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■■ ■« I. ' T .... . \ ' ---- If ■ . ■ j -! ■ *- ----- » ■ ■ ■ - -■■■ ■ - ----- ■ — ■ ■ .... - .................... . - ...... ' ' ' ' - ■ — • odman PairedWith Jones in First Amateur Match Play JUNIOR TILTS n LACK THRILLS ATHARTSDALE Fonr More Players Advance to. Quarter Final Round ill- Yesterday ’ s Play Draw For Doubles Made. zard Of First Rounds is Nemesis Of Champion r with 157 and George Voigt with r in National Amateur Tourney. CH, Calif*-Sept 4 (UP).~Thc business of ^ whether there is an amateur golfer in the rf-'Who can take the-Pleasure of Mr. Robert Tyre It. match play began today on the lniks at Pebble With the big field which started in the thirty-third il anmteurehampionship here reduced to thirty-two _ _a qualifying test, the survivors went out two by two MLCoaple of rounds of eighteen-hole match play which “ * * rthe current tournament to the eve of the quarter- a by nightfall. in*a first op^* ■ - 1 ■ 1 stampeded along to iff the fun and I an. took fir*. _ > The task ' confronting ~ Bobby ’ Jonei tn hU ambition to win an ­ other amateur title Is no mean one. I Beating Goodman aj he ihould be I mut meet the winner of the Little- 1 Finlay match this afternoon — and B first 18-hole matches always ‘ 1 a nightmare - for the , The trash tn gate re- 1, should such a thing occur, Set an alMlme record. . Bobby la Favorite e with Boh- aftemoon's play devoid of i sharp competition four boys yester ­ day reached the qtfarter-flnaT round of the , Weitctjeater Cputtfy Junior' open singles championship.to which three Meals hod precoded them In tfae apenlng clashes at- the County Tennis Club of Westchester at pleted In straight sets, two of the second round ‘ victories coming In love sots. Continued absence also caused four scheduled first round battles to go by default Seeded al the top pt the draw, X. , , , - Ramey Jkmovan, metropolitan Ju- rne Inferior golfer who ni or champion from.Fordham Prep, occasion. the Bronx, chalked up’ his second ! victory ‘ of the toumatnent by trouncing R. Chapman. 6-0, 6-0, to gain a place In the tJuaHt-r-fliinl bracket. He had previously 'defeat ­ ed Robert Ford In itraight **- There are three ohamplone in the field, Eddie Held, the Canadian Utllet, Cyril J. H. Tolley, monarch of British amateurs, and the At ­ lantan himself. There are also three former title holders, Von Elm, Jess Sweetsor of Mount Ver ­ non. and Francis Oulroet. Robert T. Jqnes, Jr, Atlanta. 70— I-School (Bronx) tefttiis troifpe, and' tver the 18-hoU ■ a S to 1 choice p right through the rest of ___ . onohlp, which will la tha fifth hs has won In the past ids.; e.wae an able crowd of golf- h play field today. • of the .most promising of the ■Talnhes brought together I Von EJm, amateur , cham- ‘ ----- ‘ X three years ago, and ____ _gan. ' the veteran, of a • Af-such campaigns and de- f the Pebble Beach course h -the tournament Is feeing j^Vbr the first time _______ T. A. rules permitted 31 qualifiers W match play In the amateur tour- rat. Chick Evans of Chicago 1 to moke the grads, missing it by a tingle stroke with an ag- « Of 1A. There was a play- ■ the twilight Tuesday | with Eddie Held, who ■ others, had an aggregate of 73 — 140; Eugene Homans, Engle ­ wood. N. J, 78-73-045; Dr. O. F. Willing, Portlsnd, 73 — 74 — 148; Don ­ ald K. Moe, Portland, 72—74—146; Gibson Dunlap. Los Angeles, 60 — T8 — 147; R. Mackenzie, Washington, 73 — 76 —148; John E. Lehman, Gary, Ind, 78 — 75 — 148; Harrison R. John ­ ston, St. Paul, 73—77— 140; Jack Gaines, Girard. Calif, 76— 75-t-lO; H. Chandler Egan, Medford, Ore, 77 — 75 — 152; Charles D. Hunter. Jr, Tocoma. 