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Stock Market Leaders Move To New High Levels; Public inRush to Westchester First LONG-LIVED BUTTON PAGING MR ANANIAS MQiJEY STOPS HE^RT HORN^ONKING BAN — LOOTS t THATBB — •The longevity o t the Press ^1 t n I grow 2. BUILDING'S, PERMITS '•StrzJ Complete IFire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide Newsservice VOL. 1 — NO. 105 WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 1929 There ere other detail* regarding these collar buttons that we would I like to know. How many times. In I figure they have had to get down on their knees and bunt under the bureau for those collar buttons and how many oaths do they figure those buttons hare been respon ­ sible for? The writer has no aged collar | buttons In-hi* possession bit* ' ures that as many as 2,000 have been In his custody at time or father during his life time. | Some have just died natural deaths. , some have been lost In the most | 'mysterious manner, some have de- . llberately strayed away and others ■ have just been cast Into the junk ■ heap in disgust. Why should any- ! one require a collar button to work | for him slaty-one year* when you ’ can got a perfectly respectable new button almost anywhere for a nickel? An editorial writer of one of our Westchester newspaper* Is cast Into despondency and voices his lament under the caption. \Where are the Fish Stories?\ He remiulu on the fact that the fish stories of 1920 are prosing deficient In quantity 1 and quality and that they do not come up to the stories of yester- HIGHWAYMEN SEIZE PAYROLL S 2 WOMEN HAVE U tilities are city wrong \ NARROW ESCAPE .THUNDERSTORM FROMDROWNING ______ _________________ ¥ ______ I Many Telephone Lins Put Motor Gar Plunges ' Out of Commission; Crews Off Central Avenue Into Brook Near Sil=i ZEPPELIN OVER ATLANTIC ON K WAYT0U.S.A, up golf and their talenta at fabri ­ cation are now turned Into another channel. Our editorial brother should cheer up for Ananias Is not dead. H* te-not even alee] may be getting fewer and tacular fish stories hut we are gci- — ting more and better golf yarns. An sged employee qf the Alexan ­ der Smith A Sons Carpet Company In Yonkers, who was one of the old employees of the concern to re ­ ceive 91,000 on Saturday, In accord ­ ance with the will of the late Alex ­ ander Smith Cochran, dropped dead even before he had time to endorse the check. Last year, we rocall, a man who won one of the Mg prizes In the Albany baseball pool, dropped dead when his winning* were handed to him. It Is easy to understand bow the elated heart 1* apt to have hlgh- • and collapse at such naff? a quarter at a tl o receive the pro ­ 's of a Ossining Is arresting and fining 'the bom-honkers, who stand In the traffic line and toot and toot for Giant Is Picking Up Speed and Making Up Some Of Its Lost Time ALL WELL ON BOARD Women Were Nervous Dur ­ ing Storm in Rhone Valle y By United Pres# The log of the trans-Atlantic flight of the Graf Zeppelin. In Eastern Standard Time: Wednesday. 9:30 p. m, left Friedrlchsha- feu, Germany. IS: 06 a m„ passed over the Still at Work; Normal Service Soon TRANSFORMER GOES ver Birch Inn — Fire-' men Make Rescue — 1 . , , ' ? „ , »*r a ii tt iscarsdale Area in Darkness Womefl Badly Hurtj L :„ul R ep .i„ A„ Two women were badly' Made injured and had a narrow; — . escape Jrom drowning last * “ • “ V SAYS DAVIDSON Difference of Interpretation of Exemption Clause Like ­ ly to Lead to Legal Battle Over Land INCOME FROM RENTALS Condit and Weioe Declare County Mu«t Pay Taxes Ths possibility of a county a PRICE THREE 3 BANDITS