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THE DAILY PRESS. * HITE PLAINS, N. Y.. HONDAY, AUGUST 12. 1929 ' ................. — 1 ..... — \ mmm cma= s=x=a5S= -an * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nr “ • Dr. Davenport “ Kills ” Bear at the White Plains Qun Club Shows Prowess With Rifle ■ Is Ques t of C lub for Day Noted Explorer Is Right in His Element on Range at White Plains Gun Club. [ apiU of the heavy rain which fell Saturday afternoon the member* of the White Plain* Gun Club turned out i fores at their new ahooting lodge to honor Dr. Daven- .................................. uid ■* , port, tiie noted acientiat and explorer and only white aur- vhror of a recent five-year expedition to Africa, who was their gueat for the day. A police eacort took Dr. Daven ­ port to to* lodge where about fifty member* of the club greeted him. After that^they all participated in an in ­ formal ahoot-and later in a campfire dinner. No acore* of the ahooting were kept but before and •fur tha rale tbs sxplorw MUrad* - SHAfSBOTS OF A MAIL EOT MONC HK MOTHER By GLUT AS WTLUAMS laU th* *oap*Utlon with •a* showed h|« sxpsrtnos* with hath ths small** rlSt and *08 guag# P L wore Uka tha gun he U uaad handling In tha tropica. With - Dr. Davenport were two Slack •Soya. 1 M'bwonga Maaaamba, who carried him a «ra* aallee oaaa whan ha »w hurt. Dr. Davaaport had many atorlaa U UU of thaaa b*ya to tha Daily Pro** rapraaeautl** who found him at tka lodge vary much In hla satis* element. Neither of them had let* out of the Jungl* before So brought tbeen to Ataeriet They proved to be a kit at a problem wfcsa it aema to disciplining them ta tha waya af tka eity. Oaee pr. Davenport left, them I* kla a (Sea far a abort time a while aaa what the weather WM partleu- When be came bank he at aouad a*le«? la ekalre. __ y naked. There were rtrawa all over the Th» heat of Naw Tork waa a hear able U them than that Dr. Davenport (a a fairly- email, wiry Individual whom one might hiv P ,ck out *° *>« • clork l * kn oHicc « *nd ''•-ostead of an Intrepid explorer, yet ■ hun rntot ot bla life haa bpen epent in * - the wilda of many countries. This ' seeming physical drawback proves | to be a great easet according to , the sclentiMt hlmeeU whan naked 1 about It He states that a email. 1 wiry Individual has a greater 1 chance to survive tha rigors of Jungle Ilf# than a Urge man would. He gave no explanation but stated It as a fact A man of hts type seems to have more stamina and is more impervious to dleeaaa than the other. Dr. Davenport also wears glasaen and says he U Just recovering from 1 sun blindness. These glasses have saved his eyes from being t°rn by thorns while traveling through par ­ ticularly bad stretches of country. 1 He exhibited numerous scratches on their surfaoee. After all the members and Dr. __ _ _ __ __ ___________ Davenport had enough shooting gnat that I# eaanaUmee f*U to be they all partook of a huge dinner U* iMTWt feus op the porch of their lodge. This \T! \L . meal had bean cooked over a Urge BJBs Dummy ».»r open Ore In the rear of the build- j During the afUrnoon Dr. Deven- lng Ul | proved to be the climax of wort aid some of the members of th , afternoon. .While at the Uble the dub lh<4 el o dummy bear Dr D»»«rpcirt recounted some of about 1*0 ya*d« away. Davenport his axplolu on various expeditions ardor ad Kaasamba to retrieve lb {ro(n Siberia to Africa and told the , Tka utter did so and When he re- m%n . ev #r*l enoedotee which few turned and they* were examining 1 people have heard. They were hair- . -- — - •- ----- •' - with a caaual- COME. IKTO H00*r CflUPKl * MOTHER. ' whx , vxHia ’ mr TO, 0UL$ SHTU. PC THERE K> 61KK M VC CVJ SET CUTCf THE H©, 6 ANYTHIN6 THE M01ER1 RfPlV REliAVd W P*RON6 TT» ne ^>, ‘ MOTHER.!