy hlrelng extra bouse detectives and putting a pad ­ lock on their soap and towels. Well I don\ belong to nothing and don't' expect to tend none of the convenUons already scheduled, but will take the opportunity to tell my 1 ' friends and admires that I would gladly be a delegate to a convention where something would be accomplished In addition to get- tal rest as well j physical ti found, where common Interests ce- mentllvea together, where thoughts of life are always Inclusive of those others who comprise the family, where the Individual expands un ­ der such attitudes. It la not a place of Irksome restrictions, but of common Weal, where each mem ­ ber wants the best for evsryono. Ideal and Real If this sounds Idealistic. It should be remembered that love le Ideal as well as real. It helpe one to\see the finest qualities even where they are email or well hidden and thla Is the Ideal element. It helps to bring out these finest qualities In one ’ s eelf and In others. This Is the real element It la not to be expected that home life wlU always run without ripples--of troubles and occasional whirlpools of disaster. What Is to This calls on the heart for regu ­ lar rhythmical work, and the In ­ creased power of th circulation can be noted In four to alx weeks. So If you feel lazy and tndlffcr- enet due to ehiggleh. alow, or poor circulation, try thi above simple WITTY KITTY THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. T.. FRIDAY. JULY SS. 19» ♦ Sound 4 Auction Bridge . By WILBER C. WHITEHEAD £ The World's Oraatest Authority DAILY FASHION n> MONSIEUR GASTON nesae Is not taken. Declarer s play of the above hand will Illustrate this _ pr^o-^ie oj pUy. > Calient Point# of Ridding As a Woman Thinks By HJBABBTH CUffHJSAW Yesterday there were four mysterious deaths in the county. You didn ’ t bear much about U. though they wsre young who died. You didn ’ t hear much about It though thalr passing was sudden, though It was unmarked at the moment when It occurred, though Its discovery brought shock and sorrow to th# mind and heart of child and adult alike. They were four who died — yesterday, in lbs county. They wars. In fact, my four goldfish, and I Imagine that ’ s Wrby you hadn't heard about It up to this time. Now I harbor resentment against those goldfish for having turned upon me In their maturity, for having repudiated those months of tendsr cars, of delicious breakfasts skillfully fashioned of worms and beetlu and little dried leaves, of freeh water every other day or whenever I thought of It In fact when I found the four of them, floating and dead. X didn ’ t blame them at all. I'd been watching them, wondering how long they ’ d keep U up. wondering If a time wouldn ’ t come when It would strike even a old fish that something might be preferable to what they were doing. I came to understand tha manning of the saying, \as much privacy as a goldfish.\ and tv wonder at the bitterness In back of It Why, after all. should a goldfish need privacy? They never take baths and when they go to sleep. If they do. you never can be eure they're not just thinking about whether to go through the tittle stone arcbwsy the next time or % J ames W. B arton Mi) lation *ere given the same An exercise involving the iw r* the arm muscles was given, and tests msde of the blood In the vein of the arm. before and after this exercise. When any muscle la used a prod ­ uct known ns lactic add la formed This lactic add must be removed If j the muscle is to contlnus to work. ' Tbs Investigation proved that normal healthy people, because of the amount of oxygen In their Jblood. are able to overcome this lactic add end thus keep the mus ­ cle In condition to continue work- j ing. The drculatlon . was so good I that It was able to overcome or keep ahead of the lactic acid Term ­ ed. Howevcrperaoes -vliu poor cir ­ culation were not able to supply sufficient oxygen during the exer ­ cise to overcome or; burn up tbe In fact all your fatigue or tlred- rss. as mentioned before. Is really i t'ue to poison of some kind In the ' blood. lljipe and U as toe The high waistline Is devsrly handled In thle frock in navy blue | flamengs. The row of buttons down the from, the triangular decoupesj on the bodice, and the little pleated | jabot are very Individual and give 1 a quaint Victorian air tothle frock j which we are including In our lat- j est collection. Dainty collar and . cuffe In white crepe de chine corn- complete the frock. BRONXGROUP URGES PARK AT PELHAM BAY Now you can Improve your ' -.lion and increaee the amount of xygen In your blood if you • willing to give five or ten mlnul i day to thla moat Important mi First, by Increasing the power your pump, that Is your heart. Although It has a certain ner ­ vous control, and certain reserve qualities with which you were born, nevertheless your bearing can be strengthened by the simple exercise of a dally walk. You can begin with a few hundred yards and In ­ crease It gradually to a mile or i A proposal In develop the ten- 1 mile water front of Pelham Bay Park Into a \euperpark\ and recrea ­ tion center for the Bronx and (Jreatcr New York was unanimous ­ ly approved by the Bronx Chamber of Commerce at a luncheon yester ­ day In the Concourse Plain Hotel. The project will cost ^000.000. An engineer ’ s surrey and report calls attention to the fact that there are facilities for a great eea side resort and that It may be made self-supporting through rev ­ enues derived from an amusement park, parking space, bath houses, aquatic sports, yacht, boat, and canoe clubs, and race courses. Tho enhanced valuation and new property values created by the de ­ velopment of the water front as s giant recreation center would more than offset the bonded Indebted ­ ness that could be amortised