HOLD-UP LOCAL MAN; GET $1,501 PAYROLL AND ESCA# MEW AGAIN IN WALKOUT AT COUNTY CENTER ‘ j Walking Delegates Order Union Members to Strike Following Resumption of Work: No Reason night, when their car skidd- ltttn ,n « hort but h » um . Mummed against th. city of Whin ed off the road on Central ! thunder * lorm thlt ,m “ * whit. Plain, to fore* the latter to remov. avenue near Silver Rirch ! Ptaln * ttnd ,h# eoun‘ y *bou ‘ five th. newly acquired county property avenue, near Sliver ttircn; ^ yctimlay ut'tooon bounded by Martin- avenue. Quar- , Inn, and overturned in a “ *, . L - ° rapo*. Grand and Court .treet*. brook at the side of the road. whlch ,uted ,or tbout “ hour i from the city tax assessment roll. _ ______ Miss Helen Watta. 2585 w ™ ,ph00 * \9 “ »«®«i even mor.iik.iy today with ApTION I iiCFi v Grand Concourse, New York hn ' hundr * of ,h,m wuu “ *^ d . v °^\S c/ty™ DRAST,C ACTI0N LIKELY Citjsr the driver of the car, : ^* ln * put of commlJrt0D ' n,c “ - cl*j, had misinterpreted the »■»« roahed to the Dobb, , ,V Feny Hospital by Captain I ' ------- ----- - lar ^|, Corporation Counsel William R. Condit aid City Tax Aseoaaor Wil ­ liam J. Welse boat their refusal to remove th* property from the *» sesoment rolls on the grounds that It Is taxable so long os the county (ConUnued c Pag* Six) JZAStT-* ' 6:10 a. m, passed ore France. 6:10 a. m, pweeed a cnee. Franc*. 8:00 ■ STOCK LEADERS SOAR TO NEW HIGHRECORDS U. S. Steel and American Telephone & Telegraph •Reach Highest Levels in Their History New York. Aug. 2 (UP) — Stock* of th* two greatest companies In th* world ro*e to new high records on th* Stock Exchange today, carrying other Issue* up with them after a period of early profit-taking. United State* Steel and Ameri ­ can Telephone * Telegraph, the ' mammoth* of American Industry, rose above 215 and 284. respect ­ ively. Quickly following suit were Peo ­ ple* Gas, which climbed 1214 points to a record of 400V: Detroit Edl- , *on. which gained 9 Li to * t 1 880; General Electric, which 11 points to a new mark of 393. and Westlngboua* Electric, which gain ­ ed 3 point* to a new top of 215. The blue chip* were enhanced In market value by millions. Ameri ­ can Telephone A Telegraph roee some 932,000.000, the exact figure of the expansion this week In brok ­ erage loans. United Staten Steel added more than * 8. 00(*>00 and General Electric about * 81. 000 , 000 . Movement* aside from these ettr performers, were of emiller sco Th* general market averaged gain of more (ban a point, how ­ ever, -with some of the advance* 1:00 p. BV. approached Balea ­ ric Isles, Mediterranean. 6:00 p. m- flew oyer Cape de m-. Passed Cadis, Spain. Friday 9:36 a. m, reported pawing near San Miguel Island. Azores crews to put them bock - , ------ --r — ] — | A large number are sUll ou. wu,- Cdell and Bradford Clark, I mission *»4 this morning at the of the Greenville Fire De-' ° mc * of the telephone company it partment R^cuo Squad. SLjg They had been noUfled when It ------------ was first believed that It would be (ConUnued on Page Seven) I necessary to cut the car opet^to -------------------------------------------- * ------ ^ Rare Instance of Speedy Mail rushed to Whlte_ Plains Hospital In — - ----- ~ ---- a hearse owned '-by Lyon A Hart ­ nett, funeral directors, of this city. At Dobb* Ferry Hospital It was found that Miss Watts, lng from multiple ' _ body and that two, »*th were kno^f#dWSfiTE*r lower Mrs. Crowley.wa* also found to (ConUnusd on Page Six) A. V.BRISSON NOT TO LEAD DEMOCRATS Delivery Tends to Emphasize Slower Service Usually Given -------------- It