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i her living Maybe It ws* but i tbode crushed under an accumulat rould be humiliating to a girl Ing avalanche of failure. In the end. Uke that, with pride In the very when he had exchanged the loot of curve of her nostril* to be put hU wife's government bonda tot through auch a croea-examlnation ; atock In a new automobile com \HI take the reeponelblllly.\ be pany which wax rroaan out a few Ortnly. “ But. If you don't J months later, he tipped hla Lao! . ____ _ I think you'd better keep to taxi driver at the entrance to the I the 'Ulea' for office purpose* It park. and. when tb> eound of the j will aave comment. We'll keep It returning cab had merged In the ax a secret between ua ” . distant blur of the night traffic, put i He had not meant to say that a pistol to his head. Mm | last sentence. It had sprung from i The boy of sixteen was taken sm his Ups without .earning. It estab- j of school and spent several days i llshed a bond between them, a sub -1 In conference with a lawyer who I tie. personal bond. And her eyes had been his gather ’ s friend. He axe | — why. they weren't plain gray at was so Ignorant of business that r on oh wmt Twr msv all! They were shot through with he did not even appreciate the geli- — -- - gleams of golden light. Uke the , eraalty with which the lawyer prof- * * CHAPTER 27 flecks In certain kinds of sealing 1 fered his services without fee. But l llsrjorla Joined Joyce at the wax. What an absurd comparison, i be knew what It meant when It breakfast table, though- ebe had He caught himself smiling. * She wss found that even the payments ■min early with Joe. before hr must not think be was laughing at on his father's life insurance had itOtik a morning train out of town her. But aha didn't. She vsa lapsed. In the first paid of long jMenni* after the . excitement of smiling back- \ j trousers he bad ever owned, he took >Use> preceding eyinlng. was slee|>- \If that's settled, then — ?\ • the Job which the lawyer, by the 'fur later than ioual, and Joyce had Settled? At that moment Robert exercise of more personal Influence sitpped out without disturbing her. Gralnge felt more unsettled than than the .boy guessed, secured for '•JU ou know, there's a hitch In be pad ever been In hie life- He. , him. (SB Job,\ Joyce said as she Un- who woe always decisive, found [ He (topped hla mother's charge .gyred over her second cup of cof- himself murmuring a vogue accounts when he found that the ■a \I didn't think much of longer a question of honor or risk, line, between I .WSg. He BMoan't k t the time, hut the man I saw Cornell — the manager — \ She safety — safety herself unaccountably stum- could not atop to , ~He called me Hiss Avery ‘ Tve got to te know I'm married.\ Mrs . not Hits. . fall, what of It? It Isn't any j rapidly. \I hope It concarn of hla, la It?\ difference. But I -Lota of firms won't employ mar- know.\ Her voice ried women, unless they're widows sounded throaty an or their husbands are crippled or\ Gralnge stored - something I oughtn't to let - he were seeing I ai m thin k — * time. Her eyes h ‘ “ Joyge Avery! ” Marjorie vehem- dark as winter we ently \pushed her tup from her. “ If ' drawn tog,the you let this Job .slip through your I frown. He had i darn qulx-1 the other day. otle notion UKt that — . What bust- i self noting how cess li II of theirs? What right eponalvenexs of h have they to decide your life for with the firm detri you? They hired you because they chin. A face for liked your work, didn't they?\ not easily vanquls -Tea,\ Joyce admitted feebly. the color of hair ! “ Well, then!