\# MOIICR APPEARS NX& -Wfi TWT BUDDY 0OK h TUfTTER UP67WRS Vi ■ iff* H6 6WH0M0THeR HANPIH6 HJ* HCCUT H1H5EU ? **Kiy> THE ►etna? 16 « HURTf sees ter he nerrr think rr w K» TWO HOMO REP AMD TEk TRIE . ( MOTHER l)K V^ARS, 01D, nwruitE? PCM04 TDfi A REST) Jbs. IHILLVIEWIS DEFEATED BY NORTHCASTLE Winners Are Compiling * Great Record Thia Seaeon — Mott* Score# Two Runs of the Three Made. The North CaaUe baseball team is fast beoomtng a formidable or ­ ganization. Winning the - ninth game out of tan start* was not so easy for the team but they ehowed their ability by coming through in the plnchee In fine shape and tally ­ ing by forcing the ploy. The team that was beaten this time was the Hillview nine of Yonkers, who had won from North Castle before. Mottf of North CaaUe was the Individual hero of the game. He scored two of th# three rune and one of these runs was made entire ­ ly by hlmeelf. He eingled in first Inning with two out. stole sec- ond without delay and then pranc ­ ed around to third whila the oppos ­ ing pitcher was atlll In a fog. To cap that he raced home on an. In ­ field out and brought the second run across. Later in the third In ­ ching he brought home the winning e last of tka Yesterday's hero: Rogers Horns -1 by. who drove In all hu U m s runs 1 1 ____________ as tha Chicago Cubs increased their | a four-run rally li lead in the National League race i ninth and Roy Jr j to eight full games' by beating the 1 aide the park in Doe ton Brave*. I to L \The Ita -1 Detroit Tigers an unexpected • to Jah\ did it with a homer, a single 8 triumph. . With r Golf Events Over Week End Hillview made their two tallies In the eecond frame on a hit by Stev ­ ens. an error by Odell and a hit by Wllmer. But that waa the beat they could do for In several frames they were turned away from the plate three In a row and MtUa chance to become dangeroue. Kraus (truck out nine men due- 72 ) _ Ing the game but Hopklna topped that record by three. Tha garni s tight throughout with -both ea fighting to score and fighting e Root waa toy ­ ing witn tne trim*. As the Pirates lost Jo the Robins at Ebbets Field by a 8 to 3 score, the distance separating them from tha Cuba lengthened by an enure, game. Everything appeared to ha nicely set for a Pittsburgh victory, too. as they were leading. 1 to 1. in tha alghth. wljh two out. Fradar- ick then hit a homer. Herman doubled and Hendrick and Bisson- eltc followed with homers, much to the distress of Remy-Kramer who wag on tbs hill for the CorssUrs. Carl HubbalL slender Giant Joulh- pay, let the Cincinnati Rads down with flve scattered hits, and would have shut them out but for Andy Cohen's error In the ninth. New York winning handily, S to L The Yankees 'blew a lead piled on Babe Ruth's 500th homer and Lou Gehrig-a 27th of the tossing away a game and a chance to gain or Athletics by making four error* which helped the Cleveland Indians FIREMEN GIVE CONTEST AWAY Present Brookfield Team With Gamt\By Making Many Error*; Score Is KM. __ The 8carmd*le Firemen went down before the onslaught of th* Brookfield All Stare of Port Chea ­ ter yesterday ing the A' AJ Thomas allowed the Red Box five bits. Use White *aa bunching their seres off Ruffing for enough runs to achieve a * to 3 victory. ' A The Washington Senators dragg ­ ed the St. Louis Browns out of third place..allowing tka Indians to move up. by winning a watery ball game, long delayed by rale. T to A The Browns staged • th r ew ran rally in the ninth, driving Ms from the box, but couldal natch up. The Indians are in third plaaa hr half a game, with the Detroit Tig ­ ers now only 3 1-2 games back af the Browns. Saturday Scores Apawamla (72) — Eighteen - Hel( Medal Play Handicap — Won by Sam j Course. TO; Wc*t Kickers Handicap far K S. Krag Trophy — Won by 8- S. Scr.njpn, .ms. fighting le seer, and fighting whole'woa^naUa to do much but Kickers' Handicap for Samuel L Ju»t a* hard to keep th* other team ; ch ,u, up , rror ^ t *r error. The Elza* Trophy-Won by W J. Holt- from bringing Hi t run There vs* ( n roo gf lr |,|s were presented with man. no let-down In the eoUre eight in- ( ruM Mfht and , nd nol Westchester Hills 'Ll) — Ball nl J^ | gun( ,. y N „ r0 , Caatie ^V|H h * v * lo ? 1 ,h * *•'?\. ,r \ ,,y play the Hodgm team at Rod am. -11 —72: the mark* of th# bullets he asked I calling stories told tka cspJoeer la bit native tongue ; BMB that mad* ^ Why they did not bury the bear a* markable, he was obviously »hot through th* , Showi heart and entirely dead. Whan it got too dork for further Both these black* art searrad or. maneuvering alb the member* r*- tkelr face* where th# tribal mark- ; turn ed to White Plain* where Dr. lags *ro iodelllbly Imprinted by cut- Davenport delivered a lecture Jl- ting wounds and rubbing them wtfh 1 lustrated by some amazing moving dirt. They were dressed in civilised 1 p| c turee of his five-year trip ip clothes but Masssmba wore beautt- 1 Africa. On the platform he an- f\»l Ivory earring*. Dr. Davenport nouncod that he had been elected esplained that the native* all plerc- j B life member to the White Plains a* their ear* when young. I Gun Club, and Inter elated that he Incidentally, when the fake bear intended to tend the horns of two that Dr. Davenport had been shoot-1 rare animals to the oluh to adorn lag was examined It was found that ' Its wall. op* shot was In the heart and *ev- I Dr. Davenport Is a friend of Oak- ago] had hit vital epots. H* waa I ley Clark, of Whit* Plains, and shooting with a strange gun at president of the club. That was that- , haw th. club was ea fortunate In Dr. Davenport explained to the having the explorer as a guest and Chib members and th* Proas rep- to obtain the showing of the plo- roeentative that distance* are de- lure#, which hsv* net been shown a*ptlr* In Africa due to the In- 1 elsewhere to data by the explorer. HIGH TIDE SCKOCLE ao — ia — H Class A and B — After- j August noon: G. Areiero. 96-2*-71; T. A ' A. M. P M Felisen. 8#-l* — 73: Dr.,C A. Snlf- !2 Monday ---- .<■ ------ 8:00 B:S0 fon. 83 — It — 71 Mlxod Scotch Four- II Tue#d*y ------------- *:» «:** .................. ' • ----- - T:10 7:30 8:02 1:13 in the air SPEAKING OF SP®RT BY FRANK GETTY WHAT ’ S ALL THE SHOOTING Ft)BT The difficulty Madison Square *UU b* having for oU of that — In ar ­ ranging tiM Jack Sharkey-Max i W. Carey, praaldent of ir a chance to meat either Schmcl- ig or Sharkoy. For that mattar. Tommy Lough- in la still standing by. waiting for is chance at th* overrated heavy ­ weights. Ha had to wait 7 years months before getting a at th* light-heavyweight the title he resident of proved himself the greatest 175- ktit new to