I* Posiible for Letter to Reach New York I City Within Three Houn of County Mailing. PLANK FALLS ON LABORER ------ j (Editor's note: This l* the j _ ______ r n„:_r..it. fourth o* » series of arUolts obtain- Bclaruo Lorenzo li Painfullyj ^ a* a reeult of a survey of the But Not Seriously Hurt — MrT ‘ c * * ecord * d w ** tch *- Park Board to Declare Con ­ tract Abandoned Unless Work Proceed* All union men who went back to work on the County Center structure yesterday after a strike of ten weeks were pulled off the job one* more yesterday afternoon by delegates of their respective unions for a reason which wasabot revealed and which at this writing Is still a mystery. As a result. , there Is s prospect that the Westchester County Park ­ way Commission will declare the contract of Marcello Mexxullo. Port Know Your Cop PATROLMAN EUGENE GENERAZZG Patrolman Oen, February 1, of this year. He Shield T2 and la assigned to regular patrol duty. Patrolman Generoxxo 1* married and lives at South Ksnslco avenue. Miss Smith Break* Arm Ponta Del Gods. Azores, Aug. 2 p m. Greenwlrh^lme (9:33 'a/m! DDlflUURfl I 0 B * Ujud Lorerl10 - Lincoln avenue. E. S. T.). that the Graf Zeppelin East While Plains, a laborer had passed the region of 8an ployed on a new building at Miguel Island Azores. Th* Zeppe- I Decline* To Be Party ’ * Can- Crane avenue, this city, was paln- lin w«* not righted. i ......... If the Ponta Delgada report Is true, the Zeppelin Is making excel ­ lent speed and must have encoun ­ tered strong tall winds. .She report ­ ed her poslUon at 1 a. m.. E, S. T, aa 10 west 38 north, a point proxlmately 780 miles from San Miguel Island. If the Zeppelin near San Miguel at 9:33 a. m.. E. By T, she made the 780 miles In eight hour* and thirty-five minutes, or slightly better thsn ninety-one miles an hour. didate For Mayor in Fall Election — No Selec ­ tion* Are Made Repudiating an article carried ... , . , , The Dally Reporter yesterday. Os- . “ f car LeRov Warren, chairman nf ih, -.7* . fully Injured yesterday afternoon when a heavy plank fell, striking him on the back. He was \Mei to th* White.Plain* Hospital whcre.lt was found that there was no-ser- Injury- The man was later car LeRoy Warren, chairman ___ nominating committee of the Demo ­ cratic City Committee this morn-- 6K announced that Alphonse V. Brlsson. Battle cvenue. would not be nominated as the party's candl- ■* “ *' ' — mayor In the coming fall date fi elections. Mr. Warren also said that n authorized to maki naw*«t Morgan Holding ttakart-to _____ Recent developments In the utlU- “ company, Niagara and expectation of further mergers brought heavy dsa Detroit Edison added to Ha eariy gain*, while Consolidated Gaa equalled It* peak for the present share* and other Issue* of the group roe* consistently. Philadelphia Company rose eight points to a new high -* “ ----- [By United Press) I naM Germany's trans-atlantlc dirigible . •SSSSL?.'* r° nd n, '? ‘ candidate* for any city office and from Friedrlchshafen. Germany, to Lakehurst, N. J, was wen out over th* Atlantic today, pushing steadily westward with normal speed and under excellent weather conditions. After a day of stormy weather over France and over a part of 8 pain, the huge dlrlglbla appeared RIDICULOUS Waterbary Aver* Ase He Prepare* Answer to Erfl Eye Charges of -------- - --------- - ---------------------------- Howard Sarles her normal stride and to be mak. ----------- lng up for the time abe lost vbstt- 1 William Henri Jacobs, White Ung Urn. storms over the Rhone 1 Plain*, attorney for Inland Valley In France. ‘ Woterbury, Pound ridge, who Is Her