\ Marjorie thrust the woe hard and me blind reaching out for wss one which slie could not, at . she | her age. move about two hundred j degrees down the scale. He bought at ll'e everything himself. She was a e sold i brave woman In her way. She did ke any not complain, and It wrung his ct you | heart the more to see her, without n ears 1 comprehension but without pro ­ test, do without things that wsre as If essential to her conception of elv- e first | llixed life. gray-! Robert combined something of brows ! his father ’ s enterprise with a hard- ’ In an anxious , schooled cynicism . towards phe- hardly noticed her 1 nominal opportunities. Single I him- banded, he had supported his meu up for the tee shot that •tart officially my .entrance _______ ___ __ F the voids of a nervous temperament much more than formerly. It Is my conviction j that It Is Just this sort of golfer that proves most dangerous when his back Is to the wall The rather placid player who goes contentedly on his way Is often the easiest player to beat Never, It seems. Is be aroused to a pitch where he can play beyphd himself, or rise Imme ­ diately to a drastic occasion. In this National Amateur there Is certain to be a sprinkling of both extremes of theaa two natures. Perhaps an over abundance of one U os bod os too mush of the other. But I would say It Is better to have a portion of this rtervous tempera ­ ment on hand to be affected by the fortunes of the golf links than to have none at all There are quite a few golfers who no doubt think that Jones him ­ self Is not given to nervousness. Therein they are wrong for though Jonas ' ----- like e i match will remove a total weight of t ten prapdsJrom Bobby's frame. If I Is on easy matter to fall ■-*- - t don't core attitude when th ■ seems all wrong bat the Joi ___ t this golfing firmament never do. ' Hagen Needs Inspiration To Piny Beet There are many golfers of the I ; nervou^ type who on the other hand '* - ----------- im to get going unless conducive to a great . this category logen. At all times 1. calculating player who have followed hie career know that he always plays beat tn keen competition. In prac ­ tice the Hague seldom plays- well and this 0 oho often the case in matches wrher* there Is nothing st stake. Let « tournament occur where UMTS Is something to fight for, one that inspires him and he la likely id Jsave the rest of the field way bafcthd. As l ntfttfjoncd above there la •asttin to Ja more than a sprink ­ ling, of both an the field of battle toaorr«w. Jor.cs. Von Elm and| nervous most deegffWtely when seems against them. Perhaps one of them wilt Win the title. Then again It msir-.tiiajMna hitherto unknown •too will Ware used to such a fight ­ ing nervous pitch that he will gal lop headlong through tne scans is condui bamhZea who hat belong In the shooting golf that h r thought -ohably never - tournament mother until her death a year ag- varred — he was glad that ahe hod lived of her to have many of her old comforts it one ! restored to her. But from the day it was when ho had drawn down the Gold coarse sheet and gazed at hla vos — father's distorted face on the tilted Just slab in the morgue, he had ar- s. mored himself against emotion l ef- When the biting urge of youth she? ; raced through hla veins. he itter. clamped down upon It. first by long striding walks through the city prong of a fork ferociously Into he groped in memory — It was the table doth, \They don ’ t ask a the color of fallen birch leavi man. before they hire him. If he He roused himself with at has a wife rich enough to support fort She wanted the Job. did him. or an Income from bonds, do Perhaps she had married a rotter, they? I don't want to talk like a ll didn't matter He'd do what he blooming feminist meeting, but if could And she was not appeal- streets after working you lose out on this Joyce. I — I Ing. There was no flinching and later, when a dollar or two could couldn't bear ll.\ j whining about her He splintered be spared without upsetting the -We needn't cross any bridges. ' the heavy silence of the room. , rigid weekly budget, by attending Joyce sold soothingly, \t think 1 \I don't think we need lay it concerts, you're right, on general principles. \Yes I It did not occur to him now that County Park Commission from TflRDfratllre Drone Rnl Rum ITobably I'd better Jus. ray noth- \Then bring on your buyer!\ he wax In any ran., in leva with Ployland and th. three county golf, „ , — e P layabout ll- V There was a 1IU In her voice, a Joyce Avery. He hod definitely cour.es and other Income-producing ! Hafl SBfht Effect OirDiy '■ ’ ar/j Commission \Rei Boosted by Good M/< Expected to Exceed Expenses Receipts Surpass Estimates Made In January; Total In ­ come May Aggregate $1.