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Westchester First HE ^ASNT THERE 25 YEARS A PRIEST TAX ON THE DRUNKS STUPID JOKING r FINANCIAL NEWS WITH STOCK MARKET REVIEW AND tbs assault took place. Olronda was found guilty of In-, spiring the assault but of entrust ­ ing Its actual commission to others. That at this late date he seeks . dodge responsibility. In this mi ) y nsr. comes as a surprise. Men high ^ up In the commission of crime no longer commit such assaults them- selrea. Tbs modern way la to get underlings to do It for thefcn. *- gang warfare, a man In Ohlc for Instance, may dictate's mu ___ In New Tor* City but. in such a ease,.be la no Jess gulljy than the man who actually does the killing. Justice would meet a crushing defeat If prosecutors had to prove the actual presence of a gangster the ■ i of a crime I ren/years uHhe af- secure a conviction. When It Is showed that a man Inspired an at ­ tack, It would seem as though tho evidence might be considered suf ­ ficient. It Is hard to see the dif ­ ference between the man who act ­ ually bolds the revolver and man who places- the revolver In his hand except that the latter 1s a little more or a coward than the former. - Rev. Michael J. Larkin. Ph. D_ t . t . tv , of New Rochelle, will hold a Mass of Thanksgiving Church of 8L Gabriel, New Ro ­ chelle, next Sunday, tion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. The service vjlll begin at U o ’ clock and will be In charge at Rev. James M. GUlls, C.S.P. At 4: JO In the afternoon there will be a reception to the members of the parish. Rev. Father Larkin has ‘ New Rochelle about eteve^ and In that tlmo lection of his own people and tho profound respect and friendship of ths people of all denominations. All New Rochelle churches will ex ­ tend to him on this occasion their heartiest feUdtatlona. Judge A. P. Walker of North Pel' ham Is one judge who looks upon public Intoxication, In these days of prohibition, as an offense of con ­ siderable consequence. On a recent occasion when he had five men be ­ fore him charged with this offense he Imposed fines ranging from *5 to 150. Man who want to get drunk In North Pelham are learning to drink in seclusion and tc omit the public appearance part of (heir program. Tomorrow Is the day when the Westchester Dental Society will Isold Up annual field day and outing A Best* Mountain Park. Those who were planning to have teeth pulled tomorrow better look up their den- tls tonight .unless they want to nurse their unruly molars another day. >• ^ The boy who Imposed upon a wesl^y newspaper of Westchester by sending them the fake lnforma- Oondnued on Pago Four) New York. Sept. 18 (UP)- Btrong rallying ^tendencies devel ­ oped on the Stock Exchange at mld-aesalon today after further drives had been made on the prin ­ cipal trading stocks Prices around noon were well above the previous dosing levels American Telephone ran up more than 10 points on extremely active (Continued i Page Five) Gearing House New Tork. Sept- 18 (UP) — Bank clearings. 11.796.000,000; . Clearing House balance. J2M.000.000; Federal Reserve Bank credit balance. *222,- 000 . 000 . Complete Wire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide News Service VOL. 1 — NO. 144 i woaPKNOKtrr BKWarar WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 1929 PRICE THREE CENTS Falling Pole Kills Boy ; Child Dies in Welfare Bus Accident on Parkway INSANITY TP LEA FOR PEAC0X Rev . Father Turner Suffers Breakdoum; Goes to St Vincent's Flospital uleqal INSANITY ” IS PEAC0X PLEA; COYNE DETAILS CRIME EVENTS POLE CRUSHES LAD WHO DIES ON WAYT0H0SPITAL Louis Aquitano Vic ­ tim of Unusual Acci ­ dent — Police List Telephone Company as Owner of Pole — Rotted at Base Louis Aquilano, 15 years' old, 59 South Ken&ico ave ­ nue, this city, waa fatally in ­ jured last night when he waa struck by a failing pole as he was walking along Harrison avenue, near the city line, with two companions. Young Aquilano was .taken to the White Plains Hospital by Pa ­ trolman Bare, but was pro ­ nounced dead on arrival by Dr. Charles Witty. According to the report made to the police, Aquilano and hie friends. Anthony Paqua. 