77 —75 — 152; Cyril Tolley, Great Britain. 75 — 78 — 158; Fly Coleman. Culver City. Calif, T8 — 78 — 154; Francis Out met. Boston, 78 — 154; David Martin. . Calif, 7* — 78-154; W. Lawson Ut- I tie. Jrf Son Francisco, 77 — 78 — 156; Clarence Hubby. Dallas, 77—78 — 155; Lee Pendergrass, Los Angeles. 78 —76 — 156; D. H. Hangster, Jngle- ' Calif, 78—77—156; Rudle. Wil ­ helm. PorHandr-70 —77— 156; Jess W. Sweetscr. New York. 78—78— ALLENTOWN RETURNS CATKS Allentown. Pa. Sept. 4. — Waiter Cat re. . secy rod from the Washing ­ ton Club of the American League r»K, “ sjsstu : - — -• ™ tbeoharmed circle of 32 quail- returned, to tha Senators yesterday. ‘ according . to informatlc 2 quail- 1 a par four at the very i The others. F. H. L V A Griswold and D. J. These Local U. S. Tire Dealers OHer Two Specials or 10 Days Only Franklin Whit back, from Brtnxvllla. ” Kelley ‘ WPo his second ahd third matches from WUllanf HefbCit. J t .. 6-3. 6-4. and- Vard Cockbcll, 6-1. 6-3 -Whitbeek also spent a profitable day. He van- q nlihe d IJenpan W. Flrtchrr, mpm- bor of the. Junior flats ’ doUJile cham ­ pionship team, In two eets. gml Elliott Jackspu. frV,64, .Hgtry Moore, new . .quafigr-flnillst In ’ , the lower half, downed Julian'. Wish! V. .54. ^Jlqe teams are tnclufloji he draw for doubles honors In Westchester County. The summaries, follow^ First Round — R. Chapman won from Morris Adetibcrg by dgfault; Bard Cockrell won from. Frank X. Fallon by default: .Otlbert Kelley defeated William Herbal,-Jr, 6-3. Franklin Whltbcck defeated Herman W. Fletcher. 6-4. 6-4: El ­ liott Jackson won from Lester Leb- by default; Irving Llndenbaum rom George Garrlty by de ­ fault; Paul Peavy defeated Fred Heath. 50. 6-0. ___ J ______ 1-E Ramsey Don ­ ovan defeated R. Chapman. 641/6-0; Gllhert Kelley,dofeated Vard Cock ­ rell, 6-LMMFr«pklln53;. Whltbcck de- GUS UHLMANN Box?ng ^ Ai J to Health Basis of Neiv Crozier Plan Mount Vernon Man, Former Famous Fighter, Plans to Start Health) System Here. A N innovation in the way of health culture is due to be started in this city aomethne in the fall. Eddie Crozier of Mount Vernon plans to show Westchester men and women a new way to improve not only their physique and health but also their appearance. For roos$ people boxing means a meeting of two tough pugilists who wish to muti­ late each other aa<thoroughly and quickly as possible. For Crozier, former national amateur lightweight champion, it means something else. - He believes boxing, taught scien ­ tifically, is the best method of health culture there is. “ \ ‘ only ImprovM tha physique I — of men and keep* htem In good, __ braUth b„l ,t mi, b. wpnJ b. \\ “ » W “ — - - - - put into practice the tbeoriea be haa evolved about tha odes mm kiln New ToaWt&jE ^-'<UR)-vA new > major league record for home — — exlata now. la .the atettwi'> .* i — played Monday, atot*l-(rf'Jtwenty- fota ’ -home rdtu Werf ; i . ............ - 29x4.50 Regular Heavy Duty $7.25 $9.95 J0X4.50 -IRe^ilar $7.65 ;fielder.-Is only-'three ahort of. ^ National 'League feco rdf or doubles bc ’ .d .by Paul:IWnn*r of Pittsburgh. Waner model th* record lost year when be hammered out 50 two-base hits. .Frederick hit his 46th and doubles Monday against the ericas , Heavy Duty $10.10 women as well, who eeek beauty of figure and face and wish to r»- taln fine health. Croxier not only Is an advocate of boxing for Its sport angle but plans to use It os a basts of constructive health program. For many years he Hu been engaged In this sort of work and has developed ^/system which he believes will appeal to all members of the family. Not only that but be plans to start this Inno ­ vation In White Plains In tha fall. Woe a Foremost Boxer Crozier was one of tha foremost boxen In his division ten years ago. He was amateur Ughtwelght cham ­ pion In 1816. He was Canadian lightweight champion In 1824 and Paclfla Coast champion the follow ­ ing year. He fought aU the leading men in the game then ner up to Benny Leonard for the title. Only an accident which broke his hand prevented him from tak ­ ing a shot at tho champion.