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WANTED ^CROUP OF BUILDING PLOTS IN EXCHANGE FOR INCOME PROPERTY HOMES BUSINESS PROPERTIES I prince £ Ripley Dtt/P fax* Telephone 2676 AT KATONAH Income Business Property — 100 Foot Frontage — Deep Plot —All Rented — Absolute Bargain Owner Retiring Owner*! Exclusive Agent DAVID W. CORNELL DEPOT PLAZA — TELE I* HON E8 6075-SSM WHITE PLAINS FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE AT GEDNEY FARM GARDENS R. E. L. HOWE, JR. Phonal 4203-4204 While Plain! Depot Plaza Sunday* Scar*dale 1847 MELGREN CONSTRUCTION CO. SPECIALISTS IN HOME BUILDING Bar Building, Main Street, White Plain* SYDNEY BARE, JR., President H. J. GREEN, Vice-Pres. Sc Gen ’l Mgr. LOUIS PALESTRANT, Inc BUSINESS PROPERTIES 1 Church Street White Plain. 1010 NEW HIGH SCHOOL SECTION •* roo “ ' ***»< raraje. .team beat, One te * Unet Awning* and screen* DUSENBURY & ROBERTS «• DEPOT PLAZA 5190 Evening* 4935 $200,000 IN TRANSACTIONS ARE REPORTED Lawrence Associate? List Sales and Rentals Since. Organization June 1 William EL Lawrence, formerly of iwrenee A Bruce, operaUng under the new firm .lame of Lawrence As- aoclatea ha. negotiated over *300,000 In houie .ale. and rentals .Inca the opening of his new office, June L at 75 Boston Poet road. Larchmont, New York. Ha reporta the follow ­ ing transactions: Sold for Theresa EL Lanin, a new English home of .stone and stucco construction situated on a large comer plot consisting of ten rooms and threq baths. This home Is lo ­ cated on the comer of Glen Eagle. Drive and Vine Road In the beau- Ro&kon Glen section of Larcb- t and waa bought by Mabel A. Bowen of 118 Weal lS6th street. New York City. Sold for Paaquale Barone, a new English borne consisting of seven rooms and two baths on a plot 70 x 125. located on West Brook- side drive, La.-:hmont Garden*. The new owner le Amelia Yaldeh of 8965 Marion avenue. New York, who takes Immediate occupancy.' Sold for Robert H. Brown sod Catherine Brown. a_ attractive seven room, two bath home, located at 35 Willow avenue. Larchmont Manor, Larchmont. to Mrs. Ger ­ trude Hasslnger pf 39 Elm avenue. Larchmont. who takes Occupancy October T. Sold for Susan A. Maple, a white colonial home, constating of **r»n rooms and bath located on Elm road. Larchmont Manor, Lareb- mont. to Mary A. McCormick of 601 West 162d street. New York City, who will occupy October L Sold for John Acampora, an Eng- ih Tudor home, consisting nf seven rooms, three baths, located on Mountain road. Larchmont Hills, to Mr. F. d. Keeton of Irving Trust Co, New York, who takes title October 1. Sold for Arthur G. Rouse, a house .jeated at 23 Kane avenue, Larch ­ mont Manor, Larchmont. consisting of eight rooms, two baths, on a large corner plot to Mrs. Evelyn T. Neill of East Orange. N. J, who white colonial house, situated at Qrand Boulevard. Searsdale. to Mr. Joseph Mulholla id of 3358 Crsa ­ lon avenue. New York 'City, who ikee title October L Sold for Mrs. Mary Cort. a seven . jom colonial home located at 5 Oerlach place. The new owner, Mr. Saw Mill River Parkway, Open Tomorrow, Follows Course of the Flistoric Nepperhan River Newest link In Westchester ’ * Famed Highway System Will Be Dedicated at Ceremony in Ardiley; Inspection -Tour Follows. The Saw Mill River Parkway, the newest link In Westchester's widely known system of express highways, will be dedicated and formally; opened to traffic at a special mony at Ardsley on Saturday after ­ noon, Parkway Commission officials have announced. Yellowing the dedicatory exer ­ cises and the cutUng of a rope of evergreen stretched across the parkway at Ashford avenue, the officials will make a tour of In ­ spection of the entire length of the route, extending from Ardsley to Yonkers. Mayors of all the vil ­ lages along the rou takes win participate in the monies. Westchester has attracted. Inter ­ national attecUon among road- builders for ths scenic beauty and Improvements In handling large volumes of traffic which have been applied to IU parkway system. Of thdse parkways, the Bow Mill River Ilea along a route which Includes some of the most beautiful scenery In the county. It follows ths course of the valley down which the his ­ toric Nepperhan or Saw Mill river Has Place In History In American literature Washing ­ ton Irving gsve this picturesque stream