1 Pine street. East White Plains, and Louis Mecarlllo. 74 Oakley avenue, were walking along the street when the pole sud ­ denly fell without warning, striking Aquilano on the head and about- \era. Dr. Amos O. SqtSrrs was notified and ordered the body removed to an undertaking parlor. A prelimin ­ ary Investigation by Patrolman Bare and William RoUz of Dr. Squires' office, showed that the pole was rottin at the base. It was one of the most unusual fatallUcs ever recorded here, police say. An investigation directed by Cor ­ poration Counsel William R. Con- dlt and Commissioner of Public Safety Alonzo P. Cooper Is under way. In an effort to determine why the pots feU and go whom It be- Accordlng to tho police report, the telephone pole was the property of the New York Telephone Com ­ pany. The victim was one of a family f eleven children and had Just en ­ tered the 9A class at the Eastvlew Junior High SchooL It was stated school this morning that be was well liked by his classmates and always attained commendable In bis studies. He wai bora In White Plains, tho son of Thomas and Rose Aquilano and Is survived by ten brothers and sellers : Leo. Louise, Josephine. Thomas, Eugene. Clementina, Helen, James, Nicholas and Rote. His funeral will take place to ­ morrow morning from the home. Interment will follow In Mount Calvary Cemetery. Stricken , | FR. TURNER IN ST. VINCENT ’ S HOSPITAL Overwork in Connection With New St. John ’ s School Causes Breakdown; His Greatest Need Is Rest RECOVERY LIKELY SOON Assistant Says Beloved Pas ­ tor Will Be Absent a * Fortnight COMMENCE BODY URGES PARKING BAN Chamber Directors Against All-Day Parking on Grand and Court Streets; Fa­ vor One Hour Limit OFFER ALTERNATIVE Would Have County Em ­ ployees Use the School House Site REV. FATHER TURNER Paator of ’ Church of St. John Evangelist In SL Vincent'* Hospital, York City, because of break- > due to over-work. Fatal Auto Crash Silver Lajke Girl, 8, Killed When Department of Welfare Auto Overturn* on Parkway. On Way to Hospital Caroline Bush, eight years old, of Silver Lake, waa killed and two others were Injured when a County ■\Welfare Society auto overturned on the Bronx River Parkway near Brtmxville shortly before U a. The child a ■ taken ti e Hospital, Bronxvlllo. but was ------- i dead upon arrival The auto waa taking four chil ­ dren who are under the care of the Welfare Department to a clinic at the County Hospital at Grasslands when the accident occurred. One of the society's agents. Miss Cor- dlce Hollstt. received bruises and they were given first aid treatment According to tho Incoherent story of the driver. Miss Irene Huber. 173 Webeter avenue, Scarsdalc, who was prostrated by the tragedy, the a-to skidded on the wet pavement as she was driving around a curve, and overturned. She said that she was not travelling at a high rate of ■peed and was of the opinion that the steering gear waa out of order. BO V MISSING New Rochelle police reported last night that an U-year-old boy, John Horning. 