* After that he was physical direc ­ tor of the Broadway Health Insti ­ tute of-New York and then In charge of the physical program of ths John Murray Anderson show girls. He spent two years at the Concourse Health Institute as weU. Since then Crozier has dons vo- 0SG00DWINS TITLE AGAIN Beats Fowler For Mt Pleas- £ Arrive Fight > for 1 With Brown N«w> -York, Sept. 4 (UP) — Teddy Boldock. bantamweight champion of England, Is hers for his sched ­ uled 15-round match against A1 Brown. Panama negro, at ths New .... Tami. Club Crown — V\rkClbuo. «*u»bw it I.. j previous trip here when he was Becomes Captain. ^ I under 21-end allowed to box only ------------ | six-round bouts, Boldock wen eleven Jho Mount Pleasant. Tennis Club j m ., r hs. and fought one draw. The ended Its reason Sunday — <•>• «» 1 toiirhartt ‘ ' ellmlnitldn l which New Yprk State Athletic Commls- Worren Osgood defeated Arthur Fowler In tho finals, 6 — 4. 8 — 10. This victory deprived Fow- winnlng tho championship for the third time In a row. Before Fowler held the title Os- Kxk^hsd been champion but ap- radlcltls and an accident Ttfrpt Im from defending his crown. However, by changing his style of plqy, he was able-to' teturn to the courC.and Sunday saw fcls come ­ back attain (Its goal, that of -win ­ ning the tltffc back'again. Fowler was-not^well during the match and hlsjsbola- were not go- *ng with the speed .'and accuracy ' usually did. On the other the diminutive Osgood hod volleys and chop strokes well land and could not be stopped. Beth Fowler and Osgood play on 1 Y. A. C. tennis team and formerly played on the eld Collogo team. By ree- hla, victory Sunday, Osgood fomatlcolly mode captain of ■' \ Pleasant tennis team year. The club ~ beaten this year. NEAR iaalomatlc »4t^unt 1 roto Fiftits w^fywy. N. X, 'Sept. ' 4 (UP) — The wtnnar of today's.match In the national open - polo championship between the Hurripqnfes and Ros- lyn will enter the finals. The two teams drew byes In the'first round .and meet today for the' right f slon probably will recognize the winner of tho Brown-Baldock match as world's champion. Yesterday's ben — George Earn- ■baw, Philadelphia Athletics' right ­ hander, who held the Yankees to four bits, ths American League leaden winning their 4th straight game from New York. 10 to 2. It was Earashaw's 20th victory of the Pounding Ed Morris out of the box. Washington'heat ths Boston Red Sox, 19 to 5. Judg* drove In four runs with a double and a LesKe Purchased iuted in by New York Giants | 1 New York. Sept. I (UP) — First purchased for cash and players by the New York Giants from the Memphis 8outh«m Association Club and will report at tho dose of his league's season. John McGraw win attempt to eonvert Leslie, characterized by the Giants os “ greatest hlttar in ths Southern As ­ sociation sines Trls Speaker\ Into on outfielder. He Is 32. TILDEN HEADS TENNIS LIST la Seeded No. 1 in Draw of Men ’ s National Singles Tennis Tournament. New York. Sept. 4 (UP), — Ninety tennis players, one of the largest fields In many years, will partici ­ pate In the American men's singles championship ' Saturday afternoon at the West Side Tennis Club, For ­ est Hills, N. Y* The draw for championship mode last night at the Hotel Vanderbilt here, shown that Cuba, South Af ­ rica. England and Japan will have participant* In addition to tho United States. William T. Tilden. 2nd. of Fhllo- dslphla, six times American cham ­ pion, btit who hasn ’ t held the title ■lnoe 1935, was seeded No. 1 on the American list, along with the fol ­ lowing: Oeorge Lott, Jr, Chicago, No. 2; Francis T. Hunter, New Ro ­ chelle, No. 8; John H. D ock . Santa Monica, Calif., No. 4i John Van Ryn, East Orange. N. J, No. 5; Berkeley Bell. Austin, Tex^ No. 6; Frits Mercur, Bethlehem, Po^ No. 7; and Gregory Mongin. Newark, N. J.. No. 8. Two of last year's eeeded list — Frank X. Shields, of New York . and Wllmer Allison of | Fort Worth. Tex., were hot seeded. Among the Westchester players ' *i the ninety who will eom- addltlon to Hunter are A. Balsley Sheridan and Melvin H. Partridge of New Rochelle, and \ McAullff, Jr, of Yonkers. w HAIGfrTAKES TITLEAGAIN Wins Westchester Hills Club Championship For Third Successive Year. Henry Page hod the club cham ­ pionship of Westchester Hills prac ­ tically won Monday In the finals match against A. W. Haight, two- year winner, and then threw It away on the 10th green when two putta would ha^e won the hole and the champtonshlp.N, Page hod Holgh two up and three to play at the time. Holgh had laid a stymie to Page and the latter In ­ stead of playing safe with two putu attempted to pace his opponent's boll. In doing so his boll hit that of Haig and sent the latter In to the cup while his own shot off at a tangent. Holgh won the bole. That misfortune unnerved Page and Holgh went on to win tha next two holes. Hie victory Monday gars boxing and Its application to bsolth. Hs has cooscn White Plains to ■tort his -.rork for M believes that Westchester County men and wo ­ men as a whole are more athletic and more physically fit than those in New York. He states that, using boxing ss a isls for his system, he can start women on the road to health and actually beautify them as well. He believes that boxing, taught to de ­ velop poise and keennees Is a great asset and not only Improves the figure but makes for alertness and quick perceptlon.- To Appeal to Women With this In mind be wishes to open a place In the city wffleh will cater not only to the men of tha famlljrEGt the women and children aa well. He thinks that once peo ­ ple haws actually followed his , method for a while they will realize I To start the Idea going among thewomen of this section he Is will ­ ing to take six women who already havesome claim to beauty and train them for nothing with the pre mia^ , of improving them In every wSy. ' Tho mW> know the benefits of ths science of boxing and heed not be urged but the women do not realize there is more to fl than what is seen in the ring. The Outers Gun - Club have of- •red t Silver I Ms experiment but he Is u os yet where be w\ ’ ALGERS LOSES Poughkeepsie, N. Y, Sept 4 (UP) — Mktty Mario, Staten Island, de ­ feated BtUy Algers In a 10-round bout last night at Woodclltf Plea ­ sure Park. Harry Sankey outpoint ­ ed Irving Peck In the semi-final bout of ten rounds. In the second 18 H. Thwalta de ­ feated W. D. Tower two and one. The match was close throughout In the third 16 H. O. Elwcs wan over J. J. Kelleher three end two In the final m atch . In tha b ea ten eight 8. W. Fletcher defeated 8. Colt two and one. Saturday In the opening round medal play Holgh and Ranaon •Parker tied at 76. They will play off for the medal TUFTY TO-TRAIN Orangeburg, N. Y, Bept 4 (UP) — Gerald \Tuffy\ Griffiths of Sioux City. 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