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Icabrook continues to roam the world, looking out ocularly open eye* and receiving Impression* with mazingly open m*d. . . . The resulting book has chosen by the Literary Guild, of America for lu ng of the current month and the choice Is one of a fascinating book. His acceptance by the Haitian , an acceptance which of course resulted from their of his sympathetic attitude, mad* It possible for see aspect* of their lives which few white men. f. have seen. There Is nothing In “ The Magic to alarm those who are devoted to sunlight. And w shadows across Its pages for those who have not he 400 pages of D. B. Wyndham Lewis's a re-creation of a life and a lime by a 11 lU pages This Is a life In the great novel parading as one. It is a literary TOM DAVIN, New York World. !d°i^Lwi.^! rld ^ TW* U “ book ' lon * needed - wWeh reflecU great “ dlU.^Ushers. can be no doubt that Mr. Van Doren's volume will P~* th * ,ew 'ho logics which really matur. He has given hU work b * g,therwl tTOm lhe T » bl * of Selections. Thu one has IU with the best; and furthcromore. It U the only thing of IU kind. Hs U hs-dU^njoentshown In hi* choice of poems for the American section. Hers, h “ “ * e** ded ,n m * k,n * * sood anthology of Amerian verse. As a piece Magic Island The Busy Men and Women Are GUILD Members Because They Find Its Sendee Saves Them Time and Money OROKOE a VtNCEXT / mtDmtlCS •meunt ItoOnuner r o n e de ll ea Mam 1 DAVID WARS cnirrmt • eoaus Mouse Ptttnr* Dlreetar and Prodocw Joann I r. JANE COWL, MBW i Act ram . - rAntr.n I l l l 1 [- ----------------- — - J - THE DAILY PRESS 5 I WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. I I am.. I_ ■ ___ I I II THE BEST BOOKS AT HALF PRICE Pictured on thU sheet are twelve beautiful books that were'received by Guild subscribers between June 1928 and May 1929. Many of them were best sellers. All are unique books. Guild members not only read these books first, but paid much leas for them. You will readily see that Guild members are enjoying the finest book sendee in America today. Join the Literary Guild to make sure ofr getting the most interesting, tbs most enjoyable books published today at about half price. YOUR GREAT OPPORTUNITY IS HERE The Dally Press has made readers, old and new. may become i Guild of America on terms so easy the few cenU r week that-It costs. Every family needs good books; many families hesitate to pay the price at which they are usually sold. The Literary Guild's member ­ ship plan Insures twelve good books a year and provides an exchange privilege for those who are not satisfied with any Individual book. ThU la the only book offer w* have ever V beard of where you cant lose. Call the Dally Prose office ’ or send the coupon for full Information Read What the Press Says Journey atch a book as this U not met with once a year. W e are not surprised that the Literary Guild ha* dfioacn it f%r IU July selection. Not more than two or three times a century will you find a philosophic tifcvtler of Bonsel's stamp, whose eye* see both th* beauty and fact of the landscape aqd who Is able «5 recreate what he s< The pleasure of this book came Instantly to us as a great surprise. Prom the first page 11 possesses Qje fascination ol a fine work of art. From start to finish ths book Is a complete pleasure. In thlf Hick U found the happiest sort'of marriage between a fine, subtle mind and s scene worthy of lu nirrsy The result of this union meriu your Immediate consideration. Rls U an embracing a this book yourself. Point Counter Point •Soint CounUr Point\ U one of the great English novels. It has the power of shear weight. And yet Iban is nothing — not for a moment — heavy about It. It U a gigantic whole made up of perfect small things, retaining the delicacy of IU parU even In the Impressiveness of IU whole. One of the things ttprt makes the book so remarkable is the conversation. Some of Mr. Huxley's characters, being men e*? Ideas and of a group which U Interested In what Ideas as well as machinery and taxes and th* Tnre use of the air can do, really talk. You will be stimulated by contact with a really great noveL ** FANNY BUTCHER, Chicago Dally Tribune. Every Book a Literary Triumph Meet General Grant \Meet GeneraJ Grant\ U that happy combination of reality In Incident and romance in sweep destined, ilk* Ludwig ’ s \Napoleon\ of the same school, to satisfy all readers. No wonder the Literary Guild has sst IU seal of approval on Mr. Woodward'* swift and sympathetic biography of the eighteenth presi ­ dent of the United Stales. ----- “ ------------ CARL VAN DO REN and a distinguished Editorial Board eelect one book every month from the most ouUtandlng _ current masterpiece*. Their selections represent the best In contemporary literature — the books' you arc sure to enjoy and might otherwise miss 'knowing. This selective service saves you trouble, disappointment and money PAXTON HIBBEN. Chicago Dally Newt. f\' Mamba ’ s Daughters v DuBoee Heyward hap written a novel of scope, a novel of many characters and currenU. a subetan- tially rich novel that depend* for IU unity on something more than an artificially chosen container. And It may be noted with appropriate Irony tfiat In \Mamba's Daughters\ Mr. Heyward has created something Infinitely more satisfying thin the works of most of the novelist* who. count themselvei In th«, fictional advance guard. JOHN CHAMBERLAIN. New York Times. The Happy Mountain Dpn ’ t be surprised If \The Happy Mountain,\ by MarUton Chapman; U our next Pull tier Prize Novel For one reason we doubt If It will be possible to find another novel aj stirring and beautiful as Mr*. Chapman's within the year. ThU first novel is far and away the superior of many novels by older and more widely dUtingulshed pens that have been similarly approved. It is entirely fair to lift her novel so high In order that the reading public may at once get so clear a view of what is In store for them. Here Is a wise and beautiful book. At one leap she has become an authentic Interpreter of her mountain people. American to the core, and a novelist of the first rank. -BRUCE GOULD. New York Evening Post 9200 TELEPHONE 9200 VI Outstandiitf New Books at H alf P rice Through Membership in the Literary Guild Guild Membership Brings You* This Complete Library in Twelve Months The chief purpose of The Lit ­ erary Guild: To give you the / most interesting, the most im • i port ant NEW books at about half price. SPECIAL PRE-PUBLICATION SERVICE Guild selections are specially hound in distinctive Guild J^fciding. Only Guijd members receive these specially bound books which are boxed and de ­ livered to your home — post ­ age free — before they are available to the general public. Jf you are not pleased with the choice of the Editorial Board you have the Privilege of Ex ­ change and can get any book fri print GUILD BOOKS GRACE YOUR HOME Every volume you get from the Guild is one you will be proud to have in your home — a book you will enjoy reading — a book of permanent value and lasting appeal. Guild books in your home distin ­ guish you as a person of fine tastes and great discrimina ­ tion. \ People of culture and refinement are expected to have a library that reflects their cultivated interests and judgment. Guild hooks form just that sort of a library for you — besides giving you the books everyone is talking about — the books you will en ­ joy reading and be proud to own. 1 Every Month a New Book Selected by Famous Critics

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