- 500 . 000 . Receipts SHOWERS GIVE SOME RELIEF the Westchester Timber Lands “ I wouldn't take any risk#, any- mingled tremor of fear, excitement, made up mm mum mat Joyce s nus .... . bow. Now you run along. I'll let and an altogether unreasonable band was a rotter, without suspect- p * rk * h * ve already passed the JB29 . Jean rue sleep UU the lost possible gaiety 1ng that desire had anything to do estimated revenues and there la! moment, and then nip her off «o Decidedly, the Interview hod not with establishing the details of the | every Indication that before the 1 Albany. N. Y„ Sept 8 — While oc- • c ** o01_ .... c *° ,ed 00 ,h * note of * new em-: picture. He found himself taking c lora of th . , e)uon . h . .. V enura ' caolonal light showers brought re- Joyce was glad of the opportun- ployee receiving directions from a day by day Interest In the style j wl n k . considerably in , h - Ual from the heat Hy to walk to th. .tore. She told her eupcrlor. .how far beyond hU usual eon Tpemlo^ and maime^.« i^s thermom.r.ra SWfts? s Si _ -ss-. ... isrsss.annss SsS? half hour, but what she really- wanted was time — time to think. “ «» ° Marjorie was right; ebe didn ’ t fall 1 ®* want to lora the Job — she couldn't , .leas tt! At the very thought her * rrvt ‘ n order bands Clenched at her aides. On * uc ^ contlngi n the dull and Saturday It bad bera a compromise, Robert Gralnge had reached the ^ . drafled prlv»,, • - en.y-flv. without ever , pp „, ntly unending ove. In fact, be had h « wanted h.e tn thrown out a protective wall of r*~| ahewas a hard-worker, tfio. - ^ ' He developed the habit of glaqc- few mlrv thermometers soaring Into th* of the | 90 J f° r * u **\ lv ® d»yit, the Park Commission, states. The mark of $1444.000 far * ” ! :! mated revenues for 1929 Labor Day, said Downor, ana with Play land and the golf oourrae open until around the first Of Oc­ tober there is every Indication * bad somehow become overwbetm- ngly Important. Could she accept « lie, to rave her skin? Marjorie •as right — If men tried to guard against any — He couldn't of- sr b PJK s PE sas risE.\ 25 “ Iw £ 2 , “ rSL. ■»*... •as The pistol had b tfn htld In the we n _ e . ou . y.. wlv w f(K oul supervisors in lbs county budget of Robert ’ s father, and no 'routing Ull morning There was January for the net cost of op- >r It was nothln g „ hom ,' to eratlon and malntenanca over ssti- .\iSsSrjr ^ no,hin * b * [ 'which . lDCOm<L ' . s~tv — , he bad not the heart to leave after! At present, sold- the chief en- . I tober there U every Indication that TT , a *' ,0 \T ra ‘ aufflelant additional fund, will M received to cover the additional , no vi ’ ,bl '; «***« * ih « *k»- : park. His sodden Prthap. the .tor, people wouldn t found by a policeman the next hu amber-, death. The vrat build- ^ auPPoa* they 11 * “ * * xt«n-y..r-old lns , wuh lu denuded form, and did. They'd have the whip hand; who wn railed to the morgue draped counter* was utterly quiet; sb« would be In no position to i h> telephone to vertlfy the Menu- cven th)l eievato ™ had stopped •argue with them. They could en -1 ftrailon made by papers in the dead running. He felt her prerance force their (principle., and If her. man s pocket. and who. bewildered Mm et*ing sharp and atlnglng C0U *t “ r y s«° by hls^motheV rLfIL? throu * h ^ the board, even .though she was hl \ mother, That pistol shot bod two alone In a world of rrot ramie tkeone directly concerned. Woe It i® 1 * klllrt Gralnge, eenlor. ll inanimate shape* a workl klTcut cowardice to decline to hit y°ur ’ hodVso killed hi. son's boyhood. | ofr fr om otdlniry day time life ra .hbad against a elone wall? If she The Gralnges had lived with a th, .leeplnrcasrte of. UJolale t°*t this chance, ahe suddenly felt, casaal. open-handed affluence. In; Joyce grew accustomed°to ... , ,^., w4o ‘ d be hurled back dnto »|»>ch Mr., Gralnges connection lo g a line of light under the door nothlngnee* an utter void of fall- »'th money affaire was limited