444 Hocnstead avenue. Mount Vernon, waa missing from the lone School, New Rochelle. WANTED STENOGRAPHER and Clerical Worker wanted In well estab ­ lished White Plains office. State ■alary and experience In letter to Box B-39. care Dally Prase. White Plains. GLEN ISLAND CASINO Opens September 22nd Grand Opening, Saturday September 28th Maks Your Reservations Now ALTERATION OF BUS ROUTES ISOPPOSED Chamber of Commerce Di ­ rectors Feci That Council | Should Deny Petition of Soundview Company The petlUon of the Soundview Transportation Company to the Common Council for permission to alter Its bus routes through White Plains should be refused, the Cham ­ ber of Commerce board of directors Indicated at their meeting last night. Although no action of official na ­ ture was taken and none Is con ­ templated for the present, the members present expressed the thought that it would be for the beat Interest of the city for the Common Council to refuse the al ­ ternative bus service offered by this company In.place of present servlco being given. If tho Chamber had Its wsy, It would have the Council pass an or ­ dinance considering a belt line bus system through the city, running around the business district with ­ out operating on streets that are badly Jammed at the present time. The route suggested would start (Continued on Page seven) orawaup ! LANDYALUES UP 15-40 PCT. 1930 Roll Gives Slight Boost to Corner Plots on Lexington and Martine Lexington avenue and Orawau- pum street properties are listed In the section of the 1930 assessment roll published by The Dally Press. Tho Royal Development Co, Inc., on the west side of Lexington ave ­ nue. north of Martine avenue. Is given a boost of approximately three per cent over the 1929 figures the 1930 valuation of the land be- The Rev. John P Turner, pastor The board of directors of the of the Church of SL John the Chamber of Commerce, at their anniversary of hla ordination last ln lhr Building, went on rcc- Aprll, has suffered a breakdown j ord as opposing present unlimited from overwork In connection with parking rule* now In effect on ih. build... b! ih, u™ SI John 1 , I “ a a,..., . _ __ J, Vl „ I They — 111 .Ubmll .hunly W th* ^ I . - ' • cents Hospital. New York City. | rewoluUon condcmnlnK thl* practice convalescing. He will be absent and asking that one hour parking for at least a fortnight. I ordinances be put Into effect This, Because of this breakdown | they contend will help eliminate Father Turner will be unable to at- much of the congestion caused In tend tho dedication of the school | the vicinity of the court house and for which he has worked so earn- | the business center of the city, eatly. With tbe completion of hla It wall pointed out last night that task In sight, hla was the mls for- , tlyre ace pqw spaces for 114 cars tune to be stricken wen he w*TT on Court and 'Grand street, between eaerly anticipating attending open- Main street and Martine avenue. Ing exerclea of the new school, a | Most of these car*, owned by coun- mllestone In Catholic education In j ty employees are parked before While Plains. j nine o'clock each morning and ze- Father Turner waa stricken this J main there until after five o'clock past' week-end and went to the ho*- j each evening. plta l_ yes terday. The ^ Francis j „ onB hour parkln * „„ „„ ln effect, it would be posslbli X, Scott stated this moring that prime need of his super ­ ior. and that In two weeks Father Turner should be back to hla MAN SLIGHTLY HURT Alexander Bcleky, 208 East 52nd street. New York City, suffered slight bruises of the left elbow and right hip yesterday, when an au ­ tomobile driven by Mr*. Charles B. Dunlap. 15 Carman road, Scaradalc. struck him on Garth road. He re ­ ceived medical treatment. No charges were made, police stating that the accident Was unavoidable. the period when traffic la I peak and parking space a ium. Under present conditions the primrose street PATROLMAN WILBERT E. HUNT ** r sr. ho r Kfisa ,lght and six odock\every day 1B23 Swears Shield No. 19 and \ is assigned to regular patrol duly. | _ Patrolman Hunt \ the city llnually jammed with automobiles circling blocks ln the vicinity of the Court House looking for parking Suggest Alternative Another step that would be advo ­ cated not only as a means of re ­ lieving the congestion but also to provide for county employees who (Continued on Page seven) Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press iFire Toklo, SepL IS (UP) — Japan In ­ tend* to enter the five-power naval discussions In January firmly re ­ solved to fight any proposed aboli ­ tion of submarines. It was learned on good authority after a cabinet conference today. 