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9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1929 9200 SPORTS Chico Qonzciles Loses Ten Round Bout To Johnny Huber No Match for Fast Rival; Diamond Beats Delamont Two Ten-Round Bouts Produce Much Action ik Armory; Other Three End in Knockouts. -------- s ____ to cope with the dashing two handed attack _ fot Johnny Huber last night in the main bout at the Armory, Chico Gonzales lost a ten-round decision by a wide margin. Gonzales came into the ring after a long layoff. He started slow but got better as he went along and lasted the ten rounds in good style. His only trouble was that Huber never slowed- down the whole distance and kept boring in with both handji going to give three blows to every one that Chico struck. It was a fast, clean fight all the way. At the start it looked as if the pace Huber set could not continue, but it did and the boy who knocked Jimmy Slavih out had things much his own way, against the lad who took a beating from that same Slavin. Gonzales could not get hi* left*\ working against the attack of the ft 212th iolller and the Utter never There ^vas no etalUng and UtUe clinching throughout. Huber wad ­ ed in all the time and Gonzales tried his best to stave off the fast milling arms of his opponent. He landed many solid blows himself but took more than hU share. He lost all but one of the rounds but ke^t on trying all the time. Huber Sails In Huber started from the bell to make his presence felt - and led a left which was followed by another. ChlCo bided his time and let Hu ­ ber come In. Towards the end of the round Huber came so close and hit so often that Chico had to fight to defend himself, so he opened up. His left shot out and stopped Hu ­ ber for a time. Chico landed eral of his lefts botb\-*> the Jaw and tbs body. Once he started, he kept it up and shaded Huber was not to be denied and from the second round Into the battle obvious of the blows Chico struck and made many more of his. own count. His fast shift from left to right and back car ­ ried hIs,blowB In solidly and tt landed. He was stopped once twice by Chico ’ s counter blows the second but never for long. Gon ­ zales. fell in. this round but rhon referee Jack Appell stop ­ ped the fights. In the opening four Jimmy Chefalo scored over Tony Vapoli after the Utter had knocked him down In the second round. He came back strong and had hU ponent groggy In the fourth. Twice Vapoli went down on rebounds from the ropes. He weakened b« ly and In the fourth was unable rise the aecond time be was drop ­ ped. In the first six round affair Pat Mooney whipped Bobby Shaw and : was handed the fight In the third I round when Appell took pity on I Shaw who was clearly outclassed, I and stopped the bout. Mooney cut Shaw up and had him at his mercy I even though Shaw -gnu hitting ' from time to time. In the other alx Pete Laratonda | on a technical over Soldier Wells. In the opening clash Pete rocked Wells and It looked as If he would go down. He did a minute later but got up and sailed across the ring at Laratonda like a mad bull. Pete stood his ground and they met with a thud. Wells went down again under a hard right and ro- treated. He fell to his knees soon after and went down again. When he rose Pete cornered him and used him as a punching bag until Ap ­ pell stepped between them. Just then Wells let loose a blow and It hli Appell. He could not under ­ doing so he was In no pdslUo hit and It did little good blocking Huber. The whole ' fight was al ­ most a repetition, round by round. Huber boring In with both arms going and Chico trying hla best to meet the attack. He succeeded several Mmea and even carried the fight.- but Huber always came back with ah attack which tied the game little local lad up so he could not do any damage. ' Chico's Knees Buckle One blow by Huber caused Gon ­ zales' knees to buckle for an In ­ stant but Chico waa right back and not hurt. He has weath- • hitting than he fouhd last night but not ao much of It for ao loug h time before. In the Jourth round Appell. the refer**, had to step between them at, the bell to stop them fighting. Id the fifth both fighters worked their lefts a lot and Chico sent In a series of blows which caused Hu ­ ber to back up. Gonzales got mad In the for some reason and sailed In as If be wished to annihilate Huber. He landed several hard blowa -H backed up and mlaaed two b ____ He' took a left In the face and met a left with a left as they closed. Then Huber