a secure place In the classic chronicles of Wolferts Roost. Re ­ ferring to the harried neutral ground of the Revolution between Spuyten Duyvll and the Croton River, he wrote, \It Is a rugged region full of fulnesses. A line of rocky hills extends through it like a back-bone sending out ribs on either side; but these rude hllle are for the most part, richly wooded and enclose Uttle frea'i pastoral val ­ leys watered by the Nepperhan, the Pocantlco, and other beautiful stream* along which the Indli LEASES HOME inhomfield ; Graf Zeppelin Passenger Be ­ comes Resident of Wcs't- cliester County verted a portion of toe swamp Into a lake and provided a new channel for the river. Adjacent low ground supported many fine old hard-wood trees which havo been preserved and form a scenic vista for the 40-foot concrete parkway drive. In the Mount Hop. section of Hastings, the driveway rises gently I 'former county agent of the Lltcb- to follow along tha side of the bold flcld County Farm Bureau; ridge which rise* abruptly * ---- ... ................... The Homeland Company reports two leases on the!. Homefleld property on the Saw Mill River road In Yonkers, a house to JL C. Northcroft from Torrlngton. the valley os far north as Chauncry Station. Arounu Chauncey the val ­ ley widens and the driveway 1. again In contact with the river. Here the river waa diverted from Its original channel eastt of the Putnam Railroad and passes through a tunnel In ledge rock for several hundred feet. Proceeding northward from this point the driveway emerges from an open cut through the ledge on a alight down grade to the site of the Ardsley- Chauncey swamp. Here there was a.jungle of rushes and decaying stubs of gaunt old willow tree stubs. Around Its margin the liver was led through a new'channel which skirt* the picturesque wood* ed slope on the west The old swamp surface now III feet below the concrete drlvi and Its smoothly graded flnnkli slopes. From this point the drive ­ way passes Into Ardsley. terminat ­ ing at Ashford the main connecting thoroughfare''between Ardsley and Dobbs.Ferry, Further Extension As originally laid down, the lines of the parkway extended only as far north as Hawthorne but In April, 1934. the Board of Supervisors ap ­ proved Its extension to Chappaqun. In January. 1938. Its extension still farther northward to Kntonah was approved, making a total length of about 30 mllee from the southerly boundary of Weeteheater County at Van Cortlandt Park to Croton Lake The parkway reservation includ ­ ing Tibbetts Brook Park, the Far- ragut Parkway connection at Hast ­ ings and Woodlands Pork at Ards- ,. ley. embraces an area of 3.388 acres, “ ii 1 Th0 ACFregat. appropriations for “ * * *\ ' purchase of the reservation lands. all of which have now been ac ­ quired by the county, were *5.- 231.000. The first section of the 1 parkway extending from Sprude street and Rumsey road northward over Nep ­ perhan Heights to Tucluhoe road, \The Nepperhan vulgarly call ­ ed the Saw Mill River, winds for many mUe* through a lovely val ­ ley, shrouded by groves, and dotted by Dutch farm-houses, and empties Itself Into the Hudson at the ancient Dorp of Yonkere.\ , This was the aspect of the Neper- han as It was called by the Indiana at the time of which Irving wrote. After Adrian Van Dar Donck in brick house which has been open for several weeks as a model bouse, to Wilhelm Schultz.' American representjatlvc of a chair of Ger ­ man newspapers. Mr. Schultxc on >1* first v^lslt .o America was a pas ­ senger on . the original voyage of the Graf Zeppelin. The Homeland Company, also re ­ ports sales of plots In Beacon H1|L Ardsley. to T. A. Rlchman. John MacDonald. Gustave J. Furman. Mrs. F. C. Hammond and Michael J. Koppa^ r Homefleld a homesllr to Mrs. Nettle L. Wiles and a plot adjoining his residence to Louis Schultz, a large plot In Ravcnsdale to A. Genung. a builder, who' plans to erect a house for sale. # CASINO PLAN UP TO BOARD Supervisors to Get Downer's Request For Approval of $600,000 Expenditure The Budget and ApproprlaUon Committee of the Board of Super ­ visor* is expected to pas along to that board the request made by Jay Downer, chief engineer of the Coun ­ ty Park System for additional funds smplctc the proposed SGOO.OOO casino at Playland. the county'a nuaement park Downer stated today that