0 V M V r*'17 T Q SymeJTells of Insanity. D I ill L U Ei 1 0 in Alleged , Krtteq* ORDER TO PAY ALIENISTS en,ation of Case - Westchester County Must Pay For Defense of Earl F. Peacox; Will Retain Psychiatric Experts ATTORNEY ’ S FEE $1,000 Witnesses Called The Pracox jury as choas yesterday and today follows: S. Paul Linden 312 Union avenue. peekakHL I Reuben Duany. rest! estats Doctors Kirby and Gregory | 37 Knoemnr *ti Employed by District Attorney Sydney A. Syme. attorney for Earl F. Peacox. filed at noon today an order signed uy .Supremo Court' Justice William F. Bleaklf* allow Ing ths defense *1.000 at the county's expense for retaining alienists to prove Peacox Insane st th* time he murdered hi* younr wife, Dorothy. In hi* application for the award. Syme points out that the White Plains Dally Prca. and other coun ­ ty papers published a month ago the information that the district attorney had retained alienists In connecUon with the case. Investi ­ gating. he said, he found that the had retained Dr. George pany. i Hall. New Rochelle. > 7. II. A. Ubelacker, 32 Mrrrlt a A .Samuel lirifrith. garage man. of Montrose. * 9. A. Lincoln Lr Vinces, f -Ired. 3 Dennison street. White Plains. 10. Red ben G. Smith, account- 472 Gi Mount Vernon. 11. Luke Conn, retired liquor dealer. 220 Huguenot street. New Rochelle. sales manager, of S3 Hunting- 15 Harry M. Williams, auto $8 PER VOTE COST OF CITY PRIMARIES Rain and General Lack of wl Intercut Results in Lightest Vote on Record—Can­ didates Are Named The Peacox trial moved in ­ to the evidence stage today after District Attorney Frank Coyne had outlined th* [people's case of how Dor? Another order directs a complete j othy PeacOX “ ivas Strangled, copy of each day's tesUmony pre- suffocated and choked to p«ed by the stenographer to be denth wjth preme ditation delivered to Syme at county ex- , . , , , pciue. and malice aforethought by made ^ridavit *>* *■ E« rl P- Peacox,\ and after Menas S. Gregory of Bellrvui pita]. New York City. To combat sfich etate wlti Syme wlU employ two noted pert* burtnan declined known their Identity. rithout funds to < i the, above In addition *1.000 paid lymo by the county conducUng the defense. hi# de- Sidney A. Syme had told the j True to the prediction* of elec ­ tion officials, the vote cast here yesterday In the primary elecUon was one of the lightest on record. It waa learned at the offices of the ' i Board of ' Elections this morning. ?-* 7,B00 . bond J All of the designees on the Ucket master of Uttroel. Ky„ and I Charlotte, N. C, SepL 18 (UP)- Seven men, .Identified as members of the Gastonia mob which las', week kidnaped three labor organ ­ izers and spread terrorism ln three counties, were free each today charged with conspiracy , , to kidnap and kidnaping, assault i werB nominated, but Judging from - deadly weapon, false arrest i tho numbers of ballots recorded ! London. SepL 18 (UP) — Prime Minuter Ramsay MacDonald and his daughter Dab el departed for Sandringham today for a visit to King George, who U recuperating at the royal estate from his long siege of Illness. Moscow, SepL 18 (UP) — A new Soviet foreign office note rejecting China's recent proposals for a con ­ ference to settle the dUpute over the Chinese Eastern Railway was being forwarded to Nanking today through the German Embassy at j i and false lmprlsonmenL Toklo. SepL 18 (UP) — The Asama- ama volcano, ninety west of here erupted the first returns In. not a