got going and Chico reverted his tactics. That war list of the Gonzales threat. Hub*r started the seventh with three lefts, took a couple and then landed a hard left and right. Chico worked on Huber some but always he took more blows than bs gave They fought the closing rounds srith Haber gaining the advantage afl the time but with Gonzales still In the running and never falling to tfj-. At no time waa Gonzales In real trouble despite the attack be — — - — 1 the entire distance. Results AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland, 4; Detroit, 0. (Five Innings, rain) St Louis at Chicago, rain. Other clubs not scheduled. NATIONAL-LEAGUE • Boston at New York. rain. Brooklyn at Philadelphia, rain. Pittsburgh, 10; Cincinnati. 5. Chicago at St Louis, rain. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Rochester, 11; Buffalo, 8. Montreal, 8; Toronto, 2. Reading at Jersey City. rain. Newark at Baltimore, rain. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Philadelphia. Other club* not acbe&led. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (2). Chicago at St Louis (2). Other clubs not scheduled. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Newark at Baltimore. Reading at Jersey City. Rochester at Buffalo. Montreal at Toronto. i other tsn round battle be ­ tween Mickey Diamond of Phila- delphia and A1 De Lament pro ­ duced aa much action If not more. THE WORLD AT ITS WORST By GLUT AS WILLIAMS RUTH KNOCKS THREE HOMERS AT SING SING Plays First Base and Pitcb'es in Gginc With Mutual Wel ­ fare jLeaglie — Autographs Much Sought After. The Babe Ruth circus, which I* the Ynnk ’ ees' favorite formation for exhibition games, opera! rd be ­ hind closed galea yesterday with the Mutual Welfare League nine of Sing Sing prison an the home team and about 1,500 more or less per ­ manent residents of the InsUtutli In the stands except WITH GUESJS EIPECTEP ftNY MINUTE AMP PINNER BEHIND HPND YOU ftSK YOUR HUSBANP TO SIRAI6HTEN UP THE UVIN6-ROOM, ANP nVE MINUTES LATER FIND HIM WANDERIN6 AIMLESSLY ABOUT, WNPERINfc WHAT HE'P BETTER P0 WTffl JUNIOR ’ S CAP k T-t> fCopyright. UN, by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) Schneider Cup Planes In Preliminary Trials England and Italy Prepare Entries for Speed Tests Tomorrow; Italy Has Hard Luck. T HE Schneider cup trials began today with Britain and Italy as the only contestants. Thousands of spectators were on hand to witness the trials preliminary to the actual contest which will take fflace over the quadrangu ­ lar solent coiirse tomorrow. Today ’ s procedure was con- . fined to navigability trials. Flying Officer H. R. D. Waf- _ horn, piloting A'qupremarine S-6, was the first of the Bnt- ' ish team to complete the initial phase of the navigability trials. It was officially announced at 10:30 a. m. that he had successfully passed the test. He taxied, took off, and landed several- times on the water to the complete satis- - faction of the judges. His machine had to remain in the water six hours unattended to complete the tests. Six other machine* were pur 4 ' ; \ they through the tret* which *tarted at | Monaco and won by Prerast of ___ __ „„ .... v 7am I France. Britain won It In IMi. were out on the Held getting Yan _ . _ D «l 1922 \ nd 1927 ' ItjU >' waa/rtetorta** kre autograph* on ba*ebal!». The Italian*. Lt. Toma»*o Dal |n 1K0 ^ J#2g ^ Ua|ud The .core wn* 17 to 3. with RulhVJ°'U>- » Mttccbl “ ■ ........ ... hitting homer* over the lofty right- 1 (Tvvannl Monte, piloting a Me field wall In the *econd. third and 67. satisfactorily complied the tlfth Inning* Hi* third Inning tlal tret* a* did the Britisher* D'-j drive, which traversed the long Arey Crelg. flying a Super-Marine diagonal of the rectangle before Nnpler 8-5. and R- L. R- Atcherly. making tin getaway -post the centre- flying a Super-Marine S-fl. Hold guardhouse, was Jotted down A „ Brlu , h , >JUM eat non-stop flight by any object or| The entire British team person leaving Sing Sing by thai ; passed the first phase of thi route for the past handful of de- (-ability trial*. 