the commission would need additional 9 to complete the job and did wish to undertake It until It w®s certain that sufficient money would be avallablc-for the construe- of the entire unit. The build ­ ing when completed will house e dance Jiall In summer with adjacent grill and dinin' rooms, nnd a skit- rink In the winter time. ACREAGE SCARSDALE 7 ROOMS— 3 BATHS— GARAGE khools — Schools. The paramount question Is the mind* of B •rent, at this time. To help solve It w. offer this pretty Eft otinge of stucco and Umber, on a fully Improved and evt — I d weatherstriped. General Electric Icebox. Completely decorated. PRICE ONLY J20.000 — Terms BRUCE « CORELL, Inc. t Station • Tel. Searsdale 280 Yonkers\ by building a mill where the Neperhan tumbled rapidly to , the Hudson. It was called by the B. F Merklse. of 390 Wadsworth j Dutch settler, the 8a* t Kill, and by avenue. New York City. take, mediate occupancy. Sold for Frank BlseegUa, a large stone, stucco and brick residence, consisting of tan rooms and four baths with approximately three- quarters of an acre ,of ground sit ­ uated on Beachtree drive. Wood- acres. New Rochelle, to Mr. S. S. Montalne of New York Clly. who will occupy October \ Sold for Thomas Mmger, a lot S x 125. located on Forest avenue, i Mr. W. W. Freeman. Harrison, ho .tart? building operaUons In the near future. Leased for H. W. Geers, a brick house of seven rooms, three baths, located at 140 Garden rotfl. Larch mont, to M . Charles T. Riley, of 17 John street New York City, ir a term of three years. Leased for Jacob J. Beaver, a six- em house on Hurtle Boulevard, i Walter 8. Houser for a two year Leased for K. Plrone, a seven loin, two bath ' Dutch colonial home, located at 35 Oak avenue. Larchmont Manor. to Mr. Walter Thompson of New York City. CRESTWOOD SALE Georg* E. Duffy, treasurer of the New York Cocoa Clearing Associa ­ tion. Inc., bought a new house on Oakland avenue, Crest wood, through - \ van A Co. English translaUon River. The more poetic name of Nepperhan has never been lost sight of and la perpetuated as the name of a street and a railroad staUon In Yonkers. Ths name Saw Mill has. however adhered peralstenUy by lo- cal usage. It Is not, however, wholly without merit To many people It suggests picturesque associations of many decades of Westchester pio- hiftory along with the aborigine*!, the early Dutch setUers and the Revolutionary periods. With all Its romantic plcturesque- nua. the Neperhan had many stretches of swampy bottom lands not well adapted to town building along Us valley. In these areas notably through the Nepers Park section of Yonkers and the stretch between Chauncey and Ardsley. the new parkway has wrought trans ­ formations that will vitally lnflu- Bollt Through Swamp Prom the Yonksri water works northward through Gray Oaks, Nepers Park In Yonkers and the southerly part of the Village of Hastings, the parkway drive la built over a former swampy Jun ­ gle of cat-tall, and tangled vega, tatlon growing In bog. of black muck* eubjected to periodic over ­ flow In every freaheL Reclama ­ tion work In this section has con-; Searsdale — New Stone House » difficult to adv.rtlsv house* so that they may be eorreeUj ■ say la that this ntw white painted Mon* date roofed home has about the full 100 per cent points of Interest to the general purchaser. The rooms are large (It baa seven room# and three baths, three master bedrooms, maid's room, tiled kitchen etc.): the arrangement excellent. It has a centre ball a very at- tractive stairway and upper halL The heavy oak beamed celling in living room ts unusual and striking. It Is on an ample hornet lot Two car garage. Near schools and handy I * ‘ ‘ ' *' . Infri railroad station. The nrire !