with ­ in a period of 30 years, the report continues. The project would not Involve the purchase of any bind, according to the engineer, but would necessitate the building of one or more new concrete roads In Van Cortlandt Park to handle the estimated crowds of 300.000 or more persons expected on summer days fish, for months, lived the most elrcumseribsd ____ ________ nty. Their menu never varied; their surroundings never changed ; they weren ’ t as far as 1 knew, anticipating aoy vacation; they didn't entertain and they never went out. In fact, they never went anyplace excepting through the little atone arch ­ way. with an occasional dash Into the greenery by way of variety. Of late. I ’ ve caught them time and time again, parked up against the glass, staring with bulging eye# at the strange outside world; once the lure became eo strong that the lustiest of Ihs fish leap ­ ed out and completed his sdventurs by flopping about on Ih# rug until rescued. Beyond that, the lives of these fleh was os mon ­ otonous as the tick of a metronome eet very very slow. Nothing happened. They saw others — not other fish, unless one would be facetious — pass by their green water world, change their clothes, eat their meals, read books, receive gusstx. And they, poor prisons^, creatures In the green glass globe, knew nothing but the smooth sleekness of the glass sides, the unvarying stillness of their little captive pool. j When I found them dead. I did not blame them You can see from this that I suspect those fish — I suspect them, without dsneurlng them. Il was a suicide pact, beyond a doubt. Three of them-three goldfish — committed suicide. The fourth, being silver and Japaneee, should be written dosrn, I sup ­ pose. as another strong-minded exponent of the age-old custom, of harl-karl. They took that stragetlo moment. Just before th > lamps are lighted. Just a S^he close of day. when no one could possibly be interested In the antics of any gold fish. How they achieved thslf purpose remains one of the unsolved mysteries of my menage and eo will be. doubtless, through all time. But when the lights wore turned on. someone, passing the gold ­ fish stand said. In a voles that came queerly, \The fish — oh, look And thsre they were, mule accueora of my Inhumanity In not having given them tbe run of tbe apartment, silent witnesses to the fact that even the lowlleet of us -jome day will rebel. They ! floated, the four of them. In the most admirably symmetrical ar ­ rangement. their four little noses- If that's what fish have — all poked together at the top of the water, thalr four little sleek bodies hanging under their little noses and down Into the green depths below. The green water was grey, as though thalr little gold eplrlts had become dulled with so much frantic and Ineffect ­ ual effort In Its midst, tbe bright water was dulled; the clear water was dirty, the four fishes wsre dead. Their little souls had melted away. I couldn ’ t blame anybody. th# animal life consciously Imported. After the debacle promo' by the passing of my four fleh. I spent the evening watching ths rest of the wild life and how It gets on. (This Is no rsference to ths wildest! of the wild life which bad gone to bed. as a three- year-old should, after a plea for roller skates and ths announce ­ ment that she Is going to lake up golf.) I watched the cat stalk a beetle, and X felt as ths Martir John ­ son s might have tf they had never gone to wherever they did go. The beetle, unhappy little creature, seemed to have come in with the peas, and after having eluded tbe shelter, fled to the liv ­ ing room In search of leas murderous and more congenial cora- And there the beetle and the cat found each other — right In the midst of the living room rug. The beetle was scurrying across, probably on her way to tbe waste-basket, when she met the cat. They both stopped, tbe eat with the utmost of Interest and polished politeness, ths beetle with a bit of a flurry and not all the aplomb she might have exhibited. Tbe cat put out a paw and gave tbe beetle a friendly crack. The beetle bounded away. If beetles bound. The cat took great long soft steps and bent her head over Tver new Ultle friend with a charming concern. The beetle finally made the window-sill. I'm afraid I missed the enlre-act because when I looked the beetle was tearing up the side of Napoleon on bar way to Goethe and the cat was crawling up the window curtain on the way to Join all of them. The B . — Tm tired of srriUng out that animal's long name — had one on the C. however; she could slip down belw-en ths books where ths C. would never fit. The C. would then sit dosrn firmly, srtth an expression of mingled hurt and displeasure on her neat Uttle countenance, and she ’ d Ox her large glassy topas eye on all the cracks available. Shortly, out would scurry .the busy B, and ths C. would Immediately cuff her again. In reproach for this however temporary desertion. They kept that up for hours. They walked across the secre ­ tary. together; they vislt-d the tea wagon: they Investigated the book shelves; they even tried my foot, but I shook them off savagely and pointed to the kitchen. Tbe oat bowed her bead In patient acquiescence. The beetle looked a bit bewildered. The eat took a couple of steps and looked over her shoulder, waiting, era]ting. The beetle scarcely waited, fbe bounced forward after her flfcjy friend. An« lest I saw ot them, they wsre trudging across tbe rug toward the kitchen, where this morning they wars stiB together — but ah! how differently. Tbe cannibal cat lay fast aslosp, a lurid grin distorting hsr neat Uttle countenance. And scattered all around my sarstwhile happy Uttle bom a were the beetle's bitten bones. Portrait

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