single dis ­ trict received anything near the total of IU enrolled voters. ElecUon offlciaU attributed the day, showering ashes over a wide lock of Interest In the primary to area and causing the Inhabitants of • the abeence of conleaU In either the district to flee In terror from th* ' parly. Added svas the fact that the danger zone. .Intermittent Ain throughout the Z ’ ’ \ n ----------- day dlscoJtraged some voters who New York. 8*pL IS (UP) — Tbe otherwise might have cast their Transit Commission today rejected ballot. Neither parr th# application of the Interborough made any serious effo Rapid Transit Company for a ten voter* quL CsnU-fafe^ on Its elevated lines on In view of the light the grounds that It U In violation heavy expense of conducting the „ >' ,ry . u, ; t d lymo by the county for ‘ eased slayer killed his tfife by accident and w ps insane in the eyes of theJaw. though j not medically so attheiime. I The long parade of witnesses who i will pass through th# stand to pro ­ vide the evidence began Just be- | fore noon today when Coyife called Joseph Sllvey. who thought be saw a dressmaker ’ s dummy in the woods along the Ardsley road on April 37 and found It was the burned and nude body of a young, woman. Coyne'* opening -told - how tbs State would prove tbe death oc ­ curred, how a Witness beard the. murder committed and a girl cry WILL LAUNCH Y.M.C.A.W0RK FOR NEGROES Board of Directors Calls S. R. Morsell to Carry on Work Here; to Rent Headquarters First steps to provide for the 3.500 colored people In White Plains was undertaken last night at the Board of Directors meeting (Continued c Pag* Two) Local News Digest | d get ’ the of th! There are approximately that number of people in this section and for the past few years, the _ __ ____ ___ _ __________ _ __ Y. M. C. A. Has been considering of the restraining order Issued ln primary eTcctlon, City Clerk George 1 plans for programs, especially the pending Supreme Court lltiga-1 ---------- among the men and boys. Uon. I (ConUnusd on Page aeven) To Ufa end. It was decided re- — - --------------------------------------------------------- — - --------------------- cently to employ a colored score- J _________________ . ------------- . : '.ary to supervise work t t ducted la ranted rooms city. Tbe usual program which Includes blbl* study, at hl etics, club ‘ work and social affiira'wlll he ct Youth killed by falling pole. Pag* j 1 Mehlhora loses playoff at Glass j Falls. Pag* XI McDonald wins Advertisers golf. Assessment Figures for 1930 and 1929 In Heart of White Plains Size L. Bk. W. (Continued o Page seven) Royal Dev. Co. Ino.HOOxlOOl 7bI IS Edward Burgan 1 199x100] 7c IS Royal Dev. Co. Ioc.| 50x1 00| 7d IS Ermlna Magllo | 00x10* • 1 ** Ra'm'd Mastrolnnl Ra'm'd Mastrolnnl [ 34x 47) Sa Salvation Army ] | 8b (Exempt) 25x100 12a Brmndes Bros. |133x 45| Sc Hart M. Kennedy | 22x 47 9 Buldon Realty Co. I 3Sx 47110 Lottie H. Kahn | 49x 72|U Location (Street) W. S. of Lexington N. of Martine N. E cor. Martine.A Orawaupum S. E- cor. Martine and Lexington W. 8. Orawaupum N. of Martine W. S. Orawaupum N. of Martine W. 8. Orawaupum N. of Martine W. S. Orawaupum N. of Martino W. S. Orawaupum N. of Martine _ W, K Orawaupum *N. of Martina 2 W. B. Orawaupum N. of MarOr*- * 89.8001 *139;000| * «1,400| *1 . , 88,000] 128.500 | 90,000 1 128,000! _______ . 52.500 1 80.500 ; 80,000 74.000,' Three-yeor-old Flortne Scatofoin, 35,800 j Sl.OOOj 40.000! 154.000 70 Grove etreet. was slightly In ­ jured when she waa struck by an I 20.100] 24J00, 28.500 --------- - --------- 4*100 04*001 58.400 114.4001 78.000 132.000 1LS00 18.200, 15.000 15.000 17*00 , 24,800 j 23.000 32.000 92,000 117.000, 118.000] 14*000 BROWN-BUICK CO.. Inc OFFER THE GREATEST VALUES IN USED CARS v NOW! ? NOW wmtsz;* !■■■

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