• Ittxnno tot. 1 wo car garage, near schools and ha! i V i-fn railroad staUon. The price ts 328.000 Seg urtg- Hillt Real Estate and Insurance u 10-11 Depot Plaza Building. White Plain*. N. Y. TELEPHONE 7206 1649 founded ths “ ancient Dorp of | opcnrd tomorrow h „ a , enKth ot 4H mile., making a total of seven milt, now completed. Including the Farragut Parkway connection. The total appropriations for the con ­ struction of the .even miles of competed parkway exclusive of the recreational developments at Tib ­ betts Brook Park, amount to S3.84f.000. In addition to the work already completed, these approprla- ' tlons cover this year's program of heavy grading and brldg* building now acUvely In progress dltlonil 314 mile section from Ards ­ ley to Elmsford, and river improi REAL ESTATE NOTES ment work between Hawthorne and Chappaqua. From Spruce street and- Rumsey road, the parkway drive 1 built southward a distance mile, to the New York City Une at Van Cortland t Park as a connecting ouUet Is eat by the city authorlUea. A proposal to extend the Grand Boulevard and Concourse through Van Portland! Park to connect with the Saw- River Parkway, was vetoed Governor Roosevelt on the ground that It would have been wasteful « * park lands. The . city authorlUi now have a plan to extend a con ­ nection from Moaholu Parkway to meet the Saw Mill River Parkway. SCARSDALE HOUSE SOLD Alfred K. Bherwln of the United State. Rubber Company bought through the Robert E. Farley Or ­ ganisation a house on Rutger, place in tho Green Knolls develop ­ ment at ScaxAale. KEEP COOL AT HOME! Live At (J)eshniigtarQidge HjHit GREENWICH SALES Harry W. .VoighL formerly of Greenwich, Conn, but more recent ­ ly of Florida, has purchased for occupancy tb* residence of Mr*. Frederick C. Bursch. known os Hill Riverside section of Greenwich.'' Mr*. Louise Herrick Wall sold her home on Buxton lane. In the same section, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Patterson of Plainfield. N. J.. the residence formerly owned by Rob ­ ert D. Patterson on Riverside ave ­ nue. also In Rlverdalc. was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C,. Stewart of Stamford for occupancy. Miss Georgians B. Davids arranged both BUTS IN LARCHMONT Clair L. Farrand. president of the Farrand Manufacturing Company of Long Island City, making loud speakers, has bought a waterfront estate In Larchmont from M. Struckmann. president of the Inter ­ national Cement Corporation. The atuceo house contains twelve Distinctive House For Sale Near New High School. Six Large Rooms, Tiled 4 Bath, Tiled Kitchen, Sun Porch, Garage, and every modern nicety. Owner must sacrifice. $1,000 CASH ‘ Oofttenberrf J Company O Telephone 8020 White Plains, N. Y. For Sale — Northern Westchester 0 acre* of beautiful land. Ideally suited for building e nin fine home., offers wonderful views of lakes and iround, mil. lake frontage, near state highway. Price $1,500 AN ACRE •and three bathr. Anchorage for &Jr. Farrand ’ s two yachts Is provided. Thomas B. Sutton. Inc, was the broker. FENNO PLOT SOLD r ricc A Ripley, -Inc. report the jf a residential plot on Grand ­ view avenue. White Plains, for Charles C. Fenno to Christian Qoc- necko Co, who plan the erection oT a house this falL The same brokers have leased the house at No. 418 Wynnewood road. Pelham Manor, ' for Lee B. Springsteen to L. J. ChatUn, sales manager of the Fada Radio Corporation. LARCHMONT RENTAL Chauncey B. Griffen has leased for a term of years the Spanish type home at Glen . Eagles drive, Rouken Glen. Larchmont. owned by . Richard R. Romeo, Ine, of Pel ­ ham, to William Wyer of Denver. Colo. The house contains seven Urge rooms and three baths. GRIFFEN REPORTS SALE --Chauncey B. Griffen. through hla Pelham office, has sold for Mrs. I Elizabeth Walsh the premises at 288 Elderwood avenue, Pelham Heights; co nisi tin j of ten rooms, three bath, and garage, to Richard K- Conant of New York City. FFISTEB BUYS IN CHApfAUA The Schulte Real Estate Co. sold business site, ISO by 100 feet, on Greeley and Woodburn avenues. Chappaqua. to Jacob PfUter of Conklin * PfUter. oi White Plain*. O. J. Klee, arranged the deal In conjunction with the Adams Realty IVAN FLOOD, Sales Agent 3 Martino Avenue While Plain* 978 Beverly and Highland Roads. Park resident who Intends to troj ths site with a tar\ English-type Bruce A Correll, Inc, were • brokers. M™ C H Telephone W. P. a / SMALL ESTATE Nearly three acres on Sftundview avenue. Beau- tiful Southern Colonial. (Gorgeous trees, winding drive, shrubs, garden and oWbaUdinga. WE INVITE INQUIRIES FISH & MARVIN 6 Church Street ^j-Tekphoo. 7310 » IN THE MOST PICTURESQUE SECTION OF WESTCHESTER Beautiful Greenacres, Scaredale. Colonial Home of \ 9 large rooms; 3 baths. Plot 76x160: beautiful trees and shrubs.. Five minutes from station. ■ SEE US FOR PRICE MORROW & MILLS, lac. Depot Plus Building White Plain.

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