wireless apparatus began to I CUM<5 b >\ Harold Sarles. a deaf function normally today after re-! « “ «*• neighbor, of “ hexing- him In ported difficulty because of static *n * lUm P t to °*>»nln certain prop- conditions. At 1 a. m. today, E. a I •. was _today preparing aa *~ Mlsa Laura 8p>ith. Harts dale, re ­ ceived a fracture of the right arm yesterday afternoon. She was treated at the White Plains Hos ­ pital and relsasod Hospital .at ­ tendants were unable to aay how the accident happened. ter County by representatives of this newspaper. Subsequent ar ­ ticles will appear In this newspaper on fo^|wing day*.) Westchester postal service Is not alwsys slow. By the very epeed which Ic occasionally given mall there Is definite indication that whenever epeed Is desired, it can be obtained. And this very pos ­ sibility raises blghtr the question: ____ Why Is thf* excellent service tho c^\ m mlMion\by exception Instead of the rule? I .x. ____ u ___ _ For ekample, 'on Friday of last week a letter was mailed In the Yonkers post office at 8 o'clock In the morning. It 'was postmarked , 9 a. m. and exactly at 11:18 on the' unlon °\ ,C “ U eame morning It had been delivered addraiwe* 7 In' n > w *Tork*Cfity “ VnW of the Weatchmt.r y' ° n,y ; County Building and Trade* Coun- j ell since May 20, when the original AUTOS STRIKE 2 LADS; HURTS ARE SLIGHT H. T. Erickson Faces Guns of Robbers, tf Entrance to Estate of E. G. Merrill in Bed* ford Center Bedford Village, Aag . 2^- Three armed men in two au ­ tomobiles this afternooa held up H. T. Erickaon. pay ­ master for the Adam Faber, Inc., of White Plaina, aa be was entering the estate of E. G. Merrill, million*** M*w York banker here, whara construction work is in pro ­ gress and robbed him of a $1,500 payroll at 12:S0^o- day. / Th* bandit, stopped Eriekaoa. who Uves at 228 Main straw. WMta Plains, just aa he entered th* drive ­ way of th* aetata on hi* retars from th* bank with the money. WHh the two ear* th* ‘ \*a men cut Erickson off and his wav, / \Donj* mm,\ t young man comm After they had way and Into th* road fe The Merrill Estate 1* oi th* entire police force. workers arderlng them to lay down their tools-and leave the job. Car-'! P«nter* refused to quit until the ! close of the day, when their regu- i lar delegate appeared and ordered | them to pldf up their tools and ! walk out County Engineers Cole and Brown, who have been on the job since Its start last spring declared | this morning that they could not ! discover th* reason for the latest ----------- walkout, despite queries of the i T , „ ,, . ,, delegate* who appeared on the ' John raiigallo Hit by Harry rzJsrisrzSE: ss Madi *on ** <*■- Morr “ the enure matter up to the Park FuBCO Struck by Mrs. Commission by the statement, “ Ask ; XT i n 1 the park commission. They know i Helen Hurley hy we re out on strike.\ I — _ , . . — ---- rr , . . ; prem* toon pi _ . , , Two lade were slightly Injured tic*_____ Tomoklns The park commission did not re- _ _____ ___ _ __ __ ___ t I word from the union on Page Tw»J * OWN COUNSEL I unusual spectacle of.* tap- appearing for MaoMtf la %#- action, was afforded la-la I Two lads v _ ___ _ ___ ____ _ Z I when they were struck by autos for the plaintiff, Mrs. Dorothg B m i — »« 7 ..-;;'.: _•?