to m Irked -AdvertUng\ when she ,ur* She would not have the faint- , the .lgnloi; of ocraalonal paper.. , cltmtA tbt .n-room dLr behind Sr \■band , and groped her way to the back e pen I E* hung her hat ___ tbs locker assigned her. ■' the I down on a chair In a room technic __ _ “ Advertising- marked In would not have understood, even If tetters on lie ground gloss ,h » bad read them — which \bo Somehow the had expected never did. Ever **•- laconic Mr. Gralnge bills were mailed to hla office stairs leading through the nlghl- glneer, only about fISO, 000 u ed to make up this appropriation In addition to the total budgat for operations mentioned above and with good weather this mark Is ex ­ pected to be reached, making the The estimated revenue from the parka for this year was. In round figure* « At 1.000. Revenues re ­ ported by the Park Commission as of September 2. Including Labor Day. are $147843®. The total budget for the year for operation and maintenance la $1.- 149.000 representing the estimated /would be Immediately Visible. He < U “ ?■ ” .£' “ fiLT\ ” “ ' r \ *- rnm. tot which u , ■».. ... j — . — s — Iore ,n * rc » chrd ll proprltlon was mode In the county •old the low. ] budget by the supervisor* The Income reported represents the largest total ever received by 1 to the l of typewriter* around her which be-brought IB fall »*ry much an outsider ■ power of attorney. He had V machinery whirled around her what It was. and she had said, ,.k. ^ — I , h h J***. * cho ° J* 11 * “ e that becoming extremely regular. T Me sh. ,h , *£!' r ” Utlon of . mu ' ••Look here.“ .be burst out when She start- ,lc She thought a power of at- .t, tv k , h turnad the ...... in . jsrjarffr.fiu ks . ■- « “ girt' Withdrew. She wu ' her fingers. „„•« ™.- . k . plungernt Th,r VonV f* T\™ 1 ao«n«*bat lt^ndualra reply, had «n ^ Gralnge never offered to occom He b^«h7urailv Of P .ra^ , ? I*ny fa er farther than th. street know bow th.t d.rir ^ a town wher^i h^, ^w “ r d*a^ COrn \ WhOT * h ' lUr °^ off lo w * WV44 young face looked when he replartng^ th, old loclu of the river ipfcls, was to bring huge indus- i a Boating grain of dust. __Ir. Gralnge would like ti jiow. plerae,- \11 “ her annoyance * “ * \ \ cheeks bush hotly 'Late again. vlgrant voice, as he guided her household down the winding stair* office ad- Joyce wondered If ahe should ray I . l ?* “ r * “ ‘ “ *?* I * v * r ™ ctwki™ ww ___ _ of the papers if ( h. assumed that he was wall- 1 'arrely the expansion of - IS .MI H..., ewtra Oil hoU- -■fofd hoc. It was os If nadvertently spied upon I ___ _ ^ \ win first outline the main ; built, but ••taros of our style show to you. ' power the boom foiled ' • *•* “ ring In the low. nene- 11 rlallxc. and the land, bought tn ! ,u ** po . w \ U*™' «• Bafc ” Tia*1ud _ ___________ lock, of th. river just when *h. had told her about hie dead mother — and aha was for from knowing that distribution of nm perron to whom be m» ,e - , spoken about his personal 1 * year* Yet as she walked o pens- rlallxc, ___ He aseumed a half Interest ... „.k _ .. k. _ _ Ufa twitch,' She had an ffSTSJgsJ IfaVagant with words -. - ...— r — — ’ *• • - “ ••• i » irucuon or its purchase Bgg- J? ” **?..* ” . “ >• models : price. He earned a h^f i Dtu ^.i' ■wn we would Uke to feature In In the building of a large new Sr — l beg your hotel, suitable for convention pur- have said good poie* far In advance of the ordi- Avery. nary needs of the town. It was **wJi?™* r * 0f h,r Ih * 0n “ t boul ,or • l°»n of Its almost un. six. In the middle west. But the laugh and glory, as well as the hotel, was not be ex- empty. on her sc-1 With the remnant of a once com- eramro to dislike | fortable fortune, he moved his •raid c ra lm iX7jr£f 1 ' y ~ bU ' ! tUBliy '° th * “ »• a**klng Urger not be a prop- opportunities. They were nai ■ “ employet , hard to find. In ' - — - ----------- *• eh* sold Inane- ; Use were so laree 5**r^rtSl ‘ tense'flnaen k° f 2 U “ fJ h * y * p ** <lll>, rarulfed the iraSTm hZ Uura hi. But ^ wu onT iwrad to hto that ! woe; of O . larger, th-mgh lera epec.acu- ■raraaary tor bar to| lor, number of men whexn r — h nra- s rather as If body vibrated with hlloratlon. “ But this la absurd!- she hoard herself ray aloud. TH ask Mar ­ jorie to Invite him to the bouse. to Marjorie, whan Jeonnle. after a wide-eyed reheardal of a visit to the soo, had quieted down at loot. -He', a very atlas t has lived all (loss died. I don't Hrt-i days at the Rye well as at the golf courses hanaic, Maplemoor, and Rpraln Brook, the lost named' In Yonkers having been opened only middle of the season. The $300400 appropriation made In January by th* supervisors for the Park Commission Ing fund to give the funds with which to operate until the gates were opened la the sprint to patrons and mast be repaid to the county out of the i Should the rwenuea for 1P39 be sufficient as oow appears. It la prr- , dieted that them will be no need next y*ar for any operating ap ­ propriation' to be made for the Park Commission by the Supervisors and there Is confidence expressed that i within a few years the parks will have built up S ■ ~ fletest for an r -1 Plans are nc — — . .. — definitely known, to akloxite Play- -------- -- -- ‘ I little effect In checking dried woodland* Reports to the-stale water supply- commission indicated diminishing water supplies In additional, cltier* Many already have felt the .pinch of the arid spell. Oneonto. a city of 12.000 reported scarcely an Inch of water In the main reservoir and nearly 75 per cent of the reserve supply used tip. State Health De­ partment experts made a survey of the Susquehanna River and Otsego Creek as possible emergency A forest fire raging near the New York-Vermon border yesteqlay .threatened the main power line of the Twin Cities Light and Power Corporation, which runs between Hoosick Fall* N. Y. and Benning- 1 VL POSTPONED Faimew Taxpayers Association WU] Hold Meeting Next Thursday, President Announces Feeling that the county would In no wise be burdened by the of the Village of Dobbs Ferry to have one section of the paving under way at that village on the Albany Poet road done with Asphalt blocks, the budget and appropria- on committee agreed t <nr.com- iend this to the Board of Super ­ iors on Monday. I County Engineer Charles Mac ­ Donald appeared before the commit ­ tee today to goint out that recently ! i village hoe felt-that It would! for the beat Interests of traffic | have the hill portion of Broad- t running through the village paved with the asphalt block In-1 rad of concrete./ Ha sold that tliie would coat an additional $ 10,000 to $12,000. but inMmuch as the village was willing to bear the added coat of the repair to the road, he recom ­ mended It to the committee. The move to change the paving | on this strip was regarded as an { ■'affront ” to th. .county engineer, la | the opinion of members of the vll- Board ot.h'giqent meeting, and an -Attempt was made to rescind the •btloR.lagt'week. Voting on K was ^Withheld until Mayor Warren Benedict cotild ‘ consult widr the colMjc engtneeet. The coufcfy Js at widening and rep ItkBway l through the i Drabs Ferry and 'Hastln MAKE YOUR HOUSE AS A NEW DOLLAR by giving il a couple of coats of paint. Freshening up with paint not only adds to your house ’ s looks but increases its value and protects it against the weather. We handle a complete line, iiwlm<mg the well known UZAE BEXT PREPARED HCU/E PAINT MADE JN 24 SHADES White Plains XTT?Trff TO New Rochelle 42M£S.. JM^VltlO »> >■£-**■ W-P. 2S36 PAINT STORE N. * 4341 We are only voicing the expressions of hundreds who have ttfstted our salon when we saytrthat<ik*\ffm-Cordis the sensation of the year. We cannot urge you too strongly to visit thissee for jmursdf the. truth'of this statement. ANTONIO DISC ALA ANTONIO BELL ANT ON I The association will meet next ‘ \1# at the Falrvlew Oreenburgh, add at ftlBORES MENTATIONS ^HtAP ifp HEAP o VtSt PREACHERS JtS ’ CAIN' PREACH LESSN DBYi ; SH ootin ' over '■fa HAlD, eh T;. 1. 7, ThoiApIN' on Yc/ TbEs! THE NEW CORD 4 FRONT DR AUTO MOBIL N OW ON EXHIBITION ’ Auburn Clarion Co., Inc. DISCALA & BEIXANTONI, Inc 56 MAMABONECK AVENUE TELEPHONE WHITE PLAINS 2614 T *r

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