9 trial* started. It was diffi- prcdlcl the winner. Too much secrecy had enveloped 'the building and testing the compcUng plane*. Even the expert* assem ­ bled here were reluctant to make uth's long-range i t of hla act. After spending I ' rn Innings exchanging wlttl- ( ns with the Inside baseball fans | , ! any forecast*. The British team. 1 1 States won the me* twlca but this i year both the United Stales and | France withdrew from the contest owing to the Inability to prepare : plane* In time. CAPTAINS IN EXHIBITION Like Kitonsh Club Holds Tew Mitch*. With Co Deft Players Meeting in Singles. Jordon Smith, former captain o! ihc_gyracuse University tennis team and Harry King, captain of Ford- FLOODLIGHTS The flret bout was a furious af ­ fair with both boys socking them hard and fact Both of them went down but It was Chafall who last ­ ed the longest an<U Vapoli who weakened and lost. The new system of selling ticket* worked well in It* first, tryout with the cheaper Beats booth at the Mit ­ chell place door. Moonsy and ’ Farrell seemed to be attracted to each other like mag ­ net*. Every time Appell separated them they Juat naturally gravitated together and kept fighting, Shaw found Mooney ’ s attraction too strong In the third round. He might have laated longer by playing Well* slouched In hi* corner la the lazy, unconcerned way which ” — man did when he appeared to take away the heavyweight n. But Wells went doom five i In one round before Appel) another and objected to the fight betrtg stopped. Diamond gol a hand when he took the measure of De Lamont In ten rounds. It Is more than moat fighters have been able to do. And when ho and a front row spectator helped De Lamont back Into the ring after that worthy almost hit the floor he was cheered. A1 seemed surprised at being up ­ side down Uke that- And he didn ’ t wait to hear the acclaim Diamond got for winning but ran to the dresaing room. delight of the far Jump to the roscu and part them ov he fought so his hla shekrs end | sorlal operation tt not protest! n the way when icond pulled out n and there. It ’ s alon barber did when Hpber was give •er Gonzales even Is very popular h position of first base, the Babe « to the box and pitched the eighth , generally favored ----- -- ------------ - -- ---- - and ninth Inning, for the Yankees. b ope. plac ^ lht m*et Jack Hart, and Walter Waite Outside of Ruth, whacks ami , wlnnln( . of , Hale glided J of the Lake Katonah Club In an « a Whimsicalities, the visit of the Yan- craft cs | lcd \The Golden Gloster ” hlbltlon double* match ’ on the Lake 1 exercise\ As*Lon \as* the Yanks\am ’ Tb * Il*U«ns, though trailed by I Katonah Club court*. Sunday. B*p- 1 neared on the field they were sur- misfortune throughout weeks of tember 8th. Hart* and Walsh are rounded by a dense press of auto preparation, entered the trials to- both former members of the Tale graph hunters/ The Yankees con- day confldenlthat their PH»er*ft I tennis team. i linued signing baseballs throughout nicknamed ^be Flying Egg^ had In-onother exhibition match on | the afternoon, between Innings, and . al ' tb * Qualities of a winner. But th e 'glut, courts Paul Peoxy. (un ­ even on.the bases .whatever may be the result over ’ n , T up ln the New York State Jun- Th„ the quadrangular Solent course, the ] lor tenn i, championship In IKS tsd The score by Innings. Italian, wll attempt to Set a new im haa been wllh Effing- R. H. E. straight-line world's record later. | ham J Lewis, semi-flnalist In the ____ Yankees ------- 335 012 300 — 17 23 l 1 The present competition la a ; Lake Katonah Club tournamant heard Sing 8lng __O0IJXX> OH — 3 9 Or-grudge race\ between Italy and j against W. J. TegetmeWr. winner of deels Batteries-Rhodes. Nekols. Ruth I Britain. -- ------------ - *•** ~ i country has won the Lake Katonah Club trophy fi lest* since the first 1929 and Eric Frlber* w* test* were held at I ner up for f* e trophy- These Local U. S. Tire Dealers Ofier Two Specials For 10 Days Only 29x4.50 A Regular Heavy Duty $7-25 $9-95 30x4.50 Regular Heavy Duty $7-65 $10.30 All Other Tire* Priced Remarkably Low. We Have Rims For Any Size Tire. DO NT MISS THESE VALUES r - DEPOT PLAZA GARAGE, Inc. ' 5 Mut» Arm*. B. & M. GARAGE 163 Central Avenue Westchester Auto Repair Shop, Inc* . 41 WestcWer Avenue L. NAPOUTANO Marline Avenue and Grove Street ...in the ring ,$L .P unch / UM -*■5 •i .. in a cigarette it's SnCKIN- to our knittin* ” — never forget ­ ting that Chesterfield ’ s popularity depends on Chesterfield ’ s taslt . . . But what a taste? Aroma, for one thing — keen and. spicy fragrance. For another, that sat ­ isfying something — flavor, mellow tobacco goodness — which we can only call \charact&r. ” v Taste is what smokers want; taste is what Chestetficld offers — \TASTE above everything “ D .p4ye» TMEYSATWY esterfield RNE TURKISH m 3 DOMESTIC tofecra. art m I, BENDED Wt OtOSSaiND6>

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