pound, king of all time. It uoaen't i have built »eern fair, but the answer to that Is anything la fair in boxing. It la our o pin io n that Lougbraa an whip either Schmeling or Scott, and will do ao U he ever gets either at them in the ring. Loughrnn has not lost a bout In >ur years. H* has clean ad up th# . light-heavyweight division at con ­ tenders. lie has - whipped every • heavyweight that would fight him Tha only thing that con be sold i against- him Is that be tdoea not • have-a long string of knockouts to W. Pennell. 83-25-66. J. pr- .. 84— 28 — 65, p. Wallace. 85-11 70 — Medal play handicap it — -*7.' Ball Sweepstake* ! Cla* A : Won by J D Leary. 84 -13 I W. , _ class A Won bv How- — 71, Class 8 J R Bremner. 83 — Thwalle. 8. — 8 -<l. Clai ard Hoyt. 83 — 13 — 71. Oaaa B: Won 17 -*• 1 H Hsndrleka 88— 18 —78, by C. E. Pevear., SO — 18 —TT After- 1 Sunday Rooroa noon — Class A: gam Colt. 31—14 — I Aplwlmll .71) - Ball Rwrop- ?. T , : h. B: »l*ke» — Class A: B. M. Milllken. 85' Ardsley ( ‘ mtKIcker* ’ Handicap n.^ChLs 8^0*8! wZuing/wI^M tnTpT^rhfrk^r^^r\ 1 *\ I J5 TbSSSf?' “ ZZZ -Won by A. W.>rrt ’ eeon 81-35-71. i Howard Groee. 90-16-72. and R J Parker, Jr., 81 — » — T8. I la Tnureaay ------------ Fairvlew (71) — Ball Sweepatakes: j Ardeley (T3) — Kickers' Handicap Charle. MarganUn*. 81-U-6T; . _ Won hy jj . cherry. 35-13-73. V ' Herbert Rauh. 83-14-43; MUton E, Khlefp . bole m , tc h ploy against \ Domraann. 83-30-73. par — T Wylie Kinney, 3 up; F. J. Fcnlmore (T3) — Eighteen - Hole Burns 1 up Mwlal Play Handicap for Board of ; c ,78) Bali Rweepstakcs Governors' Trophy: B. 8chlukl*r, , n ■■ n 88-15-78; Harry Ernrol. *8-l»- 7 78; Seymour Finn. *1-7-74: Ar- | > it-®*., thur Btebblna, 82-7-78: H. Kauf- hel “ ; M-U>-74. W. C. Beer. Jr, man. 92-15-75; Dr. Perom. W 3 _l« , **-17-74. — 76; L. SaU. 88 — H — 77; F. Lantzia. r Fairvlew (71) — Bali Sweepstake* 80 — 13 — T7. — Herbert Wolff. 77-10-67; M R. Oedney Farm 172) — Psrtnsr*' i ElUa. 85— 14 — 71; A. J. Brock. *7 — Best-Boll Competition — F- Backer I 15-T2. and W. McKinley. 82 — 18 — 64; W. Fenlmore <721 — lo an Inler-club Clancy and G. Warren. 6* — 4 — 65; ' match Fenlmore defeated Oak J. A. Warren and C- Del*. 80-14- | Ridge. 28 point* to 7. Th* four. 66; C. H. Benkcn and J. Balms, *4 j some* resulted as follow# Arthur —15 — 68; J. Williams and E- F- Stebbln and Seymour Finn, Fenl- Fltigerald, 33 — 18 — TO; W. Scotl and i more. dSfeated J. Miller and C. B. Smith, 78 — 3 — 70. I Simpeon. Oak Ridge. 8 points; E. Leawood <T1) — Hall Sweeps' jl W e. | Bernstein and A. Tollerli. Fenl- — Oaaa A; Won by F. Orund. 78— I mor*. defeated J- Jewel and M. 8 — 70. Class B: Won by W. Wss- ! Michael. Oak Ridge. 8 points; Hen- tcrlend. 83-15-68. Claaa C: Won I ry Kornblum end Shm AvruUn*. • - ------- “ \ \ Fenlmore, defeated A- HlUman and E. Steinhardt. Oak Ridge. 1 point: L. Bata and 8. Lanris, Fenlmore. defeated H. Unger and M. Oold- Itcln. Oak Ridge. 3 points; Oacrgt Bprintx and Al Rothenbsrg defeat ­ ed O. Hopp and H- KaU. Oak Ridge, 1 point. Gadney Form (73 — Partners' best ball competition — W. McKinley and S-.» r --3S; -Class A: Morning: H. Whit#. *T — . , — * —70s j. F Burk#. 88 — 15 — 70. Af- War i„ J- tarnoen — Class A: Won by J. A. | Loewood Barbanks. 87-13-73 Class B : ‘ aiu A: Won by Dr. Dr. J. b TT hom- Won by Jamas Oarrison. 8*-l*-«0. CU as C — Won by D. R Mere Slaapy Hollow t7») - Klckera'| fi-2*-Tl: R. U Simpeon. 95-23- Handicap — Tbs following were Had j son. 36 —15 — 78. Claaa B — C. B. Rise, at 30 each: H. E. Benedict. O. C. I dlth. .117 — 36 — 8L Many. C. H Codk*. H. W. Dodge | Mount Varnon — <U) — Two ball and s. R. Davidgs. | foursome for golf commit!** Uopby Bomtrstt Hill* (Til-Match play | t J 1 * omlnst oar _ Mr. Zoeborioh Bel- twean H. L. Eh rich and A- Frank. * 33 — 8 — 75 and J. H. Marx and L. (w, • nows. i grillffsy *38 11 T5. Suburban <T1> — I Ry* ‘ (71) -Ball *we*p*uk**- Cl*#s A: E. W. Jaeger. 83 — 15 — 88; Clxi> A: j. j Holden.-83 — 13 —70; E. a Cubberly, *1—15 — 67; A. T. . K c Allan, 87— 14 —78; A. C. Foster. -- ------ * “ \ * “ ' 33-10-78; It. Karr. 37-13-75: P thlrd Inning they scored (our run* on on# hit •Starrubln struck . out feurtaen ien In th* ooursn of th* game and oh Irish, of Ih* Firemen, was not ir behind him wtth ten. Whan It uni to cheeking up on srrora It found that Searsda)# waa far n th# li Th# « •of th# gam# * s 10 tr TILDEN GAINS TH IRD ROUND Wk. Easily; Sabg*.. vs nets; Womcs ’ “ * Today at William T. Tllden XI. ranking •Ingles of tha United Stavaa. and Julius Ssllgson of Naw fork on two seeded ploysra jrho had rsacb- #d the third round la tha sostaro turf court tennis championship* la- day ''Big Bill\ dropped a **t 8* Sydney Adetstein of New York 1» ‘ he second round Sunday, but was never in difficulty. Berkeley Bell of Tsxag and Grag- ory Man gin of Newark also n * 4 a d advanced to tha a^nd round FrancJd T. Hunwr of Naw Rochal>* aptPiohnny Doeg of Santa Monica start play today, Grorg* Lott of Chicago and Frits Metxur of Kar- rtsburg. Pa., withdraw. Play In th# women's lingtag \tort* today with an entry list of 53 representing all parts af th* United States htadad hy Mrs. May Sutton Bundy, veteran er-oham» A. O. Miller, Rye (Tl) — Thirty-hole Medal play handicap for Governor's Cup — W. Day Tournament — Claas A: Won by J. J. Holden. 86-14 — 72. Class B: Won by G. G. Carter, 89 — 19- TO. Class C: Won by L. H. Alklo- Merning: H. Whit*. E _ 17 —70! J. r. Burke. 88-15-70, Af-1 wor#«'iind C Gala 60-14 — 66. Orlffln. 78 — 9 — 76; 8- J- Rid path. -15-71; & M. Sorenson. 86-15- 71; R. T. Butt*. 87-19 — 71;' J. J. Clancy, 87-16-71. Clan* B. G- W- Slft. 9T — 81 — 56; W. Werner, 88-19 - 48 ; E. H. Fellers, 9» -30-68; V. M. Bamberger. 89-25-70; A, Momm, 109-85-T1: R. s. William*. *4 — 17 — TL w Westchester Country (South lise. 70; West Course,' 72) — Ich Play Handicap against par A. B. Downers trophy — Tl* for flrst batwssn E. Conklin and JSrad Maytr. each 3 up. Match play handicap against par for R. M. O'Brien trophy — Won by J. H- Law. ronca, 8 up. —T Hill* ITU — Bali •Morning — Claw ' B — 45 - t 4»; W. J. H. Roberts. 85-R-77. Class B 8. McKay. 83-21-73; J. J. Gresnc. 19-15-72; H- C. Koch. 92-15-74; E Meyers. 90-15-74; S, D1 Glaglo, 15 — 30—74. Class C — F. B. Regan. 89 — 25 — 73; C. F. Jacobaon. 103 — J5 — 75: H. W. cals, 105-29 — 78; C. Falk. 110 — 84— 78. Scandal* (TU-Ball sweepstake, — Won by B. W Ely. II — 20 —TL Tamarack (Tl) — Ball Sweep otoke*-Morning: W. F. Welding, 94 — J9 — 65;. F. Rhlnefrank, M*^-70; H. Heyward. 101-80-71,' U Bn- aavaky. 98-22-71; J. ’ R Wktthorn. ----------------- ----- --------------------- N erve / a cigarette it's / L et EVERY BIRD ting it# mam., The thing »/e know bot is dgvette tut*— bow to blend and cross-bland, the standard Chestcrfiald method, to giro you bct«r tone, richer tobacco character, milder, fuller fragrance. And what we know best is the ose thing smokers want most:

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