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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, August 17, 1929, Image 14

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THE O^ILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N, Y.. SATURDAY. AUGUST 17 ,1929 9200 THE COMMUNITY WANTS AND OFFERS THIS AD SERVICE IS AS CONVENIENT AS YOUR PHONE — CALL: WHITE PLAINS 9200 Genuine Bargain: Beautiful House $19,000. See Classification 91 BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME Near WhiU l'laln«. on concrete road; half-acre; 8- room houee with every city comfort; beamed ceil-, mgs. hot water heat; 1 bathe: line rbs stove; General Electric refri ­ gerator, purest water; Immense L arge double ’ • t 107 Maioaroneck Avenue WHITE PLAINS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Count Six Average Word* Per Line RATES rar roar convenience ale are accepted over the ‘ phona wtth tbe Iln* that they will pay whan bill la presented or before 870P-W vatlon; 2-car attached garage; Egyptian Illy pool; convenient to school and station. tlMOO OWNER PHONE WHITE PLAINS 5167 TWO itnd one-half rooms, furnished for light housekeeping Pbonr 2264-J Garage optional. — 16 Attorney' Claim* Client Ac ­ cepted Paper* in Action Without Knowledge of Content* LARGE furnished room Asked how he rot to be 101 years old, the whit* haired sage replied unbesitaUnfty: \Why. that 1 * easy. First tiling Is. smoking won't hurt you. Tve smoked ons brand, day and ru(ht. since I was ten years old. And I've chewed only one kind of tobacco a* long aa 1 can remember. \Most of the time I snu very temperate. I never liked whisky. Bourbon and Rye are nice occasionally. But e man that wants to live long Apartment*. Unfurnished 80 ON A 75 FOOT PLOT FOR $13,500 Under forecloeuie. to can be pur ­ chased rftht. Stucco bouse In the Highlands, having sever, rooms ARTHUR T. WIBOM AND ASSOCIATES Depot PlaM,. Whitt Plains, N. Y. In • beautiful -erden apartment house of English architecture Equipped with frlgtdalre. Incinera ­ tor. private DOrch and chlldren'e playgrounds. Atiendsnts In service Reasonable rentals Available at present lime a few apartments of from three to seven rooms. CAMBRIDGE GARDENS. Inc. 245 Msrtlne Ave. Tel. W P. 8025 PHONE YOUR AD — CALL 9200 Qoiiag Time: 11 A M. — § K M. Saturdays era to \Keyed\ ade delivered only on proper Identification Insertion - - 12c a Line Cub • Consecutive Insertions ’ • 9c a Liao Cask Co n sec u tive Insertions • 7c a U d « Cash DISPLAY CLASSIFIED RATES MIDSUMMER BARGAIN , A lsrge corner plot wtth lawn. •ctubbery and Dowers A coxy, cud- dlty home thereon with six pleasing rooms; enclosed porch, glazed and screened All fully improved. A . substantial double garage, chlckan-1 Thompson house, grape arbor .nd fruits. Own- 1 er bought larger home <same| neighborhood! must sell. J 10.500; takes It on light terms; right now C TOBY At.SEN 192 Main SMKross from Keith's) Telephone 2*17 .... I oer iu ot last year. Prince k Ripley, Inc, an bounce* — , _ , _ .. _ , Gorfinkle claimed that Ms client. 1 the sale, by their Dobbs Ferry of-- . _.. . .. . an englnaer In the Otis Elevator c residence of W. Stuart _ • . , „ „ . works In Yonkers, did not realize - to James H. Watson, one , . ' the significance of the papers serv- , or partners of the Orm of I ,, . . , ’ _ . , 1 ed on him, shoved them In his taon k Co., members of, ^ .m,** ,hs default to 1 he New York Stock Exchange •] be taken against him before Su- sincr 1666. Mr Watson has been 1 Pirns Coujt Justice Joseph Mor- residing at the Ardsley Club dur-1 »chnu«er In June, mg the summer and expects to oc- - Justice ( Tompkins reserved deel-1 cupy his new home early in the fall ' The property consists of an Eng- tab type Jjrlek residence on about | one-half acre of land on Palisade' Also Buildings CHANCE OF LIFETIME 1 Homeaeekera — Five-room house, hot water beat. LOT 60 * 100- PRICE *6.000 Also 1 Sere for 14.000. near White Plains ROOM 101- 61 MAIN ST. Phone-Evening 2390, Day 6967 50,000 Boy Scouts Gather From All Nations ■ts zzzxx. ir~ '«* a »b is. wan marked and exceptional good , 1927 Pontiac Coach , - . BJvd, ML Vernon, near E. Lincoln , £5 Pto — to o*f t ; (A >Y ItRMS 330 NORTH Tr ACREAGE BARGAIN tree ot wooded land just r Plains High and pit One of the few etnsll f LECLAIR MOTORS, INC. — - Marmon and Roosevelt 19 MART1NL A VENIAL • WHITE PLAINS Phones W. P. 8910-8911 Blur Mountain. Miss . Aug. 14 lUPI — At least one negro applicant for a certificate to teach school In j Mississippi failed here recently. j His answer to tha queetlnn: ! \Name two Indian tribes of Mis- - aisslppl, and give something about their costumes and habits.\ was: \The Coes Colas and the Semi- colans. They wore feathers In Ihtdr customs and there habits wus bad GREAT Possibilities — Fins building site of 10 scree for small estate In Westc.teater, 26 miles from city, overlooking Sawmill River Park ­ way. See Wyeth. Box 488. Haw- YORKTOWN One-Half and One Acre Pic Adjoining- Mohanaic Park Camping. Bungalow. S re a Farm Sites For Rem Owner, care Dally Press Tbs Iremeadoaa poUac acceptance * - ___ . rv. . rh • E e • ~ ycouimg Dual Ucam cl lb* 1930 BU1CK hi* already 0 Re»™.-B«lw «». •aJection ol Uod Car. to dtapoac ^* m P 00,n« * *!*«■ 4>f at onutualljr attractive pnee. CARPENTER STORAGE. l«c. 1929 Buick 5 pen. Sedan $1050 107-121 BtookheH St. . 1929 Buick 2 past. Sedan. „ 990 : I dephone 173 While Pla 1929 Buick 7 paa. Scdsn . 1 350 1929 Stodrbaker De Luxe P Sedan 1050' i 1927 Baick 5 pasi. Coupe. ... 875 £ 1928 Buick 7 paaa Sedan 950 1926 Nash Brougham 425 1929 Hudaon Brougham ___ 995 L 1927 Buick 5 pasa. Sedan. 600 |90 other, to chooae from. All Re- Shnatioo* Wanted Female 42 pcmaitiaved. All ready Convenient GERMAN woman wonts work one GALA.C. TERMS. or two days weekly. Tel W. P. ' 881-J. — 18 ^ LEXINGTON AVE. Ai MARTINE , ' EmnUrment Anode* 45 WHTTE PLAINS. N. Y. , Phone 5330-533! | Flrst-dsa. stenogra fc „ . Ipbera. bookkavpartMj-pUUi general & Open Lveningi .ad Sunday. office worker,; also chauffeurs. Homes for Rent 83 j Wanted — ReoLExtatc 95 When? j? What? Where? \ CLEANERS--Whitt aficr 4:30 P. M. vitk. No Sunday v Dally Press WAITRESS wants need only apply. Form* and Land for Sale J 0 I questions in die lead of his story: Who? What? When? Where? Why? It b a rule equally good for all people in buy ­ ing goods. In the answer* to thoee five questions lie die fundamental facts you should know about every article you purchase. Who made it) Is he reliable? Is be experienced? Will he be in business if die article needs repair or rejdacement? What will the article do for you? Will It improve^our appearance? Will it save you time, money, effort? Will it make you more com ­ fortable. more happy? When was it made? Designed? Packed? I* h fresh? h H die newest model, or latest development? ' Where can you buy it? Does your oWn SbrfrcerTy.it? If not, can you place dependence in the store that does? Why should you buy it in'preference to some similar product? Is it superior in design, materials, workmanship? .Will it fif your needs Hoaicbold Good. SS MAGNIFICENT Hardman Orand piano, mahogany case. Sacrifice Apply mornings, Dorothy Berliner. 11 Gramercy Park. New York City. The answer to these questions, and others, are contained In the advertisements hef*. They are set forth by manufacturers and merch ­ ants for your convenience and guidance. Tha advertisement* are interestingly and sincerely written. They contain information you. want to know, and should know, before you make purchases. You will find it well worth while to follow them. S«&>r£Hiu THE DAILY PkESS CUuifi* Ad, r< bod, PouMrful md Profitable

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