- “ 2t flelal notice Horn President Wll- (ConUnued o Pago Seven) Late News Dispatches . By Direct United Press Wire T, th* Graf t munleated with awering affidavit to the charge of “ — '1 eye ” and “ malignant Influ- Trouvllle, France, Aug.' 2. (UP)- A violent storm raging today oi the English Channel forced ship ­ ping to run- for ’ port. The storm lashed the waters of the .channel Into terrific sea*. Vatatlo along th* entire coast line were ... bidden to use the bathing beaches . Th# storms canoed heavy damage. Cherbourg also reported violent ----- - ----------- Interfering with ship- the radio station at Cadiz, Spain, and reported that it was well out over the sea. on a line with the ----- -------- — — ------------- epast of Spain, and that the wrath- 1 Jacob*, “ It la nothing but er condlUon* were very good. I «U*tardly attempt to lnjurd the The Graf at the Ume gaked to I reputation of my client wbo*e char- be Informed as to the wind* In tb* Ect * r *n^ reputation are a* good la* that of a 1 Barker, president Page Five) of the Rye-National Bank.\ R ojec.s Proposal Soviet Russia Demands Show Down on Rail ­ road Situation Before it Wll Confer -With Chinese; Dictator to Settle Dispute _ 2 (UP). — Tha'St rose from Lambert-SL Held at 9:06 a. m. to- “ Rad\ Jackson and l to Chicago where ■ >#r win give a. refuelling exhibi ­ tion today. .(TBrine was at the con ­ trol*, having won a coin toas. Washington. Aug. 2 • (UP)* Vb* moot eliding scale using rife pres ­ at sugar tariff dntv-aa a haolc cot r .to: maintain Pari*, Aug 2. (UP) — Europe »umed the even- tenor of IU exl*- tene* again today, satisfied that the Communists' threat* Incident to red dey yesterday had been completely thwarted. , . Erie today. There were four plosions as th* heat reached c of whiskey. New York. Aug 2 (UP) — Attorney* for Martin P. OConnelL Democra ­ tic chairman of Albany County, who was sentenced to three months for contempt of court yesterday asked Federal Judge .Henry W. Qoodard today for a writ - of habeas San Quentin Prison. Calif, Aug. (UP) — Russell 8t Clair Beltzel of Philadelphia was hanged at th* penitentiary today for th* slaying ' 'Barbara Manger. \. v early last evening. John Pangallo. 9. of street, was struck by an auto driv- by Harry Madison, 21 Barker avenue, aa be was crossing Grove street In front of hi* home about 8 p. m. Madison took the boy to the White Plaina Hospital where he was treated by Dr. Ruggiero for bruises on the left side. He was Deputy Chief Engineer Leslie G No complaint was mads by th* ni:or«n of the Park Commission -.... ................ ------ — SI\ i ~ . parents, according . w- emphatlc In hi. acjjrtlons that ^ mmde to tbe poUce by Ser- ... -tn.w of no reason:: for calling Hickey. the new strike after tbe original; rive-year-old Morris Fuaeo. 142 cause of dissatisfaction had been Brookfield street, was struck by an removed. This was he employment ; auto drlven by Mrs. Helen Hurley, by the contractor of New York City g Coalldge avenue, as be was run- workmen to Install the sprinkling j n lng serosa Brookfield street at system for fire protection, the 1 6:40 p. m. last night. Mrs. Hurley Westchester union leader. Alder- 1 took the child to the White Plains man William J. McGeory of Yonk-1 Hospital and later to the office* of era declaring this a violation of Dr. W. A. Lawrence where after intra-union regulations. 1 an examination It was found that (Continued on Pag* Three) No Emotion Dr. James Snook Hears Gruesome Story of Theora Hix Killing \ Without Appearing to Evince Slightest Interest Court Room. Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 2 (UP). — Dr. James Howard Snook heard a gruesome story of tbe death of Theora Hlx. hie col ­ lege girl Inamorata, recounted court today, but he showed not ' 'From th* notnt of view of Dr. Snook's defence, the moe